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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Norwich, 100 from London, near the Wash and
E. Anglian rail., a decayed port, mkt. town,
and boro' by prescription, which from 1558 re-
turned 2 members, till disfranchised by the
Reform act, has (in a hollow, not on a hill) the
norman keep, ditch, etc., of the castle b. about
1176, on the site of an earlier one, by W. de Al-
bini, in which Edw. III. confined his mother
Isabel. Acres 2330; pop. 358 ; poor r. 144*.
(Freebr. U.); real prop. 1959*.; charities, Trinity
hosp. found, by Earl of Northampton for 13 women
100*. St. Lawrence Rect. (Norw.) val. with Roy-
don 419*., pair. Hon. F. G. Howard ; church,
norman, with interlaced arches, etc., and an old
figured font. The corporation was reduced to
two aldermen ; one, as mayor, was returning officer,
the other and the rector were the voters. Ac-
cording to the rhyming proverb here, " Rising
was a seaport town, When Lynn was but a marsh ;


CAS 369

Now Lynn it is a seaport town, And Rising fares
the worse ! "

Castle Rough ( ) 1 m. NE. of Milton, 2V. Kent,
a camp, 100 ft. square, occupied by the danish
leader Hastings in Alfred's time, now covered
with trees, fip C.-Roy, near the Braes of Aber-
nethy, iS. Elgin. 011 R. Spey, was the seat of a
famous bailie Roy (a Grant). $3P C. Rus/ien.
See CASTLETOWN, I. of Man. ^ C.-Semple
Loch, 1 m. E. of Loehwinnoch, S. Renfrew, be-
tween Rs. Calder, which flows in, and R. Black
Cart, which flows out of it, is about 3 m. long, or
400 acres, well wooded, with plenty offish and wild
fowl, and a peel or fort of the Semples on a small
isld. C. House, J. Harvey, Esq. gip C.-Sinclair,
in Sinclair bay, E. Caithness, a ruin, near Noss
head. |J3" SOWERBY par. ( ) Leath ward, Mid.
Cumbrld. 9 m. NW. of Penrith-283, near R. Calder,
in Inglewood forest, containing Raughton Head
cur., Bustabeck-Bound, How-B., Row-B., South-
ernby-B., and Stockdalewath-B., under Carrock
fell, had traces of an old fortress, and belongs
to Duke of Devonshire. Acres 7940 ; pop. 1007 ;
poor r. 375*. (Penr. U.) Living, a Cur. (Carl.)
val. 90*., patr. Dean and Chap. The ' Red Spear's '
estates, were held by the tenure of the owners'
riding through Penrith, brandishing their spears ;
copyholds descend to females as coparceners. A
circular fort at How hill. |gp C. Stalker, near
Appin, 2V. Inverness, a ruin. O C. Steads, or
Cambeck Fort ( ) near Brampton, NE. Cumbrld.
the roman Petriani, or 15th station on the Wall,
where coins, altars to Mars and the sun, in-
scriptions, etc., have been found, is 300 ft. by 450,
now seat of Johnson, Esq., formerly of the
Dacres. ^ C. Steads ( ) 2 m. S. of Kendal, 8.
Westmrld. near Natland or Concangium, a camp
60 ft. by 120, double-ditched. This is a common
name for forts, especially on the Wall, gip C.-
Stewart (29) 3 m. SW. by W. of Sorby, SE. Wig-
ton. $gp C.- Stewart (8) 3 m. NW. of Newton-
Stewart, 2VE*. Wigton, near R. Cree, W. Douglas,
Esq., belonged to the earls of Galloway, ^p C.-
Stewart, 7 m. NE. of Inverness, NE. Invern. an
old seat of Eari Moray.

