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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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with a collection of dutch masters and family

CHARLCOTT tythg. (12) Whitchurch par.
N. Hants, near Whitchurch-5G. Pop. 22.
Igf CHARLCOTT tythg. (34) Bremhill par. N.
Wilts. 3 m. N. of Calne-87, seat of S. Otto, Esq.

P. M. CHARLEMONT town (4) Loughgall par.
Armagh bar. NW. Armagh, 6 m. NNW. of Ar-
magh-82, a chief military depot, where R. Callan
joins the Blackwater, opposite Moy, was found, by
Ld. Deputy Mount) oy who built the castle,
afterwards captured by the O'Nials 1641, and
again by Schomberg 1690 ; under charter from
Jas. I. returned two members before the Union,
and is governed by a portreeve and burgesses.
Pop. 485, decreasing, in the linen and carrying
trade by the river to Lough Neagh, and the Ulster
canal which commences here ; houses 124, with
church, chapel, artillery barracks in the fort.
Living, a Cur. taken from Loughgall (Arm. C.)
val. dOL, patr. Rector. Gives title of earl to the
Caulfields. C. Place, W. Paton, Esq.; Church
Hill, Col. Sir W. Verner, Bt. Mht. D. Sat, Fairs,
12 May, 16 Aug. 12 Nov. cattle, yarn, etc.

Charkmont (74) near Cork, E. Cork, C. Evan-
son, Esq. ^ C. Hall ( ) 1 m. E. of Wolver-
hampton, S. Stafford. J. Halford, Esq.

CHALEND vil. (46) 2 m. W. of Luton, S.

CHARLES par. (27) Shirwell hund. N. Devon.
5 m. NNW. of S. Molton-178, on R. Bray. Acres
710 ; pop. 362 + 2 ; poor r. 88/. (S. Molt. U.) ;
real prop. 1990Z. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Exet.)
val. 160/., patr. Rev. R. Blackmore, rector.

CHARLKS-THK-MARTYK par. (24) Roborough
hund. and Plymouth boro'. <S W. Devon, contains
Compton-Gifford. Pop. 13,227.

Clmrlesfnrt (125) E. side of Kinsale harbour, &
Cork. S^ Charlesfort (24) 3 m. SE. of Kells, W.
Meath, J. Tisdall, Esq. ^ Charlesfort (18)
near Dromore, W. Sligo. i$aP Charlesfort (10)
3 m. N W. of Ferns, N. Wexford.

CHARLESTON vil. Pitsligo par. N. Aberdeen.
2 m. W. of Frazerburgh-158. ^T Charleston
(7G)nearMiddleton,J5. Cork." tgp CHARLESTON
vil. Glammi.s par. -S. Forfar. 5 m. SW. of Forfar
-58. Pop. 438.

CHARLESTOWN vil. Aboyne par. & Aberdeen.
on II. Dee, near Aboyne-141, a burgh of barony



under Earl of Aboyne. Pop. 260. Fairs, 2nd
Wed. Feb. Apr. 3rd" Wed. June, Frid. of Paldy
fair week, 1st. Tu. Oct. o. s., 2nd Wed. Nov.
<p- CHARLESTOWN vil. (2) W. O'Neilland bar.
N. Armagh. 6 m. N W. of Portadown-22, on Lough
Neagh. Pop. 122. giP CHARLESTOWN vil.
Aberlour par. W. Banff. 1 m. SW. of Duff. Pop.

St. Austell par. Mid. Cornwall, 1 m. SE. of Austell
-254, to which it is the shipping place for mineral
produce, lime, china, clay, etc. is a sub-port to
Fowej', found, since 1790 by Charles Rash-
leigh, Esq. who made the harbour and docks
(which admit large ships), established building
yards, pilchard fisheries, etc. Living, a Cur.
(Exet.) val. 130/., patr. Crown and Bishop. On
Gwallon downs, now inclosed, are several bar-
rows and british remains. C. Mines, for tin and
copper, employ 430 hands, ijap" Cliarlestown (14)
near Tallaght," 3/itf. Dublin.

