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g^ant it, and shall not afford medicine or medical appliances,
except in urgent cases, before the ticket has been presented.

iv. He shall srive a written certificate under his hand to the
Committee of Management, or the Board of Guardians, or the
Relieving Officer, when called upon to do so, of the state ol
health of any dispensary patient attended by him, and of such
patient*s fitness or unfitness to be removed to any Union hospi-
tal, as the ca<ie may be.

V. He shall keep and duly enter up the Medical Relief
Register according to the Form F,« hereunto annexed, and
submit the same to the Committee of Blanagement at each
ordinary meeting.

vi. He shall, from time to time, as may be necessary, d^ver
or forward to the committee an estimate (in the annexed Form
M Id) cf any medicines and medical appliances required, and
of the quantities thereof remaining on hand, and in the event
of such medicines and medical appliances being urgently and
immediately required, he may forward the estimate direct to
the Board of Guardians.

vii. He shall carefully compare the medicines delivered at
the dispensary, with the invoice relatuig thereto, and he shall
preserve a copy of the invoice.

» See page 894. b See page 895.

o Sec page 897. d See page 901.

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Part m. 7.] Dutiea of Medical OJieer.



TiiL He shall vaccinate all persons -who may come to him
for that purpose at the dispensary, and shall do and perform
all such other acts and things as may be necessary for the pur-
pose of causing such vaccination to be successfully terminated ;
and shall attend at such convenient places within each vacci-
nation district formed by the committee, at the times fixed and
approved by them, for the purpose of vaccinating all persons
resident in his district who may come to him or whom he may
be requested to vaccinate, being fit subjects for vaccination ;
and he shall keep and duly enter up a register, in the annexed
Form G,* of all -cases of vaccination performed by him as
medical officer of the dispensary district ; and submit the same
to the Committee of Management at each ordinary meeting.
Provided, however, that in any case where the medical officer
of the dispensaiy district is also the Registrar of Births and
Deaths for the district, it shall not be necessary for him to
insert in the said vaccination register Form G, any cases which
he may have duly entered in the register of vaccinatum which
he is required to keep in pursuance of the 7th section of the
Act of the 26 & 27 Vic, cap. 52, intituled " An Act to further
extend, and make compulsory the practice of vaccination in

ix. He shall inspect all persons vaccinated by him on the
eighth day after vaccination, and also on such other days as
he may deem necessary.

X. The report which he is required by the paid Act of the
twenty- first and twenty-second years of Her Majesty, to make
to the Committee of Management, of all persons successfully
vaccinated by him, shall be made by him in the Form H*> here-
unto annexed, and the legister (Form G), referred to therein,
shall be open at all reasonable times to inspection by any
member of the Board of Guardians or dispensary" committee.

xi He shall forward to the Board of Guardians on the 30th
day of June, and the 31st day of December in each year, a
report in the Form P,^ hereunto annexed, containing the names
of all children registered as bom in the district, who are over
six months of age and who do not appear to have been vac-






xii. He shall submit to the committee at each ordinary
meeting, his Report-book (Form I*>), in which he shall enter the
time of his arrival at and departure from the dispensary, on
each of the days appointed for his attendance thereat, and also
any matter which he may deem it necessary to bring under the
notice of the committee, who will take into their consideration
any entry which shall have been made therein since the last

xdii. If there be within his district, a bridewell or house of
correction which he is required by tlie said Act to attend, he

* See page 896. ^ See page 899. <> See page 904.

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88f Btspenemy Begula^iom. [Pabt IIL 7.

DttPsvsAmT shall submit to the committoe at each ordinary meeting, in tbe
Rmoula- Form K,» hereto annexed, an account of any medicines snp-
2j^^^I^^ plied to prisoners and inmates in such bridewell or hoate d
U69. correction.

xiv. He shall forward a retnm, in the annexed Form L,^ to

the Commissioners, for each of the qoarters ending vespectrrcly
the Slst day of March, the 80th day of June, the dOth day ol
September, and the Slst day of December, or for and at such
other periods as may be from time to time directed by tha
Commissioners ; such returns shall be forwarded immediately
after the close of the quarter, or other period for which they an
directed to be made and a copy thereof shall be laid before
the Committee of Management at their next ordinary meeting.
XV. He shall make such returns appertaining to the duties
of his office ad may be from time to time required of him by the
Commissioners for adminii^ring the Laws for Belief ol tiia
Poor in Ireland, or by the Committee of Management or the
Board of Guardians.

