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The growing glories of her King.

406 HYMN 43—45. Book III.

HYMN 43. C. M.

1 TTTOSANNA to the Prince of Grace :
JLJL Zion, behold thy King ;

Proclaim the Son of David's race,
And teach the babes to sing.

2 Hosanna to th' incarnate Word,
Who from the Father came ;

Ascribe salvation to the Lord,
With blessings on his Name.

HYMN 44. S. M.

"OSANNA to the Son
Of David, and of God ;
Who brought the news of pardon down
And bought it with his blood.

2 To Christ, th' Anointed King,

Be endless blessings giv'n ;

Let the whole earth his glory sing,

Who made our peace with Heav'n.

HYMN 45. H. M.
1 TTOSANNA to the King,

JLJL Of David's ancient blood ;
Behold he comes to bring:

Forsrivins: grace from God

Let old and young
Attend his way,

2 Glory to God on high ;

Salvation to the Lamb ;

Let earth, and sea, and sky,

His wondrous love proclaim :

And at his feet
Their honours lay.

Upon his head
Shall honours rest,

And ev'ry age
Pronounce him bless'd.





HYMN 1. L. M. Old Hundred. [*]
Being of God. Ps. civ.
1 rilHERE is a God — all nature speaks,

JL Through earth, and air, and sea, and skies;
See, from the clouds his glory breaks,
"When the first beams of morning rise.

-2 The rising sun serenely bright,
O'er the wide world's extended frame)
Inscribes in characters of light,
His mighty Maker's glorious name.

3 The flow'ry tribes all blooming rise,

Above the weak attempts of art ;

The smallest worms, the meanest flies,

Speak sweet conviction to the heart.
Ye curious minds, who roam abroad,

And trace creation's wonders o'er,
e Confess the footsteps of the God ; —
$. Bow down before him — and adore. Steele*

HYMN 2. C. M. Tunbridge. [b*]
Goodness of God. Nahum i, 7.

1 *\7"E humble souls, approach your God,

JL With songs of sacred praise ;
For he is good, immensely good,
And kind are all his ways.

2 All nature owns his guardian care,
In him we live and move ;

But nobler benefits declare
The wonders of his love.

e 3 He gave his Son, his only Son,

To ransom rebel worms ;
■. — 'Tis here he makes his goodness known,

In its divinest forms.

e 4 To this dear refuge, Lord, we come ;

'Tis here our hope relies :
p A safe defence, a peaceful home,

When storms of trouble rise.

506 HYMN 3, 4. Select

— 5 Thine eye beholds, with kind regard,
The souls who trust in thee ;
Their humble hope thou wilt reward,
With bliss divinely free.

o 6 Great God, to thy almighty Love,
What honours shall we raise ?
Not all the raptur'd songs above,.

Can render equal praise, Steele*

Hl'MN 3. C, M. .Milckam. Arundel. [*]
God the Creator.
TERNAL Wisdom, thee we praise,
Thee the creation sings ;
With thy lov'd name, rocks, hills, and seas,
And heav'n's high palace rings.

g 2 Thy hand, — how wide it spread the sky 1

How glorious to behold !
— Ting'd with a blue of heav'nly die,

And starr'd with sparkling gold.

3 Thy glories blaze all nature round,

And strike the gazing sight,
Thro' skies, and seas, and solid ground,

With terrour and delight.

g 4 Infinite strength, and equal skill,

Shine through the worlds abroad ;
e Our souls with vast amazement fill,

And speak the builder — God.
—5 But still the wonders of thy grace
e Our softer passions move ;
Pity divine in Jesus' face,

We see, adore, and love. W.A.TIS.

HYMN 4. C. M. Bedford. [*}
Sovereignty and Dominion of God,
a 1 "1T"EEP silence — all created things,
Jl\_ And wait your Maker's nod ;
My soul stands trembling while she sings
The honours of her God.
© 2 Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown,
Hang on his firm decree ;
He sits on no precarious throne,

Nor borrows leave — to be.
3 Chain'd to his throne a volume lies,
With all the fates of men ;

Select. HYMN 5. 507

With ev'ry angel's form and size,
Drawn by th' eternal pen.

«— 4 His providence unfolds the book,
And makes his counsels shine ;
Each opening leaf, and ev'ry stroke,
Fulfils some deep design.

5 (Here he exalts neglected worms,
To sceptres and a crown ;

And there, the following page he turns,
And treads the monarch down.

