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on presentati o n of a fresh ticket, be registered again with a
fresh number, as a new case, reference being also made, in the
coltunn for observations, to his previous number.

Column 2. — The date on which the ticket is presented to
the Medical Officer is to be inserted in column 2.

Columns 8, 4, 5, and 6. — The Christian and surname of the
patient are to be inserted in full in column 8 ; the residence
of the patient in column 4 ; the age of the patient, as well as
can be ascertained, in column 5 ; and the disease for which the
patient is treated in column 6«

Columns 7 and 8. — The date of each attendance, from the
commencement to the termination of the case, is to be entered
in these columns ; if the attendance is at the dispensary, in
column 7 ; if at the patient*8 home, in column 8.

Column 9 should contain a record of the treatment of each
case. The date of each attendance, as entered in column 7 or
^ should be entered in this column also ; with a description

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DispeMwry Beguiations. [Pabt TTT. 7.




©»»«»«i*T of the prescription or treatment at each date. If in any case
BmavhA' ^|,g attendances and prescriptions should be too namerons to
admit of their all being entered in the space provided for the
purpose, a new entry of the case may be made at a subseqnest
page of the book, but not with a new number, a reference being
made in the first entry to the page of the book at which the
case is continued.

Column 10 is to contain a statement of the result of the
case, as " ReUeved," ** Cured," « Died," « Ticket cancelled by
Committee,*' and in tUe latter case the date of the meeting at
which the ticket was cancelled should be entered, and the
Chairman of the day should place his signature or initials
against the entry.

Column 11. — This column is intended for any other par-
ticulars, directions, or explanation as to any case, -which the
Medical Officer or Ihe Chairman of the Committee may think
it desirable to insert

A sufficient number of leaves (with the letters of the al^^iabet
marked on spaces cut at the outer edge) is bound np with the
register to serve as an index.

County of
District of —

Form G.
Vaccination Register.
— . Union of —

Register of Oases of Successful Vaccination.




Age at
time of

of first

of Suo-

dence at
time of

If a Child,
Name and


of Psther,


or Person

in charge.

of Entry
of Child's
Birth in

of firths.





and Date



Instructions for Vaccination Register : — {to he
printed at the beginning of each Booh)

The series of numbers in column 1 is to ran from the be-
Kinning to the end of the year, and a fresh series of numbers is
to be commenced on the let Janizary in each year.

The column for number of entry of child^a bffth in the
register of buihs, need not be filled up unless the Medical
Officer is also Re^trar of Births and Deatha, nor in caaes
where the person vaodnated was bom before the \tl J^amarjf

The register of Tmccination ia to be laid before tbt Com-
mittee at each oirdinaxy meeting.

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Pakt IIL 7.]



FoKic H.

Fork of Rppoet of the Medical Officer, in pur-
suance of Section 3 of the Act 21 & 22 Yic.
c. 64, of the Number of Persons successfully
Taccinated by him in each year.

Union. Dispensary District.

I hereby certify that T have, between the dat^

and , saccessfully vaccinated — r: — persons, all of

whom are resident in —




S9th Not.

• Dispensary District ; that I duly
inspected them at the times required by the regulations of the
Commissioners, and that I have entered all the required parti-
cnlars in the Vaccination Register (Form 6).

(Signature) ,

Medical Officer of Dispensary District..

Date, , 18—.

Form I.
Medical Officer's Report Book.
- Union. Dispensary District.


Report on any
Matter requiring
Attention from
the Committee.

Form K.
- Bridewell Account.


Dispensaiy District.

Medical Officer's Account of Medicines supplied

to Prisoners and Inmates in Bridewell

\or House of Correction, as the case may 6e,] in
the above Dispensary District, nnder § 15 of
14 & 15 Tic. c. 68.



Dates of Medical




Column I.








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f9TH Nov.

Dispensary Regulatunis. [Part III. 7.

Form L.
Medical Officer's Return.
Union. Dispensary District

Medical Officer's Return for the quarter ended

18— <

Number of Kew
Otaes Attended and
Begietered during

(he above period.

No. of

the above
under f 9
of 14 & 15
Vie. 0.68.

No. of


No. of
Cam of

No. of




the above




tad do.

am do.

















