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The harvest shall hv far exceed
What I have sow'd in hope. Rippon.

HYMN 209. C. M. Abridge, [b]
Prayer for Rain.

1 TVTOW may the Lord of earth and skiea
J- 1 Eegard us when we call ;

'Tis he who bids the vapours rise,
And showers abundant fall.

2 On thee, our God, we all depeno
For life, and health, and food :

Oh make refreshing showers descend
And crown the year with good.

3 The evil and 1 he just partake
These bounties of thy hand ;

Nor will a God of love forsake
This long indulged land.

4 Let grace come down, like copious rain,
On Zion's drooping field :

60 shall our souls revive again,
And fruit abundant yield.

Select. HYMN 210,211. 637

o 5 Then smiling nature shall express
Her mighty Maker's praise ;
And we, the children of thy grace,
Join her harmonious lays. Burdens Col

HYMN 210. L. M. Psalm 97th. [* b]
1 ^ EE how brown autumn spreads the field.
►^ Mark— how the whitening hills are turn'd.
Behold them to the reapers yield, —
The wheat is sav'd — the tares are burn'd.
e 2 Thus the great Judge, with glory crown'd,

Descends to reap the ripen'd earth ;
g Ansrelic guards attend him down,
The same who sang his humble birth.

3 In sounds of glory hear him speak,

d ' Go, search around the flaming world ;
' Haste — call my saints to rise, and take
' The seats from which their foes were hurl'd

4 'Go, burn the chaff in endless fire,

' In flames unquench'd consume each tare ;

1 Sinners must feel my holy ire,

' And sink in guilt — to deep despair.'

a 5 Thus ends the harvest of the earth: —

— Angels obey the awful voice ;

d They save the wheat — they burn the chafF,-—

g All heaven approves the sovereign choice.

HYMN 211. C. M. Hymn 2d. [b *]
1 Q TERN winter throws his icy chains,
£5 Encircling nature round ;
p How bleak, how comfortless the plains,

Late with guy verdure crown'd !
e 2 The sun withdraws his vital beams,
And light and warmth depart - t
And drooping, lifeless nature seems

An emblem of my heart.
3 My heart, where mental winter reigns,
In night's dark mantle clad ;
p Confin'd in cold inactive chains —
How desolate and sad 1

638 HYMN 212, 213. Select.

— 4 Return, O blissful Sun, and bring
Thy soul-reviving ray ;
This mental winter shall be spring,
This darkness cheerful day.

o 5 O happy state — divine abode,
Where spring eternal reigns ;
And perfect day, the smile of God,
Fills all the heavenly plains.

g 6 Great Source of light, thy beams display ;
My drooping joys restore 5
And guide me to the seats of day,
Where winters frown no more.

HYMN 212. C. M. Canterbury. [>*]
Swiftness of Time. New Year.
1 T> EM ARK, my soul, the narrow bound
-I*' Of the revolving year ;
« How swift the weeks complete their round!
How short the months appear.

d 2 So fast eternity comes on —
And that important day,
When all that mortal life hath done,
God's judgment shall survey.

e 3 Yet, like an idle tale, we pass
The swift revolving year ;
And study artful ways t' increase
The speed of its career.

— 4 Waken, O God, my careless heart,
Its great concerns to see ;
That I may act the Christian part,
And give the yrarto thee.

© 5 So shall their course more grateful roll,
If future years arise ;
Or this shall bear my waiting soul
To joy beyond the skies. Doddridge.

HYMN 213. L. M. Castle-Street. [*]

Help obtained of Ood. New Year.

1 f* REAT God, we sing that mighty hand*

vX By which supported still we standi
The opening year thy mercy shews ;
Let mercy crown it till it close

Select. HYMN 214. 639

e 2 By day, by night, at home, abroad,

Still we are guarded by our God ;

By his incessant bounty fed,

By his unerring counsel led.
—3 With grateful hearts the past we own ;

The future — all to us unknown,

We to thy guardian care commit,

And peaceful leave before thy feet.

