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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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saxon Columptune.

COLLY CROFT hmlt. (63) Bedworth par. NE.
Warwick. 5m. NNE. of Coventry-91.

COLMAN par. (70, etc.) Middlethird bar. S.
Tippery. 2 m. SW. of Fethard-103. Acres 2738 ;
pop. 719. Living, a Red. with St. John's, Cashel.

Caimans Point (75) 3m. NE. of Tarbert, S.
Clare, in R. Shannon.

Upper Connello bar. &. Limerick, 6 m. W. of Kil-
mallock-140, on R. Maigue and Cork border, so
called after a holy well. Acres 2811, middling;
pop. 924 + 10. Living, a Rect. (Lk. A. A.) val. /. ;
church, in ruins.


Colmhill Loch, N W. corner of Skye, W. Inverness.

P. COLMONELL par. Carrick district, S. Ayr.

5 m. NE. of Ballinbrae-108, near the coast on R.
Slim-liar. Size 14m. by 6, hilly and thin soil,
with limestone, and rising 1950 and 1554 ft. at
Knockdoulian and Carlton forts; pop. 2801+60,
cattle breeders, etc. ; real prop. 12,515/. ; for poor
467/. Living (presb. Stranraer) val. 257/., patr.
Duch. de Coignv. Remains of cairns, and Knock-
daw, Kirkhill, Craigneil, and other forts are seen.

COLMWORTH par. (52) Barford hund. N. Beds.

6 m. NNE. of Bedford-50, on a branch of R,
Ouse. Acres 2310; pop. 575+11; poor r. /.
(Bedf.U.); real prop. 1828/. ; charities 41. St
Dennis Rect. (Ely) val. 179.'., patr. Rev. K. \V.
Gery, rector, of Bushmead Priory ; church, early
eng., with a brass inscription (1380).

COI.N, ST. ALDWIN'S, par. (34) Brightwell's
Barrow hund. E. Gloucest. m. SSE. of North-
leach-82, on Ickneld St. or fosse way, and R.Coln,



which rising near Barasley, runs 12m. SE. to
the Isis near Lechlade. Acres 3420 ; pop. 428 :
poor r. 174/. (Northl. U.) ; real prop. 3020/. ; cha-
rities 14/. St. J. Baptist Vic. (Gl. and Br.) val.
103/., patr. Dean and Chap. ^ C., ST. DENIS,
par. (44) Upper Deerhurst hund. E. Gloucest.
3 m. SW. of Northleach-82, on R. Coin. Acres
2430; pop. 200+3; poor r. 13U, (Northl. L 7 .);
real prop. 22721. Living, a Rect. (Gl. and Br.)
val. 450/., patr. Pemb. Coll. Oxon. ^" C. RO-
GERS par. (44) Bradley hund. as above, 1 m. S.
on R. Coin. Acres 1480 ; pop. 137 ; poor r. 63/. ;
real prop. 1447/. ; charities, GL for education. St.
Andrew Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 225/., patr. Dean
and Chap.

P. COLNBROOK chplry. (7) Horton and other
pars. Stoke hund. S. Sucks, partly in Stanwell
par. Middlesex, 17m. W. of London, on R. Colne,
as below, near Gt. West. rail, and the roman Ad
Pontes, was once a mkt. town. Pop. 1050 ; houses
195, in one street, with a chapel and several small
bridges. St. Mary Don. (Oxon.) val. 103/., patr.
Pemb. Coll. Oxon.

COLNE par. (51) Hurstingstone hund. E. Hants.
5 m. NE. of St. Ives-60, was the seat of the
Drurys, and in Edw. III.'s time of Lad}' Wake,
his kinswoman. Acres 1980, fenny ; pop."544 + 7 ;
poor r. 254f. (St. Ives U.) ; real prop. 6303/. ;
charities 27/. St. Helen Cur. with Somersham ;
church, early eng. (Hen. III.), with piscinae,
remains of a brass, and stained windows, and a
tower standing within the body open to the

