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Disabled at Gaines' Mill
L. P. Hughes; Second Lieutenant —

Lost arm at Sharpsburg
L. P. Lyons; Third Lieutenant —

Killed at Gaines' Mill
Haywood Brahan; Orderly Sergeant

— later Lieutenant — wounded at


Chas. S. Brown; Second Sergeant—
Sergeant-Major. Killed at Wil-

John D. Murray; Third Sergeant —
Often wounded, but stuck

Eli Park; Fourth Sergeant — Lieu-
tenant. Killed at New Market

W. A. Bennett; Fifth Sergeant

R. H. Skinner; First Corporal — Dis-
abled at Sharpsburg



Daniel M. McAlister; Second Cor-
poral — Mortally wounde'd at Gaines'

E. T. Kindred; Third Corporal— Lieu-
tanant and Captain

Charles A. McAlister; Fourth Cor-
poral — wounded at Gaines' Mill

Adams, J. T.

Abbott, H. G.

Alford, James

Allen, George; lost arm at Second

Aylmer, G. G. ; disabled at Gaines'

Brown, Ossawatomie

Bedell, A. M.

Brantley, J. E.


Brieger, J. G.

Buchanan, L.

Brooks, Cincinnatus

Camp, T. P.

Cohea, A. T. ; wounded and died at
the Wilderness

Cook, John

Cunningham, Thos. ; died of wounds
received at Gaines' Mill

Copeland, Sol.; killed at the Wilder-

Crigler, R. T. ; later Lieutenant. Dis-
abled at Wilderness

Campbell, John

Clark, Joseph

Currie, J. B. ; lost a leg at Chick-

Crockett, E. R.

Dansby, Harrison

Dial, Augustus A.; disabled at
Gaines' Mill

Downing, Ed.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Dreyer, H.

Dunn, W. H.

Fishburn, J. A.

Elliot, John

Floyd, William F.; killed at Gettys-

Gabbert, H. H.

Givens, Wm.; disabled at Chick-

Goodloe, Calvin

Goodloe, Wm. P.

Goodwin, Benj.

Graham, J. C. ; wounded early in war

Green, W. A.; disabled at Gaines'

Hahn, Ferdinand; wounded, dis-

Harbour, C.

Hardoin, A.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Hardoin, S.

King, W. R.

Harwell, J, H. ; disabled at Gaines'

Henderson, C. F.; killed at Gaines'

Henderson, B. G.; killed at Sharps-

Hollander, W. M. ; disabled at Gaines'

Houston, Russell

Howard, Russell

Johnson, J. N.

Johnson, W. C. ; disabled at Chick-

Jones, A. R.

Jones, Wm.

Kahr, N.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Kindred, J. B.

Kindred, John; killed at Gaines' Mill

Kindred, Clay; killed at Sharpsburg

Kindred, J. P.

Koolbeck, G.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Love, J. P.; killed at Sharpsburg

Meisner, Ed

Maus, Peter; wounded at Gaines'

McCann, T. J.; wounded at Gaines'

Mayfield, Jas.; killed at Knoxville,

Menifee, Q. M.; lost leg at Sharps-
burg and discharged,

Menger, Oscar; disabled at Gaines'

Morris, Wm.

Murray, J. C. ; killed at Gettysburg



Murray, R. W.; lost leg at Wilder-

Pengra, M. M.; disabled at Gettys-

Penn, Pat.; killed in picket skirmish
Sept. 29, 1864

Penn, Abe; disabled at Chickamauga

Pickett, M.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Pogue, L. S.

Policy, J. B.; lost a foot at Darby-

Quick, Jacob; wounded somewhere

Riggs, John; killed at the Wilderness

Roberts, John

Rumley, J. J.; wounded and retired

Sampson, Ed. J.; killed at Gaines'

Schweitzer, Geo. ; wounded and retired

Selp, M. M.

