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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Cavan, near Cootehill-G5, belongs to Col. Clements.
Pop. 229+4.

P. CLENCHWARTON par. (65) Free!) ridge-Marsh-
Land bund. W. Norfolk, 2 m. W. of King's Lynn
-96, is Eclewartuana of ' Domesdy.' Acres 3010 ;
pop. 597 + 12 ; poor r. 460/. (Wisbeach U.) ; real
prop. 6410/. ; charities 57. St. Margaret Sect.
(Xorw.) val. 337Z. pair. Mrs. Goldfrap. C. House,
T. Hoseason.

CLENNELL tnshp. ( ) Allenton par. N. Nortli-
mbrld. 9 m. NW. of Kothbury-304. Pop. 18.

Clenny (75) 2 m. NW. of Tremadoc, 5. Car-

CLENORE par. (25-6) Fermoy bar. N. Cork, 5 m.
NE. of Mallo\v-149, on R. Blackwater. Acres
4289, with limestone and bog ; pop. 1348 + 5.
Living, a Rect. (Co. R. C.) with 4 others, val.
5267., pair. Bishop. Aimkissey, P. Nagle, Esq. ;
Castle-Kevin, E. Thoruhill, Esq., on the site of
Koche's castle.

CLENT par. (54) S. Seisdon hund. Stafford.
locally in Worcest. 6 m. N. of Bromsgrove-116,
contains C. UPPEB and LOWER hmlts. and
Rowley-Regis and Reddall-Hill curs, under the
C. Hills, where (at Cowdale) Kenelm king of
Mercia was, in 819, murdered by his sister Quen-
drida. Acres 2520; pop. 918; poor r. 2927.
(Bromsg. U.) ; real prop. 65767. ; charities 1327.,
of which 87. to Amphlett's school, and 677. church
lands. St. Leonard Vic. (Wore.) val. with Row-
ley-Regis 4177., patr. Ld. Chancellor. C. Hall,
J. Amphlett, 'Esq. ; Hagley Park, Lord Lyt-

CLEOBURY DIVISION (55) of Stottesden hund.
SE. Salop, contains the pars, of Aston-Botterell,
Burwarton*, Cainham*, Cleobury Mortimer, Core-
ley, Dowles *, Hope-Baggot *, Hopton-Wafers,
Kinlet, Neen-Savage, Wheathill, and parts of
Chetton* and Stottesden ; acres 41,390 ; pop. 6628 ;
houses 1302.

P. M. CLEOBURY MORTIMER par. in the above
hund. 26 m. SE. of Shrewsbury, 137 from Lon-
don, near Birm. and Gl. rail., a polling place,
on R. Rea, had a castle b. by the Mortimers,
and reduced by Hen. II. Acres 7670, with coal,
limestone, and iron, in the Clee hills ; pop.
1730 + 2 ; some in the foundries and paper mills ;
houses 341, in a long street, with 3 chapels,
Childe's free school (4727.), bridge, and Union
p. house; poor r. 5687. on 7167/. ; real prop.
7921/. ; charities 4857. St. Mary Vic. (Heref.) val.
4487., patr. W. L. Childe, Esq.,"of Kinlet Hall, the
old seat of the Blounts, who are now of Mawley,

church, early eng. ; St. John Cur. 507., R.
Botfield, Esq. A danish camp is near, and
Robt. Langlande, author of " Pierce Plowman's
Visions," was a native. Cleob. Mortimer P. L.
Union, contains the pars. etc. in the above div.
(except those marked*), with Higley, Loughton,
Milsom, Neen-Solars, Silvington, Farlow, in Salop,

and Bayton, Mamble, Rock in Wore. ; acres.
51,900, pop. 8708, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 728
(out-door 613), expend. 26227., prop, rated 52,709.
Sup. Registry comprises the same, except Farlow ;
pop. 8708. The new County Court district corre-
sponds with the Registry. Mkt. D. Wed. Fairs,
21 Apr. Trinity Mon. 27 Oct.

