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Clinton, South Carolina

Volume II

April, 1956

Number 8

Development Fund Passes $365,000

The Aiken region soared well over its goal and the overall total
of Presbyterian College's Diamond Jubilee Development program m
to more than $365,000 in the latest campaign reports this week.

Presbyterians in the Aiken region, although few in number, brought
in $20,808 to exceed their

jective of $13,000.

The Augusta region, in t;

ing its support behind the col-
, brought its drive to a close
the same time and r<

subscriptions amounting to $22,-

And with the final reporl
e two areas, the campaign
! to date rose '000

with subscript!"

individuals. This amount
a brought in from h
is in the control
South Carolina and Geo.
I from some advanced gi
m other sections. The i
m seeks $750,000 for PC in

In addition
ports from
the small local

Newberry counl
ed $157,000 at I
program, and the Atlanta i
ion foil 110.000.

Meanwhile, seven ot]
ions are now in
of campaigns whicl
ed to add substantially to the
funds already solicited for Pres-

byterian College.

The Gre egion

kicked <A'{- its drive for $100,000
with a sparkling Diamond Ju-
bilee Birthday Party on April
24 and itations

there. Spartan-
burg, an area which inch:
three count i cheduled


job of ra
immedia ter.

the Rout

but the;.


South C;


will com ork in M

The oth

ting urn

run until mid-June.

Hunt Noble

Greenville Region Co-Chairmen

Lancaster Manson

Spartanburg Region Co-Chairmen

Here are the leaders of four compaigns now underway as part of
Presbyterian College's Diamond Jubilee Development program.

The Greenville region: H. Grice Hunt, top-selling insurance under-
writer, and the Rev. J. Phillips Noble, pastor of the Second Presby-
terian Church, both oC Greenville. Spartanburg region: E. Clifton Lan-
caster, an official of the Piedmont National Bank of Spartanburg, and
the Rev. W. T. Manson, Jr., pastor of Gaffney's Limestone Presbyterian

The Rome campaign: Knox Wyatt, prominent insurance executive,
and the Rev. L. R. Scott, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, both
of Rome. LaGrange region: Dr. William Hutchinson, LaGrange physici-
an, and the Rev. John A. Wilson, pastor of the LaGrange First Church.

Wyatt Scot!

Rome Region Co-Chairmen

Hutchinson Wilson

LaGrange Region Co-Chairrr

Professors Receive
Grants for Research

Two Presbyterian College pro-
fessors have received grants for
summer research from the South-
ern Fellowship Fund.

They are Dr. Alexander Stump,
professor of biology; and Dr.
Newton Jones, professor of his-

Dr. Stump, for his research
project, will continue investiga-
tions into the possibility of nu-
clear changes during the vege-
tative stages of lesquerensia spi-

Dr. Jones plans additional re-
search into the need for and
support of orphanages in South
Carolina during the Civil War
and Reconstruction period.

Two grants awarded to any
one college is the maximum per-
mitted by the Southern Fellow-
ships Fund, an agency of the
Council of Southern Universi-

Finalists Compete

In Founder's Program

Twenty-two high school sen-
iors from four states reached the
finals of the Founder's Scholar-
ships awards at Presbyterian
College and were special guests
for a brief stay on the campus.

Announcements will be made
later of the winning recipients
in this program which provides
for eight grants, covering four
years of study and ranging up
to $1,500 each, which are award-
ed on the basis of intellect, lead-
ership and character.

The 22 finalists from South
Carolina, Georgia, Virginia and
Florida, were selected on the
basis of competitive preliminary
tests from among a field of 75
candidates. They received ad-
ditional tests and interviews and
were honored guests at the an-
nual Dean's List banquet during
their campus visit.

Graham Reynolds Gives
Presbyterian $10,000

Another $10,000 gift to the de-
velopment program has been an-
nounced by President Marshall
W. Brown.

This amount is being contrib-
uted by Graham Reynolds of
Trenton, S. C, a young contrac-
tor and leader of the Trenton
Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Brown, in expressing his
appreciation for the generous
gift, said that Reynolds is estab-
lishing a fund to which he plans
to add in future years. The re-
turn on the invested capital will
be used for scholarships until the
donor designates his total a-
mount for building purposes.

Scholarship Fund
Established at PC

A new scholarship fund has
been established at Presbyterian

It is the Mildred Johnston Hay
Scholarship Fund, given by Mrs.
Willis P. Johnston of Asheville,
N. C, and named for her daugh-
ter Mrs. Fred Jay Hay of Dil-
lon, S. C.

Mrs. Johnston presented Pres-
byterian College with a check
for $3,000 and plans to add to
this amount in the future. Pri-
ority in awarding the scholar-
ship will be given to ministerial

Summer Session

Summer school at Presbyteri-
an College will open on June 12
this year, Academic Dean George
C. Bellingrath has announced.

The eight-week session will
extend through August 11, with
a total of 23 courses in ten de-
partments offered for maximum
credit of nine hours. These de-
partments are: Bible, economics,
psychology, English, fine arts,
Spanish, history, mathematics,
sociology and biology.

To Princeton Seminary

P C Senior Given Rockefeller Grant

A Presbyterian College senior has been named to a coveted

Rockefeller Fellowship to Princeton Theological Seminary. He is Ray

Lord of Dublin, Ga., who this June completes a brilliant career
scholar and campus leader at PC.

Two other outstanding seniors, Charles Jo; Myrtle Beach and

Dick Macatee of Front Royal, Va., also have b led to r<

fellowships for graduate study. Joyner will pursue further work in
the Uni- ' South Carolina, and Macatee will continue

his physics studies at the University of Virginia.

ible through the Rockefeller E
ideological Fellowship Program of the American
Theological Schools. Dr. Nathan M. Pi
fellowship chairman, said the
oung men and worm

:] study that thi
ing the Protestant i

eted on the
id proven inti

or Can

ping Posted on Presbyterian Coll' at without charge to persons

or in the ivork of independent church-related colleges generally.

the mailing list or to comment on matters dis-

within the bulletin should address the Department of Public Relations and


Published nin. . monthly September through May, by Presbyterian

\s mail privileges authorized at Clinton. S. C.


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