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Prov. xiv. r. Every wife woman buildeth her

Prov, xxxi. 10. Who can find avirtiious woman J
for her price is. far above rubies.

Ver. 25. Strength and honour are her clothing,
and (he fhaU rejoice in time to come.

F^er, 28. Her children arife up, and call her blefled ;
her hufband alfo, and he praifeth her.

Ver. 30. Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain t
but a woman that feareth the LORD, ihe fhall be
praifed. ,

Ver. 31.. Give her of the fruit of her hands, and
kt her own works praife her in the gates.

IV. To Faithful Servants.

Prov* xvii. 2. A wife fervant fhall have rule over
a fon that caufeth fhame ; and fhall have a part of the
inheritance among the brethren.

Prov. xiv. 35. The king's favour is toward a wife

Prov. xxvii. 18.. Whofo keepeth the fig-tree, fhall
eat the fruit thereof ; So he that waiteth on his mat
.ter, fhall be honoured.

Eph. vi. 5. Servants, be obedient to them that are
your maflers according to the flefh, with fear and
trembling, in finglenefs of your heart, as unto Chrifl r

Va-* 6. Not with eye fervice, as men-pleafers j but
P 2 as

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S74 Prml/u i$ Good Kingti &c»

as the Tervants of Chrift, doing the will of Grpl>
from the heart.

Fer» 7. With good-will doing fervice, as to the
LORD» and not unto me;i ;

Fer. 9. Knowing that whatfoever good thin? zaj
2nan doth, the fame ikall he receive ra the JLORD^
whether he be bond or free.

Col. iii* 22. Servants, obey in all things yt>U]Mnaf'
ters according to the fiefh, C5fr.

Fer. 24. Knowmg, that of the LORD ye fliall
receive the reward of the inheritance : For ye fcrve
the LORD Chrift.

V. To Good Kjngs and Magistrates.

Daa. xviL i8. And it (hall be» when he iittetk
upon the throne of his kingdom, duu he Ihall write
him a copy of this law in a book ont of thatidiich is
before the priefts the Levites« ^

Fer. ig. And it (hall be with him, and be mall read
therein all the days of Ins life ; that he may learn to
fear the LORD his GOD» to keep all the words of
this law, and thefe ftatotes, to do them :

Fer. 20. That his heart be not lifted up above his
brethren, and that he turn not afide from the com*
mandment, to the right hand, nor to th^ left ; to the
end that he may ph)Iong his days in his kingdom, he
and his children, in themidftof Ifrael.

Prov. zvi* 12. The throne is eftablifhed by righte-

Prov. XX. 28. Mercy and troth preferve the king»
and his throne is npholden by mercy. .

Prov. xxix. 14. The king that fsiithftdly judges the
poor, his throne fhall be eftablifhed forever.

If, xxviii. 6. In that day fhall the LORD of hoft»
be for a Spirit of judgment to them that fit in judg*


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Fnmifa to OietSent SuijeSs* fjg

mtttf and for ftrength tx> them that turn the battit
to the gate.

VI, To Obedient Subjects.

2 Pa. ii. 13. Snbmit yourielves to every ordinanee
of men for the LORD'S fake ; whether it be to the
kingy as fupreme :

P^er. 14, Or mito goTemors, a$ unto them that are
leat bj him for the puiiifhment of eyQ doers^ and for
the piaife of them that do well.

Fcr. 15, Forfoisthewillof GOD, Aatwkhwell
doing you may put to fUence the ignorance of fodiflt

£ccL viii. 5. Whofo keepeth the commandment
[tbe kinf^l^ fliall feel no evil thii^ ; and a wife man's
heast dlfcemeth both time and judgment.

Vn. To Faithful Ministers.

IaAc zit. 42, Who is that faithful and wife ftew.
ard whom his lord fhould make ruler over his houfe-
hold, to give them their portion of meat in due fea- .

Ver* 45* Bkffed is that fervant whc»n his lord,
^when he comedi, fhall find fo doing.

Fer. 44. Of a truth, I fay unto you, that he will
BEiake him ruler over all that he hath.

Matt, xxviii. 20. Teaching them to obferve all
things^ wliatfoever I have commanded you : And lo,
I am with you alway, evoi unto the end d the

I Ttm. iv. 16. Take heed unto thyfelf, and to thy
doMne ^ continue in them t For in doing this, thott
fhalt both fave ^yfelf, and them that hear thee.

