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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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P. M. CHUDLEIGH par. (22) Exminster hund.
Mid. Devon. 9 m. SSW. of Exeter, 182 from
London, near R. Teign, and Teingrace canal, has
remains of the Bishop's palace, and belongs to
Ld. Clifford of Ugbrooke, who takes hence title of
baron. Acres 6230, with slate, limestone, bitumen,
and orchards famous for good cider ; pop. 2415 + 14,
in the quarries and woollen manufacture, which,
is declining ; houses 503, in a long street, with
2 chapels, Pynsent's gram, school (30Z.) with .4
exhibitions at Camb., and another school ; poor r.
937Z. on 11.140/. (Newton-Abbot U.); real prop.
13,105Z. ; charities 86Z., of which parish lands 41Z,
St. Martin Vic. (Exet.) val. 505/., patr. Trustees ;
church, has mon. of the Courtenays. C. Rock,
commanding a fine view, is a great mass of lime-
stone, with a cavern in it, whence a stream rises
and tumbles down a fall. In the park is a roman
camp, and a danish one near it. In 1807, 166
houses were burnt. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, Easter
Mond. 3rd Tu. and Wed. June, 20 Oct. cattle, etc.


P. M. CHULMLEIGH par. (26) Witheridge
hund. N. Devon. 20 m,. NW. of P:xeter, 184 from
London, a polling place, on R. Dart, was called.
Chimleighe, on the roman way to Stratton, and
belonged to the Courtenays and Russells. Acres
8650 ; pop. 1647 + 7 ; houses 328, with 2 chapels,
and Pyncombe's school (12Z.) ; poor r. 6477. on
6506Z. (S. Molton U.) ; real prop. 7462Z. ; charities
88/., of which parish lands 61/. St. M. Magdalen
Rect. (Exet.) val. with the prebends of Brook-
lands, Denes, Higher and Lower Heyne, and
Penels attached, 415Z., patr. Rev. G. Hole, rector;
church, formerly collegiate, is later eng.with carved
screen, and was struck by lightning 1797, when
a' stone of 200 Ib. was carried over the town.
In 1645 Col. Okey defeated the parliamentarians
here in a skirmish, ifr C. DEANERY, archdy. of
Barnstaple, dice, of Exeter, contains the benefices
marked in North Tawton hund. Mkt. D. Frid,
Fairs, 1st Frid. Mar. Easter Wed. last Wed. July.

Cliun Castle ( ) near the Land's End, W.
Cornwall, a british remain, consisting of the ruins
of two walls or heaps of stones, with traces of
circular buildings inside.

CHUNALL tnshp. (81) Glossop par. NW. Derby.
7 m. NNW. of Chapel-le-Frith-167. Pop. 111.

Chur Water, runs through Stracur, Mid. Argyll.
to L. Eck,

CHURCH. See C.-KiRK, Lancashire, below,
<3T CHURCH vil. (49) Gallen bar. NE. Mayo, 6 m.
NW. of Swineford-142. $3T CHURCH tnshp.
(56) Llanbister par. N. Radnor, llm. W. of Knigh-
ton-165. Pop. 378. i^ CHURCH tnshp. (56)
Llandewy-Ystradennv par. Mid. Radnor. 9m. W.
of Rhayader-181. Pop. 336. ^ CHURCH tythg.
(21) Bishop's Lydeard par. Mid. Somerset. 5 m.
NW. ofTaunton-141. ^p CHURCH tythg. ( )
Ilminster par. S. Somerset, near Ilminster-136.
(aTCmjRCH quarter ( ) Crosthwaite chplry. S W.
Westmrld. 4 m. W.of Kendal-262. CHURCH
tythg. (15) Downton par. SE. Wilts. 6m. SSE.
of Salisbury-81. Pop. 319.

