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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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ney gram, school, where the two dramatic brothers
Hoadley were pupils, the London Orphan asylum,
built 1813 (for 30,0007.), and water works. St.
James Cur. (Lon.) val. 350/., patr. Rector ; church,
b. by Powell, Esq. of C. House, near which is
Brook House, once the seat of the Earl of Nor-
thumberland, Lords Brooke and Hunsdon, now a
lunatic asylum. Jno. Howard's fam. lived here,
but he was born at Enfield while his mother was
on a visit there (1726-90). ^" C. UPPER hmlt.
as above \ m. N. on the road to Stamford Hill,
overlooking the marshes of R. Lea, and Epping
forest. Pop. 2532 ; houses 424, mostly new, with
a proprietary chapel.

CLAPTON'S WICK tythg. (35) Portbury par. N.
Somerset. 6 m. NW. of Bristol-114. Pop. 45.

CLARA par. (15, 20) Gouran bar. Mid. Kilkenny,
4m. E. of Kilkenny- 72. Acres 3219, good; pop.
663, decreasing. Living, a Vic. with St. John's,
Kilkenny. C. Castle. A. Byron, Esq. ; Clifden,
Visct. Clifden.

P. M. CLARA vil. (8) Kilcoursey bar, N. King's
Co. 6 m. NW. of Tullamore, 61 from Dublin, a
petty sessions and police station, on R. Brosna and
Gd. canal, belonging to A. Cox, Esq. of C. House.
Pop. 1155, in the cotton and linen trade; houses
200, with 5 chapels, cornmills, bleach-houses, dis-
pensary. Mkt. D. Wed. Fairs, 6 Jan. 1 Feb.
35 Mar. 12 May, 29 June, 25 July, 26 Sept. 1
Nov. cattle, etc.

CLARACH tnshp. (57) Aberystwith par. N W.
Cardigan, near Aberystwith-208, on C. River,
which runs about 8 m. to the sea. Pop. 283 ; real
prop. 13327.

Claragh (45) near Rathmelon, N. Donegal

Claramont ( ) near Waltham Cross, SE. Herts.
Sir G. Ouseley, Bt.

BRIDGE, Galway.

CLARBESTON par. (40) Dungleddy hund. Mid.
Pembroke. 6 m. NW. of Narberth-240. Pop. 244
+ 3; poor r. 517. (Narb. U.) ; real prop. 11277.
Living, a Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 607., patr. Phillips's

CLARE (75 sheets) a seaside count}', Munster
province, W. Ireland, between the Shannon and
Galway bay, once the seat of the Gangani, or
Scol Gangain, afterwards of the O'Briens, O'Logh-


