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at that court, he would first desire to consult his friend and receive
some advice and suggestions before entering the presence of the noble
one. Entering heaven, the Christian expects to see the Lord Jesus, and
ultimately the heavenly Father, according to the promise. As the
Christian looks over the precious promises given to the church, he finds
many assurances that he has had an unseen friend during his earthly
pilgrimage, namely, his guardian angel. Of such the Psalmist wrote: "The
angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and
delivereth them". (Psalm 34:7; Hebrews 1:14) These angels are doubtless
messengers for Jehovah, because of them Jesus said: 'In heaven they do
always behold the face of my Father'. - Matthew 18:10.

[527]Describing the conditions and events in connection with the general
assembly of the church of the firstborn, St. Paul writes: "Ye are come
... to an innumerable company of angels". These must be pure, lovable,
and beautiful in form and character. These have been the ones who have
kept the record of each member of the body of Christ. (Malachi 3:16) It
will be a real joy to become acquainted with these precious and
beautiful creatures who have been helpers of the Christians along the
way. It would be expected that they would render assistance to the one
just appearing in the presence of the Lord Jesus. Therefore it is not
unreasonable to anticipate that the first one to be met beyond the vail
is the Christian's guardian angel.

[528]Next in order the Apostle mentions "the church of the firstborn".
Jesus Christ is the head of this church, the great King of glory.
Certainly all the body members will be eager to see our wonderful Lord,
who redeemed us to God with his precious blood. He is not only our
Redeemer, Advocate, and Deliverer, but our dearest Friend; and now the
relationship of bride and bridegroom is about to be fully consummated.
How thrilling will be that time! By long and patient continuance in
well doing, their experiences, by the grace of the Lord and through his
ministration, have perfected every one of the body for this happy time,
making each member beautiful, "So shall the king greatly desire thy
beauty: for he is thy Lord; and worship thou him." Each member of the
bride then will be permitted to see Jesus as he is and will then be like
him. Happy will be that time. (1 John 3:2) Every one of these Christians
has had some dear fellow Christian friend on earth. He will be looking
for such a one, doubtless, when he arrives in heaven. Of course each one
will look for the faithful apostles whom the Lord used to furnish the
food to the household of faith. Then they will look for others whom the
Lord specially used as teachers, instructors, and servants of the
church, who were loving and kind and ministered to the wants of the
various members and did it joyfully.

[529]We may be sure that of all those who are there every one will be
perfected in love, because the Apostle says they must thus be.
(Ephesians 4:16; Colossians 3:14) We may expect to see some there whom
we have loved and may be disappointed in not seeing them; but no
Christian will ever see any one of his fellow-Christians in heaven
except those who have loved their brethren with a pure heart, all of
whom have passed through the fiery trials and rejoiced in the
experiences that the Lord brought to them. Each one of the members of
the divine family will be beautiful, for all will be like the Lord. As
star differs from star in glory, so shall the various members differ in
that glorious realm. But what a marvelous gathering that will be:
144,000 glorious beings assembling with their glorious head Christ

[530]All united together with the Lord Jesus, it seems, according to St.
Paul, that the next in order would be to grant unto the church the
glory that is promised, by presenting the bride class before the great
divine throne of Jehovah. St. Jude informs us not only that our Lord
keeps the members of the body from falling, but that he will present
them faultless before the presence of Jehovah's glory with exceeding
joy. - Jude 24.

[531]The day approaches for the presentation of the bride. In vision we
behold an innumerable company of angels assembled before the throne of
God, forming a guard of honor. The heralds of heaven with golden
trumpets appear, announcing the approach of the Bridegroom with his
bride. Music of surpassing sweetness fills the heavenly courts. All eyes
are fixed upon the conquering Hero, the King of kings and Lord of lords,
the great Bridegroom, who now approaches with his bride of 144,000
members. The hosts of heaven are singing, "Hallelujah: for the Lord God
omnipotent reigneth! Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him;
for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself
ready." - Revelation 19:6,7.

[532]It is well that we take note here of the apparel of the bride of
Christ now entering glory. "And to her was granted that she should be
arrayed in fine linen, clean and white." (Revelation 19:8) "The king's
daughter is all glorious within the palace; her clothing is of wrought
gold. She shall be brought unto the king in raiment of needlework."
(Psalm 45:13,14) Thus in symbolic phrase the Prophet describes her
inherent beauty when she is presented faultless before the glorious
presence of Jehovah. It will be impossible for human words to
approximate the grandeur and the majesty of that scene. Before the great
white throne of the heavenly Father, bride and Bridegroom will be made
one, and the glory of the church will be complete. There, in the
presence of Jehovah, she will have fullness of joy and pleasures for

"O that will be a union
Such as earth has never known.
When bride and Bridegroom are made one
Before the great white throne."

