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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 103 of 293)
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and Ross, Cork, Kerry, Killaloe, Limerick, Water-
ford and Lismore, or 318 pars.; cathedral at
Thurles. Cashel P. L. Union contains 17 elect,
divs. in Tippy., with 24 guardians; acres 158,182,
pop. 69,640, ho. room for 1200, cases relieved
(1847-8) 7635 (besides 18,601 out-door), expend.
22,0617., prop, rated 130,2937. Mkt. Ds. Wed.
Sat. lairs, 26 Mar., 7 Aug. and 3rd Tues. every

CASHEL hmlt. (18) Ballymoe bar. N. Galway,
near Glanamaddy-116. igT CASHEL par. (21-2,
etc.) Rathcline bar. SIV. Longford, 6 m. S. of
Lanesboro'-84, on Lough Ree, of which it com-
mands a fine view. Acres 22,150, with bog and
limestone; pop. 5559 + 47. Living, a Vic. (K. E.
A.]) val. 2287., patr. Bishop; church, near the
ruins of an abbey, which belonged to that on
Seven Church isld. Newpark House, Capt. W.
J. Davys. g3" Cashel (19) near Ballybay, Mid.
Monai/han. g^" CASHEL vil. (1) Carbury bar.
N. Sligo, 14 m. NW. of Sligo-131, in Inislunurray

Cashel Bay (57) Ballynahinch bar. N. Galway,
one of the arms of Betraghhy bay, about 2 m.

Cashelmnre (109) 5 m. SW. of Ban don, 5. Cork

Catthil (134) near Rosscarbery 5. Cork, on C.



46) SW. Herts, contains the pars, of Abbot's-
Langley, Aldenham, Chipping-Barnet, E. Barnet,
Braintfield, Codicote, Elstree, Hexton, Newnham,
Northaw, Norton, St. Paul's Walden, Redbourn,
Rickmansworth, Ridge, Sandridge, Sarrat, St.
Alban's ; acres (exclusive of St. Alban's) 87,220,
pop. 29,947, houses 5616.

CASIIIO, or CASHIOBURY, hmlt. (7) with Leaves-
den, Watford par., in the above hund., close to
Watford- 16, on N. West rail., was a town of the
Cassii, afterwards given to St. Alban's abbey by
King Offa. Pop. 1548. C. Park, seat of Earl of
Essex, through the Morrisons (to whom it was
given by Hen. VIII.) and Capels, in the eliza-
bethan style, on R. Gade and Gd. Junct. canal,
has many family portraits by Vandyck, Kneller,
Lely, Reynolds, landscape by Gainsboro', carvings
by G. Gibbons, and a fine park, laid out by Le

Cadda Bay (90) MoycuUen bar. SW. Galway,
about 2 m. wide.

Cashlieve (26) near Castlereagh, W. Roscmn.

CASIILOURA hmlt. (20) E. Carbery bar. S. Cork,
8 m. NW. of Rosscarbery-196.

CASINO hmlt. (98) Kinalea bar. & Cork, 5 m.
N. of Kinsale-174. &f Casino (24) near Ballin-
spittle, -S. Cork, tgp Casino (12) near Malahidc,
E. Dublin.

Casket, or Casquets, Nocks, 8 m. W. of Alderney,
Channel Islds. (with Ortach reef between) and
18 NNW. of St. Peter's Guernsey, a dangerous
cluster in lat. 49 43' N., long. 2"22' W., having
upon the highest one 3 revolving lights put up
1723, flashing every 15 seconds, 81 ft. high, and
visible 15 m. all round the compass. Adml. Bal-
cher was wrecked here 1744; Le Quest and Los
Frouquies reefs are around, and the depths are 7
to 20 fath.

CASKIEBEN par. now joined to KEITHALL,
Aberdn., was seat of the Gariochs and Johnstones
from Dav. Bruce's time.

CAS-LLWCHWR, the welch name of LOUGHOH
or LLOUGHOR, Glamrgn.

Caspanihane (38) 5 m. SE. of Ballingarry, <S.

