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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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2nd earl, and described by the enthusiastic Dibdiu,
as consisting of the "choicest copies of the
choicest editions of the choicest authors, in the
choicest bindings." In the gallery, among other
pictures, are a fragment of Raphael's cartoon The
Murder of the Innocents,' his ' Holy Family,' del
Vaga's ' Cardinal Pole,' and several Holbeins.

Altimonte (13) near Ballon, E. Carlow, St.
George, Esq.

Altmore Burn rises at A. Hill, in N. Banff, and
runs S. about 5 m. to R. Isla, near Keith.

Altnaharrow, or Aultnaharrow, Inn, on Loch
Naver, Mid. Sutherld. 13 m. S. of Tongue.

ALTOFTS tnshp. (87) Normanton par. W. R.
York. 3 m. NE. of Wakefield-182, where N.
Midld. rail, crosses the Aire and Calder canal
and R. Calder. Acres 1733; pop. 704+20; poor
r. 1417. (Preston Incorp.)

Altoir i. e. Altar, a cromlech in W. Cork.
Ijaf A.-na-Greine (i. e. of the Sun), a lonely
cromlech on Callan Mountain, coast of Clare,
between Ennis and Milltown Malby.

ALTON DIVISION (8, 9, 11-2) E. Hants, con-
tains the towns of Alresford and Alton v., and the
hunds. of Upper and Lower Alton, Upper and
Lower Bishop's-Sutton and Selborne ; acres
68,730, pop. 15,308, houses 2820.

ALTON HUNDRED, Upper half, in the above
div. contains the pars, of *Chawton r., *Froyle v.,
"Hartley-Mauditt r., *Holybourne c., *Neatham,
*Shalden r., and *E. Worldham v., *W. World-
ham c. ; acres 14,250, pop. 2570, houses 446.
Lower half, the pars, of *Binsted c., Docken-
field Headley r., and Kingsley c. ; acres 16,400,
pop. 2850, houses 526. ij< A. DEANERY, archdy.
and dice, of Winton, contains the benefices
in the above and Selborne hund. with 'Bent-
worth r., Bramshot r., Colmere r., Greatham r.,
*Lasham r., Shedfield r.

P. M. ALTON par. in the above div. 16 m.
ENE. of Winchester, 47 from London, or 58 by
S. West, rail., near R. Wey, a polling and petty
sessions town, noted for its ale, belonged to king
Alfred, was the saxon jEthelinga-dene (' aethel,'
noble) where the Danes were met 1001, returned
a member to the parls. of 23 Edw. I. (who, 1266,
when prince captured in single combat the outlaw
Adam Gordon, in the wood towards Farnham)
and 4 Edw. II., and was taken by Waller 1643
from Col. Bowles. Acres 3900, with hopgrounds ;
pop. 3139 + 39 in the paper and silk mills, in the
serge and woollen (and formerly the bombazine)
manufact. ; houses 565, with 4 chapels, townhall
(or school), bank, savings bk., literary society,
Egger's free gramm. school (817. found. 1640)
Geale's almshouse, and Union p. house; poor
r. 13117. on 11,7097.; real prop. 11,8147.; cha r
rities 1037. St. Laurence Vic. (Win.) val. with
Holybourne, Binsted, and Kingsley 7287., patr.
Dean and Chap. ; church, later eng. Will, of A.
a friar (Edw. II.), Pitts who wrote "De Illus-
tribus Ang. Scriptoribus " (1560-1616), Curtis
the botanist (1746-99), and J. Curtis the physi-
cian, were natives. A. House, H. Chawner, Esq.
Alton P. L. Union contains the pars, marked in
the div. etc. above, with Beutworth, E. Tisted,
Farringdon, Medsted, Newton Valence, Selborne,
Wield; acres 43,123; pop. 11,299; cases relieved
(yr. 1846-47) 2443 (out-door 2000), expend. 61157.
prop, rated 50,0167. Sup. Registry comprises the
same, except Neatham ; pop. 11,299 + 107. New


County Court district corresponds with the Re-

fistry. Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, last Sat. Apr. sheep
July, 29 Sept. cattle, etc.