P. M. COLNE tnshp. ( ) Whalley par. E.
Lancash., 29 m. ESE. of Lancaster, 218 from
London (or 222 by E. Lane, rail.), on R. Henburn,
near Leeds and Liverpool canal, is thought by
some to be the roman Colunio, where many coins
have been found, and after the Conquest was the
seat of the Lacys. Acres 8050, hilly, with coal,
slate, and limestone ; pop. 8615 + 43, chiefly in the
cotton trade ; houses 1644, with 4 chapels, 2 banks,
savings bk., cloth hall, gram, school (lo/.), where
Tillotson was educated, Emmott's school (48/.),
and a poor-house, once the Lacys' mansion ( ?),

fas and water-works ; poor r. 1841/. on 15,809/.
Burnley U.) ; real prop. 15,573/. ; charities 103/.
St. Bartholomew Cur. (Manch.) val. 1791. church,
perp. eng., with some norman remains, two chan-
try chapels, a fine screen, and old font ; Christ
Church Cur. 150/., patr. of both Hulme's Trustees.
Castor Cliff camp is 360 ft. by 330, and double
ditched. Barnside was an old seat of the Townlevs.
Mkt. D. Wed. Sat. Fairs, 1 Mar. 13 May, 11 Oct.
21 Dec.

Colne River (7) rises near Hatfield, 8. Herts.,
and runs 30 m. SW. past Colney chapel (near
which it receives the Verlain or Meuse), Wat-
ford (under the viad. of N. West, rail.), Rickmans-
worth, Uxbridge, Colnbrook, on the Bucks, and
Middlesex border, to R. Thames, near Staines, after
spreading into several loops in the flat grounds
below Uxbridge. 1&" C. River (47-8) rises near
Steeple Bumpstead, N. Essex, and runs 36 m.
SE. past Halstead, the Colnes below, and Col-
chester, to the North Sea, at Mersea isld.

COLNE, EARLS, or GREAT, par. (47) Lexden
hund. N. Essex, 3 m. SE. of Halstead-46, near
R. Colne, on the roman way to Cambridge, be-
longed to the earls of Oxford, who were seated at
Hull Place, and whose ancestor Aubrey de Vere
found, before 1100 a benedictine priory cell to
Abingdon, of which there are some few remains.
Acres 2910 ; pop. 1385 + 7 ; poor r. 541/. (Halstead
U.) ; real prop. 6139/. ; charities 226*., of which
188/. to the De Vere's grain, school. St. Andrew



Vic. (Rpch.) val. 4947., pair. H. H. Carwardine
of C. Priory ; church, has arms (the mullets) and
tombs of the De Veres, -which were moved from
the priory. Ld. Chancellor Audley was a native
(1488-1544). Fair, 25 Mar. ^ C. ENGAIN,
or tjTTLE, par. as above, 1 m. N. belonged to the
Engains before 1367. Acres 2020 ; pop. 685 + 7,
some wool spinners and baize makers; poor r.
3477. ; real prop. 47407. ; charities 41., and an orchard
for sexton. St. Andrew Rect. (Roch.) val. 6807.,
patr. Christ's Hospital. C. Park, P. Hills, Esq.
belonged to the Sherreves, then to Colchester
priory, and the De Veres. Near it is an ionic
pillar by Soane. igg C. Gate House, as above,
4 m. SSE. of Halstead.

P. COLNE, WAKES, par. as above, 5 m. ESE.
of Halstead, on R. Colne, belonged to the Wakes.
Acres 1430 ; pop. 444 ; poor r. 321/. (Lexden U.) ;
real prop. 36217. ; charities 177. All Saints Rect.
(Roch.) val. 4587., patr. Earl Verulam. Creping
Hall, is an old moated house. <gP C. WHITES
par. as above, 1 m. NNW., belonged to the
Whites. Acres 1730, part common ; pop. 419 + 3 ;
poor r. 2297. (Halstead U.) ; real prop. 26957.;
charities 37. Living a Car. (Roch.), val. 1307.,
patr. Rev. W. E. Hume, curate.