P. CASTLE-THORPE par. (46) Newton hund.
2V. Bucks. 6 m. W. of Newport Pagnell-50, near N.
West, rail., belonged to Hanslope Castle. Acres
1380 ; pop. 365 ; poor r. 143*. (Newport U.) ; real
prop. 4041*. St. Mary Cur. with Hanslope ; church,
has a mon. of Judge Tyrrell of Ch. II.'s time,

CASTLE-TOWN-QUARTER tnshp. ( ) Rockliffe
par. 2V. Cumbrld. 5 m. NW. of Carlisle-SOl, on R.
Eden. Pop. 471. gaP C.-Tirim, or Tyrom, on
L. Moidart, S. Inverness, a ruined stronghold of
the Clanranalds, which they burnt 1715 that their
enemies the Campbells might not take it. <gp C.-
Urquhart, on L. Ness, Mid. Inverness, a ruin be-
longing to the Grants since 1503, taken by
Edw. I. 1303.

CASTLE- VIEW LIBERTY (68) Leicester boro',
Mid. Leicest. Pop. 120.

CASTLE (EAST) WARD ( ) SE. Northmbrld.
contains the pars, of LongBenton, Earsdon, Bur-
radon, Horton, Tynemouth, Wall's- End, parts of
All Saints, St. Andrew's, Gosforth*, and Mor-
peth ; acres 45,990, pop. 64,502, houses 12,347.
C. (WEST) WARD the pars, of Dinnington *,
Meldon, Ponteland*, Stannington*, Whalton*,
and parts of St. Andrew, Bblam*, Gosforth,
Heddon - on - the - Wall *, St. John's, Mitford,
Morpeth, and Newburn * ; acres 57,690, pop.
24,667, houses 5090. Castle Ward P. L. Union,
contains the pars, (with their tnshps.) etc.
marked * in the above wards, and Kirkheaton,
Stamfordham, with Ilarlowhill, Budchester, ShiU




vington, Twizell, Shaftoe (East and West), Cap-
heaton ; acres , pop. 14,537, cases relieved (vr.
1846-7) 784 (out-door 676), expend. 3769Z., prop,
rated 117,572/. Poor ho. at Heddon. Sup. Re-
gistry comprises the same up to Whalton ; pop.
14,537, decreasing. It belongs to Newcastle New
County Court district.

Castk-archdall (10) 3 m. W. of Loutherstown,
N. Fermanagh, in Lough Erne, Gen. Archdall.

Castleoagot (21) 2m. N. of Rathcoole, SW.
Dublin, J. J. Bagot, Esq.

CASTLEBALDWIN limit. ( ) Tirrerhill bar. W.
Sligo, near Colloony. Fairs, 4 June, 3 July,
6 Sept. 3 Nov.

Castlebamford (19) near Kilkenny, Mid. Kil-

P. M. CASTLEBAR, or AGLISH, par. (78) Carra
bar. Wid. Mayo, 159 m. W. by N. of Dublin, the
county, assize, and sessions town, and chief police
and revenue station, on C. River, near Lough
Lanach, was occupied for a short time by the
French leader Humbert (who defeated Lake here)
1798, and under charter from Jas. I. was a boro'
returning 2 members before the Union. Pop.
5137, decreasing, some in the linen trade ; houses
769, with Aglish church, 2 chapels, court-house,
county gaol and infirmary, linen hall, 2 dis-
pensaries, savings bk. (28,139Z. from 914 de-
positors), barracks, schools, and Union p. house.
An old fort stands to the NW. of the town ; it
publishes the ' Mayo Constitution,' and ' M. Tele-
graph' newspapers, and gives title of baron to
earl of Lucan of Lawn house, to whom it belongs.
Spencer Park, Major O'Malley. 'Fighting'
Fitzgerald, a descendant of the Desmonds, was
hung here 1786. Castleb. P. L. Union, contains
10 elect, divs. in Mayo, with 21 guardians ; acres
160,687, pop. 61,063, ho. room for 900, cases re-
lieved (1847-8) 3816 (besides 38,884 out-door),
expend. 27,412/., prop, rated 50,9817. Mkt. D.
Sat. Fairs, 11 May, 9 July, 16 Sept. 18 Nov.