4 In scenes exalted or depress'd,

Be thou our joy, and thou our rest ;

Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise,

Ador'd through all our changing days,
e 5 When death shall interrupt our songs,

And seal in silence mortal tongues,
g Our Helper, God, in whom we trust, [Col

In better worlds our souls shall boast. Rippuji's

HYMN 214. 10 & 11. Walworth. [*|
Goodness of God. JVew Year.
1 TTOUbE of our God, with cheerful anthems

While all our lips and hearts his graces sing;
The opening year his graces shall proclaim,
And all its days be vocal with his name 5

The Lord is good— his mercy never ending ;

His blessings in perpetual showers descending.

2 The heaven of heavens he with his bounty fills;
Ye seraphs bright, on ever-blooming hills,

His honours sound ; you to whom good alone,

Unmingled, ever-growing, has been known :

Through your immortal life, with love increasing,

Proclaim your Maker's goodness — never ceasing.

3 Thou earth, enligMen'd by his rays divine,
Pregnant with grass, and corn, and oil, and wine,
Crown'd with his goodness, let thy nations meet,
And lay their crowns at his paternal feet ;

With gTateful love that lib'ral hand confessing,
Which through each heart diffuses ev'ry blessing
e 4 Zion, enrich 'd with his distinguish'd grace,
Blest with the rays of thine Emmanuel's face—
Zion, Jehovah's portion and delight,
Grav'n on his hands, and n«-urly in his sight,
In sacred strains, exalt that grace excelling.
Which makes thy humble hill bis chosen dwelling

640 HYMN 215, 216. Select.

— 5 His mercy never ends — the dawn, the shade

Still see new beauties thro' new scenes display'd;

Succeeding ages bless this sure abode,

And children lean upon their father's God,
e The deathless soul through its immense duration,

Drinks from this source immortal consolation.
B 6 Burst into praise, my soul ; all nature, join ;

Angels and men, in harmony combine :
e While human years are measur'd by the sun,

And while Eternity its course shall run —
g His goodness, in perpetual showers descending,

Exalt in songs and raptures never ending.


HYMN 215. CM. Sunday. [*]

Close of the Year.
1 A WAKE, ye saints, and raise your eyes,

-£*- And raise your voices high ;
o Awake, and praise that sovereign love,

That shews salvation nigh.
— 2 On all the wings of time it flies,

Each moment brings it near •,
o Then welcome, each declining day!

Welcome, each closing year '
— 3 Not many years their rounds shall run,

Nor many mornings rise,
Ere all its glories stand reveafd

To our admiring eyes.
o 4 Ye wheels of nature speed your course ;
e Ye mortal powers decay ;
— Fast as ye bring the night of death,
o Ye bring eternal day. Doddridge.

HYMN 216. L. M. Carthage, [b]
Importance of Time,
e I jTV TIME, how few thy value weigh:

VJ^ How few will estimate a day !
e Days, months, and years, are roiling on,
a The soul neglected — and undone.
—2 In painful cares, or empty joys,
Our life its precious hours destroys j
Whilst death stands watching at our side,
Eager to stop the living tide.

Select. HYMN 217. 641

t 3 Was it for this, ye mortal race,

Your Maker gave you here a place?

Was it for this his thoughts desigu'd

The frame of your immortal mind?
d 4 For nobler cares, for joys sublime,

He fashion 'd all the sons of time ;

Pilgrims on earth ; but soon to be—
. The heirs of immortality.
—5 This season of your being, know,

Is given to you your seeds to sow ;

Wisdom's and folly's differing grain,

In future worlds, is bliss, and pain,
e 6 Then let me every day review, —

Idle or busy, search it through ;
— And, whilst probation's minutes last,

Let ev'ry day amend the past. Scoff

HYMN 217. C. P. M. Pilgrim, [b]
Serious Prospect of Eternity.
e 1 T O ! on a narrow neck of land,

*-* 'Twixt two unbounded seas I stand —
p Yet how insensible !
— A point of time — a moment's space—
o Removes me to yon heavenly place,
e Or — shuts me up in hell !

— 2 O God, my inmost soul convert,
And deeply in my thoughtless heart

Eternal things impress ;
Give me to feel their solemn weight,
And save me, ere it be too late —

o Wake me to righteousness.

— 3 Before me place, in bright array,
The pomp of that tremendous day,

When thou with clouds shalt come,
To judge the nations at thy bar ; —
t And tell me, Loid, shall I be there,
To meet a joyful doom?

