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£5 The Saviour's pard'ning blood,
Apply'd to cleanse my soul from guilt,
And bring me home to God.

o 2 Soon as the morn the light reveal'd,
His praises tun'd my tongue ;
And when the ev'ning shades prevail'd,
His love was all my song.

— 3 (In vain the tempter spread his wiles ;
The world no more could charm ,
I liv'd upon my Saviour's smiles,
And lean'd upon his arm.)

o 4 In prayer my soul drew near the Lord
And saw his glory shine ;
And when I read his holy word,
I call d each promise mine

538 HYMN 53. Select

e 5 But now — when ev'ning shade prevails,
My soul in darkness mourns :
And when the morn the light reveals,
No light to me returns.

6 My prayers are now a chatt'ring noise,

For Jesus hides his face •,
I read — the promise meets my eyes —

But will not reach my case.

—7 Rise, Lord, and help me to prevail —

O make my soul thy care ;
o I know thy mercy cannot fail ;
— Let me that mercy share. Newton.

HYMN 53. 8's. Bethany, [b]
Faith fainting.
e 1 Tj^NCOMPASS'D with clouds of distress,
•*-J Just ready all hope to resign,
I pant for the light of thy face,
And fear it will never be mine :
p Dishearten'd with waiting so long,
I sink at thy feet with my load ;
All-plaintive I pour out my song,
And stretch forth my hands unto God.

— 2 Shine, Lord, and my terrour shall cease ;

The blood of atonement apply ;

And lead me to Jesus for peace,—

The rock that is higher than I :
o Speak, Saviour, for sweet is thy voice ;

Thy presence is fair to behold ;
— Attend to my sorrows and cries, —
e My groanings that cannot be told.

— 3 If sometimes I strive, as I mourn,

My hold on thy promise to keep ;
o The billows more fiercely return,

And plunge me again in the deep.
— While harass'd and cast from thy sight,

The temptei suggests, with a roar,
d ' The Lord has forsaken thee quite ;

' Thy God will be gracious no more.'

e 4 Yet, Lord, if thy love has design'd
No covenant blessing for me,
Ah, tell me, how is it I find
Borne pleasure in waiting for thee ?

Select. HYMN 54. 539

Almighty to rescue thou art ;

Thy grace is my shield and my tower :
o Come, succour and gladden my beaut,

Let this be the day of thy power. Rippon's Col

HYMN 54. 7's. Fairfax, [b]

1 'rrus a point I long to know, —

A Oft it causes anxious thought : —
e Do I love the Lord, or no ?
Am I his, or am I not ?

2 If I love, why am I thus ?
Why this dull, this lifeless frame ?
Hardly, sure, can they be worse,
Who have never heard his name.

3 Could my heart so hard remain,
Prayer a task and burden prove —
Ev'ry trifle give me pain —

If I knew a Saviour's love ?
e 4 When I turn my eyes within,

All is dark, and vain, and wild ;

Fill'd with unbelief and sin —

Can I deem myself a child ?

5 If I pray, or hear, or read,

Ski is mix'd with all I do ;
d You, who love the Lord indeed,

Tell me — is it so with you ?
o 6 Yet I mourn my stubborn will,

Find my sin a grief and thrall ;

Should I grieve for what 1 feel,

If I did not love at all !

7 Could I joy his saints to meet,

Choose the ways I once abhorr'd —

Find, at times, the promise sweet,

If 1 did not love the Lord ?
—8 Lord, decide the doubtful case!

Thou, who art thy people's sun,

Shine upon thy work of grace,

If it be indeed begun.

9 Let me love thee more and more,

If I love at all, I pray 5

If I have not lov'd before,

Help me to begin to-day JVewlon

540 HYMN 55, 56. Select

HYMN 55. 8's. Consolation. [*]
rhe Holy Spirit addressed under Darkness.

1 T\ ESCEND, Holy Spirit, the Dove,
•L' And visit a sorrowful breast ;

e My burden of guilt to remove,

And bring me assurance and rest ;
-Thou only hast power to relieve

A sinner o'erwhelm'd with his load ;

The sense of redemption to give,

And sprinkle his heart with the blood.

2 With me, if of old thou hast strove,
And kindly withheld me from sin 5
Resolv'd, by the strength of thy love,
My worthless affections to win ;

The work of thy mercy revive,
Invincible mercy exert,
And keep my weak graces alive,
And set up thy rest in my heart.

