J. C. (John Claudius) Loudon.

Loudon's Hortus britannicus. A catalogue of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. Part I. The Linnean arrangement... Part II. The Jussieuean arrangement... online

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Online LibraryJ. C. (John Claudius) LoudonLoudon's Hortus britannicus. A catalogue of all the plants indigenous, cultivated in, or introduced to Britain. Part I. The Linnean arrangement... Part II. The Jussieuean arrangement... → online text (page 132 of 169)
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26510 saccata Ach. hollowed leafy frond 2 su Gysh on the earth Eng. bot. 288

3085. LECI'DEA Ach.

26511 atro-cinerea E. B.

26512 coraclna^cA.

26513 atro-alba Ach.

26514 fiisco-atra Ach.

26515 fumosa Ach.

LECIDEA. (Lekis, saucer, eidos, like ; shields.)

I. RENIF6RMES. Thallus crustaceous, reniform.
i. NI^GRJE. Apothecia constantly black, naked, not pruinose.
dark-grey close patches
raven tessellated

black & white cracked crust
dark-brown thin crust
smoky tessellated


Lichen athrocarpus E. B. 1829

26516 lapicida Ach. stone-splitting broad patches

rock thin crust

confluent tartareous

well-marked membranous

26517 petra^a Ach.

26518 conflucns Ach.

26519 parasema Ach.

26520 sanguinaria Ach.

26521 sabuletorum Ach.
2 geuchroa Ach.

26522 miscella Ach.

26523 escharo'ides E. B.

26524 aromatica Ach.

26525 dolbsa Ach.

26526 atro-virens Ach.

2 geographica Ach

26527 silacea Ach.

26528 OZderi Ach.
26.529 alba Ach.

26530 citrinella Ach.

26531 uliginbsa Ach.

26532 scabrbsa Ach.

rugose crust
thin cuticle
thin cuticle
lobed crust
granul. crust
lobed crust
broad cuticle
thin coat
figured crust

1| year

Bl rocks Eng. bot. 2096

2 year

Gy.B granite rocks Eng. bot. 2335. L.corad.

3 year

Bl rocks Eng. bot. 180

2 year

Bl rocks Eng. bot. 1734. L.dendri.

3 su

Br.Gy alpine rocks Eng.bot.l830.L.cecAuw.

3 year
H year

G brick walls Eng.bot.821. L.contigu.
W roc. & stones Eng. bot. 246

2 aut

Gy.Br rocks Eng. bot. 1964

3 aut

Wsh bark of trees Eng. bot. 1450

2 year

Wsh rocks Eng. bot. 155

1 year

Wsh bark of trees

[i year
2 year

Gy bark of trees Eng.bot.1450. L.parase.
Pa.Ol whinst.rocks Eng. bot. 1831

1* jn

D.Br earth & rocks Eng. bot. 1247

l year

Ol old walls Eng. bot. 1777

4 year

Caes rocks Eng. bot. 2581

2 year

B rocks

3 year

Y.O1 rocks Eng. bot. 245

2 year

Y.R rocks Eng. bot. 1118

2 year

Hsh rocks Eng. bot. 1117

3 aut

W bark of trees Eng. bot.1349. Lepraria

yellow-colored tessellated
CEder's tessellat.powd

white membranous

lemon-peel-crust, cracked coat 3 spring Y.G sand, ground Eng. bot. 1877

marsh whole colored 3 spring B sandy heaths Eng. bot. 1466

rugged-shield, lobed patches 2 year Pa.G tiled roofs Eng. bot. 1878
ii. MCTA'BILES. Apothecia black, naked, when moistened becoming red or brown.

26533 imm^rsa Ach. immersed even crust 4 year Pa.Y calcar. rocks Eng. bot. 193

broad incrust. 6 year Br.Ol rocks Eng. bot. 1737

26534 rivulosa Ach. rivulet

iii. Ci

26535 albo-caerulescens Ach. bluish white tartare. crust

2 turgida Ach.
26536 nbietina Ach.
26.537 speirea Ach.

