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And nail my glory to his cross.

3 Yes, and I must and will esteem
All things but loss for Jesus 1 sake \

348 HYMN 110, 111, Book I

O may my soiil be found in him,
And of his righteousness partake !
4 The best obedience of my hands
Dares not appear before thy throne ;
But faith can answer thy demands,
By pleading- what my Lord has done.

HYMN 110. CM. St. Paul's. Canterbury. [*}

Death and immediate Glory. 2 Cor. v, 1,5, 8.
o 1 r SPHERE is a house, not made with hands,

JL Eternal, and on high ;
e And here my spirit waiting stands,

'Till God shall bid it fly.
e 2 Shortly this prison of my clay

Must be dissolv'd and fall ;
s Then, O my soul, with joy obey

Thy heav'nly Father's call.
—3 'Tis He by his almighty grace,

Who forms thee fit for heav'n ;
And as an earnest of the place,

Has his own Spirit giv'n.
4 We walk by faith of joys to come }

Faith lives upon his word ;
e But while the body is our home,

We're absent from the Lord.
— 5 'Tis pleasant to believe thy grace,

But we had rather see ;
o We would be absent from the flesh,

And present, Lord, with thee.

HYMN 111. CM. Reading. [*]' '
Salvation by Grace. Titus iii, 3, 7,
e 1 (T ORD, we confess our numerous faults,
jLA How great our guilt has been !
Foolish and vain were all our thoughts,
And all our lives were sin.
o 2 But, O my soul, for ever praise,
For ever love his name,
Who turns thy feet from dang'rous ways
Of folly, sin, and shame.)
— 3 'Tis not by works of righteousness,
Which our own hands have done ;
o But we are sav'd by sov'reign grace
Abounding through his Son.


Book I. HYMN 112, 113. 349

— 4 'Tis from the mercy of our God,
That all our hopes begin ;
'Tis by the water and the blood,
Our souls are wash'd from sin.

p 5 'Tis through the purchase of His death,
Who hung - upon the tree,
The Spirit is sent down to breathe,
On such dry bones as we.

o 6 Rais'd from the dead, we live anew :

And, justify'd by grace,
9 We shall appear in giory too,

And see our Father's face.

HYMN 112. C. M. Bedford. [*]
The Brazen Serpent. 2 John ver. 14 — 16.
10 did the Hebrew prophet raise
The brazen serpent high ;
The wounded felt immediate ease,
The camp forbore to die.

d 2 " Look upward in the dying hour,

" And live IV the prophet cries !
e But Christ performs a nobler cure,

When faith lifts up her eyes.

—3 High on the cross the Saviour hung !
High in the heav'ns he reigns !
Here sinners, by th 1 old serpent stung,
Look, and forget their pains.

g 4 When God's own Son is lifted up,
A dying world revives ;
The Jews behold the glorious hope,
Th' expiring Gentile lives.

HYMN 113. C. M. Wareham. [*]
Abraham's Blessing on the Gentiles. Gen. xvii, 7.
Rom. xv, 8. Mark x, 14.
1 TTOW large the promise — how divine—
JLJL To Abra'am and his seed ;
d u I'll be a God to thee and thine,

"Supplying all their need."
— 2 The words of his extensive love
From age to age endure ;
The Angel of the cov'nant proves,
And seals the blessing: sure.

350 HYMN 114,115 Book I.

b 3 Jesus the ancient faith confirms,
To our great fathers giv'n ;
He takes young children to his arms,
And calls them heirs of heav'n.
o 4 Our God, how faithful are his ways !
His love endures the same ;
Nor from the promise of his grace
Blots out the children's name.

i , ■ . „ - -,-m r ^

HYMN" 114. C. M. Sunday. [*]
The same. Rom. xi, 16, 17.
el ri ENTILES hy nature, we belong

xJJT To the wild olive wood ;
o Grace took us from the barren tree,
And grafts us in the good.

— 2 With the same blessings grace endows
The Gentile and the Jew ;
If pure and holy be the root,
Such are the branches too.

o 3 Then let the children of the saints

Be dedicate to God ;
e Pour out thy Spirit on them, Lord,

And wash them in thy blood.

o 4 Thus to the parents, and their seed,

Shall thy salvation come ;
o And num'rous households meet at last,

In one eternal home.

HYMN 115. CM. Plymouth, [b] '
Conviction by the Law. Rom. vii, 8, 9, 14, 24.
1 "1" ORD, how secure my conscience was,

JLi And felt no inward dread !