3 If, when I have put thee to grief
And madly to folly return'd,

Thy goodness has been my relief,
And lifted me up as I rnourn'd ;

Spirit of pity and grace,
Relieve me again and restore ;
My spirit in holiness raise,

To fall, and to grieve thee, no more,
e 4 If now I lament after God,

And pant for a taste of his lovo —
e If Jesus, who pour'd out his blood,

Obtain'd me a mansion above ; —
Come, heavenly Comforter, come,

Sweet witness of mercy divine I
And make me thy permanent home,

And seal me eternally thine. Rippon.

HYMN 56. L. M. Sicilian, [b *]
Prayer answered ly Crosses.

1 T ASK'D the Lord that I might grow
1 In faith, and love, and every grace ;

Might more of his salvation know,
And seek more earnestly his face.

2 'Twas he who taught me thus to pray,
And he, I trust, has answer'd prayer ;

Select. HYMN 57, 58. 541

But it has been in such a way,
As almost drove me to despair.

3 I hop'd that in some favour'd hour,
At once he'd answer my request ;
And by *iis love's constraining power,
Subdue my sins, and give me rest.

• 4 Instead of this, he made me feel
The hidden evils of my heart ;
And let the angry powers of hell
Assault my soul in ev'ry part.

a 5 Yea, more — with his own hand he seem'd
Intent to aggravate my wo ;
Cross'd all the fair designs I schem'd,
Blasted my gourds, and laid me low.

e 6 Lord, why is this ? I trembling cry'd,
Wilt thou pursue thy worm to death ?

d ' 'Tis in this way (the Lord reply'd,)
' I answer prayer for grace and faith.

7 ' These inward trials I employ,

' From self and pride to set thee free,

* And break thy schemes of earthly joy,

' That thou may'st seek thy all in me.' Newton

HYMN 57. L. M. FleyeVs. [*]
Inconstancy lamented.
1 ~f\ EAR Jesus, when, when shall it be,

i-P That I no more shall break with thee *
When will this war of passion cease,
And I enjoy a lasting peace ?

e 2 Here I repent, and sin again,
Sometimes revive, sometimes am slain j
Slain with the same malignant dart,
Which, oh! too often wounds my heart

—3 When, gracious Lord, when shall it be.

That 1 shall find my all in thee—
o The fulness of thy promise prove,

And feast on thine eternal love ? Dorrington

HYMN 58. L. M. Bath, [b*]
Conflict between Sin and Holiness. Gal. v, 17.
1 TM7HAT jarring natures dwell within—
» » Imperfect grace, remaining sin I

542 HYMN 59. Select.

Not this can reign, nor that prevail,

Though each by turns my heart assail.
e 2 Now I complain, and groan, and die
o Now raise my songs of triumph high
o Sing a rebellious passion slain,
e Or mourn to feel it live again.
o 3 One happy hour beholds me rise,

Borne upwards to my native skies ;

When faith assists my soaring flight,

To realms of joy, and worlds of light,
e 4 Scarce a few hours or minutes roll,

Ere earth reclaims my captive soul ;
— I feel its sympathetic force,

And headlong urge my downward course.
e 5 How short the joys thy visits give !

How long thine absen e, Lord, I grieve 1

What clouds obscure my rising sun,

Or interrupt its rays at noon !

—6 Great God, assist me through the fight j
Make me to triumph in thy might:
Thou the desponding heart canst raise ;
The vict'ry mine, and thine the praise.


HYMN 59. C. M. Tunbridge. \* y
Watchfulness and Prayer.

e 1 4 LAS, what hourly dangers rise

x\ What snares beset my way !
— To heaven then let me lift my eyes,

And hourly watch and pray.
p 2 How oft my mournful thoughts complain,

And melt in flowing tears!
e My weak resistance, ah, how vain !
e How strong my foes and fears!

—3 O gracious God, in whom I live,
My feeble efforts aid ;
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive,
« Though trembling and afraid.

— 4 Increase my faith, increase my hope,
When foes and fears prevail ;
And bear my fainting spirit up,
$ Or soon my strength will fail.

Select. HYMN 60. 543

— 5 When strong temptations fright my heart,

Or lure my feet aside ;
o My God, thy powerful aid impart —

My guardian and my guide.

