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Each room will be equipped with a built-in
dry closet, six feet four inches wide by two
feet deep, extending to the ceiling, and equip-
ped inside with the requisite shelves, hooks,

with iced water that does not come in contact
with the ice, from a central filter and cooler.

Applications for Family Quarters.
Applications for married quarters were on
file on November 30, 1915, as follows:


Ancon Hospital.




Number of

174 (22)
130 (18)
149 (34)

Total .

834 (155)

Note — The figures in parentheses show the numbers
of applicants already occupying regular or nonhouse-
keeping family quarters at stations other than those at
which applications are filed.

Arrival of the "Academy."

The American schooner Academy, operated
by the Anglo-American Exploiting Company,
and previously engaged on an expedition
searching for mineral locations along the west
coast of South America, arrived at Balboa in
the afternoon of November 30. She reported
many hardships on a varied voyage, and the


rectly across the road from the Century Club
but as it is on a higher elevation the club
building will not obstruct the view from the
second and third stories. These will be
approximately on the level of the first and
second floors of the Tivoli Hotel and should
afford a view of the Bay of Panama toward
Pena Prieta.

In its general features the architecture of
the building will conform to the style adopted
for the concrete two-family quarters, though
somewhat more suggestive of the mission
style. The walls will be of poured concrete,
and the roof will be of red tile. The front
elevation of the building is shown in the ac-
companying sketch. The main entrance
at the front will open on an entrance hall,
which will lead to a lengthwise corridor run-
ning along the center of the story and to
stairs leading to the floors above. The plans
for the three floors are essentially the same.
Each will have four front rooms in each wing,
and seven rooms along the rear of the build-
ing, space being given at the rear for two
toilet and shower-bath rooms. The corridor
extending the length of the building on each
floor will be four feet six inches wide and
illuminated by windows at each end, supple-
menting the central illumination from the
hall. The stairs will be of concrete, with ma-

etc. There will be a lavatory in each room
with hot and cold water, supplied from
a central electric heating plant. The
central electric light for each room will
be supplemented by a base receptacle for
a portable table lamp, and wall bracket.
Provision will be made for telephone con-
nections from the rooms, and a public tele-
phone will be installed on the first floor. On
each corridor will be a drinking fountain,

master has brought charges of mutiny against
members of the crew. The Academy is 85
feet in length by 2i\ feet beam, and carries a
crew of seven.

The water will be shut off from all points
north of Mount Hope pumping station, in-
cluding Colon, Cristobal, Coco Solo, and
Margarita Island, from 7 a. m. until noon
on Sunday, December 12, 1915.

Deceased Employes.



Native of


Employed by

Date of


Panama Canal...

Mechanical Div.

P. R. R

P. R. R

P. R. R

Mun. Eng

Oper. and M

Dredging Div , . .

Nov. 20. 1915.





Folks River

Folks River

Nov. 27, 1915.

Nov. 28, 1915.

Rodriquez, Manuel

Nov. 26, 1915.

Wilson. George (Joseph)

Aug. 7, 1915.

The estates of the abovenamed deceased employes of The Panama Canal or the Panama
Railroad Company are now in process of settlement, and any claims against the estates or
any information which might lead to the finding of heirs or to the recovery of property,
bank deposits, postal savings or postal money order deposits, or any other moneys due them,
should be presented at once to the Administrator of Estates, Room 320, Administration
Building, Balboa Heights, C. Z. All claims should be itemized, sworn to before a notary
public, or other public officer having a seal, and submitted in duplicate. The names will be
published but once.



Vol. IX, No. 16.


Executive Department.

Headquarters, Balboa Heights.

GEO. W. GOETHALS, U.S.A., Governor.
M. B. Stevens, Secretary.

C. A. McIlvaine, Executive Secretary.

W. P. Copeland, Chief Clerk,
Executive Office.
John K. Baxter, Chief, Division of

Civil Affairs, Balboa Heights.
Capt. Harry D. Mitchell, U. S. A.,
Chief, Division of Police and
Fire, Balboa Heights.
A. R. Lang, Superintendent, Divi-
sion of Schools, Balboa Heights.
F. M. M. Richardson, Superintend-
ent, Division of Clubs and
Playgrounds, Balboa Heights.
Frank Feuille, Special Attorney, Ancon.
Walter F. Van Dame, Assistant to
the Special Attorney, Ancon.
Charles R Williams, District Attor-
ney, Ancon.

Department of Operation and Maintenance.

(Under immediate direction of the Governor as

Head of the Department.)

Headquarters, Balboa Heights.