COLNEIS HUNDRED (48) SE. Suffolk, contains
the pars, (and benefices) of Bucklesham rect,
Falkenham vie., Felixstow (with Walton), Hem-
ley r., Kirton r., Levington r., with Nacton r., St.
Martin and St. Mary Frimley rs., and Walton ;. ;
acres 17,460, pop. 4587, houses 928. ^< COLNEYS
DEANERY, archdy. of Suffolk, dioc. of Norwich,
contains the benefices marked in the bund, above,
with Lit. Bealings rect. and Waldingfield r.

COLNEY par. (66) Humbleyard hund. E. Nor-
folk, 3 m. W. of Norwich-108, on R. Yare. Acres
750; pop. 110 + 2; poor r. 627. (Henstead U.) ;
real prop. 15477. St. Andrew Rect. (Norw.)
val. 1997., patr. J. Postle, Esq. of C. Hall; church,
has round tower, and an old epitaph (1481) to
Sir T. Bettvs.

Colney Chapel or House (7) 3 m. SE. of St.
Albans, S. Herts, on R. Colne, seat of P. Haddow,
Esq., formerly of Gov. Bourchier, who built it,
and of Margrave of Anspach. Some traces of a
religious house or chapel are here, moated round.

P. COLNEY HATCH hmlt. (7) Frvern Barnet
par. NE. Middlesex, 3 m. SSE. of Chipping-
Barnet-11, has a very large pauper lunatic
asylum for 1000, building 1848-50 by S. Daukes,
with a front of 1884 ft. Pop. 216. igTC. HEATH
(7) near St. Albans, S. Herts, is a Cur. (Roch.)
val. 677., patr. Trustees, igg" C., LONDON (7) 3 m.
SE. of St. Albans-20, S. Herts., on R. Colne.

P. COLNEY STREET (7) 3 m. S. of St. Albans
-20, S. Herts., on R. Colne, has St. Peter Cur.
(Roch.) val. 1207., patr. Countess of Caledon.

COLP, or COLPA, par.. (20-1, 27) Lower Duleek
bar. E. Meath, 7 m. NE. Duleck-22, at R. Boyne's
mouth, where St. Patrick landed, had an austin
abbey found. 1182 by De Lacy, afterwards joined
to Lanthoney abbey, and was the old seat of
the Weslevs or Wellesleys. Acres 5785 ; pop.
2141 +17, of vil. 71. Living, a Rect. (Meath),
val. 507., patr. Marquis of Drogheda. An old
tower and other remains are here. Eastham, F.
Andleson, Esq.

Colquhalzie House, 10 m. WSW. of Perth, SE.
Perth. 3. S. Hepburn, Esq., on R. Earn in a
pretty spot.

Colquite (30) near Bodmin, Mid. Cornwall,
D. Peter, Esq.

P. COLSTEUWORTH par. (70) Grantham Soke
and Beltisloe wap. S1V. Lincoln. 7 m. S of
Grantham-110, on R. Witlinm and High Lvke


roman way, contains Woolsthorpe (the birthplace
of Newton), and Twyford. Acres 3000 ; pop.
1017 + 13 ; poor r. 29C7. (Granth. U.) ; real prop.
36487. ; charities, school 307. St. J. Baptist Rect.
(Line.) val. 5857., patr. Prebend, of Southwell ;
church, has a mon. and the ' particulae ' of
Walker sometime rector, who wrote a book on
' English Particles.' Newton's house is still

COLSTON BASSET par. (71) S. Bingham wap.
S. Notts. 4 m. S. of Bingham-124, on R. Smile,
was attacked by the plague 1604. Acres 2530 ;
pop. 403+2; poor r. 1657. (Bingh. U.); real
prop. 39797. St. Mary Vic. (Line.) val. 2707.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor ; church, cruciform. C. House,
H. Martin, Esq.

Colstoun. See COALSTON, Iladdington.

COLSTRY (60) 3 m. SSW. of Bishop's Castle
-159, S W. Salop.

Colt Isld. (5) 1 m. NE. of Skerries, N. Dublin.

