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e 3 Come, worship at his throne ;

Come, bow before the Lord :
— We are his work, and not our own,

He form'd us by his word.

4 To-day attend his voice,
Nor dare provoke his rod ;

Come, like the people of his choice,
And own your gracious God.

5 [Rut if your ears refuse
The language of his grace,

And hearts grow hard, like stubborn Jetra*
That unbelieving race }

6 The Lord, in vengeance dress'b
Will lift his hand and swear

10G PSALM 95, 96.

d ' You that despis'd my promis'd rest,
'Shall have no portion there.']

L. M. Blendon. Leeds. [*]
V. 1,2, 3, 6 — 11. Canaan lost through Unbelief.

1 [jf^OME, let our voices join to raise

^ A sacred song of solemn praise :
God is a sovereign King, rehearse
His honours in exalted verse.]

2 Come, let our souls address the Lord,
Who fram'd our natures with his word ;

o He is our Shepherd ■, we the sheep,

His mercy chose, his pastures keep.
—3 Come, let us hear his voice to-day,

The counsels of his love obey ;
e Nor let our harden 'd hearts renew

The sins and plagues that Israel knew.

4 Israel, who saw his works of grace,

Tempted their Maker to his face ;

A faithless, unbelieving brood,

That tir'd the patience "of their God !

d 5 [Thus saith the Lord, ' How false they prove !
1 Forget my pow'r ; abuse my love :
' Sincj they despise my rest, I swear,
' Their feet shall never enter there.']

a 6 Look back, my soul, with holy dread,
And view those ancient rebels dead :

— Attend the offer'd grace to-day,
Nor lose the blessing by delay.

o 7 Seize the kind promise, while it waits,
And march to Zion's heavenly gates :
Believe, and take the promis'd rest ;
Obey, and be for ever blest.

PSALM 95. CM. Arundel. Christmas. [*J
V. J — 10, &c. Christ's First and Second Coming

1 S ING to the Lord, ye distant lands,
£3 Ye tribes of ev'ry tongue ;

His new discover'd grace demands
A new and nobler song.

2 Say to the nations, Jesus reigns,
God's own almighty Son ;

• His power the sinking world sustains,
And grace surrounds his throne

PSALM 96. 197

—3 Let heaven proclaim the joyful day,
o Joy through the earth be seen ;
Let cities shine in bright array,
And fields in cheerful green.

4 Let an unusual joy surprise

The islands of the sea :
d Ye mountains, sink, ye valleys, rise •,

Prepare the Lord his way.
o 5 Behold, he comes, he comes to bless

The nations, as their God ;
o To show the world his righteousness,

And send his truth abroad.

g 6 But when his voice shall raise the dead,

And bid the world draw near ;
a How will the guilty nations dread,

To see their Judge appear !

P. M. St. Helen's. [*]
The God of the Gentiles
1 T ET all the earth their voices raise,
-L^ To sing the choicest psalm of praise j
To sing and bless Jehovah's name :
His glory let the heathens know ;
His wonders to the nations show ;
And all his saving works proclaim

y The heathens know thy glory, Lord,
The wond'ring nations read thy word ,

o Among us is Jehovah known :
Our worship shall no more be paid
To gods which mortal hands have made:

o Our Maker is our God alone.

3 He fram'd the globe, He built the sky,
He made the shining worlds on high,
And reigns complete in glory there ;
— His beams are majesty and light ;
b His beaut'es, how divinely bright!

His temple, how divinely fair!
g 4 Come, the are ;t day, the glorious houi,
When e^rth shall feel his saving power
And barb'rous nations fear his name ;
Then shall the race of men confess
The beauty of his holiness,
And, in his courts, his grace proclaim

198 PSALM 97.

PSALM 97 L. M. 1st Part. Psalm 97th. [*]
V. 1 — 5. Christ the Sovereign Judge.

1 T-TE reigns — the Lord, the Saviour reigns:
-H Praise him in evangelic strains :

Let the whole eartli in songs rejoice ;
And distant islands join their voice.

2 Deep are his counsels, and unknown ;
But grace and truth support his throne :
Though gloomy clouds his ways surround,

—Justice is their eternal ground.

g 3 In robes of judgment, lo, he comes 1

Shakes the wide earth, and cleaves the tombs;

Before him burns devouring fire!

