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who had John Hamerton, of the Peel, who had Laurence
Hamerton, of the Peel, who had Stephen, who had John, of
the same place. It was either the above Laurence, or his
father John, who being a servant in the court of king Hen.
VIII, got a grant from the Crown to himself and heirs of
Hellifield Peel.

Sir Stephen last named had a son Henry, who had two
daughters. The arms of Hamerton, of Hamerton, in a folio
collection of Pedegrees in my possession, are, Argent, three
hammers sable, two and one. But another authority sais,
Argent, a chevi'on between three hammers, sable. This last
I take to have been born by Hamerton, of Munk-Rode.


Cromwelbothom was long the seat of the Lacys, as
appears by the following pedegree :

John Lacy, Steward of Chester, had Robert Lord Vice
Chancellor of Chester, and John, of Fowton, or Falton,
com. Ebor. Robert married Eleanor, daughter of sir Robert
Baskerville, who bore a chevron ingrailed, gules, between
three hurts, (one MS. sais Clemence Baskervile,) by whom
Brian Lacy, of Chester, who married Amicia, daughter of
Richard Archdeacon, who lived at Warmicham, in Cheshire.
By her he had John Lacy, to whom the Office of Arms has
allowed the Lacys of Cromwellbothom, and Brearley, to
ascend, but no farther. This John married Ellen (some say
Eleanor) daughter and heiress of Robert de Cromwelbothom,
by whom John Lacy, of Cromwelbothom, who married Ann
(one MS. sais Alice) daughter of John de Eland, by whom
John Lacy, of Cromwelbothom, and Gilbert Lacy, of Brear-
ley, near Halifax. John married Florence, daughter of
Robert Molineux, of Lancashire, who bore. Azure, a cross
sarcele, or. By her he had William Lacy, of Cromwelbothom,
who married Joan, daughter of sir William Skargill, of
Thorpe Stapleton, near Leeds, who bore, Ermine, a saltire,
gules. By her he had Thomas Lacy, of Cromwelbothom,
who married Eleanor, daughter of Robert Nevile, of Liver-
sedge, by whom John Lacy, of Cromwelbothom, who married
first, Matilda, (some say Mary,) daughter of sir Nicholas
Wortley, of Wortley, by whom no issue. Secondly, Joan, (one
MS. sais Alice,) daughter and heiress of Leventhorp, of


Leventhorp, near Bradford, in Yorkshire, esq; in whose right
he was seized of Leventhorp. By her he had John, Leonard,
and Ann, married to Edward Oldfield, of Halifax. John
married, first, Ann, (one MS. sais Jane,) daughter of sir
Richard Tempest, of Bracewell, knt. Secondly, Mary,
daughter of Alveray Gascoign, of Garforth, near Leeds, s. p.
By his first wife he had, 1. Richard, 2. John, who married

Hole, hy whom John and Ann ; 3. William, 4. Nicholas,

who married Alice, daughter of Brian (Hopkinson sais Peter)
Hardy, by w^hom Lucy, Alice, and Bridget ; 5. Peter, the
youngest, had no issue. The said John had also three
daughters, viz. 1. Dorothy, married to John Waterhouse, of
Sowerhy-bridge ; 2. Rosamond, to Thomas Wood ; 8. Ellen,
to Walter Paslew, of Ridlesden ; secondly, to Thomas Lee.
Richard, the eldest son of John was buried at Halifax, July,
16, 1591. He married Ellen (some say Alice) daughter of
Laurence Townley, of Barnside, according to Hopkinson,
but as others say, of Townley, by whom 1. John, 2. Ellen,
who married Philip Waterhouse, and 3. Ann. Concerning
the elder of these two sisters and her husband, there is the
following inscription, in brass, on a pillar in Thornhill
church, in Yorkshire: "Here lyeth the body of Philip
** Waterhouse, 3 sonne of John Waterhouse, of Halifax,
"esq; Maister of Artes, and sometimes Felow of University
*' Coll. Oxon. He dyed the ICth of Januari, 1614, the 57th
"yere of his age. Hellen, daughter of Richard Lacye, of
** Cromewelbotome, esq ; his beloved wife, dedicated this
" monument to his memori." Arms of Lacy and Cromwel-