—4 Be this my one great business here —
With holy trembling, holy fear,

To make my calling sure 1
Thine utmost counsel to fulfil ,
And suffer all thy righteous will,
And to the end endure !

612 HYMN 218, 219. Select

o 5 Then, Saviour, then my soul receive,
Transported from this vale, to live
And reign with thee above ;
g Where faith is sweetly lost in sight,
And hope, in full, supreme delight,
And everlasting love. Rippon's Col.

HYMN 218. 8&7. Sicilian. [*j
Eternity joyfully anticipated.

1 TN this world of sin and sorrow,

1 Compass'd round with many a care,
Prom eternity we borrow
Hope that can exclude despair.

2 Thee, triumphant God and Saviour,
In the glass of faith we see !

assist each faint endeavour !
Raise our earth-born souls to thee.

e 3 Place that awful scene before us

Of the last tremendous day, —
—When to life thou wilt resYore as:

Lingering ages, haste away t

4 When this vile and sinful nature
Incorruption shall put on :
—Life renewing, glorious Saviour,

Let thy glorious will be done. Madan's Col.

HYMN 219. C. M. Plymouth, [b]
Old Jige approaching.

1 Tp TERNAL God, enthron'd on high 1
-I-i Whom angel hosts adore ;

Who yet to suppliant dust art nigh,
Thy presence I implore.

2 O guide me down the steep of age,
And keep my passions cool :

Teach me to scan the sacred page,
And practise every rule.

3 My flying years time urges on,
What's human must decay ;

e My friends, my young companions gone—
Can I expect to stay?

t 4 Can I exemption plead, when death
Projects his av/ful dart ?

Select. HYMN 220, 221. 643

Can med'cines then prolong my breath,
Or virtue shield ray heart ?

— 5 Ah, no !— then smooth the mortal hour ;
On thee my hope depends :
Support me with almighty power,
While dust to dust descends.

o 6 Then shall my soul, O gracious God !
(While angels join the lay,)
Admitted to the blest abode,
Its endless anthems pay : —

o 7 Through heaven, howe'er remote the bound^

Thy matchless love proclaim ;
g And join the choir of saints, who sound

Their great Redeemer's name. Rippon's Col

HYMN 220. C. M. Bishopsgate. [b]
Warning to prepare for Death.

1 T7"AIN man, thy fond pursuits forbeai —

» Repent ! — thy end is nigh !
Death, at the farthest, can't be far,
Oh, think before thou die !

2 Reflect— thou hast a soul to save :
Thy sins — how high they mount 1

What are thy hopes beyond the grave?
How stands that dread account ?

3 Death enters — and there's no defence:
His time, there's none can tell :

He'll in a moment call thee hence,
To heaven — or to hell !

4 Thy flesh, perhaps thy chiefest care,
Shall crawling worms consume ;

But, ah ! destruction stops not there !—
Sin kills beyond the tomb.

5 To-day the gospel calls ; — to-day,
Sinners, it speaks to you :

Let ev'ry one forsake his way,
And mercy will ensue. Hart

HYMN 221. C. M. Windsor, [b]
Death and Judgment appointed to all. Heb. ix,27
1 TJEAVEN has confirm'd the dread decree,
JTX That Adam's v ace must die :

644 HYMN 222, 233. Select

One gen'ral ruin sweeps them down —
And low in dust they lie.

2 Ye living men, the tomb survey,
Where you must shortly dwell ;

t Hark! how the awful summons sounds,
In ev'ry funeral knell!

3 Once you must die — and once for all ;
The solemn piwport weigh :

For know, that heaven or hell are hung
On that important day I

4 Those eyes, so long in darkness veil'd,
Must wake, the Judge to see ;

And ev'ry word — and ev'ry thought —

Must pass his scrutiny.
- 5 Oh may I in the Judge behold

My Saviour and my Friend ;
o And, far beyond the reach of death,

With all his saints ascend. Doddridge, \

HYMN 222. L. M. Islington. T*l
Desiring to depart and be with Christ. Phil, i, 23. 3

1 V17HILE on the verge of life I stand,
»* And view the scenes on either hand,

My spirit struggles with my clay ;

And longs to wing its flight away.
o 2 Come, ye angelic guardians, come,

And lead the willing pilgrim home ;

Ye know the way to Jesus' throne,

Source of my joys and of your own.
e 3 The blissful interview, how sweet,

To fall transported at his feet ; —
9 Rais'd in his aims, to view Ins face,

Through the lull beamings of his grace.
— 4 Yet, with these prospects full in sight,

I'll wait thy signal for my flight ;

For, while thy service I pursue,

I find my heaven begun below. Doddridge.