Sargeant, A. H.; wounded, retired

Smith, Henry; wounded at Sharps-
burg and retired

Smith, Albert

Sneed, Albert; disabled at Second

Sullivan, R. A.; killed at Gaines'

Summerville, Jas.; lost arm at the

Sutherland, Jack; later Adjutant,

disabled at Darbytown
Thornton, H. G.

Webber, S.; killed at Sharpsburg
Wallace, E. F.
Weir, Henry
Wiseman, Jas. O.

Wolff, S.; killed at Second Manassas
Wood, G. W.; wounded in 1863
Maddox, John
Crenshaw, M.
Naurath, Wm.
Dockstadder, Oscar
Veal, Frank
Warner, Chas.


Adkinson, John J., Lieut.; wounded
Adams, Sara H.
Aikens, James O.; wounded
Allen, W. J.
Arnett, David

Bassett, Robert H.; Lieut, and Adjt.
of the regiment; disabled at Chick-
Bessett, Noah H.; wounded, died in

Barry, Wm. E., Lieut.; disabled at

the Wilderness
Barry, L. Howard, O. Sergt.; was

wounded several times
Barry, John D.; killed at Chicka-
Barry, Thos. W.
Baines, Thos. W., Sergt.
Baines, Wm. M.
Barnes, John T.
Baker, Jesse W., Lieut.
Barker, James, Scout
Beecher, R. A., O. Sergt.; killed at

Blackshear, Robt. D.; wounded at

Sharpsburg and Spottsylvania

Court House

Blackshear, Jas. J., Sergt; wounded

Blackshear, Duncan R.; wounded

Blackshear, E. T.
Boozer, H. D.
Bookman, J. M. (Bob), Lieut.;

killed at Chickamauga
Butts, Lewis D., Lieut.; killed at

Gaines' Mill
Buffington, Tom C, Lieut, and Cap-
Brietz, A. C, Ordnance Sergt.;

wounded at Wilderness
Bowen, Allen

Chambers, G. C; killed at Sharpsburg
Churchwell, Thomas; killed at Chick-
Carley, Martin F.
Closs, T. O.; killed at Gettysburg
Chatham, Wm. B.; wounded at Wil-



Cruse, A. J.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Cotton, H. T.

Collins, Daniel; Chief Bugler from
commencement to Appomattox, dead

Cook, J. J.

Dance, John T. ; wounded at Gaines'

Dawkins, F. A.

Damm, Frank; wounded at Gettys-

Davis, Ed. C.

Daffan, Lawrence A.

Davis, John A.

Dunham, Jas. H., Lieut.

Duke, Joseph G. ; mortally wounded
at Chickamauga

Eckolls, AVm. R. A.; lost an arm at
Gaines' Mill

Ferrell, Davis S. ; killed at Gettysburg

Finley, J, R.

Fields, Drury H.

Floyd, Chas.'E,

Floyd, Wm.

Flournoy, Jas. J.; wounded at
Gaines' Mill

Gay, G. A.; disabled at Gaines' Mill

Gould, Jas. L., Sergt. ; mortally
wounded at Gettysburg

Green, John E.; killed at Gettysburg

Griffin, David C. ; wounded at Gaines'

Grissett, Wm. J., Com. Sergt.

Giles, Jas. J.

Giles, E. D.

Giles, F. L.

Giles, Dan

Haddon, Mack E.; killed at Second

Harrison, M. M. (Smoky)

Hasson, Robert; lost leg at Darby-

Helmer, Edward

Hadon, Jas. J.

Hiett, J. W.

Heyman, George

Hubbell, N. L.

Hughes, W. T,

Hutcheson, J. W., first Captain of
Company G; killed at Gaines' Mill

Jackson, Isaac

Jackson, Job; lost leg at Sharpsburg

Jones, AV. S.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Jones, N. B.

Jones, Geo. W.

Jones, I. Newton

Kay, Eli

Kennard, A. Drew

Kendall, J. L.

King, Jno. H.

Lawrence, Groce; killed at Wilder-

Livingston, A.

