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Article 33. — If any inmate of the age of
fifteen years and upwards, being of sound mind,
shall desire to be registered as of a different rdi-
gious denomination from that which is entered as
his r^igious denomination in the r^;ister ; or if
the parents or surviving parent of any child under
the age of fifteen, shall desire, in like manner, to
have the register amended in respect of the reli-
gious denomination of such child ; in either of such
cases, if the Board of Guardians shall, after due
inquiry and personal examination of the party
expressing such desire, be satisfied that the present
religious persuasion of any inmate is wrongly de-
scribed in the register, they shall cause the same
to be amended accordingly.

Article 34. — ^If any inmate, being of sound
mind, shall desire to be visited by a minister of any
religious denomination different from that whidi is
entered in the register as ihe religious d^iomina-
tion of such inmate^ the request idiall be made

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Pabt m. 3.] Punhkmmtafor Mtabehaviour of Paupers. 767

to the Master of the workhoase, who shall report ^^omhoto*
the same to the Board of Guardians at their next 5 Fbb. i849.
meeting ; and the Guardians shall give such direo- —
tion thereon as may appear to them fitting and
expedient ; provided that in anj case of urgency
affecting the life of an inmate, tiie Master, of his
own discretion, or the Matron in the absence of
the Master, shall permit such inmate to be visited
at once, and communicate such request to such
minister accordingly.

Article 35. — No work, except the necessary
household work and cooking, shall be performed by
the paupers on Sunday, Good Friday, and Christ-
mas Day.

Article 36. — No work, except the necessary
household work and cooking, shall be reqidred to
be performed by any pauper who shall be entered
in the register as professing the Roman Catholic
religion, on any of the following days observed as
holidays in the Boman Catholic Church : that is
to say, — ^the 1st and 6th days of January, the 17th
and 25th days of March, the 29th day of June,
the 15th day of August, the 1st day of November,
Ascension Day, and Corpus Christi Day.

Article 37. — Prayers shall be read before
breakfast and after supper every day, and divine
service shall be performed every Sunday in the
workhouse (unless the Guardians, with the consent
of the Commissioners, shall otherwise direct) ; at
which prayers and service all the paupers shall
attend, except the sick, persons of unsound mind,
the young children, and such as are too infirm to do
so ; provided that those paupers who may object
so to attend on account of their religious princi-
ples shall also be exempt from such attendsmoe.


Article 38, — ^Any pauper who shall neglect to
observe such of the Regulations herein contained
as are applicable to and binding on him ;

Or who shall make any noise when sOenoe is
ordered to be kept ;

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^^^^ Or who fdMOI m& obfleeaa or pio^ie kn-

5 Fw. 1&40. gUBg^ ;

Or aiMdl by wotti or deedinsoH orrervilea&j

Or shall threaten to strike or to aasattlt aaj

Or shall not duly cleanse his person ;
C^ shall refuse or negleet to work, after barring

heesk required to do so ;
Or shall pretend sickness ;
Or shall pky at oard« or other game of

Or shall enter, or attempt to enter, without

permission, the ward or yard appropriated

to any class of paupers, other thw that

to which he belongs ;
Or shall mdsbefaave at public worship, or at

Or aluJl return after the appointed time of

absence wh^L allowed to quit the work-
bouse temporarily ;
Or shall wilfully disobey any lawfid order of

any c^cer of the workhouse ;

shall be deemed msOBDiTRLY.

Abticle 39. — Any pauper who shall, within
seTen days^ repeat any one or commit more than
one of the offences specified in Article 38 ;

Or who shall by word or deed insult or
revile the Master or Ma^nm, or any other
officer oi ihib workhouse^ or any of the
Or shall willMly disobey any lawful order of
the Master or Matron, after sueh order
shall hare been repeated ;
Or shall attempt to introduce any fermented
or spirituous liquors or tobacco, without
lawful authority ;
Or shi^ unlawfidly stxike orotherwiaeuali^-

fWy ' assttult «iLj persdn ;
Or shiiUl wholly' ^m&seldevossfy diottage or
i ooil.any property whatsoever befon^png to

the Board of Guardians;

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Part III. 3.] Punishments Jor Mishehavuytir of Paupers, 7C9
Or shall wilfully waate, spoiL or attempt to Workhousb

J. ^ -^ • ' j^ 1 X I Bulbs or

diBpose of, any proYisions, stock, tools, or 5 Fsh. i84!).
materials for work, belonging to the Board —
of Guardians ;

Or shall be drunk ;

Or shall commit any act of indecency ;

Or shall wilfully disturb the other inmates
during prayers or divine worship ;

Or shall climb over any wall or fence, or
attempt to quit the workhouse premises in
any irregular mode ;

Or shall attempt to convey out of the work-
house any clothes or other articles belong-
ing to the Board of Guardians ;

diaU be deemed refractory.