The mountains melt v the seas retire !
—4 His enemies, with sore dismay,

Fly from the sight and shun the day :
o Then lift your heads, ye saints, on high,
u And sing, for your redemption's nigh.

L. M. 2nd Part. Old Hundred. [*]
V. 6 — 9. Christ's Incarnation.
1 npHE Lord is ccme: the heavens proclaim
i His birth ; the nations learn his name:
An unknown star directs the road
Of eastern sages to their God.
g 2 All ye bright armies of the skies,
Go worship where the Saviour lies ;
Angels and kings, before him bow,
Those gods on high and gods below.
— 3 Let idols totter to the ground,

And their own worshippers confound ;
o But .ludah shout, but Zion sing,
• And earth confess her sovereign King.
L. M. 3rd Part. Green's, [*]
Grace and Glory.
1 ^T^HE Almighty reigns, exalted high
■«- O'er all the earth, o'er all the sky ;
e Though clouds and darkness veil his feet,
o His dwelling is the mercy-seat.

—2 O ye, who love his holy name,
Hate ev'ry work of sin and shame :
He guards the souls of all his friends,
And from the snares of hell defends.

PSALM 97, 98. 199

o 3 Immortal light, and joys unknown,
Are for the saints in darkness sown ;
These glorious seeds shall spring and rise
And the bright harvest bless our eyes.

o 4 Rejoice, ye righteous, and record
The sacred honours of the Lord ;

— None, but the soul that feels his grace
Can triumph in his holiness.

C. M. Mitcham. Mear. [*]
V. 1, 3, 5 — 7, 11. Christ's Incarnation and tht
1 ~\T~E> shores and isles of ev'ry sea,
J- Rejoice — the Saviour reigns ;
His word, like fire, prepares his way
And mountains melt to plains.
o 2 His presence sinks the proudest hills,

And makes the valleys rise ;
—The humble soul enjoys his smiles,
e The haughty sinner dies.
o 3 The heavens his rightful power proclaim
e The idol gods around
Fill their own worshippers with shame,
And totter to the ground.

— 4 Adoring angels, at his birth,

Wake the Redeemer known:
g Thus shall he come — to judge the earth—

And angels guard his throne.
e 5 His foes s?iall tremble at his sight,

And hills and seas retire ;
o His children take their unknown flight
— And leave the world on fire.
6 The seeds of joy and glory, sown

For saints in darkness here,
o Shall rise and spring in worlds unknown,

And a rich harvest bear.

PSALM 98. C. M. 1st Part. Sunday. [*]
Praise for the Oospel.

1 nPO our almighty Maker, Gcd,

-B- New honours be address'd j
His great salvation shines abroad,
And makes the nations blest.

2 He spake the word to Abraham first ;
Hia truth fulfils his grace :

200 PSALM 98, 99.

The Gentiles make his name their trust,

And learn his righteousness.
o 3 Let the whole earth his love proclaim,

With all her different tongues ;
it And spread the honours of his name,

In melody and songs. St. Martin's

C. M. 2nd Part. Arundel. Bethlehem. [*~\

The Messiah's Coining and Kingdom.
1 TOY to the world— the Lord is come !
«* Let earth receive her King :
o Let every heart prepare him room,
u And heaven and nature sing.
—2 Joy to the earth— the Saviour reigns!

Let men their songs employ ;
o While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains.

Repeat the sounding joy.
e 3 No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground ;
o Hw comes to make his blessings flow,

Far as the curse is found,
g 4 He rules the world with truth and grace ;
And makes the nations prove
The glories of his righteousness,
And wonders of his love.

PSALM 99. S. M. 1st Part. Peckham. [*]

Christ's Kingdom and Majesty.
1 nn HE God, Jehovah, reigns 1
J- Let all the nations fear ;
e Let sinners tremble at his throne,
e And saints be humble there.

— 2 Jesus, the Saviour, reigns !

