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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Size 1\ m. by 4, flat and clayey, but fertile, with
stone, and shell-marl ; pop. 2857, of town 1913 ;
houses 658, with church, 2 chapels, bank, savings
bk. (7872/. from 798 depositors), mkt. place, school ;
real prop. 15.622Z. ; for poor 923Z. Living (presb.
Chirnside) val. 233/., patr. Earl of Haddington,
of Lemnel ; Hirsel, Earl Home ; Lees, Sir J.
Majoribanks, Bt Edw. I. 1296 entered Scotland
here; the Scotch invaded England 1640, and
the Chevalier was proclaimed 1745. Monk made
it his head quarters 1659-60, before he marched
to London, when the first Coldstream guards
were raised the oldest corps next to 1st foot
It is also the head qrs. of the Berwk. Hadngtn.
Peebles. LVthgw. militia; Thomson had a press
for cheap bibles here lately. Ld. Brougham
and others have made runaway matches at the inn,
agreeably to the rhyme which says "Hatchet-
knows and Darnchester, Leetholm and the Peel ;
If ye dinna get a wife in ane o'thae places, Ye'll
never do weel." Mkt. D. Th. corn. Fairs, 1st Th.
every month, cattle.

COLDSTREAM, NEW, vil. near the above. Pop.150.

COLDSVVOOD hmlt. (3) St. Lawrence par. NE.
Kent, 2m.NW. of Ramsgate-73.

COLDVVELL tnshp. ( ) Kirkwhelpington par.
Mid. Northmbrld. 9 m. SSW. of Rothbury-304.
Pop. 8.

COLE hmlt. (19) Pitcombe par. SE. Somerset.
2m. SW. of Bruton-109. Pop. 39. ^T COLE
tythg. (34) Malmesbury, St. Paul par. N. Wilts.
1 m. S. of Malmesbury- 94, is joined to WEST
PARK. C. Park, P. Lovell, Esq.

Cole End (47) 2m. SE. of Saffron Walden,
NW. Essex. $g C. Green (47) 3 m. WSW. of
Hertford, S. Herts. ^ C. House ( ) near
Colyton, E. Devon. A. Adair, Esq. C. Hill
House (7) close to Fulham, S. Middlesex.

COLE, or COAL, ORTON, par. (63) W. Goscote
hund. NW. Leicest. 3 m. ENE. of Ashby-de-la-
Zouch-115, near Leicester rail, and Charnwood
Forest, is divided into C. O. SAUCY, and Overton
Quartermarsh, and is a meet for the Doning-
ton hounds. Acres 1750, with coal mines worked
for many centuries; pop. 601, decreasing; poor
r. 340/. (Ashby U.); real prop. 3817/.; chari-
ties 186Z. of which Ld. Beaumont's hosp. and
school 175/. St. Mary Rect. (Pet.) val. 267/., patr.
Sir G. H. Beaumont, Bt. of C. O. Hall, of whose
fam. the church has tombs.

Cole River (62) rises on the borders of NW.
Warwick, and Worcester, and runs about 12 m. E.




into R. Tame, near Coleshill. See also COLES-
HILL, Berks.

COLEBATCH tnshp. (60) Bishop's Castle par.
S W. Salop, 1 m. S. of Bishop's Castle-159. Pop.

COLEBROOK par. (26) Crediton hund. Mid.
Devon. 4m. W. of Crediton-180. Acres 4200;
pop. 878 ; poor r. 365/. (Credit. U.) ; real prop.
49747. ; charities SI. St. Mary Vic. (Exet.) val.
200/., patr. Dean and Chap. There are ruins of
5 chapels. igp Colebrook (23-4) 3m. NE. of
Brookeboro', E. Fermanagh, Sir A. B. Brooke, Bt.
on R. Colebrook or Drumany, which rises on
Monaghan border about 5 in. N. of Rosslea, and
runs NW. and SW. 20 m. past Brookeboro', Ma-
guiresbridge, Lisnaskea, to Lough Erne.

