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And purify the heart.

3 Thou art the Life — the rending tomb
Proclaims thy conqu'ring arm ;

And those who put their trust in Thee
Nor death nor hell shall harm.

4 Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life —
Grant us to know that Way,

That Truth to keep-, that Life to win,
Which lead to endless day.

HYMN 265. 7s. Hotham. [b]
Christ, the Rock of Ages.
p 1 [1 OCK of Ages, cleft for me,
JlV Let me hide myself in thee;
Let the water and the blood,
From thy wounded side which flow'd,
Be of sin the double cure,
Save from wrath and make me pure.

Select. HYMN 266, 267. 669

— 2 Could my tears for ever flow,

Could my zeal no languor know,*

These for siri could not atone ;

Thou must save, and thou alone :

In my hand no price I bring,

Simply to thy cross I cling.
—3 While I draw this fleeting breath,

When my eyes shall close in death,

When I rise to worlds unknown,

And behold thee on thy throne,

Rock of Ages, cleft for me,

Let me hide myself in thee. Wesley's Col.

HYMN 266. C. M. Mentis, [b]

Christ our Example.
p 1 BJEHOLD where, in a mortal form,.
J3 Appears each grace divine !
The virtues, all in Jesus met,
With mildest radiance shine.
O 2 To spread the rays of heavenly light,
To give the mourner joy,
To preach glad tidings to the poor,
Was his divine employ.
p 3 Lowly in heart, to all his friends
A friend and servant found,
He wash'd their feet, he wip'd their tears,
And heal'd each bleeding wound.

4 Midst keen reproach and cruel scorn,
Patient and meek he stood ;

His foes, ungrateful, sought his life :
He labour'd for their good.

5 In the last hour of deep distress,
Before his Father's throne,

With soul resign'd, he bow'd, and said,
" Thy will, not mine, be done !"

6 Be Christ our pattern and our guide,
His image may we bear !

Oh may we tread his holy steps,
O His joy and glory share.

HYMN 267. P. M. Greenville, [b]

Christ our Example in Suffering.
p 1 /^ O to dark Gethsemane,

\J" Ye who feel the Tempter's power :
Your Redeemer's conflict see ;
Watch with him one bitter boar :
Select. 15


670 HYMN 268, Select,

Turn not from his griefs away ;
Learn from Him to wateh and pray.

2 See him at the judgment-hall,
Beaten, bound, reviled, arraigned:

See him meekly bearing all !

Love to man his soul sustained !
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss j
Learn of Christ to bear the cross;

3 Calvary's mournful mountain view;
There the Lord of Glory see,

Made a sacrifice for you,

Dying on th' accursed tree :
" It is finished," hear him cry ;
Trust in Christ and learn to die.

4 Early to the tomb repair,

Where they laid his breathless clay ;
Angels kept their vigils there :

Who hath taken him away ?
" Christ is risen !" he seeks the skies ;
Saviour ! teach us so to rise. Montgomery.

HYMN 268. C. M. Woodstock, [b]

Christ precious. 1 Pet. ii, 7.

p I TTOW sweet the name of Jesus sounds
JLJL In a believer's ear !
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds r
And drives away his fear.

2 It makes the wounded spirit whole,
And calms the troubled breast ;

'Tis manna to the hungry soul,
And to the weary, rest.

3 By him, my pray'rs acceptance gain,
Although with sin defil'd ;

Satan accuser me in vain,
And I am own'd a child.

4 Weak is the effort of my heart,
And cold my warmest thought ;

But when I see thee, as thou art,
111 praise thee as I ought.

5 Till then, I would thy love proclaim,
With every fleeting breath :

And may the music of thy name
Refresh my soul in death. Niwtow ,

Select. HYMN 269, 270. 671

HYMN 269. H. M, Haddam. [*]

b 1 TTESUS, harmonious Name !
©i* It charms the hosts above,;
They evermore proclaim
And wonder at his love ;
"Tis all their happiness to gaze ;
"Tis heaven to see our Jesus' face.

2 His name the sinner hears,
And is from sin set free :
'Tis music in his ears,

s 'Tis life and victory *.

New songs do now his lips employ^
And dances his glad heart for joy.

3 Stung by the monster sin,
p My poor expiring soul

The balmy sound drinks in,

And is at once made whole :
See there my Lord upon the tree I
I hear, I feel, he died for me.

