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Pitt^burg^h & Alleglieny,

Aud also, of theBotoughs of



Police, City, Borough, State and United States Officers— The Courts and
Public Offices, — the Manufacturers — the Mechanics — Hotels, — Boarding
Houses — Semiuaries — Colleges — Academies — School?, «Slc. &c. Tb«
Churches and Ministers of the various denominations — the Sab-
bath Schools and various Religious, Benevolent and Litera-
ry Societies — our Banks, Insurance Offices — Commer-
cial and Steam Boai; Business of Elizabethtown,
Freedom &. Pittsburgh, the important Coal
Trade of M'Keesport, Pittsburgh, &c.
and the Cards & correct address-
es of our principal

Merchants, Maiwifacturers, Mechanics, Altornies at Law, Pro-
fessional Gentlemen and Business Community, with an

2!VI>£X AT TH£ £NI> OF TII£ TOL.U2a£.



1S44, /




Ally. Allegheny — ab. above — agt. agent — ay. alley — be, be-
low — bn. between — b. h. boarding house — c. corner — can. ca-
nal — com. and for. mt. Commission and Forwarding Merchant
— d. h. dwelling house — dist. district — E. east — ed. editor —
gro, grocer — mfr. manufacturer — mr. maker — mona. Monon-
gahela — N. North — n. near— off. office-op. opposite-prod, pro-
duce — re. retail — s. side — st. street — S. south — sto. store — tp.
township — trans, transportation — up. upper — whe. waiehouse
who. wholesale — W. west — wd. ward. —


After a good deal of toil and labor \ve now present the
Public with a Business Directory of our two cities — Pitts-
burgh and Allegheny, and all the boroughs and towns imme-
diately around them"; also, McKeesport and Elizabethtown,
two towns lying a short distance up the Monongahela river,
which, by theiT industry and enterprise, are becorning very
important aids to our general business and prosperity. Our
arrangement of the work we hope will prove satisfactory and
aflford at once a clear and biief view of each branch of trade
and business, and all the various classes of society under
their proper head.

Pittsburgh, it will be seen, has grown from a small frontier
military post to a very important city of the second class in
the United States. Since our early removal to it in 1801-2,
when it was familiarly known in the East, and called " the
Backwoods, or Fort Pitt." It has gradually improved and ad-
vanced from being a frontier town, fortified and garrisoned by
the French, British and American governments to protect the
people from the savage butcheries of the Indians, to a great
and central, manufacturing and commercial city, having busi-
ness almost literally with all the world ; and we, in the course
of the work (which we have considerably enlarged over our
original calculation) will strive to give a clear, practical view
of our various branches of trade and commerce and the vast
amount of our manufactures and business generally. As a
historian of Pittsburgh and neighborhood, we give a view of
the very large steam boat business of Elizabethtown, for in
that town and Freedom a very large number of all the steam
boats that have been run on the western rivers were built;
they are thence broughtto our city, and our steam engine manu-
facturers and other mechanics finish them complete, and pre-
pare them for their final destination and business on the Ohio,
Mississippi, and Missouri rivers and their numerous tributa-
ries. The lumber trade of the Allegheny river is also a very
important branch of our business, and extending far up into
the great flourishing stale of New York, and vs^iih the iron
trade and general business up the Allegheny to Franklin, and
up French creek to Meadviile, &c. make the trade of the
Allegheny very important to our city.


Tiie coal trade of Pittsburgh has become very important,
and is rapidly improving, and now our neighboring town of
McKeesport has become, as will be seen on reference a
very successful contributor to this' important trade. The land
and hills around our city and along the Monongahela, abound
with the very best and richest veins of coal, and we are now
able to supply our cities and neighborhood, and our numerous
manufactories and steamboats, and to furnish most of the
towns and cities from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati, Louisville and
New Orleans, with whom and also vt^ith St» Louis, and Nash-
ville, and all the intermediate towns, we are in daily and con-
stant intercourse by the wonderful facilities afforded by oar
rivers and steam boats; and taking into view the additional
facilities afforded by our canal and railroad, and being placed
at the head of the "La Belle Riviere,'' — the beautiful Ohio,
and at the western end of the Pennsylvania canal and rail-
road, by which we are in daily intercourse with our great
eastern cities, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Bahi-
raore, through which channels we send large quantities of
tobacco, h^rnp, cotton, wool, feathers, bacon, pork, furs and
skins, and the rich and wonderful ppodactioas of the west and
western states, towns and cities, which arriving at our wharf,
then pass through our city on drays to the canal boats; thence,
by the canal and railroad, they are speedily transported over
the mountains to the eastern cilies, where they meet a ready
market, and are often shipped to European cities^ to Russia
and China, and distant parts of the globe; and the canal boats
return generally fully laden with the tea and silk of China;
the rich raanufaciures of Russia, France, England and Ire-
land or Scotland or the Isles of the Sea; and the domestic
manufactures of New England and the eastern cities, to Pitts-
burgh, whence they are again taken from the canal boats on
drays to our warehouses or steam boats, and sent at very low
freights and charges, and with lit.le or no dekys, to all the
western towns and cities, and into all the regions of the west
and south.