P. ALTON, or ALVETON, par. (72) S. Totmon-
slow hund. NE. Stafford. 4 m. E. of Cheadle
-146, on Uttoxeter canal and R. Churnet, con-
tains Cotton Cur. Denston, Farley, Bonebury
2-ditched camp, and the ruins of the De Verdons'
castle (Hen. II.) on a rock by the river com-
manding a fine view. Acres 7470 ; pop. 2390, of
town 1168; poor r. 2627. (Cheadle U.); real
prop. 4710/. ; charities 257. of which 111. to Wall's
school. St. James Vic. (Lich.) value 1517., patr.
Earl of Shrewsbury, who has the manor and A.
Towers a noble pile in various styles, begun
1814 by Charles 16th earl, including a hall,
armoury (120 ft. long, with a figure of the great
John Talbot, a screen, etc.), picture gallery
(150 ft.), octagon (50 ft. diam., with busts, etc.),
house conservatory (100 ft. long, with statues,
etc.), long gallery (portraits, etc.), and other gal-
leries (altogether 500 ft. long), chapel (stained
windows by Willement, screen by Pugin, pictures,
etc.), state drawing-room, libraries, Arragon room
(with some of Q. Catherine's ornaments), Talbot
gallery, corridors, etc., crowded with statues, an-
tiques, armour, pictures, among which last
(mostly from Mad. Bonaparte's collection) are, Ra-
phael's ' Kneeling Madonna,' Da Vinci's and Bar-
tolemeo's ' Madonnas, ' Bonifaccio's ' Prodigal
Son,' Georgione's ' Aretino' and ' Holy Family,'
Cano's ' Virgin and Child,' Veronese's ' Mag-
dalen,' Guido's ' Magdalen,' etc., Spagnoletto's
' Portrait of himself,' Murillo's ' Teresa,' Velas-
quez's ' Phil. IV.' David's ' Belisarius,' Snyder's
and Wouvermans' hunting pieces, etc. In the
beautiful gardens (a warren 30 years ago) which
contain terraces, walks, buildings, grottoes, falls,
etc. in profusion, are the Choragic temple (after
that of Lysicrates), Chinese conservatory, screw
and other fountains, an imitation Stonehenge,
Jacob's ladder, greenhouses, golden gate walk,
pagoda (95 ft. high), and the Harper's cottage
and gothic temple which command views of the
whole (from the latter, they see the Wrekin).
Near the old cast, is St. John's hosp. lately found,
bv the Talbots, for a warden and fellows, with
church, school, etc. by Pugin.

Alton (14) 4 m. NW. of Ludgershall, E. Wilts.
flgf ALTON constablewick (55) Rock par. NW.
Worcester. 4 m. W. of Bewdley-128, near Wyre

Alton (53) 6 m. S\V. of Leominster, Mid. Here-

ALTON-BARNES, or BERNERS, par. (14) Swan-
boro' hund. Mid. Wilts. 6 m. E. of Devizes-89,
on Kennet and Avon canal, belonged to Amesbury
nunnery. Acres 250 ; pop. 167 + 3 ; poor r. 977.
(Deviz. U.) ; real prop. 14857. St. Mary Rect.
(Sal.) val. 294/., patr. New Coll. Oxon. '^ A.
Dungeons (14) 4m. NW. of Wilton, S. Wilts, was
the property of the Sturtons. (J-jy A. Grange
(63) 2 m. ESE. of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, NW.
Ixicester. igr- A. Hall (48) 5 m. S. of Ipswich,
8. Suffolk, on a branch of R. Stour.. ^T A.
House (63) 3 m. NW. of Coventry, N. Warwick.
83T A. PANCRAS LIBERTY and par. (18) Cerne
divis. Mid. Dorset. 2 m. ENE. of Cerne-127, near
A. Downs, where the Blackmoor harriers meet.
Acres 1370 ; pop. 248 + 3 ; poor r. 91/. (Cerne U.) ;
real prop. 2658/. ; St. Andrew Vic. (Sal) val. 120/.,
patr. Dean and Chap. ig?r A. PIUOKS chplry.
(14) Overton par. Mid. Wilts, close to A.Barnes
as above, containing W. Stowell, belonged to
Winchester monastery. Acres 2630 ; pop. 251 ;
poor r. 107/. (Pewsey U.); real prop. 2117/. All



