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By DASCOM GREENE, Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy in the
Kensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y. 8vo. Cloth. Illustrated,
viii + 158 pages. Mailing price, $1.60; for introduction, $1.50.

rriHE book is intended for class-room use and affords such a prep-
aration as the student needs before entering upon the study
of the larger and more elaborate works on this subject.

The appendix contains an elementary exposition of the method
of least squares.

Daniel Carhart, Act. Prof. Math-
ematics, Western Univ. of Pa., Alle-
gheny, Pa. : Professor Greene has
supplied that which is needed to make
the usual course in Astronomy in our
colleges more practical.

Rodney G. Kimball, Polytechnic
Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y. : The
hasty examination which I have
given it has left a very favorable
impression as to its merits as a
judicious compound of the practical
work which it professes to cover.


Scheiner's Astronomical Spectroscopy.

Department of Special Publication. Revised Edition. Translated;
revised and enlarged by E. B. FROST, Professor of Astronomy in
Dartmouth College. 8vo. Half leather. Illustrated, xiii + 482 pages.
Price by mail, $5.00 ; for introduction, $4.75.

work aims to explain the most practical and modern
methods of research, and to state our present knowledge of
the constitution, physical condition and motions of the heavenly
bodies, as revealed by the spectroscope.

Edward S. Holden, Director of the
Lick Observatory, Mt. Hamilton,
California: I congratulate you on

tant book; it is indispensable to
all astronomers and students of

the appearance of this very impor-

Elements of Plant Anatomy.

By EMILY L. GREGORY, Professor of Botany in Barnard College. 8vo.
Cloth, viii + 148 pages. Illustrated. Mailing price, $1.35; for intro-
duction, $1.25.

S book is designed as a text-book for students who have
already some knowledge of general botany. It consists of an
outline of the principal facts of plant anatomy, in a form avail-
able not only for those who wish to specialize in botany but for
all who wish to know the leading facts about the inner structure
of plants. It affords a preparation for the study of the more
intricate and difficult questions of plant anatomy and physiology,
while it is especially adapted to the wants of students, who need
a practical knowledge of plant structure.

Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany.

For High Schools and Elementary College Courses. By DOUGLAS H.
CAMPBELL, Professor of Botany in the Leland Stanford Junior Univer-
sity. 12mo. Cloth, ix + 253 pages. Price by mail, $1.25 ; for intro-
duction, $1.12.

rpHE special merit of this book is that it begins with the simple
forms, and follows the order of nature to the complex ones.

Plant Organization.

By R. HALSTED WARD, formerly Professor of Botany in the Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y. Quarto. 176 pages. Illustrated.
Flexible boards. Mailing price, 85 cents ; for introduction, 75 cents.


Elements of Botany.

By JOSEPH Y. BERGEN, Instructor in Biology in the English High
School, Boston. 12mo. Cloth, viii + 332 pages. Fully illustrated.
Mailing price, $1.20; for introduction, $1.10.

TT is believed that this book differs from most other botanies of
similar grade in the following details :

In carrying through a simple account of the gross structure,
the microscopical structure, and the functions of the several parts
of the plant side by side.

In paying special attention to Vegetable Physiology, and illus-
trating the subject by many simple experiments.

In choosing for the experimental part of the work such experi-
ments as may, if necessary, be carried on in the schoolroom
during the regular recitation period.

In employing for study largely such materials as are readily
obtainable everywhere and at all seasons.

In offering abundant pictorial illustrations, chosen from a very
wide range among the most authentic sources.

In avoiding the use of any technical terms except those which
are indispensable for accurate description.

With few exceptions, the pupil is called on to discover for
himself such facts as he can learn at first hand without too great
expenditure of time, and then the somewhat isolated bits of
knowledge which he has gathered are correlated and discussed.

Special effort has been made to have the book thoroughly
modern and to include the results of recent investigations.

An outline of Systematic Botany is given, and Part II consists of
a very brief key and flora. This includes some of the commonest
spring flowers of the northern states, and affords the means for
drilling a class thoroughly in the determination of species.

Conway MacMillan, Head Profes-
sor of Botany, University of Minne-
sota : I have looked over Bergen's
Elements of Botany carefully. I do
not often permit myself to write
" testimonials " but this is really so
excellent in its way that I take
pleasure in commending. This is
just the proper sort of book for the

academies and high schools, and I
look for its general introduction.
Its strong point is its catholicity and
comprehensiveness, though clearness
and compactness are not sacrificed.
Congratulations to your firm on
getting out, for the first time, an
apparently practical text-book on


Elementary Meteorology.

By WILLIAM MORRIS DAVIS, Professor of Physical Geography in Har-
vard College. With maps and charts. 8vo. Cloth, xi + 355 pages.
Mailing price, $2.70; for introduction, $2.50.

rPHIS work is believed to be very opportune, since no elementary
work on the subject has been issued for over a quarter of a
century. It represents the modern aspects of the science. It is
adapted to the use of advanced students, and will meet the needs
of members of the National and State Weather Services who wish
to acquaint themselves with something more than methods of

The essential theories of modern Meteorology are presented in
such form that the student shall perceive their logical connection,
and shall derive from their mastery something of the intellectual
training that comes with the grasp of well-tested conclusions.

