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or ihemfelyes not bound by Oath ro his AflHlance: ScoiTand Snd Ireland wWY'tq-
jolce at another Civil War in England, in hopes to free therhfilfes from the In-
conveniences of being Provinces. Thofe who have leaft to lofe, arc the ufuai
Gainers by RcbcUion. There arc fown between thefe Nations Seeds of Difcon-
* tfeh't, and there will not be wanting thofe who will improve them. Ihave
>• hAard from . knowing Prrfons, there are no lefi than fifty thoufandf Irifi> Soldiers
rtt)W Uvibg, Ihat have been trained to in the Frencir^ and other Foreign Sfer-
vice.i and 1 believe »there cannot be fewer of the •J^r^Z/z/i People. Thefe all,
with many of our own Countrymen, will quickly credit the Lawyersi, that tell
us?. No A^y no Crimcy no Attainder of^teafon^ can bar the next of Blood from
being King in tbe-inftant of Time bis Predeceffor does not fo much die^ af tranf
fhit bis Life^ bis Breathy orHs^oulj by a State-MHempfycbofis^ into the Nof*
J fits J tbe Body of bisSuccifftm. JBt^wdr^/theFourrh, Henry the Seventh, Queen
Mary^ Q^ten M;iabetb^ and King Ji**^/ enjoyed the Crown, though all ex-
^:ladcd by A6bs of Parliament, if they ought to have the Name, that were the
JEflfefiks of Force, ftrong Han<J, and an ofurping Tyrannick Power. Thefe Sta^
.tutes wete by all Judges of £n^^/tf9i/ accounted void in themfelVes^ and therefore
,Atver had the Honour of Repeals^ nor were they broi^bt intoPIca by Sir ff^al^
i . . . . tcr

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TRA^CTB on all Subjects. 249

'' iir "Rawieigb^ 'one'-of the '^rcatcft Wits of that Age, though he urged a very
trivral die, ^be Kittg^s not being erowntd \ a Ceremony of Pomp and .State, . not
of Uft 6t f^eceiffity, las apfpears nbt only in that it could be of no ufc to him,

■ hot rfiat feyeral liings-hiVd excrdfcd a fiill Regal Authority, ,cna(5led Laws,. 6?r.
before their. Cor6rlaiitos,', And finie this Inauguration is \^l a Formality, let it
be well wcigh*d,' that unlcfs the Monarchy be made purely Eledive* and that
Paitof the Common X.aw, and the feveral Statutes that have declared it Here-
ditary, -be repealed in expafs Words, and the Oaths of Al'egiface and Supre-
macy changed, and the Succeflbr mentioned b^ Nams, tbe Ace ag^inft the Duke
falls to' the Ground of itfelf, 10 the Moment in which be happens to out-live f he
'King; for thereby becohilng our lawful Sovereigo, rnone can fight Againft^ or
oppoTe his Right to the Crown, without Prqupy and Rebellion ; . wje having fworn
^o defendy.againft all Pretenders whatsoever. Foreign or Pomeilick, the King's
Majefty, his Heirs .and Succeffors, and all Higbt^ Pcnrilqgq^ and Prebcmir
nenccs to them belonging, annexed to the Impei;ial CfRWi) of tbia Realm,
k no^ ^hcrPeiceQC of thejCrown upon the next of Bio^odpne oftbele&ightSt
tSc. acknowledged by tlvp Common Law, and in .the Statutes 1 i^.rJEliz.^nd
Jac? The Maxim in.ourLaws^ Tie King neve f die^ con6ftning,as mqch.
"And was not the Duke iheoj at, the taking of thcfe Oaths, the next Heir i And
*what'Power on Earth can abCblve from the Obligation of propiiiTory Oaths,

' 'Without the Party's own Conient to whom the Promife isi made ? luet us not rail
xagainft the Pbp^* fordep^ring Pilnces,, and abfoiving Subjects from thpir Alle-
giance, and yet allow tbe Parliamept theiame Authocity ?