Article 40. — It shall be lawful for the Master
of the workhouse, with or without the directions
of the Board of Guardians, to punish any dis-
orderly pauper, by requiring such pauper, for a
time not exceeding two days, to perform one or
two hours' extra work, in each day, and by with-
holding all milk or buttermilk which such pauper
would otherwise receive with his meals.

Article 41. — It shall be lawful for the Board
of Guardians, by a special direction to be entered
on their minutes, to order any refractory pauper
to be punished by confinement in a separate room,
with or without an increase in the time of work
and an alteration of diet, similar in kind and
duration to that prescribed in Article 40 for
disorderly paupers; but no pauper shall be so
confined for a longer period than twenty- four
hours ; or if it be deemed right that such pauper
shall be carried before a Justice of the Peace,
and if such period of twenty-four hours shoidd
be insufficient for that purpose, then for such
further time as may be necessary for such

Article 42. — It shall be lawful for the Board
<^ Guardians, by any special or general Order, to
direct that a dress different from that of the
other inmates shall be worn by disorderly or

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770 Worklbouse Rules, [Pabt IT. 3.

^^tullH'or* refractory paupers, duiing a penod of not more
u Fk'b. W49. than forty-eight hours, jointly with or in lieu of
the alteration of diet to which any such pauper
might be subjected by the regulations herein con-
tained ; but it shall not be lawful for the Board
of Guardians to cause any penal dress, or distin-
guishing mark of disgrace, to be worn by any
adult pauper, or class of adult paupers, unless
such pauper or paupers shall be disorderly or
refractory within the meaning of Articles 38 or
39 of this Order.

Article 43. — If any offence, whereby a pauper
becomes l^fractory under Articles 38 or 39,
be accompanied by any of the following circum-
stances of aggravation : that is to say, if such

Persist in using violence against any person;
Or persist in creating a noise or disturbance,

so as to annoy a considerable number of

the other inmates ;
Or endeavour to excite other paupers to acts

of insubordination ;
Or persist in acting indecently or obscenely in

the presence of any other inmate ;
Or persist in mischievously breaking or

damaging any goods or property of tha

Guardians ;
Or persist in refusing to work ;

it shall be lawful for the Master, without any
direction of the Board of Guardians, immediatelr
to place such refractory pauper in confinement
for any time not exceeding twelve hours ; which
confinement shall, however, be reckoned as part
of any punishment afterwards imposed by the
Board of Guardians for the same offence. But
it shall not be lawful for the Master to confine
any adult pauper without the direction of the
Board of Guardians in that behalf, except in-
one of the cases specified in this Article.

Article 44. — Every refractory pauper shall
be deemed to be also disorderly, and may be
punished as such ; but no pauper who may have

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PabtIII. 3.] Punishments for Misbehaviour of Paupers, 771
been pimislied for any offence as disorderly shall WoRKHouaB

KiTliBfi OK

afterwards be punished for the same offence as sfbb. is49.
refractory, and no pauper who may have been —
punished for any offence as refractory shall
afterwards be punished for the same offence as

Article 45. — No pauper who may have been
under medical care, or who may have been entered
in the Weekly Medical Return as sick or iniirm, at
any time in tie course of the seven days next pre-
ceding the day of the commission of the offence,
or who may be reasonably supposed to be under
twelve or above sixty years of age, or who may
be pronounced by the Medical Ofl&cer of the
workhouse to be pregnant, or who may be suckling
a child, shall be punished by alteration of diet
or by confinement, unless the Medical Officer
shall have previously certified, in writing, that
no injury to the health of such pauper is reason-
ably to be apprehended from the proposed pun-
ishment ; and any modification diminishing such
punishment which the Medical Officer of the
workhouse may suggest, shall be adopted by the

Article 46. — No pauper shall be confined
between eight o'clock in the evening and six
o'clock in the morning, without being furnished
with a bed and bedding suitable to the season
and with the other proper conveniences. '

Article 47. — No child under twelve years of
age shall be confined in a dark room, or during
the night.