CASSAGH vil. (35) Shelburne bar. W. Wexford,
5 m. SE. of New Ross- 90.

Cassan (34) near Kilmagenny, W. Kilkenny.

Cassaugh Monne ( ) near Aughnacloy, borders
of Monaghan and Tyrone, J. W. Johnstone, Esq.

Cassel River (78) runs into R. Conway, near
Caerhun, NE. Carnarvon.

Cassidy Lodge (11) near Lowtherstone, XT.

Cassilis House, near Maybole, S. Ayr. Marquis
of Ailsa (with the title of Earl C.), on R. Doon.
" To Cassilis' banks when e'enin' fas."

Cassindillo, 4 m. N. of Largo, Mid. Fife.

CASSINE (48) near Colchester, E. Essex, G. H.
Errington, Esq.

GASSINGTON par. (45) Wootton hund. Mid.
Oxford. 4 m. S. of Woodstock-62, on R. I sis, con-
taining Worton, belonged to the Montacutes, who
had a castle here. Acres 2990 ; pop. 381 ; poor r.
207/. (Woodst. U.), real prop. 2388?.; charities
37/. St. Peter Vic. (Oxon.) val. 166/., patr. Chr.
Ch. Coll. ; church, partly norman, b. by Geof. de
Clinton, Hen..II.'s chamberlain, with 2 brasses of
R. Cheney (1420), etc.

Cassino (49) near Aldborough, E. Suffolk,
Marquis of Salisbury, gap" Cassino (8) near Dul-
wich, NE. Surrey.

Cassley Water rises near Ben Mhor, W. Sutlirld.,
and runs 13 m. SE. to R. Oikel or Kyle, having
small white salmon in it.


CASSOP tnshp. ( ) Kelloe par. E. Durham, 4 m.
SE. of Durham -258. Acres 1150, with limestone,
pop. 1076, poor r. 53/. (Durh. U.) real prop. 3049A,
of which 1900/. on mines. C. Smithy, 1 in. N.

CASTEI.L tnshp. (74) Llannwychyllyn par. NE.
Merioneth. 6 m. SW. of Bala-194; pop. 78; real
prop. 446/. ' Castell,' welsh for castle.

Caste/I (36) 5 in. SW. of Monmouth. SW.

