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ipinded^, and o^.tbeir being of anptl^ Jvdgfpeoc, I<on^»I/have not any thing,
here to,£uppIyrit',w^h, bqc^ certainly* if it Ihould be fo, as it is in your Article,
tHougb:they b|e never fo indifpofqd) and J^nen|i(3S^ and reraait) fo^ yet if theyi
h^ve lived p^ceably^ wherp^ihey coulij*n«ii^rwiJi nor dhuie, they aceto.bead^t
ogitted; I only tell you fo, bemgrwi^out ai)y A«t)ei)dmeBt for it, and when!
ha^ve dQoetj I ih^jl jO^pr. c)i^ wb^^ to, f oq. tlvais theifeoood; Paragraphs

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TI^AsCTS dn ^ Subjects. t6f

9n ibeihifd ParngMpli of ilm fame ArtiiOc, i^heri^ if ii &»» (kit tH^ kVri
Ibns in IrnUmd be made uneMpM^ to ^Utl 0r h tUmd^ ibm hfore tie firji ^
March) 1^49, bavi'barni /iins f^Jbi PurtUmtntj or otbetwife givtn Tejiimor^
nf tbeir.gcffd AffiSims^JtH^d 4mtimied f4rilhful io ike Paflisfhentj and are finct

lOGapadcaieali choft^i iil^ahiTfe r«tto1lft«d from Ihe t'tritam^t, if they HaVfi
borne Arms for the Stace^ before the firft of March 1649. '^ ^ni^ tt> reftdfd
dKtiH But if fintt then chc^ h%^t Mttfited, aa many I doobt of our ^n^lijb^
frifbtdcftAom^ whytdMi IM Qddlion k, Whether thefe Men, who have kceiy
t)ech «tiB^ md Aed td Amus whMber irou Will think thei^ havitig bofn Atmi
fintnerl^ on tko^^PjufliaMMini^y 9id^ ftottkl be in EMnNptioh td thm, ^h^t is btrf
tehdrred to yOQ ttat «Nrtr woWhf P^rfoh htti im^v^titk Ar\i^ti rxr\t6.
. in the '^tir FiMigrflph xH liheilbiK Afifidfe yMi ha^e fhca]jacirat^d ptaSfiii
PrBaobfrsftoaR fitting im Pa^iifMeif^, ^ndf ttiAy I ehhik, tAa:t youf fntcnrrofn iS
fiich a»ha9e Paflxwfll FofiflSttets ftch ay are Usually Midi i^art Mh>ifl!ers ; foi" 1
miift lay ita jroo ki cheBcAoJf of Mr AftAy, iff ihefar neM PlMe to then- figHtting,
tjiey &te ftemi^ery gwd Pmdhers ; Md 1^ ft<!ml4 beJb^ry they fhou!i(} be etda-
dcd from fdrvtog ibk C<^m>m«tii#eahli;, Me^rai^ fhey h^e been acctiftomed td
preaoh ta tfadr Troopis Qldtiypani^si m^ RegiiiMcnc^, whkh I Afink hax^e be^d
orie of the Bleflings upon th^m, to the o^rryingdn of Ae great Work. I tMnh!
yoQ do not meaa fo, tall f f^t\ket it to* ydo^ thtt ?f y6a th^nk fit tlirre may be t
Confideraxidn had 0f k ;' there rhtfy h6 IbiDe ofusy it nttay be, that hare been af
liirie guilty of that, thaci/»«Q«rtd fefc IbA td be excluded from fitting irt Parfta-\
ifaent. I ft the fatm t^ragt-apifithei^^ili Cilice' tiikeH' ibr the nominatrng CoM-
mHfioners CO tpy tfie Mieiiffael-s W%i<!h kr6 diaftrt^GJ^At hYPatliahienf, and^tt'ulj^
thofe CbmmiCidni#3 are urtc6rt2rin^Pb)4lMi, ind k^i^ ^Ml tb fty WHat'ihaj^ \i^-'
pn, I hope they will be atwaya g|o(^ M^n^ bm if they Ihould be badf, fh^
pcrhafK they will^ keep' oti good Kieh t Befide^, w& think, truly if you wilV
give us leave to help^ as^tb the FrfeedOmcf t*e ParKaitiem,- it will be fortirtlMn^
iharw.iUgorJihtfrhar(ttlydb#h, th«il otherWife, vefy mati'y Reafohs migW be'
given, bUtJ-dofbW t«;ild«t ir ft) jtoui rrflihk ifthefrfe W no Commiflioners, ft'
wdald b&n«vec al ■whkrfle- W(»ft, bdt ilP ydu rftakc (^aliffcadons, if any MaW'
wUJ pnrfumfc^ro fit without phttft^ Qjj^ffi^ldn^,' you may deal witH thetn : A
Man. witfadot Quultfications fitting there; iaf as if he bcf not ehol?, and if he (it
without being .chofen, tfnd lb withdu* a QaaHfic^ation, I am fqre the old Cuftpfti
waa to fend him totbe:Tow*r, to imprifori ftch a ot^e, if an^ Otlt fit tht?r^v
that have riotrigl*to^Iit'tho¥c, if any Sfranger cdnrie inupoh Kii- ^Cefidcd Titfe'
of Elcftion, theh perhaps it was a difffctfent Gaft, if any fit there' upV^rt Prerente'
of a Quaiificatien opon him, yori may fend him to Prifon without any mdrel"
ado \ whether you thirtk fit to do ibor no,^ it is Parliantcntary Bufincfs, I db but'
hint to you, I believe if any Man had Ik informer Parliaments, that had not
taken, the Oarhs pneiferibedi ic woeld hAve^bcert aPauh' enough, (^r. I beh'eve
famething of ttwat^kindi w6uldbe etj^ljivftltrtt tof amy o^het Way, if ndt beticfl
Ifvthat. Awcle^^. whicH I chink is the fifth Article, vfhich condernsT thd Nfdmi-
natron of the ©rhet Hoiifr, in the Rfghinihg' of tbar Article, it U thztr thf Hdufe
is JO be' nominated as ydu dcfign iri and* rhe Appmbltron is' to be frdrtr this'
Houie, I would % to be from^rhe Parlito»em, it isfo^, bilt tbiEfnf itt)W) rf any