I'he Bil) ^gainft the Duke is not only of an extraordinary, but of two Ka-*
itures.; oneoxpreflesaprefentPuniflimeqrt Exile, which^ as a StibjeA, did the
Crime deferye it» none will deny maybe infli£ted ; the other refers to the future^
and is at prcfent no Puniihment, nor can be hereafter4 for if heout*live his Bro-
ther, bis being £irg in that Mooient puts upon him a new Pcrfon, a Politick
Capacity, over which, not before in being, no former Authority could have
f ower, nor any ^tcr, jiecaufe himfelf is becooie Supcotoe, and, as fuch, by our
.own, and the Laws of God, fubjedl to no Earthly TribunaK £raffon$ and all
«ur old honeft Lawyers, tell us with one Coofeot, ffbe King can do n^^Wrtmg^
•i. i, can be accountable to his Subje&s for none.of hi3 AdLk>o$. Nemo ftUdem

•di faff is ejus pr^fumaf difptuai[c^ mulio minus contrafaSum ejus ire Ltcus

.4rii fupplicationij quod faSlu^ Jftum corrigaf tS minde$,\ quod>fuidem JS non/e^
^mV /H^^^ ^^ ^^ fofnam, quod dominum Diim i9Cfe&ei ukgrm* ■.

Now. he. that iays, The Oaths of. JllegiasKi and Suprtmacy reach no furiber
than Jo tbe King in beings fays not amf^, if he. takes the King in hi$ Pubjick
Capacity ; for, in that he wver dies. But if he ineaAs no more than 4he
Peribn of the reigning now Monarchy he cancels with* his Death the^bli*
•gation of thofe 0atb$i and mak^s Rebellion a^^oft tbe<Succc:ffi)r 00 Crime
againft Confcience, though it may be otberwife agalnft Prudence. Xbistis 10
elude the Oath, and rob it of the Energy defigned. For,, it is pHttn by *tbe
Words Heirs and Succeffors^ that the Taker's Obligation continues during tJioir
.own Lives, let the Perfons of never fo mapy. Princes be aitcred ; and as ceAtain,
that in an Hereditary Monarchy tbe Duty is owing to the next of Blood : And,
jChat a Parliament, or any Power, may difpenfe or abfolvefrenrxheObliganon^,
Vol. lU. ;.K,k ^ipeoial^y