The important Monongahela improvements open an ac-
tive steam boat navigation to the important National Turn-
pike Road at Brownsville, where a gpeat many west&rn pro-
ductions and Pittsburgh manrfactures a?e taken frora our city
and reloaded to Uniontovvn, Cumberland, Washington city,
Baltimore, &c. and return laden with groceries and foreign
and domestic goods.

Also, by this river, a good deal of window glass and glass-
ware, iron and nails, flour, and all kinds of country produce
is brought down, and goods and Pittsburgh manufactures sent
baok in boats to McKeesport, EJizabethtown, Monongahela


city, Brownsville, New Geneva, Morgantown and Clarka-
burgh, &c. The city of Pittsburgh contributes not only to
the commercial and manufacturing greatness of our country,
but now promises to bring her productive and unwearying in-
dustry to the glory and defence of our Republic — for the iron
steam ships that have been, and are now building here for the
navy by our enterprising citizens, may hover like guardian
angels around our shores in times of danger, or under the reign
of peace protect our commerce in the more distant seas; or in
time of war, carry the gbry of our country in thunder round
the world.

Having considerably enlarged our work oVer our original
plan, we give in their proper place all our United States and
State Head of Departments; our several courts, judges; attor-
nies at law, and public officers; the police of our cities, alder-
men, and all the magistrates of our county and several town-
ships ; our Moral and Literary Societies; our Theological
Seminaries, Colleges and Public Schools.

It is with extreme pleasure that we survey the religious and
moral condition of our cities and neighborhood, for there are
few cities in the world that possess the same opportunities of
obtaining a good moral and religious education. \^ e furnish
lists and chapters with the names of all our churches, deno-
minations, clergymen, and Sabbath schools, Bible and Mis-
sionary, the Ladies' and Gentlemen's, and Benevolent Socie-
ties, &c. Finally, this is our fourth volume or Directory of
our two cities and neighborhood, and gentlemen who are in
possession of, or can refer to our last or two first volumes with
the present, can acquire a vast deal of useful information,
their rise and progress, and also of many towns and cities in
the west, connected with us by the ties of trade and business,
and we close with our best wishes and respects to our friends
and patrons, and the public generally. We hope this work
will prove very useful to many who wish to send useful in-
formation about our city and our business generally, to all
parts of the United States, and to their friends in Europe, for
we rejoice to live in a city and neighborhood vt^here, within a
circle of about fifteen miles we have, as will be seen in this
work, upwards of 100 churches, 100 Sabbath schools, 125
clergymen; and 100 attornies at law, with a large, moral, in-
dustrious, and very useful class of cit zens.



We present to the citizens of Pittsburgh, Allegheny, and
the towns around, and public generally, a brief Business
Directory of the various merchants, manufecturers, me-
chanics, branches of trade and business in the two cities; we
also give our banks and insurance offices, United States,
State and city officers, our courts, judges, attornies at la^
and magistrates; our several literary, moral, religious, and
benevolent societies; colleges, schools, churches, ministers.
Sabbath schools, &c. &c. &c.

Then succeeds the city of Allegheny and neighborhood, in
wTiich we have strove to be more particular than in our last;
we then give Manchester, Stewartstown, Sharpsburgh, Law-
renceville and the United States Arsenal, East Liberty,
Wilkinsbuigh,. Oakland, Minersville, Temperanceville, Bir-
mingham and the west side of the Monongahela river, Her-
riotsville, Noblestown, McKeesport, and Elizabethtown, and
a brief notice of Freedom, Economy, Beavei, Fallston, New
Brighton, &c.

We then give the cards and advertisements of our business
community, and close the volume by a chapter of omissions
and corrections, and a general index of this work, to which,
W^ Kcter the reader.


