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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Online LibraryJames A SharpA new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) → online text (page 128 of 293)
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(78) 2 m. NNW. of Llanrwst, NE. Carnarvon.
33 C. Helen (78) near Carnarvon, NW. Car-
narvon. R. Thomas, Esq. igP C. Morgan ( )
5 m. ESE. of Abergavenny, Arid. Mo-nmouth.
R. Hughes. l^ C.-Myn'ach (74) 5 m. NW.
of Bala, N. Merioneth. i^ C.-Rhwglan (36)
7 m. E. of Cowbridge, SE. Glamorgan. L. Tre-
harne, Esq. ^ C.-y-Bedw (74) 3 m. NE. of
Bala, NE. Merioneth. ^ C.-y- Coelysaf (74)
2 m. NW. of Bala, NE. Merioneth. gg- C.-Y-
CYMMEK limit. (42) Vainer par. S. Brecon. 4 m.
NW. of Merthyr-Tydfil-171, where the two Rs.
TafF join (' cym-mer,' a joining). Pop. 1905
+ 36, in the copper, coal, and iron works, tgi" C.-
y-Cyradda (36) 4 m. SW. of Cardiff, SE. Gla-
morgan, (gap"" C.-Y-PARK hmlt. (78) Llandegai
par. N. Carnarvon. 2 m. SE. of Bangor-236.

COEDAXA par. ehplry.(78) Twrcelyn hund.3fwi
Anglesea, 2 m. SE. of Llanerchymedd-253. Pop.
275 + 1 ; poor r. 112/. (Angles. U.) ; real prop. 728
St. Anne Car. with Llaneilian ; church, ancient.

COEDCANI^SS par. ( ) Narberth hund. S.
Pembroke. 7 m. SW. of Narberth-240, on Milford
Haven, has ruins of a seat of the Percevals. Pop.
215 + 8 limeburners ; poor r. 867. (Xarb. U.) ; real
prop. 5777. Living, a Don. Cur. (St. Dav.) val. 20/.,
patr. Sir J. Owen, Bt. of Orielton.

Coedcedding (57) 1 m. SE. of Lampeter, N.

COEDEXJXJE tnshp. ( ) Hawardcn par. and 1
m. W. of it, SE. Flint, where the English were
defeated 1159. Pop. in the potteries, coal and

COEDFRANK hmlt. (37) Cadoxton par. Mid,
Glamorgan, near Nealh-198, on the canal. Pop.
1126 + 30, in the copper works; poor r. 339/.
(Neath U.) ; real prop. 2135Z.

COEDGAIN hmlt. (41) Llangwnnor par. Mid.
Carmarthen. 4 m. of Carmarthen-218, belongs to
the Phillipses. Pop. 433.

COEDGLASSOX tnshp. (r>fi) Nantmel par. Mid.
Radnor. 4 m. ESE. of Rhayader-181. Pop. 237 ;
real prop. 1029i

COEDKERNEW par. (36) Upper Wentllooge
hand. S W. Monmouth. 3 m. SW. of Newport-148.
Acres 710 ; pop. 149 ; poor r. 62/. (Xewp. U.) ; real
prop. 774/. All Saints Cnr. with St Brides.

Coed-mawr (78) 4 m. SE. of Bangor, N. Car-
nrvn. ffgF Coedmawr " great wood " (40) 3 m.SE.
of Cardigan, S W. Cardigan, opposite Cilgerran,
an old seat of the Lewises, through the Mortimers
and Langleys.

COEDTALOG tnshp. (60) Llanerfyl par. Mid,
Montgomery. 4 m. NW. of Llanfair-178.

COEDWRG tnshp. (74) Llandysilio par. SE.
Denbigh, near Llangollen-184. Pop. 68.

Coedyfon (36) 3 m. S. by W. of Usk, 5. Monmo 1 .

COEDYRALTH tnshp. (74) Dudleston chplry.
NW. Salop, 3 m. NW. of Ellesmere-169.