26538 epipblia Ach.

26539 corticola Ach.

26540 conspurc&ta E. B.

sinuated crust 3

Pine tree

bark-inhabiting small verruc.
defiled rimose crust

Apothecia black, with a grey bloom.

Wsh Scotch alps Eng.bot.2244. L.prtiind.

su W stone walls Eng.bot.820. L.multipu,

year Gl. trunks.^bies

sinuated crust 4 spring W.Y flint, pebbles Eng. bot. 1864

tartare. crust 2 su W Scotch alps Eng. bot. 1137

aut Caes old trees Eng. bot. 1892

aut Ca3s old walls Eng. bot. 964

iv. Rt'Vjs. Apothecia blackish-brown, brownish, or deadened by some other color.

f year
3 year
1 year
2 aut

2 auc

3 year
2 su

2 su

26541 Lightfootw Ach. Lightfoot's sinuat. patch.

26"42 guernea Ach. oak thin crust

26543 viridescens Ach. viridescent thin crust

26544 incana Ach. hoary leprous

26545 sulphurea Ach. sulphur cracked crust

26546 orosthea Ach. perennial toment. crust

26547 decolorans Ach. discoloring granular
2 granuU.sa Ach, granular granular
.Lichen escharoides E. B. 1247

26548 anomala Ach. anomalous spotted patch. 3 aut

26549 rupestris Ach. rock tartareous 2 su
Lichen calvus E. B. 948

26550 luteola Ach. yellowish thin crust 3 year

26551 earn eola Ach. horny-cupped papillose crust 3 year
2 arceutina Ach. Juniper tree smooth coat 2 year

26552 fnsco-lutea Ach. yellow-brown thin crust 3 su

26553 cinereo-fusca Ach. cinereous-brown cracked crust 3 year

26554 anthracina Ach. coal-like scaly crust 2 su

Pa. G smooth bark Eng. bot. 1451

Y. G clefts of bark Eng. bot. 485

Pa.G dead trees

Gl trim, of trees Eng. bot. 1683

Su rocks Eng. bot. 1186

Lt.G trees & pales Eng. bot. 1549

Gysh on earth

Gysh on earth Eng.bot.1185. L.quadri.

Pa.Ol on earth
Gysh rocks

Eng.bot.2155. L,.cyrte'll.
Eng. bot. 2243

Wsh bark of trees Eng.bot.845. L.verna/is
Wsh on oaks Eng. bot. 965. L.cornet/s
W.Brbark of trees Eng.bot.l735.L.Gr;jf&.
Gysh mountains Eng. bot. 1007
Gysh trun. of trees

D.Br rocks & trees Eng. bot. 432. L.byssinus
v. Ri^BK*. Apothecia dark-red, or whitish flesh-color.

26555 caeVio-rfifa Ach. redaish grey tessellat.crust 3 su D.Gy rocks & trees Eng. bot. 16.50. ~L.ferrug.

26556 ichmadcphila Ach. moisture-loving leprous crust 2 year G.W on ear. in he. Eng.bot.37'-'. ~L.ericet6r.

26557 marmorea Ach. marbled thin crust 3 year Gy.W bark of trees Eng. bot. 739

26558 alabastrlna Ach. alabaster thin crust 2 su Gy.W Scotland Eng.bot.l651.L.rose'#ws

vi. ~Lv\E.&. Apothecia pale-yellowish, waxen, or orange-colored.