CLEOBURY, NORTH, par. (61) Stottesden hund.
S. Salop, 7 m. SW. of Bridgnorth-139. Acres
1710, pop. 176; poor r. 757. (Bridgn. U.); real
prop. 23237. St. Peter Rect. (Heref.) val. 180Z.,
patr. Rev. J. B. Webb, rector.

Cleonaar Hall (80) 2 m. NE. of Crewe, S. Cliesh.
on Manchest, rail., J. Aspinall, Esq.

>i CLEOPHAM DEANERY, archdy. of Bedford,
dioc. of Ely, contains the benefices marked in

Willy hund. with Clapham vie., Milton, Ear-
nest ., Turvey v.

CLERAXS, ST. (97) 4 m. NW. of Loughree, E.
Galway, J. H. Barke, Esq.

jClere, St. (6) 5 m. NE. of Sevenoaks, NW.
Kent, fonnerly seat of the Oldhams, St. Cleres,
etc., lately of Col. Evelyn.

Clere, or Clare, Htuse ( ) 4 m. ESE. of Odi-
liuin. NE. Hants, J. Doxat, Esq.

CLEREWOODCOTT tythg. (12) Kingsclere par.
N. Hants, near Kingsclere-54.

CLERIHAN vil. ( ) W. Iffa and Offa bar. S.
Tipperary, 5 m. NW. of Clonmel-104, a police
station, with an old ch. yard, commanding a fine
prospect. Fair, 30 Sept.

Clerk Hill ( ) 1 m. E. of Whalley, NE. Lan-
cash. seat of R. Whalley, Esq.

Clerkendean (54) 2 m. S. of Worcester, Mid.

&. CLERKENWELL, St. James par. Finsbury
div. of Ossulstone hund. E. Middlsx. 1 m. N. of St.
Paul's, the co. sessions court, and place of election
for Finsbury boro', so called from the well near
the pump in Ray St., round which the London
parish clerks in old times acted religious plays
or mysteries, lies between the Charter House
and St. Sepulchre Without, Ray St., Lower road
and Chapel St. Pentonville, and Goswell St.,
includes St. John Street, New Road, New River
head, House of Correction, etc., and is cele-
brated for the benedictine nunnery found, (on
site of St. James's) about 1100 by Jordan Brisset
and his wife Muriel, but especially for the
priory, or commandery, found. 1110 by the same,
for the Knights Hospitallers in St. John's Square,
of which the only memorial is the venerable
gate (lately restored), of which a cut has figured
on the covers of the ' Gentleman's Magazine ' for
more than a century. Acres 320, very uneven
but healthy, with several mineral springs or wells,
used fonnerly by invalids ; pop. 56,756 + 912, of
whom 887 were employed in the several branches
of clock and watch manufacture, 859 were jewel-
lers, goldworkers, enamellers ; houses 6953, with
6 squares (as below), 5 churches, several chapels,
sessions house on C. Green (b. 1778-82 by Rogers,
instead of Hicks's Hall), county house of correction
on Howard's plan (1794) which cost 70,0007.,
new prison, now called house of detention, on the se-
parate system, for prisoners awaiting trial, Lady
Owen's free gram, school and almsh. found. 1613,
and lately reb. in elizabethan style, the Friends'
school, par. school for 1000 (1407.), Pentonville
school (637.), Finsbury dispensary, London female
penitentiary( 1807-12) for 100 women, Lond. female
mission house, workhouse, Sadler's Wells theatre
where Grimaldi performed, G-police station and
court at Bagnigge wells, Nicholson's and other
distilleries, Reid's brewery; poor r. 14,2837. on
183,5297. ; real prop. 303,0"907., of which 67,6007.
on NewRiver ; charities 6597.,of which Strode'sl257.
Livings, and districts are : St. James (the mother
church) Cur. with Pentonville chplry. (Lond.) val.
2707., patr. Inhabitants, church, b. 1788-92, on
site of the nunnery church, in which Lady I. Sack-
ville the last prioress, Weever author of " Fune-
ral Monuments," Bp. Burnet, Britton the mu-
sical " small coalman," were buried ; St. John
Rect. 2607., Ld. Chancellor, ch., on site of the
priory, was one of Q.Anne's 50 new churches,
and has the old crypts underneath ; St. Mark Cur.
5357., Bishop, c h. b. 1828 for 16,0007. ; St. Philip
Cur. 4607., Incumbent of St. Mark's, ch. in Gran-
ville Sq. The lord prior was head of his order,
and took precedence of all lay barons. The
gate-house, now the Jerusalem tavern, was Cave's