CoFFrsswELt, par. (22) Haytor hund. SE.
Devon. 3 m. SE. of Newton Bushel-188. Acres
1010 ; pop. 215 ; poor r. 731. (Newton Abbot U.) ;
real prop. 1722/, St. Bartholomew Cur. with St.
Marv Church.


Cofflcet (24) 2 m. ESE. of Plymouth, S.Devon.
on R. Yealm, Rev. T. Lane.

Coffleys (7) 5 m. NE. of Barnet, S. Herts.

COFTON (22) Kenton par. SE. Devon. 6 m. SSE.
of Exeter, is a Cur. (Ex.) val. /., patr. Earl of

COGAN par. (36) Dinas-Powis hund. SE. Gla-
morgan. 4 m. S. of Cardiff-160. Acres about 700;
pop. 28 ; poor r. 31Z. (Cardiff U.) ; real prop. 397
St. Peter, a Rect. with Leckwith; church, has
tombs of the Herberts of C. Pill, now a farm house.

COGDEAN HUNDRED (15) E. Shaston division,
E. Dorset, contains the pars, of Canford-Magna,
Charlton-Marshall, Corfe-Mullen, Hamworthy,
Lytchett-Matravers, Lytchett- Minster, and Stur-
minster-Marshall ; acres 32,960, pop. 8038, houses
1691. gaP COGDEAN hmlL Sturminster- Marshall
par. as above, 2 m. SW. of Wimborne Minster.

COGDEN dist. ( ) Grinton tnshp. N. R. York.
near Reath-242, is moorland.

COGENHOK, or COOKNOE, par. (52) Wymersley
hund. Mid. Northmptn. 5 m. E. of Northampton
-66, on Peterboro' rail, near R. Nen. Acres 960,
with limestone; pop. 322 + 5; poor r. 87/. (Har-
dingstone U.) ; real prop. 2103/. St. Peter Rect.
(Pc-t.) val. 245/., patr. Rev. R. E. Watkin, rector.

Cogger's C>Tos(5)3m.N. ofHailsham,.E.iSsse.r.

P. M. COGGKSHALL, GREAT, par. (47) Lexden
hund. NE. Essex, 13 m. NE. of Chelmsford, 44
from London, on R. Blackwater and the roman
way to Colchester, near E. Count, rail., has re-
mains of a cistertian abbey found. 1 142 by King
Stephen, who held the lordship through earl
Eustace, father of his queen Maud, and built the
3-arched bridge over the canal near the abbey.
Acres 2770 ; pop. 3408 + 18, in the silk mills and
baize nianufaet., formerly in the cloth trade ;
houses 715, with 4 chapels, 2 banks, Hitcham's
free school, 6 almsh. ; poor r. 1404/. on 9418/.
(WithamU.); real prop. 9906Z. ; charities 115Z.
St. Peter Vic. (Roch.) val. 215/., patr. Capt. Du
Cane, of Braxted; church, later eng. with 3
brasses (from 1470). C. Hail, . The Buxtons
were seated here ; and remains of a roman villa
having been found, some have thought this to
be the ancient Ad Ansam, others Canonium. Mr.
Honywood's hounds meet here. Mkt. D. Th.
Fairs, Whit. Mon. cattle.

COGGESHALL, LITTLE, par. Witham hund. J m.
S. of the above, to which it is joined, was site of
the abbey. Acres 830 ; pop. 443, in the silk mills ;
poor r. 227Z. ; real prop. 2G53/. ; charities 111.
Church, b. by the monks, is a barn, close to which
stood another also built by them, with two chan-
tries attached.

COGGS, or COGGES, par. (45) Wootton hund.
Mid. Oxford. 1 m. E. of Witney-65, on R. Wind-
rush, belonged to the Arsics, of whom Manasser
about 1100 founded a black priory as a cell to
Fescamp, whence it passed to the Greys of
Rotherfield, the Levels, and in Jas. I.'s time to
the Popes (earls of Downe), whose seat is a farm.
Acres 1820 ; pop. 757 + 7 ; poor r. 335/. ( Witney
U.) ; real prop. 3304/. ; charities 96/., of which
6/. to Blake's school. St. Mary Cur. (Oxon.) val.
64/-, patr. Eton Coll. ; church, with screen and
tombs of the Blakes, etc., was b. by the Grevs.
High C. 1 m. SE.

