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e 28 [While haughty sinners die accursed,

Their glory buried in the dust,
o I to my God, my heavenly King,
o Immortal hallelujahs sing.]

PSALM 105. C. M. Abridged. Arundel [*]

Covenant with Mraham remembered.
1 /^ IVE thanks to God, invoke his name,
vIB" And tell the world his grace ;
u Sound through the earth his deeds of fame,
That all may seek his face.

PSALM 105. 213

o 2 [His covenant, which he kept in mind
For numerous ages past,
To numerous ages yet behind,
In equal force shall last.]

— 3 He sware to Abraham and his seed,
And made the blessings sure ;
Gentiles the ancient promise read,
And find his truth endure.

d 4 [*' Thy seed shall make all nations blest,"
Said the almighty voice,
" And Canaan's land shall be their rest,
" The type of heavenly joys."

—5 How large the grant ! how rich the grace,
To give them Canaan's land ;
When they were strangers in the place,
A little feeble band !]

6 (Like pilgrims through the countries round

Securely they removed ;
And haughty kings, who on them frowned,

Severely he reproved.)

d 7 " Touch mine anointed, and mine arm
" Shall soon avenge the wrong ;
" The man that does my prophets harm
"• Shall know their God is strong."

8 Then let the world forbear its rage.
Nor put the church in fear :

Israel must live through every age,
And be th' Almighty's care.]


9 When Pharaoh dared to vex the saints.
And thus provoked their God ;

Moses was sent at their complaints,
Armed with his dreadful rod.

10 [He called for darkness ; darkness came.
Like an o'erwhelming flood :

He turned each lake, and every stream.
To lakes and streams of blood.

11 He gave the sign, and noisome flies
Through the whole country spread :

And frogs in croaking armies rise,
About the monarch's bed.

12 Through fields, and towns, and palaces,
The tenfold vengeance flew ;

214 PSALM 106.

Locusts :n swarms devoured their trees,
And hail their cattle slew ;

13 Then, by an angel's midnight stroke,

The flower of Egypt died ;
The strength of every house was broke, —

Their glory and their pride.

d 14 Now let the world forbear its rage,
Nor put the church in fear ;
Israel must live through every age,
And be th' Almighty's care.


— 15 Thus were the tribes from bondage brought,
And left the hated ground ;
Each some Egyptian spoils had got.
And not one feeble found.]

16 The Lord himself chose out their way,
And marked their journeys right;

Gave them a leading cloud by day,
A fiery guide by night.

17 They thirst ; and waters from the rock
In rich abundance flow ;

And, following still the course they took.
Ran all the desert through.

o 18 O wondrous stream ! O blessed type

Of ever-flowing grace !
o So Christ, our Rock, maintains our life

Through all this wilderness.

—19 Thus guarded by th' almighty hand.
The chosen tribes possessed
Canaan, the rich, the promised land,
And there enjoyed their rest.

g 20 Then let the world forbear its rage,
The church renounce her fear ;
Israel must live through every age.
And be th' Almighty's care.

PSALM 106. L. M. Shoel. Castle Street. [*]

Ver. 1 — 5. Praise to God : Communion with Saints.

1 nr^O God, the great, the ever blest,

-I- Let songs of honour be addressed, —
His mercy firm forever stands ;
Give him the thanks his love demands.

PSALM 106. 215«

e 2 Who knows the wonders of thy ways !

Who shall fulfill thy boundless praise !
o Blest are the souls who fear thee still,

And pay their duty to thy will.

—3 Remembei* what thy mercy did
For Jacob's race, thy chosen seed :
And, with the same salvation, bless
The meanest suppliant of thy grace.

o 4 O may I see thy tribes rejoice,
o And aid their triumphs with my voice !
—This is my glory, Lord, to be
Joined to thy saints, and near to thee.

S. M. Dover. [*]

V. 7, 8, 12 — 14, 43 — 48. Israel punished and pardoned.

e 1 /^ OD of eternal love,

\J^ How fickle are our ways !
And yet, how ofl did Israel prove
Thy constancy of grace 1

— 2 They saw thy wonders wrought,
o And then thy praise they sung ;
e But soon thy works of power forgot.