Castell-aber-Llienwag (78) 2 m. NNE. of Beau-
marls, Anglesea, a small ruined fort with corner
turrets built 1098 by Hugh Lupus, and taken by
the royalists 1645-6. jgT C. Coc, i. e. Red Castfe
(36) SE. Glamrgn. 3 m. SSW. of Caerphilly, a
british fortress of red sandstone, in ruins on R.
Taff, commanding a fine prospect across the Se-
vern. (ggf C. Caer Lleion (78) 2 m. from Conway,
NE. Carnrvn. has ruins of a british town and a
fine view. gg C. Cidwm (75) 6 m. SE. of Car-
narvon, Mid. Carnrvn., an old fort on Mynvdd
Mawr. gaT C. Coed Fon, or Gtvynionydd (4 1) a
ruin near Llandyssil, SIV. Cardigan. g^f" C.
Corndochan (74) 6 m. SW. of Bala, E. Merlon, an
old british fort. tgT C. Cymaron (56) Llanddewi
Ystrad Ennau par. E. Radnor, about 9 m. E. of
Rhayadr. was a border fortress built by the Nor-
mans, and an old seat of the Mortimers. tgsS" C.
Dinas (42) 8 m. E. of Brecknock, E. Brecon. See
Dinas Castle. igST C. Dinas Bran (74) near Yale
Crucis Abbey, and Llangollen, SE. Denbigh., on
the Bran, a fine old british ruin 290 ft. by 140,
and 910 above the Dee, commanding a wide pros-
pect. ^T C. Dolbadarn (78) between lakes Pa-
darn and Peris, Mid. Carnrvn. under Snowdon, an
ancient fort commanding the pass. Ig-Jf C. Ed-
win (79) 3 in. E. of Rhuddlan, NW. Flint. g^ C.
Einion Sais (42) 4 m. W. of Breccon, near Bettws,
was built by Einion, the englishman (Sais), who
fought under Edw. IIL, and held nearly all Devy-
nock hund. gsg" C. Fleming (57) near Tregaron,
E. Cardigan, a supposed british fortress. 6=g" C.
Glas, or Green castle, 1 m. SE. of the above,
on R. Ebwy, was built during the baronial
wars, but nwt noticed by Leland or Camden. A
tower and traces of the walls are visible. giT C.
Glyn Ithon (56) at Cefnllj-s, Mid. Radnor, on
R. Ithon, was built by the Mortimers about
1242. <& C.-Gwalter (59) 3 m. NE. of Aber-
ystwith, N. Cardigan, by the sea, was b. by
Walter Espec, the founder of Kirkham abbey, and
ancestor of the Duke of Rutland, igaf C. Hen-
dreff or Henry (40) near Haverfordwest, S. Pem-
broke, igip C. Madoc (42) 5 m. N. of Brecknock,
Mid. Brecon, H. Price, Esq., near Alternon camp.
giP C. Mawr (79) near Abergele, NW. Denbigh.
gig- C. Nadolig (57) at Penbryn, S W Cardigan.
a treble-ditched british camp, near C. Pw'nton
camp. igiT C. Piggin (41) 1 m. N. of Carmarthen,
W. Carm., Capt. Bloom, on R. Gwili. gST C.
Prysor (75) i. e. " built in haste," or without
mortar, near Festiniog, N. Merioneth, a small bri-
tish or roman fort, where roman coins and urns
have been found. igg C. Rhyfel (57) 4 m. E. by
N. of Tregaron, E. Cardigan, gg- C. Treareg,
near Llangebie, <!?. Monmouth. was a seat of the
Earls of Clare, and in Cromwell's time of Sir T.
Williams. fig C.-y-Bere (59) 7 m. NE. of To-
wyn, S. Merion. a welsh fort under Cader Idris.
visited by Edw. I. ^- C.-y-Bwch (36) 4 m. N W.
of Newport, S W. Monmo'.

Castella (36) near Llantrissant, E. Glamorgan.
seat of Major Smith, formerly of the Trehearnes.
Real prop. 8300/., of which 6159/. on mines.

CASTELLAN chplry. ( ) Penrith par. -ZV7<7. Pern-


broke. 6 m. SSE. of Cardigan-239, under Frinni-
fawr. Pop. 141. Church, in ruins.

CASTELLMAI vil. ( ) Llanbeblig par. NlV.Car-
namon. near Carnarvon-235. Real prop. 1342/.

CASTELLMARCH (75) 5 in. SW. of Pwllheli-234,
SfV. Carnarnon.

CASTELLMOOH tnshp. ( ) Llanrhaiadr par. N.
Montgomery. 3 m. N. of Llanfyllin-179. Pop. 98.

CASTERN hmlt. (72) Ham par. NE. Stafford.
9 m. ESE. of Leek-151. Pop. 45.

CASTERTOX tnshp. ( ) Kirkby Lonsdale par.
S. Westmrld. 1 m. NYV. of Kirkby-252, near K.
Lune, in Kendal barony. Acres 4320, with coal
and limestone ; pop. 623 + 28 ; poor r. 58Z. (Ken-
dal U.) ; real prop. 3008/. ; charities, poor's land 1 U.
Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. ., patr. Trustees.
C. Hall, W. W. C. Wilson, Esq.

par. (64) East hund. E. Rutland. 2 m. NW. of
Stamford-89, on Ennine St., at the bridge, on R.
Gwash, is a doubtful roman station (the Causennce
of some) burnt by the Picts, and afterwards held by
Morcar the Saxon. Acres 1590 ; pop. 376 + 2 ; poor
r. 123/. (Stamf. U.) ; real prop. 2004/. St. Peter
and Paul Beet. (Pet.) val. with Pickworth 450/.,
patr. Marquis of Exeter, who has the manor
through the Husseys, Scroops, Delawars, etc. ;
church, later eng. (Hen. VI.) but re-edified, has
a niched figure outside, and some old mons. C.
Lings, or Woodhead, was the site of the old man-
sion. giP C., LITTLE, par. as above, 1 m. ENE.
on the Gwash, contains Tolethorpe, which had
a chantry founded bv the Brownes. Acres 1450 ;
pop. 132; poor. r. 112/.; real prop. 2111/. All
Saints Rect. (Pet.) val. with Tolethorpe 254/.,
putr. Hon. C. C. Cavendish, who has the manor;
church, part norman and later english, but mo-
dernised, with brass of Sir T. Burton and lady
with collar and coronet (1382).