Saints CW.with Overton ; church, has brass of a
lady (1528) with the ' Resurrection.'

Altrieve 1 m. E. of St. Mary's loch, W. Selkirk.
where Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, died, is on A.
Burn, which runs to R. Yarrow.

P. M. ALTRINCHAM chplry. (80) Bowdon par.
N. Cheshire, 28 m. NE. of Chester, 179 from
London, or 197 by the branch rail, (of 8 m.) from
Manch., on Bridgewater canal near R. Mersey, was
a burgh at the Conquest under 1 1 union de Massy,
whose descendant, Earl of Stamford, has Dunham
Massy Hall. Acres 520, with orchards and mar-
ket gardens ; pop. 3399 + 69, weavers and spin-
ners; houses 664, with 2 chapels, school (27, )
and Union p. house ; poor r. 10927. on 80237. ;
real prop. 12,0957. ; charities 577. St. George Cur.
(Ches.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar; church, b. 1799.
Alt. P. L. Union contains the pars, (with their
tnshps.) of Altrincham, Ashton-on- Mersey, Bow-
don, High Leigh, Lymm, Marthall-cum-\Varford,
Mobberley, Nether and Over Knutsford, Northen,
Peover Superior, Rosthern, Warburton; acres
64,914, pop. 31,019, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
2121 (out-door 1930), expend. 80387., prop, rated
134,7597. Sup. Registry comprises the same, with
Ringway, Wilmslow; pop. 31,019 + 295. New
County Court district corresponds with the Re-
gistry, except Knutsford and Wilmslow sub-
districts (which go to Knutsford), and Lymm (to
Warrington). Mkt. D. Tues. Fairs, 22 Apr.
5 Aug. 22 Nov. cattle, sheep, etc.

Altsay, 7 m. NE. of Fort Augustus, Mid. In-
verness, a post on Loch Ness.

Altwent (43) 6 m. NW. of Ross, 5. Hereford.

ALTYRE par. now joined to Rafford, N. Elgin.
2 m. SE. of Torres, has the old church with tombs
of the Cummings of A. House.

Alum Bay (16) near the Needles, I. of Wight,
S. Hants, has chalk cliffs 300 ft. high, with thin
beds of wood coal, and is streaked like a ribbon
with numberless particoloured clays, marls, and
sands. Alum is found; pure shell-less sand is
sent away to, make glass and porcelain; and at
Headon Hill,. a, marine deposit lies between two
of freshwater.

ALUM GREEN ext. par. (151) Lyndhurst par.,
5 W. Hants. 8 m. NNW. of Lymington-93, on
that river, in the New Forest. Pop. 13.

Alun, AUyn, or Alen, River (74, 79) celebrated
by W. Irving in his " Angler's " Sketch, rises
under Cyn-y-Bran, Mid. Denbigh, and runs N.
and SE. about 30 m. past Mold, Caergwrle, through
the vale of Gresford to R. Dee near Holt.