HYMN 223. C. M. St. Paul's, [b *]
Death welcomed: Heaven anticipated.

AND iet this feeble body fail,
And let it faint and die •,
My soul shall quit the mournful vale,
And soar to worlds on high :-

Select. HYMN 224. 645

2 Shall join the disembodied saints,
And find its long sought rest,

(That on'y bliss for which it pants,)
In the Redeemer's breast.
o 3 In hope of that immortal crown,

I now the cross sustain ;
. And gladly wander up and down,
And smile at toil and pain.
4 I suffer on my threescore years,

Till my Deliv'rer come,
And wipe away his servant's tears,
And take his exile home,
e 5 Oh, what hath Jesus bought for me I
Before my ravish'd eyes, ,

Rivers of life divine I see,
And trees of Paradise.
o 6 I see a world of spirits bright,

Who taste the pleasures there ;

o They all are rob'd in spotless white,

And conquering palms they bear.

—7 Oh what are all my sufF 'rings here,

If, Lord, thou count me meet,

With that enraptur'd host t' appear,

And worship at thy feet !
8 Give joy or grief, give ease or pain,

Take life and friends away ;
But let me find them all again.
In that eternal day.

HYMN 224. L. M. Carthage, [b *]

Death of the Sinner and Saint.

1 T^7HAT scenes of horrour and of dread —

» » Await the sinner's dying bed 1
Death's terrours all appear in sight,
Presages of eternal night!
e 2 His sins in dreadful order rise,
And fill his soul with sad surprise ;
Mount Sinai's thunders stun his ears,
And not one ray of hope appears.

3 Tormenting pangs Jisfact. his breast;
Where'er he turns he finds no rest:

Death strikes the blow— he groans and crie»—
And, in despair and horrour— d*PS.

646 HYMN 225, 296. Select

— 4 Not so the heir of heavenly bli3s :
His soul is fill'd with conscious peace ;
A steady faith subdues his fear ;
He sees the happy Canaan near.

b 5 His mind is tranquil and serene ;
No terrours in his looks are seen ;
His Saviour's smile dispels the gloom,
And smooths his passage to the tomb.

— 6 Lord, make my faith and love sincere,
My judgment sound, my conscience clear ;
And when the toils of life are past,
May I be found in peace at. last. Fawcett.

HYMN 225. C. M. St. Ann's. J*]
Infants, livina- or dying, in the Arms of Christ.

1 HHHY life I read, my dearest Lord,

A With transport all divine :
Thine image trace in ev'ry word,
Thy love in ev'ry line.

2 With joy I see a thousand charms,
Spread o'er thy lovely face,

While infants in thy tender arms,

Receive the smiling grace.
d 3 ' I take these little lambs,' said he,

1 And lay them in my breast ;
' Protection they shall find in me —

' In me be ever blest.

4 ' Death may the bands of life unloose,
' But can't dissolve my love ;

' Millions ot infant souls compose
' The family above.

5 l Their feeble frames my power shall raise,
' And mould with heavenly skill :

4 I'll give them tongues to sing my praise,

' And hands to do my will.'
o 6 His words, ye happy parents, hear,

And shout, with joys divine,
d ' Dear Saviour, all we have and are,

1 Shall be for ever thine.' Stennett.

HYMN 226. C. M. Canterbury, [b *]
On the Death of Children, lsa. iv, 5.

YE mouming saints, whose streaming teara
Flow o'er your children dead,

[ Select. HYMN 227. 647

I Say not, in transports of despair,
That all your hopes are fled.

2 While, cleaving to that darling dust,

In fond distress ye lie,
Rise, and with joy, and reverence, view

A heavenly Parent nigh.

e 3 Though, your young branches torn away,

Like wilher'd trunks ye stand ;
o With fairer verdure shall ye bloom,

Touch'd by the Almighty's hand.