P. CASTLE-BELLINGHAM vil. (15) Ardee bar.
Mid. Lowth, 8 m. S. of Dundalk, 43 from Dublin,
a police station, on R. Clyde, near Drogheda rail.
Pop. 665+5; houses 113, with Gernonstown par.
church, large ale brewery, dispensary, almshouses
(64/.). C. House, Sir A. E. Bellingham, Bt., of
whose old castle, which was destroyed before the
battle of the Boyne, there are some remains.
Fairs, Easter Tues. 10 Oct.

Castlebernard (110) near Bandon, S. Cork, Earl
of Bandon, I^P Castlebernard (38) near Kin-
netty, S. King's Co. Capt. F. Bernard.

CASTLEBLAGH vil. (34) Fermoy bar. N. Cork,
6 m. W. of Fermoy-137.

P. CASTLEBLAKENEY vil. (60) Killasolain par.
Tiaguin bar. NE. Galway, 28 m. NE. of Galway,
106 from Dublin, a police station, containing
Caltra. Pop. 233. Abbert, J. H. Blakeney, Esq.
Fairs, 1 Jan. 25 May, 26 July, 2 Oct.

P. M. CASTLEBLAYNEY vil. (20) Cremorne bar.
E. Monaghan, 14 m. SE. of Monaghan, 62 from
Dublin, a police station and sessions town, on
Dundalk rail, given by Jas. 1. to the Blayneys.
Pop. 2134 + 31, in the linen manufact. ; houses
320, with sessions and mkt. houses, Mucknoe par.
church and school, 3 chapels, county bridewell,
bank, fever hospital, Union p. house. C. House,
Lord Blayney. Castlebl. P. L. Union, contains
18 elect, divs. in Monaghan and Armagh, with
22 guardians ; acres 93,425, pop. 58,945, ho. room
for 1220, cases relieved (1847-8) 2874 (besides
5352 out-door), expend. 9080J., prop, rated 65,473J.
Mkt. Ds. Wed. for linen ; Tues. and Frid. grain,
butter. Fairs, 1st Wed. every month.


Castleblunden (19) near Kilkenny, Mid. Kil-
kenny, Sir J. Blunden, Bt.

Castleboro 1 (25) 8 m. WSW. of Enniscorthy,
Mid. Wexford, Lord Carew, on R. Boro.

CASTLEBOY, or ST. JOHNSTOWN, par. (25) Ards
bur.E.Down. 3 m. N. of Portaferry-103, on Cloghy
bay, has remains of a preceptory of the knights
of St. John, found. 1189 by Hugh de Lacy. Acres
1358, fertile ; pop. 795+5. ^" Castleboy (114)
6 m. SW. of Loughrea, S. Galway, R. H. Persse,

CASTLEBRACK par. (1, 3, 4) Tinnahinch bar.
N. Queen's Co. 3 m. NNW. of Mountmellick
-50, on R. Barrow, has remains of a castle built
by the Dunnes of Brittas, to whom it belongs.
Acres 9275, mostly bog; pop. 1924 + 7. Living,
a Vic. with Oregon. Fairs, 16 May, 12 Aug.
15 Nov.

P. CASTLEBKIDGE vil. (36) E. Shelmaliere bar.
S. Wexford, 3 m. N. of Wexford- 94, a police sta-
tion, on the harbour, where C. River joins R. Sow.
Pop. 439 + 2, in a thriving corn trade ; houses 81,
with Ardcolme par. church on the site of a castle,
granaries, malthouses. Fairs, 11 Apr. 10 June,
25 Sept. 26 Dec.

Castle- buncrana (29) near Buncrana, NE. Do-
negal, on Lough Swilly, T. Todd, Esq.

Castle-caldwett (9) 5 m. E. of Beelagh, 2V. Fer-
managh, J. C. Bloomfield, Esq. on Lough Erne.

CASTLE-CAULFIELD vil. (54) Dungannon bar.
S. Tyrone, 2 m. W. Dungannon-96, has the ruins
of the castle, built by Sir Toby Caulfield, 1st Lord
Charlemont, 1614, on site of the O'Donellies' fort,
and burnt 1641. Pop. 167, decreasing; houses
132, with Donaghmore par. church, which has a
tomb to Walker the defender of Londonderry, who
was killed at the battle of the Boyne. C. Caul-
field, Lord Charlemont ; Parkanour, J. J. Burgess,
Esq. Fairs, monthly.