P. ALVA par. Stirling, locally in Clackman-
nan. 3 m. N. of Alloa-32, on R. Devon, among
the Ochills, belonged to Cambuskenneth ab.
Size 4J m. by 2, hilly pasture (2420 ft. at Ben-
cleuch, the highest point of the Ochills), well
wooded, with coal and traces of cobalt, arsenic,
iron, copper, and lead with silver ; pop. 2216 + 91,
of vil. 124, in the woollen manufactures ;
real prop. 48537. ; for poor 2457. Living (Presb.
Stirling) val. 1577., patr. Johnstone of A. House,
on the side of Westhill (1620 ft.). Craig Leith on
Bencleuch had a famous breed of falcons, and the
snow which lies in the hollows sometimes far into
summer, is called " Lady Alva's Web." Menstrie
Ho. was a seat of the Earl of Stirling.

Alvacot (26) 6 m.N. of Launccston, NE. Cornwall.

ALVAH par. NE. Banff. 2 m. S. of Eanff-156,
on R. Doveran, near the bridge at A. Craigs,
and under A. Hill, which is a landmark for this
coast. Size 6 in. by 3, part fertile; pop. 1407 +
13; real prop. 48647.; for poor 1857. Living
(Presb. Turriff) val. 1797., patr. Earl of Fife, he-
ritor, of Balveny Castle ; church, old. Remains of

D 4



Buchan's castle, church, and holy well are near
Mountblairie bog.

ALVANLEY chplry. (80) Frodsham par. NW.
Clieshire, 2 m. SSW. of Frodsham-191, near
Delaniere forest, gives title of baron to the Ar-
dens, who have held it for many generations.
Acres 1460 ; pop. 314 ; poor r. 791. (Runcorn U.) ;
real prop. 1986Z. St. Mary Cur. (Ches.) val. 471.,
pair. Lord Alvanley, of Tarporley. A. Hall Farm
is the site of the old manor-house. A fine view
in a defile towards Frodsham.

P. ALVASTON chplry. (71) St Michael par.
SE. Derby. 3 m. ESE. of Derby-126, near Midld.
rail, on R. Derwent, contains Sinfin Moor house.
Acres 860 ; pop. 493 + 6 ; poor r. 106Z. (Shardlow
U.); real prop. 5610Z. Living, a Cur. (Lich.)
val. 116Z., patr. Parishioners. A. Hall, .

ALV ASTON tnshp. (73) Nantwich par. S. Che-
shire, near Nantwich-64. Acres 610 ; pop. 40 ;
real prop. 873Z.

P. ALVECHURCH par. (54) Mid. Oswaldslow
hund. NE. Worcester. 4 m. ENE. of Bromsgrove,
on Wore, and Birm, canal, near Gl. and Birm.
rail, and Ryknield St., is divided into 6 districts,
and was a borough and seat of the bps. of Wor-
cester who had a palace here from Hen. II. till
the civil war. Acres 6820 ; pop. 1633 + 9 ; poor
r. 498Z. (Bromsg. U.) ; real prop. 10,526Z. ; chari-
ties 71Z. of which 36Z. free school, etc., 331. to
Lewkner's hospital. St. Lawrence Sect. (Wore.)
val. 1025/., patr. Bishop ; church, early eng. with
norman traces. Moore, the nonconformist, and
Hicks, who wrote the " Thesaurus," were rectors.

Alvecote Priory (62) Shuttington par. N. War-
wick. 3 m. E. of Tamworth, on Coventry canal
and R. Anker, was found. 1159 by W. Burdet, as
a cell to Gt. Malvern.

P. ALVELEY par. (61) Stottesden hund. SE.
Salop. 6 m. SE. of Bridgnorth-139, near R.
Severn, contains Nordley Regis and Romsley.
Acres 7640, with lead ; pop. 1062 + 12 ; poor r.
262Z. (Bridgn. U.); real prop. 8850Z. ; charities
123/. of which 26Z. to Grove's school. St. Mary
Cur. (Lich.) val. 103Z., patr. Col. Gatacre of Gat-
acre ; church, had a chantry.

P. ALVERDISCOTT, or ALSCOTT, par. (261) Fre-
mington hund. NW. Devon. 4 m. NNE. of Tor-
rington-194. Acres 1390 ; pop. 332 ; poor r. 109Z.

