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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 121 of 293)
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P. CLAVERDON par. (54) Barlichway hund.
Mid. Warwick. 6 m. N. of Stratford-on-Avon-96,
contains Langley. Acres 4330 ; pop. 711 + 5 ; poor
r. 2637. (Stratfd. U.) ; real prop. 41757. ; charities
83/., of which Matthews's 78L St. Michael Vic.
(Wore.) val. with Norton-Lindsey 2657., patr.
Archdeacon. C. Hall, m. N. ; C. Hall Lodge,
1m. E.

CLAVERHAM hmlt. (19) Tatton par. N. So-
merset. 10 m. SW. of Bristol-114. Pop. 322.

CLAVERING HUNDRED (47) NW. Essex, con-
tains the pars, of Berdon, Clavering, Farnham,
Langley, Manewden, Ugley, and parts of Hen-
ham and Stansted Mountfitchet; acres 18,140,
pop. 4287, houses 890. Saf" CLAVERING par. in
the above hund. 6 m. SW. of Saffron- Walden-42,
at the head of R. Stort, was one of 57 lordships
held by Suene at 'Domesdy.' and came to the
Fitz-Rogers or Claverings, who had a castle here

thence through the Nevills and others to the
Barringtons. Acres 1680 ; pop. 1172 + 4 ; poor r.
10381. (Saff.-Walden U.) ; real prop. 54367. ; chari-
ties 197. St Mary and Clement Vic. (Roch.)
val. with Langley 4917., patr. Christ's Hospital ;
church, has effigies of a knight, brass of Mrs.

Welbore and fam., and mons. of the Barlees. C.
House, 1 m. N. C. Farm, m. N.

contains the pars, of Aldeby cur., Brooke vie.,
Burgh-Apton rect., Burgh St. Peter, Ellingham r.,
Geldeston r., Gillinghamr., Haddiscoe r., Hales c.,
Heckingham r., How r., Kirby-Cane r., Norton-
Subcourse v., Raveningham c., Stockton r., Thorpe
r., Thurlton r., Toft-Monks r., All Saints Wheat-
acre r. ; acres 28,880, pop. 6698, houses 1358. See

CLAVERLEY par. (61) Brimstree hund. SE.
Salop, 4 m. E. of Bridgnorth-139, contains Heath-
stone, Hopstone, and 10 other tnshps. Acres
7530; pop. 1669 + 14. of town 404; poor r.
4767. (Bridgn. U.) ; real prop. 17,5397. ; charities
907. All Saints Cur. (Lich.) val. 3007., patr. T.
Whitmore, Esq.


CLAVERTON par. (19) Hampton hund. NE. So-
merset. 2 m. E. of Bath-104, a fine spot on R.
Avon and the Kennet canal, the Clafertone of
'Domesdy.' belonged to the bishops of Bath
and Wells. Acres 1180; pop. 177 + 2 ; poor r.
527. (Bath U.) ; real prop. 23247. ; charities 87.
Living (some time held by Graves, who wrote the
' Spiritual Quixote') a Rect. (Ba. and W.) val.
2157., patr. G. Vivian, Esq. of C. House; church,
small and anceint.

CLAWDD-MADOG hmlt. (56) Llanwrtvd par.
NW. Brecon. 12 m. W. of Builth-173, contains
Bout and Trehengwin. Pop. 341 ; real prop. 6547.

Gawdock River ( ) runs to R. Dee. Denbigh.
l{ii"* C. River, runs to R. Clwyd, Denbigh.

Clawinch Isld. (21) 5m. S. of Lanesborough,
/S W. Longford, in Lough Ree.

Clawthorpe Hall ( ) 1m. N. of Burton-in-
Kendal, S. Westmrld.

CLAWRPLWYF hmlt (36) Mynyddyslwyn par.
SW. Monmouth. 7m. SW. of Pont-y-pool-149.
Acres 5870 ; pop. 2055 + 14 ; real prop. 51847.


CLAWTON par. (26) B. Torrington hund. W.
Devon. 3m. S. of Holsworthy-214, on R. Clan;
which runs into R. Tamar. Acres 5950, with
building stone ; pop. 639 + 6 ; poor r. 1617. (Holsw.
U.) ; real prop. 30247. ; charities 27. Living, a Cur.
(Exet.) val. 757., patr. Rev. T. Melhuish, curate.