Castlecar(J) near Manor Hamilton, N.Leitrim.

Castlecarra (31) 1 m. NE. of Carrick-on-Shan-
non, S W. Leitrim, W. Peyton, Esq.

Castlecary (21) 2 m. SW. of Moville, NE. Do-

P. M. CASTLECOMER par. (1, 2, 5, 6) Fassa-
dinin bar. N. Kilkenny, 5 m. E. of Ballyragget,
60 from Dublin, a police and military station and
sessions town, and proposed head of a new p. law
Union, on R. Deen. Acres 21,592, bog and moun-
tain, abounding with Kilkenny coal and mineral
springs; pop. 13,535, decreasing. Living, a Rcct.
(Os. F. L.) val. 825/., patr. Crown. C. House,
Hon. C. B. Wandeford, whose family bought it
of the Brenans. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, 3 May, 12

Castlecomfort (14) near Barrington's bridge,
NE. Limerick.

P. CASTLE-CONNEL vil. (1) Clanwilliam bar.
N. Limerick, 8 m. NE. of Limerick, 112 from
Dublin, a watering-place, police, and petty ses-
sions station, on R. Shannon, in a fine spot near
O'Brien's Bridge, has remains of O'Brien's castle,
and was one of the first places in the co. settled
by the English. Pop. 1106, decreasing; houses
166, with Stradbally par. church, chapels, dis-
pensary, hotels, etc. for visitors to the spa, Salmon
are caught in the river, which has the Doonas
falls here. Mt. Shannon, Earl of Clare. Gave
title of baron to the De Burghs, who still own it.
Fairs, 20 Apr. 1 June, 26 July, 4 Oct. See STRAD-

CASTLECONXOR par (16-7, 22-3) Tireragh bar.
W. Sligo, 4m. NE. of Ballina-159, near R. Moy.
Acres 10,677, good, with bog and limestone ; pop.
5136 + 63. Living, a Vic. (Tu. K. A.) with Kil-
glass, val. 440/., patr. Bishop. C. House, G. Rut-


ledge, Esq.; Castletown, Col. Kirkwood; Moy-
view, Hon. Col. Wingfield.

Castlecooke (28) 5 m. NE. of Fennoy, NE. Cork,
W. Cooke Collis, Esq.

Castlecoole (22) near Enniskillen, Mid. Ferma-
nagh, Earl of Belmore.

Castlecoote (39) 4 m. W. of Roscommon, S. Ros-

Castlecor (24) 5 m. NE. of Kanturk, N. Cork,
J. D. Freeman, Esq. |P Castlecor (26) near
Ballymahon, .2V". Longford.

Chstlecrine (52) near Sixmilebridge, S. Clare,
C. Cottage, J. Butler, Esq.

Castlecrosby (25) 2 m. N. of Ballananagh, Mid.
Cavan, J. E. Vernon, Esq.

CASTLECUFFE limit. (2) Tinnahinch bar. N.
Queen's Co. near Clonaslee. Fair, 22 Nov.

Castledaly (114) 8 m. S\V. of Loughrea, S. Gal-
way, J. Daly, Esq.

Casth-daly (36J 3 m. SW. of Moate, S W. West-
mcath, D. Daly, Esq.

Castledargan (21) near Collooney, Mid. Sligo,
J. Ormsby, Esq.

vil. (42) Loughlinsholin bar. S. Londondy. 2 m.
NE. of Magherafelt, 117 from Dublin, a police and
sessions station, on R. Mayola, near Lough Neagh.
Pop. 575, decreasing, in the linen, grain, and pro-
vision trade ; houses 106, with Ballyscullion par.
church, chapel, mkt. house, flour-mills, bleach
green. C. D. House, Rt. Hon. G. R. Dawson, to
whom the place belongs. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs,
1 Jan. 7 Apr. 1 June, 2 Aug. and last Sat. every