Data of
last Cass,

Number of Medical Officers for the District ? .

Number of Dispensary Stations for^the District ? .
Dispensary Days and Hours of Attendance at each

Disjiensary Station in the District ? .
Days fixed for Ordinary Meetincra of the Cnmmffi-jMk 9

Questions to be answered by the Medicai.


1, Whether the Medicines procured are of good

quality? and whether any defect in the

quaii^ of the Medicines or otherwise has been

reported in the Medical Officer's Report Book

^orm 0? ^ ^

t. Whether a sufficient supply of Yaccine Lymph
is kept up at the Dispensary ? And whether
it is procured from the Dublin Cow Pock
Institution, by subscription of the Guardians
to that Institution, or how otherwise?

8. Whether there has been any Increase or Dimi-
nution of Vaccination as compared with the
corresponding quarter of last year ? If the
amount of Vaccination performed be not in
proportion to the population, probable cause
thereof, or of any diminution ?

4* Whether the Dispensary arrangements and

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Part III. 7.] ^orma, 901

provimons as to Vaccination are duly notified D»pkn8ary
by public notices (Form N) posted in the ^o^'

District, in accordance with Article 4 of the 29th Nov.
Dispensary Rules, or in what manner ? 1869.

5. Whether a Notice Board or Inscription (Form

0) is affixed on the exterior of each Dispen-
sary, in accordance with Article 4 of the
Dispensary Rules, and whether such Notice
contains the particulars directed to be so
affixed, and is kept in a legible state ?

6. Has the Report (Form P) been duly made

and transmitted to the Board of Guardians ?
To what date is it made up ?

(Signature) -^ Medical Officer.

Date .

Any further observations which the Medical
Officer may desire to make can be added here.

Forms M 1 and 2.
Estimate and Requisition for Medicines, &c.
Form M 1. — Estimate of Medicines, &c., required.
Union. Dispensaiy District.

Medioines or Artiolet

Remaining on hand.

Quantity now


Medical Officer of Dispensary.

Approved by the Committee of Management of the

Dispensary District, this day of 18 — .

(Signature) Presiding Chairman of Committee.

Form M 2. — Kequisition transmitting preceding
Estimate, or a Copy thereof, to the Board of

Union, — Dispensart District.


gxB, ^By direction of the Committee of Management of the

above Dispensary District, I herewith forward, to be laid

before the Board of Guardians of the Union, an

Estimate of Medicines^ &c., required for the use of the said
Dispensary District; and am to request that the Board of
Guardians will cause the same to be immediately supplied to
the Medical Officer of the said Dispensary District, for the

Dispensary situate at *

By order of the Committee,

{Bon. Secretary, or

(Hon, AttU Secretary,
To th« Clerk of the Board of Guardians
of Union.

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902 Dispensary Regvlatiom. [Part IEL 7.


TiowB, Notice for Posting up at each Dispensary aod
^^^J5°^' other places in Dispensary Districts.


D18PENBART DnrTRiCT, consiftiiig of tlw Eleetonl

Divisions of in the abore Uni«n*

[It is desirable that such description, by Parishes or other-
wise, should be given of the District as will enable the poor to
understand what localities are included in it]

Dispensary situate at (a sufficient denriptian of dke

locality to be given).

Times of attendance of the Medical Officer at the Dispensjuy,

every from o'clock to o'clock. Tickets

for Medical Relief on attendance uf the party at the Dispensary
must be presented at the Dispensary within the hours and ob
the days here named.

Medical Officer, Dr. , of (his place qfreaidenos

to be. stated).

Visiting Tickets, for the attendance of the Medical Officer
at the patient* s home^ may be presented to the Medical OAeer
f^i the Dispensarj', or may be presented to him, or left for hira,
at his residence, or may be presented to him personally any-
where. Tickets presented at the Dispensary should be pre-
sented between the hours above named, and Tickets prenented
at the Medical Officer's residence or elsewhere, should be pie-
sented as early in the day as possible.

The Committee of Management of the Dispensary District

meet at the Dispensary situate at '^ on every at

o'clock in the noun {slate frrdinary dajf amd ham

of meeting).