P. CHAULESTOWN vil. Dunfermline par. SW.
Fife. 3 m. SW. of Dunfermline-16, a sub-port
to Bo'ness, was found. 1777-8 by Earl Elgin
for his lime quarries, which yield 90,000 tons
yearly. Pop. 772. gif CHARLESTOWN vil.
(8) Kilcursey bar. N. King's Co. near Clara-GO,
and Kilcoursey castle, was once a mkt. town.
Pop. 202, decreasing. Fairs, 20 Apr. 20 Oct.
^ Charlestown (13) 7 m. W. of Ferbane, W.
King's Co. gif CHARLESTOWN par. (14) Ardee
bar. W. Louth. 2 m. NW. of Ardee-43. Acres
2699, fertile, with bog and building-stone; an.
val. 2870/. ; pop. 1396 + 2. Living, a F?c.(Arm.C.)
with 4 others, val. 349, patr. Bishop. Rahana,
G. Ruxton, Esq. g3" Charlestown (11) 3 m. SE.
of Carrick-on-Shannon, J\\ Rosconm. Sir G. King,
Bt. igp CHARLESTOWN vil. Knockbain par. E.
Ross, and Cromarty, 5 m. NNW. of Inverness
-161. Pop. 87. gg Charlestown (28) 5 m. N.
of Pomeroy, NE. Tyrone. ^p Charlestown (34)
near Omagh, W. Tyrone. |gp Cliarkstown (19)
near Mullingar, N. Westmeath. |gp CHARLES-
TOWN vil. (88) N. Owram tnshp. W. R. York. 2 m.

CHARLESVV-ORTH limit. (81) Glossop par. NW.
Derby. 8 m. NNW. of Chapel-le-Frith-167, near
Manchester and Sheffield rail. Pop. 1732, cotton
spinners and coal miners. St. M. Magdalen Cur
(Lich.) val. 150/., patr. Crown and Bishop.

CHARLETON par. (24) Coleridge hund. S. Devon.
1 m. SE. of Kingsbridge-108, on a creek near the
sea, containing Frogmore. Acres 1940 ; pop. 703
+ 6 ; poor r. 291/. (Kingsb. U.) ; real prop. 46G3/. ;
charities, Bowring's 21. St. Mary Rect. (Exet.)
val. 522L, patr. Mrs. I. Twysden. igp Charleton,
near Collinsburgh, SE. Fife.

CHARLETON, QUEEN, par. (19) Keynsham hund.
NE. Somerset. 1 m. SW. of Keynsham-110, near
Gt. West. rail, was settled on Queen Catherine bv
Hen. VIII. Acres 10(!0 ; pop. 190 + 2 ; poor r.
74/. (Keynsli. U.); real prop. 2087A ; charities,
Freeman's school 231. St. Margaret Vic. (Ba.
and W.) val. 48/., patr. Miss Dickenson.

P. M. CHARLEVILLE vil. (2) Rathgogan par.
Orrery bar. N. Cork, 34 m. NNW. of Cork, 140
from Dublin, or 129 by Gt. S. and West. rail,
was found, by the 1st Earl of Orrery 1661,
whose castle was burnt by the Duke of Ber-
wick 1690; under charter from Ch. II. returned
two members before the Union, and is governed
by a sovereign, 2 bailiffs, etc. Acres of boro'
100; pop. 4287, decreasing, some in the tan-
yards and corn mills; houses 660, with court
house, church, chapel, classical school where Ch.
Baron Yelverton was educated, 2 banks, factories,

c c 4



dispensary, and fever hospital. The Earl of Cork
has the manor. Gives title of earl to the Burys
of C.Castk, below. M kt. D. Sat. Fairs, 10 Jan.
16 Mar. 12 May, 15 Aug. 10 Oct. 12 Nov.
cattle, etc.