Loggins, Dr. Jas. C. ; lives at Ennes,

Loper, Wm.; deserted

Martin, Wm. A.

Martin, Jno. F., Sergt.

May, J. W. T., Color Guard ; wounded
at Second Manassas

McCowen, John; killed at Chicka-

McDaniel, Ben H.

McClenny, Wm.; killed at Wilder-

IMcGregor, Wm. B.

Midkiff, E. P.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Midkiff, J. A.; wounded at Wilder-
ness i

Montgomery, Joseph

Moss, George R.

Mooring, Chas. G. ; wounded several

Mooring, J. S. (Bob) ; wounded at
AVilderness, disabled

Muldrew, Jno. T.

Muse, Jas. T. ; wounded at Gaines'

Nix, John L.; wounded at Gettys-

Nelms, Everard P.; wounded at
Gaines' Mill

Nettles, Joseph H.

Neal, French

Pearce, Ben. W.; wounded at Sharps-

Pearce, Ed. W. ; lost hand at Gaines'

Parnell, Jas. C.


Patterson, Wm. R. Stacej', Willis A.; wounded at Gaines'

Peteet, W. B. Mi!l and Wilderness

Peteet, J. Monroe; wounded at Terrell, E. Tom., Asst. Surgeon

Gaines' Mill Terrell, Wm. H.

Pinckney, Jno. M.; wounded several Tidwell, Wm. C.

times Thomas, J. W. (Gotch)

Pinckney, Richard H.; youngest sol- Trant, John; wounded at Gaines'

dier in regiment Mill and killed at Sharpsburg

Plaster, Joseph H.; wounded at Turner, Jasper

Gaines' Mill and Wilderness Tierner, Wesley

Plaster, Frank Wilson, Walter S.; wounded at Sec-
Quails, George S. ; Color Corporal ond Manassas

Reynolds, J. S. Watson, A. E.

Rogerson, John; killed at Gaines' Webb, Frank X.

Mill Whitehurst, J. K.

Roach, John, Lieut.; killed White Mathew D.

Roco, A. C. White, Caleb; was killed at Gaines'
Rowe, H. T. Mill

Robinson, John Whitesides, A. Hoxcey; captured at
Stacey, John J., Color Corporal; Gettysburg and drowned in effort

wounded at Gettysburg to escape

Scott, J. B.; killed at Gaines' Mill Whitlock, A. T.

Scott, Garrett; killed at Sharpsburg Williams, Henry F.

Schultz, W. A. Williams, Jas. J.; wounded at Gaines'
Shaffer, Henry E. Mill

Smith, W. H. Wood, Dan A.; wounded several
Silverbaugh, A.; killed at Chicka- times

mauga Ward, Chas. H.

Spencer, Chas. W. ; mortally wounded Womack, M. S. ; captured at Gettys-

at Eltham's Landing burg

Stewart, A. Jackson; wounded at Wood, Rufus H., Sergt.

Gettysburg Wallingford, T. G.; litter bearer


Captain, P. P. Porter; killed at 5th Sergt., J. W. Lawrence

Gaines' Mill 1st Corp., H. T. Sapp; wounded at
1st. Lieut., James T. Hunter; was Eltham's Landing, 1862

wounded often 2d Corp., Z. Landrum; disabled at
2d Lieut., Tom M. Owens; killed at Gettysburg

Gaines' Mill 3d Corp., G. L. P. Reed; Hospital
3d Lieut., Benton Randolph; dis- Steward

abled at Gaines' Mill 4th Corp., A. C. Morris

1st Sergt., C. E. Jones; killed at Musician, J. R. P. Jett

Second Manassas
2d Sergt., S. Y. Smith privates

3d Sergt., J. S. Rudd Allen, Ben H.; killed at Gaines' Mill

4th Sergt., Nelse A. Myer; killed at Bullock, B. F.

Gaines' Mill Bell, O. W.



Barzo, Henry; killed at Gaines' Mill

Bascom, G. F.

Brent, Thos. A.; killed at Second

Beck, Jacob

Cartwright, E. W.