26559 melizea Ach. yellow-shield, cracked crust 1| spring Y.O1 moss, trunks Eng. bot. 1263. L. luteus

26560 Ehrhartidwft Ach. Ehrhart's cartilag. crust 2 year Gsh rocks Eng, bot. 1136

26561 polytropa Ach. variable tessellated 2 year Pale rocks Eng. bot. 1264
26.562 lucida Ach. shining soft crust 2 su G.Y rocks Eng. bot. 1550

26563 atro-flava Ach. dark-yellow ragged crust 2 year Br expos, flints Eng. bot. 2009

26564 luteo-alba Ach. yellow-white smooth crust If year W rocks Eng. bot. 1426

II. LEPIDOMA. Thallus crustaceous, of a regular figure or leaf, not reniform.

3 year 'Wsh old walls Eng. bot. 1138
3 su Br.B Highl. rocks Eng.bot.ll39.L.c<z?.-?.
3 su G.Br Scotch alps Eng. bot. 1329
* su Br redsan. gro. Eng. bot. 1102
3 aut.w Pa.Ol rocks &earth Eng. bot. 1501
irregul.patch. 1 aut.w B hard rocks Eng. bot. 2317
patches f winter Pa.G turfy earth Eng. boi. 2112

imbricated 2 spring F earth Eng. bot. 870

leafy crust 4 spring CEBS quartz rocks Eng.bot.l955.L.g/o6i^o.
broken patch. 2 spring Gy.G trees Eng. bot. 2128

26565 Candida Ach.
26566 vesicularis Ach.
26567 Ktrida Ach.
26568 atro-rufa Ach.
26569 scalaris Ach.
26570 verruculbsa E. B.
26571 rubiformis Ach.
26572 decipiens Ach.
2fi r )73 pholidibta Ach.
26574 microphylla Ach.

dark red









26V75 canescens Ach.
i;6576 diedalea E. B.


round, patch.
leafy lobed

\\ spring W bark of trees Eng. bot. 582
f spring Y.G rocks Eng. bot. 21^

5086. CALI'CIUM Ach. CALICIUM. (Kalykion, a little cup ; appearance of reproductive organs.) 17. 29.

6577 tigillare Ach. rail soft crust 2 aut Gl trees Eng. bot. 15:30

26578 stigonellum Ach. small-dotted pimpled 3 aut Pa. Ol on Lichens Eng. bot. 2520. C. sessile

26579 microc^phalum Ach. small-headed cloudystreaks fd Ol.G oak rails Bug. bot 1865

26580 claviculare Ach. club-headed granul. crust aut Gysh naked wood

26581 sphasrocephalum^cA. sphere-headed thin crust | spring Gysh old pales Eng. bot. 414

26582 hypereMlum Ach. bench irregular coat 2 spring Bt G old oak Eng. bot. 18o2

26583 chrysocephalum^c/i. yellow-headed patches

26584 trabinellum Ach.

26585 cantherellum Ach.

26586 capitellatum Ach.

26587 aciculare Ach.

26588 ferrugineum E. B.

26589 inquinans E. B.

26590 roscidum E. B.

26591 d^bile E. B.

26592 a;ruginusum E. B.

26593 curtum E. B.

small beam

small rafter








dense granul.
obscure crust
irregul. patch,
irreg. incrust.
lobed crust
mealy coat
close-set pate,

3 aut Lem trun. of trees Eng. bot. 2501

4 aut Br.Ol boards Eng. bot. 1540
aut Wsh decay, wood Eng. bot. 2557

G.Y sandy soil
Ol Scotch firs
Pa.Ol pales

3 su

4 aut

4 winter W.Br dead wood

4 year G old boards

| aut Br old timber

H winter Dl.G old boards

Eng. bot. 1539
Eng. bot. 2o85
Eng. bot. 2473
Eng. bot. 810
Eng. bot. 1464
Eng. bot. 2462
Eng. bot. 2502

short-stalked crowd, patch, li winter Dl.G decay, wood Eng. bot. 2503

smooth leafy thallus'

many-leaved leafy thalius
proboscis-like netted frond

2 su

3087. GYRO'PHORA Ach. GYKOPHORA. (Gyros, a circle, phoreo, to bear ; in disk of shields.) 8. 19.
2659* glabra Ach.

2 polyphylla Wahl.

