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A dictionary of the Asante and Fante language called Tshi (Chwee, Tw̌i) : with a grammatical introduction and appendices on the geography of the Gold Coast and other subjects online

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Online LibraryJ. G. (Johann Gottlieb) ChristallerA dictionary of the Asante and Fante language called Tshi (Chwee, Tw̌i) : with a grammatical introduction and appendices on the geography of the Gold Coast and other subjects → online text (page 67 of 80)
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a) to produce, create: Onyaukopoii yee^iasen^ nea ewo mu nhina.
Acts 17,24; ojee asase n6 soro, Gen. 2,4. cf. bo (ade); - ye ahnru, to
make foam i.e. to foam; ye nkjnare = gye nk.; ye ho, to make a
tumultuous noise, a roar. pr. 3582. - y$ ho iiko, F. to make unclean.

— b) to form, frame, fashion, fabricate, manufacture, construct: wo-
de aben (na e)ye afS, of horn combs are made; ye afiri, to make an
engine (&c. — c) to institute, constitute, compose, organize, arrange,
set on foot, set in operation: ye (..) ha, to go hunting (to give chase

to, to hunt after); pr. 3578 ye ayi. to make a funeral custom. —

d) to make or convert into: oye neho apanyimma, he makes himself
i.e. behaves as a pert, saucy person, plays the malapert. — e) to put
into a given state or condition (expressed by a qualifying noun or
adj.), to constitute, to appoint or elect to an office or employment
(often with the aux. v.de for the passive object): wgyee no safohene,
or, wode no yee gs., Gr. § 205, 1.5; ye woho hare ! s. hare ; oyee no
kronkron, Gr. § 205,2. John 17,17; - ye., yiye, to make good i.e. to
mend, repair; ye neho yiye, to ease oneself; s. 10c & yiye. — 10. to
do; a) in general: pr. 439. 2283. 3557. 3581. woye den (ni)? what are
you doing? what shall this be? ade no, wode beye den? what wUlyou
do with that? ma yen biribi yenye, give us something to do! pr. 3561f-

— b)to effect, produce an effect or result, bring about, work out, car-
ry through; to accomplish, fulfill, achieve, effectuate: woAy^ad^!
you have done a (great) thing, accomplished a noble object, achieved
an important undertaking, performed a praiseworthy work. — c) to
perform, discharge, execute, transact; to commit, perpetrate; ye a-
dwnma, to do work, to work; koye wo ade, mind your business; ye

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y^ 559

yiye, io do good; ye bone, to do evil, to sin. pr.586f, 3559. 3565 f, 3576 f.

— d) to manage, conduct, keep: ye sukfl, to keep school. — e) io
keep, observe: ye mmSra, to keep a law; ye kuna, to observe the du-
ties of widowhood; cf. 7. — 11. io ca/use, occasion, call foriJi (from),
excite, elicit: ye akonoQ, anibere, to excite lust or desire ;pr.3555.357.S.
ye yaw, to cause or give pain, to pain; ye mfonee, ahi, tan, to cause
or excite loathing, disgust, dislike, to be loathsome, odious, liateful d:c.
ye mmobg, to excite pity, be pitiful or miserable; ye., bene, to itch;
ye abodwo, -abufuw, -aniani, -screw, -ani so or asom ya, -abo-
bow, -nwohwa (F. woawoa) &c. see tbese words.

12. to fiappen or ocair to, be done to, befall (cf. 1): eden na aye
no na osii, what is the matter with him that he weeps? kobisano de-
kode a aye no, B. p. 197- wofa bo a, ade beye wo! if you go thai way
(take that road), something will befall you i.e. that way is dangerous.

— 13. to do something to a person, espec. to do hann /o' somebody:
mentee se osaman aye onipa biribi dabiarada or pen, B,p.l97;pr.
440.3455. - oyefo ay§ me, a mischievous enemy has wrought mischief
against me; wdy^no = way e no bone bi a §kano babi a §mma,
he has done him something extremely and unconceivably bad; fwe
nea woaye me as^m yi bo (= nea wo-n6 me adi asem no afa), look
how they have troubled me about this matter ! wa wie no ye or jq (inf.),
he has done him all he could, has undone or completely ruined him,
has made away with him. — 14. to affect with (produce an effect or
change upon), to cause io, do to, bring upon, inflict on, commit upon,
shoic or offer to: oyeme bone, yiye, abobora, nkomponade, aninyan-
ne, aniwude, anuonyanne, ayayade, ayisade &c. — 15. to apply to,
rub with: oye m'anim nkyene, m'atiko yisa, s. fikyene; ktirobow
ne bdftm a mmea yam ye; wode ye wonbo, s. mmSwa. — 16. to af'
feci as (br according to the manner of): qye me sesa, he acts upon me
as a departed spirit. — 17. to treat as: gy§ me boho, he receives i.e.
lodges and entertains me as a guest. — 18. to bestow care upon: ye
(o)ba, to bring up, nowish, maintain, care well for a child, pr. 1177.

