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2 From night to day, from day to night,
The dawning and the dying light,

Lectures of heavenly wisdom read j
With silent eloquence they raise
Our thoughts to our Creator's praise,

And neither sound nor language need.

o 3 Yet their divine instructions run,
Far as the joiirneys of the sun ;

And every nation knows their voice :
The sun, like sortie young bridegroom dresse(^,
Breaks from the chambers of the east ;

Rolls round and makes the earth rejoice.

g 4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad,
He smiles and speaks his Maker God ;
All nature joins to show thy praise :
Thus God in every creature shines :
— Fair is the book of nature's lines ;.
But fairer is the book of grace.}


b 5 I love the volumes of thy word ; —
What light and joy these leaves afford

e To souls benighted and distre.sse4 !

— Thy prepepts guide my doubtful way,
Thy fear forbids my feet to stray,
Thy promise leads my heart to rest.

6 From the discoveries of thy law,
The perfect rules of life I draw ;

These are my study and delight :
b Not honey so invites the taste.

Nor gold that has the furnace passed.

Appears so pleasing to the sight.

e 7 Thy threatenings wake my slumbering eyes,

And warn me where my danger lies ;
p But 'tis thy blessed gospel, Lord,

PSALM 20. 83

That makes my guilty conscience clean,
Converts my soul, subdues my sin,
And gives a free, but large reward.

e 8 Who knows the errors of his thoughts ?
My God, forgive my secret faults.

And from presumptuous sins restrain :
—Accept my poor attempts of praise,
That I have read thy book of grace ,-
And book of nature iiot in vain.

PSALM 20. L. M. Blendon. [*]
Prayer and Hope of Victory.

1 "IVrOW may the God of power and grace
_L 1 Attend his people's humble cry !

Jehovah hears when Israel prays.
And brings deliverance from on high.

2 The name of Jacob's God defends,
Better than shields or brazerl walls ;
He from his sanctuary sends
Succour and strength when Zion calls.

t 3 Well he remembers all our sighs,
His love exceeds our best deserts ;
His love accepts the sacrifice —
Of humble groans and broken hearts.

d 4 In his salvation is our hope ;
And in the name of Israel's God,
Our troops shall lift their banners tip,-
Our navies spread their flags abroad.

-^-5 Some trust in horses trained for war,
And some of chariots make their hoists ,■

Our surest expectations are

From thee, the Lord of heavenly hosts.

6 [O may the memory of thy name
Inspire our armies for the fight !
d Our foes shall fall and die with sliame,
Or quit the field with shaHmeful flight.]

—7 Now save us. Lord, from slavish fear,

Now let our hope be firm and strong ;
o Till thy salvation shall appear,
s And joy and triumph raise the song.

84 PSALM 21.

PSALM 21. C. M. Sunday. [*]
Our Country the Care of Heaven.

1 [/^U^ land, O Lord, with songs of praise

\y Shall in thy strength rejoice ;
And, blest with thy salvation, raise
To heaven their cheerful voice.

2 Thy sure defence, through nations round,
Has spread our wondrous name ;

And our successful actions crowned
With dignity and fame.

3 Then let our land on God alone
For timely aid rely ;

His mercy, which adorns his throne,
Shall all our wants supply.

4 But, righteous Lord, thy stubborn foes
Shall feel thy dreadful hand ;

Thy vengeful arm shall find out those
Who hate all just command.

5 When thou against them dost engage.
Thy just but dreadful doom

Shall, like a fiery oven's rage,
Their hopes and them consume.

6 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous power declare,
And thus exalt thy fame ;

Whilst we glad songs of praise prepare
For thine almighty name.]

L. M. Castlestreet. [*]

V. 1 — 9. Christ exalted to the Kingdom.

1 "I^AVID rejoiced in God his strength,
JLi' Raised to the throne by special grace;
o But Christ the Son appears at length,
Fulfills the triumphs and the praise.

— 2 How great is the Messiah's joy,

In the salvation of thy hand !
g Lord, thou hast raised his kingdom high.

And given the world to his command.