S. A., Engineer of Maintenance.
C. O. Carlson, Secretary.

Lieut.-Col. Jay J. Morrow, U. S. A., As-
sistant to the Engineer of Mainte-

C J. Embree, Office Engineer.

Capt. W. H. Rose, U. S. A., Electrical En-
gineer, Electrical Division.

Lieut. Creswell Garlington, U. S. A.,
Assistant Engineer, Fortification

D. E. Wright, Municipal Engineer, Di-

vision of Municipal Engineering.

Capt. T. H. Dillon, U. S. A., Superin-
tendent, Gatun Locks, Gatun.

F. C. Clark, Superintendent, Pacific
Locks, Pedro Miguel.

F. D. Willson, Chief Hydrographer,
Section of Meteorology and Hydrog-

O. E. Malsbury, Assistant Engineer,
Section of Surveys.

H. H. ROUSSEAU, Civil Engineer, U. S. N.,
Engineer of Terminal Construction.
R. R. Hand, Secretary.

F. H. Cooke, Civil Engineer, U. S. N.,
Designing Engineer.

T. B. Monniche, Engineer of Docks,

H. D. Hinman, Assistant Engineer, Bal-

W. G. Thompson, Superintendent, Cris-

C. C. Snedeker, Supervisor, Coco Solo,

W. Rowland, Assistant Engineer, Bal-
boa Heights.
U. S. N., Marine Superintendent,
Marine Division, Balboa Heights.

Lieut. P. P. Bassett, U. S. N., Captain
of the Port, Cristobal.

Lieut. A. B. Reed, U. S. N., Captain
of the Port, Balboa.

Board of Local Inspectors — Lieut. P. P.
Bassett, Chairman; J. Macfar-
lane, Lieut. A. B. Reed. Head-
quarters, Balboa Heights.

Geo. J. Vanderslice, Recorder.

W. G. COMBER, Resident Engineer,
Dredging Division, Paraiso.
J. Macfarlane, Superintendent, Paraiso.
C. A. Black, Superintendent, Cristobal.

C. L. Vandeburgh, Junior Engineer,
D. C. NUTTING, Jr., Constructor, U. S. N.,
Superintendent, Mechanical Divi-
sion, Balboa.

J. J. Eason, Assistant Superintendent,

A. L. Bell, Mechanical Engineer,
GEO. M. WELLS, Resident Engineer, Build-
ing Division, Balboa Heights.

Samuel M. Hitt, Architect.

T. C. Morris, Assistant Engineer.

Supply Department.
MAJ. W. R. GROVE, U. S. A., Chief Quar-
termaster, Balboa Heights.

Capt. F. H. Smith, U. S. A., Assistant
Chief Quartermaster, Balboa

Bent. L. Jacobson, Depot Commissary,

R. K. Morris, General Storekeeper, Bal-

Accounting Department.

H. A. A. SMITH, Auditor, Balboa Heights.
John H. McLean, Paymaster, Balboa

T. L. Clear, Collector, Balboa Heights.
Ad. Faure, Chief Accountant, Balboa

Elwyn Greene, Chief Examiner, Balboa


Health Department.

A., Chief Health Officer, Balboa

Lieut.-Col. G. D. Deshon, U. S. A.,

Superintendent, Ancon Hospital.
Mat. Elbert E. Persons, U. S. A.,

General Inspector, Balboa Heights.
Mat. T. L. Rhoads, U. S. A., Superin-
tendent, Colon Hospital.
Dr. M. C. Guthrie, U. S. P. H. S.,

Chief Quarantine Officer, Balboa

Capt. D. W. Harmon, U. S. A., Health

Officer of Colon, Cristobal.
Capt. H. P. Carter, U. S. A., Health

Officer of Panama, Ancon.

Washington Office.
MAJ. F. C. BOGGS, U.S.A., General Purchas-
ing Officer and Chief of Office.
Mat. Earl I. Brown, U. S. A., Assistant

General Purchasing Officer.
A. L. Flint, Assistant Chief of Office.


Panama Railroad Company.

Office in the United States, Z4 State Street. New York City.

C. H. MOTSETT, Superintendent, Balboa
Samuel W. Heald, Master of Trans-
portation, Balboa Heights.
Frank Feuille, Counsel, Ancon.

Walter F. Van Dame, Assistant to
the Counsel, Ancon.

WILLIAM H. JACKSON, District Judge,
E. M. Goolsby, Clerk, Ancon.
W. H. May, Marshal, Ancon.
S. E. Blackburn, Magistrate, Balboa.
John W. Thompson, Magistrate, Cris-

Joint Land Commission.