ling, O'Connors, Macnamaras, O'Gradys, M'Ma-
hons, O'Deas, M'Lancys, was overrun by the Danes
(who were expelled by Brien Boroimhe or Boru)
and by the Normans under Thorn de Clare from
1290, but finally retained by the O'Briens, was
called Tho-mond, or ' N. Munster,' till Eliza-
beth's time, when it was made shire ground, and
reckoned part of Connaught, is traversed by R.
Fergus, and bordered by Galtcy. (N.), Tippery.
(E.), Limrk. (S.), Kerry (SW.), and the Atlantic
(W.). Length from Loop Head, to L. Derg
70 rn. greatest breadth 33, av. ditto 21 ; relative
size 398-10,OOOths ; circuit about 205 m. including
145 of coast (with 78 fishing ves. and 233 hands,
also 9 coast gd. stations and 42 men), which
is rocky and ironbound to seaward, and along
which are Burren and Ballyraghane bays near
Black hd. in Galway bay, Arran islds. (in the
distance), Moher cliffs (near Hag's hd.) 600 to
1000 ft. high, Liscanor bay, Hal (i. e. bad) bay
watering-place, Spanish pt. where one of the
armada went ashore, Enniskerry islds. Dunbeg
bay, Kilkee bathing-place, Loop hd. and light,
Kilrush harb. and Fergus river. It contains 1294
sq. m. or 827,994 acres, of which 455,009 are
arable, 296,033, uncultivated bog, mountain, 8304
plantation, 67,920 water, 728 in towns; 48,981
families of whom 37,834, or 77 per cent, live
by agricult. 7445 or 15 per cent, manufact. trade,
etc. 35,076 manual labour, 41,201 in 3rd and 4th
or lowest class houses ; 286,394 + 2807 persons, of
whom 14,889 are in Ennis, Kilrush, 142,285 are
females, 145,053 under 20 yrs. of age, 278,304
county born ; 44,870 houses, besides 1229 unin-
habited ; 1 1 baronies (formerly 6 cantreds), In-
chiquin and Islands rMid.), Burren (N.), Tulla
Upper and Lower (E.), Bunratty Upper and
Lower (SE.), Clonderlaw f S.), Moyarta (SW.),
Corcomroe and Ibrickane (W.) ; 76 parishes (of
which Feakle is the largest, 36,972 ac.), with
parts of 4 others ; 5 market towns Ennis the co.
assizes and election town, Kilrush, Ennistymon,
Carofin, Killaloe (seat of a diocese), the first three
with Sixmilebridge, Mil town-Mai by, and Tulla,
being qr. sessions towns, and with Scariff, poor
law Unions, the whole five, with Kildysart,TuUa,
Newmarket, chief police districts (with 57 stations
and 343 men) ; returns three members to parl.
viz. 2 for county (elect. 1253), and 1 for Ennis
(el. 1 14) ; governed by a lieut. and custos, high
sheriff, 17 deputy lieuts. and about 160 magis-
trates ; is in Munster circuit, Limerick military
district, and dioceses of Killaloe, Kilfenora, and
Limerick, province of Dublin. Gross rental
(1846) 351,582 or 9s. 3d. per acre ; val. to poor r.
301,308;.; county rate ('48) 59,735*. Savings
bank ('48) 1, with 17,8137. from 625 depositors.
Births 1 in 27 ; deaths 1 in 53, the av. being
55. Schools (national) in '48 111, with 14,640
child, attending, in 1841, 15,846 went to schools
of all kinds, and 64^ per cent, of the pop. could not
read or write ; av. number of committals ('45-8)
915, of whom 301 were convicted. The surface is
hilly, clay slate being the prevailing rock, with
the Inchiquin and Slieve Boughta mountns. on
theNE. ; old red sandstone in the SE. ; Bernagh on
the E. where Craig in that range is 1758 ft. high ;
mountain limestone to the N. in Burren, where it
rises to the surface in round detached hills, and
the only water is got from the turloughs or ponds ;
and limestone also with traces of poor coal to
the W. where Mt. Callane, with its Ogham stone
and Sun altar, is 1281 ft. high. The climate is
moist and mild and the soil moory, with bog, in
which abundance of fir, oak, yew, and other timber
is found ; but the banks of Rs. Fergus and Shannon