And murmured with their tongue.

— 3 Now they believe his word,

o While rocks with rivers flow ;

e Now with their lusts provoke the Lord,
Till he reduce them low.

— 4 Yet when they mourned their faults,

He hearkened to their groans ;
Brought his own covenant to his thoughts,
And called them still his sons.

5 Their names were in his book ;
He saved them from their foes :
Oft he chastised, but ne'er forsook,
The people whom he chose.

o 6 Let Israel bless the Lord,

Who loved their ancient race :
o And Christians join the solemn word,

Amen, to all the praise.

316 PSALM 107.

PSALM 107. L. M. First Part. Shoel [*]

Israel led to Canaan : Christians to Heaven.

1 ^~^ IVE thanks to God ; — he reigns above ;
vT Kind are his thoughts ; his name is love J

His mercy ages past have known,
And ages long to come shall own.

2 Let the redeemed of the Lord
The wonders of his grace record ;
Israel, the nation whom he chose,
And rescued from their mighty foes.

3 [When God's almighty arm had broke
Their fetters and th' Egyptian yoke ;
They traced the desert, wandering round
A wild and solitary ground !

4 There they could find no leading road,
Nor city for a fixed abode ;

Nor food, nor fountain, to assuage
Their burning thirst, or hunger's rage.]

5 In their distress, to God they cried ;
God was their Saviour and their Guide :
He led their march far wandering round ;
'Twas the right path to Canaan's ground.

6 So, when our first release we gain
From sin's own yoke, and Satan's chain,
We have this desert world to pass,

A dangerous and a tiresome place.

7 He feeds and clothes us all the way ;
He guides our footsteps, lest we stray ;
He guards us with a powerful hand.
And brings us to the heavenly land.

o 8 O let us, then, with joy record

The truth and goodness of the Lord !
e How great his works ! how kind his ways !
u Let every tongue pronounce his praise.

L. M. Second Part. Bath. [*]

Correction for Sin; Release by Prayer.

1 "17^ ROM age to age, exalt his name ;

J_ God and his grace are still the same •
He fills the hungry soul with food,
And feeds the poor with every good.

PSALM 107. 217

e 2 But, if their hearts rebel, and rise
Against the God who rules the skies ;
If they reject his heavenly word,
And slight the counsels of the Lord ; —

— 3 He'll bring their spirits to the ground,
And no deliverance shall be found ;

a Laden with grief, they waste their breath
In darkness and the shades of death.

— 4 Then to the Lord they raise their cries ;

o He makes the dawning light arise,
And scatters all that dismal shade
That hung so heavy round their head.

5 He cuts the bars of brass in two,
And lets the smiling prisoner through ;
Takes off the load of guilt and grief,
And. gives the labouring soul relief.

o 6 O may the sons of men record

The wondrous goodness of the Lord !
e How great his works ! how kind his ways !
u Let every tongue pronounce his praise.

L. M. Third Part. PleyeVs. [*]
Intemperance punished and pardoned.

1 ["^rAIN man, on foolish pleasures bent,

V Prepares fo;: his own punishment ;
What pains, what loathsome maladies
From luxury and lust arise !

2 The drunkard feels his vitals waste ;
Yet drowns his health to please his taste ;
Till all his active powers are lost,

And fainting life draws near the dust.

3 The glutton groans and loathes to eat ;
His soul abhors delicious meat ;
Nature, with heavy loads oppressed,
Would yield to death to be released.

4 Then how the frightened sinners fly
To God for help, with earnest cry !

He hears their groans, prolongs their breath,
And saves them from approaching death.

5 No med'cines could effect the cure,
So quick, so easy, or so sure :

The deadly sentence God repeals ;
He sends his sovereign word and heals.

218 PSALM 107.

6 O may the sons of men record
The wondrous goodness of the Lord ;
And let their thankful offering prove
How they adore their Makers love.]

L. M. Fourth Part. Oporto. [*]

Deliverance from Storm and Shipwreck.