Id 4 'I'll give the mourner,' saith the Lord,
' In my own house a place ;
* No name of daughters and of sons
1 Could yield so high a grace.

5 ' Transient and vain is every hope

* A rising race can give ;
' In endless honour and delight,

' My children all shall live.'

— 6 We welcome, Lord, those rising tears.

Through which thy face we see •, [hearts

o And bless those wounds which, through our
Prepare a way to thee. Doddridge


HYMN 227. C. M. Isle of Wight. [*]
Death of a Young Person.

1 YTITHEN blooming youth is snatch'd away

* » By death's resistless hand,
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay,
Which pity must demand.

2 While pity prompts the rising sigh,
Oh, may this truth, impress 'd

e With aw fid power — i too must die-
Sink deep in every breast.

e 3 Let this vain world engage no more :

Behold the gaping tomb !
—It bids us seize the present hour \

To-morrow death may come.

4 The voice of this alarming scene

May every heart obey ;
Nor be the heavenly warning vain,

Which calls to watch and pray.

648 HYMN 228, 229. Select

o 5 Oil let us fly, to Jesus fly,

Whose powerful arm can save ;
Then shall our hopes ascend on high,
And triumph o'er the grave.
—6 Great God, thy sovereign grace impart,
With cleansing, healit.g power j
This only can prepare the heart
For death's surprising hour. Steele.

HYMN 228. C. M. Zion. [*]
Death of pious Friends. I Tliess. iv, 13, 14.

1 npAKE comfort, christians, when your

A In Jesus fall asleep ; [friends

Their better being never ends j
Then why dejected weep?

2 Why inconsolable, as those
To whom no hope is given ?

Death is the messenger of peace,
And calls the soul to heaven.

3 As Jesus died, and rose again,
Victorious from the dead ;

o So his disciples rise and reign,
With their triumphant head.
e 4 The time draws nigh, when from the clouds

Christ shall with shouts descend ;
g And the last trumpet's awful voice

The heavens and earth shall rend.
— 5 Then they who live shall changed be,
And they who sleep shall wake ;
The graves shall yield their ancient charge,
And earth's foundation shake.
o 6 The saints of God, from deatli set free,

With joy sl'all mount on high ;
— The heavenly hosts, with praises loud,
Shall meet them in the sky.
7 A fcw short years of evil past,
We reach the happy slv>re ;
Where death-divided friends, at last,

Shall meet to part no more; Scotch Par

II YMNlQ9. C. U.~ST. PanPs. [b*J
The Christian's Farewell.
1 "YrE golden lamps of heaven, farewell,

X With all your feeble light ;
Farewell, thou ever-changing moon,
Pale empress of the night.

Select. HYMN 230. 649

2 And thou, refulgent orb of day,
In brighter flames array'd ;

My soul that springs beyond thy sphere,
Wo more demands thy aid.

3 Ye stars are but the shining dust
Of my divine abode ;

The pavement of those heavenly courts,
Where I sha-11 see my God.

o 4 The Father of eternal light
Shad there his beams display ;
Nor shall one moment's darkness mix

With that unvaried day.
5 No more the drops of piercing grief

Shall swell into my eyes ;
Nor the meridian sun decline,
Amidst those brighter skies.
g 6 There all the millions of his saints
Shall in one song unite ;
And each the bliss of all shall view,
With infinite delight. Doddridga

HYMN 230. 8's. Consolation. [*]
Death, Gain to a Believer.

1 TTOW blest is our friend— now bereft
XT Of all that could burden his mind I

How easy his soul — that, has left
This wearisome body behind?
Of evil incapable thou,
Whose relics with envy I see ;
No longer in misery now —
No longer a sinner like me.

2 This earth is affected no more
With sickness, or shaken with pain ;
The war with the members is o'er,
And never shall vex him again.

No anger, henceforward, nor shame,
Shall redden his innocent clay j
Extinct is the animal flame,
And passion is vanish'd away.

3 This languishing head is at rest ;
Its thinking and aching are o'er ;
This quiet, immoveable breast,

Is loeav'd by affliction no more.

650 HYMN 231, 232. Select.

This heart is no longer the seat
Of trouble and torturing pain ;
ft ceases to flutter and beat —
It never shall flutter again.

