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from that of the Public school. Among prospective sites was one offered as a
donation by Captain and Mrs. Farlinger. Building tenders were advertised
for and received. J. P. Johnston, of Ogdensburg, was the chosen architect.
Just there the matter dropped for a time, but in 1885 a pretty site was pur-
chased, the building constructed by contractor James Gillespie in a most
satisfactory manner, and in February, 1886, was ready for use. During an
interim of a few months previous to its construction, school was held in the
basement of the M. E. church (now the R. C. church). In 1888 the size of the
building was found to be inadequate, and an addition was constructed as well
as a spacious gymnasium 30x60 feet, which is supplied with the latest and
best apparatus for physical culture including gymnastics.

The erection of the fine new building, the increased attendance and the
continued success of the pupils at the departmental examinations, led to the
staff being increased from time to time until iu 1890 the High school was
raised to the rank of a Collegiate Institute, with a staff of six specialists.
The proceedings in connection with this event were of a brilliant character
and marked a progressive epoch in the history of the Institute. The chief
guest on that memorable occasion was Hon. G . W. Ross, then Minister of
Education; Friday, October 10th, was the auspicious day. The Collegiate
Institute was most tastefully decorated, and at two o'clock p. m. a large
representation from of every section of the county was present. A beautiful
address of welcome, read by Miss Susie Millar, was presented to the distin-
guished guest. In his fitting reply, Mr. Ross eulogized the members of
the staff and the Board of Education; referred to the marked progress which
the institution had made; but his most welcome words were, "Now, you cease
being a High school and will hereafter rank as a Collegiate Institute." In
the evening a most enthusiastic meeting was held in the Music Hall, thus


terminating the eventful christening of the Morrisburg Collegiate Institute,
which is to-day one of the foremost of its kind in the Province.

Since assuming so high a rank every effort has been made by the board to
perfect the equipment of the school. In 1894 an addition to the grounds
was purchased, and during the following year uniform were procured for
the cadets.

In 1895 Allen C. Smith resigned after a number of years of faithful service.
His work as a teacher was highly successful, although carried on in the face
of physical ills which few men would have borne up against for so long a time.
His patient endurance and unflinching devotion to his work were attributes
worthy of admiration.

In 1899 a valuable case of stuffed birds was donated to the Institute museum
in the name of A. G. Munro, a former pupil of the school. During the follow-
ing year an excellent collection of minerals was donated by Prof. Wm.Nichol
and Dr. Goodwin, of the School of Mining, Kingston, while Colonel J. Hamil-
ton, American Consul, presented a superb map of the United States. Many
other donations have been made from time to time, and it is needless to add
that such gifts are much appreciated.

The death of Wm. Whitteker in 1900, and Wm. Kilgour in 1901, removed
two most worthy members of the board ; while in 1901 M. D. Willard,for over
thirty years a faithful representative, presented his resignation .

Following is a complete list of the members of the staff for each year since
Mr.Jamieson's appointment: 1883-4 J.S. Jamieson, M. A., head master; Allen
C. Smith. 1885 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., head master; Allen C. Smith, Thos. Jam-
ieson, B. A. (part of year). 1888 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., head master; Allen C.
Smith, Rev. G. D. Bayne, B.A. (part of year), Thos. Jamieson, B. A. (part of
year), W. A. Whitney, M. A. (balance of year). 1887 J. S. Jamieson, M. A.,
head master ; W. A. Whitney, M. A., Allen C. Smith, R. C. Rose. 1888 J. S.
Jamieson, M. A., head master ; W. A. Whitney, M. A., Allen C. Smith, N. L.
Massey, B. A., R. J. Holland, B. A. 1889 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., head
master ; W. A. Whitney, M. A., N. L. Massey, B. A., R. J. Holland,
B. A., Allen C. Smith. 1890 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal; W. A.
Whitney, M. A., N. L. Massey, B. A., R. J. Holland, B. A. (part of
year), J. Stafford, B. A. (part of year), Miss Mary Lennox, B. A., Allen C.
Smith. 1891 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal ; W. A. Whitney, M. A., N. L.
Massey, B. A., J. Stafford, B. A., Miss Mary Lennox, B. A., Allen C. Smith.
1892 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal ; W. A. Whitney, M. A., Allen C.Smith.
N. L. Massey, B. A. (part of year), A. W. Massey, B. A., J. Stafford, B. A.,
Miss Edith Kerr, B. A. 1893 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal ; W. A. Whit-
ney, M. A., A. W. Massey, B. A., Allen C. Smith, J. Stafford, B. A. (part of