1 was alive without the law,

And thought my sins were dead.

2 My hopes of heav'n were firm and bright ;
e But since the precept came,

With a convincing pow'r and light,
1 find how vile I am.

3 (My guilt appear'd but small before,
'Till terribly I saw,

How perfect, holy, just, and pure,
Is thine eternal law.
e 4 Then felt my soul the heavy load,
My sins reviv'd again ;

Book!. HYMN 116, 117. 351

I had provok'd a dreadful God,
And all my hopes were slain.)

p 5 I'm like a helpless captive, sold
Under the pow'r of sin ;
I cannot do the good I would,
Nor keep my conscience clean.

—6 My God, I cry with ev'ry breath,
For some kind pow'r to save ;
To break the yoke of sin and death,
And thus redeem the slave.

* HYMN 116. L.M. Bath. [*]

Love to God and our Neighbour. Matt, xxii, 37—40.

1 rilHUS saith the first, the great command,

JL " Let all thy inward pow'rs unite,
" To love thy Maker, and thy God,
" With utmost vigour and delight.

2 " Then shall thy neighbour, next in place,
" Share thine affection and esteem ;

" And let thy kindness to thyself,

u Measure and rule thy love to him."

3 This is the sense that Moses spoke ;
This did the prophets preach and prove ;
For want of this the law is broke,

And the whole law's fulfilPd by love.

a 4 But oh ! how base our passions are !

How cold our charity and zeal !
— Lord, fill our souls with heav'nly fire,

Or we shall ne'er perform thy will.

HYMN 117. L. M. Blendon. Bath. f*b] "
Election Sovereign and Free. Rom. ix, 21 — 24.

1 TT>EHOLD the potter and the clay,
_13 He forms his vessels as he please ;

Such is our God, and such are we,
The subjects of his just decrees.

2 [Doth not the workman's pow'r extend
O'er all the mass, which part to choose,
And mould it for a nobler end,

And which to leave for viler use ?]

e 3 May not the sov'reign Lord on high
Dispense his favours as he will,
Choose some to life, while others die,
And yet be just, and gracious still ?

352 HYMN 118. Book 1

d 4 [What if, to make his terrour known,
He lets his patience long 1 endure.
Suffering; vile rebels to go on,
And seal their own destruction sure ?

5 What if he means to show his grace,

And his electing - love employs,

To mark out some of mortal race,

And form them fit for heav'nly joys ?]
—6 Shall man reply against the Lord,

And call his Maker's ways unjust ? —
o The thunder of whose dreadful word

Can crush a thousand worlds to dust.

p 7 But, O my soul, if truth so bright,

Should dazzle and confound thy sight ;

Yet still, his written will obey,

And wait the great decisive day.
g" 8 Then he shall make his justice known ;

And the whole world before his throne,

With joy or terrour shall confess

The glory of his righteousness.

HYMN 118. S. M St Bridge's. [*]

Sin against th# Law and Gospel. John i, 17. Heb.

iii, 3, 5, 6 ; x, 28, 29.

1 fipiHE law by Moses came ;

JL But peace and truth and love,
Where broH by Christ, a nobler name,
Descending 1 from above.

2 Amidst the house of God,
Their difPrent works were done ;

Moses a faithful servant stood,
But Christ a faithful Son.
q 3 Then to his new commands
Be strict obedience paid ;
O'er all his Father's house he stands,
The Sov'reign and the Head,
e 4 The man who durst despise

The law that Moses brought !
p Behold ! how terrible he dies —
For his presumptuous fault.
e 5 But sorer vengeance falls
On that rebellious race,
Who hate to hear when Jesus calls,
And dare resist bis grace.

Book I. HYMN 119— 121. 353

' HYMN 119. C. M. Abridge. [*]
Various success of the Gospel. 1 Cor. i, 23, 24 ;
2 Cor. ii, 16 ; 1 Cor. iii, 6, 7.
1 /"CHRIST and his cross is all our theme ;

\y The niyst'ries that we speak
Are scandal in the Jews' esteem,
And folly to the Greek.
© 2 But souls, enlifhten'd from above,
With joy receive the word ;
They see what wisdom, pow'r and love,
Shine in their dying Lord.

—3 The vital savour of his name

Restores their fainting- breath :
e But unbelief perverts the same
a To guilt, despair, and death.
—4 'Till God diffuse his graces down,

Like show'rs of heav'nly rain,
In vain Apollos sows the ground,

And Paul may plant in vain.

