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Praise shall employ my nobler pow'rs :
My days of praise shall ne'er be past,
While life and thought and being last,

Or immortality endures.

■ - i ■ i . . , ■ , ■ ■ ■ ■ i

PSALM 147. L.M. 1st Part. Old Hundred. [*]
Divine Nature, Providence, and Grace.

1 |3RAISE ye the Lord : His good to raise
Jl Our hearts and voices in his praise ;

His nature and his works invite,
To make this duty our delight.

2 The Lord builds up Jerusalem,
And gathers nations to his name ;
His mercy melts the stubborn soul,
And makes the broken spirit whole.

3 He form'd the stars, those heav'nly flames,
He counts their numbers, calls their names !
His wisdom's vast, and knows no bound, —

A deep where all our thoughts are drown'd !

4 Great is our Lord, and great his might ;
And all his glories infinite :

He crowns the meek, rewards the just,
And treads the wicked to the dust.

pause. Castle-Street.

5 Sing to the Lord, exalt him high,
Who spreads his clouds all round the sky ;
There he prepares the fruitful rain,

Nor lets the drops descend in vain.

6 He makes the grass the hills adorn,
And clothes the smiling fields with corn ;
The beasts with food his hands supply,
And the young ravens, when they cry.

7 What is the creature's skill or force,
The sprightly man, the warlike horse^

PSALM 147. 281

The nimble wit, the active limb !
All are too mean delights for him.

8 But saints are lovely in his sight ;
He views his children with delight :
He sees their hope, he knows their fear,
And looks, and loves his image there.

L. M. Second Part. Portugal. [*]
Summer and Winter.

1 [ ET Zion praise the mighty God,

JLi And make his honours known abroad •
For sweet the joy — our songs to raise ;
And glorious is the work of praise.

2 Our children are secure and blest ;
Our shores have peace, our cities rest;
He feeds our sons with finest wheat,
And adds his blessing to their meat.

3 The changing seasons he ordains,
The early and the latter rains :

The flakes of snow, like wool he sends.
And thus the springing corn defends.

4 With hoary frost he strews the ground ;
His hail descends with clatt'ring sound •
Where is the man so vainly bold,

As dare defy his dreadful cold :

5 He bids the southern breezes blow >
The ice dissolves, the waters flow:
But he hath nobler works and ways,
To call his people to his praise.

6 To all our land his laws are shown ;
His gospel thro' the nation known :
He hath not thus reveal'd his word
To ev'ry land : — Praise ye the Lord.]

CM. Hartford. [*]
Ver. 7—9, 13— 18.— The Seasons of the Year.
* 1 "^l^T^TH songs and honours, sounding loud,
Tl Address the Lord on high :
Over the heav'ns he spreads his cloud,
And waters veil the sky.
b % He sends his show'rs of blessings down,
To cheer the plains below ;
He makes the grass the mountains crown,
And corn in rallies grow.

282 PSALM 148.

o 3 He gives the grazing ox his meat,
He hears the ravens cry ;
But man, who tastes his finest wheat,
Should raise his honours high.

e 4 His steady counsels change the face
Of the declining year ;
He bids the sun cut short his race,
And wintry days appear.

5 His hoary frost, hi3 fleecy snow,
Descend and clothe the ground ;

The liquid streams forbear to flow,
In icy fetters bound.

a 6 When from his dreadful stores on high

He pours the rattling hail,
The wretch who dares his God defy,

Shall find his courage fail,
b 7 He sends his word and melts the snow,

The fields no longer mourn ;
He calls the warmer gales to blow,

And bids the spring return.
o 8 The changing wind, the flying cloud,

Obey his mighty word :
g> With songs and honours sounding loud,

Praise ye the sov'reign Lord.

PSALM 148. P. M. Triumph. [*]

Praise to God from all Creatures.
O 1 "^7"E tribes of Adam join

JL With heav'n and earth and sea?,
And offer notes divine,
To your Creator's praise.
Ye holy throng
Of angels bright,
In worlds of light,
Begin the song.

-» 2 [Thou sun, with dazzling rays,
And moon, that rul'st the night,
Shine to your Maker's praise,—
With stars of twinkling light.