— 19. to apply, use J make use of: ye aso, io listen, hearken; m6nye
(no) aso, give or lend an ear (to him)!

20. to make as if, to pretend or make show thai: oyeesenea ore-
ko n'anim, Lk. 24,28. — 21. (aux. v. followed by anotber v. in tbe
conscc.) to prepare or make ready for (anotber action), to be in pre-
paration for .., be about to ..; meye mako (= aka kakra na meko),
I am on the point of going; eye akose, U is nearly the same; osu ye
atg, it is going to rain; Gr. § 107,13.

22. yeny&ytodo and get (by it) i.e. io do with gain, to acquire,
merit, deserve; cf. ye fa, to do for one's sdf; ye ma, to do or act
for (another), Gr. § 243 Bent. 2. — ^5. y e gu, to do and cast away,
i.e. to do in vain. Gr. § 220.

ye, V. Ak. 1. = ye, io be good. — 2. = yaw, to chide, scdd.

ye, V. [only in the contin.; red. yiye, yiyei] Ak. y§, i. to be
good, io be right: ntem ye na ogom ye, pr. 622.1931. — sa nk ey6, so
it is right; ne sa ny ^, so it is not right ; - ahooden ye sen odan fefe,
B,p,195;meBe nye, my teeth are bad; wuny6! you are a wicked
fellow! pr. 12.785.2833. nneem4 no yiyei, all the things are in a good

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560 je — ay^fare.

ecndition; Dtinoytyci, ihe i^rins arewfH'far(mred(w€n-f^>n»edmnd
heaUhtfy capable to Urej. [Tbe forms eyee, ebeye, as heard in quick
speaking, maj be mistaken for a prd, or fut. tense, bat are onlj
contractions of ejee jiye, cbeje yije; r/laye viye, anye yiye» erea-
jc yiye.] — 2. (with an obj.) to he good for, useful to: oye roe (wo)
m'adwaraa nom\ he is a good help for me in wtf ^ork; o, onipa yi
oyem^ (= oye roa me), ah, this man is of good service to me^

ye, a. or n. = yiye, good; goodness, good state, proper mem-
ner; enye 'y^ = eny^ yiye; - -ye is compounded with infinitiTes,
s. Gr, § 105,5; onny^ adidiye, he cannot properly get at his food
they do not lei him eat unmolested; meye adwoma a, ommimennyi
no ayey^, if I am at work, lie does not let me have the eonteniency
or ftdl leave of doing it.

ye, ye, F. = yiye, well, Mt. 2/.6. virtue, Mk 5^.
ye-, ye-, the pron. yen, ve (in Ak. also (hey) prefixed to the
verb, Gr. § 58 &Bem. 2. In yea- (§ 54 Rem, 1.) the e is scarcely heard.

0-y 6, Ak. = gyere, ivife; cf. gy ebon^, gyepA, gyefam, ayefare&c

Q-y^j iw/*. the act of making, doing, performing dte.

aye, r. n, good(?); L = ad^ky^: ye., aye, to do good, to make
a present or presents; wAyh me ay^, he has made me a present;
pr.646. — ^. = aseda, gratitude: owo aye, he is thankful, grateful. —
3, praise: oyi me aye (obo me din wo me papa a maye mama no
nti), he praises me. pr. 1860.3661.

ye, ye, inter j, a) a reply to a call, showing that it has been
heard ; wofre wo a, wugye so se: ye! - 6) a shout indicating determ-
ination, joy, scorn &c. Gr. § 145,1. well (then)! huzza! hurrah f je^
6ni-6! ah, there he is! mmofra dino ye ye, = wohurono.

ye, adv. amain (with sudden force, strength or violence), vio-
lently and suddenly; cf, yeredede; wgde ^mirika ye rehyiano, ihcy
came running to meet him amain.

ny6, F. = nyee, nney^e, 3ft. 16,27.21,42'
ye&j e-yed, Ak. = eyaw. pr. 13o5f.1949.2324,

o-y ea: abofrdgyea (ab. a oye ey^a, a child to be pitied) poor chUd!

