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Address of welcome, by the Executive President ; The Value
of Certain Methods of Surgical Treatment for Chronic Prociden-
tia of the Uterus, Aug. P. Clarke, Cambridge, Mass. ; The CoOrdi-
dination of the Muscles Closing the Urethra, Vagina, and Rectum,
and its Application to the Precise Diagnosis and Surgical Treat-
ment of Injuries of the Pelvic Floor, A. W. Abbott, Minneapolis,
Minn. ; The Intra-uterine Tampon, Andrew F. Currier, New York ;
Gynecological Treatment in Sterile Women, De Saussure Ford,
Augusta, Ga. ; Shortening of the Round Ligaments in Retro-
position of the Uterus, T. Johnson AlloAvay, Montreal, Can. ; The
Relation of Urinary Conditions to Gynecological Surgery, Chas.
P. Noble, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Ectopic Pregnancy, Joseph Hoff-
mann, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Two Cases of Ectopic Gestation with
Unusual Complications — Laparatomy — Recovery — T. H. Hawkins,
Denver, Col. ; The Treatment of Extra-uterine Pregnancy after
the Viability of the Child, with Report of Two Cases, Joseph
Taber Johnson, Washington, D. C. ; Observacions sobre un Caso
de Prenez Extrauterina (Tubaria derecha) Operado en el Hospital
de San Salvador por el Dr. Jos^ Antonio Delgado, J. Antonio
Delgado, Guatemala City, Guatemala.


The Technique of Celio-Panhysterectomy, George M. Ede-
bohls, New York ; Hysterectomy, Indications and Technique, J.
M. Baldy, Philadelphia, Pa.; Notes pour THistoire des Fibro-
myomes Uterins, Nicholas San Juan, City of Mexico, Mexico ;
Vaginal Hysterectomy, E. E. Montgomery, Philadelphia, Pa. ;

Digitized by



Total Extirpation of the Fibroid Uterus, Florian Krug, New
York ; A Plea for the Value of Early Diagnosis and Prompt
Electrical Treatment of Fibroid Tumors of the Uterus, 6. Betton
Massey, Philadelphia, Pa.; The Results Of Vaginal Hysterectomy,
Andrew . J. McCosh, New York ; Cavernous Angioma of the
Uterus Removed by Vaginal Hysterectomy (with Specimen), H.
S. Boldt, New York.


T^he Treatment of Suppurative Disease of the Pelvic Organs,
H. J. Boldt, New York ; Drainage of Ovarian Cysts where the
Adhesions are such that it is Impossible to Remove the Sac, A«
Vanderveer, Albany, N. Y. ; Postroperative Sequela of Pelvic and
Abdominal Surgery, Joseph Price, Philadelphia, Pa.; After*
treatment of Abdominal Section, L. S. McMurtry, Louisville, Ky.;
The After-treatment of Coeliotomy Cases, with Special Reference
to Shock and Sepsis, Eugene Boise, Grand Rapids, Mich. ; Estudio
tDlinico sobre las Heridas Penetrantes del Abdomen i Pecho, Juan
Manuel Escalana, Caracas, Venezuela; The Omentum and the
R61e it Plays in Operative Work upon the Abdomen, James F. W.
Ross, Toronto, Can. ; The Present Status of our Knowledge of
the Pathology of Pelvic Inflammations, with Special Reference to
the Treatment of Pelvic Abscess, R. B. Maury, Memphis, Tenn.


An Inquiry into the Etiology of Mental Disturbances Following
Operations upon the Pelvic Organs, George H. Roh6, Catonsville,
Md. ; What I Have Learned in the Surgery of the Gall-bladder,
Joseph Eastman, Indianapolis, Ind. ; Surgical Treatment of Peri-
tonitis, M. B. Ward, Topeka, Kan. ; A Study Based upon 100 Con-
secutive Cases of Removal of Diseased Uterine Appendages with
two Deaths, R. Stansbury Sutton, Allegheny, Pa. ; Report of 100
Operations Done for Serious Structural Disease of Abdominal and
Pelvic Organs of Women, I. S. Stone, Washington, D. C. ; Deduc-
tions f rom My First 110 Laparatomies for Appendicitis, with
Report of Experimental Investigations, J. B. Murphy, Chicago,
111. ; Cura Radical de las Hernias, Luis C. Maglioni, Buenos
Ayres ; Last Resort in the Operative Treatment of Hernia, Robert
T. Morris, New York.