— 3 Thy goodness grants whate'er he will.
Nor does the least request withhold ;
Blessings of love prevent him still,
And crowns of glory, not of gold.

g 4 Honour and majesty divine
Around his sacred temples shine,

PSALM 22. 85

Blest with the favour of thy face,
And length of everlasting days.

e 5 [Thine hand shall find out all his foes.
And as the fiery oven glows.
With raging heat and living coals,
So shall thy wrath devour their souls.]

PSALM 22, C. M. First Part. Canterbury,
V. 1 — 16. The Sufferings and Death of Christ.

1 ["^'XrHY has my God my soul forsook,

▼ V Nor will a smile afford .?
(Thus David once in anguish spoke,
And thus our dying Lord.)

2 Though 'tis my chief delight to dwell
Among thy praising saints ;

Yet thou canst hear a groan as wellj
And pity our complaints.

3 Our fathers trusted in thy name,
And great deliverance found :

But I'm a worm despised of men,
And trodden to the ground.

4 Shaking the head, they pass me by^
And laugh my soul to scorn ;

" In vain he trusts in God," they cry,
" Neglected and forlorn."

5 But thou art he who formed my fleshy
By thine almighty word ;

And since I hung upon the breast,
My hope is in the Lord.

6 Why will my Father hide his face.
When foes stand threatening round,

In the dark hour of deep distress,
And not a helper found .?


7 Behold thy darling left among
The cruel and the proud ;

As bulls of Bashan fierce and strong,
As lions roaring loud.

8 From earth and hell my sorrows meet.
To multiply the smart ;

They nail my hands, they pierce my feetj
And try to vex my heart.

86 PSALM 22.

9 Yet if thy sovereign hand let loose
The rage of earth and hell ;

Why will my heavenly Father bruise
The Son he loves so well ?

10 My God, if possible it be,
Withhold this bitter cup :

But I resign my will to thee,
And drink the sorrows up.

11 My heart dissolves in pangs unknown ;
In groans 1 waste my breath :

Thy heavy hand hath brought me down,
Low as the dust of death.

12 Father, I give my spirit up,
And trust it in thy hand ;

My dying flesh shall rest in hope,
And rise at thy command.]

C. M. Second Part. Bedford. St. Ann's. [*]

V. 20, 21, 27 — 31. Christ's Sufferings and Kingdom.

pi" IVfOW from the roaring lion's rage,
1^ " O Lord, protect thy Son ;
" Nor leave thy darling to engage
" The powers of hell alone."

— 2 Thus did our suffering Saviour pray.

With mighty cries and tears :
o God heard him in that dreadful day.

And chased away his fears.

— 3 Great was the victory of his death,
His throne's exalted high ;
And all the kindreds of the earth,
Shall worship — or shall die.

4 A numerous offspring must arise.

From his expiring groans :
They shall be reckoned in his eyes

For daughters and for sons.

e 5 The meek and humble souls shall see

His table richly spread ;
— And all that seek tlie Lord shall be

With joys immortal fed.

o G The isles shall know the righteousness,
Of our incarnate God ;
And nations yet unborn, profess
Salvation in his blood.

PSALM 22, 23. 87

L. M. Carthage, [b]
Christ's Sufferings and Exaltation.
"OW let our mournful songs record
_L^ The dying sorrows of our Lord ;

When he complained in tears and blood,

As one forsaken of his God.
€ 2 The Jews beheld him thus forlorn,

And shook their heads, and laughed in scorn j
<1 '•' He rescued others from the grave ;

" Now let him try himself to save-

3 " This is the man did once pretend

'• God was his Father and his Friend ;

" If God the blessed loved him so,

" Why doth he fail to help him now ? "
o 4 Barbarous people ! cruel priests !

How they stood round like savage beasts !

Like lions gaping to devour.

When God had left him in their power,
p 5 They wound his head, his hands, his feet,

Till streams of blood each other meet ;

By lot his garments they divide,

And mock the pangs in which he died.

— 6 But God his Father heard his cry ;
o Raised from the dead, he reigns on high ;
— The nations learn his righteousness.
And humble sinners taste his grace.

PSALM 23. L. M. Green's. Islington. [*]

God our Shepherd.

1 IVTY shepherd is the living Lord ;

XTJL Now shall my wants be well supplied;
His providence and holy word
Become my safety and my guide.