S'orringt. U.) ; real prop. 1899Z. ; charities 27.
1 Saints Rect. (Exet.) val. 168Z., patr. W. Lee,
Esq. ; church, has a good porch and monuments.

Fareham divis. S. Hants, contains Alverstoke
par. as below.

ALVERSTOKE par. in the above lib. 2 m. WSW.
of Portsmouth-70, on Stoke bay, opposite Spit-
head, near S. West. rail, contains Gosport., Forton,
Anglesey, and Elson Curs. Blockhouse fort and
Monckton, the house of Industry, Gosport bride-
well, Haslar hosp. etc. Acres 4010 ; pop. 13,510
+ 88, many soldiers ; poor r. 3038Z. on 25,371Z. ;
real prop. 24,937Z. ; charities 177. St. Mary
Rect. (Win.) val. with Anglesea 1287/., patr.
Bishop; church, found. 1130 by Hen. de Blois, on
escaping shipwreck at this spot, and since re-
stored, has a tomb to Adml. Kempenfelt who,
with his ' eight hundred,' was lost in the Royal
George (27 Aug. 1782), St. Matthew Cur., 200Z.,
Bishop and Rector. A new school near the church,
was b. by Archd. Wilberforce. The Sup. Registry,
comprising this par., is part of Portsmouth New
County Court district. Deaths from cholera (1849)

ALVERSTONE (10) Brading par. I. of Wight,
8. Hants, near Brading, was once a chplry.
. P. ALVERTHORPE tnshp. (87) with Thornes,

Wakefield par. W. R. York. 1 m. NW. of Wake-
field-182, partly within that boro', near Lane, and
Yorksh. rail., is an old seat of the Maudes of Moor
House, containing Fanshaw and 3 other hmlts.
Acres 2930; pop. 5930 + 108; poor r. 1730Z. on
20,394Z. (Wakef. U.) ; real prop. 26.298Z. Living,
a Cur. (Rip.) val. 150Z., patr. Vicar; church,
b. 1825.

ALVERTOX hmlt. (70) Kilvington par. SE.
Notts. 7 m. S. of Newark- 124, belonged to the
Hewits. Pop. 26.

P. ALVES par. 5 m. W. of Elgin-138, N.
Elgin, near Buryhead bay in Moray Frith, con-
taining Coltfield and Crook, has remains of Aslisk
cast. Size 5 m, by 5, good, with building and
millstone quarries in the Knock of A. ; pop. 913,
decreasing ; real prop. 5724Z. ; for poor 176Z. Liv-
ing (Presb. Elgin) vaL 215Z., patr. Earl of Moray.

P. ALVESCOTT par. (34) Bampton hund. W.
Oxford. 3 m. WNW. of Bampton-71, belonged
to Tewkesbury ab. Acres 2690 ; pop. 357 ; poor
r. 135Z. (Witney U.) ; real prop. 3039Z. ; charities
22Z. of which 5Z. to Carter's school. Living, a
Rect. (Oxon.) val. 371Z., patr. T. Neate, Esq.;
church, old and cruciform, with some tombs.

ALVESDISTON par. (15) Chalk hund. S. Wilts.
9 m. SW. by W. of Wilton-84, on a branch of R.
Avon, near Whitesheet hill and Cranborn Chase.
Acres 2400; pop. 263 + 3; poor r. 81Z. (Tisbury
U.) ; real prop. 2095Z. St. Mary Vic. with Broad

ALVESTON par. (35) Upper and Lower Langley
hund. SW. Gloucester. 2 m. S. of Thornbury-
124, near the Cotswolds. Acres 2470 ; pop. 841
+ 4 ; poor r. 309Z. (Thornb. U.) ; real prop. 5547Z. ;
charities 7Z. St. Helen Vic. with Olveston Cur.
(Gl. and B.) val. 250Z., patr. Dean and Chap. ;
church, has brasses of the Denays. A. House,
- . IgiT ALVESTON, or AULSTON, par. (54) Bar-
lichway hund. Mid Warwick. 2 m. NE. of Strat-
ford-96, on R. Avon, ia a healthy spot, under
Welcombe hills, contains Tiddington Ville, and
is a meet for the hounds. Acres 4300, well
wooded ; pop. 793 + 14 ; poor r. 365Z. (Stratf. U.) ;
real prop. 8236Z. ; charities 46Z. St. James. Vic.
(Wore.) val. 220Z,, patr. Rector of Hampton Lucy ;
church, has tombs of the Lucys. A. House, T.
Townsend, Esq.