Broseley par. E. Salop, 1 m. N. of Broseley-146,
on R. S'evern, under the Wrekin, the centre of an
iron and coal field 8 m. by 2, from Newport to
Broseley, abounding with limestone, sandstone,
basalt, and many fossils. The iron bridge cast
here, and put up 1779, crosses the glen, being
lOOg ft. span, with a rise of 40 ft., 24 ft. wide, and
weighing 378J tons. C. House, R. Dickenson,
Esq. ; Sunniside Ho., the Darbies.

COLEBURY tythg. (11) Eling par. SW. Hants.
4 m. W. of Southampton-74. Pop. 341 ; real
prop. 10037,

COLEBY par. (83) Higher Boothby-Graffo wap.
W. Lincoln. 7 m. S. of Lincoln-132, near Ermine |
St., where many roman remains have been found, j
Acres 2600, with limestone ; pop. 427 + 1 ; poor ]
r. 114?. (Line. U.) ; real prop. 42787.; charities
67. All Saints Vic. (Line.) val. 1267., patr. Oriel j
Coll. Oxon; church, norman and later styles,
with a font. C. Hall, on Cliffrow, C. Temple, |
Esq., in elizabethan style, with a temple (after i
that of Romulus) by Sir W. Chambers. C. Lodge, <
. fiT COLEBY hmlt. (86) Burton-on-Strather )
and \V. Halton pars. N. Lincoln. 8 m. W. of Bar-
ton-on-Humber-166. Pop. 68. C. Hall, .

COLEDALE, or PoRTiNoscALE, tnshp. ( ) Cros-
thwaite par. Mid. Cumbrld. 1 m. W. of Keswick
-291, on Derwentwater. Pop. 262 ; poor r. 1597.
(Cockermo' U.) ; real prop. 20077,

COLEEN hmlt. (37) Leyny bar. S. Sligo, near

P. M. COLEFORD chpliy. (43) Newland par.
St. Briavell's hund. W. Gloucest. 4 m. ESE. of
Monmouth-130, a polling and petty sess. town, '
near Offa's Dyke, in Forest of Dean, where Ld. j
Herbert defeated the puritans in a skirmish, 1643. j
Pop. 2208 + 1, in the coal, iron, and chemical ;
works; houses 459, good, with a chapel, mkt. |
house, and school ; poor r. 7. (Montno. U.) ; real |
prop. 85347., of which 12857, on mines. All Saints j
Cur. (Gl. and Br.) val. 1507., patr. Bishop ; church, !
reb. in Anne's time on site of one destroyed in the [
civil war. Mkt. D. Frid. Fairs, 20 June, 5 Dec. j

COLEFORD hmlt. (19) Kilmersdon par. E. So-
merset. 6m. NW. of Frome-103. Pop. 825. Liv-
ing, a Cur. (Ba, and W.) val. 120/., patr. Vicar.

COLEHAM tnshp. (61) Shrewsbury boro' Mid.
Salop, 4 m. S. of Shrewsbury- 153. Pop. 1090, in
a cotton factory. Trinity Cur. (Lich.) val. 907.,
patr. Earl of Tankerville.

Colehia (49) near Lough Swilly, E. Donegal.

P. COLEHILL (23) Moydow bar. S. Longford,
4 m. NE. of Ballymahon-70. i^T Colehill ' (46)
7 m. SW. of Longwood, S W. Meath.

Colehurst (73) 2 m. SSW. of Mkt. Drayton,
NE. Salop.

COLEMERE tnshp. (73) Ellesmere par. N. Salop,
2 m. SE. of Ellesmere-169. Pop. 192. C. Wood,
1 in. SW.

COLEMORE, or COLJIERE, par. (11) Upper E.
Meon hund. E. Hants. 5 m. NN W. of Petersficld
-54, near Wolmere forest. Acres 1270 ; pop. 144 ;
poor r. 937. (Petersf. U.) ; real prop. 8737. Living,
a Rect. (Win.) with Pryor's Dean, val. 150Z., patr.
Rev. J. Bourne, rector sometime held by the
father of the learned Greaves, who was a native.