CHURCH-ASTON chplry. (61.) Edgmond par. 8.
Salop, 1m. S. of Newport-142. Pop. 512 + 6;
real prop. 3412Z., of which 781Z. on quarries.
(si" C. Say (1) on Rathlin isld. N. Amargh,
between Bull and Roe points. (3T C. BRAMP-
TON. See BRAMPTON-CHURCH, Northmpion.,
and the like for other names in CHURCH, f^" C.
Col>ham (8) 8 m. SW. of Kingston, N. Surrey,
R. H. Gedge, Esq. OT C. CONISTONE chplry.
( ) Ulverstone par. N. Lancash. 3m. W. of
Hawkeshead-267, near Conistone Water. Acres
7210 ; pop. 1148 + 56, slate and copper miners ;

BE 2




poor r. 244Z. (Ulverst. U.)- Living, a Cur. (Ches.)
val. 100/., patr. T. R. G. Braddyll, Esq. of Conis-
head priory. See CONISTONE. ^p C. CHAR-

P. CHURCH-EATON par. (62) W. Cuttlestone
bund. W. Stafford. 5 m. NW. of Penkridge-131,
near Binning, and Liverp. canal, contains Mars-
ton and 6 other hmlts. Acres 4930 , pop. 743 ;
poor r. 289Z. (Penkr. U.) ; real prop. 3957Z. ; cha-
rities 202Z., of which gram, school 128/. St. Edith
Sect. (Lich.) val. 976Z., patr. Earl Talbot ; church,
norman for the most part. At Little On was a
stone which had holes on it like marks of the
feet of oxen. 3 C. END (52) 5 m. W. of St.
Neot's-56, N. Beds. ^ C. END (46) 2 m. S. of
Biggleswade-45, E. Beds. igp C. END tnshp.
(46) Shenley par. N. Sucks. 5 m. SW. of Newport-
Pagnell-50, near N. West. rail. Acres 1510 ; pop.
227. igf C. END hmlt. (35) Tidenham par.
JSW. G'oucester. 2 m. NE. of Chepstow-135.
Pop. 252. flip C. End (47) near Lit. Hadham,
E. Herts. J. Chaplyn, Esq. (^" C. END vil.
(7) Willesden par. Mid. Mddlsx. 4 m. NE. of
London. gjg- C. END hmlt. (7) Hendon par.
Mid. Middlsx. where stood an old seat of the
abbots of Westminster. igaT C. FENTON. See
FENTON-KIRK, W. R. York, on N. Midld. rail.

P. CHURCH GATE (1) 4 m. NW. of Epping-16,
W.Essex. $aP C. GRESLET par. (71) Repton
hund. S. Derby. 4 m. SE. of Burton-on-Trent-125,
contains Castle-Gresley, Donisthorpe, Drakelow,
Linton, Oakthorpe, and Swadlincote cur. Acres
6700, with coal ; pop.2764 + 22 ; poor r. 123Z.(Burton
U.) ; real prop. 11,3251., of which 4122/. on mines ;
charities 21. Living, a Cur. (Lich.) val. 108Z., patr.
Rev. Dr. Lloyd, curate. ^[P C. Hall (47) 3 m.
NE. of Braintree, N. Essex, 3. White, Esq. ^P C.
HONEYBOURNE par. (44) with Poden, Upper
Blackenhurst hund. SE. Worcest. 5 m. E. of Eves-
ham-95. Acres 1290 ; pop. 119 + 1 ; poor r. 64Z.
rEvesh. U.) ; real prop. 2054/. St. Egurn Vic.
(Wore.) val. with Cow Honeybourne 190Z., patr.
G. Allies and Stapleton, Esqrs. igp C.-HULME
chplry. (80) Sandbach par. Mid. Cheshire, 6 m.
NW. of Congleton-162, on Manch. rail, and R.
Dane. Acres 760; pop. 1008; poor r. 153Z.
(Congl.U.); real prop. 251 2Z.; charities, Granage
schools 16/. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 120/.,
patr. Vicar, gip C. Isld. (42) in Lough Beg,
SE. Londondy. 2 m. SE. of Bellaghy. ^ C.
Island. See Innisnwre Isld. Sligo. giP C. KIRK
tnshp. ( ) Whallev par. Mid. Lancash. 4 m.
ENE. of Blackbnrn-212. on Leeds and Liv.
canal and E. Lane. rail. Acres 620 ; pop. 1545
+ 57, in the factories; poor r. 56Z. (Blackb.
U.) ; real prop. 6648Z. ; charities 31. St. James
Cur. (Manch.) val. 400Z., patr. Hulme's Trustees.
^T C.-KXOWLE par. (16) Hasilor hund. SE.
Dorset. 3 m. S. of Wareham-215, contains
Bradle. Creech, and Puddle Mill. Acres 2500 ;
pop. 463 + 3, of vil. 183; poor r. 377Z. (Wareh.
U.); real prop. 653Z. St. Peter Sect. (Sal.)
val. 285Z., patr. Col. Hansel. fiP C.-LANG-
TON. See LANGTON, CHURCH, Leicester, gap C.-
gap C.-LAWTON par. (73) Northwich hund.
SE. Cheshire, 5 m. SW. of Congleton-162, on
the canal. Acres 1540 ; pop. 622 + 11 ; poor r.
169Z. (Congl. U.); real prop. 5611Z., of which
2044/. on mines ; charities 31. All Saints Rect.
(Ches.) val. 360Z., patr. C. B. Lawton, Esq. of
Lawton hall. Hyaena, elephant, and rhinoceros
bones found here. i|iP C.-LEIGH hmlt. (72)
Leigh par. N. Stafford. 4 m. S. of Cheadele-146.
<gg~ C.-LENCH. "See LENCH, CHUHCH, Worcest.
egf C.-MAYFIELD hnalt. (72) Mayfield par. NE.

