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Nor let the heathen say, " And where's your God .'' "

2 Heaven is thy hig-her court ; there stands thy throne j
And through the lower worlds thy will is done :
Earth is thy work ; the heavens thy hand hath spread *

e But fools adore the gods their hands have made :

— The kneeling crowd, with looks devout, behold

Their silver saviours and their saints of gold.

3 [Vain are those artful shapes of eyes and ears,
The molten image neither sees nor hears ;

Their hands are helpless, nor their feet can move ,
They have no speech, nor thoug-hl, nor power, nor love;
Yet sottish mortals make their long complaints
To their deaf idols and their moveless saints.

f»SALM 116. 229

4 The rich have statues well adorned with gold j
The poor, content with gods of coarser mould,
With tools of iron carve the senseless stock,
Loipped from a tree, or broken from a rock :
People and priest drive on the solemn trade,
And trust the gods that saws and hammers made.]

a 5 Be heaven and earth amazed ! — 'Tis hard to say^
Which the more stupid,- — or their gods or they.

6 O Israel, trust the Lord ; He hears and sees ;
He knows thy sorrows, and restores thy peace :
His worship does a thousand comforts yield ;
He is thy help, and he thy heavenly shield.

o 6 In God we trust : our impious foes in vain
Attempt our ruin, and oppose his reign ;

e Had they prevailed, darkness had closed oUr days^
And death and silence had forbid his praise :

s But we are saved, and live : let songs arise,
And Zion bless the God who built the skies.

PSALM 116. C. M. IstPt Canterbury. [* b]

Recovery from Swkness.

1 [T LOVE the Lord ; he heard my cries^

A And pitied every groan :
Long as I live, when troubles rise.
I'll hasten to his throne.

2 I love the Lord : he bowed his earj
And chased my griefs away :

O let my heart no more despair,
While I have breath to pray !

fe 3 My flesh declined, my spirits feli^
And I drew near the dead ;
While inward pangs, and fears of hell^
Perplexed my wakeful head.

d 4 " My God," I cried, " thy servant saviBj
" Thou ever good and just ;
" Thy power can rescue from the grave ;
" Thy power is all my trust."

^—5 The Lord beheld me sore distressed j
He bade my pains remove :
Retilrn, my soul, to God thy rest.
For thou hast known his love.

o 6 My God hath saved my soul from deaths
And dried my falling; tears ;

230 PSALM 116, 117.

o Now to his praise Til spend my breath,
And my remaining years.]

C. M. 2d Part. Hymn 2d. St. Martin's. [*]

V. 12, &c. Vows made in Trouble, paid in the Church.

1 T^HAT shall I render to my God,

YV For all his kindness shown?
o My feet shall visit thine abode,
My songs address thy throne.
— 2 Among the saints who fill thy house^
My offering shall be paid ;
There shall my zeal perform the vows,
My soul in anguish made.

e 3 How much is mercy thy delight.
Thou ever blessed God !
How dear thy servants in thy sight I
How precious is their blood !
o 4 How happy all thy servants are I
How great thy grace to me !
My life, which thou hast made thy care,.
Lord, I devote to thee.
— 5 Now I am thine — forever thine —
Nor shall my purpose move ;
Thy hand hath loosed my bonds of pain,
And bound me with thy love.

6 Here, in thy courts, I leave my vow,

And thy rich grace record ;
Witness, ye saints, who hear me now.

If I forsake the Lord.

PSALM 117. C. M. Doxology. [*]

Praise to God from all JYations.

o 1 d~\ ALL ye nations, praise the Lord,
\y Each with a different tongue ;
In every language learn his word,
And let his name be sung.

2 His mercy reigns through every land !
Proclaim his grace abroad ;

Forever firm his truth shall stand ;
Praise ye the faithful God.

L. M. Old Hundred. [*]

ROM all who dwell below the skies,
Let the Creator's praise arise ;

PSALM 117, 118. 231

Let the Redeemer's name be sung,
Through every land, by every tongue.
2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord ;
Eternal truth attends thy word :
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
Till suns shall rise, and set, no more,

S. M. KihoortJi. [*]

1 f I ^HY name, almighty Lord,

_i_ Shall sound through distant lands
•Great is thy grace, and sure thy word ;
Thy truth forever stands.

2 Far be thine honour spread.
And long thy praise endure ;

Till morning light and evening shade
Shall be exchanged no more.