0'j6A, Akw. = mak6, wisa, yisA.
yd-bea, F.n-, manner of doing or making: minnim ney., I
do not know how to make it. — y e-bew, place of doing dc,

o-y e-bon6 [gyere bone] a had wife. pr. 3641.

ay ^de [ade a wgye, ade a yewg ye] a Uiing to he done, custom,
duty: gde gbea no kg ne kiirom' akgye no n'ayede, he has taken her
into his town to do unto Jier what is customary in the family; - cf,
ahyeygde, ahyede, asgde. Kurtz § 19. — ey e-di, F. = \'iyedi, welfare,

o-yc-deddw, on^ who has heen a tvife for a long time, pr. 3642.

g-ye-faf6, = gyerefafo. F. Mt. 12,39.

o-y e-tAui f pi. a-, concubine, not of the same standing as a regu-
lar wife (gyere a [ete se gwg fdm^] gnye woyere papa, nanso wo-
ni no awo); mfame nye oy., na fame ye gyepal

a-ye fa-dee, Ak.\ [gyere-fa ade] fine imposed for adultery, in-

aye-fare, Akr. i demnification daimed by, or^a>dto,the offen

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Q7^fo — yiti'&rsL. 561

ded hnsband; pr. 3643. - to ay., to pay for adultery with another
man^s wife.

o-jfifo, a mischi^ous enemy (nea wakum woba bi pen a.s. wa-
ma woanya amaiie bi pen): gy^fo aye me, s. ye 13.

eyefo, F. = apapa, good, jiistf piovs persons, Mt 5,45,

ay^-foro [oyere foforo] 1, a young wife, hnde; hyiaay., to meet
(take home) a bride, to marry, make a marriage or wedding, — J2.
ba ayeforo no ase, to come fo the marriage-feast. Mt22,3John,2,2.

ay^foro-hyid, inf. wedding, wedding-feast, marriage.

ay^fdro-kiinu, F. aycfor-knn, bridegroom,

ayefor-pem mba, F. = ayeforo-piam* mma. Mt, 9,15,

o-y e-guo, inf. [yc go, doing dt casting away"] vain labour; mabo
Tnmodeh ara se ebeye 'ye ana, na no nhina oy.l pr, 504,

yem, v. [red. yenyem; Ak. & F. nyem] 1, to conceive, become
pregnant. — J2. prcs. & contin. {oyhm & 5yem) to be pregnant, to be
(big) with child, to be with young; syn, ninsen, bo duru, fa afiiru; cf.
opemfo, onyinsemfo. — o-ye^p, inf. the state o^ pregnancy,

g-y^m-md [yen, v., oba] 1. a young one of domestic animals,
born whilst its mother was entrusted by the owner to the care of
another, and given to this other person as a reward. — J2. mena afa
me gy^mmd, / take after or resemble my mother, have more of my
mother than of my father. [ Abiirokyiri.

o-y6-mafo lye ma] agent; attorney, cf. odimafo; mewQ y. wg
ydmmeiin, a. fiery red: ^.yenn, kgkg. — o-yemfo, s. gy enfo.

ayeraf6, pi. id. or n-, 1, a simple or single, quiet, harmless, in-
offensive, unoffending, private man; onipa a odwo na gmp^ neho
asem, gmp^ n'asem gu4s6 gudso, gbcre nehd ase, gmpe ntgkwdw,
Qte nebabi komm, gnhoahoa neho, gny^ hyehye, gmp^ kasakasa:
ay. a mete m'aseg na wgde asem bi abghyeme, mehQ yi ano he?
ay. a mete mebabi na memp6 me ho as§m na obi abegyigye m^&no
ma manya amane yil — J2, a man of low rank; an humble, obscure
person; onipa a gnye gdehye (omfi bene abnsuam^) nanso sika nni
n^abu6uam\ — ayemfo-de-yo, modesty, unassuming manners,

ay^m-moa, ^^n- [aboa a wgyen no] domestic animal (sheep,
goat, cow, dog &c.); cf. afieboa.

y $ 11, V, to bring up, nurse, nourish, foster; to breed, raise, rear;
ig feed, maitvtain, support; to educate, instruct; gbea no yen me ba;
Kkranfo y§n mprako, E. p. 197; Kramofo yqh nantwi ; pr, 913.916. -
oyen ne ba baprgwe (opp. bapA), he miseducates or spoils his child.
yen, pron. 1. we (prefixed to the v.: ye-, ye*), poss. our, obj.
us; Ak. yene, yere, y^ii^ F. ehyen(nom) nye, nyere, hyen. Gr. §
53-69. — 2. Ak. = wgii, wen, Ab. bgn; Gr. § 58. Bern. 2.

y ^ 11 II, y ^mmeiiii, a, fiery red; ogya no aye y. ; gbayifo dgwy.