Claybury Hall ( ) or Luxborough House, 10 in.
NE. of London, & W. Essex, on R. Roding, seat
of J. R. Hatch Abdy, Esq. formerly of the Bur-

CLAXBY par. (84) Calceworth hund. E. Lindn.
4m. NE. of Spilsby-129, near Castle Carlton
roman camp. Acres 590, with limestone ; pop.
132 + 3 ; poor r. 727. (Spils. U.) ; real prop. 14667.
St. Andrew Vic. with Well. giT CLAXBY par.
(83) N. Walshcroft wap. N. Lincoln. 4 m. S. of
Caistor-153. Acres 1980; pop. 220+2; poor r.
657. (Caist U.) ; real prop. 39807. St Mary Rect.
(Line.) val. with Normanby-on-the- Wolds 8447.,
patr. Rv. S. W. Andrews.

CLAXBY-PUCKACRE par. (84) Hill hund. E.
Lincoln. 4 m. SE. of Horncastle-134. Acres 690 ;
pop. 29 ; poor r. 87. (Home. U.) ; real prop. 9997.
St. Andrew Rect. (Line.) val. 707., patr. Hon. H.
Dymoke of Scrivelsby. C. Wood, a meet for the
Brocklesby hounds.

CLAXTON tnshp. ( ) Greatham par. E. Dur-
ham, 6m. NNE. of Stockton-242. Acres 610;
pop. 52 + 2; poor r. 117. (Stoct. U.); real prop.
9707. Claxton the antiquary was a native.

CLAXTON, or LONG CLAWSON, par. (70-1)
Framland hund. NE. Leicest. 6 m. NNW. of Mel-
ton-Mowbray-105. Acres 3450; pop. 838 + 5;
poor r. 2487. *(M. Mombray U.) ; real prop. 55847. j


charities 761., of which Garten's school 67/. St.
Reinigius Vic. (Pet.) val. 105Z., patr. T. Mitchell,
Esq. (if CLAXTON par. (66) Loddon hund. E.
Norfolk, 4m. NW. of Loddon- 112, was once a
mkt. town. Acres 1040; pop. 200; poor r. 110J.
(Loddon U.) ; real prop. 1369/. ; charities 107. St.
Andrew Vic. (Norw.) val. 60/., patr. Sir C. Rich,
Bt. ^T CLAXTON chplry. ( ) Bossall par. N. R.
York. 8m. NE. of York- 199, is a petty sessions
station. Acres 880 ; pop. 168 ; poor r. 61/. (York
U.) ; real prop. 1034/.

Clay Bush (46) 3 m. NE. of Baldock, NE. Herts.
^ C. Hall (46) 4m. E. of Stevenage, E. Herts.
g^ C. Hall (8) 1 m. SW. of Reigate, E. Surrey.
gg- C. Hill (7) 2 m. SE. of Watford-15, S W.
Herts. ^ C. Hill (8) 1 m. W. of Bromley,
NW. Kent, P. Courtney, Esq. gg C. Hill (7)
1 m. W. of Edmonton, NE. Middlesex. |^ C.
HILL hmlt. (8) near Epsom-15, Mid. Surrey.
Living, a Cur. with Epsom. fiP C. LANE hmlt.
(89) Spotland par. SE. Lancash. 2 m. W. of Roch-
dale- 196. 3S C. Loch, 5 m. E. of L. Seaforth,
in Lewis, Western Islds. ^ C. Lough (20) 1 m.
SW. of Keady, W. Armagh. igT C. Loughs,
North and South (24) 2 m. NW. of Killyleagh,
E. Down. i^ C. Street (1) 6 m. NNE. of Lon-
don, SW. Essex, near Walthamstow. flip C.
Street (15) 8 m. SE. of Salisbury, SW. Wilts.

CLAYBARNS viL Newton par. N. Edinbro', 5 m.
SE. of Edinbro'. Pop. 187.