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1 68 A Secand GolleQ%dH:of.\

(hall be fubfequently named, after this Hpufe is far^ iipon any loeidental Re«
moval or Death, yoa do not fay, though it feems to refer to the £iind that the
firfl: Eledion doth, yet it doth not refipr clearly to this» that the Non^ihatibci
(hall be, where it was in the chief Officer, and the Approbation of the' other
Houie, if I do exprefs it clearly that yQU pardon me in,, but I think that is the
Aim of it, it is hot clearly ezpreil there as 1. think you .will be able to judge
)vhether it be or no. , • ' .

In the 7th Ardcle, that which concerns the Revenue, that is the Revenue
that you have appointed to the Government, in which you have diftributed Three
Hundred Thoufand Pounds of it to the Maintainance of the Qvil Autbortty,
One Million to be diftributed to the Maintenance of your Forces by Sea and
Land, you have indeed faid it in your Inftrument, and we cannot doubt of it,
but yet. you have not made.it certain, .nor. yet thc^e temporary Supplies which
are intended for the Peace and Safety of the Nations. . It is dcTired that you will
take it. into your Thoughts, and make both thpfp certain, both as to the Sum
and Time, that thofe Supplies Ihall be continued, and truly I hope I do not
curry Favour with you ; but it is defired, and I may very reafonably defire; it,
fhat thefe Monies whatever they are, that they may not, it God (ball bring mc
to any Intcreft in this BuGnefi, which lieth in his own Po)¥er, that thefe Monies
may not be iflued out, by the Authority of the Chief Magiftrate, biit by tho
Advice of his Council, feeing you have in your Inftrument made a Co^ordina*
tion in general Terms, that this might be a referved Things that the Monies
might not be diftributed ; it will be a Safety to whomfoever is your fupreme^
Magiftrate, as well as Security to the ' Public, that the Monies might.be ifluedt
out by the Advice of the Cpuncil, a^d that the Treafurd's that receive this
Money, may be accountable every l^arliament, within a certain Tithe limited
by your felves, every new Parliament, the Trcaftirer may be accountable to.the
Parliament, for the difpofingof the Treafury,' and jthcre is mentioti made of
the Judges in the 9th Article. It is mentioned, .tha( the Officers of State, and
the Judges are to be chofen by the Approbation of the Parliament ; if there be
no Parliament fctting, if there be never fo great a Lofs of Judges^ it canootbe fuppHed^
and whether you do not intend, that it Ihouid be by the Qioice with theConfentof the
Council, in the Intervals of Parliament to be afterwards approved by Parliament,