HYMN 120. C. M. Mear. [*]
Faith of Things unseen. Heb. xi, 1, 3, 8, 10.


AITH is the brightest evidence

Of things beyond our sight ;
Breaks through the clouds of flesh and sense,
And dwells in heav'nly light.

2 It sets times past in present view,
Brings distant prospects home —

Of things a thousand years ago,
Or thousand years to come.

3 By faith, we know the worlds were made,
By God's almighty word ;

Abra'am to unknown countries led,
By faith obey'd the Lord.

4 He sought a city fair and high,
Built by th' eternal hands ;

© And faith assures us, though we die,
That heav'nly building stands.

HYMN 121. CM. St. Martin's. [*]
Children devoted ta God. Gen. xvii, 7, 10. Acts xvi, 14,15, 33*
I rilHUS saith the mercy of the Lord,
X " I'll be a God to thee :

354 HYMN 1 22, 1 23. Book 1

44 I'll bless thy num'rous race, and they
41 Shall be a seed for me."

2 Abra'am belie v'd the promis'd grace,
And gave his sons to God ;

But water seals the blessing now,
That once was seal'd with blood.

3 Thus Lydia sanctified her house,
When she receiv'd the word ;

Thus the believing Jailer gave
His household to the Lord.

4 Thus later saints, eternal King,
Thine ancient truth embrace :

To thee their infant offspring bring,
And humbly claim the grace.

HYMN 122. L. M. Quercy. [*]
Believers buried with Christ. Rom. vi, 3, 4, &c.
e 1 ■ \0 we not know that solemn word,
JlP That we are buried with the Lord ?
Baptiz'd into his death, and then
Put off the body of our sin ?

o 2 Our souls receive diviner breath,

Rais'd from corruption, guilt, and death ;
o So from the grave did Christ arise,

And lives to God above the skies.
■ — 3 No more let sin or Satan reign

Over our mortal flesh again ;

The various lusts, we serv'd before,

Shall have dominion now no more.

HYMN 123. CM. Reading, [b *]
The Repenting Prodigal. Luke xv, 13, &c.
>EHOLD the wretch, whose lust and wine
Has wasted his estate !
He begs a share among the swine,
To taste the husks they eat.

P 2 4l I die with hunger here," he cries,

44 1 starve in foreign lands ;
44 My father's house has large supplies,

44 And bounteous are his hands.
•*-3 44 I'll go, and with a mournful tongue,

44 Fall dewa before his face ;


Book I. HYMN 124. 365

p " Father, I've done thy justice wrong - ,

" Nor can deserve thy grace."
o 4 He said, — and hasten'd to his home,

To seek his father's love ;
—The father saw the rebel come,
€ And all his bowels move.
U 5 He ran and fell upon his neck,

Embrac'd and kiss'd his son ;
p The rebel's heart with sorrow brake,

For follies he had done.
•0 6 " Take off his clothes of shame and sin,
o (" The father gives command)
« u Dress him in garments white and clean,

u With rings adorn his hand.
7 M A day of feasting I ordain ;

" Let mirth and joy abound !
s "My son was dead, — and lives again ;

" Was lost — and now is found."

HYMN 124. L. M. Armley. [b *]

The First and Second Adam. Rom. v, 12, &c

>EEP in the dust, before thy throne,


Our guilt and our disgrace we own ;
a Great God we own th' unhappy name,
Whence sprung our nature, and our shame !

2 Adam the sinner : at his fall

Death, like a conqu'ror, seiz'd us all :

A thousand new-born babes are dead,

By fatal union to their head.
c 3 But whilst our spirits ffil'd with awe,

Behold the terrours of thy law,
We sing the honours of thy grace,

That sent to save our ruin'd race.

4 We sing thine everlasting Son,

Who join'd our nature to his own :
g Adam the Second, from the dust,

Raises the ruin^ of the first.
e 5 [By the rebellion of one man,

Through all his seed the mischief ran ;
—And by one man's obedience now,

Are all his seed made righteous too.
6 Where sin did reign and death abound ?

There have the sons of Adam found

356 HYMlS 12b, 126. Book!

o Abounding life ; there glorious grace

Reigns through the Lord our righteousness.]