AI.VETON. See ALTON, Stafford.

ALVIE par. in Badenoch, E. Inverness. 11
m. NE. of Pitman-116, on R. Spey, under Mo-
nadlia mountns. contains Insh par. q. s. and
Lynchat. Size 10 m. by 6, chiefly barren moun-
tain (towards the Grampians, 4000 ft. high) with
wood ; pop. 972, decreasing, in the salmon-fish-
eries, etc. ; real prop. 4290Z. ; for poor 241Z.
Living (Presb. Abernethy) val. 158Z., patr. Duke
of Richmond. Perch are found in A. Loch, which
runs to R. Spey, near which is Belleville, seat
of the Macphersons, and opposite Tor A. is Kin-
rara, the late Duchess of Gordon's seat.

ALVTNGHAM par. (84) Louth Eske hund. NE.
Lincoln. 3 m. NE. of Louth-143, on the canal,
belongs to Scrope of Cockerington, and had a
gilbertine priory found. (Hen. II.) by Walter de
Bee, val. 142Z. and given to the Clintons. Acres
1940 ; pop. 313 + 2 ; poor r. 146Z. (Louth U.) ; real
prop. 2479Z. ; charities 8Z. and some poor's cot-
tages. St. Adelwold Cur. (Line.) val. with Cocker-
ington 130Z., patr. Bishop.

ALVTNGTON par. (35) Bledisloe hund. W. Glou-
cester. 6 m. NE. of Chepstow-135, on R. Se-
vern, was a cell to Llantonv ab. Acres 1550 ;
pop. 340 + 6; poor r. 109Z."(Chepst. U.); real
prop. 2508Z. Living, a Cur. with Wollastone.
Clauna Ho., Hon. W. Noel, who has the manor,


gi5 ALVINGTOV hmlt. (18) Brimpton par. SI?.
Somerset. 2 m. W. of Yeovil-123. Pop. 65.


P. ALVINGTON WEST par. (24) Stanboro' hund.
S. Devon. 1 m. WSW. of Kingsbridge-208, and
famous for its cider, is a decayed mkt. town, and
meet for the Marlboro' harriers, containing Sal-
combe Cur. on that creek, and 4 hmlts. Acres
3840 ; pop. 998 + 12 ; poor r. 532/. (Kingsb. U.) ;
real prop. 74807.; charities 9/. All Saints Vic.
(Exet.) val. with S. Huish, S. Milton, and Marlboro'
685/., patr. Dean and Chap, of Sarum ; church,
has a screen, font, and tombs of the Bastards who
had the manor and an old seat here.

ALWALTON par. (64) Normancross hund.
NW. Hunts. 4 m. SW. of Peterboro'-81, on R.
Nen, was given to the monks of Peterboro' ' for
the augmentation of their commons.' Acres
1040; pop. 329 + 3; poor r. 166/. (Peterb. U.);
real prop. 18827. ; charities 61. St. Andrew Beet.
(Ely) val. 2007., patr. Dean and Chap, of Peter-
boro' ; church, norman and other styles, with a
good porch. A. Castle, L. Thompson, Esq.

Altuen River (74) rises 8 m. SE. of Llanrwst,
W. Denbigh, in A. Lake, and runs SE. about 14 m.
to R. Dee, near Corwen, NE. Merioneth.

