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cution of the special work for which he is preparing himself. We
shall welcome Dr. Bus well's return with pleasure.

^ociefij Meafing/*.

The Association of Erie Railway Surgeons, at its meeting to be
held at the International hotel, Niagara Falls, July 18, 1894, offers
the following program : The Peritoneum from a Surgical Stand-
point, by Prof. J. B. Murphy, M. D., Chicago, III. ; discussion
opened by Prof. Roswell Park, M. D., Buffalo, N. Y. Medical
Expert Testimony, by Prof. Wm. B. Outten, M. D., chief surgeon
M. P. R. R., ex-president National Association Railroad Surgeons,
St. Louis, Mo. ; discussion opened by Prof. J. B. Murdock, M. D.,
Pittsburg, Pa. Delayed Union and Pseudo Arthrosis, by Wm. H.
Buechner, M. D., Youngstown, O. ; discussion opened by C. M.
Daniels, M. D., ex-president of Association Erie R. R. Surgeons.
Subject to be announced, by R. Sayer Harnden, M. D., ex-president
Association of Erie Railway Surgeons. Association Work of the
Railway Surgeon — Its Object, Scope, Benefits and Limits, by S.
Birdsall, M. D., Susquehanna, Pa. Tetanus, by Emery H. Leyman,
M. D., Huntington, Ind. Reminiscences of a Railroad Collision, by
A. G. Ellinwood, M. D., Attica, N. Y. Conservatism in Railroad
Surgery, by F. W. Thomas, M. D., Marion, O. Is Alcohol a
Stimulant, a Food or a Sustainer of Vitality ? by W. V. R. Bligh-
ton, M. D.,.Tonawanda, N. Y. The Essentials of Asepsis, by J. S.
Mudge, M. D., Clean, N. Y. Officers for 1894— President, C. B.
Kibler, M. D., Corry, Pa. ; vice-president, E. Griswold, M. D,,

Digitized by



SharoD, Pa. ; secretary and treasurer, W. W. Appley, M. D.,
Cochecton, N. Y. Committee — C. M. Daniels, Bnffalo, N. Y. ; J.
L. Eddy, M. D., Olean, N. Y. ; C. B. Kibler, M. D., Corry, Pa.

Itifarar^ Rofa/*,

Merritt H. Cash Prize Fund. — For the information of all con-
cerned, I desire to state that the Medical Society of the State of
New York offers a prize of $100, payable from the Merritt H. Cash
* Prize fund, for the best original essay on any medical or surgical

The conditions are : That the competitor shall reside in the
State of New York and shall be a member of a county medical
society ; that the essay shall be either printed or type-written ;
that each essay shall be designated by a motto on the title page,
and accompanied by a sealed paper bearing the same motto and
enclosing the name of its author, in order that the name of the
successful author alone may be ascertained ; and that all essays
shall be sent to the chairmau of the committee on prize essays
prior to January Ist next.

The committee on prize essays are : Dr. Franklin Townsend,
Jr., 2 Park Place, Albany ; Dr. A. Walter Suiter, Herkimer ; Dr.
Charles Stover, Amsterdam.

Secretaries of county medical societies are requested to com-
municate this to the members of their societies.

F. C. Curtis, Secretary.

The Archives of Pediatrics will be edited by Dillon Brown, M. D.,
adjunct professor of pediatrics at the New York Polyclinic, com-
mencing with the July issue, 1894. Exchanges should be addressed,
£ditor Archives of Pediatrics , 40 East 57th street. New York.

Messrs. F. B. Vandegrift & Co., of 50 South Fourth street,
Philadelphia, and 27 William street. New York, are making a
digest of the tariff bill' that the present congress is considering,
which they propose to publish within seventy-two hours after the
President shall have signed it. This will be a novelty in the way
of tariff publications, and gives the list of articles classified under
their proper headings for ready reference, together with the rate

Digitized by



of duty, paragraph of the law and decisions of the courts ; also the
allowance of wastage, showing daty to be returned on manufac-
tured articles exported with benefit of drawback, the value of all
foreign coins, a condensed express tariff, and other useful matters
in connection with the customs service.

The Kansas Medical Journal has appeared as a weekly during the
past six months. It seemed a dangerous experiment to change
from a monthly to a weekly, especially when we consider the diflS-
culties that surround medical journalism at the present time. But
our Kansas contemporary apparently has scored a conspicuous suc-
cess and deserves congratulations thereupon.

