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Where churches meet to praise and pray.

c 3 What glories were describ'd of old

What wonders are of Zion told !
o Thou city of our God below,

Thy fame shall Tyre and Egypt know.

o 4 Egypt and Tyre, and Greek and Jew,

Shall there begin their lives anew :
a Angels and men shall join to sing

The Hill where living waters spring.

— 5 When God makes up his last account
Of natives in his holy mount,
'Twill be an honour to appear,
As one new-born or nourish'd there !

PSALM 89. L. M. First Part. JVantwich. [*]
Covenant with Christ, the true David.

1 TJIOREVER shall my song record

JU The truth and mercy of the Lord ;
© Mercy and truth forever stand,
Like heav'n, establish'd by his hand.

2 Thus to his Son he swore, and said,
d u With thee my cov'nant first is made ;

" In thee shall dying sinners live,
*' Glory and grace are thine to give.

PSALM 89. 181

3 " Be thdu my Prophet, thou my Priest ;
u Thy children shall be ever blest :

41 Thou art my chosen King ; thy throne
" Shall stand eternal, like my own.

4 u There's none of all my sons above,
" So much my image, or my love :

11 Celestial pow'rs thy subjects are ;

14 Then what can earth to thee compare ?

5 " David my servant, whom I chose,
" To guard my flock, to crush my foes,
" And rais'd him to the Jewish throne,
u Was but a shadow of my Son."

o 6 Now let the church rejoice, and sing

Jesus her Saviour and her King ;
s Angels his heav'nly wonders show,

And saints declare his works below. Truro.

C. M. First Part. Colchester. Abridge. [* J

The Faithfulness cf God.

1 1%/TY never-ceasing songs shall show
J-T-M. The mercies of the Lord ;

And make succeeding ages know,
How faithful is his word.

2 The sacred truths, his lips pronounce,
Shall firm as heaven endure ;

And if he speaks a promise once, r

Th' eternal grace is sure.
e 3 How long the race of David held

The promis'd Jewish throne !
o But there's a nobler cov'nant seal'd,

To David's greater Son.

o 4 His seed for ever shall possess
A throne above the skies :
The meanest subject of his grace
Shall to that glory rise.

g 5 Lord God of hosts, thy wondrous ways,
Are sung by saints above ;
And saints on earth their honours raise,
To thy unchanging love.

C. M. Second Part. Plymouth, [b]
V. 7, &c. — Majesty of God: or, Reverential Worship*
€ 1 ~1^7"ITH rev'rence let the saints appear,

T ? And bow before the Lord ;

182 PSALM 89.

His high commands with rev'rence heap,
And tremble at his word.
a 2 How terrible thy glories rise !

— How bright thy beauties shine !

e Where is the pow'r with thee that vies ?

Or truth compar'd with thine ?
g 3 The northern pole, and southern, rest

On thy supporting hand ;
Darkness and day, from east to west,

Move round at thy command.
o 4 Thy words the raging winds control,

And rule the boist'rous deep ;
Thou niak'st the sleeping billows roll,

The rolling billows sleep.
—5 Heav'n, earth, and air, and sea are thine,
e And the dark world of hell :
a How did thine arm in vengeance shine,

When Egypt durst rebel !

g 6 Justice and judgment are thy throne,

— Yet wondrous is thy grace ;

o While truth and mercy join'd in one,
Invite us near thy face.

C. M. Third Part. Devizes. [*]
Ver. 15, &c. — A Blessed Gospel.

1 X>LEST are the souls, who hear and know
J3 The gospel's joyful sound ;

Peace shall attend the paths they go,
And light their steps surround.

2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up,
Through their Redeemer's name ;

His righteousness exalts their hope ;

Nor Satan dares condemn,
o 3 The Lord our glory and defence,

Strength and salvation gives :
g Israel, thy King for ever reigns,

Thy God for ever lives.

C. M. Fourth Part. Meat. [*]
Ver. 19, &c. — ChrisVs Mediatorial Kingdom,
1 XT EAR what the Lord in vision said,
XX And made his mercy known :
d " Sinners, behold your help is laid
" On my almighty Son.

PSALM 89. 183

2 " Behold the Man my wisdom chose,

44 Among your mortal race ;
" His head my holy oil o'erflows,

41 The Spirit of my grace.

«3" High shall he reign on David's throne,
44 My people's better King ;
** My arm shall beat his rivals down,
u And still new subjects bring.