— 6 Still keep me in thy heavenly way,
o And bid the tempter flee ;
—And never let me go astray

From happiness and thee. Steele

HYMN 60. 8, 7 & 4. Helmsley. [*]
Hope encouraged. Ps. xlii, 5.
e 1 f\ MY soul, what means this sadness?
V* Wherefore art thou thus cast down ?
o Let thy griefs be turn'd to gladness ;
B ; d thy restless fears be gone :

Look to Jesus,
And rejoice in his dear name.

— 2 What though Satan's strong temptations
Vex and grieve thee, day by day ;
And thy sinful inclinations
Often fill thee with dismay ;

o Thou shait conquer —

Through the Lamb's redeeming blood

— 3 Though ten thousand ills beset thee,
From without and from within ;

e Jesus saith he'll ne'er forget thee,
But will save from hell and sin :

He is faithful
To perform his gracious word.

— 4 Though distresses now attend thee,

And thou tread 'st the thorny road ;

His right hand shall still defend the» *

Soon he'll bring thee home to God !

Therefore praise him —
Praise the great Redeemer's name.

—5 Oh, that I could now adore him,

Like the heavenly host above,
o Who for ever bow before him,

And unceasing sing his love 1
# Happy songsters !

When shall I your chorus join ? Fateceti.

544 HYMN 61, 62. Select.

HYMN 61 C. M. Bedford. [*]
Lively Nope and gracious Fear.

e 1 T WAS a grov'ling creature once,
-■- And basely cleav'd to earth ;
I wanted spirit to renounce
The clod that gave me birth.

— 2 But God has breath'd upon a worm,
And sent me from above,
Wings, such as clothe an angel's form, —
The wings of joy and love.

o 3 With these, to Pisgah's top I fly,

And there delighted stand ;

To view, beneath a shining sky,

The spacious, promis'd land.

o 4 The Lord of all the vast domain
Has promis'd it to me.; —
The length and breadth of all the plain,
As far as faith can see.

—5 How glorious is my privilege

To thee for help I call ;
t I stand upon a mountain's edge,

O save me, lest I fall!

— 6 Though much exalted in the Lord,

My strength is not my own ;
e Then let me tremble at his word,
o And none shall cast me down. Cowper.

HYMN 62. L. P. M. Sheffield. [*]
Assurance. Jer. xxxi, 3.

1 T ESUS, I know, hath died for me, —
«J This is my hope, my joy, my rest !

Hither, when hell assails, I rlee,
And look into my Saviour's breast :

o Away, sad doubts, and anxious fear —

e Mercy is all that's written there.

2 Though waves and storms go o'er my head,
e Though strength, and health, and friends, be

Though joys be wither'd all, and dead, [gone \
And every comfort be withdrawn :
g Steadfast on this my soul relies —
Father **vy mercy never dies.

Select. HYMN 63, 64. 545

— 3 Fix'd on this rock will I remain,

e When heart shall fail, and flesh decay •, —

g A rock which shall my soul sustain,

When earth's foundations melt away !
s Mercy's full power I then shall prove,

Lov'd with an everlasting love ! Lyndall

HYMN 63. L. M. Psalm 97th. [b]
Christ, the Believer's Ark. 1 Pet. iii, 20, 21.

1 npHE deluge, at th' Almighty's call,

J- In what impetuous streams it fell !
Swallow'd the mountains in its rage,
And swept a guilty world to hell.

2 In vain the tallest sons of pride
Fled from the close pursuing wave ;
Nor could their mightiest towers defend,
Nor swiftness 'scape, nor courage save.

e 3 How dire the wreck ! how loud the roar '.

How shrill the universal cry—

Of millions in the last despair —

Re-echo'd from the low'ring sky.

4 Yet Noah, humble, happy saint,

Surrounded with the chosen few,

Sat in his ark, secure frcm fear,

And sang the grace that steer'd him through.
o 5 So may I sing, in Jesus safe,

While storms of vengeance round me fall :

Conscious how high my hopes are fix'd,

Beyond what shakes this earthly ball.
— 6 Enter thine ark, while patience waits,

Nor ever quit that sure retreat ;
o Then the wide flood that buries earth,

Shall waft thee to a fairer seat.
8 7 Nor wreck nor ruin there is seen ;

There not a wave of trouble rolls ;

But the bright rainbow round the throne,

Se Is endless life to all their souls. Doddridge

■ ■■ -■, <

HYMN 64. 8&7. Emmaus. [*]

Christ, a Friend closer than a Brother. Prov

xviii, 24.
1 i"\NE there is, above all others,

" Well deserves the name of Friend
His is love beyond a brother's,

Costly, free, and knows nn end :

546 HYMN 65. Select

They who once his kindness prove,

Find it everlasting love.
e 2 Which of all our friends, to save us

Could, or would have shed their blood.'
o But our Jesus died to have us,

Recnncil'd in Kim to God :
o This is boundless love indeed !

