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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 125 of 293)
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CLONLEIGH par. (24, 30) Bantry bar. W. Wex-
ford, 6 m. NE. of New Ross-90. Acres 2716 ; pop.
830 + 17. Living, a Rect. with St. Mary's New

Clonliff (18) close to Dubb'n, E. Dublin, be-
tween Royal canal and R. Tolka, J. Wisdom, Esq.

CLOXLISK BARONY (38, 41,-47) SW. King's
Co. contains the pars, of Castle-Townly, Dun-
kerrin, Finglas, Kilcormic, Kilmurryelly, Shin-
rone, Templehary, and parts of Aghancon, Bor-
risnafanney, Cullusvaine, Ettagn, Kilcolman, and


Roscrea; acres 29,054, an. val. 28,157/., pop.
17,113, houses 2963.

CLONLOGHAN par. (51, 61) Lower Bunratty
bar. 5. Clare, 3 m. S. of Newmarket on Fergus
-134, on R. Shannon. Acres 2951, good arable
and pasture ; pop. 681, decreasing. Living, a Vic.
with Kilfinaghty.

Clonloman (25) 3 m. N. of Wicklow, E. Wicklw.

CLONLONAN BARONY (30-1, etc.) SW. West-
meath, contains the pars, of Ballyloughloe, Kil-
cleagh, and parts of Kilcumreragh and Kilma-
naghan ; acres 32,118, an val. 19,986/., pop. 13,240,
houses 2323.

Clonlost House (20) 6 m. ENE. of Mullingar,
E. Westmeath, J. J. Nugent, Esq.

CLONLYON hmlt. (14) Garrycastle bar. NW.
King's Co. 3 m. NW. of Ferbane-71.

CLONMACDCFF par. (24,30) Upper Navan bar.
W. Meath, 5 m. SW. of Navan-29. Acres 2540
arable, with bog ; pop. 734 + 2. Living, a Rect.
with Ardbraccan. Meadstown, C. Barnwell, Esq.

Clonmacken (5) near Limerick, N. Limerick.

par. (5, 6, 13-4) Garrj-castle bar. NW. King's Co.
5 m. NW. of Ferbane-71, containing Shannon
Bridge, on R. Shannon, was one of the chief seats
of religion and literature among the ancient Irish
and the burial place of their princes, and origi-
nated in an abbey, found. 548 by St. Kieran, and
made the head of a bishopric, till united to Meath
1568. Acres 22,417, chiefly bog, with limestone ;
pop. 4655 + 21. Living, a Vic. (Meath) val. 303/.,
patr. Bishop ; church, with some ancient monu-
ments, was one of 10 built round the cathedral,
all of which, with the bishop's palace, a nunnery,
carved crosses, and two round towers, 60 and 62 ft.
high, are a heap of ruins. It is still a favourite
burial place, and a large patron fair is held 9

Galway, contains the par. of Kilcloony and parts
of Ahascragh, Aughrim, Clontuskert, Fohanagh,
Kilgerrill, Killallaghton, and Killoran; acres
35,467, an. val. 19.166Z., pop. 14,715, houses 2295.

Clonmaine (77) near Castlemartyr, E. Cork.

Clonmannan House (25) 2 m. N. of Wicklow,
E. Wicklow, R. H. Tynte, Esq.

CLONMANY par. (3, 9, 10) Innishowen bar.
NE. Donegal, 6 m. W. of Cardonagh-165, a police
station, near Dunaff head in Lough Swilly, had
a monastery found, by St. Columb, 6th cent.
Acres 23,375, chiefly mountain, whinstone, and
clay slate (rising 1656 ft. at Raghtin More) ; pop.
6489 + 3. Living, a Sect. (Dy. R.) val. 432Z.,
patr. Marq. of Donegal. Remains of two castles,
a cromlech, and some caverns on the rocky
coast are here. Fairs, 1 Jan. 24 Mar. 29 June,
10 Oct.

Clonmaskill (14) near Castletowndelvin, NE.

Clonmass Point (16) Kilmacrenan bar. N.Do-
negal, in Sheephaven.

