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which they participate, the kind of plays they see,
and of books they read.

Read only books worth while, or, if you will read
trashy ones, avoid those which have no other reason
for being put on the printing press but that they are
immoral and calculated to ^ouse sexual feelings.
Let the publisher who brings out this kind of book
find to his cost that he cannot profitably set about to
fill your minds with unhealthy thoughts which may,
in the long run, be your ruin. It is the same with
the theatres. Patronize those which produce
" clean '' plays, and show the managers who debase
your sex by causing members of it to appear on the
stage in various phases of imdress, or those whose
plays are passion-arousing, or unclean from a
moral standpoint, that failure, financial and other-
wise, will be their portion.

Masturbation is, as some of you may know, the
arousing of the sexual desire and the satisfaction of
it in other than the usual way, according to the laws
of nature, y^he female may practise it in many
ways, but I will not go into details ; some of them are
too disgusting for utterance. This much must




be said, however, as it is important: Masturbation, Aa^
if indulged in to excess, will cause a breakdown of ^^'^
the nervous system, and cause you to end your days ^^ ^w^
in a madhouse, or send you to an early grave. It is
but just to explain to you that excessive normal sex-
ual indulgence, even though legitimate, will do like-
wise. In either case, is it worth while? There is
more in life than merely the sexual passions. If any
of you who are my auditors are guilty of indulging
in the pernicious habit of masturbation, I advise you
to stop it at once, for your own present and future
good. If your own will-power is too weak to accom-
plish this without moral and medical support, I ad-
vise you to consult your family physician at once.
Give him your full confidence, and, if he be worthy of
the name, you will have his full sympathy and aid.

To those of you who are ignorant of the methods
of masturbation in the female, I would advise you
strongly to remain in ignorance. Ignorance is really
better than too much knowledge on this subject, and
I strongly advise you against those of your girl
friends who would enlighten you. They are dan-
gerous, and probably unfit companions in other

Choose your friends most carefully. Have, if
you will, many acquaintances, but admit to your
circle of friends only the best, and this refers to
boys as well as to girls.




Avoid girls who are too affectionate and demon-
strative in their manner of talking and acting with
you; who are inclined to admire your figure and
breast development; who are inclined to be just a
little too familiar in their actions toward you; who
are inclined to be rather free and careless in the dis-
play of themselves in your presence ; who press upon
you too earnestly invitations to remain at their
homes all night, and to occupy the same bed they do.
When sleeping in the same bed with another girl
old or young, avoid " snuggling up " close together.
Avoid the touching of sexual parts, including the
breasts, and, in fact, I might say avoid contact of
any parts of the body at all. Keep your night robe
about you so that you are as well protected from out-
side contact as its size will permit, and let your con-
versation be of other topics than sexuality. Do not
lie in each other's arms when awake or falling
asleep; and, after going to bed, if you are sleeping
alone or with others, just bear in mind that beds are
sleeping places. When you go to bed, go to sleep
just as quickly as you can. If possible, avoid sleep-
ing with anyone else. It is more healthful and sani-
tary to sleep in a separate bed. And, although this
is a step in advance of my next talk, I would say that
certain diseases, both those affecting the genital
organs and others, are often conveyed through con-
taminated bed clothes, body contact, the breath, etc.




You can see for yourselves, therefore, that separate
beds are good for more reasons than one.

I feel that what I have said here is a very brief
summary of a serious, yet most delicate subject. I
have not said much, and have tried to choose my
words most carefully, because I did not want to
suggest to your minds any false ideas, nor to offend
the modesty of the most innocent or most puritanical
of my auditors. Yet the subject of masturbation is
a serious and important one and had to be taken up,
and I should feel remiss in my duty toward you if I
had not said enough to impress upon you the im-
portance of avoiding this most pernicious habit if
you are still innocent of self-indulgence, and to have
convinced those of you who may have practised it
that you should not do so, and that you can be cured
of such a habit