[533]The members of the body of Christ in glory will be a monument of
the grace of God, because thus will be demonstrated the power, as well
as the love, of Jehovah in taking insignificant creatures from amongst
men and exalting them to the highest place in the universe, next to the
Lord Jesus. Then she will be held forth in the power of Jehovah,
exhibited as a crown of glory in his hand, and be used by him to
accomplish that which he purposed from the foundation of the world. As
the glorified bride of our heavenly Bridegroom, clothed with honor and
immortality, she will possess life everlasting, inherent life; and with
her Bridegroom she will minister life and blessing to others.

[534]St. John had a vision of this wonderful royal family of heaven, and
in symbolic language he described it as "the holy city, the new Jerusalem,
coming down from God out of heaven". (Revelation 21:1-5) Thus he depicts
the approaching kingdom of Messiah. In vision he saw the faithful
followers of Jesus who are still on this side the vail, by faith
beholding the approach of this happy time; and he describes them as
those who had "gotten the victory over the beast [the devil's earthly
organization], and over his image, and over his mark, and over the
number of his name [whose allegiance is wholly to the Lord, and who]
stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. And they sing the
song of Moses the servant of God [the song taught by the law, which
foreshadowed the better things to come], and the song of the Lamb [the
song of the clear fulfillment of prophecy and the unfolding of God's
plan, as set forth in the New Testament; they are playing upon their
harps and praising Jehovah], saying, Great and marvelous are thy works,
Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints."
- Revelation 15:2,3.

Define the word "church". ¶ 468.

Of what does the church of Christ consist? ¶ 468.

What other name is given to those composing the church? ¶ 468.

What is a saint? ¶ 468.

How are those composing the body of Christ purified? ¶ 468.

What is meant by the terms "new creature" and "new creation"? ¶ 468.

How is nature determined? ¶ 468.

Who has preeminence in the divine plan? Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 468.

When did the new creation have its beginning? ¶ 469.

What occurred with reference to Jesus when he was thirty years of age?
¶ 469.

How was he perfected as a new creature? ¶ 469.

Who opposed Jesus from the time of his baptism? ¶ 470.

Why this opposition? ¶ 470.

In the sentence by Jehovah, as set forth in Genesis 3:15, what is
symbolized by the woman? ¶ 470.

Whom did Isaac typify? ¶ 470.

Of what does the seed of the serpent consist? Give some Scriptural
proof. ¶ 470.

What is the disposition of the seed of the serpent? ¶ 470.

Where did Jesus go immediately following his baptism, and for what
purpose? ¶ 471.

To what temptation was he subjected shortly thereafter? Give the
Scriptural account. ¶ 471.

How long did he suffer at the hands of Satan and his representatives?
¶ 471.

How did he gain the victory? ¶ 471.

How did Jehovah reward Jesus for his faithful devotion to the divine
arrangement even unto death? ¶ 471.

What Scriptures indicate that the body members most follow in his
steps? ¶ 471.

Did God predestinate or foreordain a new creation? Give Scriptural
proof. ¶ 472.

What is meant by the word "world" as used in Ephesians 1:4-9? ¶ 473.

Did God foreordain or choose the individuals who would compose the
church? Or what is meant by his foreknowledge? ¶ 473.

Should we expect the body members to have experiences similar to those
of Jesus? ¶ 473.

When was the day of Pentecost? ¶ 474.

What call went forth to the Jews from that time? ¶ 474.

What is meant by the call? ¶ 474.

What did Jesus say about the number called and chosen? Give Scriptural
proof. ¶ 474.

How long was this call confined to the Jews? ¶ 474.

Who was the first gentile to receive the gospel? Give the Scriptural
account. ¶ 474.

Thereafter to whom did the call extend? ¶ 474.

Why has the gospel been preached? ¶ 475.

How has the gospel appeared to worldly-wise men? ¶ 475.

What did St. Paul say about the wisdom of this world and the wisdom of
God? ¶ 475.