Let earth adore its Lord ;
o Bright cherubs his attendants stand,

Swift to fulfil his word.
— 3 In Zion is his throne ;
His honours are divine :
His church shall make his wonders known,
For there his glories shine.

e 4 How holy is his name t
How tenible his praise!
Justice, and truth, and judgment join
In" all Uis works of grace

PSALM 99, 100. 20)

S. M. 2nd Part. Newton. Watchman. [*]

A holy God worshipped with Reverence.
1 Tp XALT the Lord our God,
X-i And worship at his feet ;
His nature is all holiness,
And mercy is his seat.
e 2 When Israel was his church,
When Aaron was his priest, —
When Moses cry'd, when Samuel pray'd,
He gave his people rest.
— 3 Oft lie forgave their sins,

Nor would destroy their race ;
And oft he made his vengeance known,
Wheu they abus'd his grace.
o 4 Exalt the Lord our God,

Whose grace is still the same :
— Still he's a God of holiness,

And jealous for his name.

PSALM 100. L. M. 1st Part. Old Hundred. [*]
A plain translation. Praise to our Creator.
1 "V^E nations of the earth, rejoice

A Before the Lord, your sovereign King
o Serve him with cheerful heart and voice ;
o With all your tongues his glory sing.
« 2 The Lord is God ) — 'tis he alone
Doth life and breatli and being give ;
We are his work, and not our own ;
The sheep that on his pastures live.
o 3 Enter his gates with songs of joy ;
With praises to his courts repair ;
And make it your divine employ,
To pay your thanks and honours there.
— 4 The Lord is good •, the Lord is kind ;
o Great is his grace, his mercy sure ;
g And the whole race of man shall find
His truth from age to age endure.

L. M. 2nd Part. Old Hundred. [*]
A Paraphrase.
1 [^JING to the Lord with joyful voice

K? Let ev'ry land his name adore ;
The northern isles shall send the noise
Across the ocean to the shore.'i

202 PSALM 101.

e 2 Before Jehovah's awful throne,

Ye nations, bow with sacred joy ;

Know that the Lord is God alone ;

He can create, and he destroy.
^3 His sovereign power, without our aid,

Made us of clay, and form'd us men •,
e And when, like wand'ring sheep, we stray'd,
o He brought us to his fold again.

e 4 We are his people, we his care ;
Our souls and all our mortal frame :

o What lasting honours shall we rear,
Almighty Maker, to thy name ?

e 5 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs ;
High as the heavens our voices raise ;
And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,
Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise.

g 6 Wide — as the world, is thy command ;
Vast — as eternity, thy love :
Firm — as a rock, thy truth must stand,
When rolling years shall cease to move.

PSALM 101. L. M. Old Hundred. [*J
The Magistrate'' s Psalm.

1 ]%/TEE,CY and Judgment are my song ,
i-'JL And, since they both to thee belong,

My gracious God, my righteous King,
To thee my songs and vows I bring.

2 If I am rais'd to bear the sword,
I'll take my counsels from thy word ;
Thy justice and thy heavenly grace
Shall be the pattern of my ways.

3 Let wisdom all my actions guide,
And let my God with me reside ;

No wicked thing shall dwell with me,
Which may provoke thy jealousy.

4 No sons of slander, rage and strife
Shall be companions of my life ;
The haughty look, the heart of pride
Within my doors shall ne'er abide.

5 (I'll search the land, and raise the just
To posts of honour, wealth and trust,
The men who work thy holy will,
Shall be my friends and fav'rites still.)

PSALM 101, 102. 203

6 In vain shall sinners hope to rise,
By rlatt'ring or malicious lies:
And while the innocent I guard,
The bold offender sha'n't be spar'd.

7 The impious crew, that factious band,
Shall hide their heads, or quit the land j
And all who break the public rest,
Where I have power, shall be suppress'd

C. M. Mear. [*]

A Psalm for a Master of a Family.

1 /~VF justice and of grace I sing,
yJ And pay my God my vows ;

Thy grace and justice, heavenly King,
Teach me to rule my house. s

2 Now to my tent, O God, repair,
And make thy servant wise ;

I'll suffer nothing near me there,
That shall offend thine eyes

3 The man who doth his neighbour wrong,
By falsehood or by force,

The scornful eye, the slmd'rous tongue,—
I'll thrust them from my doors.

4 I'll seek the faithful and the just,
And will their help enjoy ;

These are the friends whom I shall trust,
The servants I'll employ.