John, eldest son of Richard, sold the manor house of
Cromwelbothom to Thomas Gledhill, 9 James I. Also Old
Syddall-hall to John Scolfield, of Coley, Nov. 20, 32 Eliz.
He married, first, Alice, daughter of Martin Birkhead,
Attorney to Queen Elizabeth's Council in the North, at York,
by whom Sarah, who was aged five years in 1585, and

Elizabeth; secondly, daughter of Michael Lister, of

Frerehead in Craven, by whom John, s. p.

Hopkinson's Collection of Lancashire Pedegrees makes the
last mentioned John Lacy, of Cromwelbothom, to have,
1. Thomas Lacy, of Longworth, esq ; com. Lane. 2. Bridget,
married to Thomas Summerscales of Gisborn in Craven ;
8. another daughter, married to Richard Monke, also of


Oisborn : 4. John, s. p. and 5. Margaret, married to Eobert
Bladen, of Himswortli, near Pontefract. Thomas is said to
have married Ann, daughter of Roger Wincklej^ of Winckley,
in Lancashire, by whom Thomas, who married, first, Ann,
•daughter of Adam Hilton, of Hilton, in Lancashire ; secondly,
Winifred, daughter of sir Francis Armitage, of Kirldees, bart.
By the first of these wives he had Eoger, born in 1654,
Thomas, Adam, John, Ann, and Ellen.

What I know of the family of Cromwelbothom is this, that
Oliver de Cromwelbothom married Julian, daughter of sir
John Radcliff, of Ordfall, by whom John de Cromwelbothom,

who had Robert de Cromwelbothom, who married

•daughter of Henry Leyburne, by whom Ellen, daughter and
heiress, married to John Lacy, as above. I find likewise a
Richard de Cromwelbothom a witness to deeds with John de
Lacy, in 1298 and 1307.

There was also an Ann, daughter of John Cromwelbothom,
knt. married to Hugh Copley ; possibly the John above-

Arms of Cromwelbothom, Argent, six ogresses, three, two,
one. Of Lacy, of Cromwelbothom, Or, a lion rampant purpure,
langued and armed, azure. But in the "Visitation of York-
shire, in 1584," the Lacy's arms are. Sable, a chevron between
three bucks lieads cabossed, argent, which i take to have
been born by the Lacys of Dickering. They have been also
allowed by the Heralds, to the Lacys, of Fowton, in the
East-riding. It seems plain to me that the Lacys, of Crom-
welbothom, descended from the earls of Lincoln of that
name, and one proof arises from bearing the same arms ; for
though the said earls bore sometimes Quarterly, or and gules,
a bendlet sable, a labal of five points of the second, yet their
proper coat was. Or, a lion rampant purpure, as above.

In the Harleian Collection of MSS. N^ 797, it is said that
John Lacy, of Cromwelbotham, and Margaret his wife, passed
a fine of the manor of Cromwelbothom to the heirs of said
John, 30 Edw. 1. but I find not who this Margaret was. The
said MS. sais, from Will. Booth's Register, fol. 4, that John
Lacy, of Cromwelbothom, was buried in the parish church
of Halifax, in 1474.

The name of Cromwelbothom continued here after the
match of John Lacy with the heiress of that name ; for in
the Pleas, 32 Edw. III. I find a claim of Richard Lacv, son


and heir of John, against John, son and heir of John Crom-
welbothom, and Agnes his wife, for eighteen acres of land in
Southouram, removed by certiorari.

PEDEGEEE of LACY, of Brearley.