Commission Sl Forwarding Merchants.

Allen, M. &. Son, Water,, bet weenof Wood and Market
Atwood, Jones & Co., 39 Water
Beelen, Anthony, 39 Front
Bell, John, I Smithfie d

Bingham, William, cor., of Liberty & WayniS
Birmingham &Tayler, 54 Water
Builer, J. W. 88 Front
Campbell, W. H. & Co. 51 Front
Clarke & Thaw, Liberty, Canal basin
Cochran, George, 26 Wood
Cuthbert, S. 35 Wood.
Bevine, H. & Co. Liberty, C'anal basin
Forsyth, Jacob & Co. 32 Water
Gordon,. J. G. & A, 12 Water
Graff, H. & P. cor Washington & Can^l basin
Harris, Isaac, 9 Fifth near Market
Holmes & King, Wood near Water
Hutchinson, Lewis & Co, 22 Water
Jordan, Joseph, corner Liberty and Wayne-
Keller S. & Co, 55 Front
Kelley, W. & J. F, 53 Front
Kier, Samuel M. Canal basin, n Seventh
May, James, 28 Water
McAnulty, C. A, Canal Basin and Liberty
MeFaden, John, Canal basin. Liberty
Page, John H, c Wood and Front
Feterson, Peter c Front and Smithfield.
Poindexter k Co, 94 Water
Taafe, Luke, corner Penn and Wavfte
Wallingford and Taylor, Canal basin. Liberty

SJSi^r^Our Commission Houses deal also in Groceries &nd
Fitisbitr^h Manufactures..


Wholesale Grocers and Produce

Bagaley & Smith, 133 and 135 Wood

Benny, James, 186 Liberty

Burbridge, J. W. & Co. 58 Water

Church & Carothers, Water, corner Wood and Smithfield

Cooper & Young, 164 Liberty

Coulter, H. & Co, 164 Liberty

Cunningham, Robert A, 150 Liberty

Dalzell & Fleming, 24 Water

Dalzell, Robert & Co, Liberty

Dickey, Isaiah & Co, 44 Wood

Ewalt, Morri?on & Co, 204 Liberty

Fitzsimmons, David, 135 Wood

Floyd, J. &R, 81 Liberty

Galway, Robert, 4 Liberty Com. Row

George, S. & Co. 226 Liberty

Grier, John, 222 Liberty

Grier, David A. Liberty op. Hand

Hailman, Jennings &; Co. 43 Wood

Hanna, Joshua, 3 1 Water and 62 Front

Holmes, Wra. &, Co. c Front &, Market

Howard, Wm. J. & Co. 12 Wood

Hunter, Alexander, 144, Liberty

Irvine & Martin, corner Liberty and Irwin ^

King, Robert H, 253 Liberty

Leech, Malcolm & Co, 91, 93 and 94 Liberty

Lehmer, Wm. 237 Liberty

Loyd, D. and G. W, 152 Liberty

Marlatt, Joseph, 54 Penn

Marshall, Jarpes, 83 Liberty and 85 Wood

McGill & Bushfield, 194 Liberty

McCutcheon, W. and R, 162 Liberty

McCuUy, James, 148 and 150 Wood

Miller, Wm. 170 corner Liberty and Irwin

Morgan, D. T, 105 Wood

Myers, T. <fc Co, 188 Liberty

Painter, Jacob & Co, 196 Liberty

Park, James. Jr. tS& Co, 112 and 114 Second

Pusey, Wm. B. 145 Liberty

Reed, WJ , 118 Wood

Rhey,M. B. «fe Co, 39 Water

Robertson andReppert, 109 Second

Robinson, R. & Co. 180 Liberty

Reynolds and Wilmarth, c Penn and Irwin

Schweppe, Henry F. 182 Liberty

Scott, John & Co, 7 Liberty

Stockton, D. C. & Co, 114 Wood

Von Bonhorst, S. F. & Co, 36 Front

«uaii.-iiLS,s DIRECTORY.

Watt & King, Liberty, op. Hand
Weaver, Benjamin, 2 Liberty
Wick, L. and J. D, c Wood and Water
Williams and Dilworth, 29' Wood
Wilson, Wm. Jr, 52 SVood

Wholesale and Retail Grocers and
Produce Dealers.