are noted for rich pastures or corcasses (corroch, a
swamp), where many cattle are fatted for market,
and which being manured with seaweed, etc. pro-
duce, especially at Tradree, or King's (i. e. B.
Boru's) land, 6 to 8 tons of hay per acre. Acres
in crop ('48) 158,804, of whic h the chief are oats
35,891, barley and rye 24,269, potatoes 23,030,
wheat 15,347, turnips 9508, meadow and clover
44,890, and the val. of live stock in '41 on
27,024 farms above 1 acre (greatly reduced in
last 3 yrs.) was 787,566/. including 70,800 head
of cattle, and 110,759 sheep (the native breeds
being crossed with scotch and english), 48,761
pigs, 22,342 horses and asses, etc. Estates are
large ; cottages and fences of stone which is easily
found. Cider is made ; and coarse linens, friezes,
woollens for home wear ; fish are caught in the
rivers in the small native wicker boats ; turbot,
cod, haddock, mackerel, etc. abound on Battard
bank ; and Burren has a famous oysterbed. Slate
is worked at Killaloe and Broadford, and a little
lead at Glendree, Tulla, etc. ; manganese is found
at Ennistymon (where flagstone is raised), Car-
rigaholt, Kilcredane, Kilrush, and marble at
Craigleith (?); and traces of coal, ironstone,
copper, potters' clay are seen. Lakes of all sizes
exceed 100, the largest being Graney, O'Grady,
Cloonclea, Tadane, Dhu, and Inchiquin, which
covers a lost city, and where the O'Briens had a
castle; with mineral springs at Lisdounvarna,
Kilkishen, Cloneen. Among the antiquities are
cromlechs at Ballygannor, Ballylisheen, Kilnabry ;
round towers at Kilnabry, Drumcliff (with an old
church), Dysert, Inniscaltra with its 7 cells or
churches ; abbeys (out of about 30), at Corcomroe,
Ennis Quin, Inniscaltra, and Inniscattery, the
isld. of St.Senanus ; many danish raths ; 118 castles
or towers (out of 170 in Elizabeth's time) at Kil-
corney, Lisseclisoy, Ballymurphy, Kilfenora,
Smithstown Ho. Doonagore, Dooagh, Liscanor,
Kilkeedy, Leameneagh, Clare, Clenimy or Glani-
nagh, Bunratty, Knopoge, Donogrogue, Dysert,
Carrigaholt, etc. ; near Killaloe, was ' Kincora '
the seat of Brian Boru and other kings. Seats are :
O'Brien, Bt.Dronwland, Fitzgerald, Bt. Carrigoran,
ttassey,Bt.Summerhill, Macnamara, M.P. ofboolin
Cast. Bourton of Carrigaholt, Molony ofKiltannan,
Purdon of Tinnerana, M'Mahon of Firgrove, Stud-
dert of IfanrattyCW.Vandeleur of Kilrush Ho. etc.
Roads from Ennis : 1. To Newmarket 8 m. (to
Ardsallis race co.), Bunratty 14, Limerick 24. 2.
To Crusheen 8, Gort 18, and Galway 39. 3. To
Quinabbey 6, Tullogh 14, L. Breedy 19, Scariff,
between Ls. Derg and O'Grady, 24. 4. Drum-
cliff 5, Ennistymon 15, Miltown Malbay on to
Moher Cliffs on coast 23. 5. To Kilmaley 6,
Kilmacduan 21. Kilrush 28 ; thence to Kilkee 37,
and Loop Hd. 53.

CLARE vil. (13) Lower Orior bar. E. Armagh,
3 m. SW. of Tanderagee, on R. Cusher, belonged
to the O'Nials, afterwards to the Bouchers, who
1619 built the castle, which was burnt 1641. Pop.
agricultural ; houses, with 2 chapels, corn and
flax mills. The castle commanding a fine view,
belongs to the Hardens. O" Clare (19) 4 m.
N. of Banbridge, W. Down.


CLARE quarter (21) Tiverton boro.WE. Devon.
near Tiverton-165. Pop. 465.

P. M. CLARE, or CLAREMORRIS, vil. (101) Kil-
colman par. Clanmorris bar. S. Mayo, a sessions,
chief police and revenue town, and proposed head
of anew poor 1. union, 15 m. SE. of Castlebar, 150
from Dublin. Pop. 2256 + 75 ; houses 380, with
court-house, church, 2 chapels. Claremont, J.
Browne, Esq. who owns the town. Castlemac-



garret, Lord Oranmore. Mht. D. Wed. Fairs,
24 May, 22 June, 17 Aug. 27 Sept. abd 23 Nov.

CLARE lib. (13) Pirton par. SE. Oxford. 2 m.
NNW. of Watlington-45. Real prop. 1198/.