Stafford. 2 m. SW. of Ashborne-139, near Rowlow
barrows. Roman coins have been found in Dale
close barrow. rgp C. Mead, 2 m. NE. of Linton,
SE. Cambridge, near Balsham, J. Stracey, Esq.
IgP C.-OvER par. (53) Knightlow hund. NE.
Warwick. 4m. N. of Rugby-83, near Leic. rail,
and Trepontium on Watling St. under Knightlow
hill tumulus, is a meet for the Atherstone
hounds. Acres 1440 ; pop. 339 + 4 ; poor r. 78/.
(Rugby U.) ; real prop. 3618/. ; charities, Har-
court's 241. Holy Trinity Rect. (Wore.) val.
270Z., patr. H. Grimes, Esq. f^" C. Park (39)
5 m. N W. of Roscommon, S W. Roscomn. rjg C.-
STANTON par. (21) Hemyock hund. NE. Devon.
9m. NNE. of Honiton-148, under Black Down
hills. Acres 4980; pop. 1086 + 11, some in the
silk mills ; poor r. 550Z. (Taunton U.) ; real prop.
4926/. ; charities HZ. St. Paul Rect. (Exet.) val.
421Z., patr. Rev. R. P. Clarke. flg" C. Stile House,
3 m. W. of Barnstaple, N. Devon. A. Barbor, Esq.

P. C. STOKE par. (60) Cawrse and Montgo-
mery hunds. Montgomery, and Chirbury hund.
Salop, 3 m. SE. of Montgomery-168, dn Offa's
dyke and R. Camlet, a branch of R. Severn, con-
tains Brompton-Rhiston, Bacheldre, Upper and
Lower Hopton, Weston Madoe, Hurdley and Mel-
lington. Acres 1560, with lead ore ; pop. 1527
+ 7, of town 593 ; poor r. 552/. (Montg. Incorp.) ;
real prop. 2125Z. ; charities 13Z. Living, a Cur.
(Heref.) val. 151Z., patr. Earl of Powis. Remains
of british and roman camps are traced. <gP C.
ward (1) W. Ham par. S W. Essex, 4 m. NE. of
London, on E. Union rail, contains Upton and
Forest Gate, igg"" C.-STREET ward. See ED-
hmlt. (19) Backwell par. N. Somerset. 6 m. SW.
of Bristol- 114. Pop. 82. ^ C. TOWN QUARTER
tnshp. ( ) Rockliffe par. N. Cumbrld. 4 m. N W.
ofCarlisle-301. Pop. 353.

CHURCHAM par. (43) Lower Dudstone and
Westbury hunds. W. Gloucest. 4 m. W. of Glou-
cester-102, near R. Severn, contains Highnan,
Linton, and Over, where is a 1-arched iron bridge
by Telford of 150 ft. span. Acres 4100 ; pop. 870 ;
poor r. 282/. (Westb. U.) ; real prop. 4169Z. ; cha-
rities 5Z. St. Andrew Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val. with
Bulley 386Z., patr. Dean and Chap, of Glouc.