CI.ONMEEN par. (31-2, 40, 49) Duhallow bar.
N. Cork, 5 m. S. of Kanturk-158, on R. Black-
water, has remains of a castle, which with a mo-
nastery was found, by the O'Callaghans. Acres
20,076, with bog and moor and limestone ; pop.
6361 + 102. Living, a Vic. (Ck. R. C.) with two
others, val. 347/., patr. Bishop. C. House, G. Gre-
han, Esq. ; Gurtmore, E. Foote, Esq. igT Clon-
meen (11) 4 m. NE. of Phillipstown, N. King's Co.
[email protected]" Clonmeen (7) 12m. NW. of Robertstown, N.

#P. M. CLONMEL, or ST. MARY OF C., par.
(83) E. Iffii and Offa bar. -S. Tippery. partly
Upper Third bar. Waterford, in a fine spot, under



the Commeragh mountns., on R. Suir, 104 m. from
Dublin, the county election, assize (for S. Riding),
and sessions town, a chief excise, constabularv,
and military station, had a dominican friary
(given to the Butlers) and a castle which was
taken from the lords of the Pale by Cromwell
1650 after a siege of two months ; is a boro' by
prescription, returning one member to parl. (two
before the Union), the no. of electors being 324
(of 10Z. houses 752) ; and is divided into two
wards, governed by a mayor, 2 aid. 18 council.,
who have jurisdiction over the liberties which com-
prise 4800 irish acres, and produce a revenue of
540/. Acres 10,387, of boro', including Moore and
Long islds. on the river, 331 ; pop. 17,720 + 39,
of town 13,505, decreasing, some in a cotton fac-
torj', but chiefly employed in a prosperous export
grain, provision, cattle, and butter trade by the
river, which is navigable for barges of 50 tons ;
houses 1455, with 11 chapels, 2 convents, court-
house near the old one which was designed by
Wren, gaol, mkt. ho., Moore's gram. sch. (369/.),
mechanics' inst., 4 banks, savings bank (22,309/.,
from 903 depositors), loan fund, county lunatic
asylum, fever hosp., dispensary, county club,
chamber of commerce, horse, foot, and artillery
barracks, distillery, breweries, flour-mills, Bian-
coni's central mail and car establishment, house
of industry, 3 bridges, and Union poor house.
Living, a Rect. (Ca. E. W. L.) val. 564Z., patr.
Corporation ; church, early eng. but spoilt in re-
pairing, with battlements, good E. window, and
8-sided tower square at the base. Remains of the
old walls and town, of a gate, and the castle, are
found, with ancient effigies in Friary chapel yd.
It publishes the ' C. Chronicle ' and ' Tipperary
Free Press ' newspapers ; and gives title of earl
andvisct. to the Scotts. Steme (1713 68) and
lady Blessington were natives. Knocklofty, seat
of Earl Donoughmore ; Marlfield, J.Bagwell, Esq. ;
Barn, S. Moore, Esq. The Wilderness, Heywood,
and other walks are near; and it was the prin-
cipal scene of O'Brien's attempted rising of 1848.
Clonm. P. L. Union, contains 10 electoral div.
in Tippy, and Waterfd. with 20 guardians ; acres
90,106, pop. 39,993, ho. room for 1900, cases re-
lieved (1847-8) 7813 (besides 14,600 out-door),
expend. 15,020/., prop, rated 91,108/. Mkt. Ds.
Tues. Sat. Fairs, 5 May, 5 Nov. and 1st Wed.
every other month, cattle, horses, pigs.

CLONMEL par. (75, 87) Barrymore bar. SE.
Cork, includes part of Cove or Queenstown-159.
Acres 3197; pop. 2564, decreasing. Living, a
Vic. (Ck. R. C.) with Templerobin, val. 461/.,
patr. Bishop. See GREAT ISLAND.

P. M. CLONMELAN vil. (9) Killua par. Delvin
bar. NE. Westmeath, a petty sessions and police
station, 5 m. NE. of Castletowndelvin-42. Pop.
859, decreasing. Killua castle, Sir M. L. Chap-
man, Bt. Mkt. I). Tues. Fairs, 28 Jan. 2 May,
25 July, 29 Sept.

CLONMELSH par. (1, 2, 7) Carlow bar. NW.
Carlow, 4m. S. of Carlow-49. Acres 3146; pop.
675, decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.) val.
172/., patr. Bishop.