CASTHORPE hmlt. (70) Barrowby par. SW.
Lincoln. 2 m. W. of Grantham-110. Pop. 51.

CASTLE vil. New Crummock par. E. Ayr. near
New Crummock-67. Pop. 155. giP CASTLE
hmlt. (36) Pentyrch par. SE. Glamrgn. 3 m. N W.
of Llandaff-162. Pop. 195; real prop. 1193/.
Cap CASTLE tnshp. (60) Castle-Caereinon hund.
and Pool boro', E. Montgmry. 4 m. WSW. of
Welshpool-171. Pop. 197. igP CASTLE tnshp.
(C>0) Llanwnog par S. Montgmry. 5 m. WNW.
of Xewton-175, is joined to ESCOB.

9. CASTLE ACRE par. ^65) Freebridge Lynn
hund. W. Norfolk, 4 m. Is. of Swaffham-93, on
K. Xar, and Peddar roman way, has the gate and
walls of a castle on the site of a station b. by
the Conqueror's son-in-law, Will, de Warine, who
had 140 manors in this part, and who with his
wife Gundrad (who died here 1085) found. 1085
the priory as a cell to Lewes abbey, the church
porch being one of the finest existing remains
of rich norman, with some early eng. additions.
Acres 3210 ; pop. 1495 + 16 ; poor r. 538i (Free-
bridge- L. U .) ; real prop. 4964/. ; charities 2/.
St. James Vic. (Xorw.) val. L, patr. Earl of
Leicester ; church, ancient, with a stained figure
of De Warine, and mons. The prior's house is
now a farm ; roman ways went to Castle Rising,
Holme, Elmham, Ixwofth.

Castle Andinas, i. e. Hill castle (30) 2 m. SE. of
St. Columb, Mid, Cornwall, a circular british fort,
triple trenched and occupied by the Romans and
Danes. ^ C. Anner (83) near Clonmel, S. Tip-
perary, Rev. N. H. Mandeville. ^p C. ASHBY.
See ASHHY, CASTLE. Northmptn. on N. West. rail.
t^f C. Sear HiU (7) 2 m. N. of Brentford, Mid.
Middlesex, formerly the seat of H. R. H. the
Duke of Kent and Mrs. Fitzherbert. ^fp C. Dru-



han, near Dingwall, /S. Ross, seat of Mackenzie
of Seaforth, including the old one b. by Kenneth
founder of the clan.

P. CASTLK BROMWICH hmlt. (62) Aston par.
NW. Warwick. 4 m. NE. of Birmingham- 11 6,
near Derby rail, and Fazeley canal, so called,
they say, from the broom, which also gives the
common name to ' Brummagem.' Pop. 779. St.
Mary Cur. (Worn) val. 300/., patr. Vicar. C. B.
Hall, Earl of Bradford, an old seat.

Lincoln. |Jip C. BYTHE or BIGH par. (40) Kemess
tiund. N. Pembroke. 10 m. NE. of Haverfordwest
-251, near a camp supposed to be Ad Vigesimum
on the Via Julia, roman way. Pop. 266 ; poor r.
6 II. (Haverfordw. U.) ; real prop. 989/. Living, a
Rect. (St. Dav.) val. /., patr. Ld. Chancellor.
|J3 C. CAERELNION par. (60) Cawrse and Ma-
thrafel hund. and Pool boro', E. Montgomery. 4 m.
WSW. of Welshpool-171. contains 10 tnshps. and
had a castle b. by the princes of Powys. Pop.
305 + 2; poor r. 1. ; real prop. j charities
62/., of which Thomas's school 17Z. St. Gannon
Rect. (St. Asa.) val. 575/., patr. Bishop. ^ a.
C.Campbell, near Dollar, E. Clackmannan, a ruined
seat of the Campbells, on a scarcely accessible
rock (with a secret way 100 ft. down called
Kemp's Score), was called ' C. of Gloom ' or
' Gloume ' before 1493, and burnt 1645 by Mont-