Coghill, or Cockhill ( ) near Knaresboro', W.R.
York, family seat of Adml. Sir J. Coghill, Bt

29) S. Naasbar. E. Kildare, 2 m.WXW. of Bally-
more Eustace-34, on R. Liffy. Acres 1515; pop.
327. Living, a Cur. with Ballymore Eustace.

Cogran's Isld. (4, 9) in Lough Erne, N. Fer-
mamiy/i, 2 m. WSW. of Boa islcL


COGSHALT- tnshp. (80) Gt. Budworth par. N.
Cheshire, 3 m. N\V. of Northwich-174, on R.
Weaver. Acres 520; pop. 108 + 3; poor r. 44Z.
(Northw. U.) ; real prop. 982Z. C. Hall, .

Coham (20) near Beach Torrington, NW. De-
von. Rev. W. 15. Coham.

Cohor, or Chor, River ( ) runs into Mount's Bay,
SW. Cornwall.

Coich, or Quick, Rivulet, Crathie par. S W. Aber-
deen, a branch of the Uce, 8 m. long.

COIGLACH, AIKD OF, a district of Cromarfy and

Coilantangle Ford, on Loch Vennachar, 5. Perth.

2 m. SW. of Callander, "Beyond Clan Alpine's
outmost guard, As far as Coilantangle ford."

Coilsjield, 4 in. W. of Mauchline, Mid. Ayr.,
Earl of Eglinton, is the 'Castle o' Montgomeiy,'
where Burns's Highland Mary lived, and so
called, thej r say, after ' auld king Coil,' who was
buried in a mound, opened 1837.

Coiltre Rivulet, in Glen Urquhart, 2V. Inverness.
about 5 m. long, falls into Loch Ness.

COKEHILL hmlt. (54) Inkberrow par. E. Wor-
cest. 4 m. W. of Alcester-103, on Warwick, border,
has traces of a small nunnery found. 12(iO by
Isabella, countess Warwick, in which she was

P. COKER, EAST, par. (18) Houndsboro' hund.
SE. Somerset. 2 m. SW. of Yeovil-123, was the
birthplace of Dampier (b, 1052), Acres 2140;
pop. 1334 + 50; poor r. 499/. (Yeovil U.); real
prop. 5213Z. ; charities, Helyer's almsh. 4GZ. St.
Michael Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 212Z., patr. Dean
and Chap. Exeter; church, cruciform. C. House,
W. Helyar, Esq. A roinan pavement, etc. were
found 1753.

P. COKER, WEST, par. as above, 1 m. W.
Acres 1100; pop. 104(5 + 3; poor r. 442Z. ; real
prop. 3314Z. ; charities 177., of which 131. to Rud-
dock's almsh. St. Martin Rect. (Ba. and W.) val.
430Z., patr. R. Raven, Esq.

Cokethorpe. See COC'KTHORPE, Oxford.

GOLAN par. (30) I'vder hund. Mid, Cornwall,

3 in. SW. of St. Colurnb Major-250. Acres 1790
(or 1481) with Nant's Well; pop. 217; poor r.
64Z. (St. Columb U.) ; real prop. 2035Z. St. Co-
Ian Vic. (Exet.) val. 1C3/., patr. Bishop ; church,
has brass of a Blewitt, his wife and 24 children.
Cosworth was seat of that old family.

Colania of the Romans, is LANARK, Lanark, on
Watling St.

COLHOURN, or COLBURN, tnshp. ( ) Catterick
par. N. R. York. 2 m. SE. of Richmond-233, on
R. Swale. Acres 1240 ; pop. 142 ; poor r. 30Z.
(Richm. U.) ; real prop. 1G15Z.

Colbridge, Castle (6) in ruins, at Boughton Mal-
herbe, Mid. Kent, near Chilston Park, was the old
seat of the Peyforers.