CLONMETHAN par. (7) W. Balrothery bar. N.
Dublin, 6 m. NW. of Swords-8. Acres 3028, good'
land, with limestone ; pop. 509, decreasing. Liv-
ing, a. Rect. (Du. G. K.) with 4 others, val. 50 1/.,
patr. Bishop. Wyanstown, R. Rooney, Esq.

Clonmin Lough (39) 4^ m. S. of Lisnaskea, S.

S3. CLONMINES par. (40, 45) Shebburne bar. S.
Wexford, 9 m. SW. of Taghmon-94, in Bannow
bay, near the sea, belonging to Annesley of Blet-
chingdon, contains 4 towers, etc. (one belonging




to a descendant of Sir Roger de Sutton, who b. it
1170) of the old town called the " Seven Castles
of Clonmines," which was a boro' returning two
members before the Union. Acres 1380, light
arable land ; pop. 397 + 1. Living, an impropriate
Cur. with Tintern ; church, in ruins near the ab-
bey, found, bv the Kavanaghs.

'Clonmoney (51) 1 m. NW. of Bunratty, SE.
Clare, M. Canny, Esq.

Clonmoran (19) near Kilkenny, Mid. Kilknny.

CLONMORE par. (9, 10) Rathvilly bar. NE.
Carlow, 2 m. S. of Hacketstown-49, has the re-
mains of a castle. Acres 6029, with heath and
bog ; pop. 2335 + 9. Living, a Rect. (Os. F. L.)
val. 26 1Z., patr. Bishop. C. Lodge, . <&r CLON-
MORE vil. (9) Rathvilly bar. 'NE. Carlow, near
Hacketstown and C. Lodge. tgjg' Clonmore (16)
3 m. W. of Myshall, Mid. Carlow, on R. Burren.
^g Clonmore (23) near Killorgan, S. Dublin.
gg- CLONMORE par. (39, 42) Iverk bar. SW.
Kilkenny, 3 m. SE. of Pil town- 108, on R. Suir,
was a seat of the Bishops of Ossory. Acres 2091,
with limestone ; pop. 795 + 9. Living, a Rect.
(Os. F. L.) with Ballytarsney, val. 247/., patr.
Bishop. SUverspring, D. Osborne, Esq. igirCLON-
MORE hmlt. (4) Warrenstown bar. N. King's Co.
4m. NW. of Edenderry-37. ^ CLONMORE
par. (18-9) Ferrand bar. S. Louth, 3 m. NE. of
Dunleer-38, a police station, with ruins of Ver-
dun's fort Acres 1905, well cultivated ; pop. 725,
decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Arm. C.) val. 159Z.,
patr. Bishop, gap" CLONMORE par. (25-6, 31-2)
Bantry and W. Shelmaliere bars. Mid. Wexford.
3 m. S. of Enniscorthy-80, on C. Rivulet and R,
Slaney, had a monastery found, by St. Madoc,
Gth century, and was repeatedly burnt by the
Danes. Acres 6766, with building stone; pop.
1776 + 40. Living, a Cur. (Os. F. L.) val. 55/.,
patr. Incumbent of Enniscorthy. Wilton, H. Al-
cock, Esq.

Ci'onmoyle (61) 7 m. E.NE of Macroom, Mid.
Cork, C. Colthurst, Esq. on R. Dripsea. (^ Clon-
moyle (26) near Mullingar, Mid. Westmeath, on
Lough EnneL

CLONMULLEN vil. (21) Forth bar. E. Carlow,
3m. S. of Clonegall-60.


CLONMULT par. (54-5, 66) Tmokilly-Kinata-
loon and Barrymore bars. E. Cork, 9 m. SE. of
Rathcormack-142. Acres 4601, chiefly moun-
tain; an. val. 249U; pop. 1146 +2, of vil. 128.
Living, a Rect. (Ck.R.C.) val. 219/., patr.Bishop.

CLONNEARL vil. ( ) Kil tartan bar. S. Galway,
3m. W. ofGort


CLONOE par. (49, 55) Dungannon bar. E. Ty-
rone, 2 m. S. of Stewardstown-104, on R. Black-
water and Lough Neagh, has ruins of Ld. dep.
Mountjoy's castle, which Jas. I. made a borough,
and was dismantled 1648, near which stood
one built by the O'Nials. Acres 1 2,070, with marsh,
and bog ; pop. 6817 + 126. Living a Rect. (Arm.
C.) val. 358/., patr. Trin. Coll. Dublin. The manor
belongs to the Anneslevs.