CLAYBROOKE par. (63) Guthlaxton hund. S.
Leicest. and Knighlow hund. Warwick. 4 m. NW.
of Lutterworth-89, on Midld. Count, rail., the ro-
man Vennorue, at High Cross, where Watling St.
and the Fosse way intersect, contains GREAT and
LITTLE, or OVER and NETHER, C. tnshps. (pop.
519 and 104), Bittesby, Ullesthorpe, with Wig-
ston-Parva, and Wibtoft curs. Acres 5380, rich
land ; pop. 1428 + 5, stocking-makers, with 44
hosiery frames at work, and much attached to
wakes ; poor r. 224/. (Lutterw. U.) ; real prop.
4102/. ; charities 187/., of which 25/. to Smith's
school. St. Peter Vic. (Pet.) val. with the above
Curs. 4511., patr. Crown ; church, at GREAT C.
decorated eng. Many rivers fall from this spot,
which is the highest thereabouts on that side of
England, and has a view of about 57 churches.
C. Hall, T. E. Dicey, Esq.

CLAYCOTON par. (53) Guilsborough hund. NE.
Northmptn. 7 m. ENE. of Rugby-83, on a branch
of R. Avon. Acres 1380 ; pop. 107 ; poor r. Gil.
(Rugby U.) ; real prop. 2 ISO/. Living, a Rect.
(Pet.) val. 339/., patr. Rev. T. Smith, rector.


CLAYDON chplry. (53) Cropredy par. N. Ox-
ford. 6 m. N. of Bradbury-74, near Oxford canal.
Acres 1160, blue lias, with fossils; pop. 337+4;
poor r. 189/. (Banb. U.) ; real prop. 2337Z. St.
James Cur. with Cropredy. C. Wood, a meet for
Mr. Drake's hounds.

archdy. of Suffolk, dioc. of Norwich, contains
the benefices marked* in Bosmere hund. with
Debenham trie., Framsden v., Pettaugh rect.,
Winston v.

P. CLAYDON par. (50) Bosmere hund. S. Suf-
folk, 4 m. NNW. of Ipswich-69, near C. Hill,
and E. Union rail. Acres 600 ; pop. 418 + 1 ; poor
r. 64/. (Bosm. U.) ; real prop. 2189J. St. Peter
Rect. (Norw.) val. with Akenham 549/., patr. Miss
E.Drury. C.HaH,. Clay don. P. L. Union,

CLAYDON, EAST, par. (45) Ashendon hund. N.
Bucks. 2 m. SW. of Winslow-49, contains Bo-, or BOTTLE, C., hmlt. Acres 2 ICO ; pop.



378+4; poor r. 409/. (Winsl.U.); real prop.
3307J. ; charities 12/. St. Mary Vic. with C.
Steeple. flip C., MIDDLE, par. as above, 1 m. W.
was bought 1466 by the Verneys, who were set-
tled hereabouts from 13th cent. Acres 2850;
pop. 127 ; poor r. 44/. (Bucks. U.) ; real prop.
3663/. ; charities 81/., of which 167. to Verney's
iilmsli. All Saints Rect. (Oxon.) val. 540Z., patr.
Sir H. Verney, Bt. of C. Hall; church, has mons.
of Sir Edward V., who was Chas. I.'s standard
bearer, and killed at Edge Hill, and of Sir H.
Calvert by Chantrey. C. Lane, 1 m. SE. flip C.,
STEEPLE, par. (45J Buckingham hund. NW.
Bucks. 4 m. S. of Buckingham-55, was a popu-
lous place in the Conqueror's time. Acres 3270 ;
pop. 849 ; poor r. 593/. (Bucks. U.) ; real prop.
4679J. St. Michael Vic. (Oxon.) val. with C. East
300/., patr. Sir H. Verney, Bt. Coins of Carau-
sius and Alectus have been found, C. Pond Farm,
2m. S.

CLAYGATE MANOR (8) Thames Ditton par. N.
Surrey, 4m. SSW. of Kingston-12. Pop. 940;
real prop. 3908/. Living, a Cur. (Wine.) val. /.,
patr. Trustees.