P. Charleville (22) near Templeoge, S. Dublin.
^P Charleville Castle (16-7) near Tullamore,
Mid. King's Co. Earl of Charleville. fiSP Charle-
ville (18) 5 m. E. of Ardee, S. Louth, on K.
Dee Col. T. Tisdall. ^ Charleville (70) 4 m.
NE. of Castlebar, Mid. Mayo, Col. Fitzgerald.
^" Charleville ( ) near Ballinacary, NW. West-
meath, J. H. Kelly, Esq. ^ Charleville (26)
near Enniscorthy, Mid. Wexford. iJiP Charle-
ville (7) near Enniskerry, N. Wicklow, Viscount
Monck, on R. Glencree. fg Charleville (21)
near Borris-in-Ossory, W. Queen's Co. H. White,

CHARLEY, or CHARNWOOD, ext. par. (63) W.
Goscote hund. NW. Leicester. 5 m. SW. ofLough-
boro'-109, on the Wolds, near Charnwood Forest
has remains of an austin eremite friary found, in
Hen. II.'s time by Blanchmains, Earl of Leicester.
Acres 500 ; pop. 53 + 1 ; poor r. 16/. (Longhboro'
U.) ; real prop. 5771. C. Hall .

CHARLINCH, or CHARLIDGE, par. (20) Canning-
ton hund. Mid. Somerset. 3 m. W. of Bridg-
water-139, has the Agapemone or Abode of Love,
where a sect of ' Lampeters ' or ' Princeites '
mostly persons of fortune, live in common. Acres
1900; pop. 215 + 2; poor r. 200/. (Bridgw. U.) ;
real prop. /. ; charities 9/. St. Mary Reel. (Ba.
and W.) val. 4001., patr. J. Starkey, Esq. Gothel-
ney ho. ( ?) now a farmhouse.

Charlock Farm (13) 5 m. NNE. of Wantage,
NW. Berks.

Charlotte Fort, at Lerwick, Mid. Shetld. Islds.
commands the mouth of Bressy sound, and was
built by Cromwell.

CHARLTON limit. (13) Wantage par. W. Berks.
\ m. NE. of Wantage-60, a meet for Vale
of White Horse hounds. Pop. 252; real prop.
2168Z. C. House, 3. U. Freeman, Esq. ^pCHARL-
TON tythg. (35) Henbury par. S W. Gloucester.

4 m. N. of Bristol -114. Acres 1320 ; pop. 329 + 1 ;
real prop. 2868/. i^P CHARLTON tythg. (34)
Tetbury par. >S. Gloucest. near Tetbury-98. Real
prop. 2129/. ijaP CHARLTON hmlt. (12) Andover
boro', NW. Hants. Pop. 323 ; real prop. 1962/.
gip CHARLTON hmlt. (8) Sunbury par. S W. Mid-
dlsx. Sm.SE. ofStaines-16. Pop.106. ^gCHARL-
TON hmlt. (45) King's Sutton and Newbottle pars.

5 W. Northmptn. 4 m. W. of Brackley-63, near
Rainsborough roman camp, coins of Vespasian
have been found. Pop. 446. igp CHARLTON
( ) 2 m. NW. of Bcllingham, Mid. Northmbrld.
gap" CHARLTON tnshp, (61) Wrockwardine par.
Mid. Salop, 3 m. W. of Wellington- 142. Pop.
101. C. House, m. S. aP CHARLTON hmlt.
(19) Kilmersdon par. NE. Somerset. 6 m. WNW.
of Frome-103. Pop. 241. ^" CHARLTON tythg.
(19) par. of Shepton Mallet, 1 m. E. of it, E. So-
merset. giP CHARLTON (9) 5 m. S. of Midhurst
-50, W. Sussex. gip CHARLTON tythg. (15)
St. Mary Donhead par. S W. Wilts. 7 m. S. of
Hindon-94. Living, a Cur. with St. Mary ; church,
in ruins. Real prop. 2672/. $iP CHARLTON
tythg. (15) Downtnn par. SE. Wilts. 4 m. SSE.
of Salisbury-81. Pop. 300; real prop. 210U
IJiP CHARLTON par. (34) Malmesbury hund. N.
Wilts. 2 m. NE. of Malmesbury-94, belonged to
the abbey there. Acres 5940 ; pop. 683 + 4 ; poor
r. 306/. (Malmes. U.) ; real prop. 4560/. ; charities
IOL St J. Baptist Cur. with Westport. C. House,
seat of Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, through the
Knevits, a noble square pile partly designed by