ALWINGTON par. (26) Shebbear hund. NW.
Devon. 3 m. SW. of Bideford-201, near the
bay, on R. Yeo, contains Fairy Cross, Ford, and
Woodtown. Acres 5330 ; pop. 392 ; poor r. 1937.
(Bidef. U.) ; real prop. 22087. ; charities, Coffin's
almshouse, etc. 167. St. Andrew Beet. (Exet.)
val. 243/., patr. Rev. J. T. P. Coffin, rector, whose
family have held the manor since the Con-


ALWOODLEY hmlt. ( ) Harewood par. W.
B. York. 4 m. N. of Leeds-189, belonged to Sir
Gervase Clifton, who had ' three honourables,
three rt. worshipfuls, and one well-beloved,' for
his wives. Acres 1120; pop. 281 + 14; poor r.
287. (Baswick Incorp.)

Alwye. See Olwy River, Monmouth.

P. M. ALYTH par. E. Perth, and Forfar. 18 m.
NE. of Perth-40, on R. Isla, under A. Hitt near
the Grampians, is a burgh of barony to the Earl
of Airly (who takes hence his title) and has re-
mains of Barry hill camp, where Guinevra, king
Arthur's wife, they sav, was confined by the
Picts. Size 10 m. by 3, fertile hills (1179 ft. high
at King's seat) with limestone at Mount Blair,
and heathy pasture in A. Forest, which abounds
with game. Pop. 2910 + 121, of vil. 1846, many
coarse linen-weavers ; houses 520, with church, 3
chapels, 2 schools; real prop. 7097. (?); for poor
7497. ; rental 8000/. Living (Presb. Meigle) val.
2307., patr. Crown ; church, ancient. Mkt.D. Tues.
Fairs, Tues. after 2nd Thurs. Mar. 2nd Tues.
and 25 June, last Tues. July, Tues. before 10
Oct. 1st Tues. and Wed. and Tues. after 11 Nov.
2nd Tues. Dec. all o. .

Amangkmore, in Ireland, was part of Clare.

AMASTON tnshp. (60) Alberbury par. W. Salop.
7 m. W. of Shrewsbury-153.

Ambaston (71) 5 m. ESE. of Derby, SE. Derby.
on R. Derwent.

Amber Hill (70) 4 m. N. of Swineshead, &
Lincoln. $gp A. House (21) near Taunton, S.

Amber River (71) about 4 m. long, falls into
R. Derwent, N. Derby. 3J m. N. by E. of Belper,
near the Ambergate stat. of the Midld. rail,
which crosses the stream, near the Cromford
canal aqueduct, and the Ambergate and Notts,
rail, from Buxton, etc., of which 7J m. from Mat-
lock and Rowsley are made.



Amberd House (21) 2 m. S. of Taunton, S. So-
merset. Col. Vivart.

AMBERI.EY hmlt. (34) Minchinhampton par.
Mid. Gloucester, near Minchinhampton-98, is a
Beet, with it, including Littleworth, Theescombe,
and St. Cloe, given to the par. by Dame Hamp-
ton (Hen. VIII.), and has Woeful Dane Bottom
camp or dyke, 3 m. long, 8 ft. high. 1fgr AM-
BERLEY chplry. (55) Marden par. Mid. Herefd.
6 m. NNE. of Hereford-134. Pop. 22.

P. AMBEKLEY, or AMERLEY, par. (9) W. Eas-
wrilh hund. Arundel rape, W. Sussex, 3 m.
NNE. of Arundel-55, under A. Dooms, on R.
Arun, contains Rackbam, and is noted for trout.
Acres 3030; pop. 722 + 9; poor r. 1711.; real
prop. 44557.; charities 117/. of which 1057. to
Older's school. Living, a Vic. (Chic.) val. with
Houghton 166/., patr. Bishop ; church, early eng.
with a fine norman arch in the chancel, and a
brass (1424) of Wantele, in a tabard. A. Palace,
now a farm, on the river, was a quadrangle, built
by Bp. Rede about 1370, and has in the ' Queen's '
room several portraits and carvings.