CLAYHANGER par. (21) Bampton hund. NE.
Devon. 8 m. NE. Tiverton-165, was a preceptory
of the Templars. Acres 2320 ; pop. 294 + 2 ; poor
r. 146/. (TivertU.); real prop. 2037/. ; charities
81. Living, a Rect. (Exet.) val. 273/., patr. Rev.
W. M. Harrison, rector; church, has a carved

CLAYHIDON par. (21) Hemyock hund. NE.
Devon. 3 m. S. of Wellington- 148, under Black
Down hills. Acres 4530 ; pop. 849 + 8 ; poor r.
792Z. (Wellingt. U.); real prop. 5078Z. ; charities
15/. St. Andrew Rect. (Exet.) val. 5081., patr.
G. Bernaud, Esq.

CLAYHOLE vil. (16) Leswalt par. W. Wigton.
in the suburbs of Stranraer, at L. Ryan's head.

CLAYHOUSE vil. Borthwick par. E. Edinbro',
near Borthwick-14. Pop. 84.

Clayland (82) 1 m. NW. of Workshop, NW.

P. CLAYLANE, or CLAYCROSS, tnshp. ( ) N.
Wingfield par. NW. Derby. 5 m. S. of Chesterfield
-150, a station on Derby rail. Pop. 1478 + 883,
coal miners and stocking makers, with 20 hosiery
frames at work; poor r. 192Z. (Chesterf. U.).

CLAYPOLE par. (70) Loveden wap. W. Lincoln.
4 m. SE. of Newark- 124, on R. Witham, has
Newark Union p. house. Acres 3370 ; pop. 663
+ 8 ; poor r. 1371. (Newark U.) ; real prop. 5605/. ;
charities 31. St. Peter Rect. (Line.), in North
and South Medieties, val. 389/. and 348/., patr.
J. P. Plumptre, Esq. M.P.

Claypott's Castle, near Broughty ferry, S. Far-
far, a 3-storied tower which belonged to Claver-

CLAY'S GREEN hmlt. (88) Oxspring tnshp.
W.R.York. 1m. E. of Peniston-175.

CLAYTHORPE chplry. (84) Belleau par. E. Lin-
coln. 7 m. SE. of Louth-143, on Gt. North, rail.
Acres 220 ; pop. 69 ; poor r. 118/. (Louth U.). C.
Hall, G. Pache, Esq. fl^" CLAYTHORPE hmlt.
( ) 1 m. N. of Burton-in-Kendal, S. Westmrld.
under Farlton Knot, and near C. dints, a lime-
stone ridge curiously fissured. C. Hall, .

CLAYTON vil. ( ) Droylsden tnshp. SE. Lan-
cash. 3 m. E. of Manchester-183. fif Clayton (8)
9 m. SW. of Robertstown, N. Kildare. O" CLAY-
TON tnshp. (72) Stoke-on-Trent par. N W. Staf-
ford. 2m. SW. of Stoke-148. Pop. 155. ^CLAY-
TON par. (9) Buttinghill hund. Lewes rape, Mid.
Sussex, 6 m. S. of Cuckfield-38, on Brighton rail.
Acres 1870 ; pop. 743 + 26 ; poor r. 424/. (Cuckf,
U.) ; real prop. 4005/. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Chic.



val. with Keymer L, pair. Brazen. Coll. Oxon. ;
church, has brass of R. Idon, a priest (1523).
^g" CLAYTON tnshp. ) S. Stainley par. W. R.
York. 3 m. NE. of Ripley. tgi" CLAYTON par.
(87) with Frickley, Strafforth wap. W. R. York.
8 m. NW. of Doncaster-162. Acres 1640 ; pop.
316 ; poor r. 367. (Doncas. U.) ; real prop. 21977. ;
charities 31. All Saints Cur. with Frickley.
Hg- CLAYTON tnshp. (88) Bradford par. W. R.
York. 3 m. W.of Bradford- 196, contains C. HEIGHTS
vil. and Queen's Head. Acres 1610 ; pop. 4347,
in the woollen manufact. with 1633 looms at
work ; poor r. 9247. (Bradf. U.) ; real prop. 72327.
Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val. 100/., patr. Vicar.