1 "VITOULD you behold the works of God,"

V ▼ His wonders in the world abroad — ^
Go with the mariners, and trace
The unknown regions of the seas.

2 They leave their native shores behind,
And seize the favour of the wind ;

o Till God commands^and tempests rise.
That heave the ocean to the skies.

o 3 Now to the heavens they mount amiin,
e Now sink to dreadful deeps again :
-^What strange affrights young sailors feel,
And like a staggering drunkard reel !

e 4 When land is far, and death is nigh,
p Lost to all hope, to God they cry ;
— His mercy hears their loud address,
o And sends salvation in disttess.

a 5 He bids the winds their wrath assuage,-
The furious waves forget their rage :

•^'Tis calm ; — and sailors smile to see
The haven where they wished to be;

o 6 O may the sons of men record

The wondrous goodness of the Lord !
— Let them their private offerings bring,
o And in the church his glory sing,

C. M. Wareham. [*]

The Mariner's Psalm.

1 r I iHY works of glory, mighty Lord^

-i_ The wonders in the deeps,
The sons of courage shall record,
Who trade in floating ships.

o 2 At thy command the winds arise,

And swell the towering waves ;
o The men, astonished, mount the skies,

And sink in gaping graves.

PSALM 107. 219

— 3 [Again they climb the watery hills,
And plunge in deeps again ;
Each like a tottering drunkard reels,
And finds his courage vain.

d 4 Frighted to hear the tempest roar,
They pant with fluttering breath ;
And, hopeless of the distant shore.
Expect immediate death.]

■ — 5 Then to the Lord they raise their cries j
o He hears the loud request,
g And orders silence through the skies,
And lays the floods to rest.

u 6 Sailors rejoice to lose their fears,
And see the storm allayed ;
Now to their eyes the port appears ;
There let their vows be paid.

— 7 'Tis God who brings them safe to land j
Let stupid mortals know.
That waves are under his command,
And all the winds that blow.

o 8 O that the sons of men would praise

The goodness of the Lord !
— And those, who see thy wondrous ways,

Thy wondrous love record.

L. M. Fourth Part. Moreton. Leeds. [*]
Colonies and J^ations hlest and punished.

1 pK7|7"HEN God, provoked with daring crimes,

¥ V Scourges the madness of the times,
He turns the fields to barren sand,
And dries the rivers from the land.

2 His word can raise the springs again,
Aiid make the withered mountains green;
Send showery blessings from the skies,
And harvests in the desert rise.]

3 Where nothing dwelt, but beasts of prey,
Or men as fierce and wild as they,

God bids th' oppressed and poor repair,
And builds them towns and cities there.

4 They sow the fields, and trees they plant,
Whose yearly frait supplies their want;
Their race grows up from fruitful stocks.
Their wealth increases with their flocks.

220 PSALM 109.

5 Thus they are hlest : but if they sin,
e He lets the heathen nations in j
A savage crew invades their lands,
Their princes die by barbarous hands.

a 6 Their captive sons, exposed to scorn
Wander, unpitied and forlorn •
The country lies unfenced, untilled,
And desolation spreads the field.

— 7 Yet, if the humbled nation mourns,

Again his dreadful hand he turns ;
o Again he makes their cities thrive,

And bids the dying churches live.

8 [The righteous, with a joyful sense,
Admire the works of providence ;
And tongues of atheists shall no more
Blaspheme the God whom saints adore.]

e 9 How few with pious care record
These wondrous dealings of the Lord !

— But wise observers still shall find
The Lord is holy, just, and kind.

PSALM 109. C. M. Abridge. [*]
Love to Enemies ; Example of Christ,
1 ^^ OD of my mercy and my praise,
\I^ Thy glory is my song ;
o Though sinners speak against thy grace,
With a blaspheming tongue.

— 2 When, in the form of mortal man,

Thy Son on earth was found,
e With cruel slanders, false and, vain.

They compassed him around.

— 3 Their miseries his compassion move.

Their peace he still pursued ;
e They render hatred for his love,

And evil for his good.