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^50 ^ Secmd CoUeBim^of

cfpcciially of pr6miflbry Oaths, between- Party and Party, without tQUC^^Om-K
fci>t| is aDoorifie iocooGftcnt with the Nature of Promifcs (whpre .th^ Pfpmijcj;
gjlT^s the other a Right, and mako himfelf Iwi'Dcblor) wkl the .Hiilei
Chriftianity, of human Society,, and all Govermneat.. It is,.iiO'le)6 dan^aus tO^.
arffcrt^ Tbaf Prtmijjory OAibsyjor Oaths dc fiituro, are not ^Uigahry^ , SlycH a\
Principle cancels all the Duties and Bonds of Obedience between ^^inccrand jSub^^
jeft \ of which therefore not only the Divines, aad my I^rds^^be Bifl|op8, but;,
the State, is to be very tender and carefuL Upon this |'ounflati9lii»p i^ is ey^den^,
(hat if the Dulqe out Jires his Brother^ and the Mooarcliy of ^^gl^^^^jL^ 1^ >y ^
Hereditary, and CofonaQoii but Formali^,^ we become upon itliePp^ 9v f]^
Me, the Subj^i^ oj^ the other; And tboogh there Go^.br fomc that. will
apt think of this Troth, or uowithftandii^ will not ixymd it^^.yet lam af-.
fured, all that sre truly Cbriftiians, and all that are. of thd Church oL^nrland^^
and wife,. ^liH lay ittoHcartt;. for Cbriftiani<»y teaches^, ba ^tlic^ l^uijcc w'aric^,
or no Religion,, we JTUift hcobedientv.and fubi8itourleIveS| mtionfyfot^ro^^
iut alfo for Qnffcmci.fakei^, In .the. lata Tjoies-of ilifjir Ration tlwqr yr^t^ ^ fgiH
fiblc of this, ihac they made the People cojrenant ag^iACtttKe JCin^ and renounoe
their former by After-Oaths v yet they^durft notJepend on. that Artifice, whh<^. .
outche. Affiftance of an Army* Tiius then we fee the^Duko cannot: want a Par*
ty in Englandy.vi\ko(k Strength muft over-ppwer any other, f when to it is united ■
Aht of Scotland mA Inland. And here let none be mifiakep, asif^irV/a^J
were governed or influenced by.Prefbyterian D.mine*! ; theJ^^^b^icy ihcre do »
wholly fway, and hate refined Prelbytcry,. and a Plebeian CprriipoawcaJth;
Neither will the Sms be more forward to. affiil the Duke^ than the JkfJJS^i in .
Jiopet they- may thereby fa^d an Opportunity to extirpate the Knglifi^ and regain
iheic ancieift Pofii^fBons,. free thenpfehres from any Df^iendence, or at leaft.
Change their prefent fronExtharof £i^/tfAito iran^^, . which on mai^ Scores
feoms to be the true Interefl of that l&ingiomy ppUtiokJy.conK^pred, either as-
Popilh or Proteftapc without refped tp ReKg^. It.is a ready Inlet lo.frmci^ .
wtV> will 'not bo wanting to^fiOft the Duke in this (parrel i^ .the only way he
can hope, 4»y ^zmtif^ England on his fide,, to win Uie Ulsiverfal Dominion*.
.Il^ow 10 refift (he Duke, an Army, muft be maintained-, the General of that
Army, may turn Papifl, or Tyrant, .6r both f and either way we may be inflav- .
•4d, ^^y the Dulqp if he .ga^ins the Yidloty ; 'qr> if he lofes it, by our own Gcr .
•niinil* ' Thus we OTay,.-by. (hpnning one-Rock,. iplit^ upon another. Jhc R^
i9ifins defigning.to U^e. theaiielves> from ihe ieemir^ .Tyranny oi Julius Qq^k, .
^iwfaottudied by. Clemency and Obligations upon. every Body to fecure himfelf,,
■ as muft ncfds.be his Royal Highnclyff Intereft,. as it isJiis Teipper and Indina-
lion) made way for, the real and perpetual one, in the Pcribns of A^uflus^ .TV-
i^m«.f, -and their Succefli»rs» And. the. C^r^c^i^ffj repining againft their lawful
.fimperors, and deeming d^eix.juft and wholfome Commands tyrannical and op-
{^cflWe,.were ib refraftbry, and fo obfl:inate, that, through fpite to their So^
ycreign, tbqy would contribute nothing towards the neceflfary Defence of the
Elmpiic, when invaded by the Jl^r*, until at laft, through the juft Judgment
^of the Almig^y, r(a fhpng Puniihment for their Folly) they became a Prey to
>lha£ Tyrant^ ,and to this day, continue the verieft Slaves in Nature.

And, I pray, why muft we nm all this Hazard to fecure Religion ? If th^t
teithe Thing, it .may certainly be dooe by binding up the Hands of a Popilh