I.Jones.hasVandyck's 'Ch.I.', Lely's 'Ch.II.' and
' Lady Davis,' ' Adml. Drake,' the Sackville and
many fam. portraits, iJiP CHARLTON, or GREAT
CHARLTON, par. (14) Swanboro' hund. Mid. Wilts.
8 m. SE. of Devizes-89, on R. Avon, once of more
importance, had an alien priory found. 1187, as a
cell to L'Isle Dieu abbey, by Reg. de Raveley,
and given first to St. Katherine's hosp., and by
Edw. VI. to the Sheringtons. Acres 1290 ; pop.
201 + 2; poor r. 119/. (Pewsey U.); real prop.
1899/.; charities 61. St. Peter Vic. (Sal.) val.
143L, patr. Chr. Ch. Coll. Oxon. ; church has a
mural brass (1524) Stephen Duck, author of
the ' Thrasher's Labour,' and other poems, was
a native. On Uphaven hill is Casterley roman
camp, fip CHARLTON hmlt. (54) Cropthorn
par. SE. Worcester. 2 m. NW. of Evesham-95,
near R. Avon. Pop. 312.

CHARLTON-ABBOT'S par. (44) Lower Kiftsgate
hund. NE. Gloucester. 2 m. S. of Winchcomb-95.
Acres 2190 ; pop. 101 : poor r. 38/. (Winch. U.) ;
real prop. 1240/. Living, a Cur. (Gl. and Br.)
val. 38/., patr. F. Pym, Esq. ^P C.-ADAM
par. (18) Somerton hund. SE. Somerset. 7 m.
ENE. of Langport-128, on the Fosse way, had
a chantry (?). Acres, with C. MACKRELL,
3910; pop. 472; poor r. 190/. (Langp. U.) ; real
prop. 2330i St Peter and Paul Vic. (Ba. and
W.) val. 137/., patr. J. Barney, Esq. ^= C.
CROSS ext par. (19) Kilmersdon hund. NE. So-
merset. 5 m. N. of Frome-103. ^p C. EAST and
WEST QUARTER tnshp. ( ) Bellingham par. Mid.
Northmbrld. 2 m. NW. of Bellingham-294. Pop.
173 and 176. |^ C.-HORETHORNE par. (18)
Horethorne hund. SE. Somerset. 5 m. SW. of
Wincanton-109, had a chantry belonging to Ke-
nilworth. Acres 2340 ; pop". 569 + 8 ; poor r.
354/. (Wincant. U.) ; real prop. 3976/. St. Peter
and Paul Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 384/., patr. Mar-
quis of Anglesea. gipC 1 . House (35) 5 m. W. of
Bristol, NE. Somerset. J. Kingston, Esq.

CHARLTON HUNDRED (8, 12) SE. Berks, con-
tains the pars, of Barkham, Finchampstead, and
parts of Shinfield, Sonning, and Swallowfield ;
acres 12,940, pop. 3285, houses 658.

P. CHARLTON, KING'S, par. (44) Cheltenham
hund. Mid. Gloucest. 2 m. SE. of Cheltenham
-95, near Gt. West, branch rail, under Battle-
downs, the scene of a skirmish in the civil
war (?). Acres 5020, with mineral springs;
pop. 3232 + 76; poor r, 7171. (Chelt. U.); real
prop. 14,629/. ; charities 69/. Living, a Cur. (Gl.
and Br.)val. 177Z., patr. Jesus Coll. Oxon. ; church,
has a stone cross in ch.yard. C. Park, Col. Prowse.
^ C., Little ( ) at Sutton Valence, Mid. Kent,
an old seat of the Filmers, now a farmhouse.