P. M. CLAKE par. (47) Risbridge hund. SW.
Suffolk, 13 m. SSW. of Bury-St. Edmund's, 56
from London, a polling and petty sess. town,
where C. River joins the Stour, containing Chilton,
has the remains on a site of 30 acres, of a castle on
which ' eorl ' Alurie in Canute's time found, a chapel,
afterwards made a cell to Bee in Normandy 1090,
by Gilbert de C., the son of Rich, de Tonbridge
to whom the Conqueror gave the Honour, which
included 95 lordships, and of an augustine priory
found. 1248 by Rich de C. who removed the
chapel to Stoke, and also found, a friary. Acres
3410, with fossils ia clay; pop. 1700 + 9, of
town 1550, with 2 chapels, bank, Cadge's school,
almshouses, and some ancient-looking buildings ;
poor r. 784i on 4700Z. (Risbr. U.) ; real prop.
5614/. ; charities 249/., of which church estate
135Z., besides rights of pasture for poor on 62
acres. St. Peter and Paul Vic. (Ely) val. 195/.,
patr. Duchy of Lancaster ; church, large decorated
eng. with an 8-sided stone font, was burial place
of Edmund Mortimer, son of Lionel, who dying
at Pavia was buried hi the priory church, now a
barn, as was Joan of Acre, daughter of Edw. I.
Her daughter Eliz. wife of another Gilbert de C.,
found. Clare Hall, Cambridge. The Honour was
given by Edw. III. to his son Lionel with the
title of Duke of Clarence, and by Edw. IV. to his
brother George, who was drowned in a butt of
malmsey, and his herald created Clarencieux
king-at-arms (S. of the Trent). C. Priory,
Mrs. Barker. Mkt. D. Mon. Fairs, Easter Tu.
26 July.

P. CLARE-ABBEY par. (33-4, 41-2) Islands
bar. Mid. Clare, contains CLARE on R. Fergus
(which abounds with salmon), 2 m. S. of Ennis,
137 from Dublin, a military de'pot, and formerly
the county town also the site of a castle built
by the O'Briens, and of an abbey found, by them
1195, of which there are remains. Acres 7028,
with limestone ; pop. 3280, decreasing of town
879, decreasing, in the grain trade through the
harb. which is a sub-port to Limerick, and admits
small craft; houses 516, with church, chapel,
barracks. Living, a Cur. (K. K. C. K.) val. 111/.,
patr. Bishop. Claremount, J. Browne, Esq. ; Bun-
craggy, Marq. of Conyngham. It gives title of
earl to the Fitzgibbons.

CLARE BARONY (55-58, etc.) Mid. Galway,
contains the pars, of Annaghdown, Belclare, Car-
gin, Cunmur, Donaghpatrick, Kilcooua, Kilkel-
very, Killeany, Killower, Killursa, Kilmoylan,
Lackagh, and parts of Abbey knockmoy, Athenry,
Claregalway, Killererin, Monivea, and Tuam ;
acres 136,870, an. val. 53,425/., pop. 45,41 2, houses

P. CLARE-GALWAY par. (76, etc.) Clare and
Dunkellin bars. Mid. Galway, 3 m. N. of Oranmore
-129, on C. River, which falls into Lough Corrib,
has the fine remains of the friary found. 1290 by
de Cogan, which was given to the Clanricardes,
who built the castle here. Acres 12,451, with
bog ; pop. 4042 + 46. Living, a Sect, with Gal-
way; no church. ^ C. Grove (15) near Bal-
doyle, Mid. Dublin. ^ C. Hall (7) 3m. NNW.
of Chipping Barnet, N. Middlesex, igi" C. House
(6) 4m. NW. byW. of Maidstone, Mid. Kent.
IJS C. Isld. (75, 84-5) Murrich bar. W. Mayo
at the entrance to Clew bay, 7 m. NW. of Lewis-
burgh, is 6 m. long and 3 broad, containing about
.3000 acres, rising 1520 ft. in one part. It belongs
to the O'Malleys, of whom was the famous Grace or

Grana Uile, who in the 16th century built a castle-
here, and kept a fleet of galleys. The fixed Light
on the N. point, lat. 53 50' N., long. 9 59' W.,
was put up 1806, is 487 ft. high, and visible 27 m.
$&j" C. Park (4) near Ballycastle, N. Antrim, J.
M'Gildowny, Esq.