26595 proboscidea Ach.
2 arctica Ach.

26596 cylindrica Ach.

26597 erbsa Ach.

26598 deusta Ach.

26599 pustulata Ach.

26600 pelPita Ach.

26601 muiina Ach.








D.O1 rocks
D.O1 rocks
3 spring Smo rocks
1 winter Br rocks

2 spring Gr.Ol rocks

3 year Ol. Br rocks
3 year Ol.Br rocks

blistered frond 2 spring Cin. Greeks
sinuated 2 year Gy.Br rocks

irregular lob. 1 year Br rocks

smooth lobed
folded frond
rough leafy

Eng. bot. 1282
Eng. bot. 2483
Eng. bot. 2485
Eng. bot. 522
Eng. bot. 2066
Eng. bot. 2483
En-, bot. 1283
Eng. bot. 931
Eng. bot. 2486


26602 sinopicum Ach. red

26603 samaragdulum Ach. emerald

26604 tephroides Ach. cinereous
Lichen fusctSllus Eng. bot. 1500

(Endon, within,
little patches
little patches

26605 HedwigM Ach.

Hedwig's crowd, patch.

2 lachneum Ach.

i/acAr-woolled crowd, patch.

26606 pallidum Ach.
26607 parasiticum Ach.

pallid finely lobed
parasitical round, patch.

26608 miniatum Ach.

vermilioned thick crust

26609 leptophyllum Ach.

fine-leaved round patches

26610 complicatum Ach.

entangled coriaceous

26611 Webferi Ach.

Weber's cartilaginous

karpos, fruit ; recept. embedded in leaf.) 10. 22.

1 su O schist Eng. bot. 1776

fsu Y.G rock.s Eng. bot. 1512

1 su Gl earth Eng. bot. 2013

| su Ol on the earth Eng.bot 595 "L.trape-tif.

A su D G on the earth Eng. bot. 1698

year Pa.Ol rocks Eng. bot. 2541

| su Cop on Lichens Eng. bot. 186S

1 year Gysh rocks Eng. bot. 593

spring Br rocks Eng. bot. 2012

f year Gysh rocks Eng bot.593.2. L,.amphl.

f w.sp G.Br wet rocks Eng.bot.594. L.aqudtic.


3089. THELOTRE^MA Ach. THEL. (Thele, nipple, trema, orifice; pierced protuberances of crust.) 5. 19.
26612 lepadlnum Ach. rock smooth crust 1 year Wsh holly bark Eng.bot.678. l,.inciusus

26613 exanthematicum^cA. sprouting tartareous 2 year

26614 variolarioides Ach. Variolaria-like tessellated 2 year
2 agela^um Ach. shepherd's tessellated 2 year

26615 melaleucum E. B. grey obscure cruet 3 year

26616 hymenium E. B. membraned granular 4 year

Gysh calcar. rocks Eng. bot. 1184
Pa.Ol bar. of trees
Pa.Ol bar. of trees Eng. bot. 1730
Y young oaks Eng. bot. 2461
G old oaks Eng. bot. 1731

3090. PYRE'NULA Ach. PVKBNI;LA (J)imin. of pyren, a kernel ; receptacle in thalmium.) 4. 34.
26617 nitida Ach. shining cartilaginous 1 year Bk bar. of beech VVeig. obs. 2. 14

26il8 nigrescens Ach. nigrescent tartareous 1| year Br.B rocks Eng.bot.1499. Ver.umb,

26S19tessellata Ach. tessellated circular dots 2 year Ol.G slate rocks Eng.bot.2455. L.viridul.

26620 umbonata Ach. tiipple-shielded even coat Ij year Br rocks Eng.bot.2153.L.*Ac/dtf.

measles ; eruptive aspect of fructification.) 9. 46.
1| aut. Gl ash trees Eng. bot. i062
2 winter Gl beech trees Eng. bot. 2061
1J year Gysh trees & rocks Eng. bot. 2008

1| year Dl.W trees
1| year Y.O1 rails Eng. bot. 2401

2 year Gysh bark of trees Eng. bot.1713. L. (agin.