Clonogan (18) UpperSt. Mullin's bar. 15 m. SE.
of Carlow, E. Carlow.

CLONONT, or CLONANA, hmlt (22) Garrycastle
bar. W. King's Co. near Cloghan and R. Shannon.

Clonooney (16) 4 m. SW. of Clones, E. Mo-
naghan, D. Smith, Esq.

CLONOULTY par. (45-6, 52) Clanwilliam and
Lower Kilnamanagh bars. Mid. Tippery. 6 m.
NW. of Cashel-100, a petty sessions station, near
E. Suir. Acres 11,134, with limestone ; pop. 3855
+ 25. Living, a Vic. (Ca. E. W. L.) val. 393/.,

patr. Bishop. C. House, J. Green, Esq. Fairs,
5 July, 12 Nov.

CLONPET par. (66-7) Clanwilliam bar. W. Tip-
[ pery. 2 m. SW. of Tipperary-112, among the
1 mountains. Acres 2450 ; pop/938 + 3. Living, a
Vic. with Lattin.

CLONPRIEST par. (67, 78) Imokilly bar. E.
Cork, 4 m. W. of Youghal-157, near Inchiquin
Castle. Acres 6985, prime land, but marshy,
with bog and limestone ; pop. 3658 + 24. Living,
a Rect. (Ck. R. C.) val. 796/., patr. Crown.

Clonroad (33) near Ennis, Mid. Clare,

P. CLONROCHE, or STONEPOUJJD, vil. (25) Ban-
try bar. W. Wexford, a petty sessions and police
station, 14 m. NW. of Wexford-94. Pop. 265.
Fairs, 26 Jan. 13 Feb. 13 Mar. 14 May, 14 July,
25 Sept. 24 Oct. 24 Nov. 26 Dec. cattle.

CLONRUSH par. (104, 135-7) Leitrim bar. S.
Galway, 2 m. E. of Mountshannon-123. on Lough
Derg and R. Shannon. Acres 11,850, marshy,
with iron not worked; an val. 2890Z. ; pop. 3115
+ 3. Living, a Vic. with Inniscalthra. Tintrim,
J. A. Burke, Esq.

CI.ONSAST hmlt. (5) Ikeethy bar. N. Kildare,
H m. S. of Kilcock. igp CLONSAST par. (19, 20,
27-8) Coolestown bar. E. King's Co. 4 m. NE. of
Portarlington-44, contains Clonbullogue. Acres
23,559, one half bog ; pop. 3803, decreasing. Liv-
ing, a Rect. (Du. G. K.) with Ballinakill, vaL
603/., patr. Duke of Leinster and Bishop. C.
House, .

CLONSHANBO par. (5, 10) Ikeathy bar. N.
Kildare, 4 m. N. of Clane-20. Acres 2021 ; pop.
351+5. Living, a Vic. with Clane.

Clonshavoy (6) 7 m. ESE. of Limerick, NE.
Limerick, C. Powell, Esq.

CLONSHIRE par. (20-1) Lower Connello bar.
NW. Limerick, 1 m. SW. of Adare-129. Acres
1517, good, with limestone ; pop. 461, decreasing
Living, a Rect. with Rathkeale. C. House, Col.
Dickson, near the ruins of the old castle.

CLONSILLA par. (13, 17) Castleknock bar. W.
Dublin, 8 m. NW. of Dublin, on Royal canal and
Mullingar rail., belonged to Malvern Abbey.
Acres 3256, with limestone ; pop. 944. Living,
a Rect. with Castleknock. C. House, R. French,
Esq. ; Woodlands, Col. T. White, formerly of the
Luttrells, to whom it was given by Jas. II.

CLONSKEAGH vil. (22) Rathdownbar. E. Dublin,
2 m. S. of Dublin, on R. Dodder. Pop. 352. C.
Castle, G. Thompson, Esq.

Clonswords (7) near Ballyboghill, N. Dublin.