COLTBKIDGE hmlt. 1 m. W. of Edinbro', N.
Edinb., on Leith Water, where Charles Stuart
encamped 1745, and beat the dragoons.

COLTFIELD hmlt. Alves par. N. Elgin. 6 in.
W. of Elgin-138. Pop. 42.

COLTHORPE ( ) 3 m. NE. of Wetherby-194,
W. R. York.

P. COLTISHALL par. (66) S. Erpingham hund.
E. Norfolk, 7 m. SE. of Aylsham-118, on R. Bure.
Acres 1060 ; pop. 897 + 3, in the carrying trade ;
poor r. 4667. (Aylsh. U.) ; real prop. 40"777. ; chari-
ties 237., of which 217. to Chapman's school. St.
J. Baptist Rect. (Norw.) val. 2997., patr. King's
Coll. Camb. C. House, Rev. Dr. Ward. Fair,
Whit. Mon.

COLTON, or COULTON, par. ( ) Lonsdale hund.
N. Lancash. 5 m. N. of Ulverston-272, near R.
Leven and Windermere, includes Haverthwaite,
Rusland, and Finsthwaite curs. Acres 13,330 ;
pop. 1983 + 20, in the cotton trade ; poor r. 5907.
(Ulverst. IT.) ; real prop. 38427. ; charities 817., of
which 677. to Sandys' school, and Dixon's school
house. Holy Trinity Cur. (Ches.) val. 847., patr.
Landowners. gap" COLTON par. (66) Forehoe
hund. Mid. Norfolk, 8 m. W. of Norwich-108, on
R. Blackwater. Acres 1020 ; pop. 282 ; poor r.
1287. (Foreh. Incorp.); real prop. 1G337. ; chari-
ties 367., of which 97. to Brown's school. St. An-
drew Rect. (Norw.) val. 3487., patr. Ld. Chan-

P. COLTON par. (72) S. Pirehill hund. Mid.
Stafford. 1 m. N. of Rudgeley-126, near R. Trent,
on Ltd. Trunk canal, contains Lea Lane and Xew-
land. Acres 3870 ; pop. 672 ; poor r. 2427. (Lich-
field U.); real prop. 68117.; charities 687., of
which 457. to free school, and 67. to Webb's. St.
Mary Rect. (Lich.) val. 4617., patr. Rev. C. W.
Landor, of C. Hall (?). ^ COLTON. See
COULTON, .ZV. R. York. tgT COLTON tnshp. ( )
Bolton Percy par. York Ainstey, 6 m. SW. of
York, near C. Hall. Real prop. Io757. <gT COL-
TON vil. (87) Templenewsam tnshp. W. R. York.
3 m. SE. of Leeds-189.

Coltpark ( ) 4 m. SE. of Dal ton, N. Lanca-

COLTS HILL hmlt. (6) Brenchley par. SW.
Kent, 6 m. SE. of Tunbridge-30.

P. M. COLUMB, ST., MAJOR, par. (30) Pyder
hund. Mid.Cornwall, 29 m. SW. of Launceston, 250
from London, a polling and petty sess. town, near
Castle-an-Dinas camp, belonged to the " great "
Arundells of Llanherne, which is now a convent.
Acres 11,680 (or 12,045), granite, feldspar, with
tin, copper, cobalt, bismuth, etc. ; pop. 3146 + 15,
of town 1337, copper miners ; houses 601, on a
hi 11, with 5 chapels, mkt. house, bank, and Union p.


house ; poor r. 9087. on 12,7387. ; real prop. 14,8707. ;
charities, Jenkins's 507. St. Columba Rect. (Exet)
val. 15157., patr. E. Walker, Esq. ; church, ancient
(and once collegiate), with pinnacled tower, a
brass, etc. of the Arundells of whom was Bishop
A., a native (d. 1504). The Retallock bar-
row, the Coyt or quoit, K. Arthur's stone, with
marks of 4 horse-shoes in it, the Nine Maidens,
and other druidical remains, are near. Nans-
bidden, R. Hoblyn, Esq. At Bodeworgy, where
the Keatses were seated, are traces of a very old
chapel. St. Columb P. L. Union, contains the pars,
etc. of St. Breock, St. Columb (Major and Minor),
Colan, Crantock, Cubert, St. Enoder, St. Ervan,
St. Eval, St. Issey, Mawgan, St. Merryn, Newlyn,
Padstow, Little Petherick, St. Wenn; acres
71,126, pop. 16,167, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
1385 (out-door 1216), expend. 48727., prop, rated
71,3477. Sup. Registry comprises the same ; pop.
16,167+143. The New County Court district
corresponds with the Registry. Mkt. D. Th.
Fairs, Th. after Mid. Lent Sund. and after 13 Nov.

