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of truth in it

There is absolutely no reason or excuse for either
man or woman indulging in illegitimate sexual re-
lations on the groimd of health or otherwise. When
so indulged in, it is either to satisfy animal desire
or for some pay, which may be money or other rec-
ompense. I regret to say that it is usually the
woman who is guilty of the almost imspeakable
shame of offering herself to men for sexual indul-
gence as an ordinary commercial transaction — in
other words, for personal gain. It is hard to imagine
how a woman can sink so low, be so utterly lacking
in self-respect as to make the sacred sexual relation
a thing of barter or every-day business. One can
imagine a foolish girl being carried away by the
glib tongue of a man for whom she has some affec-
tion, and believing the false promises he is making
her to gain his end, but deliberately to make her
sexual organs a means of gaining a livelihood, is to
drop in the social scale about as low as any one can
possibly get. Dr. Lyman Abbott recently expressed
his views in the New York Times as follows :

Some girls are seduced, betrayed, and abandoned; some
are captured by wiles or by force and enslaved; some are
4riven into professional vice by the exceeding difiiculty of




earning a livelihood by honest industry ; some are enticed into
it by their love of pleasure and of display and by the false
notion that it is an easy way of earning money; some drop
into it through ignorance and incompetent or vicious home
training, and a great many through inherent mental defec-

Just a word to the girl who may be easily influ-
enced by the lies of the man who pretends to love her
but whose real object is to ruin her body and soul,
and who, having once degraded her, will attempt to
keep her in degradation for his own benefit How
can I say emphatically enough to this girl that no man
in his senses and having proper respect, not to men-
tion true love, for a girl, would ever make such a
base proposition to her. If he really loved her he
would not want her to sacrifice her good name and
life for him. Even if he meant all the promises he
might make her at this time, he knows that, having
accomplished her ruin, he would not hold her in the
same esteem as before, just because she lowered
herself for him. He is suspicious of her, and thinks
that if she became a " fallen " woman for him, others
would have the same influence over her. Life is
uncertain, and sudden death always a possibility to
the most healthy of us. Even if a man were honest
in his intentions to marry a girl under these circum-
stances, how would the girl fare in case of his sudden
death? Her good name gone, she would find it




difficult to re-establish herself in the eyes of the

Moreover, if a girl who is silly enough to trust
a man to this extent could hear him talking openly
about his relations with her, she would soon realize
how foolish she was to believe him. There is never
any excuse for such relations taking place before
marriage, and never any good reason why a marriage
ceremony should not be performed. Qh L I know
the man in the case will offeiMnany excuses, but if
he loves you well enough to desire to act as a hus-
band toward you, and you love him enough to act
as a wife toward him, no excuse can stand in the
way of a legal marriageTmTact, there is none.
Money affairs or other alleged reasons are noTfeal ^

ones. If the man thinks, or if you think, they are t i yf *
real obstacles to an honorable marriage, then they C r ^
are most excellent reasons for not indulging in ille-y \f^\^ •
gitimate relations. ^^ '

Every girl can do much toward bringing about
the end of immorality : first, by being pure and above
reproach herself, and, second, by insisting that those
of the opposite sex who desire to be received by her
as friends be the same. Give them their choice.
They must either give up their immoral women as-
sociates or hold to them entirely, so far as you are
concerned. Be the champions of your " fallen "
sisters, and refuse to countenance their further deg-





radation by those who would call themselves your
friends. Do not sit by and be a passive accomplice
in the cheapening of womanhood, and the most
ttj^fii all human relations.
'5*Third, you can endeavor to bring back to the
straight and happy path of virtue those girls who,
you know, have strayed Jtrgra^j^. It is never too
late for a girl to return to a ^ood life, and it is your
duty to help her to the utmost of your ability. If
each one of you would " rescue just one brand from
the burning," my little instructive talks to you would
be more than amply paid for. Remember the words
of the old hymn, "While the lamp holds out to
burn, the vilest sinner may return."