The Medical Mirror, of St. Louis, has appeared in a handsome new
dress. Such an evidence of prosperity, as is indicated by the June
issue of the Mirror, is pleasant to behold, and we congratulate the
editor, who can look into his mirror with pride.

The Railway Surgeon made its first appearance under the date of
June 5, 1894. It is the organ of the National Association of Rail-
way Surgeons, taking the place of the Railway Age.

In announcing the completion of An American Text-Book of
Practice, the publisher, Mr. William B. Saunders, asserts that in
this work over 500 pages are from the pen of Dr. William Pepper.
This fact, from a purely mechanical standpoint in these days of
enormous literary production, would not appear in itself to be matter
for special comment, but when there is taken into account the
editor's busy life, it is a notable instance of the wonderful vitality
and exeoutive ability of an exceptionally gifted man.

De. William M. McLaury, of New York, furnishes the description
of an oldtime medical work that will interest antiquarians and
medical men generally. It has been presented to the New York
Academy of Medicine and may be found in the library there. The
following is a brief description of the book :

The History of the Absorbent System, containing the chylo-
graphy or description of the human lacteal vessels, with the differ-
ent methods of discovering, injecting and repairing them, and the
instruments used for these purposes.

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lilastrated by "figares,'' by John Sheldon, sargeon, F. R. S., pro-
fessor of anatomy, physiology, etc., etc., and sargery. London. 1 784.

This old volume has the name of D. Hosack written on the
title page. It is dedicated to Sir Joseph Bank, Bart., president of
the Hoyal Society, etc., etc.

Then comes a long list as subscribers. Among them are :
Robert Adair, Esq., surgeon to Chelsea Hospital and inspector
general to the army ; Sir George Baker, Bart, F. R. S., physician
to Her Majesty ; William Broomfield, Esq., surgeon to Her Majesty's
household ; Richard Budd, M. D., physician to St. Bartholomew's
Hospital ; John Beich, surgeon extraordinary to His Royal High-
ness, the Prince of Wales ; Denzil Bragge, surgeon, Axminster,
Devon.; Mr. John Crawford, surgeon, Barbadoes ; William Den-
man, M* D., teacher of midwifery ; J. S. Haufman,M. D., professor
of anatomy, etc., etc.; Mr. John Harris, army surgeon ; Mr. George
Hughes, navy surgeon ; Mr. John Jaffrey, navy surgeon ; Mr. John
Neale, Nottingham ; Antonio Sehapa, M. D., James Simms, M. D.;
Mr. Josiah Teed, surgeon ; Henry Watson, Esq., F. R. S., Mr.
William Wheatley ; Thomas Webb, surgeon.

This quaint, old book has written on the fly leaf, " To Mr. Har-
wood, with the author's compliments."

The Rocky Mountain Globe is a handsomely illustrated paper,
giving photographic reproductions and etchings of the picturesque
scenery with which the Rockies abound. It is published at Den-
ver, Colorado, and its subscription price is $1 a year. The issue of
April 1, 1894, is a handsome specimen of press and newspaper work.

Teratologia is the title of a magazine to contain quarterly con-
tributions to antenatal pathology with reviews of the current liter-
ature of the subject. It is edited by J. W. Ballantyne, M. D., and
published by Williams & Norgate, 'London and Edinburgh. Dr.
Ballantyne, 24 Melville street, Edinburgh, will be glad to receive
any books or other publications bearing on teratology, for review
in this periodical.

The Bristol Medico- Chirurgical Journal has lately come to our
exchange table. It is a quarterly, published. under the auspices of
the Bristol Medico-Chirurgical Society, and edited by R. Shingle-
ton Smith, M. D., and published by J. W. Arrowsmith, Bristol.

Digitized by



It is a well-printed magazine, containing seventy-eight pages, and
in the number for March is published an interesting article on
Appendicitis, by Dr. James Swain, and another on Intussusception,
by Mr. Arthur W. Prichard.

The Maryland Medical Journal has just put on a new dress and
appears in new form. It has, indeed, undergone a complete
rehabilitation, and is now one of the handsomest medical weeklies
that comes to our exchange table.