COLUMB, ST., MINOR, par. as above, 4m. W. near
Watergate bay and New Quay, has the S. gate, etc.
of Rialton priory, and belongs to Rawlins of Pad-
stow. Acres 5520 (or 4759), slaty, with good shelly
sandstone at New Quay ; pop. 1681 + 28 ; poor r.
5357.; real prop. 80927. ; charities 117. Living, a
Cur. (Exet.) val. 1177., patr. Sir J. B. Y. Buller,
Bt. ; church, large, with an old rood loft.

COLUMB, JOHN'S, chply. (22) 5 m. NE. of Exe-
ter- 164, E. Devon, was the old seat of the Ac-
lands of Killerton.

Columbine Bank, off Whitstable, N. Kent, near
Sheppey isld., in the Thames.

Columbkill Point (2) in Lough Neagh, N. Ar-

Columbkilk (10) 9 m. NW. of Crasheen, N. Clare.
tgP COLUMBKILLE par. (5, 7, etc.) Granard bar.
N. Longford, 5m. NW. of Granard-65, had a
monastery found, by St. Columb, in Loch Gaw-
nagh or Ernehead. Acres 20,313, hilly, with bog,
limestone, etc. ; pop. 9273 + 67. Living, a Vic.
with Granard. Ernehead, H. Dopping, Esq.
^ COLUMBKILLE par. (28) Gowran bar. Mid.
Kilkenny, near Thomastown-75. Acres 4473 ; pop.
1116. Living, a Rect. with Thomastown.

COLVA par. chplry. (56) Radnor hund. SE.
Radnor. 5 m. SSW. of Radnor-159, on R. Edwy,
belongs to the Crown. Acres about 900, hilly ;
pop. 221 ; real prop. 13977. Living, a Cw. with

COLVEND par. 8 m. SE. of Castle Douglas-92,
S. Kirkcudbt. on Sol way Frith at R. Urr's mouth,
including Southwick, is one of the ten pars, com-
prising the stewartry, and came through the
Stuarts to the Curwens, who are now of Work-
ington. Size 8 m. by 4, rough and hilly, with
granite (for millstones, etc.) rising ft. at Crow
Fell, and samphire on the rocky coast ; pop. 1495
+ 14, cattle breeders, some fishermen ; formerly
great smugglers ; real prop. 5510?; for poor 3597.
Living (presb. Dumfries) val. 2357., patr. Crown.
At St. Lawrence's holy well are remains of a
chapel ; a danish camp at Castlehill of Barclay,
and a vitrified fort (?) at Moat of Merk. Worth-
wich Ho., M. Stewart, Esq.

COLVESTON par. (65) Grimshoe hund. SW.
Norfolk, 9m. SSW. of Swaffham-93. Acres
1100; pop. 42; poor r. 227. fSwaffh. U.); real
prop. 3727. Living, a Rect. with Diddlington ; no

P. COLWALL par. (43) Radlow hund. E. Here-
ford. 3 m. NNE. of Ledbury-120, under the Here-
ford beacon, on Malvern hills. Acres 3800, part
in hops; pop. 940+3; poor r. 2617. (Ledb. U.);




real prop. 51207. ; charities 687., of which 357. to
Walwyn's free school. St. James Rect. (Heref.)
val. 5407., patr. Bishop. At Wind's Point, a gold
circlet set with stones was found 1650, and 300
brass coins were discovered at Lit. Malvern 1847.
Old C., i m. W.