Joint discussion by the Sections on Therapeutics, Surgery, and
Gynecology on The Indications Governing the Employment of

Digitized by



the Various Anesthetics. Co-referees for Section on Gynecology
and Abdominal Surgery, 6. M. Edebohls, New York, and E. E,
Montgomery, Philadelphia.


Apuntamientos para el Estudio Comparativo de la Pelvis Mex-
icana y Europea y Consecuencias Practicas a que da Lugar la
Especial Conformacion de la Primera, Manuel Gutierrez y Tomas
Noriega, City of Mexico ; The Dorsal Decubitus after Confine-
ment and Miscarriages is the Most Frequent Cause of Retrodevia-
tion with Fixation, A. Lapthorn Smith, Montreal, Can. ; Ought
Craniotomy to be Abolished ? Wm. H. Myers, Fort Wayne, Ind.;
Does the Catamenia Invariably Appear Earlier in Hot than in
Cold Climates ? J. H. O'Donnell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can. ;
When Operation is Refused, What Then ? George R. Deane,
Spartans burg, S. C.

Papers have also been promised by Edw. W. Jenks, Detroit,
Mich. ; W. E. B. Davis, Birmingham, Ala. ; H. A. Kelly, Balti-
more, Md., and others.


John Guiteras, M. D., Executive President, Philadelphia, Pa. ;
David Inglis, M. D., English-speaking Secretary, Detroit, Mich.; L^
P. Criado, M. D., Spanish-speaking Secretary, Brooklyn.

Special attention of the profession is called to the practical
demonstrations in pathology, photo-microscopy, and bacteriology^

One session devoted to a formal discussion on the subject of
Cancer, to be opened by Dr. Wernicke, of Buenos Ayres, and, as
co-referee. Prof. Allen J. Smith, of Galveston. Papers on this
subject have been promised by Dr. Joshua M. Van Cott, Honorary
President of the Section, and Dr. Joseph McFarland, of the
Advisory Council.

Another session will be devoted to Yellow Fever, the discus^
sion to be opened by Drs. Acosta and Grande, of Havana, Cuba,
and, as co-referee. Dr. A. J. Amades, of Puerto Rico, Honorary

One day, two sessions, will be devoted to Practical Demon.
Btrations, as follows : Dr. James E. Reeves, of Chattanooga, of
the Advisory Council, Practical Demonstration of the Methods in
Pathological Histology ; Dr. Wm. M. Gray, of the Army Medical
Museum, Practical Demonstration of the Methods in Photography
Applied to Pathology ; Dr. J. J. Einyoun, P. A. Surg. U. S,

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Marine Hospital Service, Practical Demonstration of Methods in

Papers have been promised as follows : Notes on Three Years*
Work in the Pathological Laboratory of the Charity Hospital of
New Orleans, by Dr. Henry Dickson Bums, of New Orleans ;
Medical Geography of Puerto Rico, by Dr. A. J. Amades, of
Puerto Rico ; Theories of Inflammation, by Dr. Jose Torres
Matos, of Havana ; On Inflammation, by Dr. £. O. Shakespeare,
of Philadelphia ; On Cholera, by IJr. Herman M. Biggs, of New
York ; L'etat de Hyperexcitabilite du Nerf Phrenique, dans le
Beribiri, by Dr. J. B. de Lacerda, of Rio de Janeiro ; Palndismo,
by Dr. A. J. Amades, of Puerto Rico ; Bacteriological Observa-
tions on the Waters of the Harbor of Havana, by Drs. Acosta and
Grande ; Observations on Malaria, by Drs. Coronado and Madau ;
Operations of the Anti-rabic Laboratory in Havana, by Dr. Acosta ;
Abscess of the Liver, by Dr. James £. Reeves, of Chattanooga ;
On Influenza, by Dr. Ramon ,Guiteras, of New York ; Observa-
tions on the Brains of Feeble-minded Children, by Dr. Henry W.
Cattell ; Pathology of Pelvic Inflammatory Trouble, by Dr.
Joseph Price, Philadelphia.