—4 M My truth shall guard him in his way,

" With mercy by his side ;
© " While in my name, o'er earth and sea,

41 He shall in triumph ride.

— *-5 " Me for his Father, and his God,
44 He shall for ever own ;
u Call me his Rock, his high Abode,
o u And I'll support my Son.

g 6 " My first-born Son, array'd in grace,
M At my right hand shall sit ;
44 Beneath him angels know their place,
44 And monarchs at his feet.

d7 " My eov'nant stands for ever fast,
44 My promises are strong ;
" Firm as the heav'ns his throne shall last,
44 His seed endure as long."

C. M. Fifth Part. St. Asaph's. [*]
V. 30, &c. — The Covenant of GracCyOrdered and sure*

1 44 \TET, saith the Lord, if David's race,

X "The children of my Son,
e 4t Should break my laws, rbuse my grace,
44 And tempt mine anger down ; —

2 44 Their sins I'll visit with the rod, ,
44 And make their folly smart ;

«— * 4 But I'll not cease to be their God,
44 Nor from my truth depart.

3 " My eov'nant I will ne'er revoke,
44 But keep my grace in mind ;

** And what eternal love hath spoke,
" Eternal truth shall bind.

184 PSALM 89.

© 4 * l Once have I sworn, (I need no more,)
41 And pledged my holiness,
M To seal the sacred promise sure,
" To David and his race :

o 5 " The sun shall see his offspring rise,
" And spread from sea to sea ;
u Long as he travels round the skies,
" To give the nations day.
g 6 " Sure as the moon that rules the night,
"His kingdom shall endure ;
" Till the fix'd laws of shade and ligljt
li Shall be observ'd no more."

L. M. Second Part. PleyeVs. [b]
V. 47, &c. — Mortality and Hope. — A Funeral Psalm.
e 1 "O EMEMBER, Lord, our mortal state,
p X%/ How frail our life, how short the date '
Where is the man, who draws his breath,
Safe from disease, secure from death?

— 2 Lord, while we see whole nations die,

Our flesh and sense repine and cry,
p " Must death for ever rage and reign?

M Or, hast thou made mankind in vain ?

3 " Where is thy promise to the just ?
" Are not thy servants turn'd to dust?"

— But faith forbids these mournful sighs,
o And sees the sleeping dust arise.

4 That glorious hour, that dreadful day,
Wipes the reproach of saints away,
And clears the honour of thy word ;

8 Awake our souls, and bless the Lord,

P. M. Harlington. [b *]
Ver. 47, &c. — Life, Death, and the Resurrection,
e 1 rilHINK, mighty God, on feeble man ;
e JL How few his hours, how short his span !
— Short from the cradle to the grave :
e Who can secure his vital breath,
Against the bold demands of death,
With skill to fly, or pow'r to save ?
^—2 Lord, shall it be for ever said,
d 4t The race of man was only made

t; For sickness, sorrow, and the dust ?'*

PSALM 90. 185

c Are not thy servants, day by day,

Sent to their graves, and turn'd to clay ?
« Lord, where's thy kindness to the just?

— 3 Hast thou not promis'd to thy Son,
And all his seed, a heav'nly crown ?

p But flesh and sense indulge despair:
o Forever blessed be the Lord,

That faith can read his holy word,
And find a resurrection there.
« 4 For ever blessed be the Lord,

Who gives his saints a long reward,

— For all their toil, reproach and pain :
s Let all below, and all above,

Join to proclaim thy wondrous love,
g And each repeat their loud — Ameh - .

PSALM 90. L. M. Carthage. Worship. [* b]

Man mortal, and God eternal.

1 fTIHROUGH ev'ry age, eternal God,
JL Thou art our rest, our safe abode ;

High was thy throne, e'er heav'n was made,

Or earth thy humble footstool laid.

H Long hadst thou reign'd, ere time began,

Or dust was fashion'd into man ;

And long thy kingdom shall endure,

When earth and time shall be no more.
*3 3 But man, weak man, is born to die,

Made up of guilt and vanity ;
a. Thy dreadful sentence, Lord, was just,-
4 " Return, ye sinners, to your dust."
*— 4 [A thousand of our years amount

Scarce to a day in thine account i

Like yesterday's departed light,

Or the last watch of ending night.]