HYMN 125. C. M. Barby. [*]
ChnsVs Compassion to the Weak and Tempted. H ■.
iv, 16 ; v, 7. Matt, xii, 20.
1 TOT7ITH joy we meditate the grace
TT Of our High Priest above ;
e His heart is made of tenderness-,

His bowels melt with love.
p 2 Touch'd with a sympathy within,
He knows our feeble frame ;
He knows what sore temptations mean,
For he has felt the same.
—3 But spotless, innocent, and pure,,

The great Redeemer stood ^
e While Satan's fiery darts he bore,

And did resist to blood.
p 4 He in the days of feeble flesh,
Pour'd out his cries and tears ;
e And in his measure feels afresh
What ev'ry member bears.

b 5 (He'll never quench the smoking flax,
But raise it to a flame ;
The bruised reed he never breaks,
Nor scorns the meanest name.)

o 6 Then let our humble faith address

His mercy and his pow'r ;
D We shall obtain deliv'ring grace,

In the distressing hour.

HYMN 126. L. M. Islington. [*]
'Charity and Unchantableness. Rom. xiv, 17, 19. 1 Cor. x, 32.

1 "T^TOT diff'rent food, nor different dress,
_L^ Compose the kingdom of our Lord ;

But peace, and joy, and righteousness,
Faith, and obedience to his word.

2 When weaker Christians we despise.
We do the gospel mighty wrong ;

For God, the gracious and the wise,
Receives the feeble with the strong.

3 Let pride and wrath be banish'd hence,
Meekness and love our souls pursue;

Book I HYMN 127, 128. 357

Nor shall our practice give offence
To saints, the Gentile, or the Jew.

HYMN 127. L. M. Portugal. [*]
ChrisPs invitation to sinners. Matt, xi, 28 — 30.

1 U ^10ME hither, all ye weary souls,

\*J " Ye heavy laden sinners come ;
44 I'll give you rest from all your toils,
44 And raise you to my heav'nly home.

2 " They shall find rest, who learn of me,
44 I'm of a meek and lowly mind ;

14 But passion rages like the sea,
44 And pride is restless as the wind.

3 " Bless'd is the man, whose shoulders take
" My yoke, and bear it with delight ;

44 My yoke is easy to his neck,

" My grace shall make the burden light."

o 4 Jesus, we come at thy command,
With faith, and hope, and humble zeal ;
Resign our spirits to thy hand,
To mould and guide us at thy will.

HYMN 128. L. M. Green's. [*]
The Jlpostles'* Commission. Mark xvi, 15, &c.

Matt, xxviii, 18, &c.
1 "/T"^ O, preach my Gospel," saith the Lord ;
\Jk " Bid the whole earth my grace receive
O u He shall be sav'd, who trusts my word ;
e 44 He shall be damn'd, who wont believe.

* — 2 " Til make your great commission known,
44 And ye shall prove my gospel true ;
44 By all the works that I have done,
44 By all the wonders ye shall do.

g 3 " Go heal the sick ; go raise the dead ;
44 Go cast out devils in my name :
44 Nor let my prophets be afraid,
44 Tho 1 Greeks reproach, and Jews blaspheme.

4 44 Teach all the nations my commands ;
44 I'm with you till the world shall end:

4 All powV is trusted in my hands ;
44 1 can destroy, and I defend."
O 5 He spake,— and light shone round his head %
On a bright cloud to heav'n he rode :

358 HYMN 129—131. Book I.

g* They to the farthest nations spread
The g race of their ascended God.

~HYMN 129. L. M. Armley. [b*]
jibraham offering his Son. Gen. xxii, 6, &c.

I Q1 AINTS, at your heav'nly Father's word,
►O Give up your comforts to the Lord •

He shall restore what you resign,

Or grant you blessings more divine.

2 So Abra'am, with obedient hand,

Led forth his son, at God's command ;

The wood, the fire, the knife he took ;

His arm prepar'd the dreadful stroke.
d 3 "Abra'am, forbear," the angel cry'd,

14 Thy faith is known, thy love is try'd ;

41 Thy son shall live, and in thy seed,

44 Shall the whole earth be bless'd indeed. 1 '
o 4 Just in the last distressing hour,

The Lord displays deliv'ring pow'r ;

The mount of danger is the place,

Where we shall see surprising grace.

HYMN 130. L. M. Sicilian, [b*]
Love and Hatred. Phil, ii, 2. Eph. iv, 30, &c.

e 1 "]W"OW by the bowels of my God,

JL^I His sharp distress, his sore complaints, -
By his last groans, his dying blood, —
J charg'e my soul to love the saints.