Article 48. — No corporal punishment shall be
inflicted on any male child except by the School'
master or Master of the workhouse.

Article 49. — No corporal punishment shall be
inflicted on any female child.

Article 50. — No corporal punishment shall be
inflicted on any male child except with a rod or
other instrument such as shall be seen and ap-
proved of by the Board of Guardians or the
Visiting Committee.

Article 51. — No corporal punishment shall be

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772 Workhouse Rules. [Part DX 3.

Wmuihouwi inflicted on any male child until six hours shall
5 Pn. 1849. have elapsed irom the commission of the offence
for "which such punifihment is inflicted.

Article 52. — Whenever any male child is pun
ishedby corporal correction^^e Master and School-
master shall (if possible) be both present.

Article 53. — No male child shall be punished
by corporal correction, whose age may be reason-
ably supposed to exceed fifteen years. •

Article 54. — ^l^e Master of the woridiouse
shall keep a book, to be furnished to him by the
Guardians, in the form (A) hereunto annexed, in
which he shall duly enter —

Istly. — All cases of refractory or disorderly
paupers, whethei* children or adults, re-
ported to the Board of Guaixiians for their
decision thereon.

iindly . — A 11 cases of paupers, whether children
or adults, who may have been punished
without the dii*ection of the Board of Giiai*-
dians, with the particulars of their respective
offences and puuishmonts.

Article 55. — The person who punishes any
child with corporal correction shall forthwith report
to the Master the particulars of the offence and
punishment ; and the Master shall enter the same
in the book specified in Article 54.

Article 56. — Such book shall be laid on the
table at every ordinary meeting of the Board of
Guardians, and every entry made in suchbooksince
the last ordinary meeting shall be read to the Board
by the Clerk.

The Guardians shall thereupon, in the first place,
give directions as to any confinement or other pun-
ishment of any refractory or disorderly pauper,
reported for their decision, and such direction shall
be entered on the minutes of the proceedings of
the day, and a copy thereof shall be inserted by the
Clerk in the book specified in Article 54.

The Guardians, in the second place, shall take
into their consideration the cases in which punish-
ments are reported to have been already inflicted by

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Part III. 3.] Viaieing Committee. 773

the Master or other officer ; and the opinion of ihe ^"JJISoi?'
Guardians in every snoh case shall be entered on ftPsB.i849.
the minutes of the day, and shall be communicated **"
to the Master by the Cbairman or Glei^ : and if
the opinion of the Guardians be that the Master or
other officer has in any case acted illegally or
improperly, a copy of the minutes of such opinion
.shall be forwarded by the Clerk to the Commis-

Article 57. — Every pamper above the age of
seven years, who is in the Workhouse, and who
may have been punished since the last ordinary
meeting of the Guardians, or who may be reported
as refractory or disorderly, shall be brought into
the Board-room during the sitting of the Board of
Guardians, at their next ordinary meeting, whether
he may request it or not, and shall have an
opportunity of complaining to the Guardians of any
undue punishment, or of any unjust charge ; and
the fact of such pauper having been brought before
the Guardians, shaU be entered on the minutes of
the proco-^dings of the day.

Artioli: 58. — The Master shall cause a legible
copy of the regulations respecting disorderly and
refractory paupers contained in this order, to be
kept suspended in the dining-hallof the workhouse,
in the school-room or school-rooms, and in the
pi-obationary wards, and also in the Board-room of
the Guardians.


Article 59. — ^The Board of Guardians shall
appoint a Visiting Committee from their own body,
who diall cai-efully examine the workhouse of the
union once in every week at least, shall inspect
the last leports of the Chaplains and Medical
Officer of the workhouse, shall examine the stores
in the workhouse, and ascertain the truth and
circimistanees <^ any complaints that may be made
to them. And the Yinting Oonunittee ^all from
time to time write such answers as the fkcts may
warrant to the following queries, which are to be
|»inted in a book, entitled the " Report Book of

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774 Workhouse Bules. [Part HL 3.

WoRKHoosB tlie Visiting Committee," to be provided by die

Bulbs or -^ _ , ^ _ .,» ii t» t

5PSB. 1849. Guardians, and kept in the workhouse for that
purpose, and to be submitted regularly to the Board
of Guardians at their ordinary meeting : —

Question 1. Is the workhouse, with its wards, offieea,
yards, and appurtenances, dean and well ventilated in
every part? — if not, state the defect or omission.