2 year \V bark of trees Eng. bot. 1714
1| winter W rocks Eng bot. 2410

1 aut D.01 smooth bark Eng. bot. 2400

3 year Lt.Br hard rocks Eng. bot. 2519
2 year Ol.G whinstone Eng. bot. 2411

shields.) 6. 23.
Eng. bot. 1087
Eng.bot. 450. L.punctat.
Eng.bot.1732. LJibtdsus
Eng. bot. 1751
Eng. bot. 266
Eng. bot. 2580


Ach. VARIOLARIA. (Variola*

26621 velata Ach.


sinuous surf.

26"'2 l 2 multipuncta Ach.



26f>23 globulifera Ach.


uneven crust

26624 communis Ach.



2 aspergilla Ach.



26625 amara Ach.


cracked crust

2 discoidea Ach.



26626 lactea Ach.


tartar, crack.

26627 gnseo-virens E. B.

greyish green


26628 dealbata E. B.


cracked crust

26629 chorea E. B.



Ol/yi. U l\V/llVyj-*/l. iVA/1

26630 Ach\rii Ach.



LK1A. {U/t;

cracked crust

eviutf) a lit

2 year

&U3 MIH!<


uvi ; i


2 cyrtaspis Ach.
26631 globbsa Ach.


tessell. crust
fringed patch.

2 year
3 year



26632 cinerea Ach.


concent, zone:

s 3 year



26633 scruposa Ach.


solid crust

1 year



26634 Gag/V E. B.


obscure crust

1 year



26335 calcarea Ach.


crowd, warts

1J year


roc. &

2 Hofflrnanni Ach.


sinuous pate.

1| year


roc. &


(Lekane, a basin ; form of shields.)

43. 79.

I. RnfODlVJL Thallus adnate, uniform.
i. NI\;RJE. Disk of apothecia constantly dark or black.

26636 atra Ach. dark granulated 1| year Gysh bark of trees Eng. bot 949

26637 argopholis Ach. white-scaled warted crust 2 su Pa rocks

26638 oculata Ach. eyed smooth, crust 2 spring W roc. & earth Eng. bot. 1833

26639 coarctata Ach. compressed broad patches 4 year Br brick walls Eng. bot. 534




26640 periclea Ach.
2 exigua Ach.


little spots
little spots

year Wsh old posts
| year Br old pales

Eng. bot. 1850
Eng. bot. 1849

ii. MUTA'BILIS. Disk of apothecia black, naked, brownish when moistened.
26641 sophodes Ach. wise mealy crust 1| aut. G on trees Eng. bot. 1791

iii. RuV*. Disk of apothecia black, brown, brownish or clouded with other colors, naked.

26642 subfiisca Ach.

26643 ventosa Ach.

26644 frustulosa Ach.

26645 eff&sa Ach.
26ri46 chloroleiica Ach.

26647 varia Ach.

26648 apochrce % a Ach.
26549 rubricosa Ach.

brownish cartilaginous 2 year

exposed to wind warted 2 year
broken tartareous f year

scattered thin coat 3 aut

pale yellow leprous 1J su

various-shielded crowded f year
colorless cloudy crust
red-shielded round patch.

Gysh trim, of trees Eng. bot. 2109

Y.G rocks Eng. bot. 906

Va rocks Eng. bot. 2273

G bark of firs Eng. bot. 1863

W mountains Eng. bot. 1373

Lt G old walls Eng. bot. 1666

IA winter Lt.G old posts Eng bot. 2075. S.Vitiligo

1 year Gy old walls Eng.bot.1040. L. cce^sia.

iv. C/IC'SLE Disk of apothecia black, ca-sious, glaucous or variously colored, always pruinose.