6 Not Gabriel asks the reason why,
Nor God the reason gives ;

Nor dares the favourite angel pry,
Between the folded leaves.)

e 7 My God, I would not long to see
My fate, with curious eyes ;
"What gloomy lines are writ for me,
Or what bright scenes may rise.

—8 In thy fair book of life and grace,
O may I find my name,
Recorded in some humble place,

Beneath my Lord — the Lamb. Watts

HYMN 5. L. P. M. St. Hellenes. [*]
God's Name proclaimed. Ex. xxxiv, 6—8.
1 A TTEND, my soul, the voice divine
XSl And mark what beaming glories shine,
Around thy condescending God !
To us — to us, he still proclaims,
e His awful, his endearing names ;
o Attend, and sound them all abroad.
d 2" Jehovah I, the sovereign Lord,
" The mighty God, by heav'n ador'd,
" Down to the earth my footsteps bend:
e M My heart the tenderest pity knows,
" Goodness, full-streaming wide o'erflows
" And grace and trath shall never end.
3 " My patience long can crimes endure,
" My pard'ning love is ever sure,

" When penitential sorrow mourns ;
" To millions, thro' unnumber'd years,
" New hope and new delight it bears ;
" Yet wrath against the sinner burns."

508 HYMN 6, 7. Select.

o 4 Make haste, my soul, the vision meet,
e All prostrate at thy Sovereign's feet,
— And drink the tuneful accents in :
o Speak on, my Lord, repeat the voice,
Diffuse these heart-expanding joys,
Till heav'n repeat the rapt'rous scene.


HYMN 6. C. M. Colchester. [*]
Adam : or, Vie Fall of Man. Gen. iii.
1 £~\ N man, in his own image made,

V^F How much did God bestow !
The whole creation homage paid,
And own'd him Lord below.

o 2 He dwelt in Eden's garden, stor'd.
With sweets for ev'ry sense ;
And there, with his descending Lord,
He walk'd in confidence.

e 3 But oh ! by sin how quickly chang'4 •
His honour forfeited ;
His heart from God and truth, estrang'd.
His conscience, fill'd with dread.

Now from his Maker's voice he flies,
Which was before his joy :
And thinks to hide amidst the trees,
From an all-seeing eye.

5 Compell'd to answer to his name ;

With stubbornness and pride,
He cast on God himself the blame,

Nor once for mercy cried.

} 6 But grace, unasked, his heart subdu'd,

And all his guilt forgave :
By faith the promis'd Seed he view'd,

And felt the power to save. Newton,

HYMN 7. H.M. Allerton. [*] "

Types of the Messiah. Heb. iv, 2.

L XSRAEL in ancient days,
JL Not only had a view
Of Sinai in a blaze,

But learn'd the gospel too :
The types and figures were a glass,
\u which they saw the Saviour's face.

Select. HYMN 8. 509

- . ■

2 The paschal sacrifice,

And blood-besprinkled door, —
Seen with enlightened eyes,
And once apply'd with pow'r,
Would teach the need of other blood,
To reconcile an angry God.

3 The lamb, the dove, set forth
His perfect innocence,

Whose blood of matchless worth
Should be the soul's defence :
For he who can for sin atone,
Must have no failings of his own.

4 The scape-goat on his head,
The people's trespass bore j

And to the desert led,
Was to be seen no more :
In him our Surety seem'd to say,
d " Behold, I bear your sins away."

— 5 Dipp'd in his fellow's blood,

The living bird went free :
The type, well understood,
Express'd the sinner's plea—
e Describ'd a guilty soul enlarg'd,

And by a Saviour's death discharg'd.
o 6 Jesus, I love to trace,

Throughout the sacred page,
The footsteps of thy grace,
The same in ev'ry age !
— O grant that I may faithful be,

To clearer light vouchsaf 'd to me ! CowPEIU

HYMN 8. 7's. Redeeming Love, [*]
Birth of the Saviour.

1 TTTTARK ! the herald angels sing,
JTjL " Glory to the new-born King !

" Peace on earth, and mercy mild,
" God and sinners reconcil'd !"

2 Joyful, all ye nations, rise,
Join the triumph of the skies ;
With th 1 angelic host proclaim,
Christ is born in Bethlehem.