Coleraine (8) near Tullamore, N. King's Co. R.
B. Slator, Esq.

COLERAINE BARONY (10-2 etc.) NE. Londondy.
contains the pare, of Aghadowey, Agivey, De-
sertoghill, Dunboe, Orrigal, Killowen, Macosquin,
and parts of Kilrea and Tamlaght O'Crillv;
acres 86,308, an. val. 33,748Z., pop. 34,830, houses
6675. !^ C., NE. LIBERTIES OF (7-8, etc.) NE.
Londondy. extend 3 irish m. round that town,
and contain the pars, of Ballyaghran, Coleraine,
and parts of Ballymoney, Ballyrashane, Bally-
willin, and Kildollagh ; acres 18,339, an. val.
16,4227., pop. 11,996, houses 2359.

* P. M. COLERAINE par. (20) NE. Liberties as
above, 27 m. NE. of Deny, 148 from Dublin, a
sessions and chief police town, head of an excise
district, and bonding port, on R. Bann, 4 m. from the
sea at Portrush, opposite Waterside, or Killowen
was the head of O'Cahan's country(granted 1613,
by Jas. I. to the London Irish Society), and was
taken by Jas. II. ; returns one member to parl.
(two before the Union), the limits being reduced
muQh within the liberties as above, no. of elect.
369 (of 107. houses 240); and is governed by a
body of 22 commissioners (who have superseded
the old corporation chartered 1613), with a revenue
of 13357. Acres 4846, of boro' about 970 ; pop.
5857, of town (part in Killowen par.) 6255
+ 59, engaged in the linen trade, the sales of
' coleraines,' the staple article, amounting to
600,0007., in the manufact. of paper, soap,
candles, leather, in the salmon and eel fisheries,
which let for 12007., and in the shipping trade
(as below) ; houses 1132, well built, meeting in
the ' Diamond ' square, with 2 churches, 8 chapels,
townhall, mkt. house, Irish Society's free and
other schools, 3 banks, custom-house, brewery,
gasworks, savings bank (20,0347. from 789 de-
positors), loan fund, Union p. house, 3-arched
stone bridge 288 ft. long (cost 14,5007.). Living,
a Rect. (Dn. C. D.) val. 4847., patr. Irish Society ;
church, built 1614, has some old tombs; Kill-
owen ch. stands on site of a priory, close to an-
other where a castle was built. Traces of an
abbey are found. Mt. Sandel is a rath 200 ft.
high, in good condition, and there are other re-
mains. The river is navigable from the pier harb.
of Portrush for ships of 200 tons, up to the bridge,
above which is the fine salmon-leap fall. In
1846, 15 sail of 980 tons (13 being under 50 t.
each) belonged to the port, to which Portrush is
a sub-port ; and the tonnage Inwards and Out-
wards including repeated voyages, was ' coast-
wise,' 180 sail of 7713 and 40 of 774 tons (besides
205 steamers of 45,678, and 221 of 50,087 t.)
from and to 'colonies,' 3 of 1050 t. Inw. and Outw.,
from ' foreign ports,' 2 of 309 1. ; total customs
4857Z. the exports being grain, bacon, pro-
visions, etc. Steamers go to Liverpool, London,
Derry, and Glasgow. It publishes ' C. Chronicle'
newspaper, and Abp. Vesey was a native. Down
Hill, seat of Mrs. Maxwell ; Dundoan House, J.
Boyd, Esq. >Jf Col. Presliytery consists of 20 congre-
gations at Aghadoey, Ballywillan, Ballyrashane
(2), Coleraine (3), Crossgar "Dunboe (2), Dnnluce,
Garragh (3), Killowen, Macosquin, Moneydig,
Portrush, Portstewart, Ringsend. Coleraine P.
L. Union, contains 20 electoral divs. in fstrl//.
with 27 guardians; acres 111,892, pop. 52,704,



ho. room for 9GO, cases relieved (1847-8) 1490
(besides 30 out-door), expend. 4681/., prop, rated
76,410/. Mkt. D. Mood. Wed. Frid. Sat. for
grain, fairs, 12 May, 5 July, 3 Nov.