— 4 Their malice raged without a cause ;
a Yet, with his dying breath,
— He prayed for murderers on his cross,
And blest his foes in death.

e 5 Lord, shall thy bright example shine

In vain before mine eyes ?
—Give me a soul akin to thine,

To love mine enemies.

PSALM 110. 221

o 6 The Lord shall on my side engage ;

And, in my Saviour's name,
o I shall defeat their pride and rage,

Who slander and condemn,

PSALM 110. L. M. First Part. Blendon.[*1

Tlie exalted Messiah's Power and Grace.

d 1 T I iHUS the eternal Father spake

3L To Christ, the Son ; " Ascend and sit

" At my right hand, till I shall make

" Thy foes submissive at thy feet.
o 2 " From Zion shall thy word proceed^ ;

" Thy word, the sceptre in thy hand,

" Shall make the hearts of rebels bleed,

'' And bow their wills to thy command,
g 3 *^ That day shall show thy power is great,

" When saints shall fleck with willing minds,

^^ And sinners crowd thy temple gate,

'' Where holiness in beauty shines."
o 4 O blessed power ! O glorious day !

What a large victory shall ensue !
o And converts, who thy grace obey,

Exceed the drops of morning dew. Oporto.

L. M. Second Part. Bath. [*]
The Kingdom and Priesthood of Christ.

1 [rfflHUS the great Lord of earth and sea

-i_ Spake to his Son, and thus he swore:
" Eternal shall thy priesthood be,
" And change from hand to hand no more.

2 " Aaron and all his sons must die :
*' But everlasting life is thine,

<* To save forever those who fly
" For refuge from the wrath divine.

3 " By me Melchisedec was made,

" On earth, a king and priest at once :

" And thou, my heavenly Priest, shalt plead,

" And thou, my King, shalt rule my sons."

4 Jesus, the Priest, ascends his throne,
While counsels of eternal peace.
Between the Father and the Son,
Proceed with honour and success

5 Through the whole earth his reign shall spread,
And crush the powers that dare rebel :

19 *

222 PSALM 110, 111.

Then shall he judge the rising dead,
And send the guilty world to hell.

6 Though, while he treads his glorious way,
He drinks the cup of tears and blood ;
The sufferings of that dreadful day
Shall but advance him near to God.]

C. M. St. Asaph's. [*]
Christ's Kingdom and Priesthood.
1 "FESUS, our Lord, ascend thy throne,
•/ And near thy Father sit :
o In Zion shall thy power be known.

And make thy foes submit,
e 2 What wonders shall thy gospel do !
o Thy converts shall surpass

The numerous drops of morning dew.
And own thy sovereign grace.

— 3 God hath pronounced a firm decree,

Nor changes what he swore ;
g " Eternal shall thy priesthood be,

" When Aaron is no more.
— i " Melchisedec, that wondrous priest,

" That king of high degree,
" That holy man who Abraham blest,

" Was but a type of thee."
o 5 Jesus, our Priest, forever lives.

To plead for us above :
u Jesus, our King, forever gives

The blessings of his love,
g 6 God shall exalt his glorious head.

And his high throne maintain ;
Shall strike the powers and princes dead.

Who dare oppose his reign.

PSALM 111. C. M. 1st Part. Mitcham. [*]

The Wisdom of God in his Works.
1 ^ ON GS of immortal praise belong

k5 To my Almighty God :
He has my heart, and he my tongue,

To spread his name abroad.

e 2 How great the works his hand has wrought !

How glorious in our sight !
o And men in every age have sought

His wonders with delight.

PSALM 111, 112. 223

e 3 How most exact is nature's frame !

How wise the Eternal Mind !
—His counsels never change the scheme,

That his first thoughts designed.
4 When he redeemed his chosen sons,

He fixed his covenant sure ;
g The orders that his lips pronounce,

To endless years endure.
— 5 Nature and time, and earth and skies,

Thy heavenly skill proclaim :
e What shall we do to make us wise —

But learn to read thy name .''
— 6 To fear thy power, to trust thy grace,

Is our divinest skill ;
And he's the wisest of our race.

Who best obeys thy will. Sunday,

C. M. Second Part. ^S*^. Martin's. [*]

The Perfections of God.