CLARE, ST. See CLEAR, ST., Carmarthen.
&F Clare, St. (10) 1 m. E. of Ryde, I. of Wight,
S. Hants.


CLAKEBOROUGH par. (83) Bassetlaw wap. N.
Notts. 2 m. NE. of E. Retford-141, near Chester-
field canal and the roman way to Lincoln, con-
tains Bollom where was a chapel, Gringley,
Moorgate, and Walham, and East Redford Union
p. house. Acres 3870 ; pop. 2207 + 10 ; poor r.
545/. (E. Retford U.) ; real prop. 8559Z. ; charities
91. St. J. Baptist Vic. (Line.) val. with St. Sa-
viour Cur. 3311., patr. Simeon's Trustees ; church,
b. 1258 by Abp. Sewell.

CLAREBRAND vil. Crossmichael par. Mid. Kirk-
cudbt. near Castle Douglas-92. Pop. 54.

P. CLAREEN hmlt. (36) Ballybrit bar. S. King's
Co. 4 m. SW. of Kinnetty-70. C. House, "R.
Smith, Esq.

Claremont (8) 4 m. SW. of Kingston, N. Surrey,
seat of H. M. Leopold, King of the Belgians, and
formerly of his wife the lamented Princess Char-
lotte (who died here 1817, and to whom there is
a mausoleum with a bust), was b. by Browne, for
Lord Clive, on or near the site of one b. by Van-
brugh for himself, which came to Pelham, Duke
of Newcastle and Earl of Clare, whence its name.
The Park was laid out by Kent. K. Louis Phi-
lippe of France died here 1850.

Claremont Hall ( ) 1 m. W. of Manchester, 5.
Lancash. B. Heywood, Esq.


CLAREMOUNT vil. (21) Innishowen bar. NF.
Donegal, 3 m. SW. of Moville-162. ^ Clare-
mount (26) near Bray, S. Dublin, ijip Claremount
(14) near Finglass, Mid. Dublin, igf Claremount
(39) near Banagher, W. King's Co. ^ Clare-
mount (26) near Carrickmines, S.Dublin, tjg" Clare-
mount (101) near Clare, S.Mayo, J. Browne, Esq.
Si" Claremount (27) 4 m. E. of Duleek, E. Meath.
igP Claremount (I'd) 10 m. N. of Ballinasloe, S.
Roscmn. ggp* Claremount (26) near Miltown,
Mid. Waterford. ^ Claremount (25) 2 m. NW.
of Wicklow, E. Wichlow, J. A. Leonard, Esq.

Clarence House (8) near Barnes, N. Surrey, A.
Belcher, Esq. ^P C. Port ( ) 3 m. ENE. of
Stockton-242, SE. Durham, at R. Tees' mouth,
opposite Middlesboro', at the end of C. Rail.
which is 37 m. long, and chiefly for coal.

P. CI.ARENCEFIELD vil. Ruthwell par. S.Dum-
fries. 5 m. W. of Annan-79. Pop. 162.

hund. SE. Wilts. 3 m. E. of Salisbury-81, on the
rail, and the roman road to Winchester, where the
' Constitutions of Clarendon,' which Becket op-
posed, were passed 1 163, was a royal forest (having
ruins of a hunting-palace, b. before Hen. II.'s
time), granted to the Herberts, who entertained
Eliz. here, and afterwards to Monk Duke of Albe-
marle, and gives title of earl to the Villiers fam.
through the great Earl Hyde. Acres 4160 ; pop.
183 ; real prop. 9366Z. C. Lodge, late seat of the

Clare's, St., Hall (48) 11 m. SE. of Colchester,
E. Essex.

Claret Hall (47) close to Clare, N. Essex. ^" C.
Rock House (4) 4 m. N. of Dundalk, N. Louth.