Q. 2. Do the ndult inmates of the workhouse, of all
classes, appear clean in their persons, and decent and
orderly in their behaviour ? — if not, state the exceptions.

Q. 3. Are the able-1|pdied inmates of each sex employed
and kept at work as directed by the Board of Guardians? —
if not, and if any improvement can be suggested in their
employment, state the same.

Q. 4. Are the infirm of each sex who are capablo of
work, employed and kept to work as far as their circum-
stances admit of it, and as directed by the Board of
Guardians? — if not, and if any improvement can be
suggested, state the same.

Q. 5. Are the persons infirm in body or mind, of each
sex, properly attended to, according to their several con-

Q, (y. Are the boys and girls in the school making due
progress in reading, -writing, and arithmetic, and do the
Chaplains regularly attend to their religious instruction?

Q, 7. Is the industrial training of the boys and girls
properly attended to, and are they employed as the
Guardians have directed?

Q. 8. Are the boys and girls clean in their persons,
and correct in their behaviour ?

Q. 9. Are the young children properly nursed and taken
care of, and do they appear in a clean and healthy state?

Q. 10. Is regular attendance given by the Medical
Oflicer ?

Q. 11. Do the inmates of the infirmary appear to be
in as satisfactory a state as their ailments admit of ? Is
there any infectious disease in the workhouse? — if so,
state the particulars. Is there any child not vaccinated ?

Q. 12. Is divine service regularly performed? Are
prayers regularly read ?

Q. IS. Is the established dietary duly observed? — and
are the hours of meals regularly adhered to ?

Q. 14. Are the provisions and other supplies of the
qualities contracted for ?

Q* 15. Is the separation of the various classes strictly
enforced, according to Article 9 ?

Q, 16. Is any complaint made by any pauper agunst
any ofificer, or in respect of the provisions or accommo-
dations? — if so, state the name of the complainant, and
the subject of the complaint.

Article 60. — It shall be lawful for the Commis-
sioners, or any of them, or the Assistant Oommis-

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Part III. 3.] Repairing^ <lcc., of the WorkJiouse, 775

sioner, or any of the Inspectors, to visit and inspect ^"^"^ **'
the workhouse, and to enter any remarks thereon 5 Fbb. i84i».
in the book containing the questions to be answered
by the Visiting Committee ; and no officer of such
workhouse shsdl in any way, directly or indirectly,
impede such visit or inspection or the entry of such


Article 61. — ^The Guardians shall once at least
in every year, and as often as may be necessary for
cleanliness, cause all the rooms, wards, offices, and
privies belonging to the workhouse to be lime-
washed, and the cesspools to be emptied.

Article 62. — ^The Guardians shall uphold and
maintain the premises constituting the workhouse
in good and substantial repair; and shall, from time
tiO time, remedy, without delay, any s\ich defect in
the repair of the house, its di'ainage, warmth, or
ventilation, or in the furniture or fixtures thereof,
as may tend to injure the health of the inmates ;
and with a view to so upholding and maintaining
the workhouse, they shall insure and keep insured
the same against loss or damage by fire, for such
B, sum, being reasonably sufficient to cover any
probable loss, and in such manner as the said
Ouardians may determine.


Article 63. — The duties of the several officers
of the workhouse and their assistants appointed
or to be appointed by the Board of Guardians,
under the Regulations of the Commissioners, or by
the Commissioners in default of appointment by
the Board of Guardians, shall be, respectively, such
as are hereinafter specified.


Article 64. — ^The following shall be the duties
of the Master of the workhouse : —

No. 1. — To admit paupers into the workhouse in obedience
to any order made under Article 1, and also persons
applying for admission, -who may appear to him to

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T76 Warkhauae EvleB, [Part III. 3.

WoHKHoufljt require relief through any sudden and urgeot nocca

^LBs OF gi^y^ Qj, ^^Q g^ji be named in any written recommeB-

.'ll. dation fiom a Warden, aud shall appear to the Blaster

to be destitute and proper objects for admission ; and
to cause every pauper upon admisaion to be
examined by the Medical (Mccr, as i» directed m
Article 4.