AMBERSHAM, NORTH and SOUTH, tythgs. (9)
Steep par. E. Hants, locally in Sussex, 2 m. ESE.
of Midhurst-50, on R. Rother. Acres 2590 ; pop.
133 and 189.

Amberwood Cottage ext. par. (15) Bramshaw
par. W. Hants. 6 m. SW. of Romsey-73, in the
New Forest. Pop. 14.

P. AMBLE tnshp. ( ) Warkworth par. E.
Northmbrld. 7 m. SE. of Alnwick-308, at R.
Coquet's mouth, was a cell to Tynemouth priory,
and has a british camp, where roman coins have
been found. Pop. 724 + 48, in the coal mines ;
poor r. 1157. (Alnw. U.). A. House, belongs to
Smith of Togston.

AMBLECOAT hmlt. (62) Old Swinford par. 5.
Stafford, close to Stourbridge-122. Acres 570,
with blue clay for crucibles, etc. ; pop. 1623 + 39
in Webb's and other glasshouses, the coal and
ironworks, and potteries ; poor r. 3367. (Stourbr.
U.) ; real prop. 18,3227. Living, a Cur. (Wore.)
val. 1001., patr. Earl of Stamford.

STOCK, chplry. ( ) Windennere and Grasmere
pars. W. Westmrld., 276 m. from London, or 266
by Kendal rail., a polling and petty sess. town,
at the head of Windennere, near Stockgill Force
or Fall (of 150 ft.), in a hollow under Fair
Field, Wans Fell, Skelgill Pike, Loughrigg and
Rydal Mount, was the roman Galacum (or Am-
boglauna of Camden), and is a central point for
tourists, having the Langdales, Coniston, East-
waite, Rydal, Ulleswater, Grasmere, Thirlemere,
Elterwater, etc. within 7 m. Pop. 1281 + 19 in
the coarse woollen and basket manufactures, the
green marble and slate quarries ; houses 221, with
2 chapels, mkt. house (reb. 1796), inns, Kelsick'a
free gram, school (1336) ; poor r. 277/. on
24637. (Kendal U.) ; real prop. 5264Z. ; charities
1447. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 807., patr. Lady
le Fleming of Rydal Hall; church, reb. 1812.
There are remains of A. Hall (the Braithwaites'
seat), and of the old walls and part of a bridge ;
roman coins have been found. Mkt. D. Wed.
Fain, Whit Wed. 13 and 29 Oct. cattle.

P. AMBI.KSTOX par. (40) Dungleddy hund.
Mid. Pembroke. 7m. NNE. of Haverford west- 251,
on a branch of R. Cleddy, near Castle Flemish
or the roman Ad Vigesimum, on the Via Julia.
Pop. 605 + 3; poor r. 1717. (Haverf. U.); real
prop. 27897. St. Mary Vic. (St. Dav.) val. 1837.,
patr. Crown.

Ambow (26) 5 in. WSW. of S. Molton, N. Devon.




Ambreys, or Ambersbury (1) a british camp of
12 acres, in Copped Hall Pk. S W. Essex, near
the Epping road.

Ambrook House (22) near Newton Bushel, SE.

AMBROSDEN par. (45) Bullingdon hund. NE.
Oxford. 2 m. SE. of Bicester-54, near R. Ray
and the roman road from Dorchester (Oxon.)
contains Arncott and: .Blackthorn. Acres 52 10;
pop. 892 ; poor r. 54Z. (Bicest. U.) ; real prop.
889/. ; charities, church lands, etc. 40Z. St.
Mary Fie. (Oxon.) val. 228/., patr. Sir G. O.
Turner, Bt. of A. Park, sometime held by Bp.
Kennet, who wrote the " Parochial Antiquities "
of this place, Bicester, etc. as a specimen of what
may be done in such a case, and derives the name
from Ambrosius (the British Merlin) ; church

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