Article 22. — If a Medical Officer of a Dispen-
sary District be temporarily incapacitated, by illiiefli
or other cause, from performing his duties, he shaO
immediately, if practicable, communicate with the
Chairman or Honorary Secretary of the Ck>mmittee^
and shall recommend to the Committee a medical
practitioner qualified as hereinbefore provided (in
Article 20), to perform his duties during such tem-
porary incapacity. And on the fact of the Medical
Officer's incapacity becoming known a special meet-
ing of the Committee shall be at once called, in
accordance with Article 13 of this order, for the
purpose of appointing a temporary substitute for
the Medical Officer ; and the Committee shall re-
poH the circumstances of the case to the Board ci
Guardians, who shall, subject to the approval of
the Commissioners, determine the amount- of re-
muneration, if any, to be paid to the temporary
substitute. And for the time during which such
temporary substitute, appointed by the Committee
of Management, shall actas Medical Officer, he shall
perform all the duties of the Medical Offioer, and
shall duly enter up the books of the dispensary for
such time before any remuneration that may be
agreed upon be paid to him.

Article 23. — In case of the death orresignation
of a Medical Officer, the Committee of Manage-

• See page 889. ^ See page 900.

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Pabt ill 7.] Boturd of Guaardians. 887

meiii shall, in like manner as provided in Article
22, make provision for the performance of the dutiee
of Medical Officer by a person duly qualified in
accordance with Article 20, until the appointment
of a Medical Officer shall have been duly made, in
accordance with Articles 18 and 19 of this Order,
and approved by the Commissioners.


Article 24 — ^The Board of Guardians shall pay
to each paid officer duly authorized and appoiuted
for the service of the district, such salary or remu-
neration as the Commissioners may from time to
time approve or direct. .

Article 25. — ^The salary of each paid officer
duly app<»nted for the service of the district shall
be payable by the Board of Guardians quarterly
(that is to say, to the 25th March, 24th Jime,
29th September, and 25th December, respectively,
in each year), and proportionably for any part of
a quarter for which he may have acted ; and his
salary shall be payable up to the day on which he
ceases to hold his office or employment, and no

Ajiticlb 26. — ^The sum due to each Medical
Officer for vaccination shall be payable by the
Board of Guardians on the expiration of twenty-
eight days from the receipt by them of the report
of the numbers vaccinated from the Committee of

Articu: 27. — ^The Board of Guardians shall
take care that the premises provided by them in
pursuance of the 8th section of the said recited
Act of the fifteenth year of Her Majesty shall be
maintained in good order and condition, and that
^ill and adequate provision is made for having fires
xegolarly maintained in them during such periods
of the year, and on such days of the week as the
Medical Officer may consider necessaiy for the
proper preservation of the medicines.

Article 28. — The Board of Guardians shall on
receipt of the estimates of the requirements of each
dispensary in the union, from time to time, and
the requisition of the Comimclo« of Management

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888 Diapenaary Regvlatums. [Pabt IIL 7.

Diw««Aar thereon, or of the Medical OflBcer in the case hOTein-
noffi, ' before provided for, caiise the necessary supplies to
^^\^^' be immediately furnished for the use of such dis-
— '' pensary, and shall at the same time cause a dupli-
cate copy of the invoice received from the con-
tractor on each occasion to be forwarded to the
Medical Officer, to be by him filed and preserved
for reference at the dispensary.

Article 29. — The Board of Guardians shall
from time to time as may be necessary, cause to be
provided a sufficient supply of books, stationeiy,
and forms prescribed by this or any other Ordw
under our seal, and all other requisites, for the use
of each Committee of Management: and shall also
cause a sufficient number of check-books of medical
relief tickets, according to the annexed Forms E 1
and E 2*, to be provided, and cause a sufficient
supply of such check-books to be furnished to each
memberof every dispensary committee in the union,
and to each Believing Officer and Warden therein.