4 Veil'd in flesh — the Godhead see,
Hail th 1 incarnate Deity ;

510 HYMN 9, 10. Select

Pleas'd as man with men t' appear,
Jesus our Emmanuel here.
o 5 Hail the heav'n-born Prince of Peace !
Hail the Sun of Righteousness !
Light and life to all he brings,
Ris'n with healing in his wings.

e 6 Mild, he lays his glory by ;
Born, that man no more may die ;
Born, to raise the sons of earth ;
Born, to give them second birth. Rippon's Col.

" HYMN 9. C. M. Bethlehem. [*]
Joy of Jlngcls at the Saviour* s Birth.
1 "¥7|THILE shepherds watch'd their flocks by
Y V All seated on the ground, [night,

The angel of the Lord came down,
And glory shone around.
t 2 " Fear not," said he, for mighty dread

Had seiz'd their troubled mind,
o " Glad tidings of great joy I bring,
M To you and all mankind.

b 3 " To you in David's town, this day,

M Is born of David's line,
M The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord,

" And this shall be the sign : —
4 " The heav'nly Babe you there shall find,

" To human view display'd,
c ll All meanly wrapp'd in swaddling bands,

M And in a manger laid."
—5 Thus spake the seraph ; and forthwith

Appear'd a shining throng
Of angels, praising God, who thus

Address'd their joyful song : —
s 6 " All glory be to God on high,

u And to the earth be peace ;
g " Good will henceforth from heav'n to men,

" Begin, and never cease." Patrick or Tate.

HYMN 10. C. M. Devizes. [*]
JLngeVs Song. Luke ii, 8 — 14.
ol" ^JHEPHERDS, rejoice ; lift up your eyes,
1^ " And send your fears away ;
u News from the region of the skies-r-
u " Salvation's born to-day !

Select. HYMJM 11. 511

e 2 " Jesus, the God, whom angels fear,

" Conies down to dwell with you ;
— M To-day he makes his entrance here,
e " But not a3 monarchs do.

3 " No gold, nor purple swaddling bands,

" Nor royal shining things ;
" A manger for his cradle stands,
a w And holds the King of kings !
o4" Go, shepherds, where the Infant lies,

" And see his humble throne ; i

p " With tears of joy in all your eyes,

" Go, shepherds, kiss the Son."
—5 Thus Gabriel sang — and straight around,
The heav'nly armies throng :
They tune their harps to lofty sound,
And thus conclude the song : —
s 6 " Glory to God who reigns aoove,
" Let peace surround the earth ;
Si Mortals shall know their Maker's love,

u At their Redeemer's birth." Watts's Lyk.

HYMN 11. 8, 6&&. Christmas. [*]
Christmas Morn.
o 1 IFT up your heads in joyful hope,

X-i Salute the happy morn :
— Each heav'nly pow'r,
© Proclaim the glad hour ;

s Lo, Jesus the Saviour is born I

o 2 All glory be to God on high,,

To him all praise is due ;
The promise is seal'd— <•

The Saviour's reveal'd—
And proves that the record ia true*
$ 3 Let joy around like rivers flow j
Flow on, and still increase ;
Spread o'er the glad earths
At Emmanuel's birth —
For heaven and earth are at peace
t 4 Now the good will of God is shewn

Towards Adam's helpless race ;
& Messiah is come —

To ransom his own —
To save them by infinite grace*

512 HYMN 12, 13. Select

o 5 Then let us join the heav'ns above,

Where hymning seraphs sing ;
s Join all the glad pow'rs —

For their Lord is ours —
Our Prophet, our Priest, and our King. Maden's Col.

HYMN 12. C. P. M. Pilgrim, [b]

Infancy of the Saviour.
p 1 4~\ SIGHT of anguish! view it near, —

V-r What weeping innocence is here—

A manger for his bed '.
—The brutes yield refuge to his wo —
e Men, worse than brutes, no pity show,

Nor give him friendly aid !
o 2 Why do no rapid thunders roll ?

Why do not tempests rock the pole ?
e O miracle of grace !
o Or why no angels on the wing,

Warm for the honour of their King,
e To punish all the race !
c 3 Tho' now an Infant bath'd in tears,
o He call'd to form the rolling spheres ;
g And seraphs own'd his nod !
c Helpless he calls, but men delay : —
e Ungrateful sinners disobey

The first-born Son of God !
—4 Say, radiant seraphs, thron'd in light,
o Did love e'er tow'r so high a flight ?—
e Or glory sink so low ?
— This wonder angels scarce declare ;
Angels the rapture scarce can hear,

Or equal praise bestow.
e 5 Redemption ! 'tis a boundless theme ;
Thou boundless Mind, our hearts inflame,—

With ardour from above :
d Words are but faint, let joy express-
Vain is mere joy — let actions bless—

This prodigy of love.