Papers have been promised, without giving the subject, by
Prof. Wm. H. Welch, of Baltimore ; by Dr. W. J. Councilman,
of Boston ; and by Dr. G. F. H. Nuttall, of Baltimore, and Drs.
Wm. Hughes and W. J. Carter, of Philadelphia.

American Dermatological Association. — Program of the seven-
teenth annual meeting, to be held at the Hotel Pfister, Milwaukee,
Wis., September 5, 6, and 7, 1893 :

Officers for i<?P^.— President, George Henry Fox, M. D., of
New York ; Vice-President, Henry W. Stelwagon, M. D., of Phil-
adelphia ; Secretary and Treasurer, George T. Jackson, M. D., of
New York ; Council : E. B. Bronson, M. D., G. T. Jackson, M. D.,
6. H. For, M. D., H. W. Stelwagon, M. D., J. C. White, M. D.

First Day y Tuesday y September 5^ 1893, — Business meeting (with
closed doors) at 9.30 a. m. ; Report of the Council ; Nomination of
Officers for the ensuing year ; Appointment of Auditing Committee ;
Proposals for Active and Honorary Membership ; Miscellaneous

Morning session, at 10.30 o'clock. President's address. Papers:
Antiseptic Treatment of Skin Diseases, by Dr. C. W. Cutler ; The
Principles of Antisepsis in the Treatment of Eczema, by Dr. H.

Digitized by



'Q. Klotz ; Cosmetics, hj Dr. R. B. Morison. Adjournment at
1 p. If .

Evening session, at 8 o'clock. A Case of Tuberculosis of the
Skin Simulating Lupus Erythematosus, by Dr. W. A. Hardaway ;
A Case of Rhinoscleroma, by Dr. G. T. Jackson ; Atrophia Macn«
losa Cutis, with a Case, by Dr. W. T. Corlett.

Second Day^ Wednesday^ September 6y 1893. — Business meet-
ing (with closed doors) at 9.30 a. m. Reports of Treasurer and
Auditing Committee ; Election of Officers ; Report of the Council
upon Candidates for Membership ; Election of Active and Honor-
ary Members ; Selection of time and place of next meeting ; Mis-
<cellaneous Business.

Morning session, at lO.SO o'clock. Report of Committee on
Statistics ; General Discussion on Pityriasis Rosea : (a) Its Etiol-
ogy, (Jb) Its Relation to Ringworm, Seborrhea, Eczema, etc., (c) Its
Treatment ; Dermatitis Exfoliatava : (a) Its Clinical Forms, {h)
Its Etiology, (c) Its Treatment ; What do we Understand by Pem-
phigus ? Adjournment at 1 p. m.

Evening session at 8 o'clock. A Contribution to the Pathology
of Acne Varioliformis, by Dr. J. A. Fordyce ; Angiokeratoma, by
Dr. J. Zeisler ; Subject to be announced, by Dr. M. B. Hartzell.

Dr. H. R. Crocker, of London, will read a paper on Lupus
Erythematosus as an Imitator.

Retirement of old officers and induction of those newly elected.

It is earnestly requested that a duplicate copy of every paper
read at the meeting be handed to the Secretary for publication in
the transactions.

The AMERiCAif Social Science Association. — The Education
Department of the American Social Science Association offers an
unusually attractive program for its day at Saratoga, September 6,
1893. Mr. Hamilton W. Mabie, the well-known literateur and
editor of the Outlook^ will make the opening address. This will
be followed by a paper on The Seamy Side of the Kindergarten,
by Edward Fisher, of Berkshire, Mass. American Colleges and
their Work, is Dr. G. Stanley Hall's subject. Dr. Louise Fiske
Bryson will read a paper on The Education of Epileptics, and the
Hon. Oscar Strauss will speak on Turkey and Civilization. In the
Health Department, September 6th, Dr. Frederick Peterson will
give an address on Recent Progress in Medicine and Surgery.

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Pan-American Medical Congress. — The headquarters of the
Section on Hygiene, Climatology, and Demography, with which
the Section on Marine, Hygiene, and Quarantine has been consoli-
dated, and of the Section on Military Medicine and Surgery, will
be at the Hotel Richmond, comer of Seventeenth and H streets,
N. W., Washington, the proprietor of which. Major F. W. Cole-
man, offers reduced rates to members and their families attending
the Pan-American Medical Congress, September 5-8, 1893.