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Sdcttflbr.%^jr7ach Laws'^s Will makeit Felony or. Trcafon fortfTipift to-appcw '
at CbOrt: Of b6af dny Ofilfcc, aftdf pirt it out of the Princess Pbwcr to pardon"
ftlth <l>fiRndes^of<!>flFend<jrs: fbt my own Pzrr, Iftc no €?att& to apprc^hcnd i^
J?of/?f!JSoc^Ceflfof, efi^dilly tfie'Oake, woukl or could alter our Lawi or RcH-"
-gion:"' To atctmptn, would be, (bU Crown of Howtrs, to forfeit one 6f Gold
and JeWeU. Ha^ he ever ofifer^d to pcrfuade any cff hit Children, or his Set-
^^nts t^ change their Opifcilon ? And why fliould wctliink a Man who has ne-
w^ brdkeh ftis'Wwd or l^fomifet atid never pmfefltd tibthir^ more than a Li-'
b^srty^of^Copfciettfce; h retfriincd as mteht tfe t^nfflftcnt wjth pciblicfc Peace,-
'fhould,* With ffli Pdrwfie, '^Icer Ws' Judgment, contrary to PrucJcBce,* and too-
crkry to fiis'Intefett:? ISftigsate'nOt now a^dsiys Prtcff-ridflen i and the King ^
.£^/Uliictrtnot beicfppoftd* to deftroy his'Sabjefts at their Ddires, more than
the Mori'archs o( ffance and iSermany. artd other JPVinces 5f that Region, whete
?Non-pA^ft^ ot Proreftadts, iive under the Procefiioh ^of Laws, and enjoy tiielr
i'lbchits, and tbcfr Fortunes; Befidcs, ta offei- fjy l^opce to todoee z\l tp the
Church Of X^wr,' wbiild he -Folly and Madnefe. * Ndlher •tficCohft^cutiad*c^f
Mk^tan'd^ nor Chriftmnity, wAl admit of ^ropagatd^-Rtdtgioh by the S^VKj^d.
The nKC King, not to mention that his SubjeOs'in the Three- Kingdoms will txf
above rwohundned ft-dceftants for oneFapift, will not have the "fourth EH« Of
the prefent King*sllcvenue } wiwch being infufficteot for the neccflary lEicpences
of the Crowh^ wiB"nccdBt4t<f him to have recouife to, aiid cofaipliante Vjth his
JPtople in P^arliament/ = ' * ' ■ ^ " .

Bqc now xonfxder the HTae : If it pleafe God, after this Bill paffed, in fome
fihorttime to take the King to hfmfetf, the Princcfs of Or^wfr,* perhaps ib coA-
vpttment to her Father, and to prevent a War, may ref6fe ; aiid heir Huftaod
cannot come to the Throne, iffhe decline it, others being before hioi. Whit
then ? The next after cannot come in \ muft the Duke then ? No, that is againft
iat^. f4ere *f ffl tWcrf be no *lling j confeooently Anar^y a\id Confulion. ^ But
If the Pnnci?fe do aflTtirtie the prbwn^ and after »ihat, the Dake have a Son, arid
he bred ap in the Prorrftant Religion, What will then follow ? Still a War. The
f rincefs will be unwilHng to refign,. and yet the other is mofl: certaioly Kin^.
:But if this young Prince Ihould, during his Father^s Life, -or his SifterV^ be
kept out; he, or his Iffue after^ contending w.i A that of the Prince^- wiR en-
tail a War upon the Nations/ So thit upofi ibii whfctfe, if the Dukt put-ti^^^
;{Cing, I fee nothing but Mi^y arid Delfekition like to ci^{be upon his Dilinie-
•rifon. And therefore 1 lay, xc is fitter to Wave the A^ whoHyv w endeavoar,
*by provmg him guilty of the Plot by fu*Bcieht Teftimonics, to take away his
Life. For, if we cannot be fafe iff he ffacceed, I amfiaite we cannbr, if he oue*
live our prefcnt'Sovcrdign: A Bill of Aftatndef will be of noForce; tfcebeflr
Lawyers will teH you, the* Defcent of the Crown Wafties that Sain away. A
Ftojeft of Divme wHifpered between thd JKiitg and <Ju(ten, wiB notbeftiffiifieht
Security: For, if that Ihould take, which is notpfObabk, bccaufc€brfftianity
-forbids it i yet k is poffible the King nwiy have no Iflbe by a ntw Cctofon 5 or,
if behave, that the moft will look on them but as illegitimate : And fo^ as a
qudflionablc Divorce once brought us from' the Church ofRme^hiJfenry VllPa
pays, another may rctufn us' thither, durihgi'or foon' after the RcigA 4f

' ' •■ ^ '*"• i ; — - ^- -K''k ir' ^'' '' ■' - ^^ -• . ^ " ' ^'^'^Aid

li^A, iJ'.."'