Coleraine (61) near Cashel, jlli< Tippcry.


COLERIDGE HUNDRED (22-5) <S. Devon, con-
tains Dartmouth and Totness, the pars, of Ash-
prington rect., Blackanton vie., Charleton r.,
Chivelstone v., Cornvvorthy ., Dittisham r.,
Dodbrooke r., Halwell cur., Harberton ., St.
Petrox c., S. Pool, E. Portsmouth r., St. Saviour,
Sherfordc., Slapton c., Stokefleming, Townstalv.,
and part of Loddiswell t>. ; acres 50,01)0, pop. 20,987,
houses 4137. See TOTNESS and WOODLEIGH

COLERNE par. (35) Chippenham hund. NW.
Wilts. 6m. WSW. of Chippenham-93, near Gt.
West, rail., and Bury camp on C. Down, by the
Fosseway, was burnt 1770. Acres 3620, hilly;
pop. 1209 + 27 ; poor r. 455Z. (Chippenh. U.) ; real
prop. 6088/. ; charities 13Z. St. J. Baptist Vic.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 921., patr. New Coll. Oxon ;
church, on a hill. C. Park, contains another camp.

Coles Castle 10 m. NW. of Brora, S. Sutherld.
near Strathbeg water, is an old fort on a rock.
^ C. Farm (47) 4 m. SSE. of Buntingford, E.
Herts. T. Gregg, Esq. r^P C. Pits ( ) near
Little Coxwell, NW. Berks., are 273 holes in the
sand, 7 to 22 ft. deep, spreading over 14 acres, and
supposed to be made by the Britons.

COLESBORNE par. '(44) Rapsgate hund. E.
Gloucest. 8 m. N. of Cirencester-88, near the head
of R. Thames, under C. Pen hill, one of the high-
est in county. Acres 2120 ; pop. 256 ; poor r. 821.
(Cirencest. U.) ; real prop. 1867Z. St. James Rect.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 127/., patr. H. Elwes, Esq., of
C. House. Remains of a roman villa have been

COLESHILL par. (34) Shrivenham hund. Berks.
and Highworth hund. Wilts. 3 m. SW. of Faring-
don-68, on M. Cole, which rises in the Ridge
Way, and runs 12 m. NNW. to R. Isis at Lech-
lade. Acres 2520; pop. 386 + 3; poor r. 163/.
(Faring. U.) ; real prop. 2729/. ; charities 121/.,
All Saints Vic. (Oxon.) val. 31U, patr. Earl
Radnor, of C. House (to whom it gives title of
baron), which is one of the best specimens of I.
Jones's style ; church, has a painted round win-
dow, and tomb of Miss Pleydell by Rysbrach.
IIST COLESHILL hmlt. (7) Amersham par. Herts.
locally in Bucks. 1 m. S W. of Amersham-26, com-
mands a very fine view, as far as the Surrey hills.
Acres 2810, with chalk and woodland ; pop. 547
+ 5 ; poor r. 287/. (Amersh. U.) ; real prop. 2G77Z.
C. House, seat of Major Eyles, formerly of the
Bohuns and Brudenells, was the birthplace of
Waller (1605-87), who is said to have written some
of his lines under an old oak, now 35 ft. round.

P. M. COLESHILL par. (62) Hemlingford hund.
N. Warwick. S m. E. of Birmingham, 104 from
London, a polling, election, and petty sess. town, on
a hill by R.Cole, near Midld. rail., containing Gilson,
came through the Clintons (who built the castle)
and Montforts to the Digbys. Acres 6200 ; pop.
2172 + 32 ; houses 439, with mkt. house, 2 chapels,
bank, bridge, Digby gram, and charity schools,
and almshouses; poor r. 642A on 8152/. (Meriden
U.) ; real prop. 12,441/. ; charities 298/., of which
215/.for Earl Digby's school, traveller's house and
hospital. St. Peter and Paul Vic. (Wore.) val.
718A, patr. Earl Digby of C. Park, who takes
hence title of visct. ; church, large decorated eng.
with 8-sided crocketed spire, norman font, 3
brasses from 1500, and tombs of the Clintons and
Digbys, of whom were John and George, earls of

1 Bristol. Roman coins have been found. Max-
! stoke Cast. T. Dilke, Esq. ; Blythe Hall, Sir W.

Dugdale, Bt. Mkt. D. Wed." Fairs, 1st Mon.
Jan. Shrove Mon. 6 May, 1st Mon. July, 1st Mon.
after 25 Sept. cattle, etc.