P. CASTLE-CAMPS par. (47) Chilford hnnd.
SE. Cambridge. 5 m. SE. of Linton-48, was
granted by the Conqueror to Aubrey de Vere who
b. a castle here (Hen. II.), and was alienated 1580
by the 17th earl to Sutton, who gave it to the
Charter House, London. Acres 2613, part com-
mon; pop. 854 + 12; poor r. 677/. (Lint. U.);
real prop. 41 7 1/. ; charities 4/. All Saints Rect.
(Ely) val. 570/., patr. Charter Ho. ; church has
mon. of Ch. Baron Reynolds. Parts of the old
castle are visible, but modernised, ^p C. CAR-
EERY. See CARBURY, Kildare. |gp C. CARROCK
par. ( ) Eskdale ward, NE. Cumbrld. 4 m. S. of
Brampton-311, on R. Gelt, has traces of two en-
trenchments or castles. Acres 3640, with lime
and freestone ; pop. 351 ; poor r. 54/. (Bramp.U.) ;
real prop. 1670/. ; charities, school 14 St. Peter
Rect. (Carl.) val. 159/., patr. Dean and Chap. ;
church reb. 1828, near the site of the castle and
two mineral springs.

CASTLE-CARY hmlt Falkirk par. E. Stirling.
2 m. NE. of Cumbernauld-32, on Edin. and Glasg.
rail, (where Caledn. and Scot. Central cross it),
has traces of a fort, the ninth on Antoninus's wall,
and is a meet for the'Li'thgow hounds.

P. M. CASTLE-CARY par. (18-9) Catash hund.
SE. Somerset. 21 m. ESE. of Bridgwater, 113 from
London, containing Clanville, Dimmer, and Cock-
hill, and Foxcombe, in a fine country, had a
castle which the Lovells garrisoned against
Stephen ; and Ch. II. was hid in the old manor
house (?), after the battle of Worcester. Acres
3640 ; pop. 1942 + 15, of town 1776, some in the
coarse linen and hair-cloth manufact. ; houses
365, in one street, with 2 chapels, bank, savings
bk. (50,254/. from 1686 depositors) ; poor r.
923Z. on 7956/. (Wincanton U.) ; real prop. 6207/. ;
charities 31. Living, a Vic. (Ba. and W.) val.
312i, patr. Bishop. Mkt. D. Tues. small. Fain,
Thurs. before Palm Sund. 1 May, Whit Tues.
cattle, cloth ; for cattle the seventh Tues. before

CASTLE-CHURCH par. (72) E. Cuttlestone hund.
W. Stafford, 1 m. SW. of Staflbrd-141, in the
suburbs near Gd. Junct. rail., contains Burton,
Forebridgc Cur., and Rickerscote. Acres 3460;




pop. 1484 + 11; poor r. 2487. (Staff. U.); real
prop. /. ; charities 761., of which ' plum mo-
ney' 6s. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val. 120/., patr.
Ld. Chancellor ; church, which, has norman traces,
belonged to the castle.