P. M. CASTLEDERG, orDERG-BRiDGE, vil. (16)
Omagh bar. W. Tyrone, 15 m. NW. of Omagh,
126 from Dublin, a police and sessions station, on
R. Derg, with remains of a castle b. 1619 by Sir
J. Davis, to whom it was granted by Jas. I.
Pop. 476, decreasing ; houses 74, with Skirt's par.
church, dispensary, free school. It belongs to
Sir R. A. Ferguson, Bt. M.P. Castled. P. L. Union,
contains 14 elect, divs. in Tyrone, with 14
guardians; acres 91,787, pop. 21,368, ho. room
for 570, cases relieved (1847-8) 733 (no out-door),
expend. 1663Z., prop, rated 21,790Z. Mkt. D. Frid.
Fairs, 1st Frid. every month.

P. 21. CASTLEDERMOT par. (37-40) Kilkea bar.
S.Kildare, 9 m. SE. of Athy, 53 from Dublin, a
police and sessions town, on R. Lerr, so called after
St. Diermid, who in 550 found, the abbey where
King Connac M'Culinan was buried 908 was
taken from the OTooles and given to the Riddle-
fords, and has the remains of a priory, a fran-
ciscan monastery (found. 1302), castle, and 2
crosses. Acres 7497, good land, with granite;
pop. 3090, decreasing, of vil. 1716 + 33. Living,
a I ~ic. with 5 others (Du. G. K.) val. 5357., pairs.
Bishop and R. Latouche, Esq. of Harristown;
church, part a ruin, with a round tower ft.
lii^h, near it. Fairs, 24 Feb. 7 Apr. 24 May,
4 Aug. 19 Sept. 19 Dec. The Scots (1302) took
the town, and two parliaments were held here
in lien. IV. 's time.

( 'ASTLKI>ILIX>N par. (11, 14-5) S. Salt bar. E.
Kililan; 4 m. E. of Clane-22, on R. Liffey. Acres
1133; pop. 149 + 1. Living, a Rect. with Cel-

Castledoltbs (47, 53) 3 m. NE. of Carrickfer-
gus, E. Antrim, E. R. Dobbs, Esq. on Belfast

CASTLEDOCKKELI.! vil. (14) Scarcwalsh bar.
\. ll',:rf,,,;l, 4m. W. of Ferns-72.

Cu$tleaodard(\1) 4m. N. of Lismore, W. Water-

Castledoc (19) 5 m. N. of Banbridge, W. Down.


Castk-durrow (29) near Durrow, S. Queen's
Co. Lord Ashbrook.

Castledykes, near Heriot, SE. Edinbro 1 , the site
of the roman Curiua ( ?).

Castle-ellen (84) 3 m. N. of Athenry, Mid. Gal-
way, W. P. Lambert, Esq.

CASTLE-ELLIS par. (27) Ballaghkeen bar. E.
Wexford, 7 m. SE. of Enniscorthy-80. Acres
5603 good, with marl and granite; pop. 1871
+ 12. Living, an impropriate Cur. (Os. F. L.)
with 3 others, val. L, patr. Bishop. Newfort,
Lord Kilmaine.

Castlefarm (32) 5 m. ENE. of Bruff, E. Lime-

Castlefergus (42) 2 m. SW. of Quin, Mid. Clare,
W. Smith, Esq. on R. Fergus, near C. ruins.

Castleffrench (47) 4 m. NNW. of Ahascragh,
NE. Galway, Hon. T. Ffrench.

Castlefield (24) near Bennettsbridge, Mid. Kil-

Castlefield (6) near Nobber, N. Meath.

P. M. CASTLEFINN vil. (70) Raphoe bar. E.
Donegal, 25 m. NE. of Donegal, 136 from Dublin,
on R. Finn, belonged to the O'Donnells. Pop.
567. Fairs, Easter Mon. Whit Mon. Mon. be-
fore 10 Oct. 22 Nov. Mon. after Christmas.

Casthfogarty (40) near Thurles, Mid. Tippe-
rary, J. Lennigan, Esq.

Castle-forbes (8) near Newtown-Forbes, N.
Longford, Earl of Granard.