Cartwright, Jas. ; killed at the Wil-

Chilton, F. B.

Connelly, Jas.; disabled at Gaines'

Copeland, W. E.; disabled at Gaines'
Mill, lost a foot

Conroe, C. M. ; killed at Gaines' Mill

Dawson, R. C. ; killed at Second

Damm, Adam

Edmison, J. S.

Fisher, W. S. ; lost a foot at Gaines'

Faulkner, A.

Finley, Howard

Farrow, D. D.

Griggs, Green; disabled in 1864 in

Gilliham, J. H.; killed at Gaines'

Hall, J. H. ; died of wound in

Hatch, L. B.

Howard, C. S.

Howard, N. F.

Holt, A. C.

Hahn, A.

Hopkins, J. C.

Harrison, D. ; deserted

Holmes, M. C. ; lost a leg at Second

Keyser, G. W.

Kipps, G. W.; killed at the Wilder-

Kerr, W. C.

King, S. P.; killed at Second Ma-

King, F. G.

Long, John

Lemon, J. W.

Landrum, Z. ; killed at Gaines' Mill

Landrum, W. J.

Lewis, Jas. L.; killed at Second Ma-

Lewis, Clint; killed at Gaines' Mill

Loper, Wm.

Lackland, J. M.

Martin, W. L.; killed at Gaines' Mill

Mathews, L. A.

McCowan, A. J.; disabled in Tennes-
see in 1863, wound in knee

McDaniels, Y. L.; disabled in 1864,
wDund in leg

Meyers, M. F.

May, Thomas

May, D. G.; disabled at Gaines' Mill

May, W. C.

May, R. M.

Milliken, Wm.

McGraw, Wm.

NeviU, D. E.

McGraw, Wm.

Petty, T. T. M.

Peacock, Wm. ; killed at Chickamauga

Parker, Wm. A.; color bearer, was
wounded at Sharpsburg and died

Peasley, G. A.

Rogers, J. P.

Reynolds, Ben.; killed at Gettysburg

Randolph, D. J.

Ransom, R. W. ; killed at Second

Steward, J. R.

Sanderlin, J. M.

Savage, Ed.

Stewart, J. E. ; lost leg in battle, 1862

Stewart, R. H.

Sharp, J. H.; killed at Petersburg

Seay, A. B. ; disabled by wound in
in 1863

Seargeant, Thos.

Spivey, J. S.

Stratton, Robert

Travis, Henry; killed at the Wilder-

Tucker, D. J.

Tedford, R. J.; disabled by wound in
leg at Chickamauga

Thigpen, E. C.

Thigpen, G. C.

Taylor, Alex.

A Genuine Soldier Boy of 1861

16 Year Old

(Taken in Richmond, Va., 1861)

Frank Bowden Chilton

Company H, Fourth Texas Regiment, Hood's Texas Brigade,
Ar'mv of Northern Virginia; later Captain C. S. A.



Thomas, J. Keeble, Ed.

'Taliafero, J.; disabled by wound in Smith, John; killed at Chickamauga

arm at Gettysburg Stanfield, John; killed at Chicka-

Tyler, R. L.; killed at Gaines' Mill mauga

Waltrip, C. M. Jeffers, M. S.

Wallace, J. M. Wilkes, B. B.

Watson, Wm. A. Kirby, J. A.; killed at Chickamauga

Wilcox,' T. W. Keyser, Henry

Wynne, G. A.; killed at Sharpsburg Lewis, Wm.

Wynne, J. A. Le Venture, Louis

Wilkes,' T. O.; killed at Gaines' Mill Town, Jacob L.; was killed at Knox-

Wade, F. H. ville

Anders, R. Leach, M.

Bryant, W. L. B.; killed at Gaines' Meyers, T. J.