* ay 6fi, pi, n-, wizard, sorcerer, magician (gbaninyen); witch, hag

(gbayen); syn, gbayifo. y^na, yenafo, s. w^na, -fo.

y eii-kiikdsa, \ we ourselves, our oicn selves; our own; -even

y tJii-6ra(Ak.) f we, just we; we, the same; Ak.also= wgnara.


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562 yene — yere.

y e n e, Ak. s. y§h, pron. [educator 4tt,

O-yeiifo, jpL a-, nourisher, nursCt breeder, feeder, mmnfaifur^

yenho, reft, pron. ourselves; Ak. also themselves. Gr. § 57 f.

yeuko, ayeuko-fa, F. = oyonko, ayonkofa.
ay cnsk', a kind of white mouse, s, akura.
iiyensin, Ak. = agnmA; wodi ay. (wogoru kitikiti bobg wod-
ho n.a., na eny^ anibere so), they fight, wrestle, grapple together for
exercise or amusement.

ye-nya, y^-ny^, ittf. [nea obi ye nyae] merit, desert; gain, pro-

yenyan, red, v. yan. /i^'» ^f- n^f*so-

o-y e-p a [oyere pa] 1. a good wife. — 2. a proper, lawful wife;

yer, pL yermo, F. = oyere, yercnom, Mt 19,3.8. [cf. yefAm.

yer, v. F. = yare.

y era, v. Ak. hSra, F. jew^ 1, to go astray, to lose one's vsay;
wayera okwan, he has lost (bimself concerning) the way, ef. wato
kwafi ; way. wnram\ he has lost himself in tlie hush, — 2. to be lost
adeno ayera, minhA; Kp.l95.pr,565,817'19.1&/7.1319,mesekAiiHjenL
(me), I have lost my knife: (not : may. mesek., but ratber: m&tow
me sek. makyene, or, me sek. afi me nsa); f we n' Hye, mma ennyera,
take care of it, do not lose it (prop, do not let it he lost) ; eso ajera,
every trace or vestige of it is lost; - nehkwa ayera no. — 3. to pass
away, vanish, disappear: osram ayera, minhu bio; mprempreh na
mihudno, na sese way.; B.p.l95; gyerae won anim, Lk.24,31.- asem
no ayera m*ani so = afi or apa m'ani so, me were afi, tJie matter has
vanished from my memory. — 4. t-o he killed: kah no, se worebedi
asem anadwo na wompc se obi te a, na woabo dawnru se: ohcne
se: obiaraaofi anadwo yi beyera== wobekumno; a.s. obene wu na
woreye n'ayi a, na nnipa nbina nim se, wosi kwan so a, wgbeyera
= wobekumwgn; - wayera n^ndn sb (kwdfi), vulg. his vestige is
;o5f, =^ woakum no a.s. wQatgnno, woayi no ho. — 5. wayera meao
(or, me nan so), he has made me lost, wiped away my existence; wa-
yera so, he has caused it to he lost.

y erdm, v. Ak. briram, 1, to yawn, gape, — 2. y, (sokan, adare,
fikranto, dade biara) ano, to whet, sharpen, make very sharp (a knife,
billhook, sword, any iron tool); cf, sew.

y eramyeraTn(yerfim), adv, rising in bubbles, of boiling li-
quids; nkfi no reburu y.; cf, hurutututu.

yer aw, v. Ak. hara, to trouble, disturb, perplex, distress, an-
noy, vex, harass: a) ne bo yeraw no, he is troubled or distressed, he
is in trouble, perplexity or distress; cf. nehobia no, neho dwiriwno;
abofra bi ko ntokwaw a, na ebia nena seno se: me ho yeraw me
(woyerawmebo, cfb)^ sen duom nayenko! - h) monkoyeraw no ho,
go and harass him! cf, aboyeraw.