—5 Death, like an overflowing stream,
Sweeps us away ; our life's a dream ;

^ An empty tale ; a morning flow'r,
Cut down and wither'd in an hour.

6 [Our age to seventy years is set :
How short the term ! how frail the state 1
And if to eighty we arrive,
W* rather sigh and groan than live,

186 PSALM 90.

7 But O how oft thy wrath appears,
And cuts off our expected years ;
Thy wrath awakes our humble dread ;
We fear the pow'r that strikes us dead.]

—8 Teach us, O Lord, how frail is man ;
And kindly lengthen out our span ;
'Till a wise care of piety
Fit us to die, and dwell with thee.

C. M. First Part. Wantage, [b]
Ver. 1 — 5. — Men frail, and God eternal.

1 /~\UR God, our help in ages past,
\J Our hope for years to come ;

Our shelter from the stormy blast,
And our eternal home.

2 Under the shadow of thy throne,
Thy saints have dwelt secure ;

Sufficient is thine arm alone,
And our defence is sure.

S [Before the hills in order stood,

Or earth receiv'd her frame ;
From everlasting thou art God ;

To endless years the same.

4 Thy word commands our flesh to dust,
u Return, ye sons of men ;"

All nations rose from earth at first,
And turn to earth again.]

5 A thousand ages, in thy sight,
Are like an evening gone ;

Short as the watch that ends the night,
Before the rising sun.

6 [The busy tribes of flesh and blood,
With all their lives and cares,

Are carry'd downwards by the flood,
And lost in following years.]

c 7 Time, like an ever-rolling stream,
Bears all it* sons away ;
They fly, forgotten, as a dream
Dies at the op'ning day.

o 8 Like flow'ry fields the nations stand,
Pleas'd with the morning light :

e The flow'rs, beneath the mower's hand,
Lie with'riogt ere His night.

PSALM 90. 187

—9 Our God, our help in ages past,
Our hope for years to come,
Be thou our guard while troubles last,
And our eternal home.

C. M. Second Part. China, [b]

V.8,1 1,9, 10, 12. — Mortality,, and preparation for death

el"," ORD, if thine eye survey our faults,
sLA And justice grows severe,
Thy dreadful wrath exceeds our tho'ts,
And burns beyond our fear.

2 Thine anger turns &m frame to dust ;
p By one offence to thee,
Adam and all his sons have lost
Their immortality.

«— 3 Life like a vain amusement flies,
A fable or a song ;
By swift degrees our nature dies,
Nor can our joys be long.

e 4 'Tis but a few whose days amount

To three score years and ten ;
p And all beyond that short account,

Is sorrow, toil and pain.

e 5 [Our vitals, with laborious strife,
Bear up the crazy load ;
And drag those poor remains of life,
Along the tiresome road.]

—6 Almighty God, reveal thy love,
And not thy wrath alone ;

let our sweet experience prove
The mercies of thy throne.

7 Our souls would learn the heav'nly art,

T' improve the hours we have ;
That we may act the wiser part,

And live beyond the grave.

C. M. Third Part. Canterbury, [b]
Ver. 13. &c. — Breathing after Heaven.

1 TJETURN, O God of love, return;
JL%/ Earth is a tiresome place :

How long shall we, thy children, mourn
Our absence from thy face ?

188 PSALM 90, 91.

. , " f m i »

2 Let heav'n succeed our painful years.,
Let sin and sorrow cease ;

And in proportion to our tears,
So make our joys increase*

3 Thy wonders to thy servants show,
Make thy own work complete ;

Then shall our souls thy glory know,
And own thy love was great.
O 4 Then shall we shine before thy throne,
In all thy beauty, Lord *
And the poor service we have done
Meet a divine reward*

S. M. Aylesbury, [b]
Ver. 5, 10, 12. — The Frailty and Shortness of Life*
1 "|* ORD, what a feeble piece
JL^i Is this our mortal frame !
e Our life — how poor a trifle 'tis,

That scarce deserves the name !
.p 2 Alas the brittle clay,

That built our bodies first !
And ev'ry month, and ev'ry day,
'Tis mould'ring back to dust.