Article 30. — ^The Board of Guardians shall m-
elude in their half-yeca-ly accounts of expenditure,
all expenses incurred for the service of each Dis-
pensary District in the union, for the half-year,
charging the same to the several electoral divisions
comprised in the district, according to the net an-
nual value of the rateable property in each divisi<Hi,
as set forth in the last preceding rate for the relief
of the poor.

Article 31. — ^Immediately after the oomplet]<A
of the half-yearly accounts for the audit thereof
by the auditor of the union, the Board of Guardians
shall cause their clerk to furnish to the Committee
of each Dispensary District, previously to sudi
audit, a statement of all items of expenses incurred
for the district which shall have been included in
the half-year's accounts ; and such statement shall
be made in such Form as may be directed or ap-
proved by the Commissioners.


[The Scliedole contains the names of all tlie onions fai
Ireland, the same as at page 684.]

• See page 891.

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Past TU. 7.]




USE BY Clerks of Unions. tioks.

2»TH Nov.


Form No. 1. —

ArnnuLl Return of CJommittees of Management of
Dispensary Districts in the ■ Union.

Name of

Number of


of whom the



as declared by




Guardians who are Members

of the Committee for each

District, in pursnanoe of

5 7 of 14 & 15 Vie. c. 68.

Rate-payers elected by tho

Buard of Guardians to bo

Members of the Committee

for each District



Name of the

Division in


is situated.



Name of the

DiTision in


is situated.

Clerk of -

Date, —


• Union.
— 18—.

Form No. 2.


• Dispensary District.

Return of [a Member or Members] of the Com-
mittee of Management of the Dispensary

District, in the Union, to supply [a

vacancy or vacancies].

Nmme of [Rate-payer or Rate-
payers] elected by Board of

Residence (stating also the name

of the Eleotoral Dirision in

which it is situated).


Date, —



— 18—.

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890 Diapenaary Regvlatuma. [Part IIL 7.

itaMKSABT Form No. 3.


•<w. w«r Notice to be given by the Clerk of the Union to

zwrH Not. ••■««- -% t* -r^. >-^

IM9. each Member of every Dispensary Committee

■■ on the Annual Completion of the Committees

of Management of Dispensary Districts.

— — Uiaoif: Dbpb!«bast Diarmioz.

Sir, — Notice is hereby given to yoa that in pomuuiee of tibe

provisions of $ 7 ol the Act 14 & 15 Vie c 68, yMi*

a Member of the Commitlee of MaaagemeDt of the

Dispensary District in the above Union ; and the next meet-
ing of the said Committee is to be held at the Dispensary tt

on day, the of y IS—, «t the

hour of o'clock in the noon.

Check Books containing Tickets for Mescal Relief, in the
prescribed Forms, [are enclosed herewith \ or if the porty hu
been previous^ appoiwUd and supplied, can be obtained from
me from time to time when those akeady issued to yon hare
been used].

Signed this day of 18 — ^

Clerk of Union.

To of

♦ This blank is to be filled by the Clerk with the word
"" are/* where this Notice is addressed to any Guardian who
as such is entitled to be a Member of the Committee under f 7.
In other cases (t.f., where the Notice is a ddres se d to a Rate-
payer elected by the Board of Guardians), the blank should
be filled with the words '* have been elected by the Board of
Guardians of the above Union."

Form No. 4.

Notice to be given to any Rate-payer elected by
the Board of Guardians to supply a Vacancy in
a Committee of Management of any Dispensary

Union. Disfensaby District.

Sir, — ^Notice is hereby given to you that a Vacancy having

occurred in the Committee of Management of the

Dispensary District, in the above Union, yon have been eleeled
by the Board of Guardians of the Union tA be a Member of
the Committee, to supply such Vacancy ; and the next meet-
ing of the Committee is to be held at the Dispensary at ■

on day, the of 18 — , at the hour of ,

o'clock in the noon.

Check Books containing Tickets for Medical Relief, in the
prescribed Forms, [are enclosed herewith ; or if the party hat
been already mpplied, can be obtained from me from time to
time when those already issued to yon have been used].

Signed this day ef 18—,

Clerk of Union.

Ta — , — ol .

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Part IIL 7.]



• Union.

Form No. 5.

Dispensfioy Diatrict.

list of Members of the Committee of Management

of the Dispensary District, in

Union, and of the Relieying Officers and War-
dens acting for each Electoral Division included
in such District.