His pow'r declare,

Ye floods on high,

And clouds that fly

In empty air. J

PSALM 148. 283

— 3 The shining worlds above,
In glorious order stand ;
Or in swift courses move,
By his supreme command.
O He spake the word, —

And all their frame
From nothing- came,
To praise the Lord.

g 4 He mov'd their mighty wheels.
In unknown ages past ;
And each his word fulfils,
While time and nature last.
In diff'rent ways,
His works proclaim
His wondrous name,
And speak his praise :


5 [Let all the earth-born race,
And monsters of the deep, —
And fish that cleave the seas,
Or in their bosom sleep, —

From sea and shore
Their tribute pay ;
And still display
Their Maker's pow'r.

6 Ye vapours, hail and snow,
Praise ye th' Almighty Lord ;
And stormy winds, that blow
To execute his word.

When lightnings shine,
And thunders roar,
Let earth adore
His hand Divine.

7 Ye mountains near the skiea,
With lofty cedars there,

And trees of humbler size,
That fruit in plenty bear ; —

Beasts wild and tame,

Birds, flies and worms,

In various forms, —

Exalt his name.]

q 8 Ye kings and judges, fear,
The Lord, the sov'reign King ;

284 PSALM 146.

And while you rule us here,
His heav'nly honours sing :

Nor let the dream

Of pow'r and state,

Make you forget

His pow'r supreme.

9 Virgins and youths, engage

To sound his praise divine ;
B While infancy and age

Their feebler voices join :
fc Wide as he reigns

His name be sung,
By ev'ry tongue*,
In endleas strains :

g 10 Let all the nations fear
The God who rules above ;
He brings his people near,
And makes them taste his love:

While earth and sky

Attempt his praise,

His saints shall raise

His honours high.

L. M. Paraphrased. Old Hundred. [*]

Universal Praise to God.

g 1 T OUD hallelujahs to the Lord,

1 J From distant worlds where creatures dwell j
Let heav^ begin the solemn word,
And sound it dreadful — -down to hell.

[Note. This Psalm may be sung to a different
metre, by adding the two following lines to
every stanza, vis.

Each of his uprks his name displays^
But they tan ne^er fulfil his praise.

2 The Lord — how absolute he reigns !
Let ev'ry angel bend the knee :

6ing of his love in heav'nly strains ;
And speak how fierce his terrours be.]

3 High on a throne his glories dwell,
An awful throne of shining bliss ;

9 Fly through the world, O sun, and tell
How dark thy beams compar'd to hi*

PSALM 148.

4 [Awake, ye tempests, and his fame,
In sounds of dreadful praise declare,
And the sweet whisper of his name,
Fill ev'ry gentler breeze of air.

5 Let clouds, and winds, and waves agree
To join their praise with blazing fire ;

Let the firm earth, and rolling sea,
In this eternal song conspire.

6 Ye flow'ry plains, proclaim his skill ;
Vallies, lie low before his eyes ;

And let his praise, from ev'ry hill,
Rise tuneful to the neighbouring sky.

7 Ye stubborn oaks, and stately pines,
Bend your high branches, and adore ;
Praise him ye beasts, in different strains ;
The Lamb must bleat, the lion roar.

8 Birds ye must make his praise your theme;
Nature demands a song from you ;

"While the dumb fish, that cut the stream,
Leap up and mean his praises too.]

- — 9 Mortals, can you refrain your tongue,
e When nature all around you sings ;
u O for a shout — from old and young, —
From humble swains, and lofty kings.

g 10 Wide — as his vast dominion lies —
Make the Creator's name be known :
u Loud — as his thunder — shout his praise,
g And sound it lofty — as his throne.

e 11 Jehovah — 'tis a glorious word, —

O may it dwell on ev'ry tongue ;
o But saints who best have known the Lord,

Are bound to raise the noblest song.

o 12 Speak of the wonders of that love,
Which Gabriel plays on ev'ry chord J

V From all below and all above,
Loud hallelujahs to the Lord.

S. M. St. Thomas's. [*]
Universal Praise.
1 T ET ev'ry creature join,
I A To praise th 1 eternal God j
Ye heav'nly hosts, the song begin,
And sound his name abroad.

286 PSALM 148.

2 Thou sun, with golden beams,
And moon, with paler rays,

Ye starry lights, ye twinkling flames,
Shine to your Maker's praise.