Now Ready. — A Biography of Eminent American Physici-
ans and Surgeons, edited by R. French Stone, M. D., author of
Elements of Modern Medicine, surgeon general National Guard,
State of Indiana, consulting physician to the Indianapolis City
Hospital and Dispensary, ex-president of the Marion County Medical
Society, member of the Indiana State Medical Society and Ameri-
can Medical Association, formerly professor of materia medica,
therapeutics and clinical medicine in the Central College of Physi-
cians and Surgeons, etc. Illustrated with hundreds of fine photo-
engraved portraits and autographs. Published by Carlon &
Hollenbeck, of Indianapolis, in one large octavo volume, contain-
ing 751 double-columned printed pages, and to be sold by subscrip-
tion only. Price, in cloth, 18 ; leather, |9, and half morocco, *1U,
sent C. O. D., express charges prepaid. Orders will be received by
Dr. Stone, editor and business manager, 16 West Ohio street,
Indianapolis, and by authorized state agents.

First, Get a Man. — When I asked our wise doctor at home what
sort of a physician I should choose in the West (meaning to what
school he should belong, since some schools are so much better rep-
resented than others in the West), he answered briefly, as if the
question made him " tired : " " First, get a man," writes that most
charming writer, Mary Hallo<5k Foote, in reply to the question,
"What Constitutes a Good Husband ?" in the July Ladies* Home

So I think we mothers might say to the girls, if it were at all
supposable that any girl would ever ask the question, what are
the best masculine qualities conducive to a wife's happiness :
" First, get a man." Manliness iu the highest sense of the word is
surely the natural, and, therefore, must be the lasting bond in

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Index to Volume XXXIII.


North Gerpiany 673

Abscess, Sub-occipital 337

Academy of Medicine Notes ....

52. 116, 161, 238. 303. 377t695. 750
Acid, Acetic, as a Germicide ... 73
Address, Annual, President Medi-
cal Society of the County of Erie 449
Aldehyde, Formic, as an Ocular

Antiseptic 348-

Almshouse, Cases from the Medical
Service at the Cattaraugus Coun-
ty 336

Ambulance Car for Street Rail-
ways 234

American Medical Editors' Associa-
tion Banquet 169

Amputation, Double Synchronous
of Legs . . .... • • 74

Anemia. Causation of and Blood

Changes Produced by Uric Acid. 158
Angell, Edward B.. M. D. Double
Lesion of the Brain — Cerebral
Cyst— Cerebellar Tumor ... 538
Angina Pectoris, Nature and Treat-
ment of 351

Angio-neurotic Edema, Case of . . 286
Arteries, Torsion and the Homolo-
gous Ligation of Divided .... 257

Army Medical Board 448, 488

Medical School 231

Medical Corps, Examinations

of 573

Aphasia, Motor following Apoplexy 340

Asphyxia, Intrauterine 65

Neonatorum, New Method
of Establishing Artificial

Respiration in 665

Aural Reflex, Due to Impacted Wax 351

BARR, A. D., M. D. Physiolo-
gy of Conception 605

Bartlett, F. W., M. D. Gift of to
the Buffalo Academy of
Medicine ..... . 298

How shall we Treat Scarlet

Fever? 78

Beriberi, Outbreaks of on Ships . . 99
Bladder Gymnastics and Auto-
irrigation 7I4

Blepharitis Marginalis, Hydrogen
Dioxid in 354

Bloodless Amputation of the Hip —

Lanphear 89

Board of State Medical Examiners . 744

Books received . . . .60, 125. 187, 254

317, 376, 444, 509. 571, 638. 702, 762

Bowlegs 109

Brain, Double Lesion of 538

Breech Presentations 738

Buffalo Medical College Professors
and Reduction of State

Licensing Fees 618

Medical and Surgical Jour-
nal, Compliment to . . .741
Burr, C. B., M. D. Paranoia, with
Delusions of Change in Sex . . . 193

in 543

Car, A Hospital on Central Rail-
road of New Jersey 617

Cars, Special for Phthisical Patients 550
Cary, Charles, M. D. Cause of
Typhoid Fever in General and of
the Epidemic in Buffalo in Par-
ticular 64I

Cataract, Lectures on at the Phila-
delphia Polyclinic 232

Cerebral Surgery, Scope and Limi-
tations of 108

Charcot, Life and Work of . . . .582
Cholecyst-duodenostomy and Gas-
tro-enterostomies by aid of Mur-
phy's Button 718

Chorea, Hereditary 337

Christian Science, Attempt to Le-
galize 553

Church Bell Nuisance 363

Clark, Edward, M. D. Causes and
Modes of Communication
of Contagious and Infec-
tious Diseases 201

Horace, M. D. Laryngeal
Tuberculosis, a Typical
Case with Illustration . . 275
Clausius, M. F., M. D. Transla-
tion by — Late Researches in Ep-
ilepsy 596