printing-office, where the Gentleman's Mag. first
appeared 1731; Johnson and Goldsmith who
wrote for it, made their house of call the Baptist's
Head, which belonged to Judge Forster, and was
so called after Sir Baptist Hicks (the founder
of the Noels), who b. the first Hicks's Hall
1612 in St. John Street. At Britton's house in
Jerusalem passage Dubourg and Handel fre-
quently played. Burnet had a double-fronted
house in St. John's square ; Sir T. Challoner had
one in the Close in which it is said Cromwell lived ;
at Albemarle or Newcastle House, in N. Place,
the mad duchess of Montague died, after living
at the house which became the British Museum.
A3 r lesbHry Ho., which belonged to the priory, was
given to the Bruces ; and Northampton Ho., on
the site of that square, was a seat of the Comp-
tons. The Red Bull theatre of Elizabeth's time
Avas in Woodbridge St. ; Hockley-in-the-IIole
bear garden, in Ray St. ; the Cobham's head (re-
built) in that Row, was the seat of Oldcastle Ld.
Cobham the martyr, burnt 1417 ; Lady Hunting-
don lived next door to her chapel ; \V. Hunting-
don, S. S. (sinner saved), lived at Hermes Hill,
where Valangin, who sold the ' Balsam of Life,'
lived before him ; Swedenborg died in Gt. Bath
St. ; under Pardon Church in Sutton St. 50,000 (?)
who died of the plague in 1349, were buried ; and
the ' Three Hats ' inn, near Islington, is noticed
in Bickerstaffe's ' Hypocrite.' Dibdin's cottage
near Sadler's Wells is down ; in St. John St. road,
at Manor Ho. school, is an elm planted they say
by Raleigh. The Company of Clerks performed
before Rich. II., 1391, at the fans clericorum as
above ; Edw. IV. was proclaimed king here 1461 ;
and a new way was cut through the fields, where
Northampton St. stands, to welcome the entry of
Jas. I. Of the squares, Wilmington stands on
Spa fields where Hunt's riots took place 1817,
Granville is named after the excellent G. Sharp ;
Myddleton, Lloyd, and Claremont belong to
the New River Comp., whose reservoir, made
by Sir Hugh 1613, covers acres at the height
of about 63 ft. The House of Correction con-
tains 30 wards and yards, and 34 day rooms,
with a treadmill, hospital, etc. ; in the Gordon
riots of 1780, the prisoners were set free. Lands
descend by ' borough-english ' custom in this
manor, which includes parts of this and neigh-
bouring pars., and belongs to the Comptons.
Clerkenwell Sup. Registry comprises the par. as
above ; pop. 56,708 + 907 ; births 2081 (1049 be-
ing females, 62 illegit.) deaths 1341 marriages
524, of which 156 persons signed with marks:
13 deaths from cholera in 1849. The New County
Court district includes Clerkenwell, St. Andrew
Hoi born, St. Luke, Islington (where the court
is), Hornsea, Highgate, Stoke Newington.

CI.ERKINGTON par., near Haddington, N.
Hadngtn. now joined to TEMPLE, was given by
Dav. I.'s daughter-in-law Ada to the cistertian
house here.