yera-yeraw, red. v, yeraw; oy. won bo, lie troubles them,

yhre, v. [red. yeycre] 1. to spread, stretch, extend, distend,
strain, straiten: wgyfere nhoma, they stretch or distend the skin of a
sheep Slc, (wokum guan na wode nhoma no akohata awiaso, na

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oyere — yerdy^rew. 563

wode nnua abobom* na awo; c/*. pa 5c.); yere hboma no mu, stretch
ox plain that wrinkled paper! wayere hama no mu pintinn, he has
strained or straitened the cord very tensely (tightly); n'akwah yere
ho pintihn, his ways are tense i.e. /irm, unwavering, Fs. 10,5. - yere..
bo, to enlarge the chest; cf, fuw or horan bo; pr. 1157' — 2, y. akyeno,
to stretch a skin upon a drum, to cover a drum with a skin stretched
upon it* — 5. to rest upon one's head as a heavy load that requires
the straining of one's nerves or muscles; eyerewo (=§39 wo), it is
heavy for, presses) on your head; mihyiaa no na adesoa yere no
(==so no), when I met him, he carried a heavy load on his head, —
4. dyire s6, prop, ii has been stretched or strained (upon) i.e. it Has
been put to the utmost stretch, so that it cannot bear any more; hence
the words: se ayere so a, (= se emu aye den a,) serve to express
the adv. absohdely, positively, utterly, by all means, at any rate, at
most, at the utmost, or, with negation, by no means d'c.i Ayhro sd
kora (e.s. woye no biribiara na enye yiye, or, wokft no babi na
emma) na wuntumi nko a, ma obi nko, if you cannot go by any
means, let another go. — 5. 5. yeyere, 2.3. — yero, v. s. yerew.

o-yere, pi. -nom, Ak. oye, 1. wife, spouse or lawftd consort of a
m&n ; pr. 3645-55. — 2. a woman destined to become one^s icife, cf.
siyere. — 5. the wife^s sister. — hyia or ware y., to take a wife, to
marry; fa oy., to commit adtdtery with another man^s wife.

yeredcde, 1. a. acid, sharp, biting to the taste, acrid, pun-
gent, hot: wokkw yisA A, eye y. -— 2. adv. in one course, in full
speed, speedily, with rapid strides dtc: ade kyee no, na ode fwoe
(kwan) so y. koduu Osu, the next morning lie set out and without
interruption proceeded or Imstened on to Osu ; cf. ye.

ay e re-do do w, many wives; j^oligamy. pr. 3655.

ayere-duru, a medicine [aduru] to enlarge or fester lyere] a
wound, to make it ulcerate.

aye re-fa, inf. adtdtery committed with another man's wife; cf.

o-yercfdfo, pi. a-, adulterer. [owia.

ay ere m, Kuk. : ne ho ate ay., efi biara nni neho biem, he has
become quite clean, there is no more any. uncleanness about him.

aye rem: tew yen dyerem\ mfa wo nsa nka! make clear the
space for us, grant us a clear, free, open space, give us free hand
or scope (and let us fight out our scuffle), do not meddle ivith if! aye-
rem o! obi 5 obi h nka 0! nobody shall touch to pacify, let them fight
(and we shall see who is the strongest)! Kwasi atew Kwaku n6 Kofi
ayerem, Kws. has set on (or instigated) Kick, and Kf. to fight (in-
stead of pacifying them), he has set them at a fair trial.

ayerem-ko, duel, single combat.

ay ere mire, a bird with red eyes. pr. 2317.
yerew, v. [red. yereyerew] 1. to spread, e.g. a fluid, a drop
of oil on a garment, a drop of ink in blotting-paper; cf. ba, bae,
terew &c. fa kafe no yereyerew adiwo; yereyerew kafe no mu! —
2. ne bo yerew no, he feels disgust or nausea; cf. fono.

yer^yer§w, red. v., s. before. — yerdwyerow, pr. 3656.