Gilbert, second son of John Lacy, of Cromwelbothom,
married Isabel, daughter and heiress of Gerard Soothill, of
Brearley, in the township of Midgley, near Halifax, who
bore, Gules, an eagle displayed argent.

By her he had Gerard Lacy, of Brearley, who
married Joan, eldest daughter of Richard Symms, who
bore. Gules, a fess dancette between three crosses bottone
fitche argent. By her he had, I.Hugh; 2. Dunstan, a^
Priest ; 3. William, who married, and had two daughters ;

4. Edward, a Priest; 5. Eichard, who married Green.

Hugh, the eldest, was buried at Halifax, xY^ml 13, 1573,.
having married Agnes, daughter of Nicholas Savile, of New-
hall, by whom, 1. John, 2. Thomas, 3. Leonard (one MS.
calls him Edward, though there was a Leonard Lacy, of
Southouram, gent. 29 Hen. VIII.) 4. Gilbert; 5. Alice, who
married John Holdsworth ; 6. Agnes, who married Chris-
topher Deighton, of Lincolnshire; 7. Ellen, who married
John Dean, of Deanhouse, in Wariey ; and, 8. Isabel, wha
married Jasper Blythman. John, the eldest, was buried at
Halifax, August 19, 1585, having married Ann, daughter of
Thomas Woodrove, of Woolley, esq ; who bore. Argent, a
chevron between three crosses formce fitche gules. By her
he had, 1. John, witness to a deed in 1599; 2. Elizabeth,
married to Francis Osborne ; 3. Ellen, married to John
Oldfield ; 4. Isabel, to William Savile, of Copley, esq ; 5.
Mary, 6. Susan, and, 7. Muriel, who married Bicli. Wheat-
ley, of Brearley, near Barnsley. John, the eldest, who sold
Brearley, married Dorothy, daughter of Godfrey (one MS.
sais Raph) Bosseville, of Gunthwaite, esq; who bore Argent^
five fusills in fess gules, in chief three bears heads erased,
sable ; Guillim, p. 372, adds, muzzled or, for one of this
family. By her he had, 1. John, 2. Hugh, both s. p. 8.
Henry, of London ; 4. Ann, s. p. 5. Dorothy, who married
John Payne, Rector of Sherland, in Derbyshire ; G. Jane^
who married Edward Revell, of Ogson, in Derbyshire ; and,
7. Elizabeth, who married Arthur Dakin, of Stubbin Edge,
in Derbyshire. Henry, third sou, had William, a merchant'



in London ; and Jane, wlio married Eichard Halliwell, of
Mansfield, in 1641.

A black's head, full faced and bearded, with a cap azure
turned up or, on a wreath of his colors argent and sable,
was granted for crest to Seth Lacy, of London, son and
heir to Leonard Lacy, second son of Eichard Lacy, of
Bryerley, gent, by Eobert Cooke, esq ; Clarencieux.


The next owners of Shibden-hall [after the Waterhouses
and Hemingways] were the Listers, whose pedegree is as
follows :

Samuel Lister, of Shibden-hall, died in 1632, leaving, 1.
Thomas, 2. John, 3. Joseph, who died Dec. 27, 1644, leaving
two sons, who died s. p. and Mary, who married Moses

Thomas married, first, Sibyl, daughter of Eobert Hemm-
ingway, of Upper Brea, by whom Samuel, John, Thomas,
and Mary. Samuel married Hester Oats, who died in bed
by her husband, Jan. 26, 1692-3, aged sixty, leaving 1.
Thomas, who died s. p. and was bin-ied April 5, 1690, aged
thirty-four; 2. John, who died s. j). and was buried Aug. 9,
1691 ; 3. Samuel, who died about 1702, having married,
May 16, 1695, Dorothy Priestley, who married at Coley,
Nov. 16, 1703, to her second husband, Eichard Sterne, esq ;
of Woodhouse ; 4. Mary, and 5. Elizabeth. Thomas Lister
above named married a second wife, by whom Joseph, who
had, 1. Joseph, who married a daughter of sir John Jordan;
2. Catliarine, 3. Elizabeth, and 4, Martha, who married
William Walsham, esq ; of London. None of these four had
any issue. Thomas above named died in 1677, as appears
from the following entry in Oliver Hey wood's Diary : " Jan.
*'30, 1677, went to the funeral of Mr. Tho. Lister, of
** Shipden-hall, at Halifax. Heard Dr. Hooke's commend-
" ation of him, and censures of us."