P. CASTLE COMBE par. (34) Chippenham liund.
NW. Wilts. 5 m. N W. of Chippenham-93, near Gt
West. rail, had a castle b. about 1200, by the Dun-
stanvilles, on the site of a roman or saxon camp,
and was a mkt. town under the Badlesmeres and
others. Acres 1770 ; pop. 600 ; poor r. 264Z. (Chip-
pen.U.) ; real prop. 2878Z. ; charities, Parry's for
education 51. St. Andrew Sect. (Gl. and Br.) val.
/., patr. H. Scrope, Esq. of C. C. House, through
the above, and of whose old fam. the church,
which is early eng. with a buttressed tower and
font, has mons. Some fine walnut-trees, oaks, etc.
are in the park. 1ST C. Cornet Rock, off the
castle at St. Peter's Port, Guernsey, Channel Islds.
giT C. Crag ( ) near the Bowderstone, in Borrow-
dale, S. of Derwentwater, S. Cumbrld. a roman sta-
tion, with remains of a fort. gaJ~ C. Craig, N. side
of the entrance to Cromarty Frith, E. Ross, near
the Souter's rocks. igP 'C. Ditch, or Eastnor
Castle (43) 2 m. E. of Ledbury, SE. Hereford. Earl
Somers. IgjP C. Ditch, (15) near Wardour castle,
5 W. Wilts, a trebly ditched camp of 24 acres, in
the shape of a triangle, with ramparts 40 ft. high.
|J3 C. Donnan, near Lochalsh, S. Ross.

Leicest. near Midld. rail.

P. CASTLE DOUGLAS viL Kelton par. Mid.
Kirkcudbt. 19 m. SW. of Dumfries- 73, a burgh of
barony under W. Douglas, Esq., near Threave
cast and loch of Carlingwark, which was its
name till 1792. Pop. 1847, in a cotton factory,
savings-bk., etc. ; houses 414, with chapel, town-
house, 2 banks, etc. Mkt. D. Mon. grain. Fair,
17 June o. s., horses, hiring. gg C. Downie, close
to Beaufort cast. NE. Inverness, was b. by the
Bissetts llth cent., taken by Edw. I. 1303, given
to the Erasers by Bruce, besieged by Cromwell,
and destroyed 1746. iggp C. Dykes. See CAR-
STAIRS, Lanark. |gg C. Dykes, (45) a double-
ditched roman camp of 13 acres, at Farthingo,
S W. Northmptn., supposed to have been occupied
by Ethelfleda, and burnt by the Danes 1013.
UST C. DYRRAN hmlt. (40) Cilymaenllwyd par.
W.Carmarthen. 3 m. NE. of Narberth-240, is nCur.
with the par. Pop. 61. igr C. EATON par. (34)
Highworth hund. NE. Wilts. 4 m. NW. of High-
worth-74, on R. Thames, near Thames and Severn
canal, contains Lushill. Acres 2020 , pop. 312
+ 1 ; poor r. 234/. (Highworth U.) ; real prop.
3804t; charities, Hurst's 31. St. Mary Rect.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 633i, patr. Rev. E. Goddard.

P. CASTLE-EDEN par. ( ) S- Easington ward,
E. Durham. 7m. NW. of Hartlepool-253, on C. E.
Dean river (which runs through a woody hollow
to the North sea), near the rail, belonged to Gis-
borne priory, and before the Conquest to the see of
Durham. Acres 1630 ; pop. 558 + 29, in the col-
lieries ; poor r. 145Z. (Easing. U.) real prop. 3071Z.
of which 864Z. on mines. St. James Cur. (Dur.)
val. 62/., patr. R. Burdon, Esq. of C. E. Hall.
Igr C. Flemish, the roman Ad Vigesimum, at C.
BYTHE above, is a square of 260 ft., where bricks
(near an outwork) and a bath, have been found.
gjg" C. Forbes, at Keig, Mid. Aberdeen, seat of
Lord Forbes, premier baron of Scotland, fgg' C.
Frazer, 9 m. SW. of Inverury, S. Aberdeen. C. M.
Frazer, Esq. built 15th cent, by Lord Frazer, with
curious towers and other defences. ^ C. Fin-
lay, a british fort near Inverness. N. Inverness.
6aP C. FROME par. (55) Radlow hund. E. Here-
ford. 6 m. NN W. of Ledbury- 120, near R. Frome.