How did the Jews as a people receive the message of Christ and him
crucified? ¶ 476.

How did the majority of the gentiles receive the gospel? ¶ 476.

What proportion of the wise and mighty and noble are called and respond
to the call of the gospel? ¶ 476.

Why have not many wise and noble accepted the truth? ¶ 476.

How has the call impressed the humble-minded? ¶ 476.

Give Scriptural proof of Jehovah's invitation to become members of the
bride class. ¶ 477.

Why can the church be called the daughter of God? ¶ 478.

What beauty is it that the Lord desires in the body members? ¶ 478.

Is time required for the development of the church? ¶ 479.

What can be said about deathbed confessions? ¶ 479.

What is the first thing to do to become a Christian? ¶ 479.

What is meant by repentance? ¶ 479.

What is meant by being converted? ¶ 479.

After conversion, what further things take place before one becomes a
new creature? ¶ 479.

Why must the Christian thereafter pass through many varied experiences?
¶ 479.

Why are children in school required to have hard mental exercises? ¶ 480.

Is it necessary for one to train for a physical contest? ¶ 480.

Why is it necessary for a new creature to be trained and to pass through
experiences? ¶ 480.

What did the Psalmist say concerning the standing of the new creature
with his brethren and others? ¶ 481.

To whom did Jesus become a stranger? and what reproaches fell upon him?
¶ 481.

Give Scriptural proof that the body members have similar reproaches.
¶ 481.

How has God overruled for good Satan's persecution of the church? ¶ 482.

Is the Christian's suffering greater when he first knows the Lord or
later? ¶ 483.

How is a Christian, when first begotten, designated in the Scriptures?
¶ 483.

What kind of spiritual food does he need? ¶ 483.

Give a figure of speech illustrating the development of the church, with
Scriptural proof of same. ¶ 484.

Give a paraphrase of the Apostle's words in 1 Peter 2:3-8. ¶ 485.

Give Scriptural proof that it is a privilege to suffer with Christ. ¶ 485.

What course must a Christian take as compared to the world? ¶ 486.

Explain the development of the Christian, as taught by St. Peter in
2 Peter 1:5-7. ¶ 486.

What should a Christian do with reference to making his calling and
election sure? Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 487.

Against what enemies does the new creature war? ¶ 488.

With what weapons does he war? Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 488.

What hope strengthens him in the battle? ¶ 488.

What effect does this hope have upon his purifying himself? ¶ 488.

To what likeness were the members of the church foreordained? ¶ 489.

Why can the Christian understand things that the world cannot? Give
Scriptural proof, ¶ 489.

How is the pathway of the Christian designated? and is it an easy one?
¶ 489.

What does St. James say to the Christian about considering the suffering
of the prophets? ¶ 490.

What was the purpose of the prophets' suffering? ¶ 490.

What did Jesus say about the violent taking the kingdom? Give explanation.
¶ 491.

Why should the Christian suffer? Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 492.

Why is Jesus not ashamed to call the members of the church his brethren?
¶ 492.

Does the true saint of God complain or murmur because of his persecution?
Give Scriptural reason. ¶ 493.

Does the true Christian expect to be without suffering? ¶ 494.

What does suffering testify to him? ¶ 494.

From what source do these sufferings come? ¶ 494.

Who was one of the greatest sufferers amongst Christ's followers? ¶ 495.

Enumerate some of his experiences. ¶ 495.

What did he say about such afflictions? ¶ 495.

To what was St. Paul looking forward as his great hope? ¶ 495.

Upon what does the Christian meditate with delight? ¶ 495.

What is the great promise set before the church? Give Scriptural proof.
¶ 496.

What does the word "glory" mean, as used in the Scriptures? Give
Scriptural proof. ¶ 497.

How is Jesus mentioned with reference to God's glory? ¶ 497.

How are the body members to be with him in glory? ¶ 497.

How will this glory compare to things of earth? ¶ 497.

What did St. Paul say about that glory? ¶ 497.

What image will the church bear in glory? ¶ 497.

What was the condition of faithful saints who died between Pentecost and
Christ's second coming? ¶ 498.

What do the Scriptures say about their awakening at the second coming
of Christ? ¶ 498.

What do the Scriptures say concerning the resurrection change of those
saints living on the earth after Christ's second appearing? ¶ 499.

Why are they called blessed of the Lord? ¶ 499.

Why has Jehovah been for centuries preparing the new creation? ¶ 499.