year), A. H. D. Ross, M. A. (part of year), Miss Edith Kerr, B. A. 1894 J. 8.
Jamieson, M. A., principal ; Allen C. Smith, A. W. Massey, B. A., A. H. D.
Ross, M. A., Miss Edith A. Teskey, M. A., Miss Edith Kerr, B. A. (part of
year), Miss H. S. Albarus, B. A. (part of year). 1895 J. S. Jamieson, M. A.,
principal ; Allen C. Smith (part of year), A. W. Massey, B. A., A. H. D. Ross,
M. A., Miss Edith Teskey, M. A., Miss H. S. Albarus, B. A., I. J. Smith (part
of year). 1896 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal; A. W. Massey, B. A., J.
Stafford, B. A., Miss Edith A. Teskey, M. A., Miss H. S Albarus, B. A. (part
of year), J. 8. Lane, B. A. (part of year), I. J. Smith (part of year), W. B. Kay-
ler (part of year). 1897 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal; A. W. Massey, B.
A., J. Stafford, B. A., Ph. D., W. B. Kayler, J. S. Lane, B. A., Miss Edith A.
Teskey, M. A. (part of year), J. K. Colling, B. A. (part of year). 1898 J. S.
Jamieson, M. A., principal ; W. B. Kayler, M. D. (part of year), R. N. Davy,
(part of year), J. K. Colling, B. A., J. Stafford, B. A., Ph. D., (part of year),
W. S. Kirkland, B.A., (part of year), A. W. Massey, B. A. 1899 J. S. Jamie-
son, M. A., principal; A. W. Massey, B. A., W. S. Kirkland, M. A., J. K.
Colling, B. A., (part of year), R. A. Croskery, B. A. (part of year), Miss Bessie
Nichols, B. A., (part of year), Miss H. S. Albarus (part of year), G. L. Weagar,
B. A., (part of year), L. W. Taylor (part of year). 1900 J. S. Jamieson, M.
A., principal; A. W. Massey, B. A., W. S. Kirkland, M. A., Miss H. S.
Albarus, B. A., R. A. Croskery, B. A., L. W. Taylor (part of year), W. P.
Dandy, B. A. (part of year). 1901 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal; A. W.
Massey, B.A., W. S. Kirkland, M.A., Miss H.S. Albarus, B.A., R.A. Croskery,
B.A., W.P. Dandy, B.A. 1902 J.S. Jamieson, M.A., principal; A. W. Massey,
B.A, W. S. Kirkland, M. A., Miss H. S. Albarus, B. A., R. A. Croskery,
B. A., W. P. Dandy, B. A. (part of year), J. A. Buchanan (part of
year). 1903 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal; A. W. Massey, B. A., W. S.
Kirkland, M. A. (half year), Miss H. S. Albarus, B. A. (half year), R. A.
Croskery, B. A. (half year), J. A. Buchanan, W. J. Saunders, M. A. (half
year), Miss M F. Libby, B. A. (three months), P. C. Dobson, B. A. (half year),

A. C. Burnham (one month). 1904 J. S. Jamieson, M. A., principal; A. W.
Massey, B. A., W. J. Saunders, M. A., J. A. Cooke, B. A., Miss M. F. Libby,