PSALM 118. CM. First Part. ilSfe^r. [*]
V. 6 — 15. Deliverance from a Tumult.

1 [FTIHE Lord appears my helper now,

JL Nor is my faith afraid
What all the sons of earth can do,
Since heaven affords its aid.

2 'Tis safer. Lord, to hope in thee,
And have my God my friend,

Than trust in men of high degree,
And on their truth depend.

3 Like bees my foes beset me round,
A large and angry swarm ;

But I shall all their rage confound,
By thine almighty arm.

4 'Tis through the Lord my heart is strong ;
In him my lips rejoice :

While his salvation is my song,
How cheerful is my voice !

5 Like angry bees they girt me round ;
When God appears they fly :

So burning thorns, with craclding sound,
Make a fierce blaze, and die.

6 Joy to the saints, and peace belongs;
The Lord protects their days ;

Let Israel tune immortal songs
To his almighty grace.]

232 PSALM 118.

C. M. Second Part, Barhy. [*]
V. 17—21. Public Praise for Deliverance from Death*

1 T" ORD, thou hast heard thy servant cry,

H A And rescued from, the grave ;
Kow shall he live : (and none can die,
If God resolve to save.)

2 Thy praise, more constant than before.
Shall fill his daily breath ;

Thy hand that hath chastised him sore,
Defends him still from death.

o 3 Open the gates of Zion now.
For we shall worship there—-
The house where all the righteous go,
Thy mer<5y to declare.

4 Among th' assemblies of thy saints,

Our thankful voice we raise ;
— ^Here we have told thee our complaints,
And here we speak thy praise.

C. M. Third Part. Colchester. Mear. [*]
V. 22, 23. Christ the Foundation of his Church.
1 13EHOLD, the sure foundation stone,

-O Which God in Zion lays,
To build our heavenly hopes upon,

And his eternal praise.

e 2 Chosen of God, to sinners dear.

And saints adore the name ;
o They trust their whole salvation here.

Nor shall they suffer shame.

e 3 The foolish builders, scribe and priest,
Reject it with disdain ;
Yet on this rock the church shall rest.
And envy rage in vain.

g 4 What though the gates of hell withstood,
Yet must this building rise ;
'Tis thine own work, almighty God,
And wondrous in our eyes.

C. M, Fourth Part. Sunday. Bethlehem. [*]

V. 24, 25, 26. Hosannafor the Lord's Day.

\ rriHlS is the day the Lord hath made ;
JL He calls the hours his own :

PSALM 118. 233

o Let heaven rejoice, let earth be glad,
And praise surround his throne.

o 2 To-day he rose and left the dead,
And Satan's empire fell ;
To-day the saints his triumphs spread,
And all his wonders tell.

3 Hosanna to the Anointed King,
To David's holy Son ;
•—Help us, O Lord ; descend, and bring
Salvation from thy throne.

o 4 Blest be the Lord, who comes to men
With messages of grace ;
Who comes, in God his Father's name,
To save our sinful race.

o 5 Hosanna in the highest strains.
The church on earth can raise ;

u The highest heavens, in which he reigns,
Shall give him nobler praise.

S. M. St. Thomas. [*]

V. 22—27. Salvation by Christ.

1 [OEE, what a living Stone
k3 The builders did refuse :
o Yet God hath built his church thereon,
In spite of envious Jews.

e 2 The Scribe and angry Priest

Reject thine only Son ;
o Yet on this Rock shall Sion rest,

As the chief Corner-Stone.
o 3 The work, O Lord, is thine,

And wondrous in our eyes;
This day declares it all divine.

This day did Jesus rise.
o 4 This is the glorious day,

That our Redeemer made :
Let us rejoice, and sing, and pray;

Let all the church be glad.
8 5 Hosanna to the King

Of David's royal blood ;
Bless him, ye saints : He comes to bring

Salvation from your God.
— 6 We bless thine holy word.

Which all this grace displays ;

234 PSALM 118, 119.

And offer on thine altar, Lord,
Our sacrifice of praise.]

L. M. Old Hundred. [*]

V. 22 — 27. A new Song of Salvation by Christ,

1 1~ O, what a glorious Corner- Stone
i J The Jewish builders did refuse !
But God hath built his church thereon,
In spite of envy, and the Jews.

c 2 Great God, the work is all divine,

The joy and wonder of our eyes !
This is the day that proves it thine,

The day that saw our Saviour rise.