CHURCHDOWN, or CHOREN, par. (43) Upper
Dudstone hund. W. Gloucest. 3 m. E. of Gloucester
-102, near Cheltenham rail, containing Huccle-
cote, near Ermine St. Acres 4070, rising 2550 ft.
at C. Hill, which commands a fine view of the
vale; pop. 999 + 1; poor r. 291Z. (Glouc. U.) ;
real prop. 4359Z. ; charities 49Z-, of which Win-
dow's school 25Z. St. Bartholomew Cur. (Gl. and
Br.) vaL 88Z., patr. Dean and Chap, of Bristol ;
church, at top of the hill, which has a base 4 m.
round. Banner, professor of Greek, was a native.

CHUECHEND (47) 1 m. N. of Dunmow-38, NW.

P. CHURCHENFORT hmlt. ( ) Ch.-Stanton par.
as above, Devon, is noted for its cider. Fairs,
25 Jan. 6 Mar. cattle.

CHURCHFIELD hmlt. (64) Oundle par. NE.
Northmptn. near Oundle-78, had a chapel.

CHURCHHILL hmlt. (4) W. O'Neilland bar. N.
Armagh, 6m. NE. of Blackwatertown, on R.
Blackwater, Colonel Sir M. Verner, Bart. M. P.
^p Churchhill (30) near Millstreet, NW. Cork.
Igp Churchhill (109) near Enniskeen, S. Cork.

P. CHURCHHILL hmlt. (52) Kilmacrenan bar.
Mid. Donegal, near Lough Neagh, 6 m. NW. of
Letterkenny-146, has a chapel and dispensary



17. House, Rev. J. M. Staples. Fairs, 14 May,
SO Aug. 30 Nov.

P. Churchhill (9) 2 m. N. of Derrygonnelly,
N. Fermanagh. igp" Churchhill (20) near Cas-
tlebaney, E. Munaghan. igg Churchhill (53) 2 m.
N. of Daventry, SE. Northmptn., Miss Clarke.

P. CHURCHILL par. (44-5) Chadlington hund.
W. Oxford. 3 m. SW. of Chipping-Norton-73.
Acres 2850; pop. 651+2; poor r. 320/. (Chipp-
ing-N. U) ; real prop. 3616 ; charities 18?. All
Saints Vic. (Oxon.) val. 1771., patr. J. H. Lang-
ston, Esq.

P. CHURCHILL par. (19) Winterstoke hund.
N. Somerset. \ m. N. of Axbridge-130, under
Doleberry camp, on the Mendip hills, gives name
to the Churchills, whose ancestor Roger de Leon,
or de Courcil, settled here at the Conquest.
Acres 2430; pop. 970; poor r. 494/. (Axbr.
U.) ; real prop. 5377/. ; charities 32/. St. J.
Baptist Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 98/., patr. Dean
and Chap, of Bristol; church, has some old
mons., a brass of R. Jennings (1572), and a

food altarpiece. igg CHURCHILL, or C.-BY-
TOURBRIDGE par. (54) Lower Halfshire hund.
N. Worcest. 3 m. NE. of Kidderniinster-126. Acres
950 ; pop. 164 + 3 ; poor r. 33/. (Kidderm.U.) ; real
prop. 1579Z. ; charities, Penne's 301. St. James
JRect. (Wore.) val. 255/., patr. Rev. J. Turner.
^P CHURCHILL par (54) Lower Oswaldslow
hund. Mid. Worcest. 4 m. ESE. of Worcester-Ill,
on Birm. and Glouc. rail, in a fine spot. Acres
1000, with a mineral spring; pop. 115; poor r.
57/. (Pershore U.) ; real prop. 1332/. ; charities
71. St. Michael Sect. (Wore.) val. 167/., patr. R.
Berkeley, Esq.

CHURCHSTOW par. (24) Stanborough hund. S.
Devon. 2 m. NW. of Kingsbridge-206, near R.
Avon, contains Venn and Kiugsbridge Union p.
house. Acres 1640 ; pop. 542 + 22 ; poor r. 203/.
(Kingsbr. U.) ; real prop. 4183/. St. Mary Vic.
(Exet.) val. with Kingsbridge 200/., patr. Ld.