— 3 Our moments fly apace,

Nor will our minutes stay ;
• Just like a flood, our hasty days
Are sweeping us away.

— 4 Well, if our days must fly,

We'll keep their end in sight ;
We'll spend them all in wisdom's way^
And let them speed their flight.

o 5 They'll sooner waft us o'er
This life's tempestuous sea :
Soon we shall reach the peaceful shore
Of blest eternity,

PSALM 91. L. M. Shoel Oporto. [*]

Ver. 1 — 7. — Safety in Public Diseases and Danger
1 TTTE who hath made his refuge — God,

JUL Shall find a most secure abode ;
Shall walk all day beneath his shade,
And there, at night, shall rest bis head.

PSALM 91. 180

2 [Then will I say, " My God, thy pow'r
44 Shall be my fortress and my tow'r ;

44 1 that am form'd of feeble dust,

44 Make thine almighty arm my trust.,"

3 Thrice happy man ! thy Makers cane
Shall keep thee from the fowler's snare;
Satan, the fowler, who betrays
Unguarded souls a thousand ways.]

4 Just as a hen protects her brood,
(From birds of prey that seek their blood,)
Under her feathers, so the Lord

Makes his own arm his people's guard.
e 5 If burning beams of noon conspire,

To dart a pestilential fire ;
© God is their life ~. his wings are spread,

To shield them with a healthful shade.

e 6 If vapours, with malignant breath,
Rise thick, and scatter midnight death $

o Israel is safe : the poison'd air

Grows pure, if Israel's God be there.


—7 [What though a thousand at thy side,

At thy right hand ten thousand dy'd :

Thy God his chosen people saves,

Amongst the dead, amidst the graves*

8 So when he sent his angel down

To make his wrath in Egypt known,

And slew their sons, his careful eye

Fast all the doors of Jacob by.]
— 9 But if the fire, or plague, or sword,

Receive commission from the Lord,

To strike his saints among the rest,
& Their very pains and deaths are blest.

10 The sword, the pestilence, or fire,
Shall but fulfil their best desire ;
From sins and sorrows set them free,
And bring thy children. Lord, to thee.

C. M. Mear. [*]
V. 9 — 16. — Guard of angels, Victory and Deliverance*

[X7~E sons of men, a feeble race,
JL Expos'd to ev'ry snare,

190 PSALM 92.

Come, make the Lord your dwelling; place,
And try, and trust his care.

2 No ill shall enter where you dwell j
Or if the plague come nigh,

And sweep the wicked down to hell,
'Twill raise his saints on high.

3 He'll give his angels charge to keep
Your feet in .all their ways :

To watch your pillow while you sleep,
And guard your happy days.

4 Their hands shall bear you, lest you fall,
And dash against the stones ;

Are they not servants at his call,
And sent t' attend his sons ?

5 Adders and lions ye shall tread {
The tempter's wiles defeat ;

lie that hath broke the serpent's head,
Puts them beneath your feet.

6 u Because on me they set their love,
M I'll save them, (saith the Lord,)

** I'll bear their joyful souls above
* l Destruction and the sword.

7 '* My grace shall answer when they call ;
u In trouble I'll be nigh ;

W My pow'r shall help them when they fall,
" And raise them when they die.

6 '* Those that on earth my name have known,

u I'll honour them in heaven ;
** There my salvation shall be shown,

h And endless life be giv'n,"]

I! 1 ■

PSALM 92. L. M. First Part. Green's. [*]

JL Psalm for the Lor&s Day.
\ QWEET is the work, my God, my King^

k5 To praise thy name, give thanks, and sing;
To show thy love by morning light,
And talk of all thy truth at night.

e 2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest ;

No mortal cares shall seize my breast :
—0 may my heart in tune be found,

Like David's harp of solemn sound !
& 3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord,

And bless his works, and bless his word ;

PSALM 92, 93. 191

■Mmi'iii -■■ ■ .i ■■ ■. .1 ■■■■■■!!■ i i —i ■- ■■■ ii i ■■ m ^mm

e Thy works of grace, how bright, they shine !
e How deep thy counsels ! how divine I

— 4 Fools never raise their thoughts so high ;
e Like brutes they live, like brutes they die ;
— Like grass they flourish, till thy breath
d Blast them in everlasting death.
o 5 But I shall share a glorious part,

When grace hath well fefin'd my heart ;

And fresh supplies of joy are shed,

Like holy oil to cheer my head.
6 [Sin (my worst enemy before)

Shall vex my eyes and ears no more ;

My inward foes shall all be slain,

Nor Satan break my peace again.]
g 7 Then shall I see and hear and know,

All I desir'd or wished below ;

And ev'ry pow'r find sWeet employ,

In that eternal world of joy.