The following are the persons authorized to issue Tickets for
Medical Relief in the above District : —

Committee of Management: (state names and plarts of
residence), "Wardens : (state names and places of residence).
Believing Officers : (state names and places of reMemee),

The Medical Officer is not bound to attend or afford medical
relief to any poor person without a Ticket But Taccinatioo
is performed without a Ticket being required.


Notice is also given, that in pursuanoe of the provisions of
the Act to make further provision for the practice of Vacci-
nation in Ireland (21 & 22 Vic cap. 64), the above-named
Dispensar}' District has been divided into the under-mentioned
Dbtricts, for the purpose of Vaccination, and that the Medical
Officer of the said Dispensary District will attend on the days
and hours and at the places hereander-meationed, lor the pur-
pose of Vaccinating, gratuitously, all persons resident in the

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Part IH. 7.]



Dispensary District who may oome to him for that purpose, or Diep«i»A«T
whom he may be requested to Vaccinate, being fit subjects ^^■»'''^*
for Vaccination. 29^l!Sv.


Name of



Names of
Electoral Diviaion

or DlriaioiM
comprised in Vacci-
nation District.

Places within the

VaocinaUon District

at which the

Medical 06lcer

wiU attend.

Days and


of Attendance.

Vaccination will also be performed Gratuitously at the Dis-
pensary as heretofore, on any of the Dispensary days, during
the hours of attendance of the Medical Officer at the Dis-

Persons undergoing Vaccination should attend, or be brought,
lor examination of the arm on the eighth day after Vaccina-
tion, and on such other days as the Medical Officer may direct,
HI order to insure the successful issue of the case.

All persons are hereby cautioned against the dangerous
practice of Inoculation ; and poor persons are advised to present
their children (if they ^ave not been already successfully vac-
cinated,) at the Dispensary, for Vaccination, as the best
preservative against Small-pox. By an Act of Parliament
passed on the 23rd of July, 1840, (3 & 4 Vic. cap. 29,) entitled
*' An Act to extend the practice of Vaccination," the practice
of Inoculation with Small-pox virus was made punishable
by one month's imprisonment, and under a subsequent Act
(31 & 32 Vic. c. 87), the period of imprisonment may be
extended to six months. The following are the words of
the 4th section of the last-mentioned Act: —

Extract from 31 ^ 32 VicU cap. 87.

^ § 4. Any person who shall, after the passing of this Act,
produce or attempt to produce in any Person, hj Inoculation
with Variolous Matter, or by wilful exposure to Variolous
Matter, or to any Matter, Article, or thing impregnated with
Variolous Matter, or wilfully by any other means whatsoever
produce the Disease of Small-pox in any Person, shall be
gnUty of an offence, and shall be liable to be proceeded against
sammarUy before two or more Justices of the Peace in Petty
Sessions assembled; and upon conviction, to be imprisoned
tor taxj term not exceeding Six months."

By order of the Committee of Management,

— — • Honorary Secretary.

of 18—.

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Dispensary Regulations, [Pabt UL 7.




*J9th Nov.

Form O.

Form for a Board or Inscription to be con-
spicuously placed on the £xterior of eadi

Open on*

- Irom •

- Dispensary.


TaccinAtion gratis.

Medical Officer, Dr. cr Surgeon (JiU name)y of (his residencty,

* Name the several days of the Week determined upon hy
the Committee for the purpose.

Form P.


Dispensary District

Medical Officer's Report of Children bom in the
District since the 1st January, 1864, and over
six months of age, who do not appear to have
been Vaccinated.

No. on





Name and

Parent or Person
haring the

Care, Nurture,
or Custody

Date when

8th section of Obserra-
the Compulsory tions.
Vaccination Act'

Note. — In any case in which the Medical Officer may be
aware of the reason why the child has not been vaccinated, he
should state it in the column for observations ; and in any case
in which a certificate has been given that the child is not in
a tit state for vaccination, or is insusceptible of the vaccine
disease, the fact should be stated.

Sealed with our Seal, this Twenty-ninth day
of November, One Thousand Eight Hun-
dred and Sixty-nine.

A. Power.
J. McDonnell, m.d.
R M. Bellew.
I, John Poyntz, Earl Spencer, Lord lieute-
nant-General and General Oovemor of Ireland, do
approve this order.

By His Excellency's Command,

T, H. Burkk.