If you endeavor to do this good for some poor
unfortunate who has erred, somewhere will be ris-
ing earnest prayers of thankfulness from some sor-
rowing family, and the Recording Angel above will
certainly enter your deed in His book. Personally,
I know that I would do everything in my power to
help a repentant girl back to a pure life, and I sin-
cerely hope that each and every one of you would
do the same. It will be to the advantage of every
one of you to further the cause of social purity in
every way that you can. At present the wedding
night means, for too many women, loss of health
and happiness, and probably serious surgical opera-
tions in the future, — ^a very sad harvest to reap




from what should be the happiest time in their lives.

The matter of gonorrhoeal infection cannot be
passed over lightly. The fact that many a husband
who wrongs his wife by transmitting to her a gon-
orrhoeal infection does so innocently does not make
her physical suffering any less. The fact that he
may think himself cured of the disease acquired be-
fore marriage does not alter the case. I am, and
always have been, in favor of a law requiring every
applicant for a marriage license, both man and
woman, to present from a reputable physician a
medical certificate of at least good sexual health.
Some states already have such laws, and strictly
enforce them. Every girl can and should be
such a law unto herself. You are no coward, nor
any the less a devoted lover, because you seek to
conserve and protect your own health and happi-
ness, and that of your future children. Rather you
are a sensible girl, seeking to be a good wife and
mother, and having the best interests of your pro-
posed husband at heart. He will not want an in-
valid for a wife, even though she be one of his own
making, so better a thorough understanding before
the wedding ceremony than a life of unhappiness for
both afterwards, besides pain and suffering for the

Remember, too, that the immoral girl suffers all
these unpleasant and painful things as well as the




wife ; only the former is less liable to escape them,
for no man stops to consider his condition when he
is going to consort with an impure woman. Again,
lack of care of herself, which a life of immorality
precludes, also makes suffering more certain for the
girls whose morals are loose; for without care things
go from bad to worse and finally reach the point of
maximum intensity in physical suffering, to which
are added the pangs of mental anguish, caused by
ever-present remorse. You know there are times
when one can stifle the " pricks " of conscience, but
when in pain mental resistance is usually weak.

If you work for social purity in both word and
deed, you are going to add to everybody's happiness,
including your own. God did not make the act of
creating our race one to be debased by lowering it
to a popular form of dissipation or of barter.
Neither did He intend those of you to whom He
gave the right of motherhood to sell to men the priv-
ilege of making this act a mere animal pastime. As
future mothers of sons and daughters, you should
be deeply interested in social purity, for none of
you wishes to think of a future son as being a de-
spoiler of your sex when he comes to manhood, or
of a future daughter as being willing to offer her-
self for money for the sexual gratification of men.
Neither do you want to be an unnecessary martyr




to our present false and debasing social code, when
a little common-sense on your part will serve to pro-
tect your health and that of any future offspring.

Just think it over carefully, and you will certainly
be a most earnest worker in the cause of social
purity. Remember there can be no sexual vice with-
out both sexes participating. It is no use to accuse
one or the other of being to blame; it takes two to
make a bargain. Work in order that, so far as you
can prevent it, no member of your sex that you can
advise or control will be a disgrace to womanhood.
Constitute yourself your sister's keeper, and let the
account of your stewardship be a creditable one.
I need hardly say that the influence of a good ex-
ample greatly assists your verbal efforts.

Before closing this talk I want to add to the list
of possible gonorrhceal carriers, contaminated bed-
ding, bathing suits, swimming pools, and bath-tubs.
Never sleep in a bed used by others unless the bed-
ding has been changed. Never use a bathing suit
used by another, unless you know it to have been
washed and boiled. In most indoor swimming pools
the water is not changed frequently enough, and in
many of them nude bathing is allowed, hence the
water is readily contaminated by pus discharges.
All bath-tubs should be thoroughly scrubbed before





I. What are the effects of venereal diseases, and how may

they be averted?
II. What is gonorrhcEa and what does it produce ?