3 Sinners, rejoice, and saints, be glad ;
Hosanna ! let his name be blest !
A thousand honours on his head.
With peace, and light, and glory rest !

— 4 In God's own name, he comes to bring

Salvation to our dying race ;
Let the whole church address their King,

With hearts of joy, and songs of praise.

-! ■ I ' ' ■ -~ . J l - . 1 J I l | >

PSALM 119.

/have collected and disposed the most useful verses of this
Psalm under eighteen different heads, and formed a Divine
Song upon each of them. But the vierses are much trans'-
posed, to attain some degree of connectioii.

In some places, instead of the words law, commands, jude""
ments, testimonies, I have used gospel, word, grace, truth,
promises, SfC, as more agreeable to the JVew Testament,
and the common language of Christians ; and it equally
answers the desigrn of the Psalmist, tchich was to recom-
mend the Holy Scriptures.

PSALM 119. C. M. First Part. Bedford. [*]

Blessedness of Saints, and Misery of Sinners.

Ver, 1, 2, 3,

1 TILEST are the undefiled in heart,
-13 Whose ways are right and clean ',
Who never from thy law depart,
But fly from every sin.

2 Blest are the men who keep thy word,
And practise thy commands ;

PSALM 119. 235

o With their whole heart they seek thee. Lord,
And serve thee with their hands.
Ver. 165.
c 3 Great is their peace, who love thy lawj

How firm their souls abide !
■ — Nor can a bold temptation draw
Their steady feet aside.

Ver. 6.
b 4 Then shall my heart have inward joy,
And keep my face from shame,
When all thy statutes I obey,
And honour all thy name.

Ver. 21, 118.
e 5 But haughty sinners God will hate ;
The proud shall die accursed ;
The sons of falsehood and deceit
Are trodden to the dust.

Ver. 119, 155.
p 6 Vile as the dross the wicked are ;
And those who leaA'e thy ways,
Shall see salvation from afar,
But never taste thy grace.

C. M. Second Part. Canterbury. [*]

Devotion ; constant Converse xcith God.

1 np'O thee, before the dawning light,
JL My gracious God, I prayj

1 meditate thy name by night,

And keep thy law by day.

Ver. 81.

2 My spirit faints to see thy grace ;
Thy promise bears me up :

And, while salvation long delays,
Thy word supports my hope.
Ver. 164.

3 Seven times a day I lift my hands.
And pay my thanks to thee ;

Thy righteous providence demands
Repeated praise from me.

Ver. 62.

4 When midnight darkness veils the skies,
I call thy works to mind ;

My thoughts in warm devotion rise,
And sweet acceptance find.

236 PSALM 119.

C. M. Third Part. St, Ann's, [*]
Sincerity, and devoted Obedience.
Ver. 57, GO.
o 1 1 1 iHOU art my portion, O my God ;
-L Soon as I know thy way,
My heart makes haste t' obey thy word,
And suffers no delay.

Ver. 30, 14.

2 I choose the path of heavenly truth,
And glory in my choice ;

Not all the riches of the earth
Could make me so rejoice.

3 The testimonies of thy grace
I set before mine eyes ;

Thence I derive my daily strength,
And there my comfort lies.
Ver. 59.
e 4 If once I wander from thy path,

I think upon my ways ;
o Then turn my feet to thy commands,
And trust thy pardoning grace.

Ver. 94, 144.
d 5 Now I am thine, — forever thine, —
e O save thy servant, Lord !
o Thou art my shield, my hiding place,

My hope is in thy word.

Ver 112.
— 6 Thou hast inclined this heart of mine

Thy statutes to fulfill ;
o And thus, till mortal life shall end,

Would I perform thy will.

C. M. Fourth Part. Mear. [*]

Instructions from Scripture.

Ver. 9.
b 1 flXOW shall the young secure their hearts,

JLX And guard their lives from sin .''
— Thy word the choicest rule imparts,
To keep the conscience clean.
Ver. 130.
o 2 W^hen once it enters to the mind.
It spreads such light abroad,
The meanest souls instruction find,
And raise their thoughts to God.

PSALM 119. 237

"" Ver. 105.

'^S 'Tis like the sun, a heavenly light,
That guides us all the day ;
And, through the dangers of the night,
A lamp to lead our way.

Ver. 99, 100.

4 The men who keep thy law with care,
And meditate thy word.

Grow wiser than their teachers are.
And better know the Lord,
Ver. 104, 113.