5 The wretch, who deals in sly deceit,
I'll not endure a night :

The liar's tongue I ever hate,
And banish from my sight.

6 I'll purge my family around,
And make the wicked flee ;

So shall my house oe ever found
A dwelling fit for thee.

PSALM 102. C. M. 1st Part. China, [b]
V. 1—13, 20, 21. A Prayer for the Afflicted,
1 TTEAR me, O God, nor hide thy face }

A-l But answer, lest I die:
Hast thou not built a throne of grace*

To hear when sinners crv

204 PS^LM 102.

p 2 My days are wasted, like the smoke,
Dissolving in the air •,
My strength is dry'd ; my heart is broke,
And sinking in despair.

3 My spirits flag, like withering grass,
Burnt with excessive heat ;

In secret groans my minutes pass,
And I forget to eat.

4 [As on some lonely building's top,
The sparrow tells her moan ; —

Far from the tents of joy and hope,
I sit and grieve alone.

^ My soul is like a wilderness,
Where beasts of midnight howl :

Where the sad raven finds her place,
And where the screaming owl.

6 Dark, dismal thoughts and boding fears
Dwell in my troubled b>east ;

While sharp reproaches wound mine eara,
Nor give my spirit rest.

7 My cup is mingled with my woes,
And tears are my repast :

My daily bread, like ashes, grows
Unpleasant to my taste.

8 Sense can afford no real joy,
To souls that feel thy frown ;

Lord, 'twas thy hand advanc'd me high ;
Thy hand hath cast me down.

9 My locks like wither'd leaves appear j
And life's declining light

Grows faint as evening shadows are,
That vanish into night.]

10 But thou for ever art the same,
O my eternal God !

e Ages to come shall know thy name,

And spread thy works abroad.
o 11 Thou wilt arise, and shew thy face ;
Nor will my Lord delay,
Beyond «.h' appointed hour of grace,
That long expected day.
-12 He heurs his saints, he knows their cry
And, by mysterious ways,

PSALM 102. 205

Redeems the prisoners doom'd to die,
And fills their tongues with praise. Reading
C. M. 2nd Part. St. Paul's. Zion. [*1
V. 13 — 21. Prayer heard, and Zion restored
1 T ET Zion and her pons rejoice —
d M-t Behold the promised hour!
— Her God hath heard her mourning voice,

And comes V exalt his power.
e 2 Her dust and ruins that remain

Are precious in our eyes :
o Those ruins shall be built again.

And all that dust shall rise.
g 3 The Lord will raise Jerusalem,
And stand in glory there ;
Nations shall bow before his name,
And kings attend with fear.
p 4 He sits a Sovereign on his throne,
With pity in his eyes ;
He hears the dying prisoners groan,
And sees their sighs arise.
— 5 He frees the souls condemn'd to death ;
And, when his saints complain,
It sha'n't be said that praying breath
Was ever spent in vain.

o 6 This shall be known, when we are dead,
And left on long record, —
That ages, yet unborn, may read,
And trust and praise the Lord.

L. M. Dresden. Leeds, [b]
V. 23 — 28. Saints die, but C/wist and the Church
1 TT is the Lord our Saviour's hand,
-*- Weakens our strength amidst the race j
e Disease and death, at his command,

Arrest us, and cut short our days.
o 2 Spare us, O Lord, aloud we pray,

Nor let our sun go down at noon :
o Thy years are one eternal day,
* And must thy children die so soon I
— 3 Yet, in the midst of death and grief,
This thought our sorrow shall assauge ;
' Our Father and our Saviour live ;
• Christ is the same through ev'ry age.'

206 PSALM 103.

g 4 'Twas He this earth's foundation laid ;

Heaven is the building of his hand :
e This eartli grows old, these heavens shall fade

And all be chang'd at his command.
— 5 The starry curtains of the sky,

Like garments, shall be laid aside ;
g But still thy throne stands firm and high ;

Thy church for ever must abide.
o 6 Before thy face thy church shall live,

And on thy throne thy children reign :
o This dying world shall they survive,

And the dead saints be rais'd again.

PSALM 103. L. M. 1st Part. JVantwich. [*]
V. 1 — 7. Qod's Goodness to Soul and Body.