I Pet. V. 2. TTie ciders which are among you, I
exhort, Feed the fiock of GOD which is among you,


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176 fronufu to Fmthful Mtrnfitrs*

taSdng the o^erfigbt tberec^, not by conftraint^ but
willingly ; not for filthy locre^ but of a ready mind t

Ver. 3. Neither as being lords oyer GOD'S heri*
tage, but being enfamples t& the &>ck :

Fer. 4. And when the chief fhepherd fhall appear,
ye fliall receive a crown <^ glc^y that fadedi not *

Dan. xiL 3. And they that be wife, fhall ihine as
die brightnefi of the firmament ; and they that turn
many to righteoufiieis, as the ftars, for ever and

ffi zxxiL 20* BlefTed are ye that fow befide all
waters, that fend forth thither the feet of the ox and
the afs*

If. xlir. 4. Then I iaid, I have laboured in vain,
I have fp^t my ftrength for nought, and in vain ;
yet furely my judgment is with the LORD, and 1117
work with my GOD.

John iv. r€* And he that reapeth, receiveth wa-
ges, and gathereth fruit unto life eternal : that both
he that foweth, and he that reapeth may rejoice to-
gether. • . '

Rev. u. I. Thefe things, faith he that hol(feth the
(even ftars in his right hand.

Pf. cxxxii. 16. I will clodie her priefts with £dva-
tion, and her faints fhall fhout aloud for joy.

jer. xxxi. 14. And I will fatiate the foul of the
priefts with fatnefs,^ and my people fhall be fatisjied
with my goodnefs, faith the LORD.

Jer. \. 7. The LORD faid unto me, Say not, I am
a child ; for thou fhalt go to all that I fend thee ; and
whatfoever I command thee, thOu flialt fpeak.

Ver. 8. Be not afraid of their faces, for I am with
thee to deliver thee, faith the LORD.

Fer. 19. They fhall fight againft thee, but fhall
not prevail againft thee ; for I am with thee, faith
the LORD, to deliver thee.

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frmifis to Fakhfid Mimfien. 1^7

Jer. XT. 19. Thus faith the LORD, If thon rctara
then will I bring thee again, and thou (halt ftand be-
fore me ; and if thou take forth the precious from
the vile, thou flialt be as my mouth ; let them return
unto thee, but return not thou unto them.

Vcr, 20. And J vill make thee unto this people a
fenced brazen wall, and thoy (hall fight againfl thee,
but they fhall not prevail againft thee, &c.

Ver. 31. And I will deHver thee out of the hand
of the wicked ; and I will redeem thee out of the
hand of the terrible.

Jer. XX. II. The LORD is with me as a mighty
terrible one ; therefore my perfccutors fliall ftumble,
and they fhall not prevail : they fhall be greatly
afhamed, for they fhall not profper 2 their everlafting
confuiion fhall never be forgotten.

E%ek. iii. 8. Behold I have made thy face flrong
againft their faces, and thy forehead ftrong againft
their foreheads.

Fer. 9. As an adamant, harder than flint, have I
made thy forehead :- fear them not, neither be dif-
mayed at their looks, though they be a rebellious

Matt. X* 19. And when they fhall deliver you up,
take no thought how or what you fhall fpeak ; for it
fliall be given you in that fame hour what you fhall

Fer. 20. For it is not ye that fpeak, but the Spirit
of your Father which fpeaketh in you.

Luh xxi. i^. I wUl give you a mouth, and wif-
dbm, which all your adverfaries fhall not refiil.

Deut. X. 9. Levi hath no part nor inheritance with
his bretjiren : the Lord is his inheritance, according
as the Lord thy God promifed him.

Deut, xxxiii. 11. Blefs, Lord, his \^Lev?s} fiab-
ftance, and accept the work of his hands: fmite*


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178* Promlfes to Loffe and Umty.

through the loins of them that rife ag»nft himi and
of them that hate him^ that thej rife not again.

Vin. To them that Receive and Hearken
to Ministers.

Matt. X. 40. He that receiveth you, rcceiveth me :
and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that fent me.
(So John xiii. 20.)

Ver. 41. He that receiveth a prophet in the name
of a prophet, Ihall receive a prophet's reward ; and
he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a
righteous man, (hall receive a righteous man's re-

Lule xi. 16. He that heareth you, heareth me.

2 Chr9n. XX. 22. Believe in the LORD your
GOD, fo Ihall you be e&ablifhed ; believe his pro-
phets, fo fliall you profper.