CUURCHTOWN hmlt. (90) N. Meols tnshp. S W.
Lancash. 7m. NNW. of Ormskirk-219, near the
coast. igP CHURCHTOWN hmlt. (20) St. Decu-
man par. NW. Somerset, near Wat chet-156.

P. CHURCHTOWN par. (7, 15-6) Orrery and
Duhallow bars. N. Cork, 10 m. NE. of Kanturk
-158. Acres 8047, good, with limestone, moor,
and bog ; pop. 3377 + 58, of vil. 038. Living, a
Sect. (Ck. K. C.) val. 475/., patr. Earl of Egmont
of Egmount, who has the manor, and takes his
title hence. flip CHURCHTOWN. See BALLIN-
TK.MPLE, Cork. i|ip" CHURCHTOWN hmlt. (76)
Imokilly bar. E. Cork, 2 m. E. of Middleton-149.
Pop. 111. l|iP CHURCHTOWN vil. (11) Innis-
howen bar. NE. Donegal, near Cardonagh-165.
tgg CHURCHTOWN hmlt. (76) Raphoe bar. E.
Donegal, near Castlefinn-136. ^P CHURCH-
TOWN (38) 4 m. S. of Buncrana, NE. Donegal.
IJiP CHURCHTOWN hmlt. (65) Magunihy bar.
Mid. Kerry, 5m. SE. of Killorglm-201. C. House,
Sir A. Blennerhasset, Bt. $3 CHURCHTOWN
par. (30, 34-5) W. Narragh bar. W. Kildare, con-
taining part of Athy-42, on R. Barrow, has a
camp on the site of the Rlieba(?) of Ptolemy.
Acres 7330, light land ; pop. 2292 + 29. Living,
a Vic. with Athy. flSP CHURCHTOWN vil. (36)
Glenquin bar. W. Limerick, near Newcastle-145.
Pop. 190. C. House, . gaT CHURCHTOWN
par. (30-1) Lower Navan bar. Mid. Meath, 3m.
SW. of Navan-29. Acres 1336, good, with lime-
stone and bog ; pop. 509 + . Living, a Vic. with
Ardbraccan. C. House, Kellet, Esq. ; Phil-
pottstown, J. Young, Esq. $sF CHURCIITOWN
hmlt. (3) Upperthird bar. N. Wutcrford, 4 m. W.

of Carrick-on-Suir, Power, Esq. ifgp CHURCH-
TOWN par. (18, 24-5) Eathcourett bar. Mid. West-
meath, 6m. WSW. of Mullingar-50, between lough
Ennel and Royal canal. Acres 5302, good, with
bog and limestone; pop. 1108+12. Living, a
Rect. (Meath) with 2 others, val. 354/., patr.
Crown and Bishop. Some few monastic remains
are seen. ijap CHDRCHTOWN dist. par. (3) Forth
bar. S. Wcxford, 2 m. SW. of Broadway, between
lough Tacumshin and Lady Isld. on the coast,
was separated from Tacumshin and Ballymore
1834. Living, a Cur. (Os. F. L.) val. 71/., patr.
Chancellor of diocese and Bishop. g3P CHURCH-
TOWN vil. (54) Shelburne bar. S. Wexford, 5 m.
SW. of Tethard-109, at the mouth of Waterford
harbour, near Hook Head. Pop. 151.

Churchview (58) 4m. N. of Killarney, Mid.
Kerry. |gp Churchview (23) near Strokestown,
E. Roscomn.

Churl Loch, near Clova and R. Esk, N. Forfar.
under the Grampians.

Churn, or Corin, River (34, 44) the head source
of R. Thames, SE. Gloucest. rises at the Seven
Wells and Ullin farm, 3 m. S. of Cheltenham, and
passing SE. by N. Cern-ey, Ciren-cester, and S.
Cern-ey, joins the South head of R. Thames, or
Isis, at Cricklade.