HYMN 13. C. M. Arundel. [*]

ChrisVs Ministry. Luke iv, 18, 19.

d 1 TT ARK, — the glad sound ! — the Saviour comes}

XI The Saviour promis'd long !
—-Let ev'ry heart prepare a throne —
And ev'ry voice a song.

Select. HYMN 14. 513

2 On him the Spirit, largly pour'd,

Exerts its sacred fire ;
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love,

His holy breast inspire.

o 3 He comes — the pris'ners to release,

In Satan's bondage held ;
o The gates of brass before him burst —

The iron fetters yield !

o 4 He comes — from thickest films of vice

To clear the mental ray ;
o And on the eye-balls of the blind^

To pour celestial day.
c 5 He comes — the broken heart to bind—

The bleeding soul to cure ;
o And, with the treasures of his grace,

T' enrich the humble poor,
e 6 Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,

Thy welcome shall proclaim ;
And heav'n's eternal arches ring

With thy beloved name. Doddridge.

HYMN 14. L. M. Islington. [*]
ChrisPs Example.

1 A ND is the gospel peace and love ?
il. Such let our conversation be.;

The serpent blended with the dove, —
Wisdom and meek simplicity.

2 Whene'er the angry passions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife }
To Jesus let us lift our eyes,
Bright pattern of the Christian life.

3 O how benevolent and kind !
How mild — how ready to forgive !
Be this the temper of our mind,

And these the rules by which we live*

4 To do his heav'nly Father's will,
Was his employment and delight ;
Humility and holy zeal

Shone through his life divinely bright.

5 Dispensing good where'er he came,
The labours of his life were love ;
Then, if we bear the Saviour's name,
By his example let us move. Steele,

Select. 2

514 HYMN 15, 16. Select

HYMN 15. L. M. Weldon. [*]
ChrisPs Transfiguration. Matt, xvii, 4.

1 X/KTHEN at this distance, Lord, we trace

T t The various glories of thy face,
What transport pours o'er all our breast,
And charms our cares and woes to rest !

2 With thee, in the obscurest cell,

On some bleak mountain would I dwelt ;

Rather than pompous courts behold,

And share their grandeur and their gold.
1 3 Away, ye charms of mortal joy !

Raptures divine my thoughts employ !
• I see the King of glory shine : —
% I feel his love, and call him mine.
—4 On Tabor thus his servants view'd

His lustre, when transformed he stood ;

And, bidding earthly scenes farewell,

Cried, "Lord, 'tis pleasant here to dwell.'*

— 5 Yet still our elevated eyes

To nobler visions long to rise ;
o That grand assembly would we join,

Where all thy saints around thee shine.

d 6 That mount — how bright ! those forms— how fair i

o 'Tia good to dwell forever there :

— Come, death, dear envoy of our God,

And bear me to that blest abode. Doddridge .

HYMN 16. L. M. Dresden. [*]
Christ weeping over Jerusalem. Luke xix, 41, 42.
p 1 XyffTH AT venerable sight appears ! —

▼ T The Son of God — dissolv'd in tears!—
Trace, O my soul, with sad surprise,
The sorrows of a Saviour's eyes.

e 2 For Whom, bless'd Jesus, we would know,.
Doth such a sacred torrent flow ? —
What brother, or what friend of thine,
Is grae'd and mourn'd with drops divine ?

— 3 Nor brother, there, nor friend I see—

d But sons of pride and cruelty ;
Who like rapacious tigers stood,
Impatient, panting for thy blood.

x> 4 Dear Lord, and did thy gushing eyct
Thus stream o'er dying 1 enemies ?

Select. HYMN 17. 515

And can thy tenderness forget
The sinner humbled at thy feet ?

e 5 With deep remorse our bowels move,-—

That we have wrong'd such matchless love;
e Thy gentle pity, Lord, display,

And smile these trembling fears away.
— 6 Give us to shine before thy face,

Eternal trophies of thy grace ;
o Where songs of praise thy saints employ,

And mingle with a Saviour's joy. Doddridge.