P. CLONTARF par. (15, 18-9) Coolock bar. Mid.
Dublin, 3 m. NE. of Dublin on Drogh. rail., a
bathing-place (at C. Slieds), police and coast gd.
station, was burnt 1641, and had a priory found.
550, and afterwards given to the Templars (whose
last prior was created Visct. (7.) ; but is most cele-
brated for the battle of 1014, in which Brian Bora,
' Brian the Brave,' finally defeated the Danes with
the loss of his own life. Acres 1190, well cul-
tivated ; an. val. 52837. ; pop. 2664, decreasing,
of vil. 818. Living, a Rect. (Du. G. R.) val. 173/.,
patr. Crown. C. Castle. J. E. Vernon, Esq. who
has the manor, on the site of De Lacy's castle,
which was restored 1835 by Morrison. A small
carmelite monastery is established here.

CLONTEAD par. (111-2) Kinsale bar. SE. Cork,
1 m. N. of Kinsale-174, on R. Bandon. Acres
3098,well cultivated; pop.!274,decreasing. Living,
an impropriate Cur. with Tracton, to which abbey
the manor belonged. Palacetown, S. Townshend,

CLONTIBRET par. (19, 20, etc.) Cremorne bar.
E. Monaghan, 2 m. NW. of Castleblaney-62. Acres
26,554, with bog, which abounds with vegetable


remains, building slate and lead ore ; pop. 16,833
+ 89. Living, a Rect. attached to the deanery
(Arm. C.) val. 786/., patr. Bishop.

FORD, Kilkenny; has a hermitage called ' Tubbrid-
na-Draoith ' or Druids' Well, 7 ft. by 2i.

Clontuff (142) near Unionhall, -S. Cork.

CLONTULLAGH hmlt. (16) Kilmacrenan bar. N.
Donegal, 2 m. NNW. of Carrickar-164.

CLONTURK par. (14, 18) Coolock bar. Mid,
Dublin, 1 m. N. of Dublin, on R. Tolka. Acres
1244 ; pop. 2721 + 1. Living, a Cur. (Du. G. K.)
val. 69/., patr. Corporation of Dublin ; church,
has mon. of the Coghills of Belvidere House, who
built it, of Grose the antiquary, and Furlong the
poet. Marino, seat of Earl Charleinont, with the
Casino designed by Chambers ; Drumcondra
House, Gen. Sir G. Campbell.

CLONTUSKERT par. (87-8, 90, 100) Clonmac-
nowen and Longford bars. W. Galway, 4 m. SE.
of Aughrim-95, had remains of a monastery given
to the Clanricardes. Acres 15,509, with bog ; pop.
3711, decreasing. Living, a Rect. with Clonfert.
Gortnamona, V. Blake, Esq.

Clonty Though (14) Tullyhunco bar. W. Cavan,
4 m. N W. of Killeshandra.

Clontyglass Bog ( ) near Maryborough, Queen's
Co. contains 1498 acres.

CLONYGOOSE par. (19, 22) E. Idrone bar. W.
Carlow, contains Burris-67, on R. Barrow. Acres
4699 ; pop. 2656 + 26. Living, a Vic. (Os. F. L.)
val. 42/., patr. Bishop.

CLONYGOWAN vil. (33) Upper Philipstown bar.
E. King's Co. 3 m. NW. of Portarlington- 44.
Pop. 180. C. House, G. Newcombe, Esq.

CLOXYHURK par. (33-4) Upper Phillipstown
bar. SE. King's Co. contains Portarlington-44, on
R. Barrow. Acres 11,747, boggy ; pop. 3191 + 21.
Living, a Rect. with Geashill.

Clonyn (13) near Castletowndelvin, NE. West-
meath, Marquis of Westmeath.

Cloon Lough (99) 10 m. SE. of Westport, S.

Cloonabroughan (44) 3 m. N. of Moneygall, 5.
King's Co.

Cloonacleigha Lough (32-3) S m. W. of Bally-
mote, S. Sligo.

Cloonacolly Lough (13) 8 m. NW. of Castle-
reagh, W. Roscmn.