The evils of masturbation which, as you have
already learned, can be both mental and physical,
are, first, an unnatural mode of satisfying the sexual
appetite when it is aroused ; second, it leads to over-
indulgence which is extremely harmful both men-
tally and physically, and, as I have stated, over-in-
dulgence in even the normal sexual habit is extremely
harmful; third, it is enervating and causes secretive
habits, and when one practises deceit in one way it
becomes easy to be deceitful in other ways, and
lessens one's sense of honor and high ideals; fourth,




it brings about a chronic productive inflammation in
all the sexual system which leads to serious con-
sequences not only here, but also in the nervous
system; fifth, in some of those who become slaves
to it there is a loss of the normal sexual appetite, and
this is not desirable for the future of yourselves or
the race in general.

These are only a few of the reasons why I have
spoken on this subject at all. There are others, but
time will not permit me to discuss them all. I have
told you enough to demonstrate that masturbation
is an imnatm-al, harmful, and, in every way, unnec-
essary practice, and the wise girl will absolutely re-
frain from it Those who do not must, whether
willing or not, take the consequences they bring
upon themselves, [if you will just beardh jjjfind that
masturbation or actual sexual rel^Ams are abso-
lutely unnecessary to either man or woman, you are
not liable to slip into immoral ways. StT- 1 %

Again, I say, study most carefully those whom
you select for friends and see whether they are
worthy of being cultivated as such, and I warn you
to let this study extend to both sexes. There are
many young men with whom you should not asso-
ciate because their reputations are not good, or be-
cause you have noticed something in them which
makes you feel you cannot safely be seen with them.
Put your girl acquaintances of whom you would
make friends under the same close scrutiny, for as




many girls have learned bad habits or have strayed
into paths of immorality through females as through

Let me tell you that some girls are low enough
to accept pay for bringing about the moral ruin of
members of their sex; and, imfortunately, their
number is not small, for they are to be f oimd every-
where, in the smallest village as well as in the largest
town. Girls who have become discontented with
their lot are easily influenced by the sweet, honeyed
lies of these vile creatures. Beware of strange
women, as well as of strange men, who seek to
shower favors and other things upon you for no
apparent reason except that they are strangely at-
tracted to you. If you do not, you will live to re-
gret it. Thousands of your sex already have, and
lie in nameless graves away from home, most likely
in a pauper's burying-grotmd, because they had
become so degraded in name and fact as to be lost
to " the old* folks at home."


I. How are hemorrhoids caused and how the formation of

gases ?

II. How does constipation affect the blood corpuscles?

III. How may a habit of correct bowel evacuation be estab-

lished? Explain fully.

IV. Describe the ways in which the bladder may be affected

by undue retention of the urine.
V. Name one great asset toward good health and describe
its importance in the region of the genital organs.




VI. What is leucorrhcea? Mention some of its most dis-
agreeable features.
VII. How can cleanliness be observed during the menstrual

period and what must be avoided?
VIII. What makes corsets harmful? State fully.
IX. Explain some of the many evils of masturbation.
G? X. Explain how it may be avoided as regards the arousing
of sexual desire by acquaintances, reading, etc.

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In this, the fourth talk of our series, we will
take up the subject of venereal diseases, the most
loathsome of all human ills that leave disgrace and
suffering in their wake; diseases that can blight a
person's life from the very minute of coming into the
world until the leaving of it; diseases that may
cause lifelong suffering and insanity; diseases that
in their ravages affect the innocent just as severely
as the guilty. Worst of all is the fact that they could
not only be prevented, but entirely stamped out of
the world. Proper education concerning sex, given
to both sexes, combined with the practical applica-
tion of the knowledge thus obtained, would pro-
mote human health and happiness to an inestimable

Only those who practise medicine can realize the
enormous amount of damage done the human race
by these diseases, and they know that my statements
are not exaggerated. Question them, and perhaps
you will be convinced that not only do I not exag-
gerate, but my statements are most moderate, the
language in which they are couched by far too mild,
to do justice to this shameful, disgraceful, and re-
volting state of affairs.