COLESHILL HUNDRED (79) E. Flint, contains
the boroughs of Flint and Holywell, and the pars,
of Cilcen, llalkin, Holywell, Northop, and Whit -
ford ; pop. exclusive of Holywell 13,540, houses
2746. <gg- C.-FAWR tnslip. Holywell par. as
above, near Holywell-200. Pop. 643 ; real prop.

Coleslays (62) 1 m. SE. of Coleshill, NW. War-

COLEY LANE hmlt. (87) Brampton-Bierlow
tnshp. W. R. York. 5 m. N. of Rotherham-159.
l^ C. Park (12) 1 m. SW. of Reading, S. Berks.
3. Monck, Esq.

COLEYS chplry. (88) Halifax par. W. R. York.
2 m. NE. of Halifax-187, is a Cur. (Rip.) val.
150/., patr. Vicar.

P. COLFORD ( ) 5 m. from Crediton, Mid.

Colgagh Lough (15) near Sligo, N. Sligo, and C.
House, .

Colganstown (20) near Newcastle, S W. Dublin.

Colgrain, 6 m. N\V. of Dumbarton, W. Dumbrtn.
C. Campbell, Esq. late seat of J. Dennistoun, Esq.

Co/grave Sound, between Yell and Fetlar, N".
Shetland Islds. 5 m. by 3, with Hacosy in the

Colham Green (7) Hillingdon par. W. Middle-
sex, 2 m. SSE. of Uxbridge, so called after a
manor which belonged to Roger Montgomery at
the Conquest, and came to the Lacys, Stranges,
Stanleys (whose old seat was here), now to De
Burgh of W. Drayton.

Colhugh River (23) runs past Llantwit Major,
S. Glmrgn. to the Brist. Channel ; 2 m. ESE. of
Nash Pt., and has remains of a port, destroyed by
the landslips.

Coltfirth Voe, a small harbour, N. Shetld. Islds.
near Culness, has hornblende, amianthus, serpen-
tine, etc. in the cliffs.

P. COLINSBURGH vil. Kilconquhar par. 5.
Fife. 10 m. SE. of Cupar, 31 from Edinbro', a
thriving place near R. Forth.

P. COLINTON, or COLLINGTON, par. on Leith
water, Mid. Edinbro', 4 m. SW. of Edinb. under
the Pentlands, which rise 1700 ft. at Logan House
hill, 1450 at Caerketan Craig. Size 4 m. by 5, or
8000 acres, well cultivated, with coal ;' pop.
2195 (decreasing) in the corn, paper, flax and
other mills, of vil. 120; real prop. 14,164J., of
which 1207/. on quarries ; for poor 680/. Living,
(presb. Edinb.) val. 208/., patr. Dunlop of Brook-
loch ; church, rebuilt 1773, stood at Hailes, and
once belonged to St. Anthony's, Leith. C. House,
Lord Dunfermline. At Redford, Dr. J. Allen was
born (1770-1843) ; and at Comiston is a large
camp, near the Catstane (battle stone) or Camus
stone 7 ft. high.

COLIPOLE vil. Kilbrandon par. Mid. Argyll, in
Lorn, opposite Mull isld.

COLKIRK par. (68) Launditch hund. N. Norfolk,

2 m. S. of Fakenham-109. Acres 1310; pop.
462 + 15; poor r. 311Z. (Mitford U.); real prop.
2G12/. ; charities 33/. St. Mary Rect. (Norw.)
val. with Stibbard 788/., patr. Marquis Townsend.