The Twelfth Article relates to feverai Qualifications, that Perfons muft be

Sualified with, that are put into Places ojf public Office and Tjruft ; now if Men
lall ftep into public Places and Truft, that are not fo qualified they may exe*
cute it. An Office of Truft is a very large Word, it goeth to almoft a Con-
ftablc, if not altogether, it gpeth far \ now if any ihall come, that arc not fo
qualified, they certainly do commit a Breach upon your Rule$ and whether you
will not think in this Cafe, that if any ftiall take upon them an Office of Triift,
that a Penalty fhall be put upon them where he is excepted, by the general
Rule, whether you will not think it fit in that cefped): to deter Men from ac-
cepting of Offices and Places of Truft contrary to that Article, the next is
fetched in fomc Refpcfls, I may fay, by Head and Shoulders, in your Inftru*-
ment \ yet in ibme Refpeds it hath Affinity with it, I may fay I think is within
your Order upon this Account, I am fure of it, there is a Mention in the laft
P;irts of your Inftrument, of your Purpofc .to do many good Things, I ann con* .


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TRACTSi7««//SuBjBCTs* 169

not like the Gemleman that made bis laft Will^ and fee down a gre^t Number
of the Names of Men, that (hould receive Benefit by him, and there was no
Sum at the latter End. I am confident, you are reiblved to deal effeAually in
the Thing at the latter End ; and I (hould wrong my .own Q)nfidence, if I
fliould think otherwife : I hope you will think fifxccrclyt as before God, that
the Laws may be regulated-, I liope you will. We have beenr often talking of
them, and I remembered well at the old Parliament, that we were three Months,
and could not get over the Word Incumbrances^ and then we thought there was
little Hope of regulating of the Law, when there was fuch a Difficulty as that,
buc furcly the Laws need be regulated, and I /nuft needs fay, I think it is a Sa-
crifice acceptable to God upon many Accounts ; and I. am perfwaded, it is one
Thing that God looks for, and would have. I confefs, if any Man would aik
me, why, how would you have it done ? I confefs I do not know how % but I
think verily at the leaft, the Delays in Suits, and the Exceflivenefs in Fees, and
the Colllinefs of Suits, and thofe various things, that I do not know what Names
they bear, . I heard talk of Demurrers and fuch like Things which I fcarcc
know \ but I fay certainly, that the People are greatly fuffering in this Refped,
they are fo •, and truly, if all this whole BuGnefs of Settlement, whatfoever the
KTue of It Ihall be, it comes, as I am perfwaded that it doth, as a thing that
would pleafe God by a Sacrifice in, or rather as an Exprefliion of our Thankful*
nefs to God : I am perfwaded, that this will be one Thing that will be upon
your Hearts, to do fomething that is honourable and eflftdual in it, that trdly I
fay, that it is not in your Inftninoent, in fomewhat that relates to the Reforma-
tion of Manners } you will pardon me, my Fellow Soldiers, that were railed up
upon that jull Occafion of the Infiirre^ion, not only to fecure the Peace of tho
Nation, but to fee that Perfons that were leaft likely, to help on Peace or con-
tinue it, but rather to break \ difiblute and loofe Perfons, that can go up and
-down from Houfe to Houfe, aini they are Gentlemens Sons that have nothing to
live on, and cannot be fupplied to live to the Profit of the Commonwisalth,
which I think had a good Coorfe taken with them, and I think that which was
done to them was honourably, and honeftly, and profitably done \ and for my
own I^art, I mud needs fay, it (hewed the Diflblutenels which was then in the
Nation, as indeed it fprings moft from that Part of the Cavaliers, Ihould that
Party run on, and no Care be taken to reform the Nation, to prevent perhaps
Abufes that will not fall under this Confideration \ we can fend our Children
into France^ before they know God or good Manners, and return with
all the Licentiouiheft of that Nation ; neither Care taken to educa(:e them
before they go, nor to keep them in good Order, when they come Home *,
indeed this makes the Nation not only commit thofe abominable Things,
moft inhuman Things amongft us, but hardens Men to juftify thofe Things \
as the Apoftle iaith, not only to do wickedly tbemfelves, but take Plea-
fure in them that do lb ; aod truly, if fomething be not done in this kind,
without fparing that Condition of Men, without (paring Mens Sons, though they
be.Noblemens Sons ; let them be who they will is deboift, it. is for the Glory
of God, that nothing of outward Confideration (hould fave them in their De-
bauchery, from a juft Puni(hmeat and Reformation ; and truly, I muft needs
fay it, I wodd as much blefs God to fee (bmething done, as to that heartily.
Vol. III. Z upoa