B. A., J. A. Buchanan.

The members of the Board of Education of the village of Morrisburg for the
present year (1904) are: AH am Johnston, B. A., L.L. B., chairman; Thomas
McDonald, secretary; Wm. D. Meikle, treasurer; Charles E. Hickey, B. A.,
M. D., Edward McLaughlin, M. D., Willis B. Cook, Charles T. Whitteker,
William Eager, Wm. H. Reddick, A. A. Whitteker, Charles Snyder, William

The record of the Morrisburg Collegiate Institute is indeed brilliant. Ex-
students are found in every clime holding positions of honor and usefulness,


and who will ever retain a love for their Alma Mater. As a means of re-
ference we furnish herewith lists of M. C. I. Senior and Junior Leaving
graduates with the year corresponding to each. To avoid repetition the
names of those who merit a place in both lists have been omitted from the latter:

Senior Leaving graduates : Edith M. Adams, 1896; Grace Ault, 1895; A. E .
Baker, 1897; E. B. Barber, 1897; J. M. Brown, 1903; I. N. Becksted, B. A.,
1895; C. D. Bouck, 1892; Archie Cameron, 1899; A. D. Colquhoun, 1897; Thos.
Colquhoun, 1897; Chas. Colquhoun, 1899; E. 8. Coons, 1898; Hugh Country-
man, 1898; R. N. Davy, 1897; W. C. Davy, 1899; Florence Deeks, 1894; Ida F.
Dillabough, 1890; Ed. J. W. Dillabough, D. O., 1890; Mayme Dwyer, 1903; R.
R. Earl, 1894; H. B. Fetterly, B. A., 1893; Adam Fetterly, 1896; James Froats,
1890; Willis Froats, 1892; McKenzie Fulton, B. A., 1893; V. K. Greer, 1903;
PhilippaA. V. Hickey, 1898; Samuel Hitsman, 1896; J. E. Hughes, 1887; C.
E. Jamieson, 1901; Edith C. Jamieson, 1903; Joseph Keegan, 1901; Samuel
Keys, B. A., 1891; Horatio Loucks, 1899; Grace E. Low, 1900; E. J. Marcellus,
1891; A. B. Meldrurn, 1894; A. J. T. Merkley, 1892; J. C. Milligan, B. A.,
L.L. B., 1891; Lulu Mulloy, 1900; Luella McAmmond, 19CO; Aggie Mclntosh,
1903; Mary McKercher, 1895; Florence McKinnon, 1903; Jennie McLennan,
1894; T. S. Nash, 1894; M. D. Perley, B. A., 1900; E. H. Relyea, 1894; Robert
Robinson, 1896; Ada Rose, 1893; Cephas Rose, 1895; Nellie Rose, 1893; R. C.
Rose, B. A., 1884; C. A. Shaver, 1898; A. C. Smith, 1886; Lillian Smith, B. A.,
1896; Nellie Smith, 1889; Martha B. Stewart, B. A., 1899; Gilbert Summers,
1901; Jean C. Vanallen, 1897; James M. Warner, 1899; Fred Weagant. 1899;
Sarah Weegar, 1893; E. J. Wells, 1900; Hannah M. Wingard, 1897.