Adams, Gabriel, corner Wood and Sixth

Anderson, R. S, corner Liberty and Ferry

Bell, J. B. c Liberty and Ferry

Bell, A. C, St. Clair

Berry, George A, 31 Wood

Black and xVjcKee, 3 Wood

Blackburn, Oliver, corner of Water and Smithfield

Bonnet, A. J, 162 Libertv

Dalzell, Mathew. East side Diamo-nd

Davis, Joseph G, 37 Water

Dravo, Anthony, East side Diamond

English, Gallagher, & Co, 32 Wood

Forsyth, John & Co, Canal basin Liberty

Gallagher, Wm. & Co, 79, Liberty

Graham, James, 116 Liberty

Greer, Wesley, 47 Liberty

Hazelton, Edward, East side Diamond

Hays, W. B, 220 Liberty
Jones & Gould, 91 Wood

Knox and Duncan, 228 Liberty

Laubie, James, 7 Gray's row, St. Clair

Lee, Hugh, 100 Liberty

Martin, P. C, 60 Water

McClintock, A. Jr. 103 corner of Liberty and Ma^^ket

McClurkan, Samuel 149 Liberty

Millar and Bruce, 15,6 Liberty

Millerand Dravo, 1 and 2Diamond

Odiorne, T. G, 5a Market

Parker Jo/m, 5 Liberty

Patton, M, D. and J. 154 Liberty

Pettit, Wm, 158 Liberty

Reinhart and Strong, 140 Liberty

Rankin and Coltart, corner of Smithfield and Second

Sampson, B. A. and Co, 6 Commercial row. Liberty

Sellers, Francis, 28 Liberty

Scaife, Thomas W, 6 Wood

Townley, J, Wood and Liberty

Ward, Moses, 156 Wood

Weaver, H A and J, Wayne,, opposite Canal basin

Williams, J. D, 28 Fifth

Wightman, H. and Son, Penn near Canal bridge


Retail Grocers and Produce Dealers.

Adams, Mathew, Wylie street, Grant's Hill

Allingham, Robert, Penn street, 5th ward

Armstrong, John, 125 Smithfield

Armstrong, Wm. Smithfield near Third

Ballantine, Robert, corner Washington and Coal lane

Baird, Samuel, corner Strawberry alley and Smithfield

Barton, Thomas, Penn above Factory

Baxter, J. W, corner Front and Smithfield

Banders, F. Smithfield, near Third

Becker, J, corner Grant and Second

Black, James, 4 Woed

Brown, Jacob, Market alley

Buerkle, Bernhardt, Penn above Factory

Carothers, Wm, 60 Diimond alley

Carson, James, North-east corner Diamond

Clendinning, William, corner Liberty and Wood

Clouse, Isaac H. corner Penn and Point alley

Cockshoot, Luke, 57 Diamond alley

Crawford, James, west side Diamond

Cross, Andrew, Union street

Cummins, Sara. Scott's fields

Curran, Robt, Fifth and Wood

Delhi, J. corne': Smithfield and Strawberry alley

Dickson, T. and" J. corner of Washington and Coal lane

Dobbs, Geo. Penn above O'Hara

Darrington, Joseph, corner Liberty and Front

DufF, John, Fifth ward, near Market house

Duncan, J, corner Grant and Front

Fleming, Robert, Penn street, O'Harasville

Fleming. H. Seventh above (/anal

Fleming, Joseph, corner Ferry and Second

Forsyth, John, Smithfield near Second

Freeman, T . D corner Penn and Walnut

Frew, Samuel, corner Liberty and Wood

Gallagher, J. H, Smithfield near Second

Garvy, Hugh, corner Liberty and Cecil's alley

Glass, Alexander, Penn above O'Hara

Gibson, Wm. Fifth near Smithfield

Gormly, A. 210 Liberty

Graham, Daniel, corner Fifth and Liberty

Gray, Wm. 53 Fifth

Gearing, Elizabeth, St. Clair below Penn

Grierson, Frederick, 40 St. Clair

Hannen, John, corner Penn and Point alley

Hare, Wm. Diamond alley near Diamond

Haughey. Daniel, corner Water and Liberty

Hay, Archibald, Diamond alley above Wood

Henry, Samuel, Coal lane

Herbert, John, west side Diamond


Herman, Joseph, corner Washington and Prospect
Herman, John J. 233 Liberty
Hern, Nicholas, Liberty near Plum alley
Heron, James, Penn near O'Hara
Herrington, F. P. Coal lane
Hoeveler, near Toll gate. Fourth street read
Holgrave, Geo. Penn above Market house, Fifth ward
Hughes, Richard, O'Harasville