—2 Clamour and wrath and war begone,
Envy and spite for ever cease ;
Let bitter words no more be known,
Amongst the saints, the sons of peace.

3 The Spirit, like a peaceful dove,
Flies from the realms of noise and strife ;
Why should we vex and grieve His love.
Who seals our souls to heav'nly life ?

4 Tender and kind be all our thoughts,
Through all our lives let mercy run:

— So God forgives our num'rous faults,
For th e dear sake of Christ his Son.

HYMN 131. L. M. Islington, [b*]
27ie Pharisee and Publican. Luke xviii, 10, &c
1 X>EHOLD, how sinners disagree, —
-D The Publican and Pharisee !

Book I HYMN 132, 133. 359

o One doth his righteousness proclaim,
c The other owns his guilt and shame.
p 2 This man at humble distance stands,

And cries for grace with lifted hands ;
© That boldly rises near the throne,

And talks of duties he has done.
— 3 The Lord their diff'rent language knows,

And difPrent answers he bestows :
o The humble soul with grace he crowns,
e Whilst on the proud his anger frowns.

—4 Dear Father, let me never be

Join'd with the boasting Pharisee ;
e I have no merits of my own,

But plead the sufferings of thy Son.

HYMN 132. L. M. Brentford. Oporto. [*]*
Holiness and Grace. Titus ii, 10, 13.

1 C<0 let our lips and lives express,
Ik5 The holy Gospel, we profess ;

So let our works and virtues shine,
To prove the doctrine all divine.

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad
The honours of our Saviour God ;
When the salvation reigns within,
And grace subdues the pow'r of sin.

e 3 Our flesh and sense must be denied,

Passion and envy, lust and pride ;
o Whilst j ustice, temp'rance, truth and love,

Our inward piety approve.
—4 Religion bears our spirits up,

While we expect that blessed hope, —
o The bright appearance of the Lord ; —

And faith stands leaning on his word.

' HYMN 133. C. M. York. [*]
Love and Charity. 1 Cor. xiii, 2 — 7, 13*

1 " " ET Pharisees of hfrgh esteem
JLi Their faith and zeal declare ;

All their religion is a dream,
If love be wanting there.

2 Love suffers long with patient eye*
Nor is provok'd in haste ;

She lets the present injury die,
And long forgets the past.

360 HYMN 134. 135. Book I.

3 (Malice and rage, those fires of hell,
She quenches "with her tongue ;

Hopes, and believes, and thinks no ill,
Though she endures the wrong.)

4 (She ne'er desires, nor seeks to know
The scandals of the time ;

yov looks with pride on those below,
Nor envies those who climb.)

5 She lays her own advantage by,
To seek her neighbour's good : —

o So God's own Son came down to die,

And bought our lives with blood.
o 6 Love is the grace, that keeps her pow'r,

In all the realms above :
There faith and hope are known no more,

But saints for ever love.

HYMN 134. L. M. Islington. Quercy. [b *]
Religion vain without Lore. 1 Cor. xiii. 1. 2, 3.

1 TTAD I the tongues of Greeks and Jews,
JLJL And nobler speech than angels use ;

If love be absent, I am found,

Like tinkling brass, an empty sound.

2 Were I inspird to preach, and tell
All that is done in heaven and hell ;
Or could my faith the world remove,
Still — I am nothing without love.

3 Should I distribute all my store,
To feed the bowels of the poor ;
Or give my body to the flame,

To guin a martyr's glorious name ; —

4 If love to God, and love to men,
Be absent — all my hopes are vain :
Nor tongues, nor gifts, nor fiery zeal,
The works of love can e'er fulfil.

HYMN 135 L. M. Sicilian. Green's. [*]

Lore of Christ in the Heart. Eph. iii, 16. &c.

1 /~10ME, dearest Lord, descend and dwell,

\~J By faith and love in ev*ry breast;
Then shall we know, and taste, and feel,
The joys that cannot be express'd.

Bcok I. HYMN 136, 137. 361

2 Come, fill c ur hearts with inward strength ;
Make our enlarged souls possess,
And learn the height and breadth and length,
Of thine immeasurable grace,
s 3 Now to the God whose pow'r can do,
More than our tho'ts or wishes know ;
Be everlasting honours done,
By all the church — thro' Christ his Son.

HYMN 136. C M. Abridge Plymouth [b *]
Sincerity and Hypocrisy. John iv, 24. Psalm cxxxix
23, 24.