What is the custom of royalty concerning jewels? ¶ 500.

In what way do the Scriptures compare the saints to jewels? Give the
proof. ¶ 500.

How are they to be regarded by Jehovah? and how illustrated by jewels?
Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 500.

Give a Scriptural promise of glory to the overcomer. ¶ 501.

How is the sun used to illustrate glory? Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 502.

What Scriptural promise did the Lord give to his church concerning a
heavenly habitation? ¶ 503.

What did the Psalmist say about the Lord's habitation? ¶ 503.

What did the Prophet write concerning the beauty of Zion? ¶ 503.

For what purpose will Jehovah shine through the new creation? ¶ 503.

What joy will this bring to the new creation? Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 503.

What is the Scriptural promise with reference to having the great King
as a friend? ¶ 504.

How will this great friend love the members of the church? ¶ 504.

What is meant by the Scriptural term "honor"? ¶ 505.

How is God honored by his creatures? ¶ 505.

How will the church occupy a position of honor? ¶ 505.

What particular relationship with Jesus pictures the great honor that
the body members will have? ¶ 505.

What does the Scripture say concerning the likeness of Jesus and his
relationship to the body members? ¶ 506.

What does the Apostle say concerning the appearance and likeness of the
church? ¶ 506.

Who has been appointed heir of all things? ¶ 506.

Who shares with him in this honor? Give Scriptural proof. ¶ 506.

To whom did Jehovah promise the rulership and dominion of the earth at
the time of Zedekiah's overthrow? ¶ 507.

What does the prophet Daniel say with reference to granting this
dominion to Jesus? ¶ 507.

What will be the extent of his dominion and kingdom? ¶ 507.

How shall the nations regard it? ¶ 507.

What promise of honor is given to the church in this connection? Give
Scriptural proof. ¶ 507.

Who will be the great King of glory to rule the nations? ¶ 508.

Is any promise of honor to the church given in this connection? ¶509.

What Scriptural promise is there that the church shall enjoy a position
of honor in the coming ages? ¶ 509.

To what extent has Jesus been honored by the world? ¶ 510.

What Scriptural proof is there that the world will yet honor him? ¶ 510.

How have the body members of the church been regarded by the world? ¶ 510.

Will they be honored in the future? ¶ 510.

Will the world know who is born a member of the glorified church? Give
Scriptural proof. ¶ 510.

What effect will this knowledge have upon the world? ¶ 510.

How will the people regard the church in the future ages? Give
Scriptural proof. ¶ 510.

Besides glory and honor, what else is the church seeking? ¶ 511.

Define immortality. ¶ 511.

What will be the difference between a perfect human being and a member
of the new creation with reference to requiring nourishment to sustain
life? ¶ 511.

What Scriptural proof is given that Jesus possesses inherent life? ¶ 511.

What Scriptural promise is given to the body members that they will have
inherent life? ¶ 512.

With what power will they be clothed with reference to giving life to
others? ¶ 512.

Give some Scriptural proof of the degree of life to be possessed by the
church. ¶ 512.

What is meant by the "crown of life"? ¶ 512.

When one becomes a new creature in Christ, how does that affect his
hopes, ambitions and aspirations? ¶ 513.

What did St. Paul say concerning the life of such? ¶ 513.

Whom did David typify? and how do his words apply to the church? ¶ 514.

How is the desire of the church expressed by the Psalmist? Quote the
Scripture. ¶ 514.

What did the psalmist David say about the King and the new creation in
the presence of Jehovah? Quote the psalm. ¶ 515.

Show the contrast in the minds of the people between the position of the
Christ during the period of humiliation and the period of glory. Give
Scriptural proof. ¶ 516.

In the eyes of the world, how do members of the church die? ¶ 517.

In the eyes of Jehovah, how do they die? Give the Scriptural proof. ¶ 517.

How does St. Paul contrast the humiliation with the glory of the church?
Quote the Scripture. ¶ 517.

When will all the members of the church enjoy glory, honor, and
immortality, eternal life? ¶ 518.

When should we reasonably expect the church to be glorified? ¶ 519.

Under what influence did St. Paul write concerning the approaching
kingdom? ¶ 519.

Describe what took place at the time of the making of the law covenant
by Jehovah with Israel at Mount Sinai. ¶ 520.

Give the Scriptural statement by St. Paul concerning that time. ¶ 520.

What did such convulsions of nature foreshadow concerning the present
time? ¶ 520.