L. M. Second Part. Quercy. [*]
The Church the Garden of God.

1 1 " ORD, His a pleasant thing to stand,
JLi In garden's planted by thy hand ;

Let me within thy courts be seen,
Like a young cedar, fresh and green.

2 There grow thy saints in faith and love,
Blest with thine influence from above ;
Not Lebanon, with all its trees,

Yields such a comely sight as these.

3 The plants of grace shall ever live ;
(Nature decays, but grace must thrive ;)
Time that does all things else impair,
Still makes them flourish strong and fair.

4 Laden with fruits of age, they show
The Lord is holy, just and true i
None that attend his gates shall find
A God unfaithful or unkind.

PSALM 93. L. M. First Part. Old Hundred. [»
The Eternal and Sovereign God.
1 TEHOVAH reigns ; he dwells in light,

Cr Girded with majesty and might ;
The "world, created by his hands,
Still on its first foundation stands.

192 PSALM 93.

o 2 But ere this spacious world was made,
Or had its first foundations laid,
Thy throne eternal ages stood,
Thyself the ever-living God.

o 3 Like floods, the angry nations rise,
And aim their rage against the skies :

e Vain floods — -that aim their rage so high !

— At tby rebuke the billows die.
4 For ever shall thy throne endure ;
Thy promise stands for ever sure :
And everlasting holiness
Becomes the dwellings of thy grace.

P. M. First Part- Walworth. [*]
GocPs Majesty, and Sovereign Dominion,
1 ri^HE Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on high ;
JL His robes of state are strength and majesty ,
This wide creation rose at his command,
Built by his word, and 'stablish'd by his hand :

g Long stood his throne, ere he began creation,
And his own Godhead — is the firm foundation.

o 2 God is th 1 eternal King : thy foes in vain
Raise their rebellion, to confound thy reign :
In vain the storms, in vain the floods arise,
And roar, and toss their waves against the skies ;
Foaming at heav'n, they rage with wild commotion^
But heav'n's high arches scorn the swelling ocean.

d 3 Ye tempests, rage no more ; ye floods, be still \
And the mad world, obedient to his will :
Built on his truth, his church must ever stand \
Firm are his promises, and strong his hand :
See his own sons, when they appear before hins,
Bow at his footstool, and with fear adore him.

P. M. Second Part. Dalston, [*}
Gorf'j Power, and Zion^s Safety,

1 FTHIHE Lord Jehovah reigns, .

JL And royal state maintains ;
His bead with awful glories crown' d \

Array'd in robes of light,

Begirt with sov'reign might,
And rays of majesty around.

2 Upheld by his commands,
The world securely stands,

And skies and stars obey thy word*

PSALM 04. 193

g Thy throne was fixM on high,

Before the starry sky :
Eternal is thy kingdom, Lord.

e 3 In vain the noisy crowd,

Like billows fierce and loud,
Against thine empire rage and roar ;

In vain with angry spite,

The surly nations fight,
And dash like waves against the shore.
d 4 Let floods and nations rage,

And all their pow'rs engage, —
Let swelling tides assault the sky :

The terroure of thy frown

Shall beat their madness down ;
Thy throne for ever stands on high.
g 5 Thy promises are true,

Thy grace h ever new ",
There fix'd, thy church shall ne'er remove i

Thy saints, with holy fear*

Shall in thy courts appear,
And sing thine everlasting love.

PSALM 94. C. M. First Part, [b]

V. 1,2, 7 — 14. — Saints chastised, and Sinners destroyed*

1 [f\ GOD 1 to whom revenge belongs,

V-F Proclaim thy wrath alotfd j
Let sov'reign powV redress our wrongs,
Let justice smite the proud.

2 They say, " The Lord nor sees nor hears ;"
"When will the fools be wise ?

Can he be deaf, who form'd their ears ?
Or blind, who made their eyes ?