William Taylor, Secretary, Ancon.

Chief Quarantine Officer Visited Thirty-Seven
West Coast Ports.

The Chief Quarantine Officer has submitted
a report, covering 37J pages of single-spaced
typewriting, covering his tour of inspection
of ports of Ecuador, Peru, and Chile, as out-
lined in The Canal Record of September IS.
Thirty-seven towns and cities along the coast
were visited, and at practically all of them
opportunity was afforded him to go ashore
and make at least brief inspection; and he
reports that while his stay at most of the ports
was short he had usually sufficient time to
gain a fairly clear idea of the conditions,
especially since the most of the ports are small
and are merely coast outlets to interior towns
or valleys. The itinerary was so arranged
that no opportunity was afforded to visit
Colombian ports.

Observation was made of the means of
transferring cargo between ships and land,
whether by lighters or docking facilities, and
of the storage warehouses along the water-
fronts; and these points of specific interest
were studied in the light of the general sani-
tary conditions in the contiguous communities.
In connection with this, note was taken of the
nature of cargo shipped outward from the
ports, and due regard was given to whatever
might have bearing on the commerce of the
port, with consequent effects on the quaran-
tine provisions at the Canal. The observa-
tions included the general run of ships plying
along the coast and the quality of their
crews, with their relation to sanitary practices
and responsiveness to quarantine regulations.
Especial attention was given to conditions
at ports which have become notorious for

The ports visited were Valparaiso, Coquim-
bo, La Serena, Huasco, Carrizal, Caldera,
Chanaral, Taltal, Antofagasta, Gatico, To-
copilla, Iquique, Caleta Buena, Pisagua, and
Arica, in Chile; Ilo, Mollendo, Chala, Pisco,
Tambo de Mora, Cerro Azul, Callao, Huacho,
Supe, Huarmey, Casma, Samanco, Salaverry,
Pacasmayo, Eten, and Payta, in Peru; and
Guayaquil, Ballanita, Mangla Alto, Cayo,
Manta, Bahia, and Esmeraldas, in Ecuador.

Novel Means of Attracting Fish.

A novel means of attracting fish has been
reported by the Chief Hydrographer as in
vogue along the lower reaches of the Trinidad
River, near the hydrographic station at Las
Raices. The Trinidad is one of the important
tributaries of Gatun Lake, and the lake has
backed up the valley beyond Las Raices,
submerging wide areas of vegetation. In
its rise the water marooned numbers of ants
and other crawling insects on the trees which
were partly submerged. Many of these trees
have rotted at the roots and fallen down.
Each falling tree has meant insects for the
fish in the vicinity, and the natives have dis-
covered that the fall of a tree attracts them.
Accordingly, when they wish to bring the
fish they either push over a rotting tree or
throw in a limb or log to make a splash.
According to the Chief Hydrographer, this
method, through calculated in ordinary cir-
cumstances to frighten fish away, attracts
the lake fish in great numbers.

Christmas Mail.

Attention is invited to the notices posted
at the Canal Zone post-offices regarding
Christmas mail. Despatches will be made
on December 12 and 16.

December 8, 1915.




Leave Regulations.

The Panama Canal,
Executive Office.
Balboa Heights, C. Z., NovemDer 30, 1915.
Circular No. 602-16 (Superseding circulars Nos.
602-7, 602-8, and 602-12):

1. Effective December 1. 1915, an employe who has
compl led seven months of his current service year,
who resigns or is discharged on account of reduction
of force, may be paid for 24 days annual leave, less the
number of days annual leave previously charged against
him for the current service year.

2. An employe discharged on account of reduction
of force prior to the completion of seven months of his
current year, may be paid for annual leave not to ex-
ceed two days for each full month served.

3. An employe who resigns prior to the completion
of seven months of his current service year, may not be
granted any annual leave unless he shall have been in
the service one year or more, in which case he may be
allowed the same leave as though discharged on ac-
count of reduction in force.

4. An employe entering upon regular leave of absence,
who 'ias sufficient annual or cumulative leave, or both,
to his credit, to complete 10 months of the current
service year, may, in addition, be granted the cumulat-
ive leave for that year.

5. An employe whose service is terminated by resigna-
tion or discharge on account of reduction in force, prior
to the completion of 10 months of the current service
year, who has sufficient annual or cumulative leave, or
both, to his credit, to complete the 10 months period,
may, granted and paid for the cumulative
leave which would then be due. In such case the leave
can not be commuted to a cash payment until after
the 10 months are actually past.

Geo. W. Goethals,


Lock Permits.