Mill Mitchell, T. R.; deserted

Cartwright, L. C; lost arm in battle Steussey, J.; lost an arm at Gaines'

in 1865 Mill

Cathey, B. H. Steussey, M.; lost a leg at Gaines'

Cude, Wm. Mill

Clepper, L. C. Smith, John L.; disabled in Virginia

Dillard, T. C. in 1864

Dowdey, B. C; disabled by wound Sergeant, Jas. B.; disabled at Gaines'

in leg, 1864 Mill

Dale, G. W. Sanders, C. B.

Collier, A. H. Rankin, Robt.

Ellis, Jack; killed at Gettysburg Talley, J. C.

Farrow, Sam W. Talley,! Reuben

Faulkner, A.; killed at Gettysburg Taylor, C. T.; disabled in battle in

Gaflford, R. D. 1863

Watson, H. C; killed at Second Wynne, T. A.

Manassas Wynne, S. W.; killed at Second Ma-

Quigley, R.; killed at Gaines' Mill nassas

Conklin, Jas.; killed at Wilderness Fox, Richard; killed at Sharpsburg


C. M. Winkler, Captain W. G. Jackson, Fourth Sergeant;

J. R. Loughridge, First Lieutenant; wounded and disabled Oct., 1864


J. R. Oglebia, Second Lieutenant; re- privates

signed and returned Astin, J. H.; disabled and discharged

B. J. C. Hill, Third Lieutenant; re- Allen, W. B.

signed Armstrong, R. C.

Mat. Beasley, First Sergeant Barry, A.

S. M. Riggs, Second Sergeant; killed Barry, M.

at battle of Chickamauga Beasley, J. R.

J. D. Caddell, Third Sergeant; killed Beasley, Jesse; killed at Second bat-

at Petersburg, 1865 tie of Manassas



Barnet, J. R.

Brewster, A. J.

Bales, W. H.; disabled at Gettysburg

Boynton, G. S.

Black, James R.

Bias, A. J.

Bishop, John

Crab, E. S. ; disabled in Second bat-
tle of Manassas

Crabtree, J. W.

Crawford, R. W.

Carroll, W. E.; killed at Chickamauga

Childress, B. F.; killed at Chicka-

Crossland, A. M.; wounded and dis-
abled at Ft. Harrison

Casady, J. M.

Duran, J. W.

Duncan, Ira P.

Dillard, E. P.

Dozier, ; killed in battle

Fondran, W. A.; killed at Gaines'

Franklin, B. F.

Fagan, Jas. G.

Fuller, W. W.

Fuller, Jas. L. ; killed at Wilderness

Foster, J. A.; disabled in 1864

Foster, G. W.; disabled Oct. 7, 1864

Foster, M. L,

Garner, E. M.; killed at battle of
Antietam or Sharpsburg

Green, J, T.

Green, John

Gregory, R.

Gregory, John; wounded, disabled

Herbert, J. H. ; wounded at Second
Manassas, disabled

HoUoway, R. G.

Harrison, J. J.

Harrison, H. H.

Hill, Jack; killed in September, 1864

Hill, J. H.; wounded at Sharpsburg

Haldeman, J. W.

Hagle, Joe.

Henderson, G. W.

Harris, J. O. ; killed at Gettysburg

Hamilton, J. D.

Hamilton, J. L.

Harper, Frank

Jefferson, W. R.

Jordan, I. C.

Killian, H. L. W.; wounded at

Kennedy, Thomas; wounded and dis-
charged, 1864

Knight, Tom

Lemons, A. M.; wounded and dis-
abled September, 1864

Lumas, J. M.

Lanham, J. B.; wounded at Sharps-
burg and discharged


Miller, R. S.

Mills, N. J.; elected lieutenant of Co.

Massey, J. H.; wounded and disabled
at Chickamauga

Morris, T. R.; killed at Second battle
of Manassas

Mitchell, W. H.

McMorris, J. M.

Melton, I. E.

Meador, A. L.

Neal, J. H.

Neal, JeflF.

Piatt, W. G.

Pickett, John; wounded at Second
Manassas and discharged

Polk, J. M.

Osborn, Paddy

Osborn, Sandy

Orendorff, J. H.