S^ooiC S^eViecoA.

The Structures in the Mesosalpinx : Their Normal and Pathologfi-
cal Anatomy. By J. W. Ballantyn^, M. D., F. R. C. P. E..
F. R. S. E. . Lecturer on Midwifery and Diseases of Women, School
of Medicine, Edinburgh ; Secretary to the Edinburgh Obstetrical
Society ; and formerly Senior Assistant to the Professor of Mid-
wifery and Diseases of Women and Children in the University of
Edinburgh ; and J. D. Williams, M. D., B. Sc, Freeland Barbour
Fellow (Univ. Edin.. 1888-90). Edinburgh : Oliver & Boyd,
Tweeddale Court. 1893.

This is a capital little brochure upon the normal and patho-
logical anatomy of the Fallopian tubes, and the organ of Rosen-
miiller. The autho^rs preface the descriptions proper with a few
remarks upon the mesosalpinx. This is a double fold of peri-
toneum, bounded above by the Fallopian tube, internally by the
lateral wall of the uterus, externally by the tubo-ovarian fimbria^
and the ligamentum inf undibulo-ovaricumi of Henle, and inferiorly
by the ovary and the utero-ovarian ligament. Irregularly triangu-
lar in form, its base is directed toward the side wall of the pelvis,
its apex toward the uterus. Its average breadth at its widest part
(junction of outer and middle third) is four centimeters ; its aver-
age length is eight centimeters. It is not identical with the
broad ligament, but is the superior or middle fold of the three
making up the broad ligament. Its synonyms are a la nesper-
tilionis (of the older anatomists), and mesentery of the Fallopian
tube (modern). The structures within the mesosalpinx are the
Fallopian tube, the relics of the mesonephros (organ of Rosen-
miiller), scattered smooth muscular fibers, and blood-vessels, lym-
phatics, and nerves.

The authors base their deductions upon the results of examina-
tion of 110 pairs of broad ligament taken from females of varying

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ages (fetal life to seveiity-siz years of age). The specimens were first
examined by the naked eye by transmitted light ; they were then
placed in a weak solution of acetic acid, and, after three or four
hours, examined again in the same way ; then the posterior layer
of the ligament was carefully dissected off under water and the
structures accurately followed out. Finally, the specimen was
placed in a preservative fluid for future microscopical examination.
The Fallopian tubes are first considered. The histology is care-
fully given, and the interdependence of normal and pathological
anatomy emphasized. Equally clear and instructive are the
pages dealing with hypertrophy of the Fallopian tubes, hydro-,,
hemato-, and pyosalpinx, certain malformations and displacements
of the tubes, tubercular disease, and cancerous affection of the

In the same intelligent way the macro- and microscopic charac-
ter of the organ of Rosenmiiller, the homologues of the mesone-
phoric relics are discussed. Among the pathological conditions
of this organ here described are cysts, cancer, varicosity of the
veins, and phleboliths. A few remarks upon backward displace-
ment and cellulitic thickening of the mesosalpinx form the con-
elusion of this valuable pamphlet. The reader will find in it much
that does not appear in ordinary text-books of anatomy of even
recent date. It is excellently printed, and deserves a wide circula-
tion. J. P.

The Students' Quiz Series. Genito- Urinary and Venereal Diseases.
A Manual for Students and Practitioners. By Chas. H. Chetwood,
M. D.. Visiting Surgeon, Demilt Dispensary, Department of Surgery
and Genito-Urinary Diseases, New York. Series edited by Bern. B.
Gallaudet. M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy, College of PhysiciaD&
and Surgeons. New York ; Visiting Surgeon, Bellevue Hospital,
New York. Philadelphia : Lea Brothers & Co.

This work is one of the best of the Quiz compends, and aims
to present the various subjects by questions which would be sug-
gested to the student and practitioner, and to form the answers in a
conversational' and descriptive manner, avoiding terse summaries.
The author draws from a large clinical experience in this depart-
ment of medicine, and also from the standard authorities. He has
succeeded in condensing, in a small compass, a mass of valuable
data, which will aid the overworked student and also the busy
practitioner. We regard such works as absolutely necessary, and
conclude that this effort of the author is a very successful one.