CLARETON tnshp. ( ) Allerton-Mauleverei
par. W. R. York. 3 m. ENE. of Knaresboro'-202,
under Claro Hill (sec that wap. below). Pop. 19


CLAKETUAM hmlt. (43) Clare bar. N. Galway,
near Headford-137.

CLAREVILLE vil. (2) Burren bar. N. Clare, 3 m.
SW. of Burren-132. ^~ Clareville (33) near
Ennis, Mid. Clare. iJgT Clareville (54) near
Ougherard, N. Galway, T. B. Martin, Esq.
tf3F Clareville ( ) near Ahascragh, E. Galway,
Hon. G. Ffrench. ^T Clareview (23) near Cabin-
teely, S. Dublin.

CLAREWOOD tnshp. ( ) Corbridge par. S.
Northmbrld. 3 m. E. of Hexham-279. Pop. 55.

Clargitt Hall ( ) 2 m. N. Alstone, E. Cumbrld.
near C. Hill.

P. CLARINA vil. (12) Pubblebrien bar. N.
Limerick, 3 m. N. of St. Patrick's well, 140 from
Dublin, gives title of baron to the Masseys of Elm

M. CLARINBRIDGE vil. (95) Dunkellin bar. 8.
Galway, 3 m. SE. of Oranmofe-127, at the head
of Ballinacounty Creek, belongs to the Redling-
tons of Kilcorran, who have found, a monastery
here. Pop. 200. Mht. D. Tu. Fairs, 1st Th.
Feb. 1st Th. after 12 May, 1 Th. in Aug. and
Nov. o. s.

Clarisford (45) near Killaloe, SE. Clare, on R.
Shannon, Bishop of Killaloe.

CLARK GREEN hmlt. ( ) Batley par. W. R.
York, 6m. NW. of Wakefield-182.

Clarkestown (49) 3 m. S. of Summerhill, <S.

Clark's Green (8) 6 m. S. of Reigate, S. Surrey.
fig" C. Green (54) 3 m. W. of Henley-in-Arden,
W. Warwick.

Clarkson Green (91) 4m. NE. of Kirkham,
Mid. Lancashire.

CLARKSTON par. q. s. in New Monkland par.
N. Lanark, near Airdrie-35. Pop. 4526. Living
(Presb. Hamilton) val. /., patr. Male Com-
municants. gaP CLARKSTON vil. Cathcart par.
E. Renfrew. 2m. S. of Glasgow-44. Pop. 180.

Clarkville (11) 3 m. SW. of Edenderry, NE.
King's Co.

CLARMALLAGH BARONY (28-9, etc.) S. Queen's
Co. contains the pars, of Aghmacart, Kildeleg,
Killermogh, and parts of Abbeyleix, Aghaboe,
Aharney, Attanagh, Bordwell, Coolkerry, Dur-
row, Erke, Glashore, Rathdowney, and Roscon-
nell ; acres 43,534, an. val. 29,536/., pop. 14,928,
houses 2536.

York, so called from Clare, or Claro, Hill, where the
saxon Wittenagemotes were held, contains the pars,
of Burton-Leonard, Copgrove, Farnham, Fewston,
Hampsthwaite, Haveragh-Pk., Kirkby-Malzeard,
Knaresborough, Great Ouseburn, Pannal, S. Stain-
ley, Staveley, and parts of Aldborough, Little
Ouseburn, Ripley, and Ripon ; acres 137,650,
pop. 29,565, houses 6101. C. (UPPER) WAPEN-
TAKE, contains the pars, of Allerton-Mauleverer,
Cowthorp, Kirk Deighton, Goldsborough, Hun-
singore, Kirkby Overblow, Leathley, Marton,
Nun Monkton, Spofforth, Weston, and parts
of' Addingham, Aldborough, Hammerton, Hare-
wood, Ilkley, Otley, Little Ouseburn, Ripley,
Skipton, and Wrixley ; acres 75,000, pop. 13,367,
houses 2631.