5 65




Just think of it, 30 out of every 100 blind per-
sons that you see lost their sight at birth from one
of the diseases designated as venereal; whereas
others became Wind later in life from the pus of this
same disease! Others again lost their sight through
another of this class of disease.

The asylums for the insane have inmates, both
old and yoimg, who can be coimted among the vic-
tims of venereal diseases. Probably 75 women out
of every 100 requiring siu-gical operations upon the
sexual organs could trace the origin of their trouble
to venereal disease. The number of men who could
trace the need of operative procedures to such a
source has never been estimated, but the percentage
must be very large. Nature certainly exacts a heavy
toll for violation of the laws of morality, being
somewhat imreasonable, perhaps, in her exactions,
because she makes the innocent suffer with the
guilty, — the children with the parents, the innocent
wife with the guilty husband, or the reverse, as the
case may be.

We call these diseases venereal because of the
parts affected by them, the word " venery " referring
to certain things pertaining to these organs, just as
we designate various diseases of the heart, for in-
stance, as cardiac diseases. The two principal ven-
ereal diseases are gonorrhoea and syphilis. We will




discuss them both, and first the more common of the
two, viz., gonorrhoea.

Gronorrhoea is an acute, infectious disease caused
by a germ known as the gonococcus of Neisser, Dr.
Neisser having been the discoverer of this particular
enemy of the human race. This germ is highly viru-
lent or poisonous, and the inflammatory processes
set up by it are very destructive. For instance,
gonorrhoeal pus in the eyes means total destruction
of the eyesight unless exceedingly prompt treatment
is instituted.

Gonorrhoea is usually transmitted from person to
person in the performance of the normal sexual act,
the infected person being, of course, the source of
infection for the other ; therefore the usual place of
infection in the female is the vagina. This infec-
tion, however, can be conveyed by an unclean toilet
seat which has become contaminated from use by a
person with this loathsome disease, and the toilet seat
need not necessarily be one outside of your own
home. It can be conveyed by soiled dressings from
a case of gonorrhoea, by unclean instruments which
have been used about such a case and then not thor-
oughly cleaned, or by fingers which have been in
contact with gonorrhoeal pus. Masturbation by an-
other person who is so infected, and may, therefore,
have some of the pus on her hands, is a very apt way
of conveying the disease from one to another.




Next to the vagina, the eye is probably the most
common seat of direct infection by this loathsome
disease. Of course, infection of the eye is usually
accidental, and is due to rubbing it with a soiled
finger or handkerchief on which there is some of this
pus. If the eye is affected with gonorrhoeal pus, I
want to say most emphatically that you must get
the most expert medical advice possible, if you want
to save the eyesight of the person whose eye or eyes
are affected. It is a most serious matter, and re-
quires immediate attention. At birth it has deprived
many a child of sight, in whole or in part. Innocent
little children have lost their sight wholly or par-
tially by accidentally becoming infected by it in vari-
ous ways while playing about ; grown folks, likewise,
have paid the penalty so far as eyesight is concerned,
for their own or other's " wild oats." And please
bear in mind what I told you in the banning, that
this is a most unnecessary and easily preventable

Let us see what follows the entrance of the gon-
orrhoea! infection or germs into the vagina, disre-
garding the way it got there. It immediately sets
up an inflammation with the result that it passes
through the lining membrane of the vagina and sets
up a disturbance with a general reaction throughout
the entire body. This reaction may appear as chills.




fever, and languor, and may be severe enough to
keep the affected person in bed for several days.

The germs burrow their way into every gland
that opens into the vagina, and there set up inflam-
matory reactions. There are several pairs of these
glands which may be so affected, and, believe me, I
do not exaggerate when I tell you that gonorrhoeal
invasion of these glands is one of the hardest parts
of a gonorrhoeal infection to cure, if, indeed, it ever
IS positively cured. As a rule, wherever this inflam-
mation is set up there is pus formation, therefore
gonorrhoeal leucorrhoea follows.