29th Not.

If rmben of Committae

of lUnagement of the


Relieving Officers acting

for any Electoral Dirlsion

in the Diatrict.

Wardens acting for

any Electoral Division

in the District.











Clerk of -

— Union,
of 18—.


Medical Officer of
Dispensary District.

Form No. 6.

Notice to be transmitted by Clerk of Union to a
Member of a Dispensary Committee, or Warden,
on the expiration of his Term of Office, in case
lie be not re-^pointed.

Uniow. DigpsasART DurrsiCTr.

of , 18—

Snt, — I am directed by the Board of Guardians of the

Unioa to apprize you that the period for which you were
appointed a [Member of the Committee of Management or

Warden, as case may 6e], for the Dispensary District,

haying expired, your power to issue tickets for Medical Relief
in thJi Dtetriot, in pursuance of the proviaiions of the Medical
Charities Act, has ceased ; and the Medical Officer of the Dis-
trict is not authorized by the Act to afford medical relief upon
may tickets hereaiter iasned by you, unless and until you shall
l» le-appointed. And you are requested to be good enough
to retom to the Board of Guardians, for the use of the Persons
satborized to issoa such tickets, any blank Forms of Medical
Seliftf Tickets in the Check Books, Forms E 1 and £ 2, which
msm ronaia in yonr bands unused.

By order ot the Board of Guardians,
To — — Clerk of Union.


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892 Dispensary Regvlations. [Pabt ITI. 7.

^rJouIa-^ forms referred to in this Order fx>r usb
noNs," BY Officers of Dispensary Districts.

f^TH Nov.

Form A.

Keqiiisition for an Ertraordinarr Meetmg of the
Committee of Management of Dispensary Dis-
To the [Hon. Secretary or Hon. Assistant Secretary] of tlift

Committee of Management of Dispensary District^

in Union.

We, the undersigned, being two Members of the Committee
of Management of the above Dispensary District^ do hoebr
require an Extraordinary Meeting of the Committee of the
said District to be summoned, to be held at the Dispensary at

, on ^ — day, the day of , 18 — ^ at

o'clock, in the noon, to take into considentioii

[set out the subject for consideration,].

Dated this of , 18—.

> Members of Committee

) of Management*

Form B.
Notice to be given by the Secretary or Assistant
Secretary* convening an Extraordinary Meet-
ing of Committee of Management.

To -4.B., Member of the Committee of Management of the
Dispensary District, in Union.

Sir, — CD. and E.F., two members of the Commitfee pf
Management of the above Dispensary Districty have required^
that an Extraordinary Meeting of the said Committee shonU

be summoned^ to be* held at the Dispensary at , oo

. day, the day of 18—, at o'clock

jn the noon, to take into consideration [set out the siA-

ject, as in requisition for the meeting] ; and you are hereby
requested to attend such Meeting, at the above-named time
and place.

^"[Hon. Sec. or Hon. Asst Sec.] of the Committee.*

; Dated this of , 18—.

• The words printed in Italics in this Form of Notice (B),
may be varied so as to adapt the fonn for use where an Extra-
ordinary Meeting is called without a previous reqnisitioii, am
provided for in Article 1 1 of the Regnlationf. In such case
Che Notice may commence as follows : — " We, the Chairman
[or Vice-Chairman] and the Honorary Secretary [or Aaristant
Secretary] of the Committee of Management of the above
Dispensary District, deem it necessary that an Extraordinary

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Jabt UL 7.] Forms. 893

Meeting of the said Committee should be held at ," &c., Dmpbnsary

as in the rest \)f the above form of Notice, which should in ^iq^^'
this case be signed by the two officers convening the Meeting. 29th Nov.
Where the Meeting is convened in consequence of a requure- 1869.

ment of the Commissioners, the Notice may commence thus : —

" The Commissioners for administering the Laws for Relief
of the Poor in Ireland have required," &c., as above ; and the
Notice in this case should be signed by the officer convening
the Meeting accordingly.

Form C.

Notice of Change of Time or Place of Meeting of
Committee of Management.

To yl.B., Member of the Committee of Management of the
Dispensary District, in Union.