1 [/^ RE AT is the Lord ; his works of might

vIB" Demand our noblest songs :
Let his assembled saints unite
Their harmony of tongues.

2 Great is the mercy of the Lord ;
He gives his children food,

And, ever mindful of his word, ^

He makes his promise good.

3 His Son, the great Redeemer, came,
To seal his covenant sure ;

Holy and reverend is his name ;
His ways are just and pure.

4 They who would grow divinely wise,
Must with his fear begin :

Our fairest proof of knowledge lies
In hating every sin.]

PSALM 112. P. M. Cumberland. [*]

Tlie Blessings of the liberal Man.
1 fX^HAT man is blest, who stands in awe
JL Of God, and loves his sacred law j
His seed on earth shall be renowned ;
His house the seat of wealth shall be,
An unexhausted treasury,
And witli successive honours crowned.

224 PSALM 112

2 His liberal favours he extends ;
To some he gives, to others lends ;

A generous pity fills his mind :
Yet what his charity impairs,
He saves by prudence in affairs ;

And thus he's just to all mankind.

3 His hands, while they his alms bestowed,
His glory's future harvest sowed :

b The sweet remembrance of the just,
Like a green root, revives, and bears
A train of blessings for his heirs.
When dying nature sleeps in dust.

g 4 Beset with threatening dangers round,
Unmoved shall he maintain his ground j
His conscience holds his courage up :
The soul that's tilled with virtue's light,
Shines brightest in affliction's night ;
And sees in darkness beams of hope.


5 [111 tidings never can surprise
His heart that fixed on God relies ;

Though waves and tempests roar around j
Safe on a Rock he sits, and sees
The shipwreck of his enemies ;

And all their hopes and glory drowned.

6 The wicked shall his triumph see,
And gnash their teeth in agony,

To find their expectations crossed ;
They, and their envy, pride and spite,
Sink down to everlasting night,

And all their names in darkness lost.}

L. M. Ojforto. [*]

Blessings of the Pious and Charitable.

1 FTIHRICE happy man, who fears the Lord,
JL Loves his commands, and trusts his word J

Honour and peace his days attend.

And blessings to his seed descend.
e 2 Compassion dwells upon his mind,

To works of mercy still inclined ;
— He lends the poor some present aid,

Or gives them, not to be repaid.
e 3 When times grow dark, and tidings spread.

That fill his neighbours round with dread,

PSALM 112, 113. 225

o His heart is armed against the fear,
o For God with all his power is there,
g 4 His soul, well fixed upon the Lord,

Draws heavenly courage from his word ;

Amidst the darkness light shall rise.

To cheer his heart, and bless his eyes.
—5 He hath dispersed his alms abroad ;

His works are still before his God ;

His name on earth shall long remain,

While envious sinners fret in vain.

C. M. St. Ann's. [*]

Liberality reioarded.

1 TTAPPY is he who fears the Lord,
JLl And follows his commands ;

Who lends the poor, without reward ;
Or gives with liberal hands.

2 As pity dwells within his breast,
To all the sons of need, —

So God shall answer his request,
With blessings on his seed.

3 No evil tidings shall surprise
His well-established mind ;

His soul to God, his refuge, flies,
And leaves his fears behind.

4 In times of general distress.
Some beams of light shall shine,

To show the world his righteousness.
And give him peace divine.

5 His works of piety and love
Remain before the Lord ;

Honour on earth, and joys above,
Shall be his sure reward.

PSALM 113. P. M. St. Helen's. [*]
The Majesty and Condescension of God.

1 ~\7"^ who delight to serve the Lord,

JL The honours of his name record ;

His sacred name forever bless :
Where'er the circling sun displays
His rising beams, or setting rays.

Let lands and seas his power confess.

2 Not time, nor nature's narrow rounds.
Can give his vast dominion bounds ;

The heavens are far below his height:

228 PSALM 113.

e Let no created greatness dare
With our eternal God compare,

Armed with his uncreated might.
e 3 He bows his glorious head to view
What the bright hosts of angels do,

And bends his care to mortal things i
' — His sovereign hand exalts the poor j
He takes the needy from the door,

And makes them company for kings.
4 [When childless families despair,
He sends the blessing of an heir,

To rescue their expiring name ;
The mother, with a cheerful voice,
Proclaims his praises and her joys :

Let every age advance his fame.]