In the glands abscesses may form which must
be treated surgically, and even then the entire gon-
orrhoeal infection is not overcome. If some of the
germs effect an entrance into the urinary orifice,
and in nine cases out of ten they do, this also
becomes infected, and the inflammation travels up
into the bladder and, in some cases by this direct
route, may extend even into the kidneys. At any
point in the tu^inary system, abscesses are liable to
form, and stu-gical treatment must be resorted to
for the evacuation of the pus, but it leaves the gon-
orrhoeal infection still present.

Abscesses of the urinary tract, no matter from
what cause, are always extremely painful. When
the urinary system is involved, the pain is very se-
vere even if no abscesses be present, the passing of




the acid urine over the inflamed mucous membrane
ofttimes causing the patient so much suffering that
she faints. Acute suppression of urine may result
from the patient's endeavoring to refrain from pass-
ing it because of the suffering she knows is in store
for her. Of course this only adds to the complica-
tions of the situation.

When the gonococci travel up from the vagina
into the womb, they set up there a severe reaction,
which may so affect the womb as to render it inca-
pable of performing its physiological fimction at
the time of possible pregnancy, with the result that
the woman so affected is imable to bear children, a
most unfortunate state of affairs for any normally
constituted woman. Multiple abscesses may form
in the womb, necessitating surgical treatment, even
to the entire removal of the womb from the body.
Need I state that with no womb the woman so
afflicted can never know the joys of motherhood ?

The infection may continue on its travels, and,
recalling our lesson in anatomy, you know that the
next place for it to go is into the tubes. With pus
formation here, the only thing to do is practically
to remove the tubes, hence the ability of a woman to
bear children; because, with both tubes removed,
the ripe ovum has no way of travelling from the
ovary to the womb; therefore there can be no fer-
tilization. Or, again, there may be no actual pus




formation necessitating the removal of the tubes;
there may be only an intense inflammation in one or
both tubes, with the oozing out of a sticky discharge
which covers the mucous membrane lining the tubes.
This may cause the opposite sides of the tube so
affected to adhere to each other, closing up the open-
ing or lumen, thereby rendering the passage of an
ovum impossible, and producing the same result as if
the tube were missing. With either of these condi-
tions in the tubes, there is much pain and suffering
for the patient.

Should the infection find its way into the ovaries,
it may, in getting there, set up an inflammation of a
most serious kind that you have heard spoken of as
peritonitis, which is an inflammation of the mem-
brane in which practically all of the organs of the
abdomen are enveloped. I leave you to imagine the
possibilities that may result from such a state of

If abscesses follow gonorrhoeal infection of the
ovaries, surgical treatment will be necessary. If
there are no ovaries there can be no ova, and with-
out ova to be fertilized there can be no children.
The removal of the ovaries also disturbs the men-
strual periods — in fact, if the entire two ovaries are
removed, usually causes them to cease altogether;
adds greatly to the mental and physical suffering
and the general misery of the woman; and, because
of the physical pain and mental or nervous symptoms




makes quite an invalid of her for some time, and
perhaps for life.

In some of these cases, permanent insanity is
the outcome of the trouble. In others, the damage
from the infection is so great as to necessitate the
removal of all the reproductive organs of the
woman, meaning, of course, her practical unsex-
ing, — 2l most undesirable state of affairs. Even
though gonorrhoeal infection of the ovaries does
not run so severe a course as I have outlined, it will
do great damage and cause most intense suffering.

Again, supposing that the infection nms a milder
course, and that the woman becomes a chronic suf-
ferer from gonorrhoea ; after marriage she becomes
pregnant, and during the delivery of the child some
of the gonorrhoeal pus in the vagina of the mother
gets into the eyes of the child. It means destruction
of the child's eyesight, another blind baby, unless
preventive measures are immediately instituted.