Clermont (19) 4 m. S. of Dundalk, Mid. Louth,
T. Fortescue, Esq. gs5 Clernumt ( ) 2m.
SW. of Watton, SW. Norfolk, a seat of Sir
F. L. II. Goodricke, Bt., formerly of the Lords

Clermont Cam Mountn. (4) C m. N. of Duu-
dalk, N. iMuth, 1674ft. high.

Clermount Mountn. (32) 2m. E. of Jonesborough,
S. Armagh, 1462 ft. high.

(,'I.I.THEK, St., par. (30) Lesnewth hund. NE.
Conm-iill, G m. E. of Camelford-228, on R. Inny.
Acres 3540 (or 3242), granite, hornblende, etc.
l'o]i. 221 +5 ; poor r. 87/. (Camelf. U.) ; real prop.
21^27. Living, a Vic. (Exet.) val. 1607., pair. J.



Carpenter and T. J. Phillips, Esqrs. Basil was
the Trevelyans' old scat.

Cletor, or Cletwr, (JJz'oer) rises in 8. Cardigan.
and runs about 10 m. SE. to R. Teifi, near Llanvi-
hangel-ar-Arth, passing Allt yr Odyn.

CLETTERWOOD tnshp. (60) Buttington par.
E. Montgomery, 2 m. E. of Welshpool-171. Pop.
275 ; real prop. 37057,

Cleugh Brae ( ) 8 m. N. of Bellingham, W.
Northbrld. giT CLEUGHBRAE hmlt. Mouswald
par. $. Dumfries. 6 m. SE. of Dumfries-73. Pop.

Cleve Court (3) 4 m. SW. of Margate, E. Kent,
near Acol, B. Bushell, Esq.

Hillmarton par. N. Wilts. 4 m. NE. of Calne-87.
Acres 810.

P. CLEVEDON par. (35) Portbury hund. JV.
Somerset. 11 m. W. of Bristol-114, on Gt. West,
rail., a pleasant watering-place at R. Severn's
mouth, on the cliffs, commanding a fine view of
the Channel. Acres 2970, with exhausted lead
mines ; pop. 1748 + 60 ; poor r. 2807. (Bedminster
U.); real prop. 11,9537., charities 217. St. An-
drew Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 4207., patr. Bishop of
Gl. and Br. ; Christchurch Cur. 7., Trustees ;
church, cruciform, has effigies and mons. of the
Wakes, who b. C. Court, seat of Sir C. A. Elton,
Bt., in the elizabethan style, a fine specimen.
Coleridge's cottage is here.


CLEVELAND ( ) a hilly district, or Cliff-land,
N. R. York, including Guisboro ', Stokesley, etc.
with a coast abounding with beautiful fossils,
alum, etc., between Whitby and R. Tees, corre-
sponds nearly with Langbaurgh lib. or wap., and
gives title of duke to the Vanes of Raby castle ;
the soil of the vale (about 70,000 acres), which is
cultivated, being moory and clayey, whence the
proverb " Cleveland in the clay, Brings two soles
in, and takes one away." In the midst is Rose-
berry Topping (1022 ft.), of which they say
"When Roseberry Topping wears a cap, Let
Cleveland then beware of a slap." The hills to
the S. are 1300 to 1850 ft. The ' Cleveland bays,'
the original stock of strong hunters and draught
horses, were produced, and the C. hounds hunt,
here. v& C. ARCHDEACONRY, dioc. and province
of York, includes the deaneries of Buhner,
Cleveland, and Ridall, or about 140 benefices.
C. DEANERY, contains the benefices marked in
Langbaurgh lib. with Eskdaleside we., Faceby
cur., Fylingdales c., E. Harlsey c., Hawnby reel.,
Hutton Bonville r., Leeke v., Northallerton .,
Nunthorpe c., N. Otterington ., W. Rounton r.,
Sneaton r., Thorntoule, Street v., Welbury r.,
Wilton c., High Worsall c., or 53 in all.

Ormsby tnshp. N. R. York. 7 m. NW. of Guis-
borough-245, at R. Tees' mouth, a sub-port
Stockton on Stock, and Darl. rail.