1 "O LESS, O my soul, the living God ;

-«-> Call home thy thoughts that rove abroad ;
o Let all the powers within me join
In work and worship so divine.

2 Bless, O my soul, the God of grace ;
His favours claim thy highest praise ;
Why should the wonders he hath wrought
Be lost in silence, and forgot?

3 'Tis he, my soul, who sent bis Son,
To die for crimes which thou hast done ;

o He owns the ransom, and forgives

The hourly follies of our lives.
— 4 The vices of the mind lie heals,

And cures the pains that nature feels :
o Redeems the soul from hell, and saves

Our wasting life from threat'ning graves.
—5 Our youth decay'd his power repairs ;

His mercy crowns our growing years :

He satisfies our mouth with good,

And fills our hope with heavenly food.

6 He sees the oppressor, and the oppress'd,

And often gives the sufTrers rest ;
g But will his justice more display

In the great, last, rewarding day.
— 7 [His power he shew'd by Jl/oscs' hands,

And gave to Israel his commands :
e But sent his truth and mercy down,
To all the nations,— by his Son.

PSALM 103. 207

— 8 Let the whole earth his power confess ;

Let the whole earth adore his grace :
o The Gentile with the Jew shall join

In work and worship so divine.] Brentford

L. M. 2nd Part. Green's. [*]
V. 8 — 18. Ood merciful in Chastisement.

1 rpHE Lord, how wondrous are his ways!

A How firm his truth ! how large his grace .
lie takes his mercy for his throne, —
And thence lie makes his glories known.

2 Not half so high his power hath spread
The starry heavens above our head,

As his rich love exceeds our praise ;
Exceeds the highest hopes we raise

3 Not half so far has nature piac'd
The rising morning from the west,
As his forgiving grace removes
The daily guilt of those he loves.

e 4 How slowly doth his wrath arise I

On swifter wings salvation flies :

e And, if he lets his anger burn,

o Kow soon his frowns to pity turn !

— 5 Amidst his wrath compassion shines 3

His strokes are lighter than our sins ;

And while his rod corrects his saints,

His ear indulges their complaints.

6 [So fathers their young sons chastise,
With gentle hands and melting eyes ;
The children weep beneath the smart,
And move the pity of their heart.


7 The mighty God, the wise and just,
Knows that our frame is feeble dust ;
And will no heavy loads impose,
Beyond the strength that he bestows.

8 He knows how soon our nature dies,
Blasted by ev'ry wind that flies ;
Like grass we spring, and die as soon,
As morning flowers that fade at noon.

9 But his eternal love is sure

To all the saints, and shall endure j

208 PSALM 103.

From age to age his truth shall reign •
Nor children's children hope in vain.]

S. M. 1st Part. Kibworth. Dover. [*]
V. 1 — 7. Spiritual and temporal Mercies.

I f\ BLESS the Lord, my soul ;

v^ Let all within me join,
And aid my tongue to bless his name,

Whose favours are divine.
o 2 O bless the Lord, my soul ;

Nor let his mercies lie,
Forgotten in unthankfulness,

And without praises die.
b 3 'T is he forgives thy sins ;

'Tis he relieves thy pain ;
'Tis he wiio heals thy sicknesses,

And makes thee young again.
—4 He crowns thy life with love,

When ransom'd from the grave ;
o He, who redeem'd my soul from hell,

Hath sovereign power to save.
— 5 He fills the poor with good •,

He gives the suff'rers rest :
o The Lord hath judgment for the proud,

And justice for th' oppress'd.
— 6 His wondrous works and ways

He made Ly Moses known ;
o But sent the world his truth and grace,

By his beloved Son.