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J5^ Jt Sitwd GplHehinp tf:

Apdherc I would ha.ve it frcmrmb^ned, ^th^t ttieNnlurt of Pftrll%Pllntrf«^
quircfi/their-infiermeddlit^ only with; what thq Ku% ^1 ptqpqwrf ^ ^f^iOYttf^
He cdllt^tbem co advifkand dcUlDcra^ a8rCouqCbtV>r$»vq9f jt^tirT>pi>irt^l9|loa.vhiat
in any^ Partkular^ Let therefore theSpiric. of .Mfidei^tipp-^vern anf^^iKoft.
chcir Counfela, put an JEnd lo cIk Plot, by trying *c Af «ftd.< ,U^% Mk .Mngx
land in its- Trade already Six Million*,, n i»» been i»ccly coni{^«|ed^J)y iMiOwing .
Perlbns ; encrealed our JealouQos and Fears at home, noade us a, Scora 40^ ^fl^ .
*proach abroafl, :anfi cxpofelwto be a Prey <ip ihelje^gq^ of J?Q«s|@fleBbal-i.ct :
not the Ambition, Maiiccpr Rpycfl8» ^^lany pf iWr-F«|l<>ite3«b^%4?»«*
to the enflaviftg ourfclwos and our PoftcriticSi. ,\f.ih^]Slqmfi^^^Q^XDam^m^
grow exorbitant^ the JLofd^are, with the iCingita<oun(^ff:p«Mbjty to pr«!vt«(.chf
otherwiie not arotdable lUia of the Conunofiweakh. : l^.;)lMl9fMrdit>thf«i .th^ .
Addrefc is humbly fubmittcd, praying ^hcy.wpuld \)!Vm¥i «BWwtaM^ll»feBii •
iGonieq^eQces. of tho BHl of Ezciufiop. Thf irp^ «i^ IT^wA M^ JuftJor^Xp^
rage, dhd the PraAice of<hofc VirtuiM in. M^.%TS^A^m%\f¥^ ,lhte ^jXtfk
fcrvatiy^s of England^s. piofent Pfeacc and fqfuiv H?p»ipiMfi v -:f^^^Hum /a^lfifU
0liena.pmcuIa;€autum^ Remember whjit^ ii> pafly ^nd^hw lik^l noi'^ed'ito .
add.more than this» ^^.^ycrbum fafknH. As for 0(iie;»v^i4ed or^ftiflcdby .
Ignorance, Malice, OKlnterefty lean only fay,..with>thc ffi^l^.j . 1

V ' . . . X X : .:* 'J .i - ^* j.'\

^pd amiUis agss^ qui u^mjus^ Jif^i.\b<mum Hi^^if^umjpmii . \ ^\
Md^Uus^ pejus^ frofit^ ohfit\ nihil vidsnfi nifi f^fd Mi^if^t ..£ir: - . ; .

And thcf^fbre I leave^ them to Time for a \?ttfcT Tcmpec^ (<^ tji^ CQpdu^ x^
their own ReaioD, and God's frovidence^Jor the.CqrfL'^pC (h«r j^ojlyt ^odfor^ .
better Underftandin§; . - - . ./.>^ o.

. Sinctl^i/bedibisDifcMrfi^ thifollpfipifif^tffF.€i$mit»xVg^M^^^ t^nAhr ^
tiding a MS advantageous tq tbi Puki^k^- as ilyif,ipge9ii^its^ IJ^a'^^rffiff^cd A^
add iiy tbat-ibofe ivbom^gbt rtptnk tbtQhATfftffshtf^rmr^ magk b€rifC09^nfyl .
liy Ibe lalia*^ .... . . ^ '

. • . -. .. i ...*.. i j.i '•' ' . • '

X AM gwewccl ^tnnr WJT So^« an4 »9(&>ktly A0i<it»e^ AOifiod by. your kft,
X ,that any inake tneSuppqi^iw of th^jSHikt^ il^iog a Baptitt 9xA confe-
^omtly UD& to govern, the Proei^q of /opting fo high agamft the Monarchjra .
and, ^hat£) many are di:awQir>l^thi| vioIeptCpurfe andFa^ton, upon die Sur*
)g[i\tc of hifi bei^gt if 04¥:e o^^pded, t Jrrc<^ciliH[jp|ie. .