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170 A Stcmd CoUefii^^if-.

upon this Acooan^ not 6nly to thofe Perfons mentioned, but to all tfaeN9tioi\j fliAC
fome Coot^ Height be taken for RefomMion, that theri m ig^t be fomfc Stop put to
fach a Current rf Wickedncfi and Eiffl as that n\ and truly,' to d6' it hcartilv, and
nobly, and iivorthily : The Nobility of this Nation efpeciaify, ahd the Gentry
will have caufe t^ blefs yeu, and mcewife that fome'Care might be taken, that
chofe good Laws already made for the punifbin^ Vice, may t>e elfcAuaHy put
in Exfcation. 'This mim I needs fiiy oT our Major-Generals that dp you Ser-
vice, I think tt^was an effc^font good Thing, Iprofcfsl do, and I hop^ you
will not ihtwk ittmworfby of »yeo, that when you have feed thit, though you
have good againft th^ com nrffen Country DiTprdcrs, that are every where, who
is thereto oacate Ui«*> : Really a Juftke of the Pfeafce, 'fllall from the moft be
wvmdeMd ar^ as an Owl, if he go but one Step oyt of the ordinary Courfe of
hii FeHow JoRfccs, in the Reformation of Ihefe Things;' and therefore \ hope
may ivprefent that to you, as a thing worthy of your (^fidiration, that fome-
ifaing tnay <'be ibvnd - out to fopprefs foeh Things, 1 am perfuaded you would
glorify God tn^ir, ^imudi as ty vSj one thing yon can 'do^ and fo I think you
wiU p«ndOki fne. I canMt lelF !n this Aftkiie that I am now' to fpeak urttb,,
whether I ^^J^^to'dny tWng or nothing: There is a Defirt that the publick' Re-
venue be nor altenated, iMit by the Confim df the ParKament -, f doubt piiblick
Revenue is Jrkc Qnpfdis LilnrWis Aigtistj 'that is a Notion only, apd nqt to
be found as I know^yf ; ^ if there be any, andGodbleft us in our Settlement,
there wilt be pubiitk Revenue accUrring, and whether' you wHt fubjet^ thg io
any Alienatton wiihotit the Cenfent^f the Pafllamenf, rs that which is oKred.
to you ; truly Ais Thing tihdt I have'furthtr to bflbfto you it is the kfl; jn',^ts
Fapar, and 4t Is a Thing that is nstttieftcd in tfhc *fl5dtecrfrh ^Article^ that you
would have thofe A As and Ordkiances t!i/at havet^eefr itiacJc fi'ncc the Jatc Trou-
bles during the Time of them, ^httt*th*y*jftould, ff they be contrary to this Ad-
vice, 4hati:hey fliol^d i^main Iti fiieh^Force, in fuch ihanuer, as if this"!Advicc
had not been gtvtn>, why <hat Aat ts^doobted, is whether Or no this wilfbe fuf-
ficitnt to keep Things in a fijHied Condition, ' becauft it is but an Irtiplication, it
is not determtfied, >byt you d<^pa(s by <heTMn^ without fodiU Pounc^tion as
will keep thofe ¥eo^ which ate now In Pofl^ffidn-bf 'Eftatcs upon thiV Accounr,
that their Tides may be queftidned-and-fhaken, if that'be not explained; and
tody I betieve you intend very fWly in thfe'Bafinef?if the Words already do doc
fimci^, that I fubmit to your «wn AdvHement, but there ^ In this a very grcst
Gcmfideracbn 9 therte hath b(*n'-.ft*e^thc^G6*ernmcfnt ftv^raf A'fts ?nd Ordi-
nances, that have been maftfe^by the^EHefcPfe of fhat Jegiflative Powcr» that was
exerdfed fince we undett^ok th!s'€5btemmrrft,,'and I think your Inftrumcnc
fpeaks a little more faintly tb thi*fe, arid dfAtoufly than to the other; and truly
I will not make Apology for any thing, bor furcly- two Perfons, twp forts of
Men will be meeriy concerned upon 'Wfrs^ Account; thaf^s, they that arc ex-
ercifrd, ^nd the Perfons 'who d^eObjrfts df tftat^Cxcrdfe, it Wholly difleitles
them wholly, if you be not cJear in your ^prefflpns' iir this Bufinefs> it will
diffcftlc OS very rtuch tofhir^'k that the'ParHamcht, 'th$t doth not approve well
•of what hath been done upon- a true Ground of Necrflity, as far as it hath faved
this Nation frbm running into total Arbftrarineft, ot fubjeft it to any fort of*
Men that woutd-perhaps dofo. We-th'irft:* we have in that Thing defcrvtd well