John, second son of Samuel first named in the above
pedegree, married Ph^be, daughter of Eobert Hemmingway,
of Upperbrea, by whom Samuel, John, s. p. and Jeremy.
Samuel married Mary Holdsworth, by whom, 1. John, who
married Dorothy Hanson, by whom one child, which died
young; 2. James, 3. Jeremy, 4. Thomas, 5. Susan, 6. Phfebe,
7. Mary, 8. Martha, 9. Elizabeth, and 10. Hester. James


the second son was living in 1719, having married the
daughter of William Issot, of Horbury, by whom, 1. Samuel,
s. p. 2. John, 3. James, 4. Samuel, 5. Thomas, married in
Virginia ; 6. William, married in Virginia ; 7. Jeremy, who
married Ann Hall, of Butterworth-end, in Norland, by whom
John, James, Joseph, Jeremy, Mary, and Phoebe. 8. Joseph,
s. p. 9. Japhet, who married Elizabeth Wainhouse, of
Broadgates, by whom, Edward, Samuel, John, and Eliza-
beth. 10. Martha, who married William Fawcet, of Halifax,
by whom James, William, and Barbara. 11. Mary, married
George Eose, of Hamstead, s. p. and Ph^be, who married
William Wilkinson, of Hull, s. p.

Arms of Lister, of Shibden-hall, Ermine, on a fess sable,
three mullets or, a canton gules.

MARION — See Stansfeld.


Adjoining to White- Windows, is a large modern house,
built by Mr. John Priestley, whose pedegree, collected as
well as I could from family papers, is as follows :

Henry Priestley, in 1608, married Helen who was a

widow in 1623. He had by her Robert and Henry, which
last was living in 1649. Robert had, 1. Jonathan, of
Sowerby, whose will was dated in 1662 ; 2. Henry, 3. Fran-
cis, 4. Grace, and, 5. Robert. Of these, Henry had, 1.
Jonathan, of Priestley-green, living in 1689, 2. Thomas,

3. Francis, and, 4. Mary, who married Matthew Nicholson.
Henry, second son of the first Henry, had, 1. John, a

Merchant in London, who had Joseph, living in 1649 ; 2.
Joseph, of Goodgreave, a Clothier, who died in 1689 ; 8.
Thomas, of Quickstavers, who died about 1689, having had
Thomas, s. p. and Joseph, slain at tlie battle of the Boyne ;

4. Jonathan, of Winteredge, in Northouram, who married

Mary by whom, Jonathan, s. p. Nathaniel, of Ovenden,

and John, of Westercroft, in Northouram. Of these,
Nathaniel had Jonathan, of Winteredge, who had Jonathan,
of Leeds, and John.


Joseph, of Goodgreave, above-named, married Hester

by whom, 1. John, of York, born Oct. 14, 1645, and who-
died May 9, 1697, having four children, viz. Jaques, Israel,.
Grace, s. p. and Sarah, s. p. 2. Hannah, born Nov. 21,
1647, and who died Oct. 25, 1655. 3. Joseph, of White-
Windows, born June 28, 1650. 4. Sarah, born June 29,
1655, and who died May 19, 1656. 5. Israel, born June 8,
1657. 6. Timothy, born January, 1660. Joseph, of White-
Windows, above-named, had lived at Wat-ing, in Norland ;
he married Mary Morvel, Feb. 1, 1674-5. She was born at
Beckfoot, near Bingley, July 3, 1653. By her he had, 1.
Hannah, born Sept. 23, 1676. 2. John, born Aug. 18, 1678.
3. WiUiam, born Dec. 6, 1681. 4. Sarah, born Jan. 22,
1683-4. 5. Joseph, born June 18, 1686, and who died of the
small-pox, June 6, 1695. 6. Timothy, born May 30, 1688.
7. Mary, born Nov. 25, 1690. 8. Grace, born July 2, 1693,
and wlio died Feb. 6, 1694-5.