Hyde, Edmund, 5th and Penn opposite Market house
Jackson, William, 10 Penn street
Jameson, D. corner Six and Smithfield
Johnson, S. 120 Smithfield
Kane, Mrs. Harriet, Seventh above Canal
Keil, J. 44 Diamond alley
Kennedy, McClure, Smithfield near Sixth
Kerney, John, Penn 5th ward
Kirkwood, Andrew, Smithfield near Second
Lafferty, Wm. 58 Diamond alley
Laubauch, A. 6 Grant
Lawton, John, 6 Market"'
Lindsay, Wm. Smithfield bn. 5th and 6th
Lindsay, Samuel, 104 Liberty
Linn, Hugh, Penn above Canal bridge
Lyttle, Martin, Smithfield n Sixth
Livesey, James, Second ab. Grant
Mackarell, James, Seventh
Martin, G. A, 9 Gray's row, St. Clair
Massey, G. R, 3 Market
Meehan, J. A, c Grant and Third
Miller, D. W, 7 Market
Millert, Robert, Coal lane
Mitchell, J. B, c Penn and Walnut
'McCardell, John, c Ferry and Second
McLean, Jas, Penn, 5th ward
McCreary, James, Coal lane
McCoUom, A, Penn 5th ward
McDade, James, Penn ab. Factory
McGregor, Wm. W, Penn n Pine
McMillan, Daniel, 20 Liberty
McShane, James, Irwin near Penn
Montooth, J. corner of Seventh and Smithfield
Noble, George, 26, Fifth
Noble, Henry, 10 Liberty

O'Hara, Michael, corner Smithfield and Strawberry alley
Patterson, James, Penn near Factory
Purdon, Thomas, Smithfield near Seventh
Ramalley, Jonathan, Penn 5th ward
Redpath, R. 51 Diamond alley
Redpath, T. 46 Diamond alley
Risher, J. C. Smithfield, Monongahela House \
Robb, Joseph, east side Diamond
Hobinson, Joseph, cornej: Third and Cherry alley


Rowley Thomas, A. Coal lane

Sertz, Frederick, corner Smithfield and Sixth

Seip, Philip, Penn above Factory

Singleton, Edward, corner Fifth and Smithfield

vSlade, C. 4 Fourth

StafFort, Henry, 22 Liberty

Stephenson, Geo. corner Ferry and Fourth

Stewart, James, Second above Smithfield

Sutton, John, Coal lane

Townsend, Wm. 63 Diamond alley

Upstill, E. Jr. 54 Smithfield

Watt, Joseph, Hand near bridge

Watt, John, Fifth above Wood

Watson, Robert, corner Penn and O'Hara

Weeks, Joseph, corner Penn and Ally street

Whitten, John F. 11 Fifth street

White, John, Penn above O'Hara

Wilkinson, James, Smithfield near Front

Williams, (J. S. Smithfield near Front

Williams, Robert, Minersville Pike

Wilson, Wm. Ross street

Woods, Wm. 13. 54 Smithfield

Young, Francis, Penn 5th ward

Wholesale Grocers and Liquor

Bell, Robert, 184 Liberty

BoUman, C. M. 3 Com. row Liberty

Brier, J. 114 Liberty

Brier, James, 53 Diamond alley ,

Krebs, Michael, Liberty near Factory, 5th ward

Knox, Henry, Liberty opposite Wayne

Mitcheltree, W. and M. 160 Lihertj

Moore, Robert, 11 Liberty

McPevilt,.J. and J, M. 224 t^iberty

Oil Mills and Oil Stores.

Edey, M. C. Pittsburgh Lard Oil Manufactory, Market be-
tween Second and Third

Gwynne, J. S. Lard Oil, Second above Smithfield

Hays & Painter, Oil mill. Liberty near O'Hara, 5th ward

Miller, Wm. corner Liberty and Irwin

Robertson and Reppeit, Pittsburgh Oil mill, cornei Third and
Chsrry allej


Druggists and Chemists.