P. CHARLTON-MACKRELL par. (18) Somerton
hund, SE. Somerset. 6 m. ENE. of Langport-128,
on R. Gary and the Fosse way, contains Cary-
Fitzpaine and Lytescary. Acres, with C. Adam,
3910 ; pop. 406 + 4 ; poor r. 2247. (Langp. U) ; real
prop. 2024J. , charities 81. St. Martin Rect. (Ba.
and W.) val. 499/., patr. Rev. W. T. P. Brymer,
rector ; church, early eng. ijgp C.-MARSHALL par.
chplrv. (15) Cogdean hund. E. Dorset. 2 m. S. of
Blandford-103, on R. Stour, is a meet for the Black-
moor Vale harriers. Acres 2100; pop. 395 + 7;
poor r. 365/. (Blandf. U.) ; real prop. 1827/. Liv-
ing, a Cur. with Spetisbury ; church, has tombs
of Sloper, who built it 1727, and of Wake, founder
of the corporation for sons of the clergy. C. Cot-
tage, Gen. Coffin. Roman coins have been found.
0iP C.-MUSGRAVE par. (18) Norton-Ferris hund.
SE. Somerset. 1 m. NE. of Wincanton-109, on R.
Cale, where Musgrave the antiquary was born.
Acres 2180; pop. 409; poor r. 300Z. (Wincant


U.) ; real prop. 3485/. St. Stephen Sect. (Ba. and
WV) val. 463/., patr. Rev. P. Leir.

borough bund. St. Augustine lathe, E. Kent,
N. side of Dover-71, a pretty spot, within the li-
berties, on R. Dour. Acres 190, hilly; pop. 2513
+ 88, in the paper, corn, and oil mills ; poor r.
531/. (Dover U.) ; real prop. I. Living, a Rect.
(Cant.) val. 99/., patr. Rev. J. Monins ; church,
reb. 18-27.

heath hund. Sutton-at-Hone lathe, NW.Kent,6m.
ESE. of London, a pleasant spot on N. Kent rail,
near the Thames, Cerletone of ' Domesdy.,' and once
a mkt. town, was given by Will.Rufus to Bermond-
sey cluniac ab. and after the dissolution came to
the Newtons, Langhornes, Ducies, and Maryons.
Acres 1250 ; pop. 2655 + 33, including 71 in Mor-
den Coll. ; poor r. 488/. (Lewisham U.) ; real prop.
20,509/. ; charities 80/., of which Langhorne's
school and almsh. 381. St. Luke Rect. (Lond.)
val. GOO/., patr. Sir T. M. Wilson, Bt, who has
the manor; church, of plain brick, b. 1640, by Sir
A. Newton, commanding a fine view of the river,
has, with other memorials, one to Mr. Drummond
who was shot by M'Naghten 1843. Proprietary
Church Cur. val. /. ; and St. Germain's Place
Cur. val. /. ; both on Blackheath. C. House, seat
of the Wilsons, b. 1616, by I. Jones for Newton,
and enlarged by the Ducies, with some old cy-
presses in front, is E-shaped and a good specimen
of the florid style of the day, containing a fine sa-
loon and gallery, with portraits, and a collection
of fossils from the chalk pits in Hanging Wood,
where is a small summer-house. Fair, for horn
goods, etc., St. Luke's day.

P. CHARLTON, NEW, below the above, nearer
the Thames.

CHARLTOH, NORTH and SOUTH, tnshps. ( )
Ellingham par. NE. Northmbrld. 5 m. N. of Aln-
wick-308. Pop. 238 and 188. C. Hall, J. Cay,
Esq. $ip" C.-ON-OTMOOR par. (45) Ploughley
hund. Mid. Oxford. 5 m. SSW. of Bicester-54, a
meet for Mr. Drake's hounds, on R. Ray, contain-
ing Fencott and Murcott, had a priory or cell to
St. Ebralf's Utica ( ?). Acres 1810, marshy ; pop.
658 ; poor r. 56/.(Bicest. U.) ; real prop.!53U ; cha-
rities 101. St. Mary Rect. (Oxon.) val. /.,
patr. Queen's Coll. Oxon. ; church, cruciform
and early eng., with fine roodloft (1490) and
stone stalls, brass of a priest, and stone cross in ch.
yard. ^ C. Place (3) 4 m. SSE. of Canterbury,
E. Kent, R. Foote, Esq., where the gallant Capt.
Foote was born, igp C.- WOODLANDS hmlt. (19)
Shepton-Mallet par. E. Somerset. 1 m. E. of Shep-
ton-Mallet-116. Pop. 86; real prop. 283U

P. CHARLWOOD par. (8) First Reigate hund.
S. Surrey, 6 m. S. of Reigate-21, near Killman or
Thnberham bridge, on a branch of R. Mole, where
the Danes were beaten. Acres 6290 ; pop. 1291
+ 12 ; poor r. 560/. (Reig. U.) ; real prop. 4868Z. ;
charities 71., and 10 houses for poor. St. Nicho-
las Rect. (Wine.) val. 550/., patr. Rev. H. Wise.
C. Park, W. Middleton, Esq. ; C. Place, J. Wood-
bridge, Esq.