3 He built those worlds above,
And fix'd their wondrous frame ;

By his command they stand or move,
And ever speak his name.

4 Ye vapours, when you rise,
Or fall in show'rs, or snow, —

Ye thunders, murm'ring round the skies,
His powV and glory show.

5 Wind, hail, and flashing fire,
Agree to praise the Lord ;

When ye in dreadful storms conspire,
To execute his word.

6 By all his works above
His honours be express'd ;

But saints, who taste his saving love,
Should sing his praises best.


7 [Let earth and ocean know,
They owe their Maker praise :

Praise him, ye wat'ry worlds below,
And monsters of the seas.

8 From mountains near the sky,
Let his high praise resound ;

From humble shrubs, and cedars high,
And vales and fields around.

9 Ye lions of the wood,

And tamer beasts that graze,—
Ye live upon his daily food,

And he expects your praise.

10 Ye birds of lofty wing,
On high his praises bear ;

Or sit on flow'ry boughs, and sing
Your Maker's glory there.

11 Ye creeping ants and worms,
His various wisdom show ;

And flies, in all your shining swarms,
Praise him who prest you so,

PSALM 149. 287

12 By all the earth-born race,
His honours be exprest : —

But saints who know his heavenly grace,
Should learn to praise him best.
pause ir.

13 Monarchs of wide command,
Praise ye th 1 eternal King :

Judges, adore that sov'reign hand,
Whence all your honours spring.

14 Let vig'rous youth engage,
To sound his praises high :

While growing babes, and withering age,
Their feebler voices try.

15 United zeal be shown

His wondrous fame to raise :

God is {he Lord : his name alone

Deserves our endless praise.

16 Let nature join with art,
And all pronounce him blest :

But saints, who dwell so near his heart,
Should sing his praises best.]

PSALM 149. C. M. Arundel. [*]

The Saints judging the World,

ALL ye who love the Lord, rejoice,
And let your songs be new ;
Amidst the church, with cheerful voice,
His later wonders shew.

2 The Jews, the people of his grace,
Shall their Redeemer sing ;

And Gentile nations join the praise,
While Zion owns her King,

3 The Lord takes pleasure in the just,
Whom sinners treat with scorn :

The meek, who lie despis'd in dust,
Salvation shall adorn.

—4 Saints should be joyful in their King,
Ev'n on a dying bed ;
And, like the souls in glory, sing :
For God shall raise the dead.

o 5 Then his high praise shall nil their tongues,
Their hands shall wield the sword ;


288 PSALM 150.

And vengeance shall attend their songs,

The vensreance of the Lord.


6 When Christ his judgment seat ascends,
And bids the world appear,

Thrones are prepared for all his friends,
Who humbly lov'd him here.

7 [Then shall they rule, with iron rod,
Nations that dar'd rebel :

And join the sentence of their God,
On tyrants doom'd to hell.

8 The royal sinners, bound in chains,
New triumphs shall afford :

Such honours for the saints remains : —
Praise ye and love the Lord.]

PSALM 150. C. M. Doxology. [*]

Ver. 1, 2, 6.-^3 Song of Praise.

1 TN God's own house pronounce his praise $
JL His grace he there reveals :

To heav'n your joy and wonder raise ;
For there his glory dwells.

2 Let all your sacred passions move,
While you rehearse his deeds :

But the great work of saving love
Your highest praise exceeds.

3 All that have motion, life and breath,
Proclaim your Maker blest ;

Yet when my voice expires in death,
My soul shall praise him best.

L. M.

TO God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One,
Be honour, praise, and glory giv'n,
By all on earth and all in heav'n.


C M.

LET God,— the Father and the Son
And Spirit, — be adorM ;
"Where there are works to make Him known,
Or saints to love the Lord.


Where the tune includes two stanzas

THE God of mercy be ador'd,
Who calls our souls from death ;
Who saves by his redeeming word,
And new creating breath.
To praise the Father and the Son,

And Spirit all divine, —
The One in Three, and Three in One, —
Let saints and angels join.

S. M.

YE angels round the throne,
And saints who dwell below,
Worship the Father, praise the Son,
And bless the Spirit too,


NOW to the great and sacred Three,
The Father, Son, and Spirit, be
Eternal praise and glory giv'n —
Through all the worlds where God is known,
By all the angels near the throne,
And all the saints in earth and heav'n.