COLBY vil. Kirk-Arbory par. /. of Man, near
Castletown, has druid stones close to it, and Bell
Abbey, M. Dawson, Esq. Pop. 149.

COLBY par. (08) S. Erpingham hund. NE. Nor-
folk, 3 m. NE. of Aylsham-188, on a branch of R.
Bure. Acres 1000 ; pop. 340 + 4 ; poor r. 144Z.
(Aylsh. U.); real prop. 2144/.; charities 20/.
St. Giles Rect. (Norw.) val. 271Z., patr. Lord

COLBY tnshp. ( ) St. Lawrence Appleby par.
N. Wcstmrld. 1 in. W. of, on R.Eden,
belonged to the Colbys and YVarcops. Pop. 156.

COLCATTS (9). 2 m. N. of Steyning, Mid. Sussex.

Essex, contains the boro' of Colchester and the
pars, of Bergholt, Birch, Box ted, Dedham, E. Do-
nyland, Easthorpe, Fordham, Horksley, Lang-
ham, Mouut-Bures, Stanway, Wivenhoe, and



Wormingford; acres 32,240, pop. 10,901, houses

*# P. M. &. COLCHESTER, locally in the above
hund. 21 m. NE. of Chelmsford, 5 1' from London
by E. Count, rail, where it joins the E. Union,
a polling place (for N. Essex), petty sess. town,
head of an excise district and bonding port on
R. Colne, 12 m. from the sea, was the seat of
Cunobiline (Shakspeare's ' Cymbeline '), king of
the Trinobantes, Camelodunum or Colonia of the
Romans Caer-Colun of the Britons, and the
saxon Coln-Ceastre, and was taken A. D. 44 bv
Claudius, who settled the 2nd, 9th, and 14th le-
gions here ; destroyed by the Iceni under Boadi-
cea restored by the Romans, and made the resi-
dence of Constantius Chlorus and seized by the
Danes, from whom it was taken 921 by Edwd. the
Elder ; partly belonged at ' Domesdy.' to Eudo
Dapifer, the Conqueror's sewer or steward, who
b. the castle (on the site of an older one), and
abbey; was occupied 1215 against John by Saher
Earl of Winchester, and in 1218 by Louis the
Dauphin ; sent 5 ships to siege of Calais (Ed. III.) ;
ravaged by the plague 1348, 1360, and again
1665 ; visited by Hen. VI. 1455, by Mary 1553,
and Eliz. 1579 ; taken by Ld. Goring for Ch. I.
1648, but retaken by Fairfax, after a siege of 3
months, when Sir C. Lucas and Sir C. Lisle were
shot, and the castle, etc. dismantled; has re-
turned two members to parl. from the time of
Ed. I., the limits (including the 12 town pars,
below, with the outlying pars, of Berechurch,
Greenstead, Lexden, Mile End) being unaltered
by the Reform act, no. of electors 1257 (of
10Z. houses 4349Z.) ; was incorporated by Rd. I.,
and by the municipal act is divided, with' reduced
limits, into 3 wards (formerly 4), governed by a
mayor, 6 aid., 18 council., 'with the style of
" mayor and commonalty of boro' of C.," and a
revenue of 3327Z. Acres of boro' 1 1,770, of town
about 3600; pop. 17,790+162, employed in an
umbrella silk factory (which has superseded the
making of baizes first introduced by Flemings)
in the famous oyster fisheries at Pyfleet, etc., and
in shipping trade (as below) ; ho'uses 3865, on a
gentle rise from the river, and many ancient,
with 10 or 11 churches, 7 chapels, new moot or
town hall by Raphael (originally built by Eudo)
for boro' sessions, with gaol underneath, new corn
exchange by Raphael, co. house of correction,
Esx. and co. hospital, theatre, library, medical
and other societies, botanical garden, custom
house, bonded yards, 2 banks, savings bk. (83,034/.
from 2577 depositors), gas and water works, a
very large distillery, 3 bridges, gram, school
(182Z.) endowed by Eliz., with a scholarship fit
Camb., and where Parr was master, and Abp.
Harsnet (a native, 1561-1631) was educated,
St. M. Magdalen's hosp. (239Z.) for 5, founded
by Eudo for lepers, and *efounded by Jas. I.,
Winsley's (473ZA Winnock's (23C/.), Ken-
dall's (144Z.), and Finch's (56/.) almshouses,
and Union poor house; assd. taxes 5713Z. ; poor
r. 9345Z. on 47,170Z. ; real prop. 64,468Z. ; cha-
rities 1C81Z., with a share in the loans to 24 cor-
porate towns of Sir T. White of Bristol. Livings
are: All Saints Rect. (Roch.) with St. Botolph
Cur. val. 312Z., patr. Balliol Coll. Oxon, churcli,
of flint, b. before 1356, near remains of Grey-
friars, St. Botolph (priory) ch., chiefly norma'n,
in ruins since the siege; St. James llect. 150Z.,
Ld. Chancellor, ch. (Ed. II.) has tomb to Wins-
ley, and 2 brasses of the Maynards (1569, etc.);
St. Martin Rect. 102Z., patr. (?) ch. b. i:iL'7,
partly of brick, in ruins since the siege;
bt. Mary the Virgin or at the Walls Rect. 212Z.,