4 O unexampled love 1
O all-redeeming grace !
How swiftly didst thou move
To save a fallen race !

What shall I do to make it known
What thou for all mankind hast done ?

s 5 for a trumpet- voice,

Dn all the world to call !

To bid their hearts rejoice

In him who died for all !
For all my Lord was erucified :
For all, for all, my Saviour died. Wesley's Cojl.

HYMN 270. C. M. Abridge. [*]

<Chief among TenTItousand ; or the Excellencies of Christ,

1 IVTAJESTIC sweetness sits enthron'd
_L?JL Upon the Saviour's brow ;

His head with radiant glories crown'd,
His lips with grace o'erflow.

2 To him I owe my life and breath,
And all the joys I have :

& He makes me triumph over death,
And saves me from the grave.

/& HYMN 271, 272. Select.

3 To heaven, the place of his abode,
He brings my weary feet ;

o Shows me the glories of my God,
And makes my joys complete.

4 Since from his bounty I receive
Such proofs of love divine,

Had I a thousand hearts to give,
Lord, they should all be thine.

HYMN 271. C. M. St. Martin's. [*]

The Day of Pentecost,

olT ET songs of praises fill the sky !
.1 A Christ, our ascended Lord,
Sends down his Spirit from on high,
According to his word.

o 2 The Spirit, by his heavenly breath,
New life creates within :
He quickens sinners from the death
Of trespasses and sin.

— 3 The things of Christ the Spirit takes,
And shows them unto men ;
The fallen soul his temple makes,
God's image stamps again.

s 4 Come, Holy Spirit, from above,
With thy celestial fire :
Come, and with flames of zeal and love

Our hearts and tongues inspire. Cotterill.

HYMN 272. 8 & 7. Sicilian. [*]

1 TTOLY GHOST ! dispel our sadness,
_iIjL Pierce the clouds of nature's night :

Come, thou source of joy and gladness,
Breathe thy life and spread thy light.

e 2 Hear, oh ! hear our supplication,
Blessed Spirit ! God of Peace !
Rest upon this congregation,

With th' abundance of thy grace.

3 Author of our new creation !

Bid us all thine influence prove :
Make our souls thy habitation ;

Shed abroad the Saviour's love.

Geo. Burdf.r's Col,,

Select. HYMN 273—275. 673

HYMN 273. S. M. Lisbon. [*]
o 1 T3LEST Comforter Divine !
-13 Let rays of heavenly love
Amidst our gloom and darkness shine,
And guide our souls above.

2 Draw, with thy " still small voice,"
From every sinful way ;

And bid the mourning saint rejoice,
Though earthly joys decay.

3 By thine inspiring breath
Make every cloud of care,

And e'en the gloomy vale of death,
A smile of glory wear.

4 Oh fill thou every heart
With love to all our race !

Great Comforter ! to us impart
These blessings of thy grace.

HYMN 274. L. M. Alfreton. [*]
© 1 /^iOME, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove,
\j With light and comfort from above ',
Be thou our Guardian, thou our Guide ;
O'er every thought and step preside.

2 The light of truth to us display,

And make us know and choose thy way •
Plant holy fear in every heart,
That we from God may not depart.

3 Lead us to holiness, — the road
That we must take to dwell with God ;
Lead us to Christ, the living way,
Nor let us from his precepts stray ; —

a 4 Lead us to God, our final rest,
In his enjoyment to be blest ;
Lead us to heaven, the seat of bliss,
Where pleasure in perfection is. Browne.

HYMN 275. CM. Broomsgrove. [b or *]

To the Holy Spirit.
a 1 Tjl TERNAL Spirit ! God of truth'
J— A Our contrite hearts inspire ;
Kindle the flame of heavenly love,
And feed the pure desire,
|> 2 'Tis thine to soothe the sorrowing mind
With guilt and fear opprest ;
'Tis thine to bid the dying live,
And give the weary rest,

674 HYMN 276, 277. Select,

— -3 Subdue the power of every sin,
Whate'er that sin may be ;
That we, in singleness of heart,
May worship only Thee.
^4 Then with our spirits witness bear,
That we are sons of God ;
Redeem'd from sin, and death, and hell,
Through Christ's atoning blood.