CLOONACOOL vil. (31) Leyny bar. W. Sllgo,
7 m. NE. of Aclare-140. ^ Cloonagh (30)
3 m. NW. of Ballina, N. Mayo, W. Gardiner,

Cloonagh House (47) 9 m. N. of Ballinasloe,
SW. Roscmn. T. Power, Esq. on R. Suck and
Galway borders. J^ C. Lough (13, 19) 8 m.
NW. of Castlereagh, W. Roscmn. about 2m. long.

CLOONAGIILLN hmlt. (28) Bear bar. SW. Cork,
on Bear Isld.

Cloonayhmore River (21) Tirawley bar. N. Mayo,
about 10 m. long, falls into Rathran bay.

Cloonainan Point (2) E. side of Bunaclugga
bay, N. Kerry.

CLOOXALANE hmlt. (10) Granard bar. N. Long-
ford, 5 in. W. of Granard-C5.

Cloonalassan (47) near Castlemaine, Mid. Kerry.

CLOONAMINK hmlt. (38) Tirawley bar. N.
Mayo, near Crosmolina-116.

CLOONAREE hmlt. (37) Leyny bar. SW. Sligo,
near Tobercurry-132.

CLOONASCRA'GH hmlt. (43) Clare bar. N. Gal-
way, near lleadford-137. $aP CLOONASCRAGH
hmlt. (88) Longford bar. E. Galway, 3 m. S. of

Ctoonawillin (22) near Killala, N. Mayo.

Cloonball (13) near Longford, W. Longford



Cloonbar Point (28) 6 m. WNW. of Tuam, N.

C/oonbarry (35) near Athlone, W. Westmeath.
$3P Cloonbarry (37) near Aclare, S W. Sligo.

Cloonbay (91) 3 m. NW. of Clare, S. Mayo.

Cloonbo Lough (32) 2 m. W. of Mohill, /S. Lei-

Cloonbony (17) near Lanesboro', W. Longford,
F. J. Davis, Esq. on R. Shannon.

CLOONBRENNANN hmlt. (6) Ballymoe bar. N.
Galway, 3 m. N. of Glenamaddy-95.

Cloonburna ( ) near Ballinasloe, S. Roscomn.
T. St. George, Esq.

Cloonca ( ) near Loughrea, SE. Galway, P.
Daley, Esq.

Cloonca Lough (36) 3 m. SE. of Mohill, S. Lei-

CLOOXCAH hmlt. (36) S. Ballintober bar. Mid.
Roscomm. 5 m. N. of Roscommon. gaf Clooncah
(85) 6 m. W. of Kilconnell, Mid. Galway.

Clooncahir (35) near Mohill, . Leitrim.

CLOONCLARE par. (8-9, 11-3) Drumahaire and
Rossclogher bars. N. Leitrim, 2 m. E. of Manor-
Hamilton-129. Acres 33,990, hilly, with waste
and bog, limestone, iron, and freestone; pop.
10,524+140. Living, a Vic. with Manor Hamil-
ton. Glenfarn Hall, N. L. Tottenham, Esq. The
tithes belong to O.Wynne, Esq., as titular " Abbot
of Cloonclare."

CLOONCOGAILE hmlt. (13) Decies-without-
Drum bar. NW. Waterfd. near Ballynamult-llC.

CLOON COLA hmlt. (117) Longford bar. SE.Gal-
wai/, 8 m. SW. of Eyrecourt-101.

CLOONCON hmlt. (18) Ballymoe bar. W. Gal-
way, near Glenamaddy-116.

Clooncoosel Lough (22) near Tulla, E. Clare.

Clooncoran (53) near Ballinasloe, 5. Roscomn.

CLOOXCORHA vil. (57) Moyarta bar. & W.Clare,
3m. N. of Kilrush-164.

Clooncorick Castle (30) near Carrigallen, S. Lei-
trim, P. Simpson, Esq.

Clooncormick (110) 4 m. NE. of Ballinrobe, S.
Mayo, 3. K. Gildea, Esq.

CLOONCRAFF par. (17) Roscommon bar. N.
Roscmm. 4m. E. of Elphin-101, on Lough Boda-
rig. Acres 5454, marsh and bog ; pop. 2853 + 33.
Living, a Rect. with Aughrim.

Cloondanagh Lough (37) near Tulla, E. Clare.

CLONDARA vil. (13) Longford bar. W. Longfd.
4 m. W. of Longford-73. Pop. 416 + 20.