P. COLL isld. and par. with Tiry isld. Mull dist.
NW. Argyll. 10 m. SW. by W. of Ardnamurchan
Point, is 14 m. by 2, low and rocky, with heathy
pasture for black cattle, many small lakes, rabbit
warrens, mosses, and a lead mine at Crossaport,
and belongs chiefly to M'Lean of Coll, and Duke
of Argyll, formerly to the Macneills. Pop. 5833,




decreasing, of C. Isld. 1442, gaelie-spealdng, and
poor, with many fishermen ; real prop. 40737. ; for
poor 6527. Living, with Thy isld. It was visited
bv Dr. Johnson in his tour.

"COLLAGE par. 7 m. NE. of Perth-10, E. Perth.
under Sidlaw hills, includes Kinrossie, Saucher,
and the site of Macbeth 's cast, on Dunsinane Hill,
near seat of J. Nairne, Esq. Size 2 m. by 2, with
pasture and good stone ; pop. 702 (decreasing)
ofvil. 191; real prop. 27817. ; for poor 731. Living
(presb. Perth) val. 1567., patr. Crown.

Collambeg, and Collanmore Heads (76) 5 m. SW.
of Newport, W. Mayo, in Clew Bay.

CoLiiATON hmlt. (21) Broadhembury par. NE.
Devon. 6 m. E. of Collumpton-160. Pop. 71.
tjP COLLATON hmlt. (24) Malborough par. S.
Devon. 3 m. SW. of Kingsbridge-208.

COLLAVEN hmlt. (25) Sourton par. W. Devon.
4 m. SW. of Okehampton-195.

COLLEGE OF ROSEISLE hmlt. Duffus par. N.
Elgin, near Burghead bay, 4 m. NW. of Elgin
-138. Pop. 53.

College Wood (13) 6 m. NW. of Reading, SE.

Colkllo Hills, N. of Aberdour, SW. Fife.

COLLESSIE par. .ZV. Fife. 5 m. W. of Cupar-32,
on R. Eden, on Ed. and North, rail., includes Eden-
ton, Giffardston, Kinloch, Ladybank, Monkston.
Size 8 m. by 5, flat in part, with moss, but fertile ;
pop. 1346 + 18, of vil. 210 ; real prop. 80387. ; for
poor 1277. Living (presb. Cupar) val. 2237., patr.
Johnston of Lathrisk. Near a mound 1 m. long
and 30 ft. high, are the Maiden Castle and another
camp or cairn. Newton, C. Wallace, Esq.

Collets Rocks (39) 1 m. N. of Guns isld. E. Down.

Colley Farm (8) 1 m. N W. of Reigate, E. Surrey.

COLLEY-WESTON par. (64) Willybrook hund.
NE. Northmpton. 3 m. SW. of Stamford-89, near
R. Welland. Acres 1690; pop. 434+5, in the
slate quarries ; poor r. 1447. (Stamf. U.) ; real
prop. 28917. St. Andrew Rect. (Pet.) val. 2527.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church (14th cent.) of Bar-
nack stone, a durable shelly oolite.

COLLFRYN tnshp. (74) Llansaintffraid par. NE.
Montgomery. 7 m. ENE. of Llanfyllin-179. Pop.

Collier Law ( ) 5 m. NW. of Wolsingham,
W. Durham, on the common, is 1678 ft. high.

COLLIERLEY tnshp. ( ) Lanchester par. N.
Durham, 10 m. NW. of Durham-258, near Stan-
hope and Tyne rail, contains Dipton and Pontop.
Acres 1710, rising 1018ft. at Pontop Pike; pop.
853 +31, coal miners ; poor r. 1277. (Lanches. U.) ;
real prop. 58 13/.

COLLIERS END hmlt. (47) Standon par. E.
Herts. 4m. NNE. of Ware-20. Pop. 233. l^ C.
Wood (8) 7 m. SW. of London, NE. Surrey, near
Tooting, B. Miller, Esq.

Collierstown (27) near Duleek, E. Meath.