Clinical Memoranda, from the Sis-
ters of Charity Hospital ....
. . 221. 281, 341. 415, 532, 588, 718
Civil Service Examination ....
53. 255, 512, 639

Digitized by





College of Physicians and Surgeons
of Ontario 231

Colorado Medical Library Associa-
tion 232

Comstock, Anthony, and the Dag-
gett Table Company 299

Conception, Physiology of ... . 605

Constitution Convention and Medi-
cal Interests 742

Consumption, a Communicable

Disease 296

And Travel 360

The Prevention of 648

Cordier, A. H., M. D., Surgical
Problems in Intra-pelvic and
Abdominal Diseases 727

Cornea, Ulcers and Abscesses of . . 348

Correspondence :

Letter from Frank W. Abbott,

M. D 545

Mr. Lawson Tait .... 424
Cott, George F., M. D. Intubation 137
County Medical Societies, Import-
ance of Membership in 690

Craig Colony for Epileptics .... 658
Crockett, M. A., M. D. Observa-
tions on Results of Removal of
Diseased Uterine Appendages . . 385
Cushing, Clinton. M. D. Abdomi-
nal Surgery in North Germany . 673

DAGGETT. B. H. . M. D. Con-
cerning Posture 85

Speech of at Niagara Alumni

Association Banquet . . . 684
Bladder Gymnastics and

Auto-irrigation 714

Daggett Table Co. and Mr. Com-
stock 385

Death. Sudden, from Unknown

Cause 339

Dew, J. Harvie. M. D. New
Method of Establishing Artificial
Respiration in Asphyxia Neona-
torum 665

Diphtheria, Prevention of 653

Disease. The Prevention of ... . i
The Prevention of, a Prob-
lem for all Physicians . . 647

Diseases. Summer 105

Doyle, Gregory. M. D. Double
Synchronous Amputation
of Legs in an Infant — Re-
covery 74

Fractures and their Treat-
ment 465

Dysentery. Tannin and Boric Acid
in 481


Dysmenorrhea 487

Dyspepsia. Functional, So-called . 602

Edson, Cyrus. M. D., Evils

of Substitution 287

Elbow-joint, Fractures at 341

Tuberculous Arthroitis of . . 285

Editorials :

Buffalo University Medical Col-
lege 67^

College Commencements and

Alumni Association Meetings 679.
First Pan-American Medical

Congress 162

Foghorn Nuisance 615

Football in Colleges 355

Medical Education, Advanced iii
Society of the State of

New York 484

National Conference of State
Medical Examining and
Licensing Boards . . .616
National Medical Societies 739.
Need for Uniformity in Divi-
sion of Abdominal Regions 113
Niagara University Medical

College 682

Object Lesson in Hygiene . . 546
Relation of Noisas to Health

Again 164

Resignation of Dr. Rochester . 230-
Spelling of Medical Words . . 47
Southern Surgical and Gyneco-
logical Association 292

State Examination for License. 227
Examination and Public

Health 613

Symphyseotomy 430

Empyemia 321

Epididymitis, Tuberculous .... 588
Epilepsy, Late Researches in, Trans-
lation 596

Epileptics, Craig Colony for . . . 688
Ethics, Medical, Revision of the

Code of . 690

Examiners, North Carolina Board

of Medical 54^

Exercise, Some Reasons for Daily . 380

FEMUR* Acute Osteitis of Inter-
nal Condyle of 282

Fibroids, Uterine 75

Fibroma, Molluscum 338

Fog Horn Epidemic 360

Fractures and Their Treatment . . 465

Digitized by





Fritz, William C, M. D. Case of
ADgio-nearotic Edema showing
Remarkable Heredity 286

GONORRHEA, the Microscope
in Examinations for . . . .471
Gonorrheal Infection in Women . 654
Gould. George M., M. D. Spelling

of Some Medical Words ... 42
Gram, Franklin C, M. D. Statis-
tics of Infectious Diseases . . . 197
Grand Army of the Republic . . . 235

P.. M. D. Superficial La-
ceration of Female Peri-
neum 157

Hart, Mr. Ernest. Address of at
Pan-American Medical

Congress 168

The Way He Registers ... 169
vs. Wm. A.Hammond, M.D. 233
The Medical Mirror, The
Post-Graduate and The
Ohio Medical Journal . . 300
Hartwig, Marcell. M.D. Prostatic