Sir, — ^Tou are hereby informed that the next Ordinary
Meeting of the Conmuttee of Management of the Dis-
pensary District, in Union, wOl take place at the Dis-
pensary at , on day, the day of ,

18 — , at o'clock in the noon ; and it has been

determined at a Meeting of the Committee, held on the

instant, that the Ordinary Meetings of the Committee shall in

future be held on the day in each , at the hour

of in the noon, at the same place [or at the

Dispensary at , as the case may ic].

ffeion. Sec or Hon. Asst. Sec.] of the Committee.

Dated this day of 18—.

Form D.

Notice of an Adjonmed Meeting of Committee of

To il.B., Member of the Committee of Management of the
Dispensary District in Union.

Sib, — This is to give you Notice, that an Adjourned

Meeting of the Committee of Management of the

Dispensary District, in Union, will be held at the

Dispensary at ^ on day, the day of

18 — ^ to take into consideration [set out the subject

for consideration] ; which Meeting you are hereby requested
to attend.

[Hon. Sec or Hon. Asst. Sec.] of the Committee.

Dated this of , 18—.

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Dispenaary Regtdaiions. [Part III. 7.



a ::



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896 DispeTisary Regulations, [Pabt 111. 7.

^K^*^ Directions for Printing Medical Relief Tickets.


39th Not. Blank Tickets for Medical Kelicf are to be printed in the
1869. Forms E 1 and £ 2 in counterparts, and bound up in books;
and the name of the Medical Officer and of the Dispensarr
District and Union can be printed in the Tickets for each
District, so as to reduce, as far as possible, the namber of
particulars to be written bj the person filling up and issuing
the Tickets.

Form £ 1, which is the form of Ticket to be issued for
Medical Relief to be given on the party attending at the Dis-
pensary, is to be printed in black ink. Form E 2, which b
the form of Ticket to be issued where it is necessary that the
Medical Officer should vint the Patient at hit home, is, for the
sake of distinction and convenience, to be printed in r«f ink.

On the back of the Ticket, Form E 2, the following memo-
randum is to be printed : — " This Ticket may be presented to
the Medical Officer at the Dispensary, within the hours of hit
attendance there ; or may be presented to him, or left for him,
at his residence ; or may be presented to him personally any-
where. The Ticket should be presented as soon after it has
been obtained as practicable, with such information as can be
given regarding the nature of the case.**

Directions for filling up Medical Belief Tickets : —
(to be printed on Oie Jvrst leaf of each Check

The Ticket and counterpart are both to be filled np by the
person authorized to issue the Ticket ; one part to be retained
by the person issuing the Ticket, and the other to be detached
from the book and given to the applicant, for presentation to
the Medical Officer.

Care should be taken in the issue of the Tickets accordingly;
and Tickets should be issued in the Form E 2, for visiting at
the residence of the applicant, in cases of necessity only, and
with all available information as to the nature of the case.

The Ticket, in either form, is to be issued for the Dbpensary
District in which the applicant is resident at the time ; and care
should be taken to fill up the Ticket and apprize the applicant
accordingly, as the Medical Officer of each Dispensary District
is only bound to attend " any poor person resident therein,^

The Christian Name and Surname of the applicant should
be inserted in the Ticket in full ; and such description of his
place of abode (as, Name of Towuland, and where necessaiy
the Parish also ; or in case of Cities and Towns, the Street,
Place, or Bow, &c., and number of House,) should be given
as ^vill be sufficient for identification and for registration ; and
with this view, the age and occupation of the applicant should
also be stated wherever practicable. Any further observation
which the Grantor of the Ticket may desil^e to make for the
information of the Medical Officer, should be written on the
front of the Ticket.

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FiRT m. 7.] F(yrm8.

Form R
Medioal Belief Beoister.
Dispensary District, in the




29tr Not.

Union. ""^
















ment at
Dates in


by Com-



c«n| i.










J>irection8 for filling up the Medical Belief Be-
gister : — (to be printed at the hegiwnvng ofecbch

Oolmnn 1. — ^Tho series of numbers is to run from the begin-
mng to the end of the year; and a fresh series is to be
commenced on the 1st January in each year, beginning -with
the fini new case on or after that day. The same patient is
not to have a second number, except in the event of a second
or subsequent iUness within the year, in which event he should,

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