The charts of temperature, pressure, winds, etc., are reduced
from the latest available sources, while the diagrams freely intro-
duced through the text are for the most part new.

A. W. Greeley, retired Brigadier
General U.S,A., and formerly Chief
of Signal Office, Washington: A
valuable and timely contribution to
scientific text-books.

Winslow Upton, Professor of As-
tronomy, Brown University: The
best general book on the subject in

Win. B. Clark, Professor of Geol-
ogy, Johns Hopkins University: An
excellent book and of great value to
the teacher of meteorology.

David Todd, Professor of Astron-
omy, Amherst College: Clear, con-
cise, and direct. To teach meteorol-
ogy with it must be a delight.

our language.

Molecules and the Molecular Theory of Matter.

Department of Special Publication. By A. D. RISTEEN. 8vo. Cloth.
Illustrated, viii + 223 pages. Retail price, $2.00

work is a complete popular exposition of the molecular
theory of matter, as it is held by the leading physicists of
to-day. Considerable space is devoted to the kinetic theory of
gases. Liquids also are discussed, and solids receive much atten-
tion. There is also a division discussing the methods that have
been proposed for finding the sizes of molecules, and here, as
elsewhere throughout the book, the methods described are illus-
trated by numerical examples. The last division of the book
touches upon the constitution of molecules. The subject is every-
where treated from a physical standpoint.



wishers, and merited the confidence
and support of the biological brother-
hood throughout the world.

Journal Of Morphology. A Journal of Anima/ Morphology.

Devoted principally to embryological, anatomical, and histological sub-
jects. Edited by C. O. WHITMAN, Professor of Zoology, University of
Chicago. Crown 8vo. Three numbers per volume, of 100 to 150 pages
each, with from five to ten double plates. Subscription price, $9.00 per
volume; single numbers, $3.50. Agents: for Great Britain, Edward
Arnold, 37 Bedford St., Strand, London, W.C. ; for German^, Fried-
lander & Sohn, Berlin, N.W. Carlstrasse, 11 ; for France, Jules Peelman,
139 Boulevard St. Germain, Paris.

Nature, London : The editors have
fulfilled thus far the highest expec-
tations of their most sincere well-

Biological Lectures.

Delivered at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Holl, 1890. 12mo.
Cloth. Illustrated, vii + 250 pages. By mail, $1.85; to teachers, $1.75.

Biological Lectures.

Delivered at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Holl, 1893. 8vo.
Cloth. Illustrated, iv + 242 pages. By mail, $2.15 ; to teachers, $2.00.

Biological Lectures.

Delivered at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Holl, 1894. 8vo.
Cloth. Illustrated, ix + 287 pages. By mail, $2.65 ; to teachers, $2.50.
The lectures and the authors are : I. Life from a Physical Standpoint.

A. E. DOLBEAB. II. A Dynamical Hypothesis of Inheritance.
JOHN A. RYDER. III. On the Limits of Divisibility of Living Matter.

JACQUES LOEB. IV. The Differentiation of Species on the Galapagos
Islands and the Origin of the Group. G. BAUB. V. Search for the
Unknown Factors of Evolution. H. F. OSBOBN. VI. The Em-
bryological Criterion of Homology. E. B. WILSON. VII. Cell-
Division and Development. J. P. McMuRRicn. VIII. The Problems,
Methods, and Scope of Developmental Mechanics. W. M. WHEELER
(Roux). IX. The Organization of Botanical Museums for Schools,
Colleges, and Universities. J. M. MACFARLANE. X. The Centro-
some. S. WATASE. XI. Evolution and Epigenesis. C. O. WHIT-

-t * v VII 'DstWM A+'M rm*ffM-w f\-f 17vT/%lii4-Y *% / i \ \V i i i'r> M A XT VL'Tl

MAN. XII. Bonnet's Theory of Evolution. C. O. WHITMAN.
Bonnet on Palingenesis and Germs. C. O. WHITMAN.


Animal Life and Intelligence.

By C. LLOYD MOBGAN, F.G.S., Professor in, and Dean of University
College, Bristol, England ; author of Animal Biology, etc. 8vo. Cloth.
xvi + 512 pages. Illustrated. Retail price, $4.00. The titles of the
chapters of this important work are: I. The Nature of Animal Life.
II. The Process of Life. III. Reproduction and Development. IV.
Variation and Natural Selection. V. Heredity and the Origin of
Variations. VI. Organic Evolution. VII. The Senses of Animals.
VIII. Mental Processes in Man. IX. Mental Processes in Animals :
Their Powers of Perception and Intelligence. X. The Feelings
of Animals: Their Appetences and Emotions. XI. Animal Activi-
ties : Habit and Instinct. XII. Mental Evolution.


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