Charman's Cross (64) G m. SE. of Birmingham,
W. Warwick.

P.CnARMiNSTKRpar (17) George hund. S.Dor-
sct. 1 m. NNW. of Dorchester-120, on R. Froom,
contains Burton and Forston. Acres 4910 ; pop.
8*27 + 213; poor r. 430Z. (Dorch. U.) ; real prop.
51 65/. St. Mary Cur. (Sal.) val. with Stratton
137/., patr. Rev. G. Pikard.

P. CIIARMOUTH par. (17, 22^ Whitchurch-Ca-
nonicorum, W. Dorset. 5 m. SE. of Axminster
-147, a watering-place and coast gd. station, once



a mkt town, under C. Hill, which is 1000 ft. high
on R. Char, is the roman Cauca Arixa, and the
site of several battles (830-40) between the Danes
and the Saxons under Egbert and Ethelwolf.
Acres 790 ; pop. 620 ; poor r. 181Z. (Axminst. U.) ;
real prop. 3838/. ; charities, Salter's 40/., and
almsh. 8/. St. Matthew Rect. (Sal.) val. 150/.,
patr. Trustees. When Ch. II. was escaping to
France after the battle of Worcester, a black-
smith discovered, from the shoeing of Lord Wil-
mot's horse, that he came from the North, and the
king was nearly taken here. The cliffs, which
abound with pyrites and are partially inflam-
mable, burst into a flame 1531 ; and an earth-
quake was felt 1839.

CHARNDON hmlt. (45) Twyford par. NW.
Bucks. 6 m. SSW. of Buckingham-55, belongs
to Wykeham of Thame. Acres 1880, with wood ;
pop. 190 +3 ; poor r. 104/. (Buck. U.) ; real prop.
20 10/.

CHARNES tnshp. (73) Eccleshall par. NW.
Stafford. 4 m. NW. of Eccleshall-148. Acres
570 ; pop. 98 + 1. C. Old Hall, W. Younge, Esq.

CHARNEY, or C. BASSET, chplry. (13) Long-
worth par. NW. Berks. 6 m. E. of Faringdon-68,
near R. Ock, and Cherbury danish camp. Acres
1220 ; pop. 275 ; poor r. 193/. (Faring. U.) ; real
prop. 1707/. St. Peter's chapel, with normau
doorway, etc.

CHARNHAM-STREET tythg. (12) Hungerford
par. E. Wilts, near Hungertbrd-64, which was
once called ' Ingleford-Charnham St.' Acres
2490 ; pop. 401 ; real prop. 3999Z.

CHARNOCK-HEATH tnshp. (89) Standish par.
S. Lancash. 2 m. SE. of Chorley-208, on Bolton
and Preston rail. Acres 1560; pop. 1062 + 22;
poor r. 212/. (Chorl.U.) ; real prop. 3374Z. ^ C.-
RIOHARD tnshp. as above, 3 m. W. near Wigan
and Preston rail. Acres 2070 ; pop. 784 + 3 ; poor
r. 182*. ; real prop. 5487/., of which 2000/. on

Charnwood, or Charley, Forest (63) on the Wolds,
near Charley, NW. Leicest., a bare hilly tract
of 16,000 acres and about 20 m. in circuit, belong-
ing to Marq. of Hastings and others, and disaf-
forested after the Conquest. The highest point
of the range, which is chiefly trap, with slate,
stone (for edge-tools), and coal, is Bardon hill
(which see), commanding an extraordinary range
of view, near which is a monastery of St. Bernard,
b. 1844-5 in early eng. style, including a chapel,
chapter-ho., cloisters, refectory, etc. ; and within
its bounds were Charley hermitage and Ulves-
croft priory. For the livings, see COPT-OAKS,
OAKS, and WOODHOUSE-EAVES. The unfinished
canal, about 8 m. long, goes by Osgathorpe, Grace-
dieu, Garendon Pk. etc.