Clevclands (26) near Bideford, NW. Devon. E.
Revnolds, Esq.

CLEVELEY tnshp. ( ) Garstang and Cocker-
ham pars. N. Lancash. 4 m. NNE. of Garstang
-229, on R. Wyre, near Lancas. rail. Acres 530 ;
pop. 124 ; poor r. 787. (Garst. U.) ; real prop. 8797.

CLEVKLOAD hmlt. (54) Powick par. Mid. Wor-
cest. 2 m S. of Worcester- 111, on R. Severn. Pop.
31. Living, a Cur. with Powick; no church.

CLEVELY hmlt (45) Enstone par. N. Oxford.
5 m. NW. of Woodstock-62. Pop. 198.

Clew Bay (75-6, etc.) between Burrishoole and
Murrisk bars. W. Mayo, is 7 m. wide and 10 long,
leading up to Westport and Newport-Pratt, ami

F F 2




has Clare Isld. and light across the entrance, and
at the bottom Innis Gourt (and light), and ' 365,'
L e. a great number of, small islands.

P. CLEWER par. (7) Ripplesmere hund. E.
Berks. 1 m. W. of Windsor-22, on R. Thames.
Acres 1490 ; pop. 3975 ; poor r. 1073/. (Windsor
U.) ; real prop. 12117. ; charities 1387., of which
65/. to the Harcourt school. St. Andrew's Rect.
(Oxon.) val. 460/., patr. Eton Coll. -, church, has
a font, some verses on Axpence an archer, and
other mons. C. Lodge, J. Ramsbottom, Esq.

CLEWER (19) 2 m. S. of Axbridge-130, N.

CLEWILSEY tnshp. (56) Llanvair-Waterdine
par. S W. Salop, 4m. NW. of Knighton-165. Pop.

P. M. CLEY-NEXT-TIIE-SEA par. (68) Holt,
hund. N. Norfolk, 4 m. NNW. of Holt- 119, 12
from Fakenham on E. Count, rail., a watering-
place and small creek in Blakeney harb. where Pr,.
James (afterwards Jas. I.) of Scotland, who wrote
the ' King's Quhair ' and other poems, was cap-
tured 1409 on his way to France,: and kept in Eng-
land till 1424. Acres 1980, marshy; pop. 828, in
the saltworks and coasting trade; houses 194, with
a custom house and a chapel ; poor r. 4527. (Erp-
ingham U.) ; real prop. 3823/. St. Margaret
Meet. (Norw.) val. 3387., patr. J. W. Thomlinson,
of C. House ; church, good embattled early eng.
with figured font, and clerestory over the nave
pierced with rose and pointed windows, also 3
brasses (from 1429) of a priest, a skeleton, etc.
In 1846, 177 sail of 7831 tons (115 being under
50 t. each) and 1 steamer of 18 t. belonged to the
port, which has Cromer and Mundesley for sub-
ports; and the tonnage Inwards and "Outwards,
including repeated voyages, was ' coastwise ' 633
of 25,213 and 397 of 21,158 tons, from and to
' foreign ports ' 21 of 1729 and 3 of 351 1. (besides
25 foreigners of 1408 Inw.) ; total customs L
Mkt. D. Sat. Fairs, last Frid. July, horses.


CLIBURN par. ( ) West ward, N. Westmrld.
6 m. NNE. of Shap-277, on Rs. Leeth and Lyven-
net, near Prest. and Lane, rail., belonged to the
Talebois, Harveys, and Cliburns, who built the
old hall, 1577. Acres 1360; pop. 251 + 3; poor
r. 337. (Westward U.) ; real prop. 23207. ; charities
247. St. Cuthbert Rect. (Carl.) val. 188?., patr.

CLICUDEG tnshp. (79) Llanrhaidr-in-Kinmerch
par. .ZV. Denbigh, near Denbigh- 195. Pop. 176.