5 Thy precepts make me truly wise ;
I hate the sinner's road ;

I hate my own vain thoughts that rise,
But love thy law, my God,

Ver. 89, 90, 91.
g 6 (The starry heavens thy rule obey,
The earth maintains her place ;
And these thy servants, night and day,
Thy skill and power express.
b 7 But still, thy law and gospel. Lord,

Have lessons more divine :
g Not earth stands firmer than thy word ;
Nor stars so nobly shine.)

Ver. 160, 140, 9, 116.
•^ 8 Thy word is everlasting truth ;
How pure is every page !
That holy book shall guide our youth,
And well support our age.

C. M. Fifth Part, Barbi/. [*]

Delight in the Scriptures.

Ver. 97.

1 f\ HOW I love thy holy law !
\J 'Tis daily my delight ;

And thence my meditations draw
Divine advice by night.

Ver. 148.

2 My waking eyes prevent the day,
To meditate thy word ;

My soul with longing melts away,
To hear thy gospel. Lord.

Ver. 3, 13, 54.

3 How doth thy word my heart engage-
How well employ my tongue I

^38 PSALM 119.

And in my tiresome pilgrimage,
Yields me a heavenly song !
Ver. 19, 103.

4 Am I a stranger, or at home,
'Tis my perpetual feast !

Not honey, dropping from the comb,
So much delights my taste.
Ver. 72, 127.

5 No treasures so enrich the mind ;
Nor shall thy word be sold

For loads of silver well refined,
Nor heaps of choicest gold.

Ver. 28, 49, 175.

6 When nature sinks, and spirits droop.
Thy promises of grace

g Are pillars to support my hope, —
And there I v/rite thy praise.

C. M. Sixth Part. >S^^. Martin's. [*]

Holinets and Comfort from the Word.

Ver. 128.
ORD, I esteem thy judgments right,
And all thy statutes just ;
Thence 1 maintain a constant fight,
With every flattering lust.
Ver. 97, 9.

2 Thy precepts often I survey ;
I keep thy law in sight.

Through all the business of the day.
To form my actions right.
Ver. 62.

3 My heart, in midnight silence, cries,
" How sweet thy comforts be ! "

My thoughts in holy wonder rise.
And bring their thanks to thee.
Ver. 162.

4 And when my spirit drinks her fill.
At some good word of thine,

Not mighty men, that share the spoil.
Have joys compared to mine.

C. M. Seventh Part. Bedford. [*]

Imperfection of jYature : Perfection of Scripture.

Ver. 96, paraphrased.
1 T ET all the heathen writers join,
JLj To form one perfect book ;

PSALM 119. 239

Great God, if once compared with thine,
How mean their writings look !

2 Not the most perfect rules they gave,

Could show one sin forgiven ;
Nor lead a step beyond the grave ;

But thine conduct to heaven.

e 3 I've seen an end of what we call
Perfection, here below ;
How short the powers of nature fall.
And can no further go.

4 Yet men would fain be just with God,
By works their hands have wrought j

But thy commands, exceeding broad,
Extend to every thought.

e 5 In vain we boast perfection here.
While sin defiles our frame ;
And sinks our virtues down so far,
They scarce deserve the name.

-^6 Our faith, and love, and every grace,
Fall far below thy word ;
But perfect truth and righteousness
Dwell only with the Lord.

C. M. Eighth Part. York [*]

The Word of God the Sainfs Portion.
Ver. Ill, paraphrased.
1 ~r ORD, I have made thy word my choice,
§ A My lasting heritage ;
o There shall my noblest powers rejoice.
My warmest thoughts engage.

b 2 I'll read the histories of thy love.
And keep thy laws in sight ;
While through the promises I rove
With ever fresh delight.

— 3 'Tis a broad land — of wealth unknown.

Where springs of life arise, —
o Seeds of immortal bliss are sown,

And hidden glory lies.

— 4 The best relief that mourners have ;

It makes our sorrows blest :
g Our fairest hope beyond the grave,

And our eternal rest.

240 Psalm iia

C. M. Ninth Part^ Abridge. [*]
Teaching of the Spirit with the Word.

Ver. 64^ 68, 18.

1 f I IHY mercies fill the earth, O Lordj

JL How good thy works appear !
Open mine eyes to read thy word,
And see thy wonders there i

Ver. 73, 125.

2 My heart was fashioned by thy hand)
My service is thy due ;

O make thy servant understand
The duties he must do.