CHURSTON-FERRERS par. (22-3) Haytor par.
S. Devon. 7 m. SE. of Totness-196, on Torbay,
near R. Dart, contains Galmpton. Acres 3380 ;
pop. 772 + 1 ; poor r. 227/. (Totn. U.) ; real prop.
3386/. ; charities 6Z. Living, a Cur. with Brix-
ham ; church, has a carved screen. C. Court,
Col. Evans.

CHURT tythg. (8) Frensham par. S W. Surrey,
5 m. S. of Farnham-38. Pop. 432 ; real prop. 1390/.

CHURTON tnshp. (61 ) Church Pulverbatch par.'
Mid. Salop, 6 m. N. of Church-Stretton-158.
Pop. 90.

CHURTON, or CHERRINGTON, par. (14) Swan-
borough hund. Mid. Wilts. 5 m. SE. of Devizes
-89, contains Conock. Acres 2040 ; pop. 428 + 16 ;
poor r. 254/. (Deviz. U.) ; real prop. 2612J. Living,
a Vic. (Sal.) val. 168/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.
igp C.-BY-ALDFORD tnshp. (73-80) Aldford par.
W. Cheshire, 6 m. S. of Chester-183. Acres 760 ;
pop. 254 + 2; poor r. 511. (Gt. Boughton U.).
l^ C.-BY-FARNDON tnshp. Farndon par. near
the above. Acres 450 ; pop. 132 + 1 ; poor r. 39/. ;
real prop. 909Z. igP C.-HEATH, or BRUERA, or
BUERTON, chplry. (80) St. Oswald par. W. Chesh.
near Chester-183. Acres 100 ; pop. 3. Living, a
Cur. with St. Oswald.

CHURWELL tnshp. (88) Batley par. W.R.York.
3 m. SW. of Leeds-189, on the branch rail. Acres
540; pop. 1198 +17, woollen clothiers; poor r.
326/. (Carlton Incorp.) ; real prop. 4079/., of which
1278/. on mines.

P. CHUTE, or UPPER C., par. (12) Kinwardstone
hund. E. Wilts. 3 m. NE. of Ludgershall-71, con-
tains Cadley, on the roman way from Winchester,
under C. Down, which was once a forest. Acres
3220 ; pop. 525 + 2 ; poor r. 3567. ( Andover U.) ;
real prop. 2768/. ; charities, Foyle's 71. St. Ni-
cholas Vic. (Sal.) val. 244/., patr. Bishop. C.
Lodge, W. Fowle, Esq., is a meet for Mr. T. A.
Smith's hounds ; Conholt park, E. P. Meadows,
Esq. Remains of earthworks are seen. Corde-
roy, a divine, was a native, gap C. FOREST
ext. par. near the above, was formerly forest
stretching into Hants, and N. to Savernake forest.
Acres 1930 ; pop. 135 + 2 ; poor r. 206/. ; real prop.

CHUTELEY HUNDRED (12) Kinsclere division,
N. Hants, contains the pars, of Hannington :md
Church-Oakley; acres 2860, pop. 596, houses 103,

E E 3



Chyandower Lodge (33) near Penzance, W.
Cornwall, T. Bolitho, Esq.

<%nAofe(33) 2 m. NXW. of Helston, SW.

ChynhaVs Point (32) near Blackhead, S W.Corn.

CHWYLEIRIOG tnshp. (79) Llanarmon par. E.
Denbigh. 4 m. E. of Ruthin-195. Pop. 34.

Chypons (32) 8 m. SE. of Helston, SW. Cornw.

Ciccesceaster of the Saxons, is CHICH ESTER,

CILAN tnshp. (74) Llandrillo par. NE. Merio-
neth. 5 m. SSW. of Corwen-194. Pop. 36.

CILCARW limit. (41) Llangendeirne par. 8. Car-
marthen. 4m. SE. of Carmarthen-218, contains
Pont-y-Ferem. Pop. 529; real prop. 1194Z.

CILCEN tnshp. (79) Bettws-yn-Rhos par. NW.
Denbigh. 3 m. SW. of Abergele-214.