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564 yer^ye rew — yi.

yer^yerew, a. souvy acid, = nyfnyanyinya; nsa no aye y.
= kkkw, dnj&D. — F. qy^ no y., /te is hitter against her, CoL3,19.

ay <5-8 6m [a8§m a w^aye] a word made for an occasion; inven^
tion, fiction, unfounded tale; eyi de, eye ay^s^m kwa (= aaem bi
a ennim' kor& na woboapa afa reka se nea ewom', opp. nokwds^m).

aye-tew, a wife [gyere] substittUed [cf. tew, v.] in the place of
one who died; wosi wo ayetew n.s. wo ware obi bana woyere no awu
na woma wo yere foforo si ananniu.

yew, F. = yaw; yey. Mt. 18,3 J. d/A y. Mk.3,5,
» yew, r. F. = y era, to lose ; to be lost ; Mt 5,13,10,6. 39. 15,24. 18,10.

ay§w, F. = aye, Mt9fi.l5,31.

nyew, F. = yiw, Mt 5,37.9,28.13,51.

aye-ware, inf. [ware yere] marriage, mairimony; di ay., to
intermarriage. — ayeware-di, inf. intermarriage.
yewa-s§n, F. brazen vessel.

Ay§-woho-mumo, name of a mouth; about June, s. osram.
yeya, s. yea. — aye-ye, s. -y6.

^7^y6) «w/l [ye aye] the act of making presents, pr.3658.

ayeyc-de [ade biaraa wgde ye obi aye a.s. wode kye obi; en-
y4 akatua, nanso entwase w6mfa mma no] a present^ gift, donation,
offering, oblation; wode nnuan, nkoko, nkesua, nsa, ntama, ntrama,
sika, koye abosom aye (to obtain his protection).

o-ye-yere, favourite wife, tJie most beloved among a pluralHy
of wives, pr. 3433.

yey ere, v. red. 1. s. yere. — J2. y. neho, to puff one's self up,
to be inflated, swell: krakum y. neho (e.s. oye neh5 kokiiro or kusfi
no), the turkey-cock swells. — 3. gyeyeri n^anim (oye n*anim se
obarima de), he looks big, struts, swells, assumes a pompous, osten-
tatious, or arrogant air or manner.

a J G y 6-s § ni [asem a eyeyere so] extravagance, eccentricity, rash
or inconsiderate (mode of) proceeding, precipitation; stuhborness,
wilfulness, obstinacy (^c. asem a eye den, nanso nyansa nni mu pi;
d i ay., to be stubborn, wilful, capricious, dtc.

aye-y i, inf. [yi ^yid] praise, laud, commendation, pr.3657.
yi, V. [red. yiyi] 1. to take away, remove, take off, take out: yi
nnecma no fi pon so; oyi hon fi dompem' na odi; adaka no si pon
ase, yi fi adi; R.y.l96; koyi aduan wo mukaase, go and fetch the
food from the kitchen; yi nenkataso, take off the lid or covering;
yede tow yi yede yi yenkgn mu afoa or yen ho'musu, by this poll-
tax we ward off the sword from our neck, turn off our danger, — 2.
yi aguade, to take out goods or wares: a) woyi by en mu ag., they
light, unload, unlade, discharge, disembark or land goods; b) woyi
aguade, they buy or purchase goods from a shop or store. — 3. yi
atade, to take, pull, put or cast off a coat or other European clothes;
cf. pa. — 4. yi, to shave, take off the hair; oyi neti, ne bogyese, he
shaves his head, his beard. — 5. yi.. ho, to remove: wgayi no ho,
euphem. expr. = woakum no, they have kUled or execttttd him, c/1
waycra ne nan so.

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yl 566

6*. yi.. ho, a) to Hnae, wash away: wuguare samina wiea, wode
nsii Ibforo y i wo ho ; - h) yiy i h 6, to cleans clcansey purge, Jok 15,2.

— 7. yi ra u, a) to rinse, wash out: fa nsu foforo koyi asahka yi mu;

- 6^ yi or yiyi mUy to pick out, choose, select from or among: mama
wo ade yi a, nyiyi mu \pr. 399, — c) to except; to exclude from; pr, 1093.

8. yi, to pick out, choose, elect, select; yi bofo, cf. tu bofo; yl ..
si ho, to elect and present, pr. 543. — 9. to set apart, appoint, take
for some purpose, pr, 3659.

10. yi .. ani, a) to turn off the eye (from): oye adwuma a, ou-
yiyi ani = ofwe so yiye. — h) wayi m'ani ahye me nkyeDmu(wa-
ma m'anidaso ay§ okwa), he has disappointed me. — c) ntama yi, eyi
n'ani(=ani tew pe), this cloth gives or has its proper colour, the col-
our appears as it ought to he without dimness or mixture. — 11. yi
an im, prop, to produce i.e. come out with a frank, candid, open face;
to set one's face on, have the decided intention, be bent upon: s. anim;
woka asem a, yi wo anim ka, na nnipa nhinante, speak with a bare,
open face, without fear, that all may understand. John 7,13.