Bp. London ; St. Nicholas Rect. 927., Balliol Coll.,

ch. part in ruins ; St. Peter Vic. 2857,, Simeon's
Trustees, ch. is mentioned in ' Domesdy.' but
modernised, with 4 brasses of the Sayers, etc.
(from 1530) ; all these are within the walls ;
without are : St. Runwald Rect. 1607,, C. Eound,
Esq.; Holy Trinity Rect. 1587., Balliol Coll.,
ch. b. 1349,'with tomb of Dr. Gilbert, a native and
physician to Q. Eliz., who wrote on the magnet ;
St. Giles Rect. 1907., Rev. J. Morgan, rector,
ch. has mon. of the Lucases ; St. Leonard Rect.
1297., Balliol Coll., ch. ancient, had two chan-
tries ; St. M. Magdalen Vic. 7., Ld. Chancellor.
Of the abbey found. 1096 by Eudo, who was buried
in it, and which had a mitred abbot, with the pri-
vilege of sanctuary, and was val. at 5247., only the
gateway (12th cent.) remains; it was battered
down at the siege, as was also St. Botolph's priory

found. 1116 by Ernulph the first prior, and b.
partly of roman bricks, for augustine canons
being the earliest and the head of that order in
England. Great part of the town walls, which
form an oblong of about 108 acres, with 4 gates
and 3 posterns, and are about 7 ft. thick, are gone.
At one corner are the castle walls, 140 ft. by 102,
and 11 to 30 ft. thick, built of flint, etc. with
fragments of roman brick ; parts of the tower,
norman gateway, sallyport, and chapel, are still
standing. There are traces of greyfriars found.
1309 by Rob. Fitzwalter, but none of crutched
friars, which was the earliest (1244) in England.
St. Helen's church, said to have been found, by
Helena the mother of Constantino (whom some
claim as a native, though he was born in Dacia),
and daughter, as reported, of the british king
Coel, or Coil (' old king Cole ' of the song see
COYLTON), was reb. 1076 by Eudo, and is now
the Friends' meeting house. Vessels of 150 tons
come up to the " Hythe " or port, which extends
to the Mersey stone. In 1846, 252 sail of 9253
tons (196 being under 50 1. each) belonged to the
port, to which Brightlingsea is a sub-port ; and
the tonnage Inwards and Outwards, including
repeated voyages, was 'coastwise' 763 of 49,925,
and 562 of 24,742 tons, from and to 'colonies'
6 of 655, and 2 of 628 t, from and to ' foreign
ports ' 14 of 1024, and 15 of 1541 t. (besides 11
foreigners of 859, and 11 of 982 t.) ; total cus-
toms 14,2207., the exports (val. 7.) being corn,
malt, etc., and imports (val. 7.) Spanish wines,
oilcake, timber, etc. From the camp at Lexden,
british and roman ways went to London, Veru-
lam, Cambridge (thence to Chester on Via De-
vanu), and Castor {Northmptn.). A temple was
dedicated to Claudius and pavements, with
' bushels of coins,' according to Morant, of every
emperor, and many other antiquities, have been
found. An old timber house built 1490, but dated
1090 by mistake, gave rise at one time to many
disputes about the introduction of arabic numerals
in England. It publishes the ' Essex Standard '
newspaper ; the E. Esx. militia have their head
qi-s. here. Powell, a divine, was a native, and
speaker Abbot, 1st lord Colchester, who took his
title hence, was born at All Saints rectory (1757-
1829). C. and Sudbury rail. 12 m. long, incorp.
with E. Union, goes from Marks Tey on E. Count,
past Halstead to Sudb., and is to go to Clare
(44 m.); reed. (June 1849) 196,7607., expend.
192,1787. Colch. P. L. Union, contains the boro'
as above ; cases relieved (years 1846-7) 2244
(out-door 1762), expend. 93457., prop, rated
47,1707. Sup. Registry comprises the same; pop.
17,790 + 163. The New County Court district con-
t;iins the registry, with those of Lexden, Win-
Btree, and Tendring, including Manningtree in