4 The lids he so seldom could close.
By sorrow forbidden to sleep,
Seal'd up in eternal repose,

Have strangely forgotten to weep.
The fountains can yield no supplies ;
These hollows from water are free ;
The tears are all wip'd from these eyes,
And evil they never shall see.

5 To mourn and to suffer is mine,
While bound in a prison I breathe,
And still for deliverance pine,
And press to the issues of death.
What now with my tears I bedew,
Oh, shall I not ere long become !
My spirit created anew —

My body consign'd to the tomb! Whitefield.

HYMN 331. L. M. Sicilian, [b *]
ji Funeral Hymn.

1 ¥ TNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb,

*J Take this new treasure to thy trust ;
And give these sacred relics room,
To seek a slumber in the dust.

2 Nor pain, nor grief, nor mxious fear
Invade thy bounds. No mortal woes
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here,
While angels watch the soft repose.

e 3 So Jesus slept ; — God's dying Son
Pass'd through the grave, and blest the bed,
Rest here, blest saint, till from his throne
The morning break, and pierce the shade.

o 4 Break from his throne, illustrious morn ;
Attend, O earth ! his sovereign word ;

» Restore thy trust — a glorious form —
Call'd to ascend and meet the Lord. Watts


HYMN 232. C. M. Sunday. [*]
The Resurrection. ICor. xv,52 — 58.
HEN the last trumpet's awful voice
This rending earth shall shake —

Select. HYMN 233. 653

When op'ning graves shall yield their charge,
And dust to life awake ; —

o 2 Those bodies, that corrupted fell,
Shall incorrupted rise ;
And mortal forms shall spring to life,
Immortal in the skies.

—3 Behold, what heavenly prophets sung,

Is now at last fulfill'd —
o That death should yield his ancient reign

And, vanquish'd, quit the field.
o 4 Let faith exalt her joyful voice,

And thus begin to sing ;
d £ O grave ! where is thy triumph now ?

And where, O Death ! thy sting ?

5 ' Thy sting was sin, and conscious guilt ;
'Twas this that arm'd thy dart ;

The law gave sin its strength, and force.
To pierce the sinner's heart.

6 ' But God, whose name be ever blest !
Disarms that foe we dread ;

And makes us conqu'rors, when we die,
Through Christ, our living head.'

— 7 (Then steadfast let us stili remain,
Though dangers rise around ;
And in the work prescrib'd by God,
Yet more and more abound : —

o 8 Assur'd, that though we labour now,
We labour not in vain ;
But, through the grace of heaven's great Lord,
Th' eternal crown shall gain.) Scotch Par

HYMN 233. C. M. Arundel. [*]

The last Tempest.

e 1 "V17"HEN wild confusion wrecks the air,
» » And tempests rend the skies j
Whilst blended ruin, clouds, and fire,
In harsh disorder rise ; —

o 2 Safe in my Saviour's love I'll stand.

And strike a tuneful song -,
d My harp all trembling in my hand,
o And all inspir'd my tongue.

652 HYMN 234. Select

d 3 I'll shout aloud, ' Ye thunders, roll,
' And shake the su'llen sky ;
' Your sounding voice, from pole to pole,
' In angry niurnrurs try.

4 ' Let the earth totter on her base,
' And clouds the heavens deform j

'Blow, all ye winds, from every place,
' And rush the final Storm !'

5 Come quickly, blessed Hope, appear —
Bid thy swift chariot fly ;

Let angels tell thy coming near,

And snatch me to the sky.
o 6 Around thy wheels, in the glad throng,

I'd bear a joyful part ;
g All hallelujah on my tongue —

All rapture in my heart. Byles.

HYMN 234. 8, 7, & 4. Littleton. [*]
Christ coming to Judgment.

1 T O, he comes — the King of glory !

1-* With his chosen tribes to reigny
Countless hosts of saints and angels
SweK the mighty conqu'ror's train ;

Now in triumph,
Sin and death are captive led.
g 2 See the rocks and mountains rending—

All the nations fill'd with dread !
e Hark! the trump of God — proclaiming
Through the mansions, of the dead —
d 'Come to judgment —

' Stand before the Son of Manl'
— 3 Now behold the dead awaking ;
Great and small before him stand;
Not one soul forgot, or missing:
None his orders countermand:
* All stand waiting —

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