CLIDDESDEN par. (12) Upper Basingstoke hund.
N. Hants. 2 m. S. of Basingstoke-45. Acres
2150 ; pop. 306 ; poor r. 2617. (Basings. U.) ; real
prop. 1754/. ; charities 157., of which 10/. to Dor-
rington's school. Living, a Rect. (Win.) val.
with Farleigh 6857., patr. Earl of Portsmouth.

Cliefden (7) 3 m. NNE. of Maidenhead.S. Bucks.
on R. Thames, was b. in the italian style, by Vil-
liers, Duke of Buckingham, ' Gallant and gay
in Clefden's proud alcove ; ' it was afterwards the
seat of Frederic, Prince of Wales, was burnt 1795
and again 1849, and is rebuilding by Barry.

Clifden ( ) near Corrofin, Mid. Clare, M.
Patterson, Esq. 83" Clifden (4) 1 m. SW. of
Holywood, NE. Down, on Lough Belfast, A. H.
Haliday, Esq.

P. M. CLIFDEN (35) Ballynahinch bar. NW.
Galway, 46 m. NW. of Galway, 178 from Dublin,
a sessions town, chief police and coast gd. station,
on C. Bay, in Connemara, was found, at the sug-
gestion of Nimmo since 1815, by D'Arcy of
C. Castle, whose estate of 19,000 acres was sold
off 1850. Pop. 1509 + 25, in the export, grain,
and butter trade, through the harbour, which is

safe and good ; houses 183, with church, chapel,
mkt. house, hotel, bridewell, fever hosp., dispen-
sary, and Union poor house. Clif. P. L. Union,
contains 5 electoral div. in Galway, with 13 guar-
dians, acres 189,504, pop. 33,465, ho. room for
360, cases relieved 2302 (besides 21,077 out-door),
expend. 22,3177., prop, rated 22,426/. Mkt. Ds.
Wed. Sat. Fairs, 25 June, 1 Sept. 15 Oct. 17 Dec.

CLIFDEN vil. (19) Gowran bar. Mid. Kilkenny.
4 m. W. of Gowran-67, gives title of Visct. to the
Ellises of Gowran. ^3 Clifden (7) 7 m. SE. of
London, N. Surrey, near Putney, Visct. Clifden.

CLIFF. See CLIVE, Cheshire, gip Cliff (108)
4 in. E. of Ballyshannon, S. Donegal, T. Conolly,
Esq. M. P. i^P CLIFF (62) 3 m. S. of Tamworth
-115, N. Warwick, near Derby rail. C. Hall, R.
Willoughby, Esq.

CLIFF-BRIDGE vil. (88) Monk Bretton par.
W. R. York. 1 m. NE. of Barnesley-172. ^p C.
Cottage (10) 2 m. ESE. of Ryde, 1. of Wight, S.
Hants. L. Wyatt, Esq. ig C. Cottage (3) near
Folkestone, NE. Kent, R. Dangerfield, Esq.
l^ C.-CUM-LuND tnshp. ( ) Hemingbrough par.
E. R. York. 2 m. E. of Selby-181, on Hull rail.
Acres 2280, part common ; pop. 540 + 5 ; poor r.
1587. (Selby U.) ; real prop. 36397. rJ3 C. House
(22) near Torquay, SE. Devon. Col. Dunbar.
^SP C. House (17) 6 m. E. by N. of Dorchester,
S. Dorset, on R. Froome, Mrs. Shirley. igP C.
House, 1 m. WSW. of Ramsgate, E. Kent, on
Pegwell bay. ^> C. House (63) 4 m. W. of
Mkt. Bosworth, W. Leicester, ijap C. Loch, in
Unst, .ZV. Shetld. Islds. 2i m. long, by 1 broad.
3aP C., NORTH, tnshp. ( ) Sancton par. E. R.
York. 3 m. S. of Mkt. Weighton-192. Acres
1480 ', pop. 74-4 poor r. 81. (Pocklington U.) ; real
prop. 755/1 gap C., SOUTH, tnshp. N. Cave par.
near the above. Acres 1700 ; pop. 136 + 3 ; poor
r. 157. ; real .prop. 958/. ^~ C. Sound, 10 m.
SW. by S. of Lerwick, S. Shetld. Islds. inside W.
Burray in Scalloway bay, is 5 m. by 2, with 5
to 15 fath. igp C. Ville (72) near Newcastle-
under-Lyme, N. Stafford. J. Tomlinson, Esq.