COLLIESTON vil. Stains par. E. Aberdeen. 4 m.
E. of Ellon-126. Pop. 357, fishermen. igT 1 Col-
lieston, 10 m. NW. of Dumfries, W. Dumfries.
W. Copland, Esq. on R. Urr, near C. Hill.

COLLIGAN par. (22, 30) Decies-without-Drum
bar. Mid. Waterford, 4 m. NW. of Dungavan
-124, on C. Rivulet. Acres 3784, with limestone ;
pop. 1084 + 7. Living, a Vic. (Ca. E. W. L.) val.
43?., patr. Duke of Devonshire. C. House, W.
M'Guire, Esq.

COLLIN vil. Forthorwald par. S. Dumfries, 3 m.
E. of Dumfries-73. Pop. 283.

Collin Farm (13) near Londonderry, W. Lon-
dondy. ^ C. Field ( ) 1 m. S. of Kendal, S.
Wcstmrld. A. Yates, Esq. ^T C. Top Mountain
(24) Lower Glenarm bar. NE. Antrim, 1419 ft.

P. CoLLTNr.BouRNE-Ducis par. (11) Elstiib
hund. E. Wilts. 2 m. NW. of Ludgershall-71, be-
longed to the duchy (whence duds) of Lancaster,
and rame to the Seymours. Acres 3570 ; pop.
518 + 6; poor r. 3207. (Pewsey U.) ; real prop.
33477. ; charities 41. St. Andrew Rect. (Sal.) val.
5857., patr. Marq. of Ailesbury. C. Lodge, 2 m. E.
$aT C. KINGSTON par. (14) Kinwardstone and
Elstub bunds, as above, 1^ m. N. containing
Southton, Brunton, Kingston, and Aughton, be-
longed like the above to the Collingbournes,
and is a meet for Mr. A. Smith's hounds. See
ASHBY ST. LEDGER. Acres 7100; pop. 933 + 2;
poor r. 750Z. ; real prop. 6863Z. St. Mary Vic.
(Sal.) val. 2617., patr. Dean and Chap, of Win-
chester, sometime held by the father of Jno. Norris
the divine, and a native. igF C. SUTTON, 1 m.
S. of the above.

COLLINGHAM par. ( ) Lower Skyrack wap.
W. R. York. 2 m. SW. of Witherby-194, on R.
Wharfe, contains Beilby Grange. Acres 2200 ;
pop. 357; poor r. 1127. (Carlton Incorp.); real
prop. 19967. ; charities 587. of which 277. to Lady
Hastings' school. St. Oswald Vic. (Rip.) val.
4147., patr. Mrs. Wheler.

P. COLLINGHAM, NORTH, par. (83) N. Newark
wap. E. Notts. 5 m. NNE. of Newark-124, on
Midld. rail., near R, Trent, belonged to Peterboro'
abbey. Acres 1820, well cultivated with peas;
pop. 911 + 3, some stocking makers ; poor r. 2157.
(Newark U.); real prop. 59217.; charities 607., of
which 397. to Hart's school. All Saints Vic. (Line.)
val. 927., patr. Dean and Chap, of Peterboro' ;
church, in part pure norman. Dr. Blow, the
musician and successor of Purcell, was a native
(1648-1708). ^ C., SOUTH, par. as above, m.
S. contains Deanthorpe and Brough (the ancient
Crocolana) on the Fosseway. Acres 3220 ; pop.
721 ; poorr. 2287. ; real prop. 51007. ; charities 187.
St. J. Baptist Rect. (Line.) val. 4187., patr. Bishop
of Peterboro'. R emains have been found at Potter's
Hill barrow. C. Hall, % m. S.

COLLINGTON par. (55) Broxash hund. NE.
Hereford. 3 m. N. of Bromyard-125. Acres 1120,
part in hops, with limestone; pop. 160; poorr.
567. (Bromy. U.) ; real prop. 12327.; charities 77.
All Saints 'Rect. with Edwin- Ralph.