TO God the Father's throne,
Perpetual honours raise ;
Glory to God the Son ;
To God the Spirit praise :
With all our pow'rs,
Eternal King,
Thy name we sing,
While faith adores.





HYMN 1. CM. Devizes. St. Asaph's. [*]
JL JVetc Song to the Lamb that was slain*
Rev. v, 6, 0, 9, 10, 12.
1 TJEHOLD the glories of the Lamb,

J3 Amidst his Father's throne •
Prepare new honours for his name,
And songs, before unknown*

e 2 Let elders worship at his feet,
The church adore around ;
With vials full of odours sweet,
And harps of sweeter sound.

—-3 Those are the pray'rs of all the saints,

And these the hymns they raise :
e Jesus is kind to our complaints,

He loves to hear our praise.

4 [Eternal Father, who shall look,

Into thy secret will ?
Who but the Son shall take that book,

And open ev'ry seal ?

—6 He shall fulfil thy great decreet,
The Son deserves it well ;
Lo, in his hand the sov'reign keys
Of heav*n, and death, and hell !]

s 6 Now to the Lamb, that once was slain.
Be endless blessings paid ;
Salvation, glory, joy, remain,
yorevefj on thy head.


292 HYMN 2, 3. Book I.

d 7 Thou hast redeem'd our souls with blood ;
Hast set the pris'ners free :
Hast made us kings and priests to God;
And we shall reign with thee !

g 8 The worlds of nature and of grace
Are put beneath thy pow'r :
Then shorten these delaying days ;
And bring the promis'd hour.

HYMN 2. L. M. Castle-Street [*]

The Deity and Humanity of Christ. John i, 1, 3, 14;

Col. i, 16 ; and Eph. iii, 9, 10.

1 1.1 RE the blue heav'ns were stretch'd abroad,
a^-d From everlasting was the Word ;

With God he was ; the Word was God !
And must divinely be ador'd.

2 By his own pow'r were all thing9 made,
By him supported all things stand ;

He is the whole creation's head,
And angels fly at his command.

3 [Ere sin was born, or Satan fell,
He led the host of morning stars ;
Thy generation who can tell,

Or count the number of thy years ?]

p 4 But lo, he leaves those heav'nly forms—
The Word descends and dwells in clay :
That he may hold converse with worms,
Dress'd in such feeble flesh as they.

o 5 Mortals with joy behold his face,

Th 1 eternal Father's only Son ;
e How full of truth ! how full of grace !

When thro* his eyes the Godhead shone.

g 6 Archangels leave their high abode,
To learn new myst'ries here, and tell,
The love of our descending God,
The glories of Immanuel.

HYMN 3. S. M. St. Thomas's. [*]
The Nativity of Christ. Luke i, 30, &c. Luke ii, 10.
1 T1EHOLD, the grace appears J
.13 The promise is fulfill'd !
Mary the wondrous virgin bears,
And Jesus is the child !

BookL HYMtf k 2D3

2 [The Lord, the highest God,
Calls him his only Son :

He bids him rule the lands abroad,
And gives him David's throne.

3 O'er Jacob shall he reign,
With a peculiar sway :

The nations shall his grace obtain,
His kingdom ne'er decay.]

4 To bring the glorious news,
A heav'nly form appears^

He tell3 the shepherds of their joys,
And banishes their fears.

5 " Go, humble swains," said he,
" To David's city fly ;

** The promis'd Infant, born to-day,
•* Does in a manger lie.

6 u With looks, and hearts, serene,
u Go visit Christ, your King i"

—And straight a flaming troop was seen ;
The shepherds heard them sing :—

p 7 " Glory to God on high !

41 And heav'nly peace on earth ;
44 Good will to men, to angels joy,
41 At the Redeemer's birth."

— 8 44 [In worship so divine,

44 Let saints employ their tongues ;
With the celestial host we join.
And loud repeat their songs ;—

g 9 4t Glory to God on high !

44 And heav'nly peace on earth ;
* 4 Good will to men, to angels joy,
44 At our Redeemer's birth."]

Htmw 4. Re/erred to the Id Psalm,

HYMN 5. C. M. Canterbury. Me of Wight, [bj
Submission to afflictive Providence. Job i, 21.
1 "T^TAKED, as from the earth we came,

_I3I And crept to life at first,
We to the earth return again,
And mingle with our dust.