Jesus is a friend in need.
e 3 When he liv'd on earth abased,

Friend of sinners was his name ,
— Now above all glory raised,

He rejoices in the same :

Still he calls them brethren, friends,

And to all their wants attends,
e 4 Oh for grace our hearts to soften !

Teach us, Lorn", at length to love ;
We, alas ! forget too often,

What a Friend we have above :
o But when home our souls are brought,

We will love thee as we ought. Newton.

HYMN 65. C. M. St. Jinn's. Mear. [b]
Manna, or daily Supply. Exod. xvi, 18.

1 TVTANNA to Israel well supply'd
It J. The wan t of other bread ;

While God is able to provide,
His people will be fed.

2 Of his kind care, how sweet a proof I
It suited every taste :

Who gather'd most had just enough,
Enough who gather'd least.
o 3 'Tis still our gracious Lord provides,
Our comforts and our cares ;
His own unerring hand provides,
And gives us each our shares,
e 4 He knows how much the weak can bear,

And helps them when they cry ;
o The strongest have no strength to spare,

For such he'll strongly try.
—5 Daily they saw the manna come,
And cover all the ground ;
But what they try'd to keep at home,
Corrupted soon was found

Select. HY MN 66, 67. 547

e C Vain their attempts to store it up ;

This was to tempt the Lord :
o Israel must live by faith and hope,

And not upon a hoard. Newton.

HYMN 66. C. M. York. [*]

Joys of Saints. Neh. ix, 10.
1 TOY is a fruit that will not grow,
*J In nature's barren soil ;
e All we can boast, till Christ we know,
Is vanity and toil.

— 2 But where the Lord has planted grace,

And made his glories known :' —
o There fruits of heavenly joy and peace

Are found — and there alone.

e 3 A bleeding Saviour seen by faith,
— A sense of pard'ning love, —
o A hope that triumphs over death,
o Gives joys like those above.

— 4 To take a glimpse within the vail.

To know that God is mine —
o Are springs of joy that never fail,
Unspeakable, divine !
I —5 These are the joys which satisfy,

And sanctify the mind ;
| o Which make the spirit mount on high,

And leave the world behind. Newton

HYMN 67 C. M. Hymn 2d. [*]
Walking with God. Grn. v, 24
I f\ll '■ for a closer walk with God -

vJ A calm and heavenly frame j
And light to shine upon the road,
That leads me to the Lamb !

e 2 Where is the blessedness I knew,
When first 1 saw the Lord ?
Where is the soul-refreshing view
Of Jesus, and his word ?

— 3 What peaceful hours I once enjoy'dl

How sweet their mem'ry still !
e But they have left an aching void,

The world can never fill

548 HYMN 68, 69. Select,

— 4 Return, O holy Dove, return,

Sweet messenger of rest ;
" I hate the sins that made thee mourn,

And drove thee from my breast.

5 The dearest idol I have known,
Whate'er that idol he —

Help me to tear it from thy throne,
And worship only thee.

6 So shall my walk be close with God,—
Calm and serene my frame ;

o And purer light shall mark the road,

That leads me to the Lamb. Cowper.

HYMN 68. C. M. Abridge. [*]
Light shining out of Darkness.
* /""l OD moves in a mysterious way,

vJ His wonders to perform ;
He plants his footsteps in the sea,

And rides upon the storm.
2 Deep in unfathomable mines

Of never-failing skill,
He treasures up his bright designs,
And works his sovereign will.
o 3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take ;
The clouds ye so much dread,
Are big with mercy, and shall break
With blessings on your head.
— 4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,

But trust him for his grace ;
e Behind a frowning providence
o He hides a smiling face.
— 5 His purposes will ripen fast,
Unfolding every hour*
The bud may have a bUier taste,
But sweet will be the flower,
e 6 Blind unbelief is sure to err,
And scan his work in vain ;
o God is his own interpreter,

And he will make it plain Corcper,

' HYMN 69. L. M. PleyeVs. [b]

Afflictions sanctified by the Word
1 i"|H how I love thy holy word —
vJ Thy gracious covenant, O Lord

i Select. HYMN 70. 549

It guides me in the peaceful way ;

1 think upon it all the day.