Ver. 19.

3 Since I'm a stranger here beloWj
Let not thy path be hid ;

But mark the road my feet should go,
And be my Constant guide.

Ver. 26.
p 4 When I confessed my wandering waysj
Thou heard'st my soul complain ;
Grant me the teachings of thy gracsj
Or I shall stray again.

Ver. 33, 34.
^^-5 If God to me his statutes shewj

And heavenly truth impart ',
o His work forever I'll pursue,

His law shall rule my heart.

Ver. 50, 71.
*— 6 [This was my comfort, when I bore
Variety of grief;
It made me learn thy word the niore^
And fly to that relief.

Ver. 51.
*! In vain the proud deride me now j

I'll ne'er forget thy law ;
Nor let that blessed gospel go,

Whence all my hopes I draw.

Ver. 27, 171.
8 When I have learned my Father's will,

I'll teach the world his ways :
My thankful lips, inspired with zeal,

Shall loud pronounce his praiso.]

PSALM 119. 241

C. M. Tenth Part. Swanwick. [b]

Pleading the Promises.
Ver. 38, 49.
1 "O EHOLD thy waiting servant, Lord,

J3 Devoted to thy fear ;
Remember, and confirm thy word,
For all ray hopes are there.

Ver. 41, 58, 107.
e 2 Hast thou not sent salvation down.
And promised quickening grace .''
Does not my heart address thy throne ? —
And yet thy love delays.

Ver. 123, 42.
p 3 Mine eyes for thy salvation fail ;
O bear thy servant up !
Nor let the scoffing lips prevail,
VV^hich dare reproach my hope.
Ver. 49, 74.
e 4 Didst thou not raise my faith, O Lord.'
— Then let thy truth appear ;
4> Saints shall rejoice in my reward,
And trust as well as fear.

C. M. Eleventh Part. Hymn 2d. [b]

Breathing after Holiness.

Ver. 5, 33.

1 /~\ THAT the Lord would guide my ways,
VJ' To keep his statutes still !

O that my God would grant me grace.
To know and do his will.
Ver. 29.

2 O send thy Spirit down — to write
Thy law upon my heart !

Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,
Nor act the liar's part.

Ver. 37, 36.

3 From vanity turn off my eyes j
Let no corrupt design,

Nor covetous desires, arise
Within this soul of mine.
Ver. 133.

4 Order my footsteps by thy word,
And make my heart sincere :

Let sin have no dominion, Lord ;
But keep my conscience clear.

1242 PSALM 119.

Ver. ]76.
<e 5 My soul hath gone too far astray,
My feet too often slip ;
Yet since I've not forgot thy way,
Restore thy wandering sheep.
Ver. 35.
•o 6 Make me to walk in thy commands ;
'Tis a delightful road ;
Nor let my head, or heart, or hands.
Offend against my God.

C. M. Twelfth Part. Wantage. [*]
Breathing after Comfort and Deliverance.
Ver. 153.
•e 1 "IVTY God, consider my distress,
_LTJ_ Let mercy plead my cause ;
Though 1 have sinned against thy grace,
I can't forget thy laws.

Ver. 39, 116.
p 2 Forbid, forbid the sharp reproach,
Which I so justly fear ;
Uphold my life, uphold my hopes,
Nor let my shame appear.

Ver. 122, 135.
-^3 Be thou a surety, Lord, for me,
Nor let the proud oppress ;
But make thy waiting servant see
The shinings of thy face.
Ver. 82.
e 4 Mine eyes with expectation fail ;
My heart within me cries,
" When will the Lord his truth fulfill,
" And make my comforts rise .'' "
Ver. 332.
. — 5 Look down upon my sorrows. Lord,

And show thy grace the same,
o As thou art ever wont t' afford
To those who love thy name.

C. M. Thirteenth Part. Colchester. [*]
Hohj Fear and Tenderness of Conscience.
Ver. 10.
1 ¥T7'ITH my whole heart I've sought thy face;

T T O let me never stray.
From thy commands, O God of grace,
Nor tread the sinner's way.

PSALM 119. 243

Ver. 11.

2 Thy word I've hid within my heart,
To keep my conscience clean ;

And be an everlasting guard
From every rising sin.

Ver. 63, 53, 158.