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bbItbnahl : students' quiz sbbies — books beceiyed. 125

The Students^ Quiz Sebies. Gynecology. A Manual for Students
and Practitioners. By G. W. Bkatenahl, M. D., Assistant in
Gynecology, Vanderbilt Clinic. New York, and Sinclair Todsey,
M. D., Assistant Surgeon, Out- Patient Depairtment, Roosevelt Hos-
pital, New York. Series edited by Bern. B. Gallaudet, M. D.,
Demonstrator Anatomy, College Physicians and Surgeons, etc.
Philadelphia : Lea Brothers & Co.

The sabjects treated in this compend are of great interest to
the profession, and are here presented in a concise manner, the
salient points alone being touched upon by the authors. The
larger works on these subjects are in the library of every intelli-
gent physician, and are often too exhaustive to meet the exigen-
cies in his daily experience. It is objected that such works lead
to a very superficial knowledge of the subjects, and, in a measure,
this objection is well founded. But we think there is a field of
usefulness filled by such compends, and, in this view of the case,
conclude that the authors have done good service in presenting in
a direct manner the main points of many interesting features of
the department of medicine, to which the work is devoted.

The Students' Quiz Sebies. Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat, and
Nose. A Manual for Students and Practitioners. By Frank E.
MiLLEB, M. D., Attending Physician. St. Joseph's Hospital ; Throat
Surgeon, Vanderbilt Clinic, New York. James P. McEvoy, M. D.,
Throat Surgeon, Bellevue Hospital, Out-patient Department, New
York ; and John E. Weeks, M. D. , Surgeon New York Eye and Ear
Infirmary ; Lecturer on Ophthalmology and Otology, Bellevue Hos-
pital Medical College, New York. Lea Brothers & Co.

A very useful compend, which contains much condensed infor-
mation, useful both to the practitioner and the student. It would
ordinarily be of more use to the practitioner than the student on
account of the large amount of ground it covers. The anatomical
and histological descriptions are good and complete. The defini-
tions are clear and concise, and the treatment is very fully des-
cribed. Taken as a whole, if it were not for the interpolations of
the questions, it would answer very well for a text-book.


Report of the Commissioner of Education for the year 1889-1890.
Volumes I. and II., containing Parts I., II., and III. Washington, D. C. :
Government Printing Office. 1893.

Operation Blanks. Second edition. Prepared by W. W. Keen,
M. D., Professof of the Principles of Surgery in the Jefferson Medical
College, Philadelphia.

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Transactions of the Medioal Society of the State of New York for the
year 1893. Published by the Society. 1893.

Weekly Abstract of Sanitary Reports. Issued by the Supervising^
Surgeon General. M.H. S., under the National Quarantine Act of
April 29, 1878. Volume VII., Nos. 1 to 53. Washington : Govern-
ment Printing Office. 1893.

Reactions. A Selection of Organic Chemical Preparations Impor-
tant to Pharmacy in Regard to their Behavior to Commonly Used
Reagents. By F. A. Fluckiger, Ph., M. D. Translated, revised, and
enlarged by J. B. Nagelvoort, Analytical Chemist of the Parm. Chem.
Laboratory of Parke, Davis & Co. Authorized English edition.
Detroit, Mich, : George S. Davis. 1893.

Mineral Springs and Health Resorts of California, with a complete
Chemical Analysis of every Important Mineral Water in the World.
Illustrated. A Prize Essay. Annual Prize of the Medical Society of
the State of California, awarded April 20, 1889. By Winslow Ander-
son, M. D., M. R. C. P., Lond., M. R. C. S., Eng.. etc.; Joint Editor
and Publisher of the Pacific Medical Jopirnal, etc., etc. San Francisco:
The Bancroft Co. 1892.

Bureau of Education Circular of Information No. 4. 1893. Abnor-
mal Man. Being Essays on Education and Crime, and Related Subjects,
with Digests of Literature and a Bibliography. By Arthur MacDonald,
Specialist in the Bureau of Education. Washington : Government
Printing Office. 1893.


College of Physicians of Philadelphia. — The William F. Jenks
memorial prize. The third triennial prize of $500, under the
deed of trust of Mrs. William F. Jenks, will be awarded to the
author of the best essay on Infant Mortality Daring Labor, and
Its Prevention.