CLOONDAKENE hmlt. (43) Clare bar. N. Gal-
way, near Tuam-119.

Cloondoorney Lough (37) near Tulla, E. Clare.

Cloondoyle (18) near Glenamaddy, N. Galway.

P. CLOONE par. (29, 33-6, 38) Carrigellen and
Mohill bars. SE. Leitrim, a police and petty ses-
sions station, 2 m. E. of Mohill-90. Acres 41,523,
hilly, with limestone, and lead ore ; pop. 21,225
+ 164, of vil. 171. Living, a Rect. (K. C. A.)
val. 1270/., patr. Bishop ; church, on site of au
old abbey. Rhynn Lodge, Visct. Clements. Fairs,
12 Feb. 5 April, 26 May, 13 June, 10 July, 26
Aug. 29 Sept. 2 Nov. and 20 Dec.

Cloonee (46) 6 m. SE. of Ballingarry, S. Lime-

CLOONEE, LITTLE and Bio, limits. (9) Long-
ford bar. A?. Longford, 4 m. NE. of Longford-73.

Cloonee Loughs, Uftper, Mid. and Lower (101)
Glenarought bar. S. Kerry. 7 m. SW. of Ken-

Clooneen (30) 4 m. ESE. of Banagher, W.
King's Co. J. A. Drought, Esq. (iT CLOOXKKX
hmlt. (27) Shrule bar. S. Longford, 4 m. E. of

CLOONEENBEGQ vil. (41) Athlone bar. W. Ros-
comn. near Ath league- 100, on R. Suck. Pop. 236.




CLOONEENMORE hmlt. (41) Athlone bar. S.
Roscomn. 4 m. SW. of Roscommon-93.

CLOONEENMORE hmlt. (11) Tireragh bar. W.
Slioo, 2 m. SW. of Easky-147.

CLOONEESI hmlt (56) Clare bar. N. Galway,
near Headford-137.

CLOONEIGH hmlt (30) Tirawley bar. N. Mayo,
near Ballina-159.

Cloonenagh (48) near Kilmihil, S W.Clare.

CLOONEY par. (15-6, 23-4) Corcomroe bar. W.
Clare, 1 m. SE. of Ennistymon-154. Acres 10,225 ;
pop. 3077, decreasing. Living, a Vic. with Kil-
loraght. ^PCLOONEY par. (26, 34) Upper Bun -
ratty bar. Mid. Clare, 4 m. N. of Qoin-130, con-
tains SpancelhilL Acres 10,656, with bog and
lead at Ballyliskey; pop. 3624. Living, a Vic.
with Quin. C. House, B. Bindon, Esq. near the
old castle.

Clooney Lough (64) 7 m. NW. of Glenties, W.

CLOONFAGHNA hmlt. (7) Ballvmoe bar. 2V.
Galway, 3 m. SE. af Ballymoe-108.

CLOOXFARIS hmlt (46) Tiaguin bar. NE. Gal-
way, 5 m. E. of Newtown Bellew-106.

CLOONFINLOUGH par. (29, 36) Roscommon bar.
E. Roscomn. 1 m. S. of Strokestown-94. Acres
3411 ; pop. 4782 + 24. Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.)
with Clontuskert, val. 126/., patr. Bishop. C.
Lodge, .

Cloonfm Wood (10) 5 m. W. of Granard, Mid.
Longford, near C. House, J. Thompson, Esq., on
C. Lough.

CLOONFUSH hmlt (29) Clare bar. N. Galway,
near Tuam-119.

Cloongee (60) near Foxford, Mid. Mayo.

Cloongoun Hill (73) 7 m. N. of Ballaghadereen,
E. Mayo, 372 ft. high.

CLOONINAGH hmlt (43) Clare bar. N. Galway,
near Headford-137.

CLOONKEA hmlt (109) Longford bar. SE.
Galway, near Eyrecourt-101.

Cloonkeelwy (29) 3 m. NW. of Tuam, N. Gal-

Cloonkeen (134) near Ross Carbery, S. Cork.