2 In pastures where salvation grows.
He makes me feed, he makes me restj
There living water gently flows.
And all the food's divinely blest.

p 3 My wandering feet his ways mistake ;
— But he restores my soul to peace,
o And leads me for his mercy's sake,

In the fair paths of righteousness.
p 4 Though I walk through the gloomy vale,

Where death and all its terrors are ;


— My heart and hope shall never fail,
o For God my shepherd's with me there,
e 5 Amidst the darkness and the deeps,
— Thou art my comfort, thou my stay :
o Thy staff supports my feeble steps,
Thy rod directs my doubtful way.

e 6 [The sons of earth, and sons of hell.
Gaze at thy goodness, and repine,
To see my table spread so well.
With living bread and cheerful wine.],

7 [How I rejoice, when on my head
Thy Spirit condescends to rest I
o 'Tis a divine anointing shed.
Like oil of gladness at a feast.

s 8 Surely the mercies of the Lord
Attend his household all their days ;
There will I dwell to hear his word,
To seels; his face, and sing his praise.}

C. M. Barhy. [*]

1 ["IVTY Shepherd will supply my need;

XTJL Jehovah is liis name :
In pastures fresh he makes me feed,
Beside the living stream.

o 2 He brings my wandering spirit back,
When I forsake his ways ;
And leads me for his mercy's sake,
In paths of truth and grace.

e 3 When 1 walk through the shades of deatl^

Thy presence is my stay ;
A word of thy supporting breath

Drives all my fears away.
—4 Thy hand, in spite of all my foes,,

Doth still my table spread ;
o My cup with blessings overflows,

Thine oil anoints my head.

— 5 The sure provisions of my God

Attend me all my days ;
e O may thy house be my abode,

And all my work be praise !

— 6 There would I find a settled rest.
While others go and come ;
]So more a stranger or a guest,.
But like a child at home.

PSALM 23, 24. 89

S. M. Aylesbury. Dover. [*]
God's tender Care of his People.

1 fTlHE Lord my Shepherd is,

JL I shall be well supplied :
Since he is mine, and I am his,
What can I want beside ?

2 He leads me to the place,
Where heavenly pasture grows,

Where living waters gently pass,
o And full salvation flows.

e 3 If e'er I go astray,
— He doth my soul reclaim ;

And guides me in his own right way,
For his most holy name.

4 While he affords his aid,
o I cannot yield to fear !

e Though I should walk through death's dark shade,
o My Shepherd's with me there,

s 5 In spite of all my foes,

Thou dost my table spread ;
My cup with blessings overflows,
And joy exalts my head,

6 The bounties of thy love

Shall crown my following days ;
Nor from thy house will I remove.
Nor cease to speak thy praise.

PSALM 24. C. M. Abridge. Bedford. [*]
Dwelling tcith God.
1 r I iHE earth forever is the Lord's,
JL With Adam's numerous race 5
He raised its arches o'er the floods,
And built it on the seas.
fi 2 But who among the sons of men

May visit thine abode .''
d He who has hands from mischief clean,
Whose heart is right with God.

3 This is the man may rise, and take

The blessings of his grace ;
This is the lot of those who seek

The God of Jacob's face.

o 4 Now let our soul's immortal powers
To meet the Lord prepare ;

8 *

90 PSALM 24, 25.

o Lift up their everlasting doors ;
The King of glory's near.

e 5 The King of glory — who can tell

The wonders ©f lus might ?
— He rules the nations ; but to dwell

With saints, is his delight.

L. M. Islington. [*]
Saints dwell in Heaven ; or, Christ's Ascension.
d 1 fTHHIS spacious earth is all the Lord's,

JL And men and worms and beasts and birds j
— He raised the bu.ilding on the seas,

And gave it for their dwelling-place.
o 2 But there's a brighter world on high,

Thy palace, Lord, above the sky :
e Who shall ascend that blest abode,

And dwell so near his Maker God ?
d 3 He who abhors and fears to sin.

Whose heart is pure, whose hands are clean j

Him shall the Lord the Saviour bless.

And clothe his soul with righteousness.
— 4 These are the men, the pious race,

Who seek the God of Jacob's face j
o These shall enjoy the blissful sight,

And dwell in everlasting light.