Junior Leaving graduates : Gertie Adams, 1898; L. J. A. Allen, 1902; W.
W. Algate. D. D. 8., 1897; Susie Annabel, 1886; Ella B. Ault, 1896; Dora E.
Ault, 1900; Charles Baker, 1896; C. J. Baker, 1898; F. B. Barclay, 1901; G. O.
Barclay, 1902; J. L. Barry, 1900; Gertrude Barry, 1901; Minnie Bartle, 1896;
Wm. Bates, 1897; Esther Bates, 1897; Emma Bates, 19U1; Maggie Beattie, 1895;
Norris L. Becksted, 1883; Wm. Beggs, 1897; Omer Belisle, 1902; W. A. Bell,
1900; L. E. Bell, 1902; P, O. Berkley, 1901; Hugh Blain, 1878; Thomasina
Black, 1891; Gordon Bogart, M. D., C.M., 1888; Florence Bouck, 1898; Chester
Bouck, M. D., C. M., 1885; R. W. Baker, 1903; Fred Broder, B. A., 1896; OUie
Boyd, M. D., 1897; Evelyn C. Bennett, 1903; Chapman Brown, B. A., 1887;
James Brown, 1902; Clara Buist, 1886 ; H. B. Callendar, 1885; Cassie Cameron,
1889; Donald Cameron, 1903; Amy Cameron, 1902; Gertrude Cameron, 1902;
Glen Campbell, 1897, Ethel Carman, 1897, Thomas Carr, 1898, Mary E. Carr,
1890, Ada Carr, 1897, W. E. Carruthers, 1902, W. J . M. Cass, 1900, Leonard
Casselman, M. D., 1884, Salena Casselman, 1886, O. D. Casselman, 1877,
Ephriam Casselman, 1878, C. A. Casselman, 1880, Annie Casselman, 1880, C. L.
Casselman, 1899, Maud A. Casselman, 1900, Ida B. Casselman, 1901, S. B. Cas-


selrnan 1901, Alice Chalmers 1880, McKenzie Christie 1901, Myron Cleland
1880, Mary Clement 1884, Agnes Colquhoun 1883, Bella Colquhoun 1888, Jean
Colquhoun 1897, Alice Colquhoun 1888, Edith Colquhoun 1901, Edna Colqu-
houn 1902, G. K. Casselman 1903, Wesley A. Cook 1880, George H. Cook 1901,
E. B. Carruthers 1903, G. M. Colquhoun 1903, Minnie Corrigan 1902, Heber
Coulthart 1897, Christina Coulthart 1883, J. H. Dalgleish 1887, Johnston Daw-
son 1887, W.E. Deeks, M.D.,C.M., 1884, Alex. Dewar 1887, J. S. Dickey 1899, J .
V. Dillabough 1898, Hattie Dillabough 1896, Allan Dillabough 1901, Clinton
Doran 1897, J. R. Dow 1887, Charles Duprau 1896, Christie Earl 1893, Daniel
Earl, B. A., 1887, George Elliott, B. A., 1886, Eva Eniff 1894, L. A. Fell 1884, J.

A. Ferris 1888, William Fettei-ly 1896, G. P. Fetterly 1885, P. B. Fetterly 1888,
P. A. Fetterly 1900, John Flagg, M. D., 1878, E. M. Fulton 1900, J. H. Garrow
1886, Wm. Gibson, B. A., 1884, J. J. Gillespie, M. D., C. M., 1896, J. H. Gilles-
pie 1901, Annie Gordon 1884, Emma M. Gardner 1903, Jennie Gordon 1894
Jessie Gordon 1893, Thos. J. Gordon 1900, J. C. Gormley, M. D., C. M., 1900,
Jennie Gilroy 1903, Helen M. Gordon 1903, Peter Hall 1890, A. J. Hamilton
1896, Ethel F. Hamilton 1902, Mabel Hanna 1897, Maggie Holmes 1903, Robt.
Hanson 1893, Maggie Hare 1890, Gertrude Hare 1897, Frank Harrison 1890,
Geo. Hayunga, M. D., 1884, Caroline Hazel 1884, Aggie Henderson 1895, Janet
Hepburn 1884, Edith Hewitt, B. A., 1889, R. C. Hickey 1899, Irwin Billiard