CLOONKEEN hmlt (6) Ballvmoe bar. N. Gal-
way, 3 m. N. of Glennamaddy-116. fiP CLOON-
KEEN hmlt. (31) Ballymoe bar. N. Galway, 4 m.
N. of Newtown-Bellew-106. gg" CLOONKEEN
hmlt (32) Killian bar. NE. Galway, 6 m. NE.
of Newtown-Bellew-106. <^* CLOONKEEN
hmlt (43) Clare bar. N. Galway, near Headford

CLOONKEENCLARE hmlt (31) Ballymoe bar.
N. Galway, near Newtown-Bellew-106.

Cloonkers (18) 4 m. S. of Longford, Mid. Long-

CLOONLAHA viL (53) Lower Tulla bar. SE.
Clare, 3 m. SW. of O'Briensbridge-115. Pop. 219.
gST CLOONLARA hmlt. (6) Ballymoe bar. 2V. Gal-
way, 3 m. N. of Glennamaddy-116.

CLOONLOGHER par. (11, 15-6) Drumahaire bar.
NW. Leitrim, near Manor Hamilton-129. Acres
6444, hilly with limestone ; pop. 1248. Living, a
Vic. with Manor Hamilton ; part of the tithes be-
long to O. Wynne, Esq. " Abbot of Cloonclare."
Larkfield, J. O'Donnell, Esq.

CLOONLOOSKAUN vil. (27) Upper Tulla bar. E.
Clare, 3 m. ENE. of Tulla-127. ^T CLOON-
LOOSKAUN vil. (57) Moyarta bar. SW. Clare,
3 m. N. of Kilrush-164.

CLOONLOUGH (82) 12 m. NW. of Kenmare, S.

CLOONLTON hmlt (28) Dunmore bar. 2V. Gal-
way, 7 m. NW. of Tuam-119.

Cloonmahan Lough (32) Inchiquin bar. W.

CLOONMINDA hmlt. (6) Ballymoe bar. N. Gal-
way, 3 m. N. of Glennamaddy-116.

CLOONMORE hmlt (40) Ballintober bar. S.
Roscommon, 6 m. ESE. of Roscommon-93.
fg3T CLOONMORE hmlt. (55) Moycullen bar. N.
Galway, 6 m..E. of Oughterard-151.

CLOONMORE (63) 10 m. NE. of Swineford, E.

CLOONNAGRO vil. (19) Upper Tulla bar. NE.
Clare, 7 m. NE. of Tulla-127.

CLOONOGUIL, or CLOONGHILL, par. (32-3, 38-9)
Corran bar. S. Sligo, 3 m. SW. of Ballymote-122,
had a monastery found. 1490 by the M'Donoghs,
who had a castle here. Acres 7097, good, with
limestone and bog ; pop. 2588 + 34. Living, a Vic.
with Achonry. Ballinaclough, J. West Esq.

CLOONPROHUS hmlt. (6) Iraghticonnor bar.
2V. Kerry, 4 m. NE. of Listowel-171.

Cloonshanville (15) near Frenchpark, 2V. Ros-

CLOONTEEN hmlt. (28) Dunmore bar. 2V. Gal-
way, 7m. NW. of Tuam-119. '&&' Cloonteen (12)
4 m. SE. of Carrick-on-Shannon, 2V. Roscomn.
Marquis of Westmeath.

Cloontees (107) near Dunmanway, SW. Cork.

CLOONTUSKERT par. (36-7, 40) S. Ballintober
bar. E. Roscomn. 7 m. NE. of Roscommon-93, on
R. Shannon, had an abbey given to the O' Far-
rails. Acres 7465, with much bog ; pop. 3221 + 25,
of vil. 184. Living, a Vic. with Clonnnlough.

CLOONTTSHANE hmlt (2) Rossclogher bar. 2V
Leitrim, near Kinlough-141.

CLOONYCARNEY hmlt. (17) Tireragh bar. W.
Sligo, 4m. SW. ofEasky.

34-5) Ballymoe bar. Mid. Roscomn. 6 m. NW.
of Roscommon-93. Acres 8544, with limestone ;
pop. 2555, decreasing. Living, a Vic. (K. E. A.)
with 6 others, val. 379/., patr. Bishop. Runny-
mead, J. Balfe, Esq.

Cloonyquin (22) 2 m. N. of Tulsk, 2V. Roscomn.
C. French, Esq.

Cloonyscrehane (36) near Newcastle, W. Li-

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