Pause. Oporto
o 5 Rejoice, ye shining worlds on high,
— Behold the King of glory nigh !
e Who can this King of glory be ?
o The mighty Lord, the Saviour's he.
— 6 Ye heavenly gates, your leaves display.

To make the Lord, the Saviour, way ;
o Laden with spoils from earth and hell.

The Conqueror comes with God to dwell.
g 7 Raised from the dead, he goes before,

He opens heaven's eternal door.

To give his saints a blest abode,

Near their Redeemer and their God.

PSALM 25. S.M. 1st Part. Little Marlboro, [b]
Ver. 1 — 11. — Waiting for Pardon and Direction.
LIFT my soul to God,
My trust is in his name ',


PSALM 25. 91

e Let not my foes that seek my blood
Still triumph in my shame.

p 2 Sin, and the powers of hell,

Persuade me to despair :
— Lord, make me know thy covenant well,

That I may 'scape the snare.

e 3 From the first dawning light
'Till the dark evening rise,
For thy salvation, Lord, I wait,
With ever-longing eyes.

e 4 Remember all thy grace.
And lead me in thy truth ',
Forgive the sins of riper days,
And follies of my youth.

— 5 The Lord is just and kind.

The meek shall learn his ways ;
And every humble sinner find
The methods of his grace.

o 6 For his own goodness' sake,

He saves my soul from shame ;

He pardons (though my guilt be great,)

Through my Redeemer's name.

S. M. Second Part. Dover. [*]

Ver. 12, 14, 10, 13. — Divine Instruction.

e 1 "TTS^^HERE shall the man be found,
Y ? Who fears t' offend his God—
Who loves the gospel's joyful sound.
And trembles at the rod ?

— 2 The Lord shall make him know
o The secrets of his heart ;

o The wonders of his covenant show,
And all his love impart.

— 3 The dealings of his hand

Are truth and mercy still,
With such as to his covenant stand.
And love to do his will.

4 Their souls shall dwell at ease,
Before their Maker's face ;

Their seed shall taste the promises,
In their extensive grace.

92 PSALM 25, 26.

S. M. Third Part. St. Bridge's, [b]
Ver. 15 — 22. — Backsliding and Desertion.
1 IV/riNE eyes and my desire
-LTJL Are ever to the Lord;

I love to plead his promises,
And rest upon his word.

o 2 Turn, turn thee to my soul,

Bring thy salvation near ;
e When will thy hand release my feet

Out of the deadly snare 1

p 3 When shall the sovereign grace
Of my forgiving God,
Restore me from those dangerous ways,
My wandering feet have trod.

e 4 The tumult of my thoughts

Does but enlarge my woe ;
p My spirit languishes, my heart

Is desolate and low.

5 [With every morning light,
My sorrow new begins ;

Look on my anguish and my pain.
And pardon all my sins.


6 Behold the hosts of hell.
How cruel is their hate .''

Against my life they rise and join
Their fury with deceit.]

7 O keep my soul from death,
Nor put my hope to shame ;

For I have placed my only trust
In my Redeemer's name.

e 8 With humble faith I wait,

To see thy face again ;
o Of Israel it shall ne'er be said,
d He sought the Lord in vain.

PSALM 26. L. M. Querci/. Bath. [*]

Self- Examination ; or, Evidences of Grace.
1 TUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my ways,

97 And try my reins, and try my heart.
My faith upon thy promise stays,
Nor from thy law my feet depart.

PSALM 27. 93

e 2 I hate to walk, I hate to sit,
With men of vanity and lies ;
The scoffer and the hypocrite
Are the abhorrence of my eyes.

o 3 Amongst thy saints will I appear,

With hands well washed in innocence ;
e But when I stand before thy bar,

The blood of Christ is my defence.
— 4 I love thy habitation, Lord,

The temple where thine honours dwell ;
e There shall I hear thy holy word.

And there thy works of wonder tell.
—5 Let not my soul be joined at last

With men of treachery and blood ;

Since 1 my days on earth have passed

Among the saints, and near my God.

PSALM 27. C. M. First Part. Bedford. [*]
Ver. 1 — Q.^The Church our Delight and Safety,
1 FTIHE Lord of glory is my light,
JL And my salvation too ;
o God is my strength ; nor will I fear
What all my foes can do.