1878, Abram Hoy, D. D. S,, 1887, J. I. Hughes, B. A., 1891, Alma Hunter 1899,
Jennie C. Hunter 1900, Ella Hunter 1902, Mary Johnston 1884, Jane Johnston
1884, Wm. Johnston 1880, David Johnston, M. B., 1883, Robert Johnston 1878,
William Kerns 1901, Gordon Kennedy 1897, A. B. Kennedy 1899, Kate N.
Kennedy 1900, Hector Kennedy 1902. Bessie G. Kilgour 1900, T. P. King 1892,
William King 1897, W. A. Kyle 1879, R. J. Kyle, M. D., 1884, Annie M. Kyle
1901, Justin Lannin 1900, Wesley Lawson 1877, Annie Lawyer, M. D., 1885,
Hattie Lawyer 1883, Minnie Loucks 1896, Florence Loucks 1898, Daniel Lough
1884, Laura B. Larmour 1903, William Lyle, M. D., 1888, Maggie McCallum
1886, R. A. A. McConnell 1895, Duncan McDonald, B. A., 1895, P. B. McDon-
ald 1891, Cassie McDonald 1899, R. C. McDonald 1900, James McGowan 1896,
Patrick McGowan 1887, Clem McGregor 1887, Jennie McGowan 1889, John Mc-
Gregor 1900, Gertrude Mclntosh 1895, K. L. Mclntosh 1903, G. A. Mclntosh,

B. A., B. D., 1886, Zita McMahon 1903, Agnes McMahon 1903, Aggie Mclntosh
1901, Florence McKinnon 1902, Daniel McLaren 1893, William McMartin 1903,
Wilburn Merkley 1903, J. A. McLean, B. A., 1894, Peter McLaughlin, M. D.,

1879, Robert McLaughlin 1901, Fred McMahon 1902, Roy McMillan 1902, Geo.
McMillan 1892, Kate McPherson 1894, Ethan Marselis, M. D., 1891, J. E.
Marcellus, Flora B. Marshall 1900, Laura Martin 1896, Charles Mattice 1896,
George Mattice 1894, Ralph Maxwell 1877, Susie Miller 1895, Geo. Moffat, M.
D., 1890, Stella Merklev 1900, Roy Merkley 1902, T. E. Moffat 1900,
Maggie E. Moore 1886, Jessie F. Morgan 1902, Frank Mouthrop, D.


D. S., 1804, Lome Mulloy, D. S. O., 1897, Frank Munro 1885, Willis
Myers 1901, Lillie Nash 1888, Keith Nash 1903, Emma Ouderkirk 1905,
Eva L. Ouderkirk 1902, Clara Perkins 1897, Lydia Poapst 1897, C. B. Rae 1879,
W. A. Reddick 1902, McKenzie Render 1896, Sarah Ridley 1884, Maggie M.
Robb 1902, Harold Robertson 1900, Eli Robinson 1894, E. J. Robinson, M. D.,
1890, M. I. Robinson 1901, C. A. Robinson 1902, E. S. Rombough 1902, Myrtle
Rose 1895, William Rose 1877, Donald Russell, M. D., 1880, W. J. Rutherford,
B. S. A., 1896, Thos. Sayers 1896, Kelha Serviss 1896, Katheryn M. Shannette
1902, M. E. Shaver 1896, Kate Shaver 1897, F. T. Shaver 1898, Thomas Shaver

1895, P. A. Shaver 1891, J. A. Shaver 1897, R. J. Shaver 1902, Kate Sheats
1887, John Short 1889, Marion Goldsmith, B. A., 1896, Edith M. Smith 1900,
Jennie C. Smith 1900, George Smith 1885, Maggie Smyth 1889, Rena Smith

1896, C. B. Selleck 1903, A. G. Snyder 1886, Lottie Southworth 1894, G. A.
Stata 1886, Chas. Stewart, M. D., 1891, Nell A. Stuart 1903, Silas Stoodley 1893,
Emma Styles 1896, Alva Sullivan 1887, Gordon Summers 1898, Christopher
Summers 1901, Minnie Sutherland 1885, G.C. Swerdfeger, D.D.S., 1899, Herbert
Thompson 1895, Alice Timberlake 1896, I. W. Tinkess 1899, Lizzie B. Toye
1884, A. D. Tracy 1885, Harry Van Allen 1893, Olive P. Van Allen 1900, George
Weagant, B.A., 1893, J. W. Weagant 1899, Eldon Webb 1893, Sarah Wholehan
1886, Eleanor A. Wickware 1901, Charles Willard 1900, Minnie M. Wingard
1900, Kathleen Wingard 1903, Duncan Wood, M. D., 1891, Gilbert Wood 1896,
J. A. Wright 1887, Jennie E. Young 1899, H. G. Young 1900, Alice Young
1900, Aggie Zeron 1885, Lindsay Zufelt 1883.