CLAYTON-GRIFFITH tnshp. (72) Trentham par.
NW. Stafford. 3 m. W. of Lane End-146. Acres
590; pop. 56; real prop. 11187. igT C.-LE-
DALE tnshp. ( ) Blackburn par. Mid. Lancash.
3 m. NNW. of Blackburn-212, near R. Kibble.
Acres 950 ; pop. 511 ; poor r. 1347. (Blackb.U.) ;
real prop. 20957. ^ C.-LE-MOORS tnshp. ( )
Whalley par. Mid. Lancash. 5 m. NE. of Black-
burn-212, on Leeds and Liverpool canal. Acres
950 ; pop. 2602 + 43 ; poor r. 2207. (Blackb. U.) ;
real prop. 72027. Living, a Cur. (Manch.) val.
1207., patr. Trustees. C. Hall, late C. Lomax,
Esq. ^ C.-LE-WOODS tnshp. (87) Leyland
par. Mid. Lancash. 3 in. NNW. of Chorley-208,
nearWigan and Preston rail. Acres 1370 ; pop.
795 ; poor r. 2247. (Chorl. U.) ; real prop. 36101.
C. Hall, .

P. CLAYTON, WEST, tnshp. (88_) High Hog-
land par. W. R. York. 6 m. NW. of Barnesley-172,
near N. Midld. rail., contains Cuttlehurst, Park
Mill, Topitt, and Spring Grove. Acres 1080 ; pop.
1440 + 56, in the woollen manufact. etc. ; poor r.
1547. ; real prop. 35257.

CLAYWORTH par. (83) Bassetlaw wap. N. Notts.
5 m. NNE. of E. Retford-141, on Chesterfield
canal, contains Drakeholes and Wyeston, a seat
of Earl Spencer. Acres 3190 ; pop. 627 + 5 ; poor
r. 1707. (E. Retf. U.) ; real prop. 33871. ; charities
72/., of which 647. to Sampson's school. St. Peter
Rect. (Line.) val. 604Z., patr. Bishop. C. Wood-
house, 1 m. E.

CleaHall( ) 4 m. NE. of Ireby, Mid. Cumbrld.
Sir H. Fletcher, Bt of Ashley, through the Mus-

Cleaboy (34) 5 m. SE. of Castlereagh, W.

CLEADON tnshp. ( ) Whitburn par. NE. Dur-
ham, 3 m. N. of Sunderland-128, near the coast,
and branch rail. Pop. 257 ; real prop. 400 II. C.
House, B.Abbs, Esq.

CLEADY vil. (93) Glenarought bar. S. Kerry,
near Kenmare, on C. Rivulet.

CLEAGHMORE vil. ( ) Clonmacarowea bar.

Cleaness Point. See CLEETHORPES, Lincoln.

CLEAR (CAPE) ISLAND par. (153) E. Carbery-
West par. S W. Cork, 12 m. SW. of Skibbereen
-207, a coast gd. station, formerly Insula Sanctte
Clara, or Inish Dharmley, belonging to the O'Dris-
colls, and now to the Bechers, has the remains of
Dunanore cast, near the cape, at the SW. corner,
which is in lat. 5125'N., long. 9 30' W., and is
the most southern part of Ireland. Acres 1400,
middling, but well cultivated on the small farming
system, with building stone; pop. (1831) 1059,
fishermen, the women attending to the soil.
Living, a Vic. with Kilcoe ; no church. The re-
volving light, flashing every 2 mins., was put up
1817, is 455 ft. high, and visible 27 m.

P. CLEAR, ST., or ST. CLARE, par. (41 ) Derllys

hund. S. Carmarthen, 10 m. WSW. of Carmarthen

218, a nominal boro' and mkt. town, on R. Taf,


had remains of a nonnan castle, and a priory
given to All Souls Coll. Oxon. Pop. 1167, in the
coasting and provision trade ; poor r. 3097. (Car-
mar. U.) ; real prop. 37927. ; charities, Osburne's
18/. Living, a Vic. (St. Dav.) val. 133/., patr.
J. L. Phillips, Esq. Whitland, or Ty Mawr,
Howel Dha's seat, was near.

Cleare of the Saxons, is KINGSCLERE, Hants.

Clear-view (12) near Robertstown, W. Kildare.