•!. 1 flialJliJn few. Words,. r^tiip^ yw njy QpjnjpnTOn thefetwo Points, v I can-
not indei^^hi^ look on both^aafneer Artifice, of ^mii^ioMa Men, )who, milling
it, Share io the prefent Cpftflitw^pn, contrive aaqther G^vornmenj^ I wKh I had
pot too. fQuch Caufe tp ^ay, .it will at JUft^^cnd in a Conimonwealch.: For, if no-
ising were in.iheir Heads, but Jlecufing^ the Eflablilbtd Religion^ they wonU
hot oppofc Popery alo;ie^ but Prefbytery^ equally with, the other deftrudiveof
thatj tck.vifhLc^ibey.dq not o^ly opeo a G#p» but for the Opinions of ^ULiother
Sc^tUf .'^;^^ obfervc wjth .Aftoniflimcnt,.. and with. Bb-

Iqlutt^zi^ >i^]w:hJteLye put ^s upon Pceparafions^of ftickipg .by our Sovcrfiigq,
. / / - ' agabft

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TH fik CT8 "on all '^u^jects. l^y

agJilttft iH'mtoritftif iftfciltfne and rebellrous Praifticcs wfiitloeVir; thtf'thc Ctim-
iBonS' b*ve D<it brought any 6ne Af aft into Trouble; btifides PapHb, but Men 6F '-
iBibown M>y^4t)r, and of thi'Ghurtft dfEngtirnd'; kdflrefllng, % repeated ift
ftftiwes, ki'Pay6(i»rbf»^-i-^ #ho^^ in otlr Dfnniarf, to' ha^ bfecn extfi
cxntd fer Treaibnv if gmky of flo bther Grimfc thart hrs fifyiHg'ftr r^«W *^ hachi
^tk^JtmytboirfMd McHj to ftaftd hf hinfifdf prmrfng.ihit IrofttbasLib^ Tbi
AppML .'-•'-'> ■. . >. - .1 . . '


•lto#iwg:}t (AXyi^ypfi^m^O^fi^^^^ "Aftd ^wWre Tfasr*

Princi»-lcto^t*ic EfRAa^ of {f,'as^tftfey!i'ave -in »i¥SirtJ?KrlPW^ *

ii¥'Aw«^/v-'fft>m tKe MugtrttetSi ftt-the Ntibtrlandh^ from^h^'GfifA \ -fn (?r«^
^i.Smt4nd^ WA ekl&ffSi,4hMk>fh6Pr^ttriiiy^t^F(ftSbadenfW
Iif9ii*is dm, umdsiPi'hiak^^imrhlkcker than be is': ^ ' ^'^ ^; ^^'. *'^. ^'•^ '^^^ ^^^^^
' it'ly«s^.ttid^Prefbytefiaw 6^ Jw/Z^vrf =that»-h^A3e*Vl^f agiitW;' *^ '

tkiHP k«fol Qwfeik*Mr^j^, . Md begat! the Rebcllfbri iri;^V> al^an«t"«iT^1E?iyr?iri ft
Itwasdiefeiii Mn^nd^ and not the Papifts who foughftn bftOcftpcci'tKat ct[t
ofFthis Prince'3 H«ad. '- .■-'■»^' ^^ ^ •- m^

Butwhat if'Che Papift^xfay, an 'Hiretick fling may hexcommunicat0 qnd di^
fqftd, akd^^Oi* j$^$ry^'^^ tiff, timHs n9t (ftbi Cburih'i^ ncJt