Principal J. S. Jamieson, M. A., was born at Kars, county of Carleton, Aug.
20, 1844. His early years were spent on the farm, working in summer and
going to school in winter. He obtained a second-class teacher's certificate
chiefly by private study and then attended the county of Carleton senior
Grammar school, Ottawa, obtaining a first-class certificate in 1867. After
teaching the Public school at Glen Tay, county of Lanark, for two years, he
went to Victoria University and obtained the degree of B. A., in 1875. He re-
ceived the degree of M. A. from the same University in 1879. Since Janu-
ary, 1876, he has been engaged in High school work, as follows : Three years
as head master of Pakenham High school, three years as head mas-
ter of Carleton Place High school, one year as Science and English Master
of the Perth Collegiate Institute, and twenty-two years as Principal of the
Morrisburg Collegiate Institute. Mr. Jamieson has proven a very capable
Principal as is evidenced by the high standing of the Institute.

Arthur W. Massey, B. A., Mathematical Master in the Morrisburg Colleg-
iate Institute, was born in 1870, near Belleville. He attended Public school
at S. S. No. 2, Sidney ; spent three years at Albert College, obtaining senior
matriculation in 1887. From there he went to Victoria University where he


graduated in 1890 with first class honors in Mathematics and English, being a
silver medallist in the former subject. At the December examination in 1890
he obtained a specialist's certificate in Mathematics, English and History.
During the year 1891-2 he taught in the Forest High school, and in August,
1892, he accepted the position he now holds. Besides being a successful teach-
er, Mr. Massey is otherwise interested in the welfare of the village, beiag
leader of the Methodist choir, a director of the Public Library, a member of
the Masonic Lodge, and a Past Grand of the I. O. O. F.

W. J. Saunders, M. A., a native of Kingston, received his early training in
the Public schools and Collegiate Institute of that city. After spending
some years as a Public school teacher he entered Queen's University, from
which institution he graduated with first-class honors in Animal Biology,
Botany and Chemistry, being University gold medallist in the two first nam-
ed subjects and winner of the Gowan Foundation Prize in Botany. For some
years before assuming his present position on the M. 0. I. staff Mr. Saun-
ders was Science Master in Pembroke High school.

J. A. Cooke, B. A., Classical Master of the M. C. I., was born at Cataraqui
in 1861. He was a student at Kingston Grammar school; attended Queen's
University, from which he was in 1884 an honor graduate and specialist in
Classics. Principal Grant wrote of him that he took an excellent general
university course, and that his record with all the professors was without
spot. His first position was in Southern Kansas; later he taught in the
Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute; in 1891 he was appointed to the Dunville
High school, remaining twelve years, the latter six years of which he was
Principal. In 1903 he assumed the Principalship of the Bracebridge High
school, which he resigned to take the Morrisburg position.

Miss Minnie Fennessy Libby, B. A., specialist in Moderns at the M. C. I.,
was educated at the Collegiate Institute, Cobourg, Nazareth Academy,
Kentucky, and Victoria College; an honor student in Moderns (including
English), and gold medallist of her year in that department.

J. A. Buchanan, the present Commercial Specialist at the Morrisburg Col-
legiate Institute, is a young man 26 years of age. After leaving the Public
schools he attended Parkhill High school, and obtained a second-class certifi-
cate in 1895. After graduating from Strathroy Model school, where he rank-
ed third highest in a class of forty-three, he engaged in Public school teach-
ing for three years. He obtained a first-class certificate at Parkhill in 1900 ;
graduated from the Normal College, Hamilton, in 1901, and through the
agency of the vice-principal of that institution was given a place on the teach-
ing staff of the Uxbridge school. After remaining there a jear he joined the


staff of the Morrisburg Collegiate Institute, where in 1903 he obtained a Com-
mercial Specialist's certificate.