COLWAY tythg. (22) Lyme Regia boro', W.
Dorset. Real prop. 33277.

COLWELL tnshp. ( ) with Swinburn, Choller-
ton par. S. Northmbrld. 7 m. N. of Hexham-279,
on Watling St. Pop. 398. ^ C. Bay (10) 1$ m.
WNW. of Freshwater, I. of Wight, S. Hants.,
opposite Hurst Cast, has strata of white sand,
etc., in the cliffs.

COLWICH par. (72) S. Pirehill hund. Mid.
Stafford. 6 m. ESE. of Stafford-141, a fine spot,
on Trent Val. rail, (where the N. Staffdsh.
joins), R. Trent, and Gd. Trunk canal, contains
Gt. and Little Haywood, and 8 other tnshps.
Acres 8800 ; pop. 2024 + 12, of town 205 ;
poor r. 6907. (Staff. U.) ; real prop. 13,1587. ;
charities 797., of which Crompton's for bread
every sunday 507. St. Michael Vic. (Lich.)
val. with Fradswell 5147., patr. Bishop ; church,
ancient, with tombs of the Wolseleys, and An-
sons of Shuckboro', of whom was the great navi-
gator. Fair, Wed. before Mid. Lent Sund.

COLWICK par. (71) S. Thurgaton wap. S. Notts.
2m. E. of Nottingham-124, on R. Trent. Acres
1010 ; pop. 109 ; poor r. 237. (Basford U.) ; real
prop. 33387. St. J. Baptist Rect. (Line.) val.
2207., patr. J. Musters, Esq., of C. Hall; church,
has tombs of the Musterses, and Byrons of

COLVVINSTONE (36) Ogmore hund. S. Glamrgn.
4m. SE. of Bridgend-181, on Via Julia Mari-
tima roman way. Pop. 287 ; poor r. 1367. (Bridg.
U.) ; real prop. 17677. ; charities 17. Living, a
Vic. (Llau.) val. 1217., patr. Miss Thomas, of
Pwyll-y- Wrach. Traces of camps are seen.

Colwith Force ( ) on the Brathay, 4 m. W. by
S. of Ambleeide, W. Westmrld. a fall of 100 ft. in
4 leaps in the midst of fine scenery.

Colwood farm (9) 3 m W. of Cuckfield, Mid.

COLWORTH tythg. (9) Oving par. S W. Sussex,
2 m. E. of Chichester-62. Pop. 128.

Coltvorth Ville and Farm (52) Sharnbrook par.
NW. Beds. 3 m. NE. of Harrold, H. Magniac, Esq.

COLWYN tnshp. (79) Llandrillo-yn-Rhos par.
NW. Denbigh. 5 m. W. of Abergele-214, on the
coast. Pop. 180. St. Catherine Cur. (St. As.)
val. 1007., patr. Vicar.

COLWYN HUNDRED (56) S. Radnor, contains
the pars, of Aberedw cur., Bettws-Disserth, Cre-
grina rect., Disserth c., Glascomb vie., Llanbadarn-
y-Garregg c., Llanelwedd c., Llansaintfraed .,
Llanvareth, and Rhulen c.; pop. 2660, houses
483. See ELWELL DEANERY. ^g C. Forest, in
the above hund. 5 m. NE. of Builth.

COLYFORD tythg. Colyton par. Devon, as below.

COLYTON HUNDRED (21-2) E. Devon, contains
the pars, of Branscombe, Colyton vie., Cotleigh
rect., Farway r., North and South Leigh r.,
Monkton cur., OfFwell r., Seaton ., Shute c., and
Widworthy r. ; acres 27,410, pop. 8176, houses

P. M. COLYTON par. in the above hund. 20 m.
E. of Exeter, 151 from London, where Coly
rivulet joins the Axe, is a petty sesa. town, con-
taining Colyford, in a fertile spot. Acres 5430 ;
pop. 2451 + 27, some paper makers ; houses 479,
of flint and thatched, many ancient, with 2 cha-
pels, school, and tanneries; poor r. 10417. on
11,7007. (Axminster U.); real prop. 12,6597.;
charities 2387., of which parish lands for school.





etc. 2217. St. Andrew Fife. (Exet.) val. with
Monkton and Shute 4.031., patr. Dean and Chap. ;
church, cruciform and later eng. with a fine
1 screen, and tombs of the De la Poles of Colcombe,
and of a Courtenay. C. House, . H. Drake,
Esq. Mkt. D. Th. Fairs, 1 May, 30 Nov. cattle.