CILCEN, or KILKEN, par. (79) Coleshill hund.
Mid. Flint. 1 m. S. of Holywell-200, in the vale
of Clwyd, near R. Alen, under Moel Fammau hill,
contains Cefvn, Llan, and 5 other tnshps. Pop.
1267 + 8 ; poor r. 559/. (Holyw. U.) ; real prop.
2913/. ; charities 71. Living, a Ftc. (St. Asa.)
val. 300/., patr. Bishop ; church, has an old font,
and an oak roof from Basingwerk ab.

CILCENNIN par. (57) Lower liar hund. Mid.
Cardigan. 4 m. ESE. of Aberaeron-192, on R.
Aeron. Pop. 647 ; poor r. 132/. (Aberaer. IT.) ;
real prop. 1588/. Living, a Vic. (St. D.) val. 25/.,
patr. Bishop.

CILCOCHWIN tnshp. (74) Llangollen par. SE.
Denbigh, near Llangollen-184. Pop. 164; real
prop. 7337.

CILGANWR hmlt. (41) Llanfynydd par. Mid.
Carmarthen. 5 m. NW. of Llandeilofawr-202, is
joined to ESKER EVAN.

and the like for many other Welsh names in Cil.

Cilgetty (38) nearTenby, SE. Pembroke, an old
seat of the Canons, by the sea.

CILGWYN tnshp. (79) Llandrillo-vn-Rhos par.
NW. Denbigh. 4 m. NW. of Aber"Conway-223,
near the coast. Pop. 65. Ijig" Cilgwyn (41) near
Newcastle Emlyn, 8. Cardigan, was a seat of the
Lloyds. ^ C. CHAPEL (40) 3 m. SE. of New-
port-250, N. Pembroke.

Cilhepste Fall (42) 16 m. SW. by S. of Brecon, S.
Brecon, near Penderyn, and the junction of Rs.
Hepste and Mellte, is 50 ft deep in one wide sheet,
with a path underneath it, where shelter may
actually be found from the rain.

CILIE tnshp. (79) Llanfairtalhaiam par. N. Den-
bigh. 4 m. S. of Abergele-214. Pop. 55.


CILLAY hmlt (41) Llanddarog par. Mid. Car-
marthen. 6 m. ESE. of Carmarthen-218. Pop.265.

CILLIECHRIST or KiLCHRisT chplry. Urray par.
S. Ross. 5. m. SW. of Dingwall-182, where the
Mackenzies were massacred.

CiUieu (57) a circular camp, 68 yds. diam. near
Llandissilio-Gogo, S. Cardigan.

CILLMACHALLT tnshp. (60) Llanidloes par. and
boro', S. Montgomery, near Llanidloes- 188. Pop.,
flannel makers.

CILMARCH hmlt. (41) with Ischcoed, Llande-
feilog par. S W. Carmarthen. 4 m. N. of Kidwelty
-226, on R. Towy. Pop. 160.

CILOWEN tnshp. (79) St. Asaph par. NW.
Flint, near St. Asaph -208. Pop. 134; real prop.

CILTALGARTH tnshp. (74) LlanfawT par. NE.
Merioneth, near Bala-194. Pop. 132.

Cilvac. See Kilvey Mill, Glamorgan.

CILVAWR chplry. ( ) Maner Divy par. N.
Pembroke, near Castle Maelgwm, on R. Teifi;
uhurch, in ruins.


CILWR hmlt. (41) Talley par. E. Carmarthen.
7 m. N. of Llandeilo-fawr-202, is joined to LLAN-


CILWYCH parcel (42) Llanfihangel-cwn-du par.
E. Brecon. 5 m. NW. of Crickhowell-157. Pop.
371 ; real prop. 972/.

CILYCWSI par. (41) Cayo hund. NE. Carmar-
then. 4 m. N. of Llandovery-191, on R. Towy.
Pop. 1481 ; poor r. 485/. (Llandov. U.) ; real prop.
5842Z. ; charities, Price's 51. Living, a Cur.
(St. D.) val. 947., patr. T. H. Gwynne, Esq.

CILYGERNANT hmlt. (41) Llantihangel-Aber-
bythych par. Mid. Carmarthen. 3 m. W. of Llan-

Cil-y-graig ( ) near Llandyssil, on R. Teifi,
Cardigan, the site of Castel Aber-Einon, built
by Maelgwm 1205.