the Prcfbytcrian fay *ilc faniein other Words ? And is not ihe^6gniAfibaifeaflis .
OF Synod, the fole Arbitrator, and as impepious^ and infallible as St. Pefer^s^
Chalirj That Dtnrn^iM hfBundei in Grace ? and, that an idofiatrousKingmdy
be att ^i ? and, 4k^i a King is but the PebpUs Officer orTrufie'e ; and tfbefaih
in bis Duty, cf^wbicb tbey al$ne are to-be Judges, tbey may refume their GfaUK
. and .fpurn bim befide the Throne? Put one anent thr other, the Harems Head
^gainjt /*r ^^^WS/liW?,* arid DnH a Barrel better Herring wfil you find among
^all. T^he C3a(e'ls for p^lftm^ I need not inftance Authors, cfo^cialfy In a pri^race
Epiftte t But let me fte wActher Knix or Bucbanaif^ liik\^e&, or atiy of yotfr
JE»^/i/& Prelbyter Followersjf can purge themfelves, and their Writings, froWi
thefc pernicious Principles.- Did not all the Popiftr Plotters lately execvitcd, not
only aver their own Innocence, bur deny the King-killing Do^rine ^ y M not
fhd comvary pkio'here' wnh'iis, inchttfonefal-ft^gs of the Wbipf'^ky\&i aJA
not the Murderers of ftie ArchMftiop bf 5y. 'Jfff^irtio's^ as well as tliofe jbff 'nelir
by-paft, maintain the Lavftirneft of cHeir Pi'oceedbgs, and chufe W die, alttVP;
isig the Ktog was joftly dtcoAfimunicate,' and that it was doing Odd SerVite to
kill him, rather than take tbik Pardo^, and ifKbwa thoTe d^minsible Teni^ti, .
and Doarines-of Dewlsf Whw *fttr iall^^vcr *iKe-Nation, hasf the'Mortfrei^ef
a (iftgle Juftfce o^ the^Peace^ . Si^Edttmnd^BHry Godf^^j ttt^de ?- And teven'tH.^R
\xf the Papifts, ie not ^ very ^fear,- but* that fbme 'dbiAjfr'whethet- they" were
really the Authors : Bat grafting they trcre, thofe that fafFcrred for tHe^ ^i^ASe
denied ir, with horrid E^^ratiotis, ^nd Afie^eratfons oP thcif Innpccneef irf(J
yet allowing them guilty, f hat is much, very nfii^ch; \^t than the 'barbislroii
AJTaflinacioos of a:Prote«tant, the Metropolitan of^r<)//i^ilri ; tbe'Witk'edinftfti}
nientsof which^ the Prc^byDeniam, were ft> fkrf r6m d?l&wriiri^f!?i*4hat tWylrrif
P0dcntiy<g^hwQeckiti tjiai ioHuffiaa Aa, as a: meritDtitMis^'ettf W 2!^jfl tifidt tKi-
..- ..i. :-. voiioo, .

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votiOT. * And is \c not a (balkr Gdllt of Evil with the Papitb, io defigh the*;
killing oFa King, dun wirii the Prclbyttrians^/to h^vE'aftUaljy' mtirdci^dopf of ^
the^beftthiu ever Twjtyed a Scepter v aind, ^itftrh6fe AMltrhrittkri\5^ealc^^
kingdom, of the fame Herd, to .avow they would Ukfc\^lft ^adljT factifici cjur"
prefcnt Sovereign ? And yet what Prints or Pblpits have ■fiicc inveighed' againtt
fuchHclliftid^roceedings? Was not this, together with a. formed 'Kcbcllion of
many thoufands in the Field, hiilhed and paffed ovef in Very few Di/Sj without
Noiff, Wonder, or Abhorrence? The Memory ahd Reproach df the other'
being ft HI. hi rfie'B^outbs' of al), *rtd ffcftieft if .riieirt, ; Who werc\ftirfizy)s, of;
frf/he fan^e^rrinciples with rht>fe of our VilUny. ' ' A Way, *waj; Mah» fof
»Bhamc ; l^t it not be (aid, that the PrclbyterianJ^ are not even ai blaek as trie ^
Papifts : Supprefs both, or flcither: It is bcft P^oficy fo ftt them anenf of cacK
.Other, for a Balance, If I did not he^, from all Hinds, \\\t InfolenCe of the
Prctbytcrians^ and with ;rtouble read many of the DrintedyoteSi, and the Bal-
lads qri the pi(Jiops, for voting againft the Du'ke^s Elctofton, I fhould bc1icv<t, !
that our prtfcnt Pears artd'EMforders in ISngland did proceed ffomA>prehcnfibns*
.-of Popety V t)Mf by many Argunrieats t am convinced, that tlic ©nk^^ priya(«
Opinion is but made the Stale; co wreak their Malice againft the Kingly <^vcrR'
,«ieftt.| artd that Paffion, more than Reafon, does Influence your Countrymen.