Clarrison, or Clariston ( ) 3 m. SSE. of Haver-
ford West, 5. Pembroke. Col. Roche, through the

CLASARINKA hmlt. (77) Imokilly bar. E. Cork,
near Castlemartyr-149.

CLASE hmlt. (37) Llangafelach par. W. Gla-
morgan. 3 m. N. of Swansea-206. Pop. 5924, in
the iron and copper works ; poor r. 1309/. on 7850/.
(Swansea U.); real prop. 15,874/., of which
7961/. on mines, and 1668/. on canal. gaT CLASE



tnshp. (56) St. Harmon par. N. Radnor. 4 m. N.
of Rhayader-181. Pop. 275.

C/asemont or Morriston (37) 3 m. N. of Swan-
sea, W. Glamorgan, Sir J. Morris, Bt.

Clashadonagh (69) near Youghal, E. Cork.

CLASHACROW par. (13) Crannagh bar. N. Kil
kenny, 1 m. SE. of Freshford-72, near R. Nuenna.
Acres 999; pop. 291 + 4. Living, a Rect. with

Clashanure (72) near Coachford, Mid. Cork,
8 m. W. of Cork, It. Allen, Esq., on R. Lee.

Clashaphoca (87) near Clogheen, S. Tippery.

Clasharusheen (121) 4m. NW. of Clonakiltj',
S. Cork.

Clashavoan (123) 4 m. S. of Brandon, S. Cork.

CLASHAVODIG vil. (75) Barrymore bar. E. Cork,
6 m. E. of Cork-160, on Little Isld. Pop. 362.

CLASHEENNAGNAW hmlt. (141) E. Carbery-
AVest bar. S W. Cork, 2 m. NW. of Skibbereen-207.

Clashford (34) 6 m. SE. of Duleek, E. Meath.

Clashganniv (40) near Tralee, N. Kerry.

Clashganny (92) near Kenmare, S. Kerry.

CLASHMABROCK vil. (25) Fermoy bar. N. Cork,
4 m. S. of Doneraile.

CLASUMESSIE vil. Assynt par. W. Sutherld.
27 m. W. of Grubmore-232, near C. Bay, which
is 3 m. wide. Pop. 194.

P. CLASHMORE hmlt. Dornock par. . Sutherld.

2 m. W. of Dornock-218.

P. CLASHMORE par. (34-5, 37-8) Decies-with-
out-Drum bar. SW. Waterford, 10m. SW. of
Dungarvon-124, a police and petty sessions sta-
tion, on R. Blackwater, had an abbey found. 7th
cent, which was given to Raleigh. Acres 7201,
middling ; pop. 3777 of vil. 232, decreasing ;
houses 34, with church, dispensary, distillery.
Living, a Prebend, and Vic. (Ca. E. W. L.) val.
129/., patr. Bishop. C. House, Earl of Hunting-
don, through the Powers.

CLASHROE hmlt. (43) Clare bar. N. Galway,
near Headford-137.

Clasliach Isld. 5 m. S. of Ru More, W. Ross, one
of the Summer islds.

Classagh (34) 3 m. N. of Quin, Mid. Clare.

CLASSAGHROE hmlt. (6) Ballymoe bar. N.
Galway, 3 m. N. of Glenamaddy-116.

Classas (72) near Coachford, Mid. Cork.

Classybaun Harbour (2, 3) Carbury bar. N.
Sligo, 2 m. N. of Clifferny.

Clatcart Craig, at Abdie, ^V. Fife, a precipice,
with traces of a fort on it, near Norman's Law.

Claterpark (55) 2m. E. of Bromyard, NE.

P. CLATFORD tythg. (14) Preshute par. Mid.
Wilts. 1 m. SW. of Marlborough-74, near C.
Bottom (where is the Devil's Den cromlech of two
stones under a larger one), had an alien priory
found, at the Conquest by Rog. Mortimer, as a
cell to Caux abbey. Pop. 90.