HYMN 17. 7s. St John's, [b]
Gethsemane .* or, Agony in the Garden. Matt. xxvi,36 — - 45.
"ANY woes had Christ endur'd,
Many sore temptations met,
Patient and to pains inur'd i
e But the sorest trial yet

Was to be sustain'd in thee, —
a Gloomy— sad — Gethsemane !

e 2 Came at length the dreadful night !
d Vengeance, with its iron rod,

Stood, and with collected might,

Bruis'd the harmless Lamb of God j
p See, my soul, the Saviour see —

Prostrate in Gethsemane.

e 3 There my God bore all my guilt ;
—This, through grace, can be believ'd !
e But the torments which he felt,

Are too vast to be conceiv'd :

None can penetrate through thee —
a Doleful — dark — Gethsemane.

4 All my sins against my God —
e All my sins against his laws —

All my sins against his bloody —

All my sins against his cause : —
e Sins as boundless as the sea !

Hide me, O Gethsemane !

-—5 Here's my claim, and here alone f
None a Saviour more can need ;
Deeds of righteousness I've none ;
Not a work that I can plead :
Not a glimpse of hope for me,
Only in Gethsemane

516 HYMN 18, 19. Select

o 6 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
One almighty God of love,
Prais'd by all the heav'uly host,
In thy shining - courts above —
We poor sinners, gracious Three ;
Praise thee for Gethsemane. Hart.

HYMN 18. C. M. China, [b]

The Saviour's Death.
e 1 H.1ROM whence these direful omens round,

J_ Which heav'n and earth amaze !
Wherefore do earthquakes cleave the ground?

Why hides the sun his rays ?
—2 Well may the earth astonish'd shake,

And nature sympathize :
The sun as darkest night be black—
a Their Maker Jesus — dies.
p 3 Behold, fast streaming from the tree

His all atoning blood !
d Is this the Infinite ? — 'tis he —

My Saviour and my God.
p 4 For me — these pangs his soul assail,

For me — this death is borne ;
My sins gave sharpness to the nail,

And pointed ev'ry thorn.
— 5 Let sin no more my soul enslave ;
d Break, Lord, its tyrant chain ;
e O save me, whom thou cam'st to save,

Nor bleed — nor die in vain.

HYMN 19. L. M. Carthage. Munich, [b*]
It is finished. John xix, 30.

1 'fillS fmish'd : — so the Saviour cried;

JL And meekly bow'd his head, and died !
'Tis finishM : — yes, the race is run, —
The battle fought, the vict'ry won.

2 'Tis nnish'd — all that Heav'n decreed.
And all that ancient prophets said,

Is now fulfilPd, as was design'd,
In me, the Saviour of mankind.

3 'Tis flnkh'd: — Aaron now no more
Must stain his robes with purple gore ;
The sacred veil is rent in twain,
The Jewish rites no more remain.

Select. HYMN 20. 517

4 'Tis finished : — this my dying" groan
Shall sins of ev'ry kind atone ;

© Millions shall be redeem'd from death,
■r-Ey this my last expiring breath.

5 'Tis finished : — Heav'n is reconcil'd,
And all the pow'rs of darkness spoil'd:

o Peace, love, and happiness, again
Return and dwell with sinful men.

6 'Tis finish'd: — let the joyful sound
Be heard thro' all the nations round :

s 'Tis finish'd : — let the echo fly,

Thro' heav'n and hell, thro' earth and sky.

Dr. STEjrirfcT.

HYMN 20. L. M. Dresden [b*]
Christ's Dying, Rising, and Reigning,

E dies ! — the Friend of sinners dies !
Lo ! Salem's daughters weep around !


a A solemn darkness veils the skies !

d A sudden trembling shakes the ground !

e 2 Come, saints, and drop a tear or two,
For him who gre&n'd beneath your load ;

p He shed a thousand drops for you —
A thousand drops of richer blood.

3 Here's love and grief beyond degree—
a The Lord of glory dies for men !
P But, lo ! what sudden joys we see !
d Jesus the dead — revives again !

q 4 The rising God forsakes the tomb !

Up to his Father's court he flies !
g Cherubic legions guard him home.

And shout him welcome to the skies !

u 5 Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell

How high our great Deliv'rer reigns ;
o Sing how he spoil'd the hosts of hell,
d And led the tyrant death — in chains.

s 6 Say, w Live forever glorious King,
" Born to redeem, and strong to save l n

d Then ask — " O death, where is thy sting
" And where thy vict'ry boasting grave ?'•

518 HYMN 21, 22. Select

HYMN 21. 7s. 'Redeeming Love. [*]

Christ's Resurrection. Matt, xxviii, 6.

d 1 TIT ARK ! the herald angels say,

JLJL Christ, the Lord, is ris'n to-day !
o Raise your joys and triumphs high,
Let the glorious tidings fly.

e 2 Love's redeeming work is done !
Th' battle's fought, the vict'ry won !
Lo ! the sun's eclipse is o'er ;
Lo ! he sits in blood no more.