John, last-named, married Mary, daughter of Israel Wilde,
of Ball-green, in Sowerby, by whom John, of White-windows,
who built the new house there in 1767 and 1768. He
married Susanna, daughter of Benjamin Holroyd, of Wood-
lane, in Sowerby, Oct. 24, 1749, by whom, Joseph, John,
and Mary, which last died young. Arms of Holroyd, Azure,
five roses in saltire argent.

Arms used by Priestley, of White-windows, Gules, on a
chevron argent, three grax^liug irons sable, between as many
towers argent, issuing out of each a demi lion rampant or.

RASTRICK— See Hanson.


Here lived a considerable family of the name of Rookes,
some of which resided at Rodes-hall, in Bradford parish ;
their coat armor was, Argent, a fess between three rooks,
sable, and their pedegree is as follows, copied from Mr,
Hopkinson. William married Dorothy, daughter of John
Pecke, of Wakefield and West Ardsley, esq ; by whom
Richard, esq ; who lived in the time of Henry VII. and


married Mary, daugliter of John Eamsden, of Rawden, by
whom Richard, esq ; who hved in the time of Hen. VIII.
and married Ehzabeth, daughter of Robert Waterhouse, of
Hahfax, esq; by whom John, esq; who married Jennet,
daughter and coheiress of Richard Watson, of Lofthouse, by
whom William, esq ; who married Elizabeth, daughter of
Richard Wilkinson, of Bradford, by whom, twelve children,
viz. William, esq ; Jonas, Fellow of University College, Ox-
ford; Richard, Robert, Tempest, Maximilian, John; Bridget,
married to Mark Hoppey, of Esholt ; Barbara, to Richard
Pearson ; Grace, to Richard Rawlinson ; Susan, to Michael
Holdsworth ; and Prudence, to John Ramsden. William,
the eldest son, lived 20 Charles I, married, first, Jane,
slaughter of John Thornhill, of Fixby, esq ; by whom William
and Jane, who both died young ; to his second wife, Susan,

daughter of Mr. Rosethorn, widow of Radcliffe, com.

Lane, by whom William, esq ; who married Mary, daughter
of George Hopkinson, of Lofthouse, by whom, 1. William,
who died a student in University College, in Oxford, in
1667 ; 2. George, who married Jane, daughter of Captain
Henry Crossland, of Helmsley, in the North-riding, by whom
Catharine, who died young; 3. John, esq; third son of
William, inherited the estate as heir male to his brothers.
The daughters were, Jane, who married Robert, second son
of Edward Parker, of Browsholme, esq ; and Mary, who
died young. John, the third son of William, as above, died
suddenly, May 31, 1713; he married, first. May 27, 1684,
his own cousin, Ann, daughter and heiress of George
Hopkinson, of Lofthouse, by whom William and George.
WilHam, esq; married, Jan. 27, 1712, Mary, daughter of
William Rodes, of Great Houghton, esq; by whom, 1.
Edward, esq ; born March 23, 1714, who married, in 1740,

the daughter and heiress of Leedes, of Milforth, esq;

and took the name of Leedes ; 2. William, who died in 1732,
and his widow in 1734; 3. John, who died young; 4. Mary;
5. Jane ; 6. Ann, died young, and Elizabeth. John above
named, third son of William, married to his second wife,
Dec. 8, 1687, Elizabeth, daughter of Marmaduke Cook, D.D.
Yicar of Leeds and Prebendary of York, by whom Elizabeth,
Mary, John, who died young ; and another John.