Pursly, Lewis

Pennington, C.

Rice, L. W.

Rice, R. N.

Rushing, M. D. L.

Sessions, J. T.

Sessions, E. G.

Smith, Pulasky

Smith, W. T.; killed at Gettysburg

Smith, W. G.

Simmons, J. W.

Stokes, Cornelius; killed June &', 1864

Steward, J. D. ; wounded and disabled
at Gaines' Mill



Spence, W. T.; killed at Second Ma- Wade, R. H.; disabled at Gaines'

nassas Mill

Shaw, J. R. Waters, Ezekial

Terrell, S. B.; killed at Suffolk, Feb- Warren, B.

ruary, 1863 Weil, Sol.

Templeton, Wm. W. Welch, Mike

Templeton, N. B. Welch, John

Treadwell, J. H. Westbrook, J. H.

Utzman, J. L. Westbrooks, W. H.

Walker, J. C; killed at Chickamauga Westbrooks, George

Walker, H. E.; killed at Wilderness Fortson, J, R,

Captain, Wm. H. Mar-

1st Lieut.; M. O. Clana-

3d I>ieut., W. D. Rounsa-

Anding, John
Allen, J. M.
Allen, J. W.
Antle, Milton
Ball, B. L.
Barham, C. J.
Bowles, Axom
Bradley, J. F. T.
Baker, Joseph
Boyd, James
Banks, T. C.
Brown, W. B.
Carguilo, W. A.
Cox, B. M.
Champion, L. D.
Campbell, A.
Campbell, J. E.
Campbell, J. M.
Clanahan, W. R.
Chapman, M.
Chapman, J.


Carter, Hugh
Derden, W. L.
EUedge, H. D.
Elledge, J. F.
Edwards, W. L.
Forrester, Thomas
Forester, Joel
Green, J. J.
Green, D. N.
Guthrie, L. J.
Gibbon, J. F.
Guiger, John D.
Godwin, Wesley
Hodge, M. H.
Hobgood, T. J.
Hight, F. M.
Heard, J. D.
Hamby, John
Hilliard, E. C.
Holland, F. M.
Isaacs, William
Kimbrough, J. H.
Loop, G. R.
Larue, A. J.
Lemox, A. C.
McCall, J. C.
McNealy, T. G.
Martin,' R. B.
Martin, Alfred

Martin, Henry
Norvell, Robert
Owen, S. T.
Owen, J. D.
Owen, S. Trice
Paul, R. B.
Pattillo, B. A.
Pickering, James
Price, Russell
Price, W. B.
Phillips, H.
Fairr, W. R.
Richardson, W. E.
Rice, John
Rounsavall, James A.
Rounsavall I. M.
Rogers, J. H.
Rogers, S. S.
Roushing, G. H.
Ross, C. C.
Redmon, R.
Swindle, J. M.
Smith, F. J.
Tubbs, Robert
Wilton, W. T.
Weisensee, C. P.
Whittaker, W. F.
Williams, E. J.
Wigginton, William




W. B. Botts; was Captain, promoted W. H. Sellers, 1st Lieut.; went with

to Lieut. Col., and resigned Gen. Hood West. Died in Texas



J. R. Hale, 2d Lieut.

D. C. Farmer, 3d Lieut.; Captain

J. E. Clute, Orderly Sergt.; killed

at Gaines' Mill
W. D. Cleveland, 3d Sergt.