CILY-GROESTWYD tnshp. ( ) Llanfwrog par.
Mid. Denbigh, near Ruthin-195.

CILYMAENLLWYD par. (40) Derllys hund. Car-
marthen, and Dungleddy hund. Pembroke. 7 m.
NNE. of Narberth-240, contains Castle Dyrran
and Grondre. Pop. 583 ; poor r. 192Z. (Narb.U.) ;
real prop. 3080/. Living, a Sect. (St. D.) val.
with Castelldwyran 240/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.

Cimbri, of the Romans, were a tribe of the
Cymri, settled in N. Devon, and W. Somerset.

CINDER BRIDGE hmlt. (87) Greasboro' chplry.
W. R. York. 2 m. N. of Rotheram-159. igp C.
Hill (6) 4 m. S. of E. Grinstead, N. Sussex.

P. CINDERFORD vil. (43) Forest of Dean, W.
Gloucester. 3 m. WNW. of Newnham-112. Pop.
in the iron works. St. John Cur. (Gl. and Br.)
val. 150Z., patr. Crown.

CINQUE PORTS, THE, first established by the
Confessor, and confirmed by the Conqueror, for
the defence of the coast and the supply of a navy,
were Dover, Sandwich, Romney (these appear in
' Domesdy. '), Hythe, and Hastings, to which
Rye and Winchelsea, with several subordinate
members, were added some being inland, but
those on the coast lying between Birchington
near Margate Kent and Seaford Susx. They are :
for Dover (which supplied 21 ships with 21 hands
each) Folkestone*, Faversham*, St. John's par.
Margate, Birchington, Ringwould ; Sandwich
(5 ships, 6 hands each) Fordwich*, Deal*,
Ramsgate, Sarr, Walmer, Brightlingsea ; Romney
(5 ships) where the records are kept Lydd*,
Dene;e-marsh, Orlestone ; Hastings (21 ships)
Pevensey*, Seaford*, part of Bexhill, small part
of St. Leonard's, Beakesbourne near Canterbury,
Grange or Grench near Rochester ; Rye Ten-
terden* : those marked * being corporate mem-
bers, and nominally governed by a mayor and
jurats or aldermen. Under the Reform act Sand-
wich, Dover, and Hastings, return two representa-
tives (or barons) each as before, Rye and Hythe
(5 ships) one each instead of two ; Winchelsea,
Romney, Seaford, which sent two each, are dis-
franchised ; and the privileges of the freemen are
curtailed ; but the inhabitants are still exempt
from county juries and the militia. Courts of
Brotherhood (composed of mayors and jurats of
the ports) and of Guestling (in which mayors and
bailiffs of the members join) are held before the
coronation, to choose the barons who carry the
canopy over the sovereign's head; and occa-
sionally, to appoint the bailiffs who look after their
herring-fishery at Yarmouth. The Lord Warden,
who is Constable of Dover Castle, has the supreme

Cippanhamme of Alfred's Will, is CHIPFENHAM,

CIPPEN hmlt. (40) St. DogmePs par. N. Pem-
broke. 6 m. S. of Fishguard-257. Pop. 305.




CIPPEXIIAM lib. (7) Burnham par. 5. Bucks.
3 in. NW. of Windsor-22. Pop. 241.

## P.M. CIREXCKSTER, or CICESTER, par.(34)
Crowthorne hund. SJE. Gloucester, a station on
Gt. West, rail., 16 m. SE. of Gloucester, 95 from
London through Swindon, or 88 by road, a polling
and petty sess. town, near Thames and Severn
canal, the Caer-Con of the Britons, on R. Churn
or Corin, where the Fosse way, Ermine and Ick-
nield Streets meet theCorinumorDuro-cornovium
of the Romans, and capital of the Dobuni, was
taken by Caelwin 577 after the battle at Dyrham,
and occupied by the Danes 878, and in 1020 by
Canute, who held a council here to expel Ethel-
wolf; had a castle burnt 1142 by Stephen; was
stormed by Rupert 1642-3, and afterwards given
up to Essex; and has the gateways, etc. of a
black canons' mitred abbey, found. 11 17 by Hen. I.
on the site of a college ; returned two mem-
bers (from Eliz.) the borough limits under the Re-

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