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Pabt in. 7.] Circular to Boards of Guardians, 905


No. 1. — Circular to Boards of Guardians,
accompanying the General Order of 29tli
November, 1869.

Poor Law Commission Office, Dyhlvn,
18^ Decemher, 1869.

Adverting to the statement contained in their
Circular Letter of the 18th February last, that
they had it in contemplation to make some
chajiges in the Dispensary Regulations, the Com-
missioners for administering the Laws for Relief
of the Poor in Ireland now transmit to you, to be
laid before the Board of Guardians, a copy of a
Oeneral O^er under their Seal, dated the 29th
November, amending and consolidating the Gene-
ral Rules and Regulations in force for the Govern-
ment of Dispensaiy Districts and the performance
of Vaccination.

The amended Regulations now issued are sub-
stantially the same in most respects as those
previously in force, but it is hoped that the fact
of the provisions of ^yq different Orders, which
were issued at different times as the occasion for
them arose, having been now brought together in
one Order, and of the various provisions thus
consolidated in the present Order having been
arranged under their respective heads more per-
fectly than heretofore, will facilitate the dischai*ge
of the duties of the various persons concerned, in
any matters in which a reference to the General
R^rtdations is necessary.

The Commissioners will notice briefly the prin-
cipal changes which have been made, referring to
them as nearly as possible in the order in which
they occur in the Consolidated Regulations.

1. Under Article 4, it is made the duty of the
Clerk of the Union to prepare the Notice, Form N,
^d to cause it to be duly posted throughout the

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906 Circular to Bocurda of Guardians. [Pabt HL 7.

ciEcuLAAB. district, and also to cause the Notice Board, Fonn
O, to be kept affixed on the exterior of each Dis-
pensary District. This duty has been hitherto
assigned to the Dispensary Committee by the
Regulations, but practically it has in many in-
stances fallen into the hands of the Clerk of the
Union, and in some instances, where this has not
been the case, it has been very irregularly and
inefficiently performed, llie Commissioners think
it is a matter of great importance that full and
accurate information should at all times be ac-
cessible to the public throughout eadi Dispensary
District as to where and how Dispensary relief it
to be obtained ; and bearing in mind the £act that
the officers of the Committee, into whose hands
this duty would naturally fall while it was consi-
dered as part of the duty of the Committee, an
honoiary officers, it has been considered advisable
to relieve them of it, and to place the responsi-
bility upon a paid officer of the imion, to whom
of course the Committee will from time to time
communicate any changes which may be n^ade,
which may render any alterjition in the Notices

It will be observed that the Form N has bee»
modified so as to comprise both the Dispensary
and Vaccination Notices, and the separate Vacci-
nation Notice heretofore required is consequently
no longer necessary. A specimen form of placard
notice (Form N) is enclosed.

2. Some changes have been made in the Fona
of Medical Relief Tickets (E 1 end E 2), and in
the instructions pinted on the ticket-books and
tickets. These changes, though sli^t in them-
selves, are matericd in character, their object being
to insure the presentation of tickets as soon afler
they are obtained as practicable ; and, in the case
of visiting tickets, to cause every available infor-
mation to be given to the Medical Officer as to tho
nature of the case, but so as not to interfere with
his responsibility to att^id duly and punctually
imder the statute and under the Dispensary Bega*

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Part IIL 7.] Circular to Boards of Guardians. 907

The CoBimissioners attach much importance to c««W|^w.
this (flange, aod they strongly recommend that all
the existing ticket-books should be at once with-
drawn and cancelled, and books oi tickets in the
new form provided and forwaarded without delay
to all persons entitled to issue tickets.

In connexion wiih this subject it will be ob-
served that it is required (Art. 21, ii.,) that the
tickets shall be preserved for at least two years,
and that the Medical Officer shall mai^ on each
ticket, before filing it, the number of the case in
the roister. It has also been deemed advisable,
in order to guard against an abuse which has been
found to exist in some districts, to provide by r^u-
lation (Art. 21, iii.,) that the Medical Officer shall
not afford medicine or medical appliances, except
in urgent cases, before a ticket has been presented.