• . * • • "of

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TRACTS on all Subjects. 171

oftbeStalt, ff any Man wili afk. mc, ^t^rtah, SU, whalf- hav« you <ionc fiitce ?

Vi^hy ah, aa I wiU cdnfelsoiy Fault wbcre. I am giiiUy> fo I chink ftiking the

Things as they were, I'think w^/iicl ihi:!C9aii»0i>W4B4lth Servkse, and we havie ,

ki that miude grcjit SeiHerheats^ t(ia( have we 'i we W^ fettkd aicnoft all the

whpla Affairs Jn heUofiy tkelligKes and In(^^fl?s o^f cbe SoMieto chefe, and of

ffte JPIafitch an^ Advwturttrsi and truly^ w« have* fettled very niucb of theBa*

finefs of th^ Mmiftry^ and I cetil4 wi(k kfaac ihajt bovfiCK to itvoax, the grard Men^

] wiih ip' be nqt^ but \ tiiuft needs hf]^ if i hav« any tbiB^ 10 . rejoice before the

Lord ifi this World,,, as having .dope, pr^ Gop^^w Service I caq fty it from

niy l^eart & ard I kinow I iay ftbe Trufb, cha^ ifi batfi bce», lee any Man fay

what he will to the cofltrary, be wiU »ve me lea?e to enjoy .my own Optcrton

in it, tind Coii£;ience, and Heart, awTclarebear my' Teftimony to % there hath

not b^n fuch a Servioe t^ Bnglm4j Hnce ihc Chriftian Religion* wae perfcdjL m

Mnglandj I dare be bold to^fay it, however bcr^and there, trberi imy hare i»eeir

Paflidti and, Mifta^s, and the Minifters xhe^felves, t^keihegpneralhy of them,

they will te^ ft is befidqa the Jaiicudk>BS» and we did.takeitiupocithajtvAeeotori

sind.we'did not truft upoR* doing that which we diid^ Virtuie -hifiitKfi as a Jw4