E. Budleigh hund. E.Devon. 2m. W. of Sid-
mouth- 158, on R. Otter, contains Kingston and
6 other hmlts. Acres 1190 ; pop. 841 ; poor r.
3947. (St. Thomas U.) ; real prop. 39727. ; chari-
ties 71. St. J. Baptist Fire. (Exet.) val. 40U,
patr. Dean.

Colzean. See Culzean, Ayr.

Comaderry Mountn. (23) 4 m. WN W. of Caragh,
Mid. Wicklaw, 2268 ft. high, near Glendalough.

COMB-HAY par. (19) Wellow hund. NE. So-
merset. 3 m. SSW. of Bath-104, on Fosseway and
Kennet canal. Acres 1180 -, pop. 239; poor r. 567.
(Bath U.) ; real prop. 16197. ; charities, Leigh's
71. Living, a Sect. (Ba. and W.) val. 307/., patr.
Hon. H. H. Trace}'. C. House, G. Langton, Esq.
gaP C. HILL tnshp. ( ) Nether Witton chplry.
Mid. Northmbrld. 5 m. S. of Rothbury-304, is
joined to HEALEY.

P. Comb-Hill ( ) 5 m. from Cheltenham, Mid.

Combe (26) 3 m. E. of S. Molton, N. Devon.

1 Combe,' ' coombe,' etc., a hollow, the same
as the welsh Cwm. ^P COMBE hmlt. (44)
Chipping Campden par. NE. Gloucest. in a vale
near C. Campden-90, is joined to WESTIKGTON.
H$3J COMBE tythg. (3.5) Wotton-under-Edge par.
Mid. Gloucest. 1 m. NE. of Wotton-107, is joined

P. COMBE par. (12) Lower Pastrow hund. NW.
Hant*. 10 m. WNW. of Kingsclere-54, contains
E. Wick. Acres 2190, woody; pop. 203 + 1;
poor r. 531. (Hungerford U.) ; real prop. 18447.
St Swithin Vic. (Wine.) val. 1077., patr. Dean
and Canons of Windsor, gip COMBE tnshp. (56)
Presteign par. NW. Hereford. 2 m. E6E. of
Presteign-154. Pop. 121. C. House, J. Ricketts,
Esq. ^ Combe (20) 3 m. SW. of Watchet,
W. Somerset. ^" Combe (20) 4 m. NE. of
Bridgwater, Mid. Somerset, gap COMBE ABBEY.
See COMBE FIELDS, Warwick. flip COMBE
tythg. ( ) Endford par. E. Wilts. 7 m. W. of
Ludgershall, on R. Avon, near C. Hill and Lid-
bury, british camps, and the Twin Barrows.
^ Combe (34) 1 m. NE. of Calne, .V. Wilts.

COMBE DOWN vil. (19) S. Stoke par. NE.
Somerset. 2m. S. of Bath-104, near the following,
is a Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 7., patr. Vicar.
Pop. in the Bath stone quarries, gi^ C. Ex-
GLISH par. (19) Wellow hund. NE. Somerset.