12. y i a n o : a) (to remove the obstacle,) to make the beginning
with eating (new yam); - b) to give an account, to answer or account
for; - c) to interpret, to explain; - d) to answer; to gainsay; to re-
fine, confute, disprove (a statement); to defend; to plead for; to clear
(one's self) from an accusation; oyi n'ano, he mndicates or justifies
himself; obi koka asem bi to wo so na wokoyi ano a, enna wose:
wayi n'ano; - oyiyi ano, he answers; he gainsays; - e) to make ex-
cuse, to apologize; oyi ano se ontumi nko; - wokaa asehkoro yiyii
wonho ano. — yi anom', lit. to clear one's mouth: wayi n^anom\
he has relished his food,

13. yi .. nsa, ^ draw off the hand; enphem. for to eat: mekoyf
me nsd mab^ mpr^mpreh ara; moayi mo nsa ana? have you eaten
already? — 11. yi .. so: a) to lift off, take off or away from upon,
to detract, diminish; to uncover dx. - b) to dethrone: w6yino so
= w6tuno 86. — 15. yi .. tirim*, to speak out or discover one's
thoughts, opinion or sentiments; to disclose one's self; to make a decla-
ration; oyii net. kyereeme, he broke his mind to me; wayi netirim'
aka, he has confessed (it) plainly. — 16. yi .. yam', to take or give
out one's heart i.e. to do something heartily, cordially, purposely:
miyii mc yam' mekyeree no, / frankly and sincerely told him what
I /tad against him; miyi me yam' (fita) meda wo ase, I thank you
(very) heartily; woyii won yam' pefe or kronkron gyee asgm no, tfiey
received the word willingly and sincerely, with all readiness; Acts 17,11.
oyi neyam' redi (or, se obedi) asgmmone, he purposely commits

17. (yam') yi, to be evacuated: aduru no ama neyam' (nneema)
ay i or ayiyi, this medicine Juts evacuated his bowels. — 18. y i, to
cause to loathe, become loathsome to: aduan no ayi me = afono me.

19. to catch in a snare or net, to entangle, apprehend: yi ano-
ma, apata;pr.^4Pi. se wgmmeyi no asem mu, to catch him in his
words, Mk. 12,13; to catch, seize, s.adwow. — 20. to take to one's self,
appropriate: yi ad wow, to kidnap, panyar, s. ad wow. — 21. to re-
lease, liberate, deliver: oyii me (fii or wg) afiase; cf. ^y(i25.

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566 yi — ayi.

22. to bring ov draw forth (from a state of concealment); tobring
to light, to manifest, reveal, unveil, disclose; espec. withadi: oyi
asem no adi, he brings tJie matter to light; oyi neho adi, he manifests
himself; obetumi ayi ne ti adi Onyank. anim? wiU he be able to ap-
pear before God? pr.934. - (yi .. adzi, F. to cast out, Mk. 3,22 f -) yi
.. pue, F. to bring out or forth, produce, Mt 13fi2, — 23. to exhibit,
display: oyi nkonyd, oyi nensam' senkyerene, he performs a won-
der, shows or works a sign. — 24. yi .. kyere, to revecd, discover,
disclose to. — 25. to bring forth, speak out: yi mpae, to pronounce or
make an invocation, make a vow, ptd up prayers; s. (bo) mpae. —
26. yi.. aye, to draw forth, reveal ot speak out on^^^ good (qualities)
or weU'doing, i.e. to praise, (rejcommend, extol, exalt. pr.3661f.

27. yi, yiyi, to plead, cf. 12 d), oyi ama me, he pleads for me;
oyi ntoh ama me, he complains for me. — 28. to charge with, up-
braid with, reproach: oyi me nten, he complains against me, = oka
m'anim, obQ me sobo, oququ me (e.s. asem bi aewo ne tirim na enye
no de na oreka akyere me); yi aten, pr. 3663. oyirae atoro, ?te accu-
ses me of or charges me with a lie, = ogyeme akyinnye; oyi me
amo, oyi me ayamohwene, = ose, me yam* ye nwene. — 29. yi «
menase pgw, (prop, to eject or cast up what has been conglobated in
the stomach,) to give vent to one's grudge, speak oid one*s complaint,

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