Divinoy but at a civil Good, bu8 >■ '■ fo we end in-tfals Thing, we know not

better how to keep the Mioiftry ^^ood, and to augment it to Goodnefi, than to

put fuch Meh to be Trion^ Men of kliown Inlegriry, and Piety, i^rtbodox

Men, and faithful^ we. know 001 how iMter 40 anfwer our Duty t6 God, and

the NTation,. aodtbeFeopleof God, 10 that rtfpeft in doing what we did, and

I date fay, if the Orouhdaupon which we weot^ will not joftify us, the I0ue,

and Event of it doth abondantly juftify ui^ G«d havkig had exceeding Glory by

it, in^ Geqerality of it, i am coii6dentlbr^y«>lokt> nir aa heretofore the Mdn

sbathave ^cn admitted kito the Miinftry in Times of Epilcopacy, alas what

pkifqlCirtij^caies fervedtonlakftaNfM« Minffterl If any Mad codd under-

fiand 4^/*, ind.Greik^ it was as if be fpHkicfFil/k^ he was fure to be admitted,

"which in thpJIe Daya weat for Hitriw mixik a great many ; but certainly the

|KK>refl: Thing ki the World woaM ifervetiirn, aad a Man was adnmtrdupon

iuch an Account, I, and upon a laisg I am fore the Admiffion riiat had breii to

thofe Fhqs^ fince, had been under this Ohara€l;er, as the Rule that they muft

not admit, a Mao, uakft he be able to difcemfome of the Grace of God in him,

whkrh was io putto, #8 that it was not feotiSiIy or ienftefly, but fo far as Mes

4X)ul(i judge according ao the Rulea of Charity j but fticb a Mat> whofe good Lift

and doAveriatiot^tbby ^ould hatvea very good Teftif^eny of four, or £ve of the

neighbour Mioifters, wh^knew him, «or could they admit him, unlefs he could

igive a very good Teftunony ofthe Gmee of God ui him \ and to this I fay, I

muft fpeak niy Conlaefioe 24 it, though a great many are angry at it, all are

angry at it, and how. fliall you pleafe every body : Theniay (onie, none muft

be .admitted, except perhaps he will be bapiized^ this is their Opinion, they

will not admit a Man into a Coogregatbn, except . he -be fo much lefs to be a

Miniftdr ; the PreJbjfUrtM be will not admit him, except he will be ordained,

generally they will not go to the Indcfendants \ truly I think if I may not be

partial, I think if there be a Preedofti of Judgment, it is there. Here is three

ibrts of gpdly Men chat you fire to, take Cafe for, ^and that y^:^ have provided

^orin your Setdement^ and hom oould you now put k to the Prejbyteriansy but

Z 2 yoa

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70U maft have done^it wiih a PolBbiUiy of EsBdufion of di tiiofi jtf^dptift$^
add>f ttie /iiir^Mi^hi ftfvl WW 3m have put jt iMo dte^ay, ^dsatiftaftfiyii
be of jnfcf^ ctiefe Judgmcms, if he liave cfae Root i^f idrMwitenan 'Um,' iie
may bebdfnitcedi ^ie^kitb been' mp Care and WorU, bjry fdme CMioahcdi of
.cairiv'bocb:hy«nfttbe!EV>uiidatie^ and n(iaiif huadiedaf NfAiftir» faeiiig