2 What are the mines of shining wealth?
The strength of youth, the bloom of health? —
What are all joys, compared with those,
Thine everlasting word bestows?

e 3 Long unafflicted, undismay'd,

! In pleasure's path secure I stray'd :

|— Thou mad'st 1113 feel thy chast'ning rod,

And straight I turn'd unto my God.

e 4 What though it pierc'd my fainting heart —

I bless thine hand that caus'd the smart ^

c It taught my tears a while to flow,

But sav'd me from eternal wo.

e 5 Oil ! hadst thou left me unchastis'd.

Thy precepts I had still despis'd ;

And still the snare in secret laid,

Had my unwary feet betray'd.
o 6 I love thee, therefore, O my God,

And breathe towards thy dear abode ;

Where, in thy presence, fully blest,

Thy chosen saints for ever rest. Corcper

HYMN 70. C. M. Barhy. [*]
1 f\ LORD, my best desire fulfil,

v^ And help me to resign
Life, health, and comfort to thy will,
And make thy pleasure mine
e 2 Why should I shrink at thy command,
Whose love forbids my fears ?
Or tremble at the gracious hand,
That wipes away my tears r
—3 No, let me rather freely yield
What most I prize, to thee,
Who never hast a good withheld,

Or wilt withhold from me.
4 Thy favour, all my journey through,

Thou art engag'd to grant ;
What else I want, or think I do,
'Tis better still to want.
5 Wisdom and mercy guide my way
e Shall I resist them both ?
e A poor blind creature of a day ?
And crush'd before the moth I

55 HYMN 71, 72. Select

—6 But ah ! my inward spirit cries;
Still hind me to thy sway ;
Else the next cloud that veils my skies,
Drives all these thoughts away. Cowper.

HYMN 71. C. M. Bedford. [* l>]
Resiffnation. It is the Lord. 1 Sam. iii, 18.

1 IT is the Lord— enthron'd in light,
-B- Whose claims are all divine ;

Who lias an undisputed right,
To govern me and mine.

2 It is the Lord — who governs all —
My wealth, my friends, my ease;

And of his hounties may recall
Whatever part he please.

e 3 It is the Lord — should I distrust,

Or contradict his will ? —
— Who cannot do but what is just,

And must he righteous still.

4 It is the Lord — who can sustain,

Beneath the heaviest load,

o From whom assistance I obtain,

To trea 1 the thorny road.

— 5 It is the Lord— whose matchless skill

Can from afflictions raise —
o Matter, eternity to fill

With ever-growing praise.

—6 It is the Lord — my cov'nant God,
o Thrice blessed be his Name ' —
Whose gracious promise, seal'd with blood,
Must ever be the same.

o 1 His cov'nant will my soul defend,

Should nature's self expire ;
g And the great Judge of all descend

In awful, flaming fire. Green,

HYMN 72. C. M. Twnbridgc. [*]

Self-denial ; or, Bearing the Cross. Mark viii, 38.
e 1 T\ IDST thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame,
-*-' And bear the cross for me ?
And shall I fear to own thy name
Or thy disciple be '

Select. HYMN 73. 551

!— 2 Inspire ray soul with life divine,

And make me truly bold ;
I Let knowledge, faith, and meekness shine,

Nor love, nor zeal, grow cold.
o 3 Let mockers scoff, tlie world defame,

And treat me with disdain ;
Still may 1 glory in thy name,

And count reproach my gain.
D 4 To thee [ cheerfully submit,

And all my powers resign ;
Let Wisdom point out what is fit,

And I'll no more repine. Kirhartu

HYMN 73. C. M. Reading. [*]
Contentment. Phil, iv, 11.

1 T7iIEE.CE passions discompose the mind,
-T As tempests vex the sea ;

But calm content and peace we find,
When, Lord, we trust hi thee.

2 In vain by reason, and by rule,
We try to bend the will ;

For none, but in the Saviour's school,
Can learn the heavenly skill.

3 Since at his feet my soul has sat,
His gracious words to hear ;

Contented with my present state,
I cast on him my care.