HYMN 276. C. M, Arundel [*]

Value of the Scriptures.
o 1 TTOW precious is the book divine,

JLjL By inspiration given !
o Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine,

To guide our souls to heaven.
e 2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts,

In this dark vale of tears ;
o Life, light, and joy, it still imparts,

And quells our rising fears.
e 3 This lamp, through all the tedious night
•. — Of life, shall guide our way,
o Till we behold the clearer light

Of an eternal day. Rippon's Col.

HYMN 277. C. M. Dundee, [b or *]

The Soul.
e 1 "1TT7HAT is the thing of greatest price,

V ? The whole creation round ?
*— That, which was lost in paradise,
That, which in Christ is found.

2 The soul of man, — Jehovah's breath !
That keeps two worlds at strife ;

Hell moves beneath to work its death,
Heaven stoops to give it life.

3 God to reclaim it, did not spare
His well-beloved Son ;

Jesus, to save it, deign'd to bear
The sins of all in one. ,

4 And is this treasure borne below,
In earthly vessels frail ?

Can none its utmost value know,
Till flesh and spirit fail ?

5 Then let us gather round the cross,
This knowledge to obtain,

Jfot by the soul's eternal loss,

B.ut everlasting gain, Montgomery

Select. HYMN 278—280. 675

HYMN 278. L. M. Winchelsea. [*]

The Blessings of the New Covenant.

1 /"^ OD, in the gospel of his Son,

v3T Makes his eternal counsels known :
Where love in all its glory shines,
And truth is drawn in fairest lines.

2 Here, sinners, of an humble frame,
May taste his grace, and learn his name J
May read in characters of blood,

The wisdom, power, and grace of God.

3 The pris'ner here may break his chains ;
The weary rest from all his pains ;

The captive feel his bondage cease ;
The mourner find the way of peace.

4 Here faith reveals to mortal eyes
A brighter world beyond the skies ;

Here shines the light which guides our way
From earth to realms of endless day.

5 O grant us grace, Almighty Lord !
To read and mark thy holy word ;
Its truths with meekness to receive,

And by its holy precepts live. Beddomb.

HYMN 279. L. M. Nazareth, [b]

Religion. Prov. iv, 7.
e 1 r| lEACH us, O Lord, the great concern,
JL To know thy will, thy name to love ;
Our duty from thy word to learn,
And gain the wisdom from above.

2 Religion must be all in all,
Would we th' immortal prize obtain,
Retrieve the ruins of the fall,

And 'scape the death of endless pain.

3 Send thy good Spirit, Lord, we pray,
To sanctify and cleanse our heart j
May we repent, believe, obey,

And from thy service ne'er depart. Lee.

HYMN 280. L. M. Angels' Hymn. [*]

Value of Religion.

1 TJ ELIGION bids all sin depart,

JLV And folly flies her chast'ning rod ;
She makes the humble, contrite heart
A temple of the living God,

676 HYMN 281, 282. Select.

e 2 Beyond the narrow vale of time,
Where bright celestial ages roll,
To scenes eternal, scenes sublime,
She points the way, and leads the soul.

3 At her approach, the grave appears
p The gate of paradise restor'd;

Her voice the watching cherub hears,
And drops his double flaming sword.

4 Baptiz'd with her renewing fire,
g We shall the crown of glory gain ;

Rise when the hosts of heaven expire,
And reign with God, for ever reign.

Montgomery altered.

HYMN 281. C. M. Bangor, [b]

Frailty of Life.
p 1 lilEW are thy days, and full of wo,
J_ O man, of woman born !
Thy doom is written — " Dust thou art,
And shalt to dust return !"

2 Determin'd are the days that fly
Successive o'er thy head ;

The number 'd hour is on the wing,
Which lays thee with the dead.

3 Gay is thy morning : flatt'ring hope
Thy sprightly steps attends ;

But soon the tempest howls behind,
And the dark night descends !

4 Before its splendid hour, the cloud
Comes o'er the beam of light ;

A pilgrim in a weary land,
Man tarries but a night.

HYMN 282. S. M. Olmutz. [*]

Uncertainty of Life.
a 1 FTIO-MORROW, Lord, is thine !
JL Lodg'd in thy sov'reign hand j
And if its sun arise and shine,
It shines by thy command.

— 2 The present moment flies,

And bears our life away ;
Oh make thy servants truly wise,
That they may live to-day.