P. CLEARWELLtythg. andchplry. (43) Newland
par. W. Gloucest. 5 m. SE. of Monmouth-130,
Forest of Dean, near R. Wye. Pop. 674; real
prop. 29627. Living, a Cur. with Newland. It
has a stone cross ; and in 1847, 3000 copper roman
coins from Gallienus to Aurelian, but chiefly of
Claudius, Posthumus, and Victorinus, were found.
C. Park, .

Clearbury Ring (15) 3m. S. of Salisbury, .
Wilts, near Grim's ditch, a saxon camp of 5 J acres,
1375 yds. round, now planted over.

P. CLEASBY par. ( ) E. Gilling wap. N. R. York.
2 m. W. of Darlington-241, on R. Tees, near N. of
Engld. rail. Acres 970 ; pop. 188 + 2 ; poor r. 33/.
(Darling. U.) ; real prop. 1838/. ; charities 167.
and a national school. Living, a Cur. (Rip.) val.
188/., patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, b. by Bp.
Robinson, a native.

Cleat Isld. 3 m. NE. of Ru More, NW. Ross, in
L. Enard.

CLEATHAM tnshp. ( ) Gainford par. S. Dur-
ham, 4 m. ENE. of Bernard Castle-246. Acres
1010 ; pop. 95 ; poor r. 277. (Teesdale U.) ; real
prop. 14987. ^| CLEATHAM tnshp. (86) Manton
par. NW. Lincoln. 6 m. SW. of Glanford-Brigg
-155. Acres 1210 ; pop. 99 + 2 ; poor r. 597. (Glan-
ford U.) ; real prop. 10727.


P. CLEATOR par. ( ) Allerdale-above-Der-
went ward. W. Cumbrld. 4 m. SE. of Whitehaven
-294, on R. Ehen. Acres 3000, with iron, coal,
limestone ; pop. 763 + 16, in the mines, foundries,
and flax mills ; poor r. 917. (Whiteh. U.) ; real
prop. 41267. St. Leonard Cur. (Ches.) val. 777.,
patr. T. R. G. Braddyll, Esq.

Cleave (29) 4 m. NNW. of Stratton, NE. Corn-
wall, on the coast.


Cleaveragh ( ) near Sligo, NE. Sligo, A. Mar-
tin, Esq.

CLEAVERTON hmlt. (34) Lea par. N. Wilts.
1 m. SE. of Malmesbury-94. Pop. 116.

Cleave House ( ) 6 m. WNW. of Exeter, E.
Devon. T. Northmore, Esq.

Cleaving Dyke. See Caputh, Perth.


Cleddau, or Cleddy, Rivers (40) the longest in
Pembroke. The E. Cleddau rises at Blaen-y-gors,
in Manachlogddhu, under the Precelley mountus.
NE. Pembroke., and passing by the Carmarthen
border, after a course of 15m. SSW. joins the
W. Cleddau, or Cleddau- Wen, which rises at
Llygad Cleddau in Llanfair-Nantygof, and passes
about 20 m. SSE. by Haverford-west to meet the
other below Boulston into Milford Haven, which
the Welsh call Aberddau-Gleddau.

CLEE par. (85) Bradley Haverstoe wap. NE.
Lincoln. 1 m. SL. of Gt. Grimsby-163, on the
coast, contains Weelsby, Cleethorpes a bathing-
place, and Thrunscoe. Acres 3580 ; pop. 1002 + 33 ;
poor r. 1277. (Caistor U.) ; real prop. 7. Holy
Trinity Vic. (Line.) val. 937., patr. Bishop ; church,
part nonnan, with circular font, dated 1192.
The Blow Wells here supply a continual flow of

CLEE DOWNTON and C. STANTON vils. (55)


Stoke-St. Milborough par. S. Salop, 5 m. NE. of
Ludlow-143, near Tittensor Clee Hill, 1800 ft.
high. C. Hills (55, 61) in SE. Salem, as above,
a range 14 m. long, between Monk Hopton and
Hope Baggot, flat-topped, and among the highest
in the county, abounding with coal (some of the
cannel kind), ironstone, sandstone, clunch, clays,
etc., in bason-shaped strata, with basalt, or jew-
stone, over alL g^" Clee, or Clay, Hills (14) near
Warminster, W. If ills, three conical chalk hills,
with tumuli at the top.