This estate called Eookes did once give name to a family,
of wliicli we meet with Eichard de Rokes in 1313, and John
del Rokis in 1362. Also John Rokes, de Rokes, in 1502.


Gilbert Saltonstall, of Halifax, 8 Eliz. as by deed at
Coley, purchased Rookes, and other lands, in Hipperholme,
and accordingly is mentioned as of Rookes, by deed 37 Eliz.
He had Samuel and Sir Richard. Samuel, of Rookes and
Huntwick, married Ann, daughter of John Ramsden, of
Longley, esq ; by whom Sir Richard and Gilbert, which last
died young. Sir Richard, knt. Justice of Peace, 1 Cli. I.
married, first, Grace, daugliter of Robert Kay, of Woodsom,
esq; by whom Richard, esq; born at Woodsom, 1610, and
other children. After his wife's death this Sir Richard sold
his lands, and went, with his children, into New England ;
from whence he returned, and resided in London, marrying
2dly, a daughter of Lord Delaware ; and, 3dly, one Wilford.

Sir Richard, son of Gilbert, was Sheriff of London with
Hugh Offley, in 1588, and Lord Mayor in 1597, when, as
usual, he was knighted. He died in 1601, having married
Susanna, daughter of Thomas Poyntz, of North Okyngdon,
esq ; by whom sixteen children. From him are descended
the Saltonstalls of Hertfordshire. This family was originally,
in all probability, of Saltonstall, in Halifax parish ; for the
wife of Ric. Saltonstall, of Hye Saltonstall, was buried at
Halyfax, 20 Febr. 1582.

Samuel Saltonstall above named, married, 2dly, Elizabeth,
daughter of Thomas Ogden, by whom Samuel, John, Thomas,
Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, and Barbara. To his
third wife, Elizabeth Armine, of Hull, by whom no issue.
It is a question whether he was not knighted, because I find
that sir Samuel Saltonstall, of London, held lands in
Hipperholm in 1607. Also at a court held at Wakefield, 11
Jan. 8 James I. Samuel Saltonstall, of London, knt. and
Elizabeth his wife, surrendered lands in Hipperholm.

Who was the father of Gilbert, first above named, is
uncertain ; but a John Saltonstall, of Halifax, was buried
there. Mar. 30, 1557, and a Robert Saltonstall, of Halifax,
also buried there, 18 Oct. 1561, as had, the February pre-
ceding, sir William Saltonstall, curate of Halifax.


In a large MS. Collection of Arms, in my possession, sir
Eichard Saltonstall, skinner, Lord Mayor of London in
1597, is said to have born. Or, a bend between two eaglets-
displayed, sable ; but in Tlioresby, p. 236, they are, Argent,
a bend gules, between two eaglets displayed, sable.

It appears from various accounts, that several of the
name of Saltonstall were officers of earl Warren for Salton-
stall, and to them were divers j)arts thereof granted.

In 1343, 17 Edw. Ill, John de Brownhirste surrendered
in court two parts of a sixth part of Saltonstall, with the
reversion of a third part of the said sixtli part, which Isabel^
mother of said John, held as dower ; the moiety of which
was granted to John, son of Thomas de Saltonstall, another
moiety to Richard, son of Thomas de Saltonstall, and
William de Saltonstall, and heirs.

At Halifax, in 1370, John Cape surrendered a sixtli part
of Saltonstall to the use of Eichard Saltonstall, and heirs.

As the last earl of Warren and Surry died June 30, 1347,
21 Edw. III. it is plain, from the first of the two instances
above, that the vaccary of Saltonstall was demised by copy
before the lordship of Wakefield came to the crown.

