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Men of the Bible,

Their Lives and Times.

Edited by Rev. J. S. EXELL, M.A.

Author of The Biblical Illustrator

""We commend the volumes of this series as
useful contributions to the popularization of the
results of Biblical scholarship— a tendency and
movement of our time of the utmost interest
and promise."— New Englander.

17 Volumes, 12mo, cloth.
Price reduced to 75 cents, each, postpaid.

Abraham. By Rev. W. J. Dean, M.A.

Daniel. By Rev. H. Deane, B.D.

David. By Rev. W. J. Dean, M.A.

Elijah. By Prof. W. Milligan, D.D.

Ezra and Nehemiah. By Rev. Canon Rawlinson.

Gideon and Judges. By Rev. J. M. Lang, D.D-

Isaac and Jacob. By Rev. Canon Rawlinson.

Isaiah. By Rev. Canon Driver, M.A.

Jeremiah. By Rev. Canon Cheyne, D.D.

Jesus Christ the Divine Man. By J. F. Vallings,

Joshua. By Rev. W. J. Dean, M.A.
Kings of Israel and Judah. By Rev. Canon

Minor Prophets, The. By Rev. Dean Farrar, D.D.
Moses. By Rev. Canon Rawlinson, M.A.
Samuel and Saul. By Rev. W. J. Dean, M.A.
Solomon. By Rev. Dean Farrar, D.D.
St. Paul. By Rev. Prof. Iverach, D.D.


Fleming: H* Revell Company,

New York : 112 Fifth Ave. Chicago : 63 Washington St.
Toronto: 140 and 142 Yonge St.

Jlrfen of tbe Bible






J. F. Vallings, M.A.

Vicar of Sopley, Hon. Fellow, Sometime Subwarden of
St. Augustine's College, Canterbury

New York Chicago Toronto

Publishers of Evangelical Literature







I» any apology be needed for adding another to the various lives of Christ
already before the public, it may be well to state how far this little book
occupies any independent ground of its own. The object of the writer has
been to make some small contribution to the moral and spiritual history
of the Life of lives, and this in some especial relation to missionary work
and the contact of Christianity with non-Christian religions. "The
ethical," as Prof. Kuenen well says, " is the universal human." Ethical
and spiritual sequences of cause and effect have been especially before the
writer's mind. The Gospel history is "a history, which in every part of
it," as Weiss says, "must be considered in the light of Him who trans-
cends all history." The superhistorical relations of the historical life have
been touched upon in some of their bearings upon the past, present, and
future of Christianity. Even Keim, from whose point of view the present
writer wholly differs, while gladly acknowledging his great ability and
learning, and not infrequent reverence of tone and enthusiasm of humanity,
affirms of Christ's life that it is "bounded at its circumference by the
human limitations of His age, in its centre exalted above alL" Such
language may imply nothing but hero worship, but it is at all events a
recognition of the incomparable grandeur of Christ's life and character.

While the moral and spiritual aspects of the Life have been placed in
the foreground, every effort has been made to present the physical and
social environment briefly, yet accurately, in the light of modern research.
In this connection the archaeological and geographical labours of the
Palestine Exploration Society have been largely drawn upon, and the most
recent records of travel, especially those of Captain Conder, Mr. Lawrence
Oliphant, and Dr. Selah Merrill.

Upon the whole, the greatest obligations are due to Dr. Edersheim His
wealth of Rabbinical lore, his great theological erudition, his deep sym-
pathy with Israel, springing from the strongest of all sources, the fountain
of blood relationship, and his true spirituality of touch, place his
work, in the writer's estimate, at the head of all the contemporary literature
of the subject. Keim's merits are great intellectually, but it is impossible
for him to sink the negative critic, and to help rewriting, mutilating, and

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Online LibraryJ. F. (James Frederick) VallingsJesus Christ, the divine man; his life and times → online text (page 1 of 22)