4 ' Art thou a sinner, soul ?' he said,

* Then how canst thou complain ?
'How light thy troubles here, if weigh'd

* With everlasting pain !

5 ( If thou of murm'ring would 'st be cur'd,
' Compare thy griefs with mine ;

' Think what my love fur thee endur'd—
' And thou wilt not repine.

6 ' 'Tis I appoint thy daily lot,
' And [ do all things well ;

' Thou soon shalt leave this wretched spot,
' And rise with me to dwell.

7 < In life my grace shall strength supply,
' Proportion'd to thy day ;

At death thou still shalt find me nigh,
' To wipe thy tears away.

552 HYMN 74, 75. Select

8 Thus I, who once 1113' wretched days

In vain repining spent ;
Taught in my Saviour's school of grace,

Have learn 'd to be content. Cowper.

HYMx\ r 74. C. M. St. Ann's. [*]
The Lord will provide. Gen. xxii, 14.

1 npHE saints should never lie dismay'd,

-"• Nor sink in hopeless fear ;
For when they least expect his aid,
The Saviour will appear.

2 This Abrah'm found : he rais'd the knife,
d God saw, and said, ' Forbear ; —

' Yon rani shall yield his meaner life :
' Behold the victim there.'
— 3 Once David seem'd Saul's certain prey ;
d But hark ! the foe's at hand :
— Saul turns his arms another way,
To save the invaded land.
4 When Jonah sunk beneath the wave,
He thought to rise no more •,
o But God prepar'd a fish, to save,

And bear him to the shore.
-5 Blest proofs of power and grace divine,
That meet us in his word !
May ev'ry deep-felt care of mine

Be trusted with the Lord.
6 Wait for his seasonable aid,

And though it tarry, wait :
The promise may be long delay'd ;
But cannot come too late. Cowper.

HYMN 75. H. M. Allertm. [*]
The Lord, my Banner. Exod. xvii, 15.
e 1 "O Y whom was David taught
-D To aim the dreadful blow,
When he Goliah fought,
And laid the Gittite low?
— No sword nor spear the stripling took,

But chose a pebble from the brook.
2 'Twas Israel's God and King,
Who sent him to the fight ;
Who gave him strength to sling,
And skill to aim aright :

I Select. HYMN 76. 553

I —Ye feeble saints, your strength endures

Because young David's God is yours
j e 3 Who order'd Gideon forth,
To storm th' invader's camp, —
With arms of little worth,
A pitcher and a lamp ?
j The trumpets made his coming known ,

And all the host was overthrown.
I o 4 Oh ! I have seen tjie day,
When, with a single word —
God helping me to say,
I e ' My trust is in the Lord,' —
I o My soul has quell'd a thousand foes,

Fearless of all that could oppose,
e 5 But unbelief, self-will,

Self-righteousness and pride —
How often do they steal
My weapons from my side!
| o Yet David's Lord, and Gideon's Friend,
Will help his servant to the end. Cowper

HYMN76. C. M. York. [*]
The Lord that healeth. Exod. XV.

1 TJEAL us, EMMANUEL ;— here we are,

■IJ- Waiting to feel thy touch :
Deep wounded souls to thee repair ;
a And, Saviour, we are such.
—2 Our faith is feeble, we confess,

We faiutly trust thy word ;
e But wilt thou pity us the less? —
d Be tiiat far from thee, Lord !
—3 Remember him who once applied,

With trembling, for relief ;
d ' Lord, I believe,' with tears he cried j

' O help my unbelief.'
—4 She, too, who touch 'd thee in the press,

And healing virtues stole,
d Was answer'd, ' Daughter, go in peace;

' Thy faith hath made thee whole.'
— 5 Conceal'd amidst the gath'ring throng,

She would have shunn'd thy view ;
And if her faith was firm and strong,

Had some misgivings too

554 HYMN 77, 78. Select .

6 Like her with hopes and fears we come,
To touch thee, if we may ;
• Oh ! send us not despairing home —

Send none unheard away. Cowper,

HYMN 77. L. M. Armley. [*]
The Lord send Peace. Judg. vi, 24.
e 1 TESUS, whose blood so freely stream'd

«J To satisfy the law's demand —
o By thee from guilt and wrath redeem'd,
Before the Father's face we stand.

—2 To reconcile offending man,

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