III. How is it usually transmitted? Name other means.

IV. What is the usual place of infection in the female, and

where else may it be found?
V. Explain how it affects the vagina.

VI. How does it affect the urinary system ? Explain why.

VII. What is meant by "unsexing" the patient, and state

fully why this might be necessary.
VIII. What measures should always be taken to safeguard the
eyesight of a new-born babe?
IX. Name at least five ways in which you may protect your-
self against this infection.
X. In what way can you help to advance the cause of
social purity?


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Just a few words of recapitulation regarding
gonorrhoea! infection before I pass to the second
of these venereal diseases, viz., syphilis.

I told you that gonorrhoeal infection sometimes
sets up a general reaction, but I neglected to state
that when the germs get into the blood and are cir-
culating throughout the body masses of them some-
times collect in one or more of the joints of the
body, and there set up an inflammation somewhat
like a rheumatic condition, but much more danger-
ous and painful. We call this inflammation gon-
orrhoeal arthritis.

Besides being a disease which causes most ex-
cruciating pain for a long period, a pain which makes
that of ordinary rheumatism seem a mere trifle, this
inflammation produced in the joints is a most de-
structive one, which produces in the construction of
the joint tissues that which may destroy them for-
eVer. Do you understand fully what I mean ? When
this disease — gonorrhoeal arthritis — ^affects a joint,
the patient is liable to be crippled, so far as that joint
is concerned. The disease may attack several joints,
and finally destroy them. When it does not entirely
destroy the joint, it may leave it partially disabled ;




in either event it is rather a serious matter, and is
certainly a strong additional argument for social
purity in both sexes.

As the germs of gonorrhoea may effect entrance
into your system whether through immorality on
your part or the part of another, I again repeat
what I have said so many times, avoid sexual famil-
iarity of any kind. Insist upon your prospective
husband undergoing a thorough physical examina-
tion to ascertain whether he is sexually healthy be-
fore he becomes your husband, and entitled to sexual
relations with you. I cannot too strongly empha-
size this point, and you cannot be too particular in
carrying out this advice. You owe it to yourselves
and to posterity.

We shall now pass to the discussion of a disease
that is, perhaps, the most loathsome of all the dis-
eases that human flesh is heir to, and to be afflicted
with which, if it becomes known to those with whom
one comes in contact, makes the person so diseased
a most unwelcome guest anywhere. It is a disease
that causes both mental and physical suffering, and
is not infrequently a cause of suicide. It has three
stages, each very troublesome and painful. Its com-
plications and sequelae, or results, are to be dreaded.
Its victims help materially to fill the asylums for the
insane and feeble-minded. Its poisons are strong
enough to kill the unborn child when a miscarriage




has not already destroyed the growing human seed-
ling; they are even strong enough to prevent preg-
nancy by destroying the viability of either the male
or the female contribution to reproduction, or both.
Even when the child is so unfortunate as to be born
alive, it is bom with the disease, and merely comes
into an inheritance of pain, suffering, and disgrace ;
possibly also feeble-mindedness, or worse. It goes
through life with the taint of syphilis attached to it,
and is always in dread of the disease breaking out in
him or her, although medical treatment for it may
have been taken.

Even with the most thorough treatment, it is a
difficult disease to eradicate permanently, and it cer-
tainly well illustrates the biblical quotation, " And the
sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children,
even unto the third and fourth generation." Like
gonorrhoea, it may attack the innocent as well as the
guilty, as many learn to their cost. Doctors and
nurses have been known, all too frequently, to con-
tract it in caring for their patients, and these martyrs
to their profession are punished in the same severe
way by this " black plague " as those who contract
it in the pursuit of illicit sexual relations or other-

Moreover, it is a disease for which* there is no
excuse at all Morality would stamp it out for all
time, and without syphilis in the world many other




diseases would find less favorable conditions for at-
tacks on the human race. A strong, healthy human
body has the power to resist the germs of many of
our diseases, but none seem to have enough resist-
ance to come into contact with the poisonous germs
of either syphilis or gonorrhoea and not be infected.