Diseases of Old Age . ... 397
Harvard Medical Alumni Associa-
tion Bulletin 235

Haynes, Francis L., M. D. White's

Operation for Enlarged Prostate . 481
Health Circular. By Dr. E. Wende 320
Hegar's Sign of Pregnancy, Value

of 706

Hemoptysis. Treatment of ... . 160
Hernia, Operative Treatment for

Radical Cure of Inguinal .... 146
Hip Splint with Traction Mechan-
ism 297

Himmelsbach, G. A., M.D. Trans-
lation by 471

Hopkins, Henry R.. M. D. Artifi-
cial Immunity 527

James L . Esq. Some Sug-
gestions on Life Insurance 609
Hospital Car, on Central Railroad

of New Jersey 617

Physicians and the Courts . 434

Hospital Notes :

Brigham Hall 488

Buffalo General Hospital . . . 694
Children's Hospital of Buffalo . 551
Cincinnati Hospital ..... 690
Emergency Hospital at the

World's Fair 297

Erie County Hospital . . 236, 364


Fitch Hospital 694

Jennie Casseday Infirmary for

Women ... 48, 434. 745
Maryland Hospital for the In-
sane 391

Rhode Island Hospital . . . . 49^
Sheppard Asylum for Mental

Diseases 621

Sisters of Charity Hospital . . 694
Woman's Hospital and Found-
ling's Home, Detroit .... 750
Hoyt, Dr. Charles S. Report on

Immigration by 689

Hulbert, George F.. M. D. Intra-
uterine Asphyxia 65

Humerus, Tuberculous Osteomye-
litis of . ...... 283

Osteo-arthroitis of 284

Hydronephrosis. Intermittent . . . 221
Hysterectomy, Disputed Points in . 26
For Fibrous Tumor Compli-
cating Pregnancy 619

ICE WATER. How to Keep Dur-
ing the Night 35^

Illinois State Board of Health and
Requirements for Admission to
Medical Colleges 623

Illustrations :

A New Method of Artificial
Respiration in Asphyxia Ne-
onatorum. J. Harvie Dew,
M. D. Fig. I. Opening of
the Epiglottis by Gravity . . 666
Fig 2. Depression of the Pel-
vis and Lower Extremities . 667
Fig. 3. Forcible Expiration
by arching the lumbar region
backward and bending the

child upon itself 668

Fig. 4. Expulsion of Mucus
by elevating buttocks and
depressing head 672

Bladder Gynastics and Auto-
Irrigation. B. H. Daggett.
M. O. Fig. I. The Dag-
gett Canula 7M

Fig. 2. Posture for Auto-
irrigation of the Bladder . . 7I5

Concerning Posture. B. H.
Daggett, M. D. Fig. I. Dor-
sal Posture, knees and thighs

flexed 86

Fig. 2. Knee-thigh-chest
Posture 88

Hegar's Sign of Pregnancy.
J.W.Long. M. D. Fig. i.

Digitized by





Intra-vaginal Finger in An-
terior Vaginal Fornix — Ab-
dominal Hand behind Fun-
dus 706

Fig. 2. Intra-vaginal Finger
behind Cervix, Abdominal
Hand between Symphysis

and Fundus 707

Fig. 3. Hand between Sym-
physis and Fundus, Finger
in Rectum 707

Hydro-nephrosis from Valvular
Stricture of the Ureter. Her-
man Mynter. M. D. Fig. i.
Incision through Valvular

Stricture and Sac 222

Fig. 2. Appearance after
Operation . . 222

Laryngeal Tuberculosis. Hor-
ace Clark. M. D. Fig. View
of a Typical Case 276

Radical Cure of Inguinal Her-
nia. S. E. Milliken, M. D.
Fig. I. Dissection of Sac
and Exposure of Cord . . . I47
Fig. a Suturing of Conjoin-
ed Tendon and Poupart's

Ligament 148

Fig. 3. Suturing of Flaps of
External Oblique I49

Tricuspid Insufficiency. Frank
J. Thornbury. M. D. Fig.
Anadicrotic Wave Synchro-
nous with Auricular Sys-
tole 280

Immigration, Report on, by Dr.