that sub-district (the rest of which with Harwich
and Thorpe sub-districts go to Harwich). The
Excise district includes Colchester, Maldon, Ray-
leigh, Billericay, Grays, Ingatestone, Chelmsford,
Witham, Manningtree, Harwich, Coggeshall,
Halstead, Braintree ; and in 1835 had 50 officers,
and collected 234,6147. (each collector's round
being 187 m.), of which 128,4417. was on malt,
82,4807. on spirits, 90117. on licenses, 85097. on
bricks, 13697. on hops, 10717. on soap, etc. and
the total number of traders (4491) included 1838
dealers in tobacco, 1027 in tea, 965 in wine and
spirits, 468 brewers and maltsters, 129 brick-
makers. Mht. D. Wed. Sat. corn, cattle. Fairs,
5, 6, and 23-5 July, 20 Oct. cattle, etc.

Colcomb House ( ) near Colyton, E. Devon.
seat of H. Cheek, Esq., formerly of Sir W. De la
Pole, who made collections for a hist, of the coun-
try, and built it in elizabethan style near the
ruins of the old Castle of the earls of Devon.

Colconnel, or Raniloughs of the Irish, was the
O'Byrne's country, W. Wicklow.

COLD ASHTON, or ASTON, par. (35) Pncklechurch
hund. S W. Gloucest. 6 m. S. of Chipping Sodbury
-108, contains Pensylvania under the Coteswolds,
near the spot where Sir B. Granville was killed
at the battle of Lansdown. Acres 2310; pop.
414; poor r. 637. (C. Sodbury U.) ; real prop.
43727. ; charities, Whittington's and others, 77.
Holy Trinity Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 4927., patr.
W. Batchellor, Esq., some time held by Bp.
Latimer ; church, has a stone pulpit.



Cold Blow (40) 1 m. SE. of Narborth, SE. Pemb.
gaT C. Blow Cotta5re(8)nearBanstead, E. Surrey.
^ C. Harbour (12) 1 m. SE. of Hungerford, S W.
Berks. |gp C. Harbour (47) 3 m. N. of Ware,
E. Herts. gg C. Harbour (46) 3 m. N. of Berk-
hampstead, W. Herts. gg C. Harbour (7) 3 m.
SE. of Hatfield, S. Herts. ^ C. Harbour
(52) 9 m. NW. of Huntingdon, RW. Hunts.
a meet for the Belvoir hounds. Lower C. 1 m.
SE. 3 C. Harbour (64) 5 m. E. of Oundle,
borders of Hunts, and Northmptn. <J3f C. Har-
bour (8) 3 m. SE. of Kingston, NE. Surrey.
IgP C. Harbour ( ) 2 m. E. of Croydon, E,
Surrey, J. Maberley, Esq. IgP C. Harbour (8)

3 m. SSW. of Dorking, S. Surrey. Living, a Cur.
(Wine.) val. 1507., patr. J. Labouchere, Esq.
lg~ C. Harbour (7) near Denmark Hill, NE.
Surrey. ^> C. Harbour (86) 4 m. W. of Bever-
ley, E. R. York, t^ C. Harbour Farm (46) 1 m.
S." of Woburn, S W. Beds. ^T C. H. Farm (13)

4 m. E. of Faringdon, NW. Berks. gT C. H.
Farm (46) 4m. NE. of Fenny Stratford, NE.
Bucks. ^ C. H. Spring Farm (6) 3 m. E. of
Croydon, NE. Surrey.