CLEE-ST. MARGARET par. (61) Lower Munslow
hund. S. Salop, 7 m. NE. of Ludlow-143, near
Brown Clee Hill (1805 ft.), contains Coxhead-
Ford. Acres 1530, pop. 269, poor r. 621. (Ludl.
U.), real prop. 873/. Living, a Cur. (Heref.) vaL
173/., patr. Mrs. F. Thursby.

CLEENISH par. (27-8, 33) Clanawley.Tirkenady,
and Magherastephana bars. Mid.. Fermanagh, 3
m. NW. of Maguire's Bridge-92, on Lough Erne,
contains Lisbellaw, close to Lough Erne, where
was a monastery on Cluan Innis, or Cleenish Isld.
Acres 36,531, of which 3804 are water, with bog,
freestone, and limestone ; pop. ll,07i> + 52. Living,
a Sect. (Arm. C.) val. 5G9L patr. Trin. Coll. Dub.
Fairwood Pk., seat of J. Denham, Esq.

Cleenishmeen Islds. (10) in Lough Erne, N.
Fermanagh, 2 m. SE. of Boa Isld.

CLEER, ST., par. (25) West. hund. E. Cornwall,
2 m. N. of Liskeard-221, on R. Fowey, near the
Hurlers druidieal circles, the Cheesewring and
the Trevethy cromlechs. Acres 9700 (or 9118),
granite, hornblende, felspar, with asbestos, crys-
tals, soapstone, etc. 5 pop. 1412 +43, in the copper
mines ; poor r. 452J. (Lisk. U.) ; real prop. 96061.
of which 3168/1 on mines; charities 11. Living,
a Vic. (Exet.) vaL 245/., patr. Ld. Chancellor ;
church, early eng. with norman doorway. A
mineral spring, said to cure madness, has an old
cross near it Near the Other-Half stone at
Pennant are parts of a vault, and 2 crosses ; Kill-
marth Hill has a granite pile like the Cheese-
wring ; and Sharp Torr commands a noble view,
taking in both seas.

Clee par. NE. Lincoln. 2 m. SE. of Gt. Grimsby
-163, is a watering-place at R. Humber's mouth,
opposite Spurn Head, near the Clee or Clea Ness,
which has a sand stretching 2 m. out from it.
Pop. 778 + 28, fishermen; poor r. 175/. (Caistor
U.); real prop. 1956/. The black beacon, 60 ft.
high, by the shore, has, according to Greenough
(1812) been thrice removed within the memory of
man, on account of encroachments of the sea.

CLEETON tnshp. (55) Bitterley par. <S. Salop,

6 m. NE. of Ludlow-143, among the Clee hills.
Pop. 70.

Gloucester, and Somerset.
P. CLEEVE hmlt. (19) Yatton par. NE. Somerset.

7 m. N. of Axbridge-130. Pop. 403. Trinity
Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 65/., patr. Vicar.

Cleeve Hall (14) 5 m. S. of Devizes, Mid. Witts.
near the Ridge way, Hon. D. P. Bouverie.

P. CLEEVE, OLD par. (20) Williton hund. NW.
Somerset. 2 m. SW. of Watchet-156, a watering-
place, and meet for the W. Somerset hounds,
near the Bristol Channel, containing Leighland
cur., Chapel Cleeve, where was a pilgrim's
chapel, and 23 hmlts., with remains of a cis-
tercian abbey, found, before 1188 by W. de Ro-
mare. Acres 4340 cliffy, with alabaster; pop.
1351 + 1 ; poor r. 939i (Williton U.) ; real prop.
7330f.; charities ISL St. Andrew Vic. (Ba. and
W.) val. 466/., patr. Rev. W. Newton; church,
has an old cross on 4 steps. C. Abbey stands




in a quiet spot. Leighland old chapel is 46 ft.
by 19.

CLEEVE-PRIOR par. (54) Upper Oswaldslow
hund. SE. Warcest. 5 m. NE. of Evesham-95,
commands a fine view of R. Avon. Acres 1580,
with blue lias and marble ; pop. 366 ; poor r. 2101.
(Evesh. U.); real prop. 2193/. St. Andrew Vic.
(Wore.) vaL 156/., patr. Dean and Chap. Gold
and silver coins of Gratian, Valentinian, etc., were
found 1812.