CHARSFIELD par. ( ) Loes hund. E. Suffolk,
5 in. N. of Woodbridge-77. Acres 1650 ; pop.
551 ; poor r. 411/. (Woodb. U.} ; real prop. 2160Z.
charities, Kersey's 8/. St. Peter Cur. (Norw.)
val. 100/., patr. Earl Howe. C. Half,

CHART tythg. (8) with Pitfold, Frensham par.
SW. Surrey, 5 m. S. of Faraham-38.

lathe, E. Kent, contains the pars, of Ashford,
Bethersden, Brook, Gt. Chart, Hinxhill, Hoth-
field, Kennington, Kingsnorth, Mersham, Seving-
ton, and Willesborough ; acres 24,930, pop. 8033,
houses 1462.

CHART, GREAT, par. as above, 2 m. W. of Ash-
ford-53, on S. East. rail, and the Weald border,
Garth of ' Domesdy.,' was a mkt. town belonging
to Christ Ch. Canterbury, now to the Chapter
there. Acres 3190, part in hops; pop. 714 ; poor
r. 325/. (W. Ashfd. U.) ; real prop. 4713/. ; chari-




ties 547., of which Toke's almsh. 417. St. Mary
Sect. (Cant.) val. 6687., patr. Archbp. ; church,
with chancel chapels, b. (Edw. IV.) by Bp. Gold-
well, has brasses, mons. and stained portraits of
his fam. and of the Tokes of Godington, Sharpe
of Ninne House, Twysden of Chelmington. An
earthquake was felt here 1580. Fair, 5 Apr.
cattle. igrC., LITTLE, par. Calehill hund. Scray
lathe, 4 m. NW. of the above. Acres 1590, part
in hops ; pop. 300 ; poor r. 1747. (W. Ashford U.) ;
real prop. 22877. ; charities 97. St. Man' Rect.
(Cant) val. 2987., patr. Archbp. Calehill, H. Da-
rell, Esq. ^ C.-NEXT-SUTTOX-VALENCE par.
(6) Eyhorne hund. Aylesford lathe. Mid. Kent, 4 m.
SSE. of Maidstone-34, near C. Hill, on the edge
of the Weald. Acres 2100, part in hops ; pop. 604 ;
poor r. 4587. (Hollingbourn U.) ; real prop. 44507. ;
charities 3L, with two houses. Living, a Vic.
(Cant.) val. 7. patr. Dean and Chap, of Ro-
chester. 1^ C. Park (8) li m. SE. of Dorking,
Mid. Surrey.

Charter House (63) 3 m. ENE. of Market Bos-
worth, W. Leicester, (gi" C. House (19) 4m.
ENE. of Axbridge, NE. Somerset. Igp C. House,
near Coventry, Warwk. J. Inge, Esq. igg" C.
HOUSE, ext. par. (86) Sculcoates par. E. R. York.
lm.N. of Hull- 171.

P. CHARTER-HOUSE HINTON par. (19) Willow
hund. NE. Somerset. 4m. SSE. of Bath- 104, near
Gt West. rail, has the old tower of a Carthusian
(chartreux) priory, found. 1227-32 by Ela, Countess
of Salisbury, who laid out the park. Acres 2890 ;
pop. 797 + 6, in the woollen mills; poor r. 1547,
(Bath U.) ; real prop. 43837. St. J. Baptist Cur.
(Ba. and W.) val. 100Z., patr. Vicar of St Philip
Norton. Hinton C. House, seat of S. J. Day, Esq.
has paintings of Hen. VIII. Edw. VI. by Holbein,
Mary Q. of Scots by Zucchero, Ld. Keeper Guild-
ford and Strafford by Vandyke, Abp. Robinson by
Reynolds, Fox by Abbot, besides dutch and
modern english masters. Potter}', coins, and
traces of a roman amphitheatre have been found.
^ C.-HOUSE-ON-MENDIP ext par. ville (19)
Winterslope hund. NE. Somerset. 4 m. E. of Ax-
bridge-130, was a cell to Witham, which was the
oldest carthusian ho. in England. Acres 2410 ;
pop. 99 ; poor r. 32Z. (Axbr. U.)