COLLINGTREE par. (52-3) Wymersley hund.
Mid. Northmptn. 3 m. S. of Northampton-66, near
N. West. rail. Acres 1190 ; pop. 232 + 4 ; poor r.
927. (Hardingstone U.) ; real prop. 15847. ; chari-
ties 37. St. Columbus Rect. (Pet.) val. 3317., patr.
Rev. B. Hill, rector. Wood, one of the writers in
Rees's Cyclop, was a native.

Collingwood House ( ) 6 m. NNW. of Roth-
bury, Mid. Northmbrld. J. C. Tarleton, Esq.

Collins End (13) 5 m. NW. of Reading, SE.
Oxford, has a small inn, where Ch. 1. while at
Caversham played at bowls, with a portrait of
the woman who kept it. gif C. Green (80) 2 m.
WSW. of Newton, 5. Lancash. on Liv. and Man.
rail., near Parr Moss.

Collinstown (14) 1 m. N. of Clondalkin, Mid.
Dublin, E. Borroughs, Esq. gig" Collinstown
(17) near Palmerstown, S. Dublin, gap" Collins-
town (11) near Celbridge, N. Kildare.

P. M. COLLINSTOWN vil. (8) Fore bar. NE.
Westmeath, 4 m. SE. of Castle Pollard, a petty
sessions and police station, near Lough Lene, with
Feighan of Fore chapel, and mkt. house. Pop.
(1831)145. Barbavilla, W. Smith, Esq. Mkt. D.
Sat. Fairs, 8 May, 30 Oct.

Cottipriest House (22) close to Tiverton, NE.
Devon. Rev. T. Carew, has the kennels for the
Tiverton hounds.

COI,LISTONMILL hmlt. St. Vigean's par. S


Forfar. 3J m. N. of Arbroath-G2, on Forfar rail.
Top. 61.

COI.I.ITON Row hmlt. (17) Holy Trinity par.
Dorchester boro' S. Dorset.

COLLOCHBURN vil. Cambuslang par. N. Lanark.

4 m. S. of Glasgow-44. Pop. 166.

P. M. COLLON par. (17,20-1) Ferrard bar. S W.
Louth, and (13) Upper Slane bar. NE. Meath, 5 m.
S. of Ardee, 38 from Dublin, a police station, and
militia head qrs. which belonged to Mellifont
abbey. Acres 8813, good, rising 789 ft. at Bel pa-
trick" Hill ; pop. 3275 + 6, of vil. 936, decreasing.
Living, a Vic. (Arm. C.) with 2 others, val. 453<L,
pair. Bishop and Visct. Ferrard of Oriel Temple,
sometime held by Dr. Beaufort; church, has
tombs of the Fosters.

Collonsay, or Colongay, with Jura, a district of
W. Argyll- 8 m. W. of Jura, so called after a saint
(Colon's ey), and including Oronsay (Oron's ey),
which at low water joins it on the S., is 10 m. by
2A, or about 8000 acres, hilly and nigged, and
chiefly pasture for good black cattle; it had a
cistertian abbey, with a cell at Oronsay, where
there are remains of the church and cloisters ; a
cross and ruins of chapels are also seen. Pop.
gaelic speaking. Coral and kelp are used for
manure ; and it belongs to D. M'Neill, Esq. ggp C.,
Little, Md. between Mull and Staffa, NW. Argyll.

P. M. COLLOONEY vil. (20) Tirerrill bar. Mid.
Sligo, a police station, 6 m. S. of Sligo, 124 from
Dublin, on R. Ballysadare. Pop. 651 + 10 ; houses
97, with Ballysadare church, chapel, dispensary.
Annnghmore, C. K. O'Hara, Esq. ; Longford Ho.
Sir J. Crofton, Bt. M kt. D. Th. Fairs, 3 May,

5 Sept. 21 Nov. 16 Dec.

Collorus (108) at mouth of Kenmare river, S.
Kerry, a coast gd. station on Kilmalloge harb.

COLLOW hmlt. (83) Legsby par. N. Lincoln.
3 m. SE. of Mkt. Rasen-144. "Pop. 23.

CoUum Point (25) in Lough Ree, S. Longford.


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