Clegg Hall ( ) near , Lancash. an old se_at
of the Asshetons, built in Jas. I.'s time.

Cleggan Say (22) 5 m. NW. of Clifden, NW.
Galway, near Sellerna bay, 2 m. long and 1 wide.
^~ C. Lough (33) near Ennis, Mid. Clare.

Cleggann (49) 5 m. E. of Kilfinnane, SE. Lime-

Cleghorn 2 m. E. of Lanark, Mid. Lanark, had
an old chapel', and 1 is near a roman camp on Wat-
ling St. 610 yds. by 430.

CLEHONGER par. (43) Webtree hund. Mid.
Hereford. 3 m. SW. of Hereford-134. Acres 3380 ;
pop. 396; poor r. 20<ih (Heref. U.); real prop.
32 13/.; charities 71. Living, a Vic. (Heref.) val.
/., patr. Dean ; church, has brass of an Aubrey

CLEISH par. 3 m. S. of Kinross-27, S. Kinross.
near L. Loven, on R. Gairney, has 4 lakes (one
1J m. round) abounding with fish, and a roman
camp at Dunglow 1215 ft. high. Size 6 m. by 1,
middling soil, with many springs, coal, lime, and
whjnstone; pop. 681 ; real prop. 55351., for poor r.
45/. Living (presb. Dunfermline) val. 157/., patr.
H. Young, Esq. of C. House ; church, in a pretty
spot uader the hills, which have many remains of
forts. Blairadam, W. Adam, Esq.

Cleland, 3 reu E. of Hamilton, N. Lanark. Hon.
N. Dalrymple^ and J. Dalrymple, Esq. M.P.

CLELY HUKBBED (45-6, 52-3) S W. Northmptn.
contains the pars, of Alderton, Ashton, Cosgrove,
Easton-Neston, Furtho, Grafton-Regis, Hartwell,
Passenham, Paulerspury, Potterspury, Roade,
Stoke-Bruerne, and Wicken ; acres 26,620, pop.
7976, houses 1616.

CLEMENT'S, ST., par. 2 m. SE. of St. Helier,
Jersey, Channel Islds. at the SE. corner, contains
Le Bourg, near the signal post, and Croix de
Fer and Seymour Tower rocks off St. C. Point.
Pop. 1491. Living, a Beet. (Wine.) val. 141/., patr.
Governor. gig" CLEMENT'S, ST., par. (31) W.
Powder hund. Mid, Cornwall, 2 m. SE. of Truro
255, on R. Fal, has a poor ho. Acres 3520 (or
3156), slaty ; pop. 3436 + 56 ; poor r. 776/. (Truro
U.); real prop. 12,871/. ; charities 12/. Living,

Vic. (Exet.) val. 390/., patr. Ld. Chancellor.
Pblwhele belonged to the county historian of that
name ; Conor is a duchy manor. giT CLEMENT'S,
ST., par. (81) Bullington hund. Mid. Oxford, near
Oxford-54, at the bridge on the Cherwell. Acres
580 ; pop. 1769 ; poor r. 479 (Headington U.) )
real prop. 6666/. Living, a Beet. (Oxon.) val.
120/., patr. Ld. Chancellor. A lepers hospital,
found. 1126 by Hen. I. was given to Oriel Coll.

CLEMENT'S WELLS vil. 2 m. SE. of Musselburgh,
W. Haddington, under Carbery Hill, has a large

Clement's (St.") Isld. (33) in Mount's bav, SW.
Cornwall, 3 m. S. of Penzance. $3T C~fement's
(St.) or Fidler's Beach, a bend of the Thames, be-
tween Greenhithe, Kent, and Gray's Thurrock,
Essex, H m. long, lying NE. and SW., and
marshy on both sides, with only a few ft. water
over the shoals on either shore. It is so called
after W. Thurrock ch. ; and Ingress hall and
Belmont cast, are seen.

CLEMENTSTOWN vil. (17) Tullvgarvey bar. NE.



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