P. CASTLEFORD par. ( ) Upper Osgoldcross
wap. W. R. York. 2 m. NNW. of Pontefract-177,
on R. Aire, near N. Midi. rail, containing Glass
Houghton, is the roman Legiolium on Watling
St. Acres 2040, of tnshp. 540 ; pop. 1850 + 27
and 1414 + 27, in the potteries ; poor r. 340/. ; real
prop. 462U ; charities 17/. All Saints Rect. (Yk.)
val. 555/., patr. Duchy of Cornwall. Coins, pave-
ments, etc. have been found.

CASTLEFORE vil. (24) Leitrim bar. S. Leitrim,
5 m. SW. of Ballinamore-94, on C. Rivulet, near
C. Lough.

Castleforward (47) 7 m. W. of Londonderry,
N. E. Donegal, J. Ferguson, Esq.

Castle- freke (143) near Ross Carbery, S. Cork,
Lord Carbery.

(36) Knocktopher bar. S. Kilkenny, 4 m. N. of

Castlegar (61) near Ahascragh, E. Galway,
Sir J. R. Mahon, Bt., is close to C. bog, of 3215
acres. ^ CASTLEGAR hmlt. (82) Galway bar.
S. Galway, near Galway-133.

Castlegarde (15) near Cappamore, NE. Lime-

Casthgarden (29) 1 m. SE. of Banagher, W.
King's Co.

P. CASTLEGREGORY vil. (27) Corkaguiny bar.
W. Kerry, 12 m. W. of Tralee, 213 from Dublin,
a police, petty sessions, and coast gd. station, on
Tralee bay, had a castle, b. by the Husseys, and
blown up 1641. Pop. 504. Fair, 15 Aug.

Castkgrey (11) near Pallas- Kenry, N. Lime-

Castleqrove (16) 6 m. NW. of Tuam, N. Gal-
way, E. Blake, Esq. $&" Castlegrove (53-4) 4 m.
NE. of Letterkenny, E. Donegal, G. J. Wood, Esq.,
on Lough Swilly. g^ Castlegrove (27) near
Rathdowney, W. Queen's Co.

Castlehacket (42) G m. N. of Headford, N. Gal-
way, I). Kirwan, Esq.

Castlehamilton (19) close to Killeshandra, W.
Cavan, J. Hamilton, Esq. on Lough Erne.

Castleluirrison (8) near Charleville, N. Cork,
H. Harrison, Esq.

Custlehavcn, near Tarbet Castle, NE. Ross.

BB 2



E. Carbery-VVest bar. 5. W. Cork, near Skibbe-
reen-207, on C. Bay, has remains of O'Driscoll's
castle, where the Spaniards landed in 1601. Acres
10,542, rocky; an. val. 6336/; pop. 6056 + 41.
Living, a Red. (Ck. K. C.) val. 531Z., patr.
Crown and Bishop. Castle Townshend, CoL
Townshend. Gave title of earl to the Touchets.
Off the harbour which is safe for small craft are
the rocks called the Stags of Castlehaven.

Castlehill, near Castl'eton, N. Caithness, has
large limestone quarries of ' Caithness pavement.'
tfiP Castlehill, near Lanark, E. Lanark, on R.
Mouse, the old ruined tower of the Lockharts
of Cambusnethan. f^ Castlehitt (38) 4 m. S.
of Crossmolina, N. Mayo, on C. Rivulet, Major

Castlehoward (35) 3 m. S. of Eathdrum, S.
Wicklow, Col. Sir R. Seward, Bt. near the " meet-
ing of the waters."

Castlehwne f 25) 4 m. NW. of Enniskiilen, Mid.
Fermanagh, on C. Lough.

Castk-hyde (35) near Fermoy, N. Cork, S. C.
Price, Esq.

23) Shillelogher bar. Mid. Kilkenny, 2 m. SW. of
Kilkenny-72. Acres 2367 ; pop. 492 + 2. Living,
a Sect. (Os. F. L.) val. with two others 450/.,
patr. Bishop.