The Panama Canal,

Executive Department,
Balboa Heights, C. Z., December 4, 1915.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

All lock permits expire on or before December 31,
1915. Please submit, not later than December 20,
the names of all employes whose duties require them
to frequently visit or cross the locks. The names of
emr! v /es whose duties take them to the locks only oc-
casionally should not be submitted, as permits for such
employes will be issued upon request from the head of
the department or division in each individual case.
Geo. W. Goethals,


Military Reservation Permits.

The Panama Canal,

Executive Department,
Balboa Heights, C. Z., December 1, 1915.
Heads of Departments and Divisions;

As ell permits to military reservations expire Decem-
ber 31, 1915, it is requested that you submit, by Decem-
ber 15, the names of employes of your department or
division whose duties necessitate frequent visits to the

It is desired to issue extended permits only as above
outlined, and names of employes who make but occasional
trips to reservations should not be submitted. These should
be covered by individual request from head of depart-
mentor division whenever necessity requires.

Geo. W. Goethals,


Hand and Push Cars.

The Panama Canal,
Executive Department,
Balboa Heights, C. Z., November 30, 1915.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

The Chief Quartermaster advises me that under date
of October 5 he issued circular requesting that all hand
and push cars not in use be turned in to the storekeeper
at Balboa to be repaired by the Mechanical Division
for reissue, but that very few cars have been turned in
so far.

It is believed that there are a number of cars not in
use and it is requested that you give this matter prompt
attention and have any that are not required by you
turned in to avoid the necessity of purchasing additional
hand and push cars.

Geo. W. Goethals,


Transfer of Accountability in Corozal District.

The Panama Canal,
Accounting Department,
Balboa Heights, C. Z., December 1, 1915.
Circular No. 110:

Effective this date, Mr. Roy R. Watson, as an ac-
countable official of The Panama Canal, will account

for all stock charged to the quartermaster's store at
Corozal and for all nonexpendable property formerly
carried on the records of the assistant district quarter-
master at Corozal. Mr. J. H. Humphrey will be re-
lieved of the accountability for property in the Corozal
district upon effecting a transfer of his accountability
to Mr. Watson.

H. A. A. Smith,
Auditor, The Panama Canal.
Approved :

Geo. W. Goethals,

Transfer of Accountability in Cristobal District.
The Panama Canal,

Accounting Department,
Balboa Heights, C. Z., December 1, 1915.
Circular No. Ill :

Effective this date. Mr. J. H. Humphrey, as an ac-
countable official of The Panama Canal, will account
for all stock charged to the quartermaster's store at
Cristobal and for all nonexpendable property carried
on the property records of the district quartermaster
at Cristobal. Mr. B. C. Poole will cease to be an ac-
countable official of The Panama Canal upon effecting
a transfer of his accountaDility to Mr. Humphrey.
H. A. A. Smith,
Auditor, The Panama Canal.
Approved :
Geo. W. Goethals,

Labor Train Passes.
The Panama Canal.
Panama Railroad Company,

Executive Department,
Balboa Heights, C Z., December 4, 1915.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

All labor train passes, form AI-898, will expire
December 31, 1915. New passes will be issued for the
year ending December 31, 1916, and it is desired that all
departments submit to this office immediately a list of
the passes required for the ensuing year, giving the
following information:

Name. First or second class. Division. Date to Expire.
Geo W. Goethals,
Governor, The Panama Caiial,
President, Panama Railroad Company.

Chame Sand, 55 Cents per Cubic Yard.
The Panama Canal,

Executive Department,
Balboa Heights, C. Z., December 4, 1915.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

Effective December 1, the price of Chame sand at
Miraflares will be 55 cents per cubic yard on board cars
at that point. There is now approximately 1 2 ,000 cubic
yards of this sand on hand.

Geo. W. Goethals,


Transfer of Property from Accountable Official
to Stores.

The Panama Canal.
Accounting Department.
Balboa Heights, C. Z., December 4, 1915.
To accountable offi, litis and stjrekeep:rs — With refer-
ence to transfer of property from accountable official
to stores:

When an item of property, carried on the property
records of an accountable official at a price lower than
that of the storehouse inventory price, is turned in to
stock, the accountable official will invoice at the prop-
erty record price and the storekeeper will accept at
storehouse inventory price by noting that price under
"Remarks" on invoice. The difference in value will
be credited to "Loss in value of material" by the Ac-
counting Department.

When an item of property, carried on the property
records of an accountable official at a price greater
than the storehouse inventory price, is turned in to
stock, the accountable official will invoice at the store-
house inventory price and forward to the Accounting
Department a separate adjustment invoice for the
difference in value.