3. The new form of Medical Belief Register
(Form F), though not hitherto prescribed under
Seal, was issued with the Commissicfliers* Circular
of the 18th February last, and is, the Commis-
sioners believe, very geneiully in use ; but if there
Ib any district in which it has not yet been
adopted, the Commissioners request that it may
now be at once provided, so that it may be brought
into use on the Ist January, 1870.

4. The Yaocination RegLspter (Form G) is in the
same form as heretofore, and similar to the Vacci-
nation Register required to be kept by the R^is-
trars of Births and Deaths under the Compulsory
Vaccination Act, so that where the Dispensary
Medical Officer is also R^istrar the two books
can be made to supplement each oth^, the only
entries required to be made in the Form G being
those of cases (which will now be very rare)
whidi do not come under the provisions of the
Compulsory Vaccination Act, "diat is, the cases
of persons who were bom before the Ist January,
1864. The Form H, which has hitherto been
merely a copy of the entries in the two vaccination
roisters above r^rred to, is now required to be,
in conformity with the Act of PaiiiazxMBnt, a r^iort
of the number of persons vaccinated, with a certi

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$08 Circular to Bowrds of Chiardians. [Pabt m. 7.

CimcoLAmt. ficate from the Medical Officer of the fSact of his
having duly vaccmated and inspected all the per*
sons who have been registered as vaccinated within
the period to which Uie certificate applies. This
will save a considerable amount of labour to the
Medical Officer, while, at the same time, as the
Vaccination Begister is required hy Art. 21, x., to
be open at all reasonable times to inspection bj
members of the Board of Guardians and the Dis-
pensary Committee, there will be ample opportu-
nity for examining the register as to individual

5. Form I (Medical Officer^s Report Book) has
been slightly modified, and is intended to contain
a record of the Medical Officer's attendances at
the dispensary, and of any matter which he maj
think it necessary to bring imder the notice of the

6. Form L (Medical Officei^s Quarterly Return)
has been very slightly altered, and it will be seen
by Art. 21, xiv., that he is to forward it to the
Commissioners immediately after the close of the
quarter, and to lay a copy of it before the Commit-
tee at their next ordinary meeting. This couiae
will prevent the inconvenience which has some-
times arisen from delaying the return until it had
been submitted to the Committee, while the Com-
mittee will have the information before them at
as early a period as under the former r^ulati<m.

7. In regard to the Estimate for Medicines,
serious inconvenience has sometimes arisen, where,
owing to irregular meetings on the part of the
Committee, the Medical Officer has been unable to
obtain their approval of the estimate before f<»>-
warding it to the Board of Guardians ; an altera-
tion has therefore been made in the rq^ation ia
this respect The new regulation (Art 21, vL,)
while it maintainB the existrug practice, as a gene-
ral rule, of forwarding the estimate to the Board
of Guardians through the Committee, authorizoi
the Medical Officer in cases of ui^ency to forward
his estimate direct to the Board of Guardians.

8. With a view to the more effisctual carrying

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Part III. 7.] Instructions to Medical Officers. 909

out of the provisions of the Compnlsoiy Vacci- c«c"-*««»-
nation Act, the Medical Officer is reqnired (Art
21, XL,) to forward half-yearly to the Board of
Guardians a report, in the Form P annexed to the
order, of all persons registered as bom in the dis-
trict who are over six months of age and do not
appear to have been vaccinated. This will enable
the Board of Guardians to exercise a more effectual
control in regard to the ])rovisions of the Com-
pulsory Vaccination Act, by taking proceedings
against any person responsible for having a child
vaccinated who shall be found to have wilfully
neglected to do so.

By order of the Commissioners,

B. Banks, Chief Clerk.

To the Clerk of ecich Union.

No. 2. — ExTKACTS from Circular of Instruc-
tions to Medical Officers of Dispensaries,
dated 22nd December^ 1853.

4. The Commissioners desire further to point
out, as already intimated in the Instructions issued
on a former occasion, that a Ticket for Medical
Relief continues in force until it is cancelled by the
Committee, in pursuance of the proviso in § 9 of the
Act, or as long as the patient continues to present
himself at the Dispensary, in the case of a Ticket in
the Form E 1, or until the termination of the case,
if the Ticket be a Visiting Ticket in the Form E 2 ;
and in the latter case, the Medical Officer is bound
to continue his attendance in pursuance of a Visit-

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