— 3 Since on this fleeting hour

Eternity is hung,

Select. HYM N 283, 284. 677

Awaken, by thy mighty power,

The aged and the young.
— 4 One thing demands our care —

Be that one thing pursued j
Lest, slighted once, the season fair

Should never be renew'd.
b 5 To Jesus may we fly,

Swift as the morning light,
Lest life's young golden beams should die

In sudden, endless night. Doddridge altered.

HYMN 283. L. M. Dresden, [b]
Vanity of the World, and Happiness of Heaven.
p 1 TTOW vain is all beneath the skies !
XX How transient every earthly bliss !
How slender all the fondest ties,
That bind us to a world like this.

2 The ev'ning cloud, the morning dew,
The with'ring grass, the fading flower,
Of earthly hopes are emblems true —
The glory of a passing hour !

3 But, though earth's fairest blossoms die,
And all beneath the skies is vain,
There is a land whose confines lie
Beyond the reach of care and pain.

b 4 Then let the hope of joys to come
Dispel our cares, and chase our fears : ,
If God be ours, we're trav'ling home,
Though passing through a vale of tears.

HYMN 284. C. M. Tolland. [*]

Seek first the Kingdom of God.
s 1 "IVTOW let a true ambition rise,
_L i And ardour tire our breast,
To reign in worlds above the skies,
In heavenly glories drest.

2 Behold Jehovah's royal hand
A radiant crown display,

Whose gems with vivid lustre shine,
While stars and suns decay.

3 Away, each grov'ling, anxious care,
Beneath a Christian's aim;

We spring to seize immortal joys,
In our Redeemer's name.

678 HYMN 285, 286. Select.

4 Ye hearts, with youthful vigour warm,

The glorious prize pursue ;
Nor fear the want of earthly good,

While heaven is kept in view.

HYMN 285. S. M: Lisbon. [*]
The Unrighteous excluded from Heaven.
e 1 £~^\ AN sinners hope for heaven,
\j Who love this world so well ;
Or dream of future happiness,
While in the road to hell ?

2 Shall they hosannas sing,
With an unhallow'd tongue j

Shall palms adorn the guilty hand
Which does its neighbour wrong ?

3 Can sin's deceitful way
Conduct to Zion's hill ;

Or those expect with God to reign

Who disregard his will ?
o 4 Thy grace, O God, alone

Can a good hope afford !
The pardon'd and renew'd shall see

The glory of the Lord. Pratt's Col.

HYMN 286. L. M. Munich, [b]

The Value of a Moment.
el AT every motion of our breath,

jlTL Life trembles on the brink of death,
A taper's flame that upward turns,
While downward to the dust it burns.

2 A moment usher'd us to birth,
Heirs of the commonwealth of earth ;
Moment by moment, years are past,
And one ere long will be our last.

3 'Twixt that, long-fled, which gave us light,
And that which soon shall end in night,
There is a point no eye can see,

Yet on it bangs eternity.

4 This is that moment, — who shall tell
Whether it leads to heav'n or hell ?
This is that moment, — as we choose,
Th' immortal soul we save or lose.

5 Time past and time to come are not,
Time present is our only lot ;

O God, henceforth our hearts incline

To seek no other love than thine ! Montgomery.

Select. HYMN 287—289. 679

HYMN 287. S. M. Canterbury, [b]

The Issues of Life and Death.
V 1 f\ WHERE shall rest be found,
\s Rest for the weary soul ?
'Twere vain the ocean depths to sound,
Or pierce to either pole :

2 The world can never give
The bliss for which we sigh ;

'Tis not the whole of life to live.
Nor all of death to die.

3 Beyond this vale of tears,
There is a life above,

Unmeasur'd by the flight of years,
And all that life is love : —

4 There is a death, whose pang
Outlasts the fleeting breath ;

Oh what eternal horrors hang
Around " the second death !"
g 5 Lord God of truth and grace,
Teacn us tnat deatn to shun,
Lest we be banish'd from thy face,

And evermore undone. Montgomery

HYMN 288. C. M. Dundee, [b]

Treasuring up Wrath.
e 1 TTN GRATEFUL man ! Oh whence this scorn
vJ Of long-extended grace ?
And whence this madness, that insults

Th' Almighty to his face ?
2 Is all the treasur'd wrath so small,

You labour still for more ;
Though not eternal rolling years
Can e'er exhaust that store ?
s 3 Swift will the day of vengeance come

Which must your sentence seal ;
g And righteous judgment, now unknown,

In all its wrath reveal.
p 4 Alarm'd and melted at his voice,
Your conquer'd heart shall bow ;
g But, to escape the vengeance then,
Embrace the Saviour now.