3 He knows their impious tho'ts are vain,
And they shall feel his pow'r ;

His wrath shall pierce their souls with pain,
In some surprising hour.

4 But if thy saints deserve rebuke,
Thou hast a gentler rod ;

Thy providences, and thy book,
Shall make them know their God.

5 Blest is the man thy hands chastise,
And to his duty draw :•


194 PSALM 94, 95.

■ ■ ' ■ • ' . i r

Thy scourges make thy children wise,
When they forget thy law.

6 But God will ne'er cast off his saints,

Nor his own promise break :
He pardons his inheritance

For their Redeemer's sake.]

C. M. Second Part. Reading, [b]

1 "^S/f[7"HO will arise, and plead my right,

IT Against my num'rous foes ;
While earth and hell their force unite,
And all my hopes oppose I

2 Had not the Lord, my Rock, my Help,
Sustain'd my fainting head,

e My life had now in silence dwelt,
My soul amongst the dead.

p 3 " Alas, my sliding feet !" I cry'rf,
— Thy promise was my prop ;

Thy grace stood constant by my side,
o Thy Spirit bore me up.

e 4 While multitudes of mournful thoughts*,

Within my bosom roll ;
o Thy boundless love forgives my faults,

Thy comforts cheer my soul.

—5 Pow'rs of iniquity may rise,

And frame pernicious laws ;
o But God, my refuge, rules the skies,

He will defend my cause.

—6 Let malice vent her rage aloud \

Let bold blasphemers scoff;
g The Lord our God shall judge the proud,-

And Cut the sinners off.

PSALM 95. C. M. Bedford. Plymouth. [*J
JL Psalm before Prayer.

1 OING to the Lord Jehovah's name,
^ And in his strength rejoice ;

When his salvation is our theme,
Exalted be our voice.

2 With thanks approach his awful sight,
And psalms of honour sing y

PSALM 95. 195

The Lord's a God of boundless might,
The whole creation's King.

3 Let princes hear, let angels know,
How mean their natures seem ;

Those gods on high, and gods below,
When once, compar'd with him.

4 Earth, with its caverns dark and deep,
Lies in his spacious hand ;

He fix'd the seas what bounds to keep,

And where the hills must stand.
e 5 Come, and with humble souls adore ;

Come, kneel before his face ;
O may the creatures of his power

Be children of his grace.
e 6 Now is the time : he bends his ear,

And waits for your request ;
Come, lest he rouse his wrath, and swear,

" Ye shall not see my rest."

S. M. Peckham. [*]
Ji Psalm before Sermon.

1 /^iOME, sound his praise abroad,
Vy And hymns of glory sing ;

Jehovah is the sov'reign God,
The universal King.

2 He form'd the deeps unknown ;
He gave the seas their bound ;

The wat'ry worlds are all his own,
And all the solid ground.

« 3 Come, worship at his throne,
Come bow before the Lord :

— We are his works, and not our own,
He form'd us by his word.

4 To-day attend his voice,
Nor dare provoke his rod ;

Come, like the people of his choice,
And own your gracious God.

5 [But if your ears refuse
The language of his grace,

And hearts grow hard, like stubborn Jew%
That unbelieving race ;

6 The Lord, in vengeance drest,
Will lift his hand and swear,

196 PSALM 95,96.

d t; You that despis'd my promisM rest,
** Shall have no portion there,"]

L.. M. Blendon. Leeds. [*]
V* 1, % 5) 6— 11.. — Canaan lost through Unbelief,
I [^SOME, let our voices join to raise
\y A sacred song of solemn praise :
God is a so^rejgn King-, rehearse
His honours in exalted verse.]
g Come^ Jet oar souls address the Lord,
Who fr-am'd our natures with his word }
o He is our Shepherd ; we the sheep,
His mercy chosfr, his pastures keep.

~— 3 Come, let us hear his voice to-day,
The counsels of his love obey ;

& Nor let our hardenM hearts renew
The sins and plagues that Israel knew,
4 Israel, who saw his works of grace,
Tempted their Maker to his face ;
A faithless, unbelieving bfood,
That tir'd the patience of their God !

d 5 [Thus saith the Lord, M How false they prove !
*' Forget my pow'r \ abuse my love :
* c Since they despise my rest., I swear,
u Their feet shall never enter there."]

A 45 Look back, my soul, with holy dread,

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