CLATFORD PARK ext. par. Overton Heath, 2 m.
S. of the above. Pop. 15.

P. CLATFORD, GOODWORTH, par. (12) Lower
Wherwell hund. NW. Hants. 2 m. SSW. of
Andover-63, on the canal, contains Goodworth.
Acres 3390 ; pop. 413 ; poor r. 29U (Andov. U.) ;
real prop. 2926/. St. Peter Vic. (Win.) val. ISO/.,
patr. W. Iremonger, Esq. C. Lower, $ m. SW.
^y C., UPPER, par. Lower Andover hund. A m. N.
of the above. Acres 970 ; pop. 620 + 14 ; poor r.
194J. ; real prop. 3085/. All Saints Rect. (Win.)
val. 458/., patr. Rev. E. Fowd, rector. C. Farm,

3 m. SW. C. Oak Cuts, a meet for Mr. T. A.
Smith's hounds.

CLATHY vil. Findogask par. -S. Perth, about
10 m. SW. of Perth-40. Pop. 120.
CLATT par. Alford district, Mid. Aberdeen.




a burgh of barony 7 m. S. of Huntly-140, on
Gadie water, in a bleak part. Size 6 m. by 4,
hilly, with granite and coloured marble, and
mineral springs ; pop. 524 ; real prop. 29847. ; for
poor 37L Living (Presb. Alford) val. 1357., patr.
Crown ; church, ancient in part. Knockespocke,

Gordon, Esq.

CLATTERCOTE ext par. (53) Banbury hund.
N. Oxford. 6m. N. of Banbury-71, has some re-
mains of a small priory or leper's hospital found,
by the Beauchamps before John's time. Acres
670 ; pop. 15.

risbrook par. I. of Wight, S. Hants. 1 m. SW. of

Clutto Hill, 4 m. N. of Leven, Mid. Fife, a meet
for the Fife hounds.

CLATWORTHY par. (21) Williton hund. W.
Somerset. 3m. NW. of Wivelscombe-153. Acres
4000; pop. 309 + 6; poor r. 253/. (Willit IL);
real prop. 24057. St. Mary Rect. (Ba. and W.)
val. 3107., patr. G. H. Carew, Esq., who has the

P. CLAUDY, or CLADY, viL (23) Tirkeeran bar.
W. Londondy. 9 m. SE. of Londonderry-143, a
petty sessions and police station on R. Faughan.
Pop. 191 + 1 ; houses 29, with 2 chapels. Cumber
House, T. R. Browne, Esq. Fairs, 1 7 May, 7 Nov.

CLAUGHTON par. ( ) S. Lonsdale hund. N.
Lancash. 7 m. NE. of Lancaster-240, on R. Lune.
Acres 1530, with stone quarries ; pop. 118 ; poor
r. 407. (Caton Incorp.) ; real prop. 15237. ; chari-
ties 31. St Chad Rect. (Manch.) val. 1457., patr.
Fenwick's Trustees. C. Hall, i m. S., now a
farm-house, was built about Chas. I.'s time,
gif CLAUGHTON tnshp. ( ) Garstang par. Mid.
Lancash. 3 m. S. of Garstang-229, near Lancaster
canal and rail., contains Garstang Union p. house,
Acres 3300 ; pop. 772, some linen manufacturers ;
poor r. 281/. (Garst U.) ; real prop. 4488 ; chari-
ties 107., with Brow Top school. C. Hall, seat
of the Brockholes, from Hen. VII.'s time.

stone par. NW. Cheshire, 1 m. NW. of Birken-
head-199. Acres 700 ; pop. 240 + 2 ; poor r. 10/.
(Win-all U.); real prop. 10227. Christ Ch. Cur.
(Ches.) val. I., patr. .

Clausentum of the Romans, is BITTERN, Hants.

Cloven Hills, near Irvine, N. Ayr. a range 3 m.
long, with Lamont and Warley danish camps,
commanding a fine prospect of the islds., etc.

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