IX. To Love and Unity. ^

Pf. cxxxiii. I. Behold, how good and how plea^
fant is it for brethren to dwell together in unity !

Fer. 2. It is like the precious ointment upon the
h^ad, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's
beard, that went down to the ikirts of his garments.

Fer. 3. As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew
that defcended upon the mountains of Zion ; for there
the LORD commanded the bleffing, even life for

1 John ii. 10. He that ioveth his brother, abideth
in the light, and there is none occafion of (tumbling
in him.

John xiii. 35. By this fhall all men know that ye
are my difciples, if ye have loVe one to another.

2 Cor. xiii. 11. Be perfe(5t, be of godf comfort, be


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frmmfes to Love to GeiPs People* 179

<>f one mind) live in peace ; and the GOD of love
and peace Ihall be widi you.

Matt. v. 9* Blefled are the peace-
To the Peace* makers ; for they fhall be calUd the

Makers. children of GOD.

Prov. xii. 20. To the counfellors
of peace and joy.

I Pet. ill. 10. He that will love life, and fee good
days —

Ver. 1 1. — Let him feek peace, and enfue it.

I John iii. 14. We know, that
Love to God^s we have paffed from death to life, be-

People. caufe we love the brethren : he that

loveth not his brother, abideth in death.
^Ver. 18. My little children, let us not love in
word, neither in tongue, but in deed and in truth.

Ver. 19. And hereby we know that we are of the
truth, and ihall afTure our hearts before him.

I John iv. 12. If we love one another, GOD
dwelleth in us, and his love is perfe<fted in us.

Pf. XV. I. LORD, who fhall abide in thy taber-
nacle ? Who fhall dwell in thy holy hill ?

Fer. 4. He in whofe eyes a vile perfon is contemn-
ed ; but he honoureth ^em that fear the LORD.

Pf. cxxii. 6. Pray for the peace of Jerufalem: they
Ihall profper that love thee.

Heb. vi. 10. GOD is not unrighteous to forget
your work and labour of love, which ye have fhew-
ed towards his name, in that ye have minillred to
the faints, and do miniiler.

Num. xxiv. 9. BleiTed is he that blefleth thee ;
and curfed is he that curfeth thee.

X* To the CHAiiiTi:BLB, the Merciful, and the Lib-
eral to GOD'/ Ministers.

Deut. XV. 10. Thou ihalt furely give him [jhy


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l8o fromfet to the CharkaUet &c.

foor brother i} and thine heart fhatt not be eiiTed^
nvfaen thou giTeft unto him ; becanfe that for this
thmg the LORD thy GOD fhall blefs thee m all th j
worki, and in all that thou pntteft thine hand onto*

Pf. jUL I. Blefled is he that coniiderejth the poor ;
Ac LORD will deliver him in time of trouble. •

Far, 2. The LORD will preferve him, and kc?ep
him afiye» and he fhall be blefled upon the earth ;
and thou vnUt not deliver him into die will of his

Ver. 3. The LORD will ftrengthen him upon the
bed of languilliing $ thou wilt make all his bed in
his ficknefs.

Pf. cxii. 9. He hath difperfed, he hath given to
Ae poor ; his righteoofnefs endureth for ever ; his
horn fhall be exalted with honour.

Ver. 5. A good man fheweth favour, and lendeth ;
he will guide his afPairs with difcretion.

Ver. #• Surely, he fhall not be moved for ever :
the righteous fhall be in everlafting remembrance.

Pf. xxxvii. 25. I have been young, and now am
old ; yet have I not feen the righteous foriaken, nor
his itti. begging bread. .

Ver. 26«. He is ever merciful, and lendeA ; and
his feed is blefled.

Prov. xi. 24. There is that fcattereth, and yet in-
creafeth ; and there is that withboldeth more than is
meet, but it tendeth to poverty.

Ver. 25. The liberal foul fhall be made fat ; and
he that watereth, fhall be watered alfo bimfdf.

Ver, 27. He that diligently feeketh good, procur-
eth favour.

Prov. xiv. 21. He that hath mercy on Ae poor,
happy is he. ^ ^

Prov. xix. 17. He that haA pity on'Ae poor,
lendeA unto Ae LORD ; and that which he haA
given, will he pay him again.

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frwttjis to thi Cburtkikf tfc* itt

Pronf. xxii. 9* He that hath a bountiftd eye, Aall
be blefled ; for he giveth of his bre^d to the poor.

