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Taylor was riding from his quarters to Gen. Patter-
son's one day, upon a beautiful Mexican pony, and
on his route passed close to a Tennessee trooper who
was rubbing down his horse. Totally ignorant of
the rank of the plainly dressed old man, and struck
by the beauty of the animal, he accosted him with
" Look here, stranger would'nt you like to swap
that ar pony?"

" No, friend," quietly responded the general; " he
is a favorite nag of mine, and I do not desire to part
with him."

A comrade of the trooper's recognising the gene-
ral, said to him in an under tone: " Bill, you fool,
don't you know who you're a talkin' to.' that's
Gineral Taylor."

Now, Bill regarding General " Old Rough and
Ready " as the greatest man on the face of the
smiling earth, was terrified at finding that he had
put his foot in it, and stammered out —

" G-g-gineral, I-I-I did'nt know it was you — I-beg
p-p-pardon, gineral." The old commander kindly
offered his hand to the trooper to relieve him from
his embarrassment, inquired his name and resi-
dence, complimented the Tentiesseeans, telling him
that he had found them the bravest of the brave, and
rode quietly on.

On the march of General Taylor's division from
Monterey to Victoria, when encamped near a small
town, this same pony was stolen, and the general
immediately despatched a message to the alcalde in-
forming that Avorthy functionary of the fact, and that
if he was not restored he should take the alcalde's
horse. The threat had the desired effect, for in a
very short space of time the pony was trotted up to
the general's tent " with the compliments of the al-

Gen. Taylors Letter Accepting the
Whig Nomination.

Baton Rouge, July 13th, 1848.

Hon. J. M. Morehead, Greensboro', Guilford

County, N. C.

Sir : — I had the honor to receive your communi-
cation of June 10th, announcing that the Whig Con-
vention, which assembled at Philadelphia on the 7th
of that month, and of which you were the presiding
officer, has nominated me for the office of President
of the United States. Looking to the composition
of the Convention and its numerous and patriotic
constituency, I feel duly grateful for the honor be-
stowed upon me for the distinguished confidence ini-
plied in my nomination by it, to the highest office in
the gift of the American people.

I cordially accept that nomination, but with the
sincere distrust of my fitness to fulfil the duties of an
office which demands for its exercise the most exal-
ted abilities and patriotism, and which has been ren-
dered illustrious by the greatest names in our his-
tory ; but should the selection of the Whig Conven-
tion be confirmed by the people, I shall endeavor to
discharge the new duties then devolving upon me so
as to meet the expectations of my fellow citizens,
and preserve undiminished the prosperity and repu-
tation of our common country.

1 have the honor to remain, with the highest res-
pect, your most obedient servant,


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