6 Hen. IV. Eic. Saltonstall surrendered two sixth parts of
Saltonstall, and half a sixth part, lying between Bhikebrook,
Depeclough, the water of Luddingden, and Hoore Stones, in
Sowerby, to the use of Eichard Saltonstall and heirs. 15
Edw. IV. this Eichard surrendered the same to Gilbert
Saltonstall his son, which Gilbert, 23 Hen. VII. surrendered
the same to Eichard Saltonstall, his son ; after the death of
which Eichard, son of Gilbert, Eichard Saltonstall, son and
heir of the same Eichard, 30 Hen. VIII. made fine of heriot
for the said lands. This last Eichard had issue Gilbert,
who died before his father, leaving a son Samuel, who, after
the death of Eichard his grandfather, made fine of heriot,
40 Eliz. for the same lands.


Copley-Hall is famous for giving name to an antient re-
spectable family, the first of which was Adam de Copley,
slain when William the Conqueror laid siege to York, in the
year 1070. He married Ann, daughter of Thomas Eish-
wortli, of Eishworth, near Halifax, according to a pedegree
in Thoresby, p. 9, taken from Hopkiuson's MSS. but of


Eichard, as in an old MS. pedegree in my own possession.
By the said Ann lie had Hugh de Copley, who married
Margaret, daughter of Kichard Liversedge, by whom, 1.
Eafe, 2. Richard, (as by the MS. notes to a copy of Thoresby,
in the hands of Mr. Charles Barnard, of Leedes,) B. Adam,
called by Thoresby, Vicar of Halifax, but he should have
said Eector, for that living was a rectory till the year 1273,
and two hundred years could hardly have passed between
the above first mentioned Adam, and his grandson. Lastly,
Margaret, married to William Lockwood. Rafe, the eldest,
married Jane, daughter of John Stansfeld, of Stansfeld, esq ;
hy whom Thomas, who married Margaret, daughter of Hugh
Eland, of Eland, esq; by whom Adam, Robert, and Ann,
who married John Exley. Adam married Ann, daughter of
John Leventhorpe, of Leventhorpe, esq ; by whom Thomas
Copley, of Copley, (not Batley, as in Thoresby,) who married
Winifred, daughter of Thomas Mirfield, esq ; (as in Thoresby,
but my MS. sais Robert,) by whom, 1. Hugh, 2. Ralph, who
had a place at court, and by his wife Mary, daughter and
heiress of sir Richard Walsingham, of Suffolk, knt. had
John, s. p. and Robert, commonly called Grosthead, or
Greathead, the famous bishoj) of Lincoln. Lastly, Cicely, who
married William Quarmby, of Quarmby. Hugh, the eldest,
witness to a deed in 1324, married Ann, daughter of sir
Robert Cromwelbothome, knt. (my MS. sais John,) by
whom Thomas and Raphe, which last married, first, Ellen,
daughter of John Rookes, of Rookes, esq ; by whom Rajphe

and John, both s. p. 2dly, daughter of Adam de Batley,

from whom the Copleys, of Batley. Thomas, the eldest,
married, and had a daughter, Helen, who married Henry,
second son of John Savile, by Margery, youngest daughter,
and coheiress of Henry Rishworth, of Rishworth ; and from
this time this branch of the Saviles settled at Copley, which
I take to have been about the year 1485, as in a will of that
date at Howroyd, are mentioned Henry Savile, of Copley,
and John, son of Henry Savile. The issues from this match
are as follow :

Henry Savile, above named, by the said Helen (or Ellen,)
had John Savile, of Copley. Thomas, from whom the
Saviles of HoUinedge, and Nicholas, from whom the Saviles
of Bank, alias Blaidroid, in Southouram. John, the eldest,
married Maud, daughter of Thomas Trafford, com. Lane, by


whom Thomas, who married Margaret, daughter of Henry
Eushworth, of Coley-hall, by whom, 1. Henry, 2. Thomas,
3. Edward, parson of Adley, m Suffolk, 4. Humphry, chap-
lain to lord De la Ware, 5. Leonard, s. p. 6. John, s. p. 7.
Jane, unmarried, and 8. Margaret, married to William

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