Cliffden House (22) near Teignmouth, SE.
Devon. J. Strachan, Esq.

Cliff e (10) near Shanklin, I. of Wight, S.
Hants. i|iP CLIFFE tnshp. ( ) Manfield par.
N. R. York. 4 m. W. of Darlington-241, on R.
Tees, and N. Midld. rail. Acres 970 ; pop. 54 ;
real prop. 8607. C. Hall, Wilson, Esq.

CLIFFE- AT-Hoo par.(l) Shamwell hund. Ayles-
ford lathe, N. Kent, 5 m. ENE. of Gravesend-22,
a coast-gd. station on the Thames, and once of
greater importance, belongs to Earl Darnley.
Acres 5400, marshy ; pop. 842 + 1 ; poor r. 4687,
(N. Aylesf. U.) ; real prop. 10,9837. ; charities 597.,
of which 157. to Brown's school. St. Helen Rect.
(Roch.) val. 12977., patr. Archbp. ; church, large
embattled cruciform, of flint, with some old effi-
gies, remains of stained windows, stone stalls,
piscina, and an ancient paten. Fair, 28 Sept.
gip C. EAST, ext. par. (3) Dover town, E. Kent.
Pop. 205.

P. CLIFFE, KING'S, or C. REGIS, par. (64) Willy-
brook hund. NE. Northmptn. 6 m. NNW. of
Oundle-78, on a branch of R. Nen, containing
Spa Lodge and W. Hay, and once a market
town, was thesaxon Cyningesclive, and belongs tc
the Crown. Acres 4460 ; pop. 1278 + 10 ; pool
r. 4307. (Oundle U.); real prop. 48047.; cha-
rities 4887., of which 4837. to Hutcheson's school
and Thorp's almshouses. Living, a Rect. (Pet.)
val. 5257., patr. Earl of Westmoreland of Apthorp.
Law, the nonjuror and author of the ' Serious
Call,' etc. was a native (1686-17G1). Fair, 29 Oct
i|SP C.-PIPARD par. (34) Kingsbridge hund.


N. Wilts. 3 m. S. of Wootton-Basselt-90, con-
taining Broad Town on the Downs. Acres 5050,
with chalk ; pop. 933 + 5 ; poor r. 486/. (Cricklade
U.) ; real prop. 7671/. ; charities, Speckman's 407.
St, Peter Vic. (Sal.) val. 279/., patr. H. N. Goddard,
Esq., of C. House, of whose fam. the church lias
tombs, and also of Spackman as above. faJ" C., I
WEST, par. (3) Bewsborough bund. St. Augustine j
lathe, E. Kent, 2 m. JS T E. of Dover-71, in a j
healthy spot, was the seat of Gibbon's ancestors. I
Acres 1090; pop. 116 + 3; poor r. 55/. (Dover !
U.); real prop. 1846/. St. Peter Vic. (Cant.)
val. 347., patr. Dean and Chap.

P. CLIFFONY vil. (2) Carbury bar. N. Sligo,
12m. N. of Sligo-131. Fairs, 18 May, 18 June,
5 Oct. 6 Nov. 15 Dec.

Clifford (34) near Castletownroche, N. Cork,
Lloyd, Esq.

&. CLIFFORD par. (42, 56) Huntingdon hund.
W. Hereford. 2 m. NHEi of Hay- 154, on R.Wye,
containing Vowmine, has on a hill the ruins of a
castle b. by VV. Fitzosborne, which became the
seat of the Cliffords (where Fair Rosamond, it
is said, was born), one of whom, Simon Fitz-
Walter, found, in Hen. I.'s time a cell to Lewes
priory. Acres 6920 ; pop. 892 + 9 ; poor r. 3697.
(HayU.); real prop. 6263/. ; charities 3717., of
which 3587. to Smith's almsh. and school. St.
Mary Vic. (Heref.) val. 300/., patr. Rev. J.
Trumper, vicar. Gives name and title of baron
to the Cliffords of Ugbrooke. C. Place, 1 m. NE.