Aw. xxviti. 8. He that hj ufiiry and luijaft gain
increafeth his fubftance, he ihall gather it for him
that will pity the poor.

Prov, xxviii. 27. He that givcth unto the poor, ,
(hall not lack.

Ecch xi. I. Caft thy bread upon the waters ; for
thou fhalt find it after many days.

Fer. 2. Give a portion to feven, and alfo to ejg^ )
for thou knoweil not/ what evil fhall be upon the

If. xxxii. 8. The liberal devifeth liberal things,
and by .liberal thin|;s he fhall ftand.

If. Iviii. 7. Is It not [the fafi that I ha-oe chofen}
to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring
the poor that are eaft out to thy houfe ? When thou
feed the naked, that thou cover him ; and that thou
hide not thyfelf from thine own flefti ?

Fer. 8. Then fhall thy light break forth as the
morning, and thine health fhall fpring forth fpeedily ;
and thy righteoufnefs fhall go before thee ; the glory
of the LORD fhall be thy reward.

Far. 10. If thou draw out thy foul to the hungry,
and fatisfy the afflided foul \ then fhall tiby light rife
in obfcurity, and thy darknefs be as die noon-day.

Fer. II. And the LORD fhall guide thee continu-
ally, atid fatisfy thy foul in draught, and madce fat
thy bones ; and thou fhalt be like a watered garden,
and like a fpring of watets, whofc waters fail not.

Matt. X. 42. And whofocver fhall give to drink
unto one of thefe little ones, a cup of cold water
only, in the name o{ a difciple ; verily I fay unto
you, he fhall in no wife lofe his reward.

Matt. XXV. 34. Then fliall the King fay unto them

on his right hand, Come ye blefied otmy Father, in«

Q herit

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At Promja to tbe CiarkaHey &c.

herit_die kingdom prepared for you from the foun8a-
tkm of the world.

Fitr. 35. For I was an hungred, and ye gave me
meat ; I was thirfty, and ye gave me drink ; I was a
ftranger, and ye took me in ;

P^er, 36. Naked, and ye clothed me : I was fick,
and ye vifited me ; I was in prifon, and ye came unto

Ftr. 40. Verily I fay unto you, Inafmuch as you
have done it unto one of the leaft of thcfe my hreth-
ren, ye have xlone it unto me.

MarJ^ X. 21. Go thy way, fell whatfoever thou
baft, and give to the poor, and thou (halt have treaf-
nre in heaven.

Luie vL 38* <Jive, fhall be given unto you,
good meafure, prefled down, and fhaken together, and
running over, (hall men give into your bofom ; for
with the fame meafure that ye mete withal, it fhall he
meafured unto you again.

Lvie xi. 41. Give alms of fuch things as ye have ;
and behold, all things are clean unto you.

Luke xii. 33. Sell that ye have, and give alms t
provide yourfelves bags which wax not old, a treat
ure in the heavens that faileth not, where ivo thief ap-
proacheth, neither moth comipteth.

Luie xvi. 9. And I fay unto you, Make to your-
felves friends of .the mammon of unrighteoufnefs,
that when ye feil, they may receive you into everlaft-
ing habitations.

Luie xiv. 13. When thou makeft a feaft, call the
poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind ;

Fer. 14. And thou (halt be bleffed ; for they can-
not recompenfe thee .; for thou (halt be recompenfed
at the refurredion of the juft.

I Cor. ix. 6. He which foweth (paringly, fhall
reap alfo fparingly ; and he which foweth bountifullyt
fiUiU reap aUb bountifully.

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frmifes to the Suffortsngf &c. iftj

Ven 7. — GOD loveth » cheerfiil giver.

2 Cer. viii. 12. If there be- firft a lulling mind) it
is accepted according to what a man hath, and not
according to what he hath not.

1 Tim. vi. 17, 18. Charge thetai that are rich In
this world — that they do good, that they be rich in
good works, ready to diftribute, willing to commu-

Ver. 19. Laying up in (lore for themfelves a good
foundation againft the time to come, that they may
l^y hold on eternal life.

Heh xiii. 16. To do good, and to communicate,
forget not ; for with fuch facrifices GOD is wcU

2 Cor. ix. 8. GOD is able to make all grace to a*
bound* towards you, that ye. always having all fuffi-
ciency in all things^ may abound to every good work.

Ver. 10. Now he that miniftreth feed to the fow-
er, both ihinifter bread for your food, apd ipaltiyij
your feed fown, and increafe the fruits of your right-

Mait. vi. 3. When thou doft an
To Ainu in alms, let not -thy left hand know
Secret. what thy right hand doth.