What does a mountain symbolize? and in what sense can we say that
present conditions were foreshadowed by the disturbance at Mount Sinai?
¶ 521.

Using this to illustrate the approaching kingdom, quote the apostle
Paul's words in Hebrews 12:22-24. ¶ 521.

What do these words of St. Paul picture with reference to the kingdom?
¶ 522.

Why is God now manifesting his power and justice in dealing with the
nations of earth? ¶ 523.

How does the privilege of living on earth now compare with that in
centuries past? ¶ 524.

Did the prophets understand what would happen at this time? ¶ 524.

Did the angels understand? ¶ 524.

Did these seek to find out? ¶ 524.

What is the privilege of the Christian now compared with that of
Christians living in the early part of the gospel age? ¶ 525.

To what are saints this side the vail looking forward? ¶ 525.

Whom will the Christian first expect to meet in the heavenly kingdom?
¶ 526.

Quote the Scriptures with reference to the Christian's guardian angel.
¶ 526.

What records have these angels kept? Give the Scriptural proof. ¶ 527.

Who would be the next whom the Christian would expect to meet in glory?
¶ 528.

Why will the King of glory desire to greet the body members in the
kingdom? ¶ 528.

Describe others in the church for whom the Christian will be looking in
the kingdom. ¶ 528.

What grace of the holy spirit will be possessed by every one who is in
the kingdom? ¶ 529.

What will be the appearance of each member of the body of Christ? ¶ 529.

After all the bride class is united with the Bridegroom, then what is
next to be expected? ¶ 530.

To whom is granted the honor of presenting the bride before Jehovah? ¶ 530.

Give a picture based upon the Scriptures of the appearance of the bride
with the Bridegroom before the throne of Jehovah. ¶ 531.

Describe the appearance of the bride class. ¶ 532.

How will that marriage compare with earthly marriages or unions? ¶ 532.

Why will the members of the body of Christ be a monument to the grace of
God? ¶ 533.

In vision, how did St. John describe the church class this side the vail
using the harp of God? ¶ 534.


Thy works all praise Thee: all Thy angels praise:
Thy saints adore, and on Thy altars burn
The fragrant incense of perpetual love.
They praise Thee now: their hearts, their voices praise,
And swell the rapture of the glorious song.
Harp! lift thy voice on high - shout, angels, shout!
And loudest, ye redeemed! glory to God,
And to the Lamb, who bought us with His blood,
From every kindred, nation, people, tongue;
And washed, and sanctified, and saved our souls;
And gave us robes of linen pure, and crowns
Of life, and made us kings, and priests to God.
Shout back to ancient Time! Sing loud, and wave
Your palms of triumph! sing, Where is thy sting,
O Death? where is thy victory, O Grave?
Thanks be to God, eternal thanks, who gave
Us victory through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Harp, lift thy voice on high! shout, angels, shout,
And loudest, ye redeemed! glory to God,
And to the Lamb - all glory and all praise;
All glory and all praise, at morn and even,
That come and go eternally; and find
Us happy still, and Thee for ever blest.
Glory to God, and to the Lamb. Amen.
For ever, and for evermore. Amen.

- _Pollok_



String 10: _Restoration_

The restoration string of the harp of God is one that will fill the
earth with joyful song. Although every prophet from Samuel to John the
Baptist spoke of the coming days of restoration, this wonderful doctrine
represented by the tenth string of the harp was for a long time lost to
the vision of many who claimed to be Christians, as was also the
doctrine of the Abrahamic promise. Hence we see that the eight-string
harp sometimes used by the Jews represents the harp of God minus the
strings picturing the Abrahamic promise and restoration. Now these
strings or doctrines have been found and appreciated by God's people;
and the harp fully strung yields music of unspeakable sweetness.

[536]Restoration means to restore that which was lost. The first man
Adam was made perfect, in the image and likeness of God, with power and
authority to fill the earth with a race of people and to rule the earth
as his dominion. By reason of his sin, he brought upon himself the
manifestation of divine justice; and being sentenced to death, he lost
the right to life, and this right was lost also for his offspring. The
first man, Adam, was created a human being, not a spirit being. "The
first man is of the earth, earthy." (1 Corinthians 15:47) God created
the earth for man. "God ... formed the earth and made it; he hath
established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be
inhabited." (Isaiah 45:12,18) The Scriptures conclusively prove that

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