Charles S. Hoyt 689

Immunity, Artificial 527

Inaugural Address of Dr. Seneca

D. Powell 435

Infant, Double Synchronous Ampu-
tation of Legs in 74

Infectious Diseases, Statistics of . I97
Diseases, Causes and Modes
of Communication of Con-
tagious and 201

Influenza or LaGrippe 336

Information. Bits of 379

Ingraham, Henry D., M. D. Ute-
rine Fibroids, Some Facts in Re-
gard to 75

Intestinal Catarrh, Acute 338

Indigestion 431

Paralysis — Keen 90

Intrauterine Asphyxia, Report of

Three Cases 65

Intubation 137

Iritis, Croupous 346


JOURNALS, Relation of Medical
to the Profession ... 551

Judson, A. B , M. D. Treatment
of Potts' Disease of Spine . . . 143

KERATITIS, Pathology of Hy-
popyon 345

Kidney. Cancer of 339

Kindergartens, Free 491

King. Clarence, M. D. Cases from
Medical Service at the Catta-
raugus County Almshouse . . 336
Kingsbury, Mrs. Carlton A. Trans-
lation of "Lysor'by .... 37
Krauss, William C, M. D. Life and

Work of Charcot 582

What the Newer Therapeutic
Procedures Have Done for
Neurology 212

LAPARATOMY, Exploratory . 19
What Kills Patients

After ? 272

Library of the Surgeon -General's

Office 743

Life Insurance, Suggestions on . . 609

Literary Notes:

Alden's Nutshell Cyclopedia . 575
All Around the Year Calendar . 446
American Text-Book of Gyne-
cology 3*9

American Text-Book of Prac-
tice . . 766

American Gynecological Jour-
nal 574

Angier Chemical Co 574

An Oldtime Medical Work . . 766
Archives of Pediatrics .... 765
A System of Legal Medicine . 447
Balch's Manual for Boards of

Health 189

Biography of Eminent Ameri-
can Physicians and Surgeons 768
Bristol Medico-C h i r u r g i c a 1

Journal ... 767

Bulletin of the Medical Society
of the Woman's Medical
College of Baltimore .... 704
Columbian Calendar for 1894 . 380
Cosmopolitan Magazine . .

61, 188, 382

Duanes Medical Dictionary . . 190
Dunglison's New Medical Dic-
tionary 19'

Eleanor Fenton 192

Epitome of Medicine 44^

Digitized by





Frederick Stearns & Co.'s Cal-
endar 512

Gould's New Illustrated Dic-
tionary 189

Gray's Anatomy I9I

Hand-Book of the Board of Re-
gents 380

Hernia, Treatment of by Man-
ley 61

Hewson's Anomaly Blanks . . 374
International Medical Annual . 382
International Medical Maga-
zine 575

Journalistic Changes 380

Kansas Medical Journal .... 766
Keil's Medical and Dental Di-
rectory .... .511
Ladies' Home Journal .... 768
Labordine Chemical Co. . . . 575

Listol Chemical Co 640

Literary Digest, Easter Num-
ber 574

Louisville Medical Monthly . . 575
Madden's Diseases Peculiar to

Women 192

Mark Twain's Romance of an

Esquimau Maiden . . . 319
Maryland Medical Journal . . 768
Mathews's Medical Quarterly .

383. 447

McArthur Hypophosphite Co.'s
Calendar .... ... 511

Medical Directory of Connecti-
cut 192

Medical Mirror 766

Merritt H. Cash Prize Fund . . 765

Musical Contest 382

National Dispensatory . . 447
New York Engraving & Print-
ing Co. 's Calendar 446

New York State Medical Re-

pxjrter 639

Novel Literary Enterprise . . 384
O. W. Clark & Son's Catalogue 640
Pepper's Theory and Practice

of Medicine 381

Physical Education 61

Piersol's, Normal Histology . . 191
Plimpton Manufacturing Co. . 640
Publication of Transactions of
the Pan-American Medical

Congress 704

Railway Surgeon 766

Refractionist, The 640

Rocky Mountain Globe .... 767
Samuel D. Gross Prize .... 383
Saunders' New Aid Series of
Manuals for Students and
Practitioners 703


Shadow Test 576

Stockton's, The Lady or the

Tiger . . I92

Sousa's Manhattan Beach

March 320

System of Medical Jurispru-
dence and Toxicology, by
Witthaus and Becker . . 256, 51 1

Taylor Bros.' Co 640

Teratologia 767

Transactions of American As-
sociation of Obstetricians
and Gynecologists, Vol. VI. . 446

Uncle Tom's Cabin 62

Vandegrift's Digest of the

Tariff Bill 76;

Vick's Floral Guide 576

Visiting List, Antikamnia

Chemical Co.'s 51 1

William R. Warner & Co.,

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