Avery, Ogden, & Co. corner of Wood and Second

Blakely, James, Penn between Walnut and Factory

Braun & Reiier, 128 Liberty

Fahnestock, B. A. & Co. corner Wood and Sixth

Fenderich, E. corner Water and Smiihfield

Fess & Cassell, corner Penn and Walnut

Gibb, John, Penn above O'Hara

Hibbert, Thomas K. corner Liberty and SmithfieW

Henderson, William, 205 McMaster's row Liberty

Johnson, William, Seventh^above canal

Jones. Solomon, 180 Liberty

Kerr & Mohler, 144 Wood

Kidd, Jonathan, 60 corner Wood and Fourth

McCullough, H. H, 62 c W^ood and Fourth

Nevin, T. H. & Co. 126 Liberty

Schoonmaker, J. & Co. 21 Wood

Scott, A. & J. P. 121 Wood

Sellers, R. E. 21 Wood

Smyser, H. corner Third and Market

Snowden, F. L. 184 Liberty

Thorn, Wra. 53 Market

Thorn, W. & E. corner of Penn and Hand

Wiloox, L. Jr. corner Diamond and Market

Wholesale Dry Goods Merchants.

Arbuthnot & Stewart, 84 Wood
Bell,^Wm. and Sons, 79 Wood
Breadingr, Shipton & Hogg, 113 Wood
Brown, E. A. & Brothers, 127 Wood
Cooper & Co. 107 Wood
Egolf, M. 13 Wood
Tiernan & Jones, 99 Wood
Hampton & Smith, 112 Wood
Huey & Co. 123 Wood
Jones, Murphy & Co. 50 Wood
Shacklett, & Clyde, 97 Wood
Semple & Barker, 50 Wood street

Wholesale and Retail Dry Good^

Alexander, W. G. 84 Market
Alexander & Day, 75 c. Market and Diamond
Bidwell & McVay, 87 corner Fifth and Markei
3 .


Brown, M. & J. east side Diamond

Constable, Benjamin E. 83 Market

Crossan, Wm. M. 45 Market

Dennison, W. L. 202 Liberty

Dihm, Geo. F. 106 Market

Diller & Bare, corner Fourth and Market

Garrard, W. H. 79 Market

Gosling, James, 108 Market

Hays, Wm, B. 220 Liberty

Hugus, Bachman & Co. corner Fifth and Market

Jacob & Drucker, 72 Market

Mentz, J. G. 106 Market

McClelland, H. 69 Market

McClintock, W. & Co, 110 Market

McConnell, W. H. & Co. corner Fifth and Market

McElroy, James, 90 Market

McGeary, Henry, S5 Liberty

McKnight, Wm. & Co. 52 Market

Murphy, W. R. 70 Market

Preston & Mackey, 81 Market

Robinson, Joshua, 102 Market

Ross, Philip, 59, corner Market & Fourth

Seraple, S. W. 100 Market

Shackelford, Henry A. 66 Market

Shea & Pennock, 108 Market

Smith, D. & Co. 64, Market

Spencer, Samuel, 78 Market

White & Brother, 76 Market

White, Geo. R. & Co. 53 Market

Whitten, John, 94 Market

Wiliock & Davis, 77 Market

Retail Dry Goods Merchants.

Abercrombie, Elizabeth, north side Diamond
Arthurs, G. and E. corner Grant and Second
Coulbert, Patrick, Irwin near Allegheny river
Earl, Henry, 67 Market
Euwer, Daniel, 74 Market
Fearns, W. W. east side Diamond
Fitzpatrick, Edward, 53 Liberty
Grier, Mrs. Jeanette, Grant near Front
Holton, Andrew, east side Diamond
Reis, Emanuel, Penn 5th ward
Robinson & Beltzhoover, 102 Market
Thomson, John, east side Diamond


Wholesale and Retail Hardware

Cartwright, T. 78 Wood

Cartwright, John. 140 VVood

Cooper, James M. 58 Wood

Dunlap, Robert, Jr. 91 Market

Henderson, A. & Co. 54 Wood

Logan & Kennedy, 129 Wood

McCarthy, Thomas, 65 Market

Nelsons & Morgan, Manufacturers, W^ood

Peebles, R. H. G5 Market

Taylor, John & Co. 123 Liberty

Whitmore & Wolf, corner St, Clair and Liberty

Wholesale and Retail Q,ueensware

Breed, George, 94 Wood

Higby, Henry, corner Wood and Front

Park, James, Jr. & Co. 112 and 114 Second

Wholesale & Retail Book, Stationery,
and Periodical Stores.

BackofRn, J. G. German bookstore. Liberty above Smithfield
Carter, Thomas, Classical, Theological, and Religious, 56

Conlogue, Wm. B. Catholic bookstore. Fifth n. Smithfield
Cook, J. W. Periodical office, 85 Fourth

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