S. M. 2nd Part. Watchman. [*]
V. 8 — 18. Mercy in the midst of Judgment.
1 []\ / f ¥" soul, repeat His praise,

lYl Whose mercies are so great ;
Whose anger is so slow to rise,
So ready to abate.
e 2 God will not always chide :

And when his strokes are felt,
His strokes are fewer than our crimes,
And lighter than our guilt.
o 3 High as the heavens are rais'd
Above the ground we tread ;
So far the riches of his grace
Our highest thoughts exceed

PSALM 103, 104. 209

—4 His power subdues our sins ;
And his forgiving love,
Far as the East is from the West,
Doth all our guilt remove.

t 5 The pity of the Lord,

To those that fear his name,
Is such as tender parents feel ;

He knows our feeble frame.
6 He knows we are but dust,

Scatter'd with ev'ry breath :
e His anger, like a rising wind,

Can send us swift to death.
p 7 Our days are as the grass,

Or like the morning flower ;
If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field,

It withers in an hour.
o 8 But thy compassions, Lord,

To endless years endure ;
And children's children ever find

Thy words of promise sure.]

S. M. 3rd Part. St. Thomas's. [*]
V. 19 — 22. Qod's Dominion .- or, Angelic Praist-

1 rp HE Lord, the sovereign King,

-i- Hath fix'd his throne on high ;
O'er all the heavenly world he rules,
And all beneath the sky.

2 Ye angels, great in might,
And swift to do his will.

Bless ye the Lord, whose voice ye hear,
Whose pleasure ye fulfil.

3 Let the bright hosts, who wait
The orders of their King,

And guard his churches when they pray,
Join in the praise they sing.

4 While all his wondrous works,
Through his vast kingdom, shew

Their Maker's glory, thou, my soul,
Shalt sing his graces too.

PSALM 104. L. M. Blendon. [*]
God glorious in Creation and Providence.
1 1VT Y soul, the great Creator praise :
ItI When cloth 'd in his celestial rays,

210 PSALM 104.

He in full majesty appears,
And, like a robe his glory wears.

[ Note. This Psalm may be sting to a different
metre by adding the following two lines to every

stanza, viz.

Great is the Lord ; what tongue can frame
An equal honour to his name.]

2 [The heavens are for his curtains spread ;
Th' unfathom'd deep he makes his bed j
Clouds are his chariot, when he flies
On winged storms across the skies.]

S Angels, whom his own breath inspires,
His ministers, are flaming fires ;
As swift as thought their armies move,
To bear his vengeance, or his love.

4 The world's foundations by his hand
Are pois'd, and shall for ever stand ;
He binds the ocean in his chain,

Lest it should drown the earth again.

5 [When earth was cover-d with the flood,
Which high above the mountains stood ;
He thunder'd, and the ocean fled,
Confin'd to its appointed bed.

6 The swelling billows know their bound,
And in their 'channels walk their round ;
Yet thence convey'd by secret veins,
They spring on hills, and drench the plains.

7 He bids the crystal fountains flow,
And cheer the valleys as they eo ;
Tame heifers there their thuF* a -lay,
And for the stream wiid »sses' n -y.

8 From pleasant trees, wnicf .nade the brink,
The lark and linnet light to ,'v.nk ;

Their songs the lark and linnet raise,
And chide our silence in his praise.


9 God from his cloudy cistern pours

On the parch'd earth enriching showers;
The grove, the garden, and the field.
A thousand joyful blessings yield

PSALM 104. 21]

10 He makes the grassy food arise,
And gives the cattle large supplies ;
With herbs for man of various power,
To nourish nature, or to cure.

11 What noble fruit the vines produce!
The olive yields an useful juice ;

Our hearts are cheer'd with gen'rous wine ;
With inward joy our faces shine.

12 O bless his name, ye people, fed
With nature's chief supporter, bread:
While bread your vital strength imparts,
Serve him with vigour in your hearts.


13 Behold the stately cedar stands,
Rais'd in the forests by his hands ;
Birds to the boughs for shelter fly,
And build their nests secure ou high.

14 To craggy hills ascends the goat •,
And, at the airy mountain's foot,
The feebler creatures make their cell ;
He gives them wisdom where to dwell.

15 He sets the sun his circling race,
Appoints the moon to change her face ;
And, when thick darkness veils the day,
Calls out wild beasts to hunt their prey.

16 Fierce lions lead their young abroad,
And, roarinsr, ask their meat from God ;
But when the morning beams arise,
The savage beast to covert flies.

17 Then man to daily labour goes ;
The night was made for his repose :
Sleep is thy gift, that sweet relief
From tiresome toil and wasting grief.

18 How strange thy works ! how great thy skill
And ev'ry land thy riches fill :

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