26650 tuberculosa Ach. warted warted fring. 3 year D.O1 rocks Eng. bot. 1 733

26651 glaucoma Ach. glaucous-tufted tessellated 2 year D.O1 rocks Eng. bot. 2156
2665^ Hagem Ach. Hagen's spotted j winter D.O1 bark of trees Hag. lien. 1. 5

2 crenulata Ach. crenulated small spots | winter Dl.G limest. rocks Eng. bot. 930
26653 albella E. B. whitish obscure crust 1| winter Wsh smooth bark Eng. bot. 2154

v. CA'RNE^E. Disk of apothecia somewhat flesh-colored, pale, testaceous, waxen or orange colored.

26654 part Ha Ach. equal warted

26655 upsalie'nsis Ach. Upsal membranous

26656 Turner*' Ach. Turner's mealy crust

26657 carneo-liitea Ach. yell.flesh-c/d cracked crust

26658 tart-irea Ach. tartareous Cudbear tartareou

2 frigida Ach.

26659 cerina Ach.

26660 Stbnei Ach.

26661 viteinna Ach.

26662 salicina Ach.

26663 erythrella Ach.




yolk of egg



2 year W rocks Eng. bot. 727

2 year Gl.W mount ongr Eng. bot. 1634

3 aut Dl.G old trees Eng. bot. 857

1 su Wsh trun. of elms Eng. bot. 2010

2 year Gysh rocks Eng. bot. 156
thin crust 2 aut Gl earth Eng. bot. 1879
oblong patch 2 winter G trun. of trees Eng. bot. 627
oblong patch 1^ winter G trun. of trees

granular 1| year Y pales Eng. bot. 1792

granular 1% spring Br on trees Eng. bot 1305

crack, rugose 2 year Gsh stone walls Eng. bot. 1993

vi. RIVERAS. Disk of apothecia red, scarlet, or purple, and sanguineous. .

26664 rubra Ach. red membranous 1| su W trun of trees Eng. bot. 2218. L.U'lmi

26665 hajmatdmma AHh. bloody-eyed powdery 2 su Wsh rocks Eng. bot. 486

2 porphyria Ach. purple thin crust 2 su Gl rocks Eng.bot.223.L.coccznet

II. PLACO'DUE. Thallus adnate, radiate, stellate, and lobed in the circumference.

26666 epigea Ach.

26667 lentigera Ach.

26668 saxicola Ach.
26:^69 murdrum Ach.
26670 Regans Ach.

earth plaited 1| year

pimpled round, patch. 1 year

rock-inhabiting scaly crust 2 year

26S72 circinata Ach.

26673 glida Ach.

26674 galactlna Ach.

26675 cervina Ach.

26676 crassa Ach.

26677 virella Ach.
26o78 can del aria Ach.

2 polycarpa Ach.

26679 Aypnurum Ach.

26680 brunnea Ach.

26681 Hookeri Ach.

wall cracked crust 1| year

elegant imbricated 1 year

refulgent small patches f su

circled cracked crust aut

frozen cracked crust 1 year

milky rugose crust 1| year

III. IMBRICA^RI^;. Thallus imbricated_throughout.

stag lobed scales

thick scaly crust

W earth Eng. bot. 1778. Lcdndic.

Wsh dry heaths Eng. bot. 871
Eng. bot. 1695
Eng. bot. 2157
Eng. bot. 2181
Eng. bot. 1667
Eng. bot. 1941
Eng. bot. 699

Pa.G roc. & walls
Y.Or rocks
Taw rocks
Y rocks
Gysh flat stones
R.Gr rocks
Wsh roc. & walls