E9r, I pray confidcr j is not Faith the Gift of G6df Cfaa ahy Man bcfievc
what be pl^afcs? And who knows whether Ae Djike.was cv%?r of thetlSiurch dif
England f Pid not the late Rebellion force him to By Into a PopiO> Country in
his Youth ? And is it not next to impoflibk to remove Pfepciffeffioni, efpccialTy
confidering; the Unity, Antiquity, and UniverliUty of that Church, wherein all
the Engli^ Orthodox Divines allow Salvation? Can any Mao change his Com-
j)Iexion, alter the Figure of his Faoe, the Stature of his Body, the U)Iour of hit
Hair, or of his Skin ? Is not the Jaundice a Difcaft In the Eye, that heeds' the
Help of Phyfick ? And isnot Erfoi;, or Weakneft in theUnderftanding, a pip.
tamper alfo that requires the Afliflrance of a Phyficiaa? And what Remedy can
be proper, Tjut gpntte Arguoients, and thc'perfuafivc Arts of Difcoiirfe, and
ioberReaibning? Perfection makes fome Men^ thofe of grdat Souls, obflinate^
and others of little. Hypocrites, Bdt what Lkw enafts, that an Opinion, in
jihe difpumble Parts of KeligiOrt, oijght to deprive a Man of his Right to inhe-
Vit? Wovild any ofydUrFanaticks (lam ftwre. none of Our ^Ajfj would,) hold
their Toilgues^ if treated fo fewdly : Equalitydf ;Jutlice isthat albne whith up-
holds a State, and makes a ICiAgdom happy.

And why. rnuft there be all this ftir abisut the Duke, when it is more than
probable he Aay not furvive hfs Brother, for whofc long Life, I am perfuaded,
he, ai well a3 all hpneft SubjeAs, does heartily pray : But if he fhould, prayi,
why, ifaPapift, muft be, more than fhci^rwrA King, or other Popilh Princes,
.jdeftroy his l^^efts f Jo do.fo, would beagainft his Intereft, if a Turk^ or an

The Cafe <i^(Hild not then be. What it was in Queen Marfs Days : Thofc
J^aws^ by which Men fufiered, (and yet in her fixiears there were not three
hundred, and few of ihem too purely for Religion} are abrogated ; the Body (^
^he People were ^heii nM>re Papifts, than now Proteftants } and no new I^awstan
,b^. mad^ .Witbogai; i jPitf Ikubetu, out of Jinrhith^ as well ali <Mt of all Offices, RSikM

^ £atholidei

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C^olicks /m cxd«^dfd| by, p^tbs alidPei}aitics,,qot in cfaePrmceVFdvrerto re
nil ptfor^iyi^i J^iyth^U ugpn the wbolet tiiere IS, indeed^ on this Account, do
real Banjger. of afjy^^ and therefore we may well Jock on

th'i^' but aV^ Prrtepc^,^^ undercpit^c Monarchy \tk\f. ^ * /

jfiit left thi^ Bngre %ing fcbuld fiiil, they have cunningly found out another
for their Boir, Tp^J^exftrcfhUnefs of the buke^s Temper^ if once offended : A
groundlefs and try^^ipui Scandfali an Opinion that being generally Tpread
abroad, h4s /already^ bi^ and, if continued, will^Jn all;

probabilrtjr^^^n u^ |jnii[j^in^i?it^Ci^ianiitie&and^ 50 be equalled buVj

by^BeNtalice'olthet^^ hb being ^l^^saiureprcjfenficd,- muftdied^v

add to tdeftople'sObftmcy in oppojiing, .and his Violence in aflerting his.
Right to the J^rown : And therefore I wonder why you fuf&r yourfelyes to W
impo^d upon, and, your Ubderftandings fubjcfted to Aat Slavery which is cer-
tainly dppgned ag^i^ffiVpur JP^rfbns by the Ambitioust witboutprying int6 phe?^

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