P. CASTLE-ISLAND par. (30, 1, etc.) Trugha-
nacmy bar. E. Kerry, llm. SE. of Tralee, 182
from Dublin, on R. Maine, the proposed head of
a new poor 1. Union, was the county and assize,
and a mkt, town, and had a " castle of the
Island of Kerry," built by Geoffry de Marisco,
and was given to the Herberts. Acres 29,633,
improving, with bog, moor, and mountain ; pop.
7967 + 180, of vil. 1687 + 11 ; houses 258, with
courthouse, barracks, bridewell. Living, a Rect.
(Lk. A. A.) val. 554/., patr. the Proprietors of
the Seignory, to whom it was sold by the Herberts.
Parkmoor, R. Meredith, Esq. Fairs, 1st Mon.
Jan. and Feb. 17 Mar. 20 Apr. Easter Mon. 20
May, 24 June, 1 Aug. 1 Oct.

Castle-island (149) Skull par. S W. Cork, 5 m.
E. of Skull, in Roaring Water bay, has the ruins
of O'Donovan More's castle. Acres 141.

CASTLEJORDAN par. (3, 4, 10) Warrenstown
and Coolestown bars. NE. King's Co. (46, 52) and
Upper Moyfenrath bar. S W. Meath, 5 m. ME. of
Phillipstown-50, has the ruins of Gifford castle,
on R. Boyne. Acres 17,371, with bog and grit-
stone; pop. 4079 + 11. Living, an impropriate
Cur. with Ballyboggan. Tuberdaly, J. D. Nes-
bitt, Esq.

Castlekeeran ( ) NW. Meath, 3 m. WNW. of
Kells, on R. Blackwater, has remains of a castle.

CastlekeUy (33) 10 m. NE. of Castleblakeiiey,
NE. Galway, D. H. Kelly, Esq.

Castlekevin (24) 6 m. N. of Rathdrum, N.
Wicklow, C. Frizell, Esq.

Castlekirk ( ) near Oughterard, Mid. Galway,
J. B. Blake, Esq.

CASTLEKNOCK BARONY (13-4, etc.) W. Dublin,
contains the pars, of Castleknock, Chapelizod,
Cloghran, Clonsilla, Mulhuddart, and parts of
Finglass and St. James ; acres 21,372, pop. 9855,
houses 1528.

P. CASTLEKNOCK par. (13-4, 17-8) in the above
bar. 4 m. NW. of Dublin, including Blanchards-
town, on R. Liffey, has an old castle built by
the Danes, and was given to the Tyrells. Acres
7124, good, with limestone; pop. 4063, decreasing,
some woollen makers of vil. 156. Living, a
Prebend, and Vic. (Du. G. KL). with 2 others,
al. 6237., patr. Bishop. Vice-Regal Lodge, The


Lord Lieutenant. Sheep Hill, J. II. Hamilton,
Esq. ; Oatlands, J. Godley, Esq. ; and other seats.
^p Castleknock (46) near Newtown Bellew, NE.

Castklacken (14) near Killala, N. Mayo, on
Lacken bav.

Castle-lake (43) 2 m. NE. of Sixmilebridge,
SE. Clare, J. S. Gabbett, Esq., near Castle Lake.

Castlelambert (82) near Athenry, Mid. Gain-ay,
Lambert, Esq.

Castle-leeky (2) 8 m. W. of Coleraine, N. Lon-

Castleliney Bog, near Templemore, Tipperary ;
acres 2170.

Castk-lishen (6) 9 m. SW. of Charleville, N.

Castle-lloyd (24) 4 m. SE. of Pallasgrean, E.
Limerick, T. Lloyd, Esq.

CASTLELOST par. (33-4, 39) Tartullagh bar. S.
Westmeath, 8 m. S. of Mullingar-48, had a castle
belonging to the Tyrells, and an old monastery
found, in the 7th cent, by St. Carthag. Acres
9457, with bog and limestone ; pop. 2058 + 14.
Living, a Rect. (Meath) val. 201/. patr. Lord
Kilmaine, of Gaulstown.