Cin roc. & stones Eng.bot.2011. ~L.squam.
f su Gsh earth on roc. Eng. bot. 1893
multifidpatc. 1 year Bt.G trees & pales Eng. bot. 1696
Y trees & pales Eng. bot. 1794
Gy.Y old posts Eng. bot. 1795

scaly crust 1 winter Gy.Br woods Eng. bot. 740

lobed crust 1 spring Ci.Br on the grou. Eng. bot. 1246
imbricated 1 spring Gysh wet rocks Eng. bot. 283

scaly crust 1 year
many-fruited toothed lobed year

3094. PARME^LIA Ach. PARHELIA. (Parma, a sort of small shield, heileo, to enclose ; thallus.) 38. 77.
26682 glomulifera Ach. globule-bearing round patch. Ij spring Gl trun. of trees Eng. bot. 2P3

' - spring Y.G trun. of trees Eng. bot. 654
Br trees & pales Eng. bot. 2063
Gysh trun. of trees Eng. bot. 341
Y.G old trees Eng. bot. 2421
Bt.G trun. of trees Eng. bot. 294
D.G on trees Eng. bot. 1652
Ol.Br rocks & trees Eng. bot. 2180
Bt.Y trees & walls Eng. bot. 194
Ol bark of trees Eng. bot. 2156
Gl walls Eng. bot. 2064

W.Gy trees Eng. bot. 1779

G rocks Eng. bot. 700

Ol.G trun. of trees Eng. bot. 1780
Y.W rocks

B.Gy trun. of trees Eng. bot. 353
Br.Gy trun. of trees Eng. bot. 983
P.Br rocks Eng. bot. 604

Gysh stones Eng. bot. 603

Pitch rocks Eng. bot. 653

B mountains Eng. bot. 2048
Br rocks Eng. bot. 982

Pa. Gy rocks Eng. bot. 2049

Pa. G rocks Eng. bot. 1375

Pa. Y moorstones Eng. bot. 2050
Pa.Gy trun.of trees Eng. bot. 858
Pa.G trun. of trees
Y rocks Eng. bot. 2097

G.W woods Eng. bot. 1979

Gysh on trees Eng. bot. 1852
spring Dp.G trun. of trees Eng. bot. 063
spring Gysh trun. of trees Eng. bot. 1697
Gysh roc. & stones Eng. bot. 1052
Pa.Br boards Eng. bot. 2547

Li. Gy trees & pales Eng. bot. 1942
Wsh stones Eng. bot. 1954

26-583 caperata Ach.


round patch, f spring

26684 sc6rtea^c.


lobed patches 1 year

26685 perlata Ach.
26686 perforata Ach.

very broad

round patch. 2 year
crisp patches 3 year

26687 herbacea Ach.


round patch. 1| year

26688 corrugata Ach.


imbricated 3 year

26589 olivacea Ach.


round patch. 2 year

26n90 parietina Ach.


round patch. 2 year

26691 etelna Ach.

orbicular olh

-e small patches j year

26692 pityrea Ach.


flat-warted 1| jl

26693 Clementicna Ach.


flat-radiated 1 year

26S94 filiaceae Ach.


flat-imbricat. 6 su

26695 Borrerj Ach.


foliaceous 4 aut

26696 lanuginosa Ach.


round patch. 3 year

26697 plumbea Ach.


round patch. 2 aut

26698 rubiginosa Ach.
26699 omphalodes Ach.


round patch. 3 su
shining dott 4 year

26700 saxatilis Ach.
26701 fahlunihisis Ach.


rough & pitt. 2| year
smth. thallus 3 year

26702 stygia Ach.
26703 aquila Ach.


starry 2 su
multifid lobes 4 su

26704 encausta Ach.


stellated dott. 3 su

26705 recurva Ach.


warted 2 su

26706 sinuosa Ach.


starry 2 year

26707 aleurites Ach.


round patch 3 aut.w

26708 ambigua Ach.


starry warted 2 aut.w

26709 consprsa Ach.
26710speciosa Ach.


smth. dotted 1 year
starry glabr. 2 spring

26711 kevigata Ach.
26712 pulverule'nta Ach.
26713 stellaris Ach.


starry 3 spring
pruinose mul. 2 spring
rugged frond 2 spring

26714 cassia Ach.