1 jT^\ OD is a Spirit, just and wise,
vJT He sees our inmost mind :

In vain to heav'n we raise our cries,
And leave our souls behind.

2 Nothing but truth, before his throne,
With honour can appear :

The painted hypocrites are known,
Through the disguise they wear.

3 Their lifted eyes salute the skies,
Their bending knees the ground ;

But God abhors the sacrifice,
Where not the heart is found.

g 4 Lord, search my thoughts, and try my ways

And make my soul sincere ;
o Then shall I stand before thy face,

And find acceptance there.

HYMN 137. L. M. Leeds. Castle-Street. [*]
Salvation by Grace in Christ. 2 Tim, i, 9, 10.

1 "VTOW, to the pow'r of God supreme
_L t| Be everlasting honours giv'n ;

He saves from hell — (we bless his name,)

He calls our wand'ring feet to Heav'n.
e 2 Not for our duties, or deserts,
o But of his own abundant grace,

He works salvation in our hearts,

And forms a people for his praise.

- — 3 'Twas his own purpose that begun
To rescue rebels, doom'd to die ;
He gave us grace in Christ his Sor*,
Before he spread the starry sky.

362 HYMN 138, 139. Book I.

o 4 Jesus the Lord appears at last,

And makes his Father's counsels known ;
o Declares the great transactions pass'd,

And brings immortal blessings down.
e 5 He dies ! — and in that dreadful night

Did all the pow'rs of hell destroy ;
Rising — he brought our heav'n to light,

And took possession of the joy.

HYMN 138. C. M. Colchester. [*]
Saints in the Hands of Christ. John x, 28, 29.

1 "IT^IRM as the earth, thy gospel stands,
X? My Lord, my hope, my trust ;

If I am found in Jesus' hands,
My soul can ne'er be lost.

2 His honour is engag'd to save
The meanest of his sheep ;

All, whom his heav'nly Father gave,
His hands securely keep.

3 Nor death, nor hell shall e'er remove
His fav'rites from his breast ;

In the dear bosom of his love
They must forever rest.

HYMN 139. L. M. Green's, [b *

Hope in the Covenant. Heb. vi, 17 — 19.

e 1 TTOW oft have sin and Satan strove

JLJL To rend my soul from thee, my God?
O But everlasting is thy love,

And Jesus seals it with his blood.
—2 The oath and promise of the Lord

Join to confirm the wondrous grace ;
g Eternal pow'r performs the word,

And fills all heav'n with endless praise.

6 3 Amidst temptations, sharp and long,

My soul to this dear refuge flies ;
—Hope is my anchor, firm and strong,
"While tempests blow, and billows rise.

o 4 The gospel bears my spirit up ;
g A faithful and unchanging God

Lays the foundation for my hope,

In oaths, and promises, and blood.

Book I. HYMN 140, 141. 3G3

HYMN 140. C. M. York. Reading, [b *]
JL living and a dead Faith.
e 1 ]%/["ISTAKEN souls ! that dream of he av'n,
_LT_1- And make their empty boast— *•
Of inward joys, and sins forgiv'n,

While they are slaves to lust.
2 Vain are our fancies, airy flights,
If faith be cold and dead ;
— None but a living- pow'r unites
To Christ the living head.

o 3 'Tis faith, that changes all the heart 5
'Tis faith that works by love ;
That bids all sinful joys depart,
And lifts the thoughts above,

o 4 'Tis faith that conquers earth and hell,
By a celestial pow'r ;
This is the grace that shall prevail.
In the decisive hour.

e 5 (Faith must obey her Father's will,
As well as trust his grace ;
A pard'ning God is jealous still,
For his own holiness.

- 6 When from the curse he sets us free,
He makes our natures clean ;
Nor would he send his Son to be
The Minister of sin.

o 7 His Spirit purifies our frame,

And seals our peace with God :
•>— Jesus, and his salvation came,

By water and by blood.)

HYMN 141. S. M. Aylesbury, [b]

Tilt Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ. Isa. liii
1—5, 10—12.

c 1 *^7jTHO has believ'd thy word,
Tf Or thy salvation known ?
Reveal thine arm, Almighty Lord,
And glorify thy Son.

e 2 The Jews esteem'd him here,

Too mean for their belief;
p Sorrows his chief acquaintance were,

And his companion grief.

384 HYMN 142. Book 1

— 3 They turn'd their eyes away,

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