3 I'm a companion of the saints,
Who fear and love the Lord ;

a My sorrows rise, my nature faints,
When men transgress thy word.
Ver. 161, 163.
e 4 While sinners do thy gospel wrong,
My spirit stands in awe ;
My soul abhors a lying tongue.
But loves thy righteous law.
Ver. 161, 120.
p 5 My heart with sacred reverence hears
The threatenings of thy word ;
My flesh, with holy trembling, fears
The judgments of the Lord.
Ver. 166, 174.
—6 My God, I long, I hope, I wait

For thy salvation still ;
o While thy whole law is my delight,
And I obey thy will.

C. M. Fourteenth Part. Reading, [b *]

Benefit of Afflictions, and Support under them.
Ver. 153, 81,82.

1 /^ONSIDERallmy sorrows, Lord;
\y And thy deliverance send ;

My soul for thy salvation faints ,
'When will my troubles end .-'
Ver. 71.

2 Yet have I found 'tis good for me
To bear my Father's rod ;

Afflictions make me learn thy law,
And live upon my God.

Ver. 50.

3 This is the comfort I enjoy,
When new distress begins ;

I read thy word, I run thy way.
And hate my former sins.
Ver. 92.

4 Had not thy word been my delight,
When earthly joys -were fled,

244 PSALM 119.

My soul, oppressed with sorrow's weight,
Had sunk amongst the dead.
Ver. 75.

5 1 know thy judgments, Lord, are right,
Though they may seem severe ;

The sharpest sufferings I endure
Flow from thy faithful care.
Ver. 67.

6 Before I knew thy chastening rod,
My feet were apt to stray :

But now I learn to keep thy word,
Nor wander from thy way.

C. M. Fifteenth Part. BetJiIehem. [*J

Holy Resolutions.

Ver. 93.

1 1^ THAT thy statutes, every hour,
\y Might dwell upon my mind !

Thence I derive a quickening power,
And daily peace I find.

Ver. 15, 16.

2 To meditate thy precepts. Lord,
Shall be my sweet employ ;

My soul shall ne'er forget thy word;
o Thy word is all my joy.

Ver. 32.
— 3 How would I run in thy commands.
If thou my heart discharge
From sin's and Satan's hateful chains,
And set my feet at large.

Ver. 13, 48.
o 4 My lips with courage shall declare
Thy statutes and thy name ;
I'll speak thy word, though kings should hear,
Nor yield to sinful shame.

Ver. 61,69,70.
' — 5 Let bands of persecutors rise,
To rob me of my right, —
Let pride and malice forge their lies,
Thy law is my delight.

Ver. 115.
o 6 Depart from me, ye wicked race,
Whose hands and hearts are ill ;
I love my God, I love his ways,
And must obey his v/ill.

PSALM 119. 245

C. M. Sixteenth Part. Plymouth, [b]

Prayer for Quickening Grace.
Ver. 25, 37.
p 1 IVr^f soul lies cleaving to the dust ;
J_TX Lord, give me life divine ;
From vain desires and every lust,
Turn off these eyes of mine.

e 2 I need the influence of thy grace,
To speed me in thy way ;
Lest 1 should loiter in my race,
Or turn my feet astray.

Ver. 107.
3 When sore afflictions press me down,

I need thy quickening powers ;
Thy word that 1 have rested on

Shall help my heaviest hours.

Ver. 156, 40.
e 4 Are not thy mercies sovereign still .'
And thou a faithful God ?
Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal,
To run the heavenly road ?

Ver. 159, 40.
5 Does not my heart thy precepts love,
And long to see thy face ''
e And yet how slow my spirits move.
Without enlivening grace I

— 6 Then shall I love thy gospel more.
And ne'er forget thy word ,:
When 1 have felt its quickening power
To draw me near the Lord.

L. M. First Part. Babylon, [b]

Courage and Perseverance under Trials.

Ver. 143, 28.

1 "^XrHEN pain and anguish seize me, Lord,

T T All my support is from thy word :
My soul dissolves for heaviness ;
Uphold me with thy strengthening grace.

Ver. 51, 69, 110.

2 The proud have framed their scoffs and lies,
They watch my feet with envious eyes,

And tempt my soul to snares and sinj
Yet thy commands I ne'er decline.

246 PSALM 119, 120.

Ver. 161, 78.
3 They hate me, Lord, without a cause,
They hate to see me love thy laws ;
But 1 will trust, and fear thy name,
Till pride and malice die with shame.

L. M. Second Part. Quercy. [*]

Afflictions sanctified.

Ver. 67, 59.
1 "OATHER, I bless thy gentle hand-^

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