I Acres 1320; pop. 183 ; poor r. 98/. (Leflh. U.);
real prop. 2086. St. Michael Rect. (Here! 1 .) v;il.
300/., patr. F.T. Freeman, Esq. ^ C. G:.>rin,, (<)
4 m. N W. of Worthing, S. Sussex, Sir P. F. Shel-
ley, Bt, son of the poet. &? C. Grant, 4 m. E. of
Inverness, NE. Invern. Earl Seafield. tg C.
GRESLEY hmlt. (71 ) Church Grcsley par. S. Derby.
4 m. SE. of Burton-on-Trent-1'25. Pop. 164.
l^= C. HALL vil. (80) Stockport par. N. Cheshire,
is a Cur. (Che's.) val. 130Z., patr. Trustees, gg" C.
Head( ) or Hill, nearKeswick, S. Cumbrld. com-
manding a fine view of Derwentwater, BorrowdaJo,
Skiddaw, Bassenthwaite Water, etc.

Essex. &TC.Head( ) on the Winstar, 2 nuNE. of
Cartmel, N. Lane, seat of R. Wright, Esq. igST C.
Hewin or Lewin ( ) near Tarn Wadling and High
Hesket, Mid. Cumbrld. a ruined fort, commanding a
fine prospect, and referred to in a ballad of Chau-
cer's time, in Percy's ' Reliques.' gg" C. Hill (4<i)
2 m. N NE. of Woburn, W. Beds. ^ C. Hill ( 1 8)
4m. NE.byN.ofCerne Abbas, Mid.Dorset.S. Shore,
Esq. ^" C. Hill (5) 4 m. E. of Belfast, N. Dott-n.
gg- C. Hill (26) 3 m. NW.byW. of S. Molton, A".
Devon. Earl Fortescue, on R." Bray. gg C. Hill
House (52) near Huntingdon, Mid. Hants. gUj'C.
Hill ( ) near Lambley, A' W. NortJimbrld. on the S.
Tyne, the site of a border fortress, gg*" C. Hill
( ) near Callaly Mid. Northmbrld. has remains of a
camp. gg C. Hill (55) 3 m. N. of Kidderminster,
N. Worcester. ^ C. Hill, 4 m. ESE. of Aber-
ystwith, N. Cardigan. Williams, Esq., near the
site of afort. igT C. Hills or barrows (81) at Pils-
bury, 2 m. ESE. of Longnor, W. Derby, in Dove-
dale. igsT C. HILL SIDE hmlt. (88) Almondbury
tnshp. W. R. York. 1 m. SE. of Huddersfield
-189. gi C. Hornick (33) near Penzance, W.
Cornwall, giT C. House (27) near Barnstaple, N.
Devon. J. Rothwell, Esq. gif C. House (3) near
N Foreland, NE. Kent, R. Holford, Esq. t^ C.
House (8) near Hampton, S W. Middlesex. gjT C.
How or How Hall (on Ennerdale Water), W.
Cumbrld. Senhouse, Esq. formerly seat of the

P. Castle Howard ( )4m.W. ofNewMalton,
N.R. York, seat of Earl of Carlisle, near Yk. anil
N. Midld. rail, was b. 1702, by Vanbrugh, and
has Carracci's ' Dead Saviour, '"and other pieces,
several marbles (one given by Nelson), with an
obelisk in the park of 100 ft., a domed mauso-
leum with doric colonnade, a round chapel 34 ft.
diam., and a tree planted by Q. Victoria, who
visited it 1850.

a. Castle-Huntley, 6 m. SW. of Dundee, E.
Perth. Patterson, Esq. who has restored it,
stands on a rock 116 ft. commanding a ver3 r fine
view of R. Tay, etc. was built 1452 by the Grays
of Foulis, and came to the Lyons 1615, who called
it C. Lyon and put up the tuscan gate, tgl" C.
Isld. (149) between Horse and Long islds. SW.
Cork, off Skull, is about 1 m. long. gif C.
Isld. (17) in Lough Strangford, NE. Down.
33" C. Isld. (31) S. end of Lough Strangford,
E. Down. B m. NE. of Downpatrick. Usg" C.
Is!e, near Kinross W. Kinross, in Loch Leven,
where Q. Marv was imprisoned and carried
off by G. Douglas. igp= Castle or Cltastel Isle
near Eig isld. W. Inverness. gif C. Jane (74)
near Cork, E. Cork, igg" C. Kennedy (16) near
Inch,W.Wigton. ^C.Z;aAe(60)nearCashel W.
Tippery. gap" C. Law Hill, in N. Pentland range,
S.Edinbro', 1390 ft. high. ^"> C. Law Hill, 3 m. S.
of Gifford, S. Haddington. 940 ft. high. 63T C.
LEAVINGTON tnshp. ( ) Kirk Leavington par.
N. R. York. 5 m. S. of Stockton-241, on a branch of
R. Tees. Acres 730 ; pop. 46 ; poor r. 22f. (Stockt.