& 2 The dear delights we here enjoy.

And fondly call our own, '


294 HYMN 6, 7. Book I.

Are but short favours borrow'd now,
To be repaid anon.

— 3 'Tis God, who lifts our comforts high,
Or sinks them in the grave ;
He gives — and (blessed be his name !)
He takes but what he gave.

a 4 Peace, all our angry passions, then,
Let each rebellious sigh
Be silent at his sovereign will,
And every murmur die.

o 5 If smiling mercy crown our lives,

Its praises shall be spread ;
e And we'll adore the justice too,

That strikes our comforts dead.

HYMN 6. C. M. Sunday. [*]

Triumph over Death. Job xix, 25, 27.

e 1 [d~^ REAT God, I own the sentence just,

\JT And nature must decay ;
p I yield my body to the dust,
To dwell with fellow clay.

— 2 Yet faith may triumph o'er the grave,

And trample on the tombs ;
o My Jesus, my Redeemer, lives,

My God my Saviour comes.

o 3 The mighty conqu'ror shall appear,
High on a royal seat ;
And death, the last of all his fees,
Lie vanquish'd at his feet.

e 4 Tho' greedy worms devour my skin,

And gnaw my wasting flesh ;
—When God shall build my bones again,

He'll clothe them all afresh.

o 5 Then shall I see thy lovely face,
With strong immortal eyes ;
And feast upon thy unknown grace,
With pleasure and surprise.]

HYMN 7. C. M. Sunday. [*]
Invitation of the Gospel. Isa. Iv, 1, 2, &c.
1 T ET ev'ry mortal ear attend,
JLi And ev'ry heart rejoice !

Book I. HYMN % 295

The trumpet of the gospel sounds,

With an inviting 1 voice.
•o 2 Ho ! all ye hungry, starving souls,

Who feed upon the wind, —
e And vainly strive, with earthly toys,

To fill an empty mind:—
o 3 Eternal wisdom has prepaid

A soul reviving feast;
And bids your longing appetites

The rich provision taste.

o 4 Ho ! ye who pant for living streams,

e And pine away, and die ;

•o Here you may quench your raging thirst,

With springs that never dry.
© 5 Rivers of love, and mercy here,
In a rich ocean join ;
Salvation, in abundance, flows,
Like floods of milk and wine.
4 6 (Ye perishing and naked poor,
Who work with mighty pain,
To weave a garment of your own,
That will not hide your sin ; —
7 Come naked — and adorn your souls

In robes prepar'd by God ;
Wrought by the labours of his Son,
And dyed in his own blood.)

€ 8 (Dear God ! the treasures of thy love

Are everlasting mines ;
Deep as our helpless miseries are,

And boundless as our sins !)
so 9 The happy gates of gospel grace

Stand open night and day :
—Lord, we are come to seek supplies,

And drive our wants away.

HYMN 8. C. M. Mear. [*]
The Safety of the Church. Isa. xxvi, 1, 6.
1 [TTOW honourable is the place,

JLJL Where we adoring stand ;
Zion, the glory of the earth,
And beauty of the land !
*ffi 2 Bulwarks of mighty grace defend
The city where we dwell.;

296 HYMN 9. Book I.

The walls of strong; salvation made,

Defy th' assaults of hell,
s 3 Lift up the everlasting - gates^

The doors wide open fling- ;
d Enter, ye nations, that obey

The statutes of our King".

o 4 Here shall you taste unmingled joys,
And live in perfect peace ;
You who have known Jehovah's name.
And ventur'd on his grace.
o 5 Trust in the Lord, forever trust,
And banish all your fears :
Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells,
Eternal as his years.
d 6 What though the rebels dwell on high j
His arm shall bring them low ;
Low as the caverns of the grave,

Their lofty heads shall bow.
7 On Babylon our feet shall tread,

In that rejoicing hour ;
The ruins of her wall shall spread
A pavement for the poor.]