sorediferous f year

2 d tibia Ach.


granular | spring

26715 cyclfoelis Ach.


round patch. 1 year

26716 diacapsis E. B.


tumid crust 1| year




bladdery multif. smth. 2 year Wsh rocks Eng. bot. 126

pierced through multif. smth. 2 year Gy.G wet rocks Eng. bot. 1248

( William Borrer, F. L. S., cryptogamic botanist.) 7. 23.

branch, segm. If year Gl bran, of trees Eng. bot. 1351

If f Wsh on the earth Eng. bot. 2548

If year G.Gy trun. of trees Eng. bot. 984

1 year O apple trees Eng. bot. 1088

1 year Y trun. of trees Eng bot. 2113

If year Gl trun. of trees Eng. bot. 1352

If ap G.O1 elms Eng. bot. 1715

26717 physodes Ach.

26718 diatrypa Ach.

3095. BORRE^R^ Ach. BORRERA.

26719 tenella Ach. slender

26720 leucomela Ach. black and white dense tufts

26721 furfur'icea Ach. scurfy farinaceous

26722 chrysophthalma Ach. golden-eyed bushy

26723 flavicans Ach. yellowish branched

26724 ciliaris Ach. ciliated bushy

26725 atlantica Ach. Atlantic bushy tufts

3096. CETRA > RIA Ach. CETRARIA. (Cetra, a buckler ; receptacle.) 5. 14.
26726 junipt^rina Ach. Juniper bushy If year Pa.Y trun. of trees
2 Pinastri Ach. Pinaster bushy If year Pa.Y trun. of trees Eng. bot. 2111

26727 sepincola Ach. hedge-inhabiting bushy waved If year

Ol.Br ston. & trees Eng. bot. 2386

26728 glauca Ach.

glaucous bushy shining 2 year

Gl on the grou. Eng. bot. 1606

2 fallax Ach.

fallacious bushy shining If year

W on the grou. Eng. bot. 2373

26723 nivalis Ach.

snow bushy tufts 2 year

Su rocks Eng. bot. 1994

26730 islandica Ach.

Iceland Moss bushy 2 year

Ol.Br rocky places Eng. bot. 1330

3097. STFCTA Ach

STICTA. (Stiktos, dotted ; under surface of fronds.) 7. 18.

26731 crocita Ach.

saffron-colored yellow warts 3 year

Gl.Brrocks Eng. bot. 2110

26732 aurata Ach.

gilded foliaceous 6 year

Br trun. of trees Eng. bot. 2359

26733 pulmonilcea Ach.

lung reticulated 2 year

Oliva trun.of trees Eng. bot. 572

26734 scrobiculata Ach.

sm. -furrowed roundish pat. 3 year

Gysh trun. of trees Eng. bot. 497

26735 limbata Ach.

bordered smooth lobed 4 year

Gl. Br rocks Eng. bot. 1 104

26736 fuliginosa Ach.

smutty round patch. 3 year

Lu.gy moist rocks Eng. bot. 1103

26737 svlvatica Ach.

wood pitted fronds 3 year

Ru.Br shady woods Eng. bot. 228

3098. PELTI'DEA Ach

. PELTIDEA. (Pclte, a target, eidos, resemblance ; form of shields.) 9. 2L

26738 vendsa Ach.

veiny much veined 2 su

Gsh on the earth Eng. bot. 887

267, L 39 scutata Ach.

shielded crisp If year

Cin bark of trees Eng. bot. 1834

26740 horizontals Ach.

horizontal shining, cren. 2 year

Br.G shady rocks Eng. bot. 888

26741 aphthosa Ach.

inflammatory warted 2 aut

G among moss Eng. bot. 1119

26742 rufescens E. B.

ruf'escent incurved 2 year

R.Br on the earth Eng. bot. 2300

26743 canlna Ach.

dog broad-lobed 2 year

Gysh on the earth Eng. bot. 2299

26744 membranacea Ach.

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