Castklough (65) near Killarney, Mid. Kerry,
D. S. Lalor, Esq., near C. Bay, in Lough Larne.

P. M. CASTLELYONS par. (35-6, 44-5) Condons
and Barrymore bars. E. Cork, 4 m. SE. of Fermoy,
145 from Dublin, a police station, on R. Bride,
where Ld. Broghill defeated Purcel 1645, be-
longed to the O'Lehans, and was given to the
Barrys, who found, a monastery here. Acres
12,818, good land, with limestone; an. val.
11.726Z. ; pop. 5536 + 11, of vil. 775 + 9, in the
flour trade and woollen mannfact. Living, a Vic.
(Ck. R. C.) val. 484/., patr. Bishop; church, with
mon. of the Barrys. C. House, Rev. J. B. Ryder ;
Coole Abbey, H. H. Peard, Esq. The monastery,
being granted to the Earl of Cork, was made over
to his daughter to " buy her gloves and pins."
Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, 1 Jan. Easter Tues. Whit
Mon. 28 Aug. 29 Sept. 16 Nov.

CASTLEMACADAM par. (30, 35, 40) Arklow bar.
S. Wicklow, 4 m. N W. of Arklow-50, in the vale
of Ovoca. Acres 10,843, abounding with copper,
clay, slate, etc. ; pop. 5633 + 48, in the mines at
Ballymurtagh, Cronebane, Tigrony, Connorree,
and Ballygahan, which together produce from
10,000 to 13,000 tons annually. Living, a Rect.
(Du. G. K.) with Ballydonnell, val. 199/., patr.
Archbp. Ballyarthur/E. S. Bayley, Esq. ; Castle
Howard, Col. "Sir R. Howard, Bt., both com-
manding fine views of the '' Waters," and the
scenery around.

Castlemagarrett (111) near Clare, S. Mayo,
Lord Oranmore.

CASTLEMAGNER par. (23-4, 31-2) Duhallow bar.
N. Cork, contains Kanturk-158, near R. Black-
water, and has the remains of Loghort Castle
(which gives title of baron to the Percevals, Earls
Egmont), and of another now a farmhouse, built
by the Magners, who had this place. Acres 7881,
with pasture and limestone ; pop. 3007 + 15. Liv-
ing, a Vic. (Ck. R. C.) val. 362/., patr. Bishop.
Ballygiblin, Sir W. W. Becher, Bt. ; Cecilstown
Lodge, W. Wrixon, Esq.

Castk-mahon ( ) near Cork, E. Cork, Sir W.
Chatterton, Bt.

P. CASTLESIAINE vil. (46-7) Trughanacmybar.
W. Kerry, 2 m. NE. of Miltown-197, on R. Maine,
which runs into C. Harbour at the upper end of
Dingle bay, has a castle b. by the Macarthys, near
the old bridge. Pop 150, decreasing, in the corn
trade. The harbour is a bad one, but capable of
improvement. Fairs, 15 May, 3 Sept. 1, 21 Nov.


Castlemartin (23,28) near Kilcullen Mid. Kil-
dure, H. Carter, Esq.

contains the pars, of Angle vie., Bosherston,
Castlemartin v., Cosheston rect., St. Florence v.,
Hodgeston r., Lamphey v., Manorbier ., Penally v.,
St. Petrox r., Pwllchrochan r., Rhoscrowther r.,
Stackpole-Elidor v., St. Twinell ., Warren v.,
and parts of Monckton t'., and Nash r. ; pop.
54,491, houses 1139. See NARBERTH DEANERY.
Ssg CASTLEMARTIN par. in the above hund. 5 m.
WSW. of Pembroke-264, near Milford Haven, had
a castle of uncertain foundation, and gives name
to the breed of black cattle about here. Pop. 408,
lime-burners, etc. ; poor r. 310Z. (Pembr. U.) ; real
prop. 4121/. Living, a Vic. (St. Dav.) val. 315/.,
patr. Earl Cawdor ; church, ancient. Druid and
danish remains abound along the rugged coast.
Brownslade, J. Mirehouse, Esq., a great bene-
factor to this part.

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