F'er. 4. That thine alms may be
ifi fecret ; . and thy Father which feeth in fecret, will
reward thee openly.

Gal. vi. 6. Let him that is
jC? the Supporting taught in the word, communicate
GocPs Minifters unto him that teacheth in all good
and Worjhip. things.

Ver. 7, Be not deceived : God
is not mocked ; for whatfoever a man foweth, that
ftall he alfo reap.

Ver. 8. For he that foweth to his flefli, (hall of the'
flefh reap corruption ; but he that foweth to th©iSpirit>»
flialLof the Spirit reap life everlalling.

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Mai. iiL lo. Bring ye all die titlies imo the ftore«
kouTcy that there ^ay be meat in taj hoajfe, and
proTc me now herewith, iaith the LORD of hofts» \£ I
will not open to you the windows of heavent and pour
you out a bleffing« that there ihall not be room enough
to rcceiTe it.

Vvr. 1 1. And I will rebuke the devoqrer for your
fakes> and he ihall not deftroy the fruits of your
ground ; neither fhall your vine caft her fruit before
the time in the field, faith the LORD of hofts.

Ver. !!• And all nations (hall call you bleflfed :
lor ye Ihall be a delightfome land, faith the LORD
of hofis.

Fhil. iv. 17. Not becaufe I defire a gift ; but I
4efire fhiit that may abound to your account*

Fer. i8. But I have all, and abound ; I am fuH,
"having received of Ep^iphroditus, the things whid^
were fent from yoo, an odour of a fweet fmell, a
£icrifice acceptable, well pleafing to GOD.

J^er. 19. But my (>OD fhall fupply all your nee4
according to hi^ riches in glory, by Chrift Jefus.
' D^ui. xiv. 29. And the Levite (becaufe he hath no
fort nor inheritance with thee) and the (hanger, and
the fatherlefs, and the widow, which are idthin thy
gates, (hall come, and (hall eat, and be fatisfied, that
the I4ORI) thy GOD may blefs thee in all the woxt
of thine hand which thou doeft.

Prov. iii. 9. Honour the LORD with thpiub-*
ftance, and with the firfl; fruits of all thine increafe.

Fer. ID. So (hall thy bams be filled with plenty,
and thy preiTes (hall burft out with new wine.

Matt. V. 7. BlefTed are the merci-
To th Met' ful, for they (hall obtain mercy.
clfuL Pf, xviii. 25. With the merciful,

thou wilt (he:w thyfelf merciful.
Prw. iii. 3, Let not mercy and truth foriab

diee I


Prmifcs to R€prO!Wigi tfr.% uti

tKee 5 bind them about thy neck, write them upon
the table of thine heart.

Ver. 4, So fEah thou find favour and good under-
ftanding in the fight of GOD and man.

Frov. xu 17. The merciful man doth good to his^
own foul ; but he that is cruel, troubleth his own

Deitt. xxiv. 12. If the man be poor, thou (halt not
fleep with his pledge.

Fer. 13. In any cafe thou flialt deliver him the
pledge again when the fun goeth down, that he may
fleep in his own raiment, and blefe thee 5 and it (haft
be rightaoufnefs unto thee, before the LORD thy

Xfe To the Giving/ind Receiving of Revkoovs.

Prov. xxiv. 25, To them that

To the Reproving rebuke him {the wicked'^ fhall be

faithfully. delight, and a good bleffing Ihall

come upon them.
Prov. xxviii. 23. He that rebuketh a man, after-
wards fliall find more fevour than he that flattereth
with his tongue*

Prov^ jAiu 18. Poverty and
To them thai re* fliame ftiall be to him that refufeth
gard Reproof inftruAion ; but he that regardeth

reproof, fliall be honoured.

Prov* XV* 31. . The ear that heajeth the reproof of
life, abideth among, the wife.

Ver, 32. He that refufeth inftru^lion, defpifeth his
own foifl \ but he that heareth reproof, getteth un—

Prov. XXV. 12. As an ear-ring of gold, and an or-
nament of fine gold, io \^ a wife reprover upon aa-
ebttdient ear.

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l86 PimifH U Fmrgnkg hj^aim.

XBL 31? Forgiving Injuries.

PrMT. zz« %%. Saj not thou, I will recompenfe
evil : but wait on the LORD, and he (hall fave thee.