in upon ir, and if chia be a Time of Sccdecnent, then I hope it ia^nor a:Ticrfi»of
^hakiog^ aodchsitfoire I hope yoii will be pleafid to iettfe tbta Bufioefa^ ?that
you will neither (Hake ariiePerfonf that have bsen poor)y JoftMmcaAl^ tptei)l
. you totbit Opf)ortunrty^4tf letcH0|g^is .Nation, and doing, goodoi k v MrUh;^
thofe hoxftMen^s IncereAsi'f hat have lieeiitbes-ietcied, confid^ihgrlblmurii jGobd
'barh been .wtougto by tiitiftf and To i have done with theOffirra* tO'f oir: 'Bot
here is icwnewhat chat i» indeed exceedir^ly paft ihy Underftaiidiiig^ for J ha^^
as litdcrSldU in Aritheoetick as I have in the Law ^ diene ia great Suni9» it is
^ell xf i cao eount them to 700. The prdent Cberm of the Forcesborh by Sea
and Land, including the Government, will be Two MillioftsfiouciHandred Twen-
ty- fix Thoufand Nine Hundred and Eighty-nine Pounds, the whole prefcnt Re*
venue in England^ SsiotUwdy and Ireland^ is about Ooe-MiUion Nine Hundred
Thoufand JF^unds, I think .this was r^sckoned U the nK>ft,'as now the Revenue
(lands : Why now towards chis, you fettle by your Inftrtiment One Milliorv
Three Hundred Thouiand Pounds for the Govcrnmrot, and upon that Account
to maintain the Force by Sea and Land, and this without Laiid>Tax I think,
and this is fliort of the Revenue, that now may be railed by the Government,
Six Hundred Thoufand Pounds, becaufe you fee the prefent<3overnment is Qqc
Million Nine Hundred Thouiand Pounds, ami the.whoie Sum which may now*
be raifed, comes of the preient Charge Five Huadred.Fony^two Thoufand Six
Hundred and Eighty-nine Poun^s,^ and although an End Ihould be* put «o the
Spsnijb War, yet there will he'a Neceffic/of.the Prefervatkn of the Peace «»/
the three Nations, to keep up the prefent eftabliflaed.Army^ \n Bngiand^ Sm-
Jmd^ Bnd Ir^landy and aUb a conGderable Fleet for foms good Time, an^l Vit
fiiali pleafe God, to quiet^ and compoie Men's Minds,, and bring the Nation to
^ ibme better Confiftency, (b that confidcring the Pay of the. Army, coming to
upwards of One Million One Hundred Tboufond Pounds fir jAmum^ and the
' Government Three Hundred Thoufand Pounda^. it will be neceflary, that for
- fome convenient Time, ieekig yoa find Things as you da, and it is not good
to tbinka Wound healed befoM it be ;. that there Aould be railed owr and above*
One Million Three Hundred Thott&tid Pounds, the Sum of Six Hundred
.Thoufand Pounds ^rr yinnumy. whkh makc»up tlw Sun of One Million Nine
Hundred Thoufand Pounds; that likewife the:, Parliament declare how far they
will carry on the &paniftf War, andfor what Time,, and what ferther Sum they^
will raife for the carrying on rhe i^mt^ and for what Time, and if thefe Things^
be not afccrtained, as one faith. Money ie» the Caoie certainly, whatever the
Caufe is, if Money be wanting, the Bufincls will fall to the Ground, and ail our
Labour will be ioii:^ and therefore I hope you will have a Care of our Under-

And having received Exprefilons from. you,, that we may believe, we need

Mt o&r theie Things to you, that thefe Things ^will be cared for, and th^fe

Things have all of them beoi mad^ Overture ofto you, and are before you^

& and

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TRACTS tn «// Subjects. ^7^3

^bd'felMV^e fibevUt die CotiGdenict0n of cte Debts, wbid) ix\Ay I think are
t|ipueiic»' tod lb I hifverdone, thatlbAvetoofty youi I tKMc I have truly &r
Ay/Fan^an^wbenl'fiidl.ucuier^ndwhere koi^ andwhm ~

I AalLfiiideiftaiid yeur Jfkafiirb m fhoTe Things a little ftlrjlte^ wb haire an-
jriMffed<€bl!Olvdetr>ctfi'!adiaim io eoofidcring aiid debarinft of chefe Things,
tfaae w^re the* fiib^eft: Matter of Debate and Coiifideraiien» and when you ^1
be pldlbdtd kt^me^hidrefttrther of your Thoughts in the& Things,^ then I fup-
poTe^ I fli^'beiinsa'GQQditioii to diTcfaarge mytfelf, as God fhall put in my
Miiidi'«nd i 4>4ak>no€i)bis to evade, tklt I l^k.in tb^ Fair -and Benwoce of
Godi kndrlclhall pbiniyaitd clearly, I fiif, when yoo fiiaU baire been pkaftd
among yourltivai to^ake Confideration «f tbcfo Tbiog^y that I tnay hear what
yoiv TfaMglpts: aft' .of tbefe Things, I do not 4y iKic, at a Condition to any
Tbiogf JMJt.lftailbrfree, and honeft, and plain, to dtfthai^e my&lf, of what
in the wbole,* and upon the whole, nuy reafonably be.ea^m^d from tae^ aod
GodllhallietitaiQi&ttM anArtryou in.

'His Highnefs**S SPEECH tbthe Parliament hi the B^nquetting-
Houfc at fVbitehall^ 8th of May, 1657.

>• I . •• ^ ■ • -
. Mr.iSpeitor^. I m- . .

1^ GM^Jbitbfit. t^iiJtfigur iho^^ thai was in your lafi P^per to your Committer
^iyOH ^fif9t^ foitk^ vihicb ioag inrtUtion to tbe D^es wbicb'wen offered to
f9t by^the HiitfojHn^bM ihtycalted their Petition ; J confefs that Bufinefs bath

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