A careful, up-to-date doctor takes no chances in
any case; but, realizing the shameful prevalence of
gonorrhoeal disease, takes preventive measures with
every child he helps into the world, whether he
thinks the mother is a carrier of gonorrhoea or not.
Whenever he delivers a child he drops into the eyes
a few drops of silver nitrate solution, and thereby
kills any infection which might 'be in the child's
eyes, no matter what the source. As future mothers




/ . /

I advise you to remember this fact, and when the

time comes for you to receive God's blessing in the
shape of a darling little baby, to recall this partic-
ular bit of advice and remind your medical attend-
ant, whether midwife or doctor, that this should be
done, and insist upon its being done immediately.
If you feel that you cannot absolutely trust your
attendant to do it at once, have it done in your

You do not want to have a blind baby — ^to blast
a helpless, innocent little being's life at the very
beginning of its existence. You do not want to read
in a pair of sightless eyes the reproachful and mad-
dening message, " I was blinded through my father's
immorality, and my mother's indifference or care-
lessness." You want a bright, happy, laughing baby,
one that can see and rejoice in God's daylight; not
a baby condemned to eternal night, with its never-
ceasing darkness. These few drops of silver nitrate
solution will spare any baby from this affliction, even
though the mother has been so unfortunate as to
have been contaminated with gonorrhoeal infection,
and may still be a victim of it, in its chronic form.

If the baby happens to be a girl, the gonorrhoeal
infection of the mother is liable to get into the child's
vagina during the time of birth, and cause disease and
pain, besides making the child a source of danger to




every other child about her, to say nothing of the
fact that she may infect her own eyes with the pus.

You see, therefore, that with merely this dis-
ease to consider, a pure life is advisable for both
sexes. When we take up the other of these detest-
able diseases you will, I am sure, agree with me
that morality is positively beneficial to the human
race, and wonder how any one can fail to realize it.

How can you protect yourselves from gonor-
rhoea! infection ? First, by not indulging in illegiti-
mate sexual relations, for a man who might think
twice before taking the chances of infecting his wife
will not worry should he commimicate any disease
to a woman who is willing to have illicit sexual
relations with him. Second, by refraining from
masturbation, and from having the genital parts
handled in any manner, by anybody, not even your-
selves, except for purposes of cleanliness. Third,
by never using towels that have been used by any-
body else; especially dangerous are the large roller-
towels in public places. They really ought to be
forbidden by law, for they are the means of spread-
ing^ many diseases. Fourth, by cleaning a toilet seat
as thoroughly as possible before using it, and, even
after cleaning it, avoid, so far as possible, having the
genital parts touch it. This refers to the toilet seat in
your own house as well as in others, for, unfor-
tunately, any member of your family affected with




this disease may be just as careless of the rights of,
and dangers to, others as outsiders. Some d^y the
toilet seat in the shape of an inverted U will be
adopted everywhere in place of the present oval-
shaped one, and then toilet seats will not be quite
such dangerous disease carriers as they are now.

Fifth, by insisting before marriage that your
prospective husband have himself thoroughly ex-
amined by a good physician to be sure that he is free
from such disease. If a man truly loves a girl he
cannot object to being asked to have such an exami-
nation made, especially if, up to that time, he has
indulged in sexual relations with anybody and every-
body. He certainly should want to take no chances,
and surely would not desire to ruin your health and
happiness when you become his wife, nor to run the
chances of having his offspring blinded at the time
of birth.

Most men, through ignorance of what is good
for them and lack of knowledge of the terrible
chances they are taking, not only with their own
health, but with that of their future wives and chil-
dren, do indulge in the sexual relation before mar-
riage. This is owing to the fact that, at present, we
have that queer double standard of morals which
makes immorality in the woman a mo^t unpardon-
able sin, whereas the same action in the man is a
pleasurable necessity to his health.




Of course this latter statement about the sexual
relation being necessary to the health of a man is
nothing but a lie, a most vicious lie without a grain

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