COLD HATTON tnshp. (73) Ercall-Magna par.
NE. Salop, 6 m. NNW. of Wellington-142, near
C. Heath. Pop. 263. |^" C. HENLEY tythg.
(12) Whitchurch par. N.Hants. 3 m. NNE. of
Whitchurch-56. Pop. 35. H3" C. HESLEDON
tnshp. ( ) Dalton-le-Dale par. E. Durham, 7 m.
S. of Sunderland-268. Acres 820 ; pop. 83 ; poor
r. 107. (Easington U.) ; real prop. 13227. |gT C.
HIGHAM par. (53) Towcester hund. SW. Nortk-
mptn. 4 m. NNW. of Towcester-60, contains
Grimscote, Fosters Booth, and Potcote. Acres
1660; pop. 388; poor r. 1887. (Towces. U.); real
prop. 27987. ; charities 17., and a poor's allotment.
St. Luke Rect. (Pet.) val. 4677,, patr. Earl Pom-
fret. ^T C.-HiLL hmlt. (88) Almondbury par.
W. R. York. 1 m. SE. of Huddersfield-189.
^ C. Kitchen (8) 5 m. W. of Dorking, Mid.
Surrey, i^g" C. NORTON par. (1) Dengie hund.


S. Essex, 5 m. S. of Maldon-37. Acres 1570 ;
pop. 2G4; poor r. 119/. (Maldon U.) ; real prop.
1714i St. Stephen Rect. (Roch.) val. 328/., patr.
Charter House, London, igp C.-NoRTON. See
NORTON-COLD, Stafford. Jg" C. Norton (45)
2 m. NE. of Chipping Norton, NW. Oxford, had
an austin priory found, by Will. Fitzalan in
Hen. ll.'s time, on the site of Priory Farm, be-
longing to Brasenose Coll.

P. COLD-OVERTON par. (64) Framland hund.
E. Leicester. 3 m. WNW. of Oakham-95. Acres
2320; pop. 118; poor r. 33/. (Oakh. U.) ; real
prop. 2870 St J. Baptist Rect. (Pet.) val.
283A, patr. E. B. Hartopp, Esq. Overton Hall,
C. Frewen, Esq. M.P. gaT C. ROWLEY vil.
( ) 6 m. N. by E. of Wafainghn-2*S. NW.
Durham, on Stanhope rail. gg C. Sides ( )
) m. S. of Durham, S. Durham. gg C. WALL
tnshp. ( ) with Clifton, Stannington par. SE.
Northmbrld. 4 m. S. of Morpeth-289. ^ C.
WALTHAM par. (9) Bury hund. Arundel rape,
W. Sussex, 4 m. SE. of Petworth-49, on R. Arun
contains Watersfield. Acres 1230 ; pop. 460 + 1 ;
poor r. 176/. (Shakeham U.); real prop. 1916
Living, a Cur. (Chic.) val. 561., patr. Bishop.
g3?" C. WESTON par. (61) Lower Munslow hund.
5. Salop, 6 m. NNE. of Ludlow-143. Acres 670 ;
pop. 31 ; poor r. 31. (Ludl. U.) ; real prop. 344
Living, a Rect. (Heref.) val. 100/., patr. F. H.
Cornewall, Esq.

Coldah Fell ( ) at the head of Easdale, 6 m. NW.
of Ainbleside, S. Westinrld., on the Cumbr/d border.

Coldblow ( 16) near Mountrath, Mid. Queen's Co.
and Cork rail.