HYMN 9. C. M. Zion. [*] "~
Proffered Grace. Isa. lv, 1, 2 ; Zech. xiii, 1 ; Mic

vii, 19 ; Ezek. xxxvi, 25, &c.
e 1 IN vain we lavish out our lives,
1 To gather empty wind ;
The choicest blessings, earth can yield,
Will starve a hungry mind.
© 2 Come — and the Lord shall feed our souls,
With more substantial meat ;
With such as saints in glory love,

With such as angels eat. #

-—3 Our God will every want supply
And fill our hearts with peace ;
He gives, by cov'nant and by oath,
•The riches of his grace.
p 4 Come, and he'll cleanse our spotted souls/

And wash away our stains —

e In the dear fountain, that his Son, —

Pour'd from his dying vein3.

5 [Our guilt shall vanish all away ?

Though black as hell before $

Book L HYMN 10. 207

Our sins shall sink beneath the sea,
And shall be found no more.

6 And lest pollution should o'erspread

Our inward pow'rs again,
His spirit shall bedew our souls

Like purifying; rain.]

d 7 Our heart, that flinty, stubborn things
That terrours cannot move, —
That fears no threafnings of his wratk —
Shall be dissolv'd by love.

—8 Or he can take the flint away,
That would not be refin'd ;
And, from the treasures of his grace,
Bestow a softer inind„

9 There shall his sacred Spirit dwell,

And deep engrave his law ;
And ev'ry motion of our souls

To swift obedience draw.

43 10 Thus will he pour salvation down,

And we shall render praise ;
d We — the dear people of his love,

And He — our God of grace.

HYMN 10. S. M. Newton. St. ThomaJs [*]

The Blessedness of Gospel Times. Isa. v, 2, 7, &, 9,
10; Matt, xiii, 16, 17.

"OW beauteous are their feet,
Who stand on Zion's hill !
W T ho bring- salvation on their tongues,
And words of peace reveal 1

b 2 How charming- is their voice !

How sweet their tidings are 1
o M Zion, behold thy Saviour — King-,

44 He reigns and triumphs here !"

o 3 How happy are our ears,

That hear this joyful sound ! —
-—Which kings and prophets waited for,

And sought but never found !

o 4 How blessed are our eyes,

That see this heav'nly light !
<e Prophets and kings desir'd it long,

But dy'd without the sight 1

298 HYMN 11, 12. Book I.

o 5 The watchmen join their voice,

And tuneful notes employ ;
Jeiusalem breaks forth in songs,

And deserts learn the joy.

g 6 The Lord makes bare his arm,
Through all the earth abroad ;
Let ev'ry nation now behold

Their Saviour and their God.

HYMN 11. L. M. Old Hundred. [*]
The Sovereignty of Grace. Luke x, 21, 22.

1 fin HERE was an hour when Christ rejoic'd,

JL And spoke his joy in words of praise :
44 Father, I thank thee, mighty God,
** Lord of the earth and heav'ns and seas.

2 u I thank thy sov'reign pow'r and love,
44 That crowns my doctrine with success ;

14 And makes the babes in knowledge learn

44 The heights, and breadths, and lengths of grace,

3 w But all this glory lies conceaPd

" From men of prudence and of might ;
44 The prince of darkness blinds their eyes,
44 And their own pride resists the light.

4 " Father, 'tis thus, because thy will
44 Chose and ordain' d it should be so ;
44 'Tis thy delight t' abase the proud,
44 And lay the haughty scorner low.

5 " There's none can know the Father right,
* 4 But those who learn it from the Son ;

44 Nor can the Son be well receivM,

44 But where the Father makes him known.

6 Then let our souls adore our God,
Who deals his graces as he please ;
Nor gives to mortals an account,

Or of his actions or decrees.

HYMN 12. C. M. St. Ann's. [*]
Free Grace in revealing Christ. Luke x, 21.
1 [ TESUS the man of constant grief,

CF A mourner all his days, —
His spirit once rejoic'd aloud,
And turn'd his joy to praise.

Book I. HYMN 13, 14. 290

d 2 u Father, 1 thank thy wondrous love,
" That hath reveal'd thy Son
" To men unlearned ; and to babes
" Has made thy gospel known.

3 " The myst'ries of redeeming grace

41 Are hidden from the wise ;
u While pride and carnal reas'nings join

44 To swell and blind their eyes."

-=-4 Thus does the Lord of heav'n and earth
His great decrees fulfil ;
And orders all his works of grace,

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