— 2 One privilege my heart desires-^
e O grant me an abode

Among the churches of thy saints,
The temples of my God.

— 3 There shall I offer my requests,
And see thy beauty still ;
Shall hear thy messages of love,
And there inquire thy will.

e 4 When troubles rise, and storms appear,
— There may his children hide ;
o God has a strong pavilion, where
He makes my soul abide.

s 5 Now shall my head be lifted high,
Above my foes around ;
And songs of joy and victory

Within thy temple sound. St. Martin s.

C. M. Second Part. Barhi/. St. Ann^s. [*]
Ver. 8, 9, 13, 14. — Prayer and Hope.
[OON as I heard my Father say,
'Ye children, seek my grace,"

94 PSALM 29.

— My heart replied without delay,
o " I'll seek my Father's face."

e 2 Let not thy face be hid from me,

Nor frown my soul away ;
e God of ray life, I fly to thee,

In a distressing day.

e 3 Should friends and kindred, near and dear,

Leave me to v/ant, or die ;
o My God would make my life his care,

And all my need supply.

— 4 My fainting flesh had died with grief,
Had not my soul believed,
To see thy grace provide relief —
Nor was my hope deceived.

5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints,
And keep your courage up ;
o He'll raise your spirit when it faints,
And far exceed your hope.

PSALM 29. L. M. Psalm 97. [*]

Storm and Thunder.

1 /^ IVE to the Lord, ye sons of fame,

xJB" Give to the Lord renown and power ;
Ascribe due honours to his name,
And his eternal might adore.

o 2 The Lord proclaims his power aloud.
Over the ocean and the land ;
His voice divides the watery cloud,
And lightnings blaze at his command.

g 3 He speaks, and tempest, hail, and wind.

Lay the Avide forest bare around ;
e The fearful hart, and frighted hind.

Leap at the terror of the sound.

g 4 To Lebanon he turns his voice.
And lo, the stately cedars break ;
The mountains tremble at the noise,
The valleys roar, the deserts quake.

5 The Lord sits sovereign on the flood ;
The Thunderer reigns forever king ;
—But makes his church his blest abode,
Where we his awful glories sing.

PSALM 30. 95

e 6 In gentler language there the Lord

The counsels of his grace imparts ;
o Amidst the raging storm, his word

Speaks peace and courage to cur hearts.

PSALM 30. L. M. First Part. Qwercy. [*]

Sickness healed and Sorrow removed.

1 [T WILL extol thee, Lord, on high ;

J- At thy command diseases fly :
Who but a God can speak and save,
From the dark borders of the grave .''

o 2 Sing to the Lord, ye saints of his,
And tell how large his goodness is ;
Let all your powers rejoice and bless,
While you record his holiness.

— 3 His anger but a moment stays ;

His love is life and length of days :
e Though grief and tears the night employ,
o The morning star restores the joy.]

L. M. Second Part. ArmJey. [b]

Ver. 6. — Health, Sickness, and Recovery.

1 I ,lIRM was my health, my day was bright,
JL And I presumed 'twould ne'er be night j
Fondly I said within my heart,
d '• Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart."

— .2 But I forgot thine arm was strong.

Which made my mountain stand so long ;
e Soon as thy face began to hide.

My health was gone, my comforts died.

— 3 I cried aloud to thee, my God,
e " What canst thou profit by my blood ?
" Deep in the dust, can 1 declare
" Thy truth, or sing thy goodness there ?

— 4 '^ Hear me, O God of grace ! " I said,
'' And bring me from among the dead : "

o Thy word rebuked the pains I felt.
Thy pardoning love removed my guilt.

— 5 My groans, and tears, and forms of woe,
Are turned to joy and praises now ;
I throw my sackcloth on the ground,
And ease and gladness gird me round.

98 PSALM 31.

o 6 My tongue, the glory of my frame,

Shall ne'er be silent of thy name ;
o Thy praise shall sound through earth and heavenj
' — For sickness healed, and sins forgiven.

PSALM 31. CM. First Part. Canterbury. [h]
Ver. 5, 13^-19, 22, 23. — Deliverance from Deatk.