Is this not significant ? Does it not seem to point
a moral ? It certainly should be a strong argument
in favor of morality, even to an unreligious mind.
To the religious mind no further words from me
are necessary. If gonorrhoea is an evil thing, on
hearing what is to follow you will agree with me
that syphilis is worse, and that neither is desirable
to harbor in your system. If, as has been said time
and again by philosophers, there is no happiness
without good health, once attacked by these diseases
your chances of happiness are small.

What is syphilis ? It is an acute infectious dis-
ease, transmitted usually by personal contact in the
course of the sexual relation, although it can be
transmitted in many other ways, especially by kiss-
ing. Barring the sexual way, perhaps this is the way
in which it is most often given. It has recently been
discovered that it is a germ disease — I use the word
" germ " in a broad, general sense. The scientific
name for this germ is " Spirochaeta pallida Schau-
dinn." A hard name to remember, think you, but
if you are ever so unfortunate as to harbor any of




this tribe in your body, the results will never be for-
gotten by you or yours unto your dying day, for
the disease, in its most virulent form, and with
its ever-changing but continuous complications, is
enough to make you regret that you were ever born.

The virus, or poison, of syphilis may be got from
any glass, cup, or other drinking vessel which has
been used by a syphilitic person and not properly
disinfected. Therefore, you see that more than the
danger of tuberculosis lurks in the common drinking
cup, whether it be at a water faucet, soda fountain,
saloon, or elsewhere. The syphilitic virus may be
conveyed by any other article handled by a person
afflicted with the disease provided that any of the
syphilitic discharges have gotten on these articles.
You can, therefore, see that a syphilitic woman is
something of a menace to those about her, and when
the true state of affairs becomes known the diseased
person finds to her discomfort and embarrassment
that everybody is inclined to keep at a safe distance
from her. Wherever she goes the attitude, " I pre-
fer your room to your company," is noticeable, and
the feeling that she is " of the accursed," and there-
fore to be shunned, is humiliating, and to some
almost maddening.

The worst thing about these diseased people is
the fact that many of them are absolutely indifferent
as to the rights of others. Realizing that people hold




aloof from them, they seem to harbor a revengeful
spirit, and do not seem to care whether or not they
infect others — ^not a commendable spirit, and one
fraught with real danger, so far as the general public
is concerned. To prove to you that I do not say these
things and utter so many warnings unnecessarily, I
might mention an incident brought to my attention
a little while ago.

A certain person was warned that he had syphi-
litic ulcers in the mouth. His physician, being most
conscientious, took the time and trouble to explain to
this man that he was a menace to others. The man
professed to be shocked and much impressed by
what was told him, and promised very faithfully to
protect others from any possible contagion. Did
he do it ? Judge for yourselves when I tell you that,
less than two hours later, he was drinking at a public
fountain from a glass that was to be used by others.

Perhaps the time is not far distant when health
boards will deal with these venereal diseases as they
deserve to be dealt with ; but, until that time comes,
we must do what we can to protect ourselves.

Syphilis usually takes from about two to three
weeks to develop, when a single sore makes its ap-
pearance at the place where the syphilitic poison
entered the body. It is a peculiar feature of this
disease that one can always tell where the infection
entered the body by the location of this first sore.




It is also a reliable indication as to the manner in
which the disease was contracted. Do you realize
that, when infected by a disease which, although fully
present, may not manifest itself for some fourteen
to twenty-one days and perhaps even longer, an im-
moral individual, travelling from person to person,
can, even unintentionally, spread this disease before
he or she realizes its presence in the system?