The conditions annexed by the founder of this prize are : That
the " prize or award must always be for some subject connected
with obstetrics, or the diseases of women, or the diseases of chil-
dren ; " and that ^^ the trustees, under this deed for the time being,
can, in their discretion, publish the successful essay, or any paper
written upon any subject for which they may offer a reward, pro-
vided the income in their hands may, in their judgment, be
sufficient for that purpose, and the essay or paper be considered
by them worthy of publication. If published, the distribution of
said essay shall be entirely under the control of said trustees. In
case they do not publish the said essay or paper, it shall be the
property of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

The prize is open for competition to the whole world, bat the
essay must be the production of a single person.

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The essay, which mast be written in the English language, or,
if in a foreign language, accompanied by an English translation,
should be sent to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Pa.,.
U. S. A., before January 1, 1895, addressed to Horace Y. Evans,.
M. D., Chairman of the William F. Jenks Prize Committee.

Each essay must be typewritten, distinguished by a motto, and
accompanied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto and
containing the name and address of the writer. No envelope will
be opened except that which accompanies the successful essay.

The committee will return the unsuccessful essays if reclaimed
by their respective writers, or their agents, within one year.

The committee reserves the right not to make an award if no
essay submitted is considered worthy of the prize.

Secretary of the Trustees.

The Pan-American Medical Congress — Section on Diseases of
Children. — The organization of this section is complete, and the
work of arranging a program is well advanced. Numerous valu-
able papers have been promised, and the success of the meetings is
assured. Physicians interested in diseases of children are cordi-
ally invited to attend these meetings, which give promise of great
interest both to the specialist and general practitioner. Any
American physician desiring to read a paper will please communi-
cate at once with the Secretary, who will be pleased to fur-
nish all needed information.

JSxecutive President — Dr. John M. Keating, Colorado Springs^

Secretaries — Dr. F. M. Crandall (English-speaking), No. 113
W. Ninety-fifth street, New York, N. Y.; Dr. Damaso Lain^
(Spanish-speaking), Media, Pa.

Honorary Presidents — Dr. S. S. Adams, Washington ; Dr. A.
D. Blackader, Montreal, Canada ; Dr. Samuel C. Busey, Washing-
ton ; Dr. Charles Warrington Earle, Chicago ; Dr. F. Forchheimer,
Cincinnati ; Dr. L. Emmet Holt, New York ; Dr. A. V. Meigs,
Philadelphia ; Dr. W. P. Northrup, New York ; Dr. J. O'Dwyer,
New York ; Dr. C. I. Putnam, Boston ; Dr. T.M. Rotch, Boston ;
Dr. J. Lewis Smith, New York ; Dr. Louis Starr, Philadelphia ;
Dr. J. E. Winters, New York ; Dr. Jesus Valenzuela, City of
Mexico, Mexico ; Dr. I. N. Love, St. Louis, Mo.

Advisory Council — Dr. William D. Booker, Baltimore ; Dr.

Digitized by



Augustus Caill^, New York ; Dr. Henry D. Chapin, New York ;
Dr. J. P. Crozer Griffith, Philadelphia ; Dr. M. P. Hatfield,
Chicago ; Dr. Thomas S. Latimer, Baltimore ; Dr. J. H. Riplej,
New York ; Dr. August Seibert, New York ; Dr. Charles W.
Townsend, Boston ; Dr. Jerome Walker, Brooklyn ; Dr. William
Perry Watson, Jersey City.


Committee of Arrangements. — Samuel S. Adams, M. D., Chairman;
J. R. Wellington, M. D., Secretary; G. L. Magruder, M. D., Treas-

Executive Committee. — Dr. Samuel S. Adams, Chairman ; Sur-
geon-Generals Geo. M. Sternberg, U. S. A.; J. Rufus Tyron,
U.S. N.; Walter Wyman,U. S. M. H. S.; Drs. S. C. Busey, G. Wythe
Cook, Carl H. A. Kleinschmidt, H. L. E. Johnson, Llewellyn Eliot,
H. H. Barker, C. W. Richardson, W. Sinclair Bowen, Geo. S.
Ober, G. L. Magruder, J. R. Wellington, and John R. Walton,
D. D. S.


Meception. — Dr. S. C. Busey, Chairman ; Surgeon-Generals Geo.

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