L. M. Quercy. [*]
God Sovereign and Gracious.

1 ['"\7'E servants of th' almighty King,

JL In every age his praises sing;
Where'er the sun shall rise or set,
The nations shall his praise repeat..

2 Above the earth — beyond the sky,
Stands his high throne of majesty ;
Nor time nor place his power restrain —
Nor bound his universal reign.

3 Which of the sons of Adam dare,
Or angels with their God compare ?
His glories how divinely bright.
Who dwells in uncreated light !

4 Behold his love ! he stoops to view
What saints above and angels do ;
And condescends, yet more, to know
The mean affairs of men below.

5 From dust, and cottages obscure,
His grace exalts the humble poor ;
Gives them the honour of his sons.
And fits them for their heavenly thronesu

6 A word of his creating voice.
Can make the barren house rejoice:
Though Sarah's ninety years were past.
The promised seed is born at last.

7 With joy the mother views her son,
And tells the wonders God has done ;

PSALM 114, 115. 227

Faith may grow strong when sense despairs ;
If nature fails, the promise bears.]

PSALM 114. L. M. Blendon. [*]

Miracles attending Israel's Journey.

1 "^"ITHEN Israel, freed from Pharaoh's handj

V ? Left the proud tyrant and his land,
The tribes, with cheerful homage, own
Their King, and Judah was his throne.
6 2 Across the deep their journey lay ;
o The deep divides to make them way :
— Jordan beheld their march, and fled,
With backward cun'ent, to his head.

o 3 The mountains shook like frighted sheepl^
Like lambs the little hillocks leap ;
N»t Sinai on her base could stand,
Conscious of sovereign power at hand.

e 4 What power could make the deep divide !

Make Jordan backw^ard roll his tide !

Why did ye leap, ye little hills?

And whence the fright that Sinai feels .''
g 5 Let every mouiitain, every flood.

Retire, and know th' approaching God I

The King of Israel ! see him here !

Tremble, thou earth, adore, and fear.

6 He thunders — and all nature mourns :

The rock to standing pools he turns ;

Flints spring with fountains at his word,

And fires and seas Confess the Lord.

PSALM 115. L. M. 1st Pt. Psalm^lth.[*i

The true God ; or, Idolatry reproved.

I "IVrOT to ourselvfes^ who are but dust^
JL 1 Not to ourselves is glory due j

Eternal God, thou only just.

Thou only gracious, wise and true !
g 2 Shine forth, in all thy dreadful name ;
e Why should a heathen's haughty tongue

Insult us, and, to raise our shame,
d Say, '^ Where's the God you've served so loftg?
o 3 The God, we serve, maintains his throne,

Above the clouds, beyond the skies :

Through all the earth his will is done ;

He knows our groans, he hears our cries.

228 PSALM 115.

e 4 But the vain idols they adore,

Are senseless shapes of stone and wood *
At best a mass of glittering ore,
A silver saint, or golden god.

— 5 [With eyes and ears they carve the head j
Depf are their ears, their eyes are blind :
In vain are costly offerings made,
And vows are scattered in the wind. ><,

6 Their feet were never made to move,
Nor hands to save when mortals pray :
Mortals that pay them fear or love,
Seem to be blind and deaf as they.]

g 7 O Israel, make the Lord thy hope,
Thy help, thy refuge, and thy rest :
The Lord shall build thy ruins up.
And bless the people and the priest.

a 8 The dead no more can speak thy praise,

They dwell in silence in the grave j
o But we shall live to sing thy grace,
u And tell the world thy povv^er to save.

P. M. Walworth. [*]
Popish Idolatry reproved.

1 IVrOT to our names, thou only Just and True,
_L 1 Not to our worthless names is glory due ;

Thy power and grace, thy truth and justice, claim
Immortal honours to thy sovereign name.
Shine through the earth, from heaven thy blest abode,

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