After the appearance of this sore, there are no
further developments until forty to fifty days later,
when constitutional symptoms appear. Again you
see how easily the disease may be spread if, by
chance, the patient disregards the appearance of the
sore, or if, on going to the doctor, the sore is not
properly diagnosticated. You will understand the
preceding statement when I tell you that there is
a venereal lesion caused by an entirely different
germ and that is comparatively harmless, which
somewhat resembles the initial lesion or sore of
syphilis, and also that this initial sore may be any
one of SIX different varieties.

The rash of the disease usually first appears at
fVjp navpl (i;\]f- litt le htitton-like depression at abo ut
th ejniddle of the surface of the abdomen ) on about
the sixtieth or seventieth day and spreads rapidly
over the body, the back of the legs, and the
front of the arms — in other words, the flexor surfaces
of the extremities. It also attacks the face and scalp.




On fading, the eruption usually leaves brownish, red,
or copper-colored spots. There are several different
types of syphilitic rashes which may appear in this
disease, so here again it is easy in the early stages to
make a mistake in diagnosis, and thereby allow the
disease to be spread. Dangerous mistakes, think
you, and I fully agree with you.

In the course of this disease practically no part
of the body is exempt from its ravages. It attacks
or affects the hair of the head as the uppermost,
and the soles of the feet as the lowermost point, and
all of the body between these points. It attacks not
only the hair of the scalp, but the hair in all parts of
the body. Through ulceration of the lids it may
even attack the eyelashes. The hair may fall out
in spots or entirely, or there may be a general thin-
ning of it. The nails of both fingers and toes may
be attacked, the former more often than the latter,
and the resulting disfigured nails are a " speaking "
advertisement to those about you of what disease
you carry. When the disease attacks the nails the
skin surrounding them may also become affected.

As I told you in a previous talk, the lining skin
or membrane of any of the internal cavities of the
body, such as the mouth, vagina, stomach, etc., is
known as a mucous membrane. These membranes
are very apt to be attacked by the disease with re-
sulting ulceration which may go on to actual abscess




formation. The discharge from such ulcers or ab-
scesses is very infectious and, therefore, most dan-
gerous. Think of the extent of these mucous mem-
branes, and you can easily realize what damage can
be caused by such ulcerations on these surfaces alone.

The syphilitic lesions of the tongue have a
marked tendency to degenerate into cancerous
growths. Often necrosis of the bony, or hard
palate and upper jawbones takes place in the course
of the disease. As the bone rots away, the teeth
become loosened and fall out, and syphilitic ulcers or
abscesses appear on the soft palate. The pharynx,
oesophagus, stomach, intestines, and rectum may be
the seat of ulceration, and these ulcerations may
become aggravated and rupture, in the case of the
oesophagus, probably causing instant death by per-
mitting food to enter and become lodged in the wind-
pipe or lungs ; in the case of the stomach or intestines
causing a peritonitis with perhaps fatal results, and
likewise in the case of the rectum.

On the other hand, if these conditions do not
grow worse but yield to treatment, in the healing they
are liable to " draw in," as one might say, and cause
a contracture or stricture somewhere in the gastro-
intestinal tract. The most frequent site for such a
thing to happen, however, is in the rectum. I need
hardly take time to explain to you how unpleasant
and serious such an occurrence is — a serious impedi-




ment to the proper action of the bowel, and one not
without danger to life, to say nothing of good health.

The liver, sometimes called the chemical labora-
tory and fuel storehouse of the body, therefore a
most important organ which should be in the best of
condition if we are to enjoy good health, is seem-
ingly most susceptible to the poison of this vile
disease, and is more frequently affected by syphilis
than any of the abdominal organs. The outcome
here may be most serious for the patient, as result-
ant abscesses destroy much of the liver tissue and
thereby lessen its efficiency.

I wish time permitted me to detail how the liver
is concerned in the various functions of the body,
so as to make you realize from facts, and not merely
from my statements, how serious a matter destruc-
tion of the liver tissue is.

But why go on in this strain ? You are not going
to be doctors, so more detail might be an over-suffi-
ciency. Suffice it to say, as I have already told you,

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