Pr^o. xxT« 21* If tfauie enemy be hungry, give
him bread to eat ; and if he be thirfty, give Um
water to drink.

Ver. 22. For diou (halt heap coals of fire upon his
head, and the LORD (hall reward thee, Ronu xiu


Matu y. 44« Love your enemies ; blefe them that
cnrfe you ; do good to them that hate you ; and pray
for them which 'de(pitefully ufe you, and perfecute

Ver. 45. That ye may be the children of your Fa-
ther which is in heaven ; for he maketh his fun to
rife on the evil and on the good, and fendeth nun on
the juft and on the unjuft.

Man. vL 14. If ye forgive men their tre(pafles»
your heavenly Father will iSo forgive you.

Mark xi. 25. And when ye ftand praying, forgivCf
if ye have ought againft any ; that your Father alfo
which is in neaven, may forgive you your tre(paf*

Luke vi. 35. Love ye your enemies, and do good»
and lend, hoping for nothing again, and your reward
ihall be great, and ye (ball be the children of the
Higheft : for he is kind unto the uiithankful, and to
the evil.

Ver. 37. Foirgive, and ye (ball be forgiven.

1 Fet. ill. 9. Not rendering evil for evil, or rail-
ing for railing ^ but contrarjwiie, blefimg : knpwing
that ye are thereunto called, that yc (h<Hil4 inherit a

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Pmmfa $• (S&9% Mnd Pwtkj. 187

Xni. To Chastity and Purit^t.

EsuL xyiii. 5. If a man be jiift, aad
To Cha/ll^. do that which is lawful and right ;

Ven 6. — And hath not defiled his
neighbour's wife, neither hath come near to a men*
ftruous woman :

Ver* 9. Hath walked in raj ftatutes, and hath kept
tof Judgments, to deal trnly : He is juft, he fhaU
furefy live, faith the LORD.

MattL T. 8. 'Bkfled are the pvre m
To Puriiy^ heait : for thej ihall fee GOD.

Pf. znv. 3. Who fliall afcend into
the hill of the LORD i aad who fliall ftand hi Ins
holy place I

Var. 4. He that hath clean hands, and a pure

Pf. jcviii. 26. With the pure thou wilt fliew thy-
felf pure.

Pf. Ixxxiii. a. Truly GOD is good to Ifrael, CTe^
to' filch as are of a clean heart.

2 Tim. ii. 31. If a man therefore pnrge himfelf
from thefe, he fhall be a veiSel imto honour, fan^ified,
«ii4 meet for the mafter's «fe, and prepared unto
€v«ry good workw

Ttt. If. I. Unto the pure all thmgs are pure.

XIV. To Diligence.

PrM». z. 4. The hand of the diligent maketh rich.

Prov. xii. 24. The hand of the diligent (ball bear
nle ; but the ilodiful fliall be under tribute.

Ver. 26. The fubftance of a diligent man is pre-

Fir. II. He that tiUctb bki busd fliall be iatiiScd
^liCh bread.


l8S Prml/es J§ the Jufi ami Htrn^-

Prov. xiii» 4. The fbul of the fluggard dtCtredip.
and hath nothmg ; but the foul of the diligent fhall
be made fat.

Fer^ n. Wealth gotten by vanity fhall be dimia-
tfhed ; but he that gathereth by labour fhall increafe*

Prov. xiv. 23. In all labour there is profit ; but
the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.

Prov. xxi. 5. The thoughts of the diligent tend on^
ly to plenteoufiiefs ; but of eyery one that is hafty,^
only to want.

Prov. xxik 29. Seed thou a man diligent in ETs
bufinefs ; he fhall ftand before kings, he fhall not
ftand beJFore mean men^

Prov. xxviii. 19. He that tilleth his^land fhall have
plenty of bread ; but he that foUoweth after rain per«
fonS| fhall have poverty enough.

Matt. TTT. 23. Well done.

To Improving our good and faithful fervant ; thou

Talents. haft been faithful over a few

things, I will make thee ruler

over many thmgs : enter thou into the joy of thy


Fer. 29. Unto every one that hath fhall be given,
and he flmll'have abundance, Matt. xiii. 12.

Prov. XX. 13. Love not fleep, lefl
Moderation In thou come to poverty ; open thine
Sk^i eyes, and thou fhalt be fatisfied with


XV. To the Just and Honest.

Deut. xvi, 20. That which is altogether juft fhalt:
thou follow, that thou mayeft live, and inherit the
land which the LORD ihy GOD givcth thee.

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