HYMN 289. H. M. Haddam. [b or *]
• 1 TTCTHEN frowning death appears^
V T And points his fatal dart,

680 HYMN 290, 291. Select

What dark foreboding fears

Distract the sinner's heart !
The dreadful blow But torn away

No arm can stay, He sinks to wo.

2 Now every hope denied,
Bereft of every good,

g He must the wrath abide

Of an avenging God :
No mercy there I Nor wipe the tear

Will greet his ear, | Of black despair.

s 3 Sinners, awake, attend,

And flee the wrath to come ;

Make Christ, the Judge, your friend,

And heaven shall be your home.
His mercy nigh, That leads from death

Now points the path, To joys on high. Lee.

HYMN 290. S. M. Norwalh [b]

Anticipation of the Judgment.
g 1 TTOW will my heart endure
11 The terrors of that day ;
When earth and heaven, before the Judge,
Astonish'd shrink away !
— 2 But ere that trumpet shakes
The mansions of the dead ;
Hark ! from the gospel's cheering sound,
What joyful tidings spread !

3 Ye sinners, seek his grace,
Whose wrath ye cannot bear ;

Fly to the shelter of his cross,
And find salvation there.

4 So shall that curse remove
By which the Saviour bled ;

And the last awful day shall pour

His blessings on our head. Doddridge.

HYMN 291. S. M. Yarmouth [b]~~

The Harvest past,
g IT SAW beyond the tomb,
A The awful Judge appear,
Prepar'd to scan with strict account
My blessings wasted here,
a 2 His wrath like flaming fire,
Burn'd to the lowest hell —
And in that hopeless world of wo
He bade my spirit dwell.

Select. HYMN 292, 293. 681

3 Ye sinners, fear the Lord,
While yet 'tis call'd to-day ;

Soon will the awful voice of death,
Command your souls away.

4 Soon will the harvest close —
The summer soon be o'er —

And soon your injur'd, angry God

Will hear your prayers no more. Dwight

HYMN 292. L. M. Winchelsea. [b or *]"

The Watchful Servant. Luke xii, 38, 39.
s 1 A WAKE, awake, each sluggish soul !
xlL Awake, and view the setting sun I

See how the shades of death advance,

Ere half the task of life is done.
e 2 Death ! 'tis an awful, solemn sound !

Oh may it wake the slumb'ring ear !

Apace the dreadful conou'ror comes,

With all his pale companions near.

3 Soon will he close all drowsy eyes,

Nor shall we hear these warnings more;

Soon will the mighty Judge approach j

E'en now he stands before the door,
g 4 To-day, attend his gracious voice !

This is the summons which he sends —

" Awake ! for on this passing hour,

Thy long eternity depends." Heginbotha»,

HYMN 293. L. M. Nazareth. [* or b]

The Sinner hastened.
£ 1 TTASTEN, O sinner ! to be wise,

JLX And stay not for the morrow's sun J
The longer wisdom you despise,
The harder is it to be won.

2 Oh hasten, mercy to implore,
And stay not for the morrow's sun ;
For fear thy season should be o'er,
Before this ev'ning stage be run.

3 Hasten, O sinner ! to return,
And stay not for the morrow's sun ;
For fear thy lamp should cease to burn,
Before the needful work is done.

4 Hasten, O sinner ! to be blest,
And stay not for the morrow's sun ;
For fear the curse should thee arrest,

Before the morrow is*begun. Pratt's Cot,

Select. 16

682 HYMN 294, 295. Select,

HYMN 294. H. M. Haddam. [b]
" Yet there is Room." Luke xiv, 22.
e 1 ~\7"E dying sons of men,

JL Immerged in sin and wo,
o The gospel's voice attend,
While Jesus sends to you :
Ye perishing and guilty, come ;
In Jesus' arms there yet is room.
— - 2 No longer now delay,
Nor vain excuses frame ;
He bids you come to-day,
Though poor, and blind, and lame :
All things are ready, sinner, come,
For every trembling soul there's room.

3 Believe the heavenly word
His messengers proclaim ;
He is a gracious Lord,

And faithful is his name :
Backsliding souls, return and come,
Cast off despair, there yet is room.