Ad. Faure,
Chief Accountant.

Applications for Annual Reports.

The Panama Canal,
Executive Department,
Balboa Heights. C.Z., November 30, 1915,
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

There are being forwarded to you today, under
separate cover, copies of form PC 234 (appli-
cation for Annual Report for 1915), for distribution
among the employes on your gold roll. Kindly have
the completed forms returned to this office as soon as
possible after being filled out by the employes. If
this supply is insufficient, additional forms will be
furnished upon application.

Folio of charts will not be sent unless approved by
the head of department for employes drawing $225
per month or more, or for official use or professional
information. Space for such approval is provided on
the application form.

C. A. McIlvaine,
Executive Secretary.

Telephone Directory.

The Panama Canal,
Electrical Division,
Balboa Heights, C Z.. December 8, 1915.
Heads of Departments and Divisions:

It is expected that within the next 10 days a new
telephone directory covering all telephones connected
to The Panama Canal system will be issued.

Persons using telephones will greatly assist improv-
ing the quality of the telephone service by using the
number of the party called for, as obtained from the
telephone directory, instead of the name, and the co-
operation of all subscribers is requested in this particu-

Brief instructions for the use of telephones will be
found in the front of the new directory and it is re-
quested in the interest of good service, that these be
complied with.

It is expected to make frequest revisions of the tele-
phone directory during the coming year and it will ne
appreciated if any errors or omissions in the present
directory are called to the attention of this office.
W. H. Rose,
Electrical Engineer.

Examination by Board of Local Inspectors.

The Board of Local Inspectors will conduct examina-
tions at the Administration Building, Balboa Heights,
room No. 303, on Wednesday, December 15, 1915, be-
ginning promptly at 9 a. m., for persons desiring the
following classes of licenses: Pilots, masters, mates,
marine engineers, chauffeurs, and navigators of motor
boats. All applicants for license must procure from the
office of the board, Balboa Heights, forms of application
and information respecting the filling out of the same,
not later than the day previous to the examination. In
addition, all persons desiring chauffeurs* licenses must
provide themselves with automobiles with which to
demonstrate their ability properly to operate the same.

The demonstration test for applicants for chauffeurs'
licenses will be given on Tuesday, the day preceding
the written examination, at 2 p. m. T at the Administra-
tion Building, Balboa Heights; on Wednesday, the day
of the regular examination, for out-of-town applicants,
at 2 p. m., at the Administration Building, Balboa

Applicants for licenses as navigators of motor boats
will be required to give a demonstration of their ability
to operate such boats, and will be obliged to provide
themselves with boats for this purpose. This test will
be given on Thursday, the day following the written
examination, as follows: At Cristobal, upon arrange-
ment with the Captain of the Port; at Gamboa, at 8
a. m., and at Balboa at 2 p. m. Applicants for the test
at Cristobal or Balboa should present themselves at
the office of the Captain of the Port; at Gamboa, the
deputy inspector will be present at the Panama Rail-
road station at the hour mentioned above.

For the benefit of applicants residing in Gatun and
Cristobal or Colon, examinations for licenses as navi-
gators of motor boats, and as chauffeurs, will be held
at the office of the Captain of the Port of Cristobal on
Friday, December 17, 1915, beginning at 9 a. m. Ap-
plicants should be provided with motor boats or auto-
mobiles for the demonstration test.

By direction of the chairman of the board.

George J. Vanderslice,
Recorder, Board of Local Inspectors.

Misdirected Letters.
Balboa Heights, C. Z., December 8, 1915,
The following insufficiently addressed letters, origi-
nating in the United States or its possessions, have been
received at the office of the Director of Posts and may
be procured upon application of the addressees:
Balentine, Herbert E. *Howard, G. E. L.

*Blake, Dr. L. C. Kieman, Miss Jettie

tBoyd, Jas. R. King. Lee M.

Brumlow, Chas. A. Kyle, Thomas

Campbell, Byron Leming, Harry F.

*Chrisdensen, Mrs. B. Loebenstein, Chas. F.

Cotivas, Gerasimos Neazze, Irving

DeCambra. Manuel Nolan, W. H.

Ebdon. Mrs. T. G. tPayne, Wm. E.

Elder. W. W. Pratt. Capt. W. V.

Flowers, J. L. Quinn, Harry B.

JGrenfell, E. W. Sandborn, Harry

Hartraan, P. Luchwig Stinger, E. J.

Herron, John Weston, Bill

Hueber, Julius E. fW'ood, Edward

* Paper, t Card. $ Catalog.



Vol. IX, No. 16.


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