Coldlirook Park (42) 1 m. SE. of Abergavenny,
N. Monmouth. F. H. Williams, Esq. The C. Vale
harriers hunt round, and the Monmo' hounds
meet, here.

COLDCOATS tnshp. ( ) Ponteland par. SE.
Northmbrld. 8 m. SSW. of Morpeth-289. Pop. 36.

COLDCOTES hmlt. ( ) Little Mitton tnshp.
Mid. Lancash. 3 m. SW. of Clitheroe-217.
(F COLDCOTES hmlt. ( ) Seacroft tnshp. W.
R. York. 4 m. E. of Leeds-189. Pop. 16.

GOLDEN COMMON vil. (11) Owslevbury par.
Mid. Hants, a Cur. (Win.) val. 20Z., patr. Vicar of
'IVyford and Incumbent of Owslevbury.

Coldham Hall (51) 5 m. S. of Bury-St. -Ed-
munds, W, Suffolk, R. G. Rookwood, Esq.

CoLDHURST - (88) Prestwick par. SE. Lancash.
near Manchester, is a Cur. (Manch.) val. 150/.,
patr. Crown and Bishop.

P. COLDINGHAM par. 10 m. NW. of Berwick,
.A". Jierwick, and 44 from Edinbro', a fine spot on
Eye water and N. Brit. rail, includes St. Abb's
Head and its chapel, Fast Castle (the ' master
of Ravenswood's '), Wardlaw camp, C. Loch, and
the remains of a priory, the Coluli urbs of Bede,
found. 670 by Ebba, burnt by the Danes, rebuilt
1098 by K. Edgar as a benedictine cell to Durham
and richly endowed, seized by the Homes, Stuarts,
etc., and'destroyed 1545 by the Earl of Hertford.
Size 7 m. by 7, or 57,000 acres, flat and moory ;
pop. 2746 + 8, some fishermen ; real prop. 19,855/. ;
for poor 73'2/. Living (presb. Chirnside) val.
267Z., patr. Crown ; church, stands close to the
saxon remains of the priory and K. Edgar's walls.

COLDMEECE tnshp. (72) Eccleshall par. NW.
Stafford. 3 m. WSW. of Stone- 141, near R. Meese
and N. West. rail. Acres 1470 ; pop. 56.

COLORED par. (3) Bewsborough hund. St. Au-
gustine lathe, E. Kent, 5 in. NN W. of Dover-71,
in a healthy spot, with fine views of the sea, takes
its name from the king of Mercia, who (715) fought
a battle here with Ina, and belonged to the Says.
Acres 1630 ; pop. 157 + 2 ; poor r. 94/. (Dover U.) ;



real prop. 2264Z. St. Pancras Vic. with Sibberts-
wold ; church, stands in a roman or saxon camp of
2 acres, where a well 300 ft. deep was found.

COLDREY ext. par. ( ) Upper Alton hund. NE.
Hants. 5 m. NE. of Alton-47. Pop. 18.

COLDRIDGE, or COLERIDGE, par. (26) N. Taw-
ton hund. Mid. Devon. 10 m. NW. of Crediton
-180, near R. Taw. Acres 2190; pop. 677 + 3;
poor r. 262/. (Credit. U.) ; real prop. 2475/. St
Mary Vic. (Exet.) val. 142Z., patr. Bishop ; church,
has a carved screen.

Coldrinnick (25) 3 m. SE. of Liskeard, E. Corn-
wall, C. Trelawney, Esq.

Coldrop Mill (12) 4 m. E. of Newbury, S. Berks.
on R. Kennet.

Coldsden (52) 6 m. NE. of Bedford, NE. Beds.
C. Grange, % m. S.

COLDSTEAD ext par. (83) Newbell hmlt Mid.
Lincoln. 4 m. WSW. of Wragby-143.

P. M. COLDSTREAM par. S. Berwick, at the
5-arched bridge at the old ford, on R. Tweed,
14 m. SW. of Berwick, 48 from Edinbro' on N.
Brit, branch rail, to Kelso, was called Lemuel,
and had a cistertian priory near Leet water.

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