4 Compelled by bleeding love,
Ye wandering souls, draw near,
Christ calls you from above,
His charming accents hear '

Let whosoever will now come :

In mercy's breast there still is room. Bodkk.

HYMN 295. C. M. Canterbury, [b or *]
God's Command to all Men to repent. Luke xiii, 3.

e 1 X> EPENT, the voice celestial cries,
JlV No longer dare delay :
The wretch that scorns the mandate dies,—

And meets a fiery day.
2 Together in his presence bow,

And all your guilt confess ;
Accept the offered Saviour now,
Nor trifle with the grace.
g 3 Bow, ere the awful trumpet sound,
And call you to his bar :
For mercy knows th' appointed bound,
And turns to vengeance there.
p 4 Amazing love, — that yet will call,
And yet prolong our days !
Our hearts subdued by goodness fall,
And weep, and love, and praise.

Select. HYMN 296, 297. 683

HYMN 296. Chaplin. Amsterdam, [b]

Alarm. 7s fy 6s.

e 1 OTOP, poor sinner ! stop and think,

k3 Before you farther go !
Will you sport upon the brink,

Of everlasting wo !
Once again I charge you, stop !

For unless you warning take,
Ere you are aware, you drop

Into the burning lake !

g 2 Say, have you an arm like God,

That you his will oppose ?
Fear you not that iron rod

With which he breaks his foes ?
Can you stand in that dread day

When his judgment shall proclaim,
And the earth shall melt away

Like wax before the flame ?

3 Though your heart be made of steel,

Your forehead lined with brass,
God at length will make you feel,

He will not let you pass.
Sinners then in vain will call,

(Though they now despise his grace,)
'•' Rocks and mountains on us fall,

And hide us from his face." Newtox.

HYMN 297. L. M. Germany, [bor*]
" Renounce thy Sins."

ol" T> ENOUNCE thy sins," the gospel cries,
JlV And pant t'embraee a fairer prize ;
A heaven of joys before thee waits,
Then take the road to Zion's gates.

p 2 " Renounce thy sins," the watchmen cry,

Believe — and you shall never die ;
g Fair robes of glory wait above

For all the heirs of bleeding love.

3 " Renounce thy sins," God's children cry,
Repent — and soar to worlds on high,
Where streams of living waters roll,

And ceaseless bliss absorbs the soul.

4 " Renounce thy sins," thy reason cries,
Break from your heart these hateful ties,
Enlist a soldier of the Lamb,

And joy t' exalt the Saviour's name.

684 HYMN 298, 299. Select.

HYMN 298. L. M. Bowen. [b or *]
Jesus a Guest. Rev. hi, 20.
c I "OEHOLD the Saviour at thy door,

JD He gently knocks, has knocked before ;
Has waited long, is waiting still,
You treat no other friend so ill.

a 2 O lovely attitude ! — he stands

With melting heart, and outstretched hands '

matchless kindness ! and he shows
This matchless kindness to his foes.

b 3 Admit him ; — for the human breast,
Ne'er entertained so kind a guest ;
Admit him ; — or the hour's at hand,
When at his door denied you'H stand.

— 4 " Open my heart, Lord, enter in,
Slay every foe, and conquer sin :

1 now to thee my all resign,

My body, soul, and all are thine."

HYMN 299. 7s. Evening Hymn, [b]
" Wliy will ye die ? O House of Israel /" Ezek. xviii, 31.
e 1 O INNERS ! turn— why will ye die ?
k3 God, your Maker, asks you why :

God, who did your being give —

Made you with himself to live :

He the fatal cause demands,

Asks the work of his own hands :

Why, O thankless creatures ! why

Will ye spurn his love, and die ?

o 2 Sinners ! turn — why will ye die ?

God, your Saviour, asks you why :

He who his own life did give,

That ye might for ever live :

Will you let him die in vain,

Crucify your Lord again ?

Why, O ransomed sinners, why

Will ye slight his grace, and die ?
b 3 Sinners ! turn — why will ye die ?

God, the Spirit, asks you why :

He who all your lives hath strove —

Moved you to embrace his love —

Will ye not his love receive ?

Will ye still refuse to live ?

Why, O long-sought sinners, why

Will ye grieve your God and die ? Wesley.

Select. HYMN 300—303, 685

HYMN 300. 7s. Evening Hymn, [b or *]

e 1 T ET the beasts their breath resign,
§ A Strangers to the life divine J

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