2 m. SW. of Bath-104, on the Wansdyke under
Barrow hill camp. Acres 1760 ; pop. 486 ; poorr.
1117. (Bath U.); real prop. 12707. Living, a

Fie. (Ba. and W.) val. 1857., patr. . giT C.
FIELDS, or COMBE ABBEY, ext. par. (53, 63)
Knightlow hund. NE. Warwick. 4 m. E. of Co-
ventry-91, a meet for the Atherstone hounds, near
the Oxford canal, with remains of the cistertian
abbey found. 1150 by Rich, de Camville, val. 303/.,
and given to the earls of Warwick. Acres 4210 ;
pop. 195 ; real prop. 66357. C. Abbey, seat of Earl
Craven, built in a half-H shape, with some addi-
tions of I. Jones's, by the Harringtons, on the site
of the old buildings, of which it includes part of
the norman cloisters, contains several portraits of
the Stuarts, etc., by Honthorst and Vandyke, as
Eliz. of Bohemia daughter of Jas. I. (who left them
to her devoted servant WilL Lord Craven), Ch. I.
and queen, Ch. II., Gastavus Adolphus, Prince
Rupert, Jas. duke of Richmond, Sir K. Digby, the

duchess of Cleveland and other court beauties \fy
Lely, besides Rembrandt's ' Student ' and ' Father,
pieces of Rubens, etc. ^P C. Farm (13) 4 m.
SSE. of Wantage, W. Berks. ^" C. Farm (6)
1 m. SE. of Croydon, NE. Surrey, G. Enderbv,
Esq. $3P C. FLORET par. (20) Taunton hund.
W. Somerset. 7 m. NW. of Taunton-141. Acres
1500 ; pop. 304 ; poor r. 1551. (Taunt. U.) ; real
prop. 25847.; charities 5/. St. Peter and Paul
Sect. (Ba. and W.) val. 263/., patr. Ld. Chan-
cellor, once held by Sydney Smith. C. House,
J. Perring, Esq. $3" C. HOLLAM (21) 1 m.
NE. of Dulverton, W. Somerset, on R. Ex, near
(8) 3 m. NE. of Haslemere, S W. Surrey. ^ C.
House, 2 m. E. of Kingston, NE. Surrey, near
C. Wood, Earl of Liverpool. A pipe from this,
laid under the Thames by Wolsey, supplies Hamp-
I ton Court with water. tgp C. Lodge (19) near
Blagdon, N. Somerset. T. Roworth, Esq. *&? C.,
LONG, par. (45) Wootton hund. Mid. Oxford. 2 m.
SW. of Woodstock-62, on R. Evenlode. Acres
1450 ; pop. 605 ; poor r. 354/. ( Woodst. U.) ; real
prop. 26487, ; charities 87. St. Lawrence Cur.
Ox.) val. 907., patr. Lincoln Coll. ; church, early
eng. (1395), with good niches and a figured stone
pulpit. Igp C., Lower (15) 2 m. E. of Shaftesbury,
-S W. Witts. ^ C. Lodge (45) near C. END, 6 m.
NW. of Reading, S. Oxford, on the Thames.

P. COMBE-MARTIN par. (27) Braunton hund.
N. Devon. 8 m. NXE. of Barnstaple-192, in a fine
spot in a creek on C. Say, is a petty sess. and
decayed mkt. town, given by the Conqueror
to M'artin de Tours, and noted for its silver mines,
worked by Edw. I. and II., by Sir B. Bulmer in
Elizabeth's time, in 1813, and again lately. Acres
4730, with veins of galena, lead, quartz, iron, in
the killas or clay slate; pop. 708, decreasing,
some fishermen ; poorr.4177.(Barnst.U.) ;realprop.
44857. ; charities, Lev's school 257. St. Peter Rect.
(Exet.) val. 3877., pair. Rev.W. Toms, rector. The
galena has yielded 20 to 168 oz. of silver per ton, the
lead 60 to 70 Ibs. and a loving cup of 137 oz. given
by Bulmer is still used in London on lord mayor's
day. Latterly 40 oz. silver per ton of lead ore, has
been got. With a fair wind there is anchorage for a
tide, in 8 fath. in the small bay off the Hangman
hills, which rise from 1050 to 1160 ft. Hard-
ing, a rom. cath. divine, was a native. Fai'r,Whit.
Mon. ^- C., MONCK.TON par. (19) Bath-Fo-
rum hand. NE. Somerset. 2 m. S. of Bath-104, on
the canal. Acres 720; pop. 1107 + 7, in the
paper mills and bathstone quarries; poor r. 1317.

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