CHARTERIDGE hmlt. (7) Chesham par. S.
Bucks, near Chesham-29. Pop. 404 ; real prop.

CHARTERS HALL hmlt. St. Ninian's par. N.
Stirling. 3 m. S. of Stirling-35, on R. Bannock.

P. CHARTERVILLE ( ) nearWitney, W.Oxfd.

P. CHARTHAM par. (3) Felborough hund.
Scray lathe, E. Kent, 3m. SW. of Canterbury-55,
on R. Stour and S. East, rail., containing C. HATCH
hmlt. (pop. 170), Shalmsford-Street, and Horton,
was Certeliam of ' Domesdy.' given (871) by Duke
Elfrid, for finding the monks in clothes, to the
priors of Christ Ch. Canterbury, who had a vine-
yard and a seat, afterwards granted to the Chap-
ter, and still called the Deanery. Acres 4999,
part in hops ; pop. 974 + 8, some in paper-mills ;
poor r. 5257. (Bridge U.) ; real prop. 56927. St.
Mary Rect. (Cant.) val. 5317., patr. Archbishop ;
church, cruciform and dec. english, has brasses of
a Septvan in armour (full size 1306) and 4 others,
mons. of the Faggs and Sir W. Young, by Rys-
brach, etc. Petrified bones and tumuli have been

Chartham Park (6) 1 m. N. of E. Grinstead,
SE. Surrey, G. B. Roupell, Esq.


&. CiiARTLEY-HoLME ext. par. (72) S. Pire-
hill hund. Mid. Stafford.! m. NE. of Stafford- 141,
has 2 round towers, etc. of a timbered house which

was the prison of Mary Q. of Scots (who worked
a bed here), and was burnt 1781; and also the
the tower of a castle, built 1220 by Rich, de
Blandeville, which came to the Ferrars, Deve-
reux, and Shirley families. Pop. 71. C. Castle,
the modern seat of Earl Ferrars, was burnt down
1847. Near it is Leland's " mightic large parke "
and outwoods, with its red and fallow deer, and
' Stafford cows,' which produce, they say, a parti-
coloured calf the same vear a Ferrars is to die.
Real prop. 85407.

CHARWELTOX, or CHDBCH-C., par. (53) Faws-
ley hund. S W. Northmptn. 5 m. SW. of Daventry
-72, at the head of R. Chanvell or Cherwell.
Acres 2770 ; pop. 227 ; poor r. 1637. (Davent. U.) ;
real prop. 41977. Holy Trin. Rect. (Pet.) val. 5827.,
patr. Sir C. Knightly, Bt. of Fawsley ; church,
with an 8-sided sculptured font, and 2 brasses of
the Andrewes (1441-90). C. House, .

Chase Side (7) near Enfield, NE. Middlesex.


P. CHASEWATER chplry. (31) Kenwyn par.
8 W. Cornwall, 4 m. W. of "Truro-255. Pop. cop-
per miners.

CHASLY vil. (26) Holsworthy par. NW. Devon.
near Holsworthy-214.

CHASTLETON par. (44) Chadlington hund.
NW. Oxford. 4 m. WNW. of Chipping-Norton
-73. Acres 1640 ; pop. 239 ; poor r. 1537. (C. Nor-
ton U.) ; real prop. 26807. ; charities 237. St.
on.) val.

ary Rect. (Oxon.) val. 3367., patr. Sir R. West-

acott. C. Hill House, J. W. Jones, Esq. a fine
seat in the elizabethan style (Jas. I.) amidst old
timber, with a circular camp near it.

Chat Hill (6) 8 m. E. of Reigate, SE. Surrey.

Chat Moss (80, 88) in Eccles par. belonging to
the Traffords, 8 m. from Manchester, S. Lancaslt.
on Liv. and Mane. rail, is about 4 m. by 3, of
tough spongy soil, which on one occasion burst
and discharged itself in R. Mersey, but where

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