CLIFFORD CHAMBERS par. (54) Upper Tewkes-
bury hund. NE. Gloucest. 1 m. S. by E. of Strat-
ford-96, on R. Avon. Acres 1530; pop. 309; poor
r. 1517. (Stratfd. U.) ; real prop. 2590/. : charities
377. St. Helen Rect. (Gl. and B.) val. 1727., patr.
Rev. T. G. Tyndall ; church, with norman door.

P. CLIFFORD-CUM-BOSTON tnshp. ( ) Bram-
ham par. W. R. York. 3 m. SSE. of Wetherby-194.
Acres 1500; pop. 1566+40; poor r. 2271. (Bar-
wick Incorp.) ; real prop. 79037. ; charities 197.
Living, a Cur. (Yk.) val. 1707., patr. G.L.Fox, Esq.
of Bramham Pk. C. Moor, a meet for the Bram-
ham Moor hounds.

CLIFF'S END, GREAT and LITTLE, hmlts. (3)
St. Lawrence par. NE. Kent, 3 m. WSW. of Rams-
gate-73, on Pegwell bay. E. Cliff Lodge, Sir
Moses Montefiore, Bt

CKft Hall. See Cleeve Hall, Wilts.

CLIFTON HUNDRED (46) SE. Bedford, contains
the pars, of Arsley, Campton, Clifton, Henlow,
Holwell, Moppershall, Stondon, Stotfold, part of
Shillington, and the town of Shefford; acres
18,005, pop. 6573, houses 1262. ^P CLIFTON
par. in the above hund. 4 m. SSW. of Biggles-
wade-45, near R. Ivel. Acres 1420; pop. 865
+ 20 ; poor r. 2377. (Bigglesw. U.) ; real prop.
4179/. ; charities 127. All Saints Rect. (Ely) val.
4397., patr. Rev. D. J. Olivier, rector ; church, has
a brass of a Fisher (1528). C. Spinnies, a meet
for the Oakley hounds.

CLIFTON, or ROCKSAVAGE, tnshp. (80) Run-
corn par. NW. Cheshire, 2 m. NE. of Frodsham
-191, on R. Weaver, has the ruins of a fine seat
of Marq. Cholmondeley, built by his ancestor Sir
J. Savage in Elizabeth's time. Acres 640 ; pop.
34 ; poor r. 267. (Runcorn U.) ; real prop. 9387,
g55 Clifton (69) near Caheracun point, S. Clare.
gj" Clifton (74) 1 m. E. of Cork, E. Cork, on R.
Lee, Sir W. H. Clarke, Bt. iP Clifton (67)
close to Youghal, SE. Cork, J. Kiely, Esq. on
Youghal bay. C. House, Sir W. J. Horoan, Bt
gg" Clifton (4) near Belfast, N. Down, j^f CLIF-
TON tnshp. (72) with Compton, Ashborne par.
W. Derby. 1 m. SW. of Ashborne-139, on R.
Dove. Acres 1120; pop. 839 + 21; poor r. 1567.



fAshb. U.); real prop. 36007. St. Mary Cur.
(Lich.) val. 1507., patr. Vicar. ^- CLIFTON
limit. (19) Ballymoe bar. N. Galway, 6 m. E. of

P. CLIFTON par. (35) Barton-Regis hund. 5 W.
Gloucest. 1 m. W. of Bristol-114, in the suburbs
of that boro', is a beautiful watering-place on the
cliffs of R. Avon, which first rose into notice
about 1695, when the Hot Wells pump-room was
built. Acres 910, rising 308 ft. at St Vincent's

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