E. A. Noble, 4th Sergt.; wounded at
Second Manassas

E. R. Moore, Corporal

John Leverton, 2d Corp.; wounded

at Gettysburg, Pa.
Justus Davidson, 3d Corp.
J. A. McMurty, 4th Corp.; wounded

at Manassas
J. Aurbach; discharged
John B. Bell; wounded at Manassas
C. M. Botts
Jasper Barron
William Barron

A. J. Burke, Jr.

Sam Bailey; wounded at Manassas
and Gettysburg, killed at Spott-
sylvania Court House

M. F. Berry

Geo. W. Bottler

T. E. Bigbee; missing at Boones-
boro, Md.

Robert Burns; Regimental Commis-

George Butler

H. C. Bell

W. H. A. Cyrus

R. Capps; deserted

B. R. Currin
W. H. Chadwick
W. F. Clark

W. A. Clark

S. Cohn; killed at Gettysburg

J. A. Cameron

M. J. McCullock

T. H. Clark

C. W. Doggs; killed at Gettysburg
G. H. DeLesdernier ; killed at Gaines'

Jas. Downey

B. S. Dyer; wounded at Sharpsburg
Geo. M. Douglass
J. W. DeLesdernier; wounded at

Isaac Elsasser

A. H. Edey

B. Pugh Fuller; 3d Lieut.
W. F. Farrell

D. N. Fleming

C. B. Gardner; wounded at Second

J. H. Garrison; wounded at Gettys-

W. A. George

C. P. Horn; deserted

S. D. Hughs

R. G. Hollard

G. C. Holbrook; deserted

J. T. Hurtt

T. Kesse

J. A. Kennard; deserted

William Keily; wounded at Second

J. M. Lee

T. W. Lubbock

J. W. Landigsen

J. E. Landes; wounded at the Wil-

Horace Livingston

W. McDowell; killed at Gettysburg

F. Loberque

J. V. May

C. H. Merriman

J. S. Norton

O. O. Malley; wounded at Second
Manassas and Chickamauga

Thos. O. Donnell

F. M. Poland
R. AV. Phelps

Nicholas Pomeroy; wounded at Sec-
ond Manassas and Gettysburg
John Reily

T. H. Rievly; wounded at Gettysburg
H. R. Rogers

G. H. Robins; wounded at Chicka-

J. J. Sweeney

Jas. Stanger

B. C. Simpson; wounded at Manassas
and Gettysburg

J. H. Shepherds; ^vounded at Wil-

Wm. Sims

H. G. Settle; wounded at Petersburg


Chas. Settle D. W. Walker; killed at Manassas

Chas. Seldon; deserted D. Wilderson

W. A. Tryon C. Whitaker

H. P. Tools W. A. Cook

I. Tressam The following named parties, wounded

A. C. M. Taylor at Manassa, Va., died at Warren-

V. Vandergen ton, Va.: J. A. McMurty, John

A. Wolff; killed at Sharpsburg Massenburg, John DeLesdernier
S. B. Webber; deserted S. O. Young; enlisted Jan. 1, 1865


John C. Upton, Captain; became Baker, J. D.

Lieut.-Col., killed at Second Ma- Baker, A. H. ; killed at Sharpsburg

nassas Bostick, S. R.

J. D. Roberdeau, 1st Lieut.; became Burford, Phil.

Captain, wounded at Second Ma- Bridge, A.

nassas, Sharpsburg and Gettysburg Behue, G.

J. H. Bullington, ^'d Lieut. Carter, J. T.; killed at Gettysburg

Ed. Collier, 3d Lieut.; disabled per- Carter, A. H.; wounded at Gaines'

manently at Petersburg, Va. Mill

W. D. Denny, 1st Sergt. ; killed at Carter, A. V. L.; killed at Second

Eltham's Landing Manassas

B. M. Baker, 2d Sergt. and Lieut.; Coffee, C.
wounded at Second Manassas and Cabanis, Max

Gettysburg Carroll, Jim.; wounded at Gaines'

J. C. kindred, 3d Sergt. Mill

D. H. Henderson, 4th Sergt. and 1st Cherry, W. S.; wounded at Gaines'

Lieut.; killed at Gettysburg Mill and Gettysburg

Ellis Putney, 5th Sergt. Carleton, W. H.

John Buchanan, 1st Corp. Currie, D. M.; wounded

John C. Miller, 2d Corp.; killed at Collins, Pat.; wounded at Second

Gettysburg Manassas

Wra. Pinchback, 3d Corp.; killed at Cooper, Jasper

Second Manassas Cooper, Newton

J. H. Whitehead, 4th Corp.; wounded Darden, W. J.; wounded at Sharps-

at Gettysburg burg and disabled

John B. Wall, 5th Corp. .Dickinson, J. C.