1 1"NT0 thy hand, O God of truth,
i My spirit I commit ;

Thou hast redeemed my soul from death,
And saved me from the pit.

2 The passions of my hope and fear
Maintained a double strife ;

O While sorrow, pain, and sin conspired,

To take away my life,
d 3 " My times are in thy hand," I cried,

" Though I draw near the dust; "
—Thou art the refuge where I hide.

The God in whom I trust.
e 4 O make thy reconciled face

Upon thy servant shine ;
And save me for thy mercy's sake.

For I'm entirely thine.


5 ['Twas in my haste my spirit said,

" I must despair and die,
" I am cut off before thine eyes ; "
o But thou hast heard my cry.]

^^6 Thy goodness, how divinely free !
How wondrous is thy grace.
To those who fear thy majesty,
And trust thy promises !

o 7 O love the Lord, all ye his saints,

And sing his praises loud ;
• — He'll bend his ear to your complaints.

And recompense the proud.

C. M. Second Part. York [*]

V.7— 13, 18 — 21. ^Deliverance from, Slander and Kepi oach.
1 "IVXY heart rejoices in thy name,

JjT-L My God, my help, my trust ;
Thou hast preserved my face from sharaej

Mine honour from the dust

PSALM 32. 97

p 2 " My life is spent with grief," 1 cried,
" My years consumed in groans ;
" My strength decays, mine eyes are dried,
" And sorrow wastes my bones."

e 3 Among mine enemies, my name
Was a mere proverb grown ;
While to my neighbours, I became
Forgotten and unknown.

4 Slander and fear on every side ^
Seized and beset me round j

I to the throne of grace applied,
And speedy rescue found.


5 [How great deliverance thou hast wrought,
Before the sons of men !

The lying lips to silence brought,
And made their boasting vain !

6 Thy children, from the strife of tongues.
Shall thy pavilion hide :

Guard them from infamy and wrongs,
And crush the sons of pride.]

7 Within thy secret presence, Lord,
Let me forever dwell ;

o No fenced city, walled and barred.
Secures a saint so well.

PSALM 32. S. M. Dover, [*]

Forgiveness of Sins upon Confession.

o 1 f\ BLESSED souls are they,

v^ Whose sins are covered o'er ;
Divinely blest, to whom the Lord
Imputes their guilt no more.

— 2 They mourn their follies past.

And keep their hearts with care ;
Their lips and lives, without deceit,
Shall prove their faith sincere.

e 3 While I concealed my guilt,

I felt the festering wound ;
— Till I confessed my sins to thee,

And ready pardon found.

o 4 Let sinners learn to pray.

Let saints keep near the throne }

98 PSALM 32.

Our help in times of deep distress,
Is found in God alone.

C. M. Colchester. [*]
Free Pardon and sincere Obedience.
o 1 [T TAFFY the man to whom his God
_LjL No more imputes his sin ;
But washed in his Redeemer's blood,

Hath made his garments clean !
2 Happy, beyond expression, he

Whose debts are thus discharged ;
And from the guilty bondage free,
He feels his soul enlarged.

— 3 His spirit hates deceit and lies,
His words are all sincere ;
He guards his heart, he guards his eyes,
To keep his conscience clear.

€ 4 While I my inward guilt suppressed

No quiet could I find ;
Thy wrath lay burning in my breastj

And racked my tortured mind.
— 5 Then I confessed my troubled thoughts,

My secret sins revealed ;
o Thy pardoning grace forgave my faults.

Thy grace my pardon sealed.

— 6 This shall invite thy saints to pray ;
d When, like a raging flood.

Temptations rise, our strength and stay
Is a forgiving God.]

L. M. First Part. Green's. Quercy. [*]

Repentance, Justification, and Sanctification.

1 S__pLEST is the man, forever blest,

_h3 Whose guilt is pardoned by his God ;
Whose sins, with sorrow, are confessed,
And covered with his Saviour's blood.

2 Blest is the man to Vv^hom the Lord
Imputes not his iniquities ;

He pleads no merit of reward.
And not on works, but grace relies.

3 From guile his heart and lips are free ;
His humble joy, his holy fear,

With deep repentance well agree,
And join to prove his faith sincere.

PSALM 33, 33. 99

o 4 How glorious is that righteousness,

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