U.) ; real prop. 1242*. gap C. Leod, near Ding-
wall, <S. Ross. igp C. Lodge (19) near Ballys-
adare bay, 2V. Sligo. ^ C. Lough (43) near
Sixmilebridge, 2V. Clare, and C. House. IJaP C.
Lough (13) 6 m. N. of Ballina, NW. Tippery.
g^ C. Maelgwn (40) 3 m. SE. by E. of Cardigan,
2V. Pembroke, seat of A. Gower, Esq. on R.
Teifi. P C. Malwood, a 'walk' in the New
Forest, S. Hants. 3 m. NW. of Lyndhurst, so
called from a fortress here, of which the keep re-
mains, near which is C. M. Cottage, Gen. Wyn-
yard. $3 C. Mary (74) 5 m. SE. of Tipperary,
S W. Tippery. igp C. Maude, near Kincardine
O'Neill, S. Aberdeen. l^ C. Mere (88) Close
to Rochdale, SE. Lancash. Walmesley, Esq.
Igsp C. or Meengis, near Weem, 2V. Perth.
Sir B. Menzies, Bt., b. 16th cent, has some large
old plane trees in the park. ifST C. Moil, E.
side of Mull, W. Inverness, a ruin near Kyleakin.
^P C. Mona ( ) near Douglas, /. of Man, now
an hotel, was seat of the Atholls, b. by the
4th duke, with fine plantations, etc. (sF C.
MORTON par. (43) Lower Pershore hund. SW.
Worcester. 4 m. SW. of Upton-on-Severn-111.
Acres 3780, part common ; pop. 855 ; poor r. 316*.
(Upton U.) ; real prop. 5634*. ; charities, church
and poor's lands 40*. Living, a Cur. with Long-
don ; church, ancient, near the hall which is on
site of the castle of the De Montes, from whom
came the Hills of Stafford. giP C. Moy, in L.
Moy, 2V. Inverness. igP C. NORTHWICH tnshp.
(80) Gt. Budworth par. Mid. Cheshire, 1 m. SW.
of Northwich-174, belongs to Twemlow of Ha-
therton. Acres 100 ; pop. 746 + 5 ; poor r. 169*.
(Northw. U.); real prop. 13,630*., of which
11,416*. on canal. ^P C.-of-Hills, near Loch-
rutton, E. Kirkcudbt. is an old border tower b.
before 1598, near which is a druid circle, gap C.
Over, or Overby, 8 m. N W. by W. of Langholm,
E. Dumfries, where the two heads of the Esk
join, is a british and roman camp (anct. Uxellum or
Corda?) with others around. |gp C. Park
( 60) 4 m. W. of Cashel, W. Tippery. ^" C.
Park (23) near Kanturk, 2V W. Cork. O" C.
Point (148) E. side of Toormore bay, S. Cork.
^T C. Point (55) 4 m. SW. of Kilkee, S W. Clare.
<iP C.-Rankine, near Denny par. Mid. Stirling.
O"C. RIGG( ) 1m. SE. of Keswick-291, Mid.
Cumbrld. a druidical circle in a wild spot, command-
ing a view of Saddleback, Skiddaw, Helvellyn, on
one side, and Bassenthwaite and Derwent Waters,
etc., on the other. Real prop. 1988*. fiP C.
Ring (15) near Donhead St. Andrew, SW. Wilts.
a single-ditched camp of 15 acres, 1010 yds. in
circuit, with four entrances.

P. 21- CASTLE RISING par. (69) Freebridge-
Lynn hund. NW. Norfolk, 37 m. WNW. of

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