The Collegiate Institute building is a large, commodious structure, furnish-
ed with the most modern school furniture and appliances for heating and
ventilating. The waiting rooms and laboratories are amply supplied with
pure water ; electric lights have been installed ; the library consists of choice
books for reference, and supplementary reading is free to all students, in fact
every modern convenience consistent with successful work has been secured.
In the Science department excellent provision is made for experimental work,
and additional new apparatus is constantly being added to the equipment.
For Physical Science there is found the latest and most improved appliances
for exemplifying the work in electricity, magnetism, light, sound, mechanics,
hydrostatics and the properties of matter. The science room is also fitted
with operating tables, apparatus and re-agents for individual work in chemis-
try and qualitative analysis. For Botany and Animal Biology there are found
excellent microscopes, dissecting instruments, charts, mounted and articulat-
ed skeletons . A self-adjusting electric arc lamp of the most improved type
used for lantern projection work is of excellent service in the science and other

Another popular and practical department of the Collegiate Institute is the
facilities for imparting to the students a commercial education. The course
includes book-keeping and writing, commercial transactions, business forms,
stenography and typewriting.

The inception of the Morrisburg Collegiate Institute Cadet Corps dates
back to 1888, and it was chiefly through the efforts of Principal Jamieson and
Dr. C. B.Hickey that this privilege was won to the Morrisburg school. From
1886 to 1897 a regularly qualified instructor was sent by the militia depart-
ment and hence to many citizens and ex-students a familiarity surrounds the
names of Corporal Morin, Staff-Sergt. Roberts, Sergt. Boutillier, Corporal
Camm, Sergt. Brittain, as well as Sergt. Beattie, who since gave his life in de-
fence of the Empire in the South African war. By a change effected in 1897 a
master in the Collegiate Institute can give the required instruction after tak-
ing a course in Stanley Barracks, and if, at the annual visit of the Inspecting
Officer, the corps is considered efficient a grant of fifty dollars is given. Ow-
ing to the high standing of the cadet corps the grant has been annually
received for several years . The following have been captains of the Company
since its formation : J. S. Jamieson 1986-91, N. L. Massey 1892, A. W. Massey
1893-4, W. C. Davy 1895-6, P. Shaver 1807-8, A. Flynn 1899-00, A. Dillabough
1901-2, C. B. Selleck 1903, W. E. Carruthers 1904.

The cadet corps is surely a source of pride, not only to the people of Morris-


burg but to every loyal citizen of Dundas. What is more befitting than the
appearance of the corps on any national occasion such as the visit of a states-
man or the return of an ex-student from a field of honor? At the unveiling
of the monument at the Crysler Farm battlefield the presence of the
cadets served to stimulate patriotic sentiment. The writer was then a
member of the corps.

On the other hand the moral side to military training is significant. The lensons
and examples of youth form the basis of character. The cadet is drilled to
obey with his mind and body the orders of his superior ; he is thus elevated to
a higher plane of manhood. Even in many of our Public schools a junior
corps might be taught some of the simpler movements. The effect would be
permanent. Let us not forget that it is men Canada requires, and every in-
novation which moves in the line of advancement should have a place in our
educational system. Under the banner of military discipline, by which is en-
gendered a feeling of pride, the youth soon learns the lessons of fidelity, obed-
ience and manliness, and he will grow up a nobler citizen, to serve well his
part in the land which we love.



Each must in virtue strive for to excel,

The man lives twice, who lives the tirst life well.



ST. LAWRRNCE parish of the Evangelical Lutheran church comprises St.
John's church, Riverside, and St. Paul's church, Morrisburg. The settlement
of this portion of the northern shore of the St. Lawrence has already been
referred to. No sooner had those German Loyalists (m-iny of whom were
Lutherans) landed on the shores of Dundas than they began to establish relig-

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