— 3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal —
Christ has burst the gates of hell ;
Death in vain forbids his rise ;
Christ has open'd Paradise.

o 4 Lives again our glorious king,

d " Where, O death, is now thy sting ? M

e Once he died our souls to save,

d " Where's thy vict'ry, boasting grave ?"

— 5 What though once we perish'd all,

Partners of our parents fall ; —
o Second life we shall receive,

And in Christ forever live. Cudworth.

HYMN 22. 7s. Epiphany. [*]

ChrisPs Jlscension.

s 1 TTTTAIL, the day that saw him rise,
JlJl Ravish'd from our wishful eyes
e Christ awhile to mortals giv'n,
o Reascends his native heaven :
— There the pompous triumph waits ;
e Lift your heads, eternal gates !

" Wide unfold the radiant scene,

u Take the King of glory in !"

— & Him tho' highest heav'n receives,
Still he loves the earth he leaves ;
Tho' returning to his throne,
Still he calls mankind his own.
Still for us he intercedes,
Prevalent his death he pleads ;
Next himself prepares a place,
Harbinger of human race.

Select HYMN 23. 519

e 3 Master, (may we ever say,)

Taken from the world away,

See thy faithful servants, see,

Ever gazing up to thee.

Grant, though parted from our sight,
— High above yon azure height, —

Grant owe souls may thither rise —

Foll'wing thee beyond the skies.
© 4 Ever upward let us move,

Wafted on the wings of love ;

Looking when our Lord shall come—

Looking for a happier home.
© There we shall with thee remain,

Partners of thy endless rergn ;

Thers thy face unclouded see —

Find a heav'n of heav'ns in thee.

HYMN 23. L. M. Oporto. [*]

Christ's Death, Resurrection, and JLsctnswn. Acta

ii, 32—36.

1 £^OME tune, ye saints, your noblest strains,
^Ly Your dying, rising Lord to sing;

And echo, to the heavenly plains,
The triumphs of your Saviour King.

2 In songs of grateful rapture tell,
How be subdu'd your potent, foe? ;
Subdu'd the pow'rs of death and hell,
And, dying, finish'd all your woes.

3 Then to his glorious throne on high,
Return'd ; while hymning angels round,
Thro' the bright arches of the sky,
The God, the conquering God, resound.

4 Almighty love, victorious pow'r I
Not angel tongues can e'er display
The wonders of that dreadful hour — •
The joys of that illustrious day.

5 Then well may mortals try in vain,
In vain their feeble voices raise ;
Yet Jesus hears the humble strain,
And kindly owns our wish to praise.

<6 Dear Saviour, let thy wondrous grace,

Fill ev'ry heart, and every tongue ;

Till the full glories of thy face,

Inspire a swaeeler, nobler song. Steele.

520 HYMN 24, 25. Select

HYMN 24. 7s. Redeeming Lwe. [*]
Christ's Resurrection and Ascension. Matt, xxviij, 2.
d 1 A NGELS, roll the rock away !

XjL Death, yield up the mighty prey !
s See, the Saviour quits the tomb-^-
Glowing with immortal bloom.

u 2 Shout, ye seraphs; Gabriel, raise

Fame's eternal trump of praise ;
— -Let the earth's remotest bound

Echo to the blissful sound.

p 3 Now, ye saints, lift up your eyes ;

See the Conqueror mount the skies ;

Troops of angels on the road,

Hail and sing th' incarnate God.
g 4 Heav'n unfolds her portals wider-r

Glorious Hero, thro' them ride ;

King of glory, mount thy throne.

Boundless empire is thine own.
s 5 Praise him, ye celestial choirs,

Praise, and sweep your golden lyres \

Praise him in the noblest songs,

From ten thousand thousand tongues.
— 6 Let Emmanuel be ador'd —
d Ransom, Mediator, Lord ;
o To creation's utmost bound,

Let th' immortal praise resound. Gibbons

HYMN 25. 8, 7, & 4- Tamworth. [*]

Praise to the Redeemer.
1 7|/|"IGHTY God, while angels bless thee,

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