No. 2. — To register the name and reh'gious persuasion of
every pauper upon his admission ; and to cause every
male pauper above the age of seven years, upon ud-
mission, to be searched, cleansed, and clothed, and to
be placed in the ward appropriated to the class to which
he appears to belong.

No. 3. — To enforce industry, order, punctuality, and
cleanliness, and the observance of the several rales
herein contained, by the paupers in the workhouse, and
by the several officers, asjiistants, and servants therein

No. 4. — To read prayers to the paupers before breakfast
and after supper every day, or cause prayers to be
read, at which all the inmates must attend, excepting
those who are incapacitated through sickness, infir-
mity, or infancy, and those who object to such
attendance on account of their religious principles ; and
to the paupers making such declaration, thie Master
shall, if practicable, cause prayers to be read by some
one of their own religious persuasion.

No. 6. — To cause the paupers to be inspected, and their
names called over, immediately after morning praycn
every day, in order that it may be seen that each indi-
vidual is clean and in a proper state.

No. 6 — To provide for and enforce the employment of
the able-bodied adult paupers during the whole of the
hours of labour; to assist in training the yonth in
such employment as will best fit them for gaining
their own living ; to keep the partially disabled paupers
occupied to the extent of their ability ; and to allow
none who are capable of employment to be idle at any

No. 7. — To visit the sleeping wards of the male paupers
at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of each day, and to
see that such wards have been all duly cleansed and
properly ventilated.

No. 8. — To see that the meals of the paupers are pro-
perly dressed and served, and to superintend the
distribution thereof, in accordance with Articles 16, 19,
and 20.

No. 9. — To say, or cause to be said, grace before and
after meals.

No. 10.— To see that the dining-halls, tables, and seats
are cleansed after each meal.

No. 11 To visit all the wardi of the mala paupers at

or before nine o'clock every night, and see that all the
male paupers are in bed, and that all fires and lights
are extinguished.

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Part HI. 3.] Duties of Hie. Master of Workhome. 777

No. 12. — To recove from the porter th© keys of the Wormhousb
entrance to the workhonse at nine o'clock every night, 5^**^mo
and to deliver them to him again at six o'clock every *^
rooming, or at such hoars as shall, from time to time,
be fixed by the Board of Goardians and apiM'oved by
the Commissioners.
No. 13 — ^To see that the male panpers are properly
clothed, and that their clothes are kept in proper
No. 14. — To send for the Medical Officer of the work-
house in case any panper is taken ill or becomes insane ;
and to take care that all sick and insane paupers are
duly visited by the Medical Officer, and are provided
with such medicines and attendance, diet, and other
necessaries, as the Medical Officer shall in writing
direct : and to apprize the nearest relation in the work-
house of the sickness of any pauper. And in the case
of dangerous sickness, to send for the Chaplain or other
licensed minister of the persuasion of the panper, as
well as for any relative or friend of such pauper,
resident within a reasonable distance, whom he may
desire to see.

No. 16. — ^To give immediate information of the death of
any pauper in the workhouse to the Medical Officer,
and to the nearest relations of the deceased who may
be known to him, and who may reside within a
reasonable distance ; and if the body be not removed
within a reasonable time, to provide for the interment

No. 16.-^To take charge of the clothes and other articles,
if any, of such deceased pauper, and deliver an inven-
tory thereof to the next meeting of the Board of
Guardians, who shall give the necessary directions
respecting the same.

No. 17. — ^To keep all books of accoants which he is, or
hereafter may be, by any order under the seal of the
Commissioners, directed and required to keep*; to
allow the same to be constantly open to the in.
spection of any o! the Guardians of the union,
and to submit the same to the Guardians at their

No. 18.— To keep a book in the form (B)b to this Order
annexed, to be entitled "The Diet elass Book," in
which he shaU, every evening, eater the numbers of
the several classes of healthy and sick inmates, as
ascertained by the daily roll-call in each department of
the workhouse, as directed in Article 15.

No. 19.~To keep a Daily Diet Book m the form (C> to
this Order annexed ; and for the better regulation of
the issues of provisions from store, to ascertain and
enter in the said book, before each meal, the numbers

* See Accounts Order, sec. 2, p. 803.
^ Page 786. • Page 787.


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778 Workliouse Rules. [Part III. 3.

'WoRKHOusK of each of the several classes who are to partake

5^"''"^849 thereof, and the quantities of each article of diet

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