PRIVATES DeGraffenreid, T. T. ; wounded at

Auerbach, E.; killed at the Wilder- Boonesboro

ness Dolan, John; deserted
Burton, W. H.; killed at Bermuda Daggett, M. ; killed at Second Ma-
Hundred Front nassas
Besch, E. ; wounded three different Dickey, G. W.

battles Edgar, John

Byers, W. F. Enke, August; wounded at Gaines'

Bently, W. L. Mill and disabled

Bruce, J. S.; wounded at Second Flanagan, M.; deserted

Manassas Graf, John; wounded at Wilderness


Gaines, John R. ; killed at Gaines' McCormick, John

Mill McCormick, S. L.

Gegenrarth, Geo.; wounded at Chick- McNeilus, D.; killed at Sharpsburg

amauga and disabled McLeod, M. W.

Grace, A. J. Nelms, W. F.; wounded at Second
Harris, Dr. T. W. Manassas, killed at Gettysburg

Harris, F. R. Obenschain, J. S.; wounded at Chick-
Harbert, W. J. amauga

Humphrey, R. I.; wounded at Second O'Neill, John; killed at Gettysburg

Manassas, killed at Petersburg Perkins, J. R.

Howard, I. A.; killed at Gettysburg, Pratt, Henry; wounded at Second

with colors Manassas

Harvey, John B.; wounded at Get- Penelton, Henry

tysburg, disabled Priest, John

Hurley, D.; wounded at Freeman's Ray, J. R.

Ford Reynolds, Jas.

Hurley, M.; killed at Gettysburg Ratican, John; wounded at Gaines'
Haynes, Blythe Mill, disabled

Haynes, Henry; killed at Gettysburg Roberts, T. J.; wounded at Free-
Hendrick, Hiram man's Ford

Hart, W. S.; killed at Chickamauga Rhodes, Wm. ; wounded at Second
Higgs, J. F. Manassas

Hoffman, Wm.; killed at Sharpsburg Sheppard, Webb; wounded at Second
Hahn, Jacob; wounded at Gaines' Manassas, with colors

Mill Sloan, A. G.; killed at Gettysburg

Hare, W. S. Stroud, B. F.

Hanks, John Scherer, Riley; killed at Eltham's
Johnson, J. W.; wounded at Second Landing

Manassas and Gettysburg Senne, Henry; wounded at Eltham's
Johnson, Wm. Landing, disabled

Jenkins, John M. Snell, W. T. ; wounded at Second
Kolbow, John; killed at Sharpsburg Manassas

Kaepke, F.; killed at Malvern Hill Smith, John C. ; wounded at Second
Lahey, John; wounded at the Wilder- Manassas

ness Stephenson, William

Lynch, C; wounded at Gaines' Mill, Shields, Chas.

disabled Sanders, W. L.

Lundy, P.; wounded at Second Stafford, R. E.

Manassas Stoneker, W. J.

Legg, Andrew Slayton, Wm.

Manhart, F. Tanner, C. B.

Murphy, F. M. Tatum, C. S.

Morrissey, John; wounded at Sharps- Terrell, Hunt; wounded at Gettys-
burg burg

Monroe, George; killed at Sharps- Terrell, C. M.

burg Trainor, John; wounded at Second
Mathee, Fritz; killed at Freeman's Manassas and Gettysburg

Ford Taylor, T. O.

McMillan, A. P. M.; deserted Taylor, F. M.; deserted



Umbarger, John; killed at Second Wilson, J. C; killed at Gettysburg

Manassas Woodhouse, P.; wounded at Second

Welck, T.; deserted Manassas and Gettysburg

Weston, C; deserted Carrigan, J.; killed at Second

Wallace, J. W.; deserted Manassas


D. M. Whaley, Captain

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