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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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(Bath U.) ; real prop. 4733/., of which 13347, on
quarries. St. Michael Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. /.,
patr. Vicar of St. Stoke.

P. COMBE, ST. NICHOLAS, par. (21) E.Kings-
bury hund. S. Somerset. 2 m. NNW. of Chard
-139, contains Walton, where was a nunnerv.
Acres 4100 ; pop. 1293 + 9 ; poor r. 5357. (Chard
U.) ; real prop. 72857. ; charities, the Forest cha-
rity 1607. St. Nicholas Ft'c. (Ba. and W.) val.
4407., patr. Bishop ; church, large with embattled
tower. Fairs, 18 June, Wed. before 11 Dec.
^ C. Place (5) 1 m. NW. of Lewes, E. Sus-
sex, Sir H. Shiffner, Bt. on the S. Downs, ^g" C.
RAWLEIGH par. (21) Axminster hund. E. Devon.
1 m. N. of Honiton-148, belonged to the Bauntons
and Matthewses. Acres 2100 ; pop. 276 ; poor r.
1547. (Honit U.) ; real prop. 26357. ; St. Nicholas
Rect. (Exet.) val. 2727., patr. E. S. Drewe, Esq.
^ C. Sydenham (20) 4 m. S. of Watchet, W.
Somerset, has the fine remains of the old seat of
the Sydenhams in a pleasant spot. Comlte, 1 m.
S. of Dulverton, was another seat of theirs.

COMBEINTEIGNHEAD par. (22) Wonford hund.


5. Devon. 3 m. E. of Newton Bushel-188, at R.
Teign's mouth. Acres 2000 ; pop. 425 ; poor r.
1817. (Newton Abbot U.) ; real prop. 4975/. ; cha-
rities, almshouse, and Burgoyne's school 31.
Living, a Rect. (Exet.) val. 324/., patr. J. Hard-
ing and W. Long, Esqrs. ; church, with a carved

COMBEND vil. (44) Colesbourne par. Mid. Glou-
cest. 6 m. N. by W. of Cirencester-88, near Ermine
St., where pavements, etc. of a roman villa were
found 1779, with a bath, tiles, etc.

P. M. COMBER par. (9, 10, etc.) Upper and
Lower Castlereagh bars. N. Down. 16 m. N. by W.
of Downpatrick, 104 from Dublin, a police station,
on C. River, which runs to Strangford Lough, had
a cistertian abbey found. 1201 by Brien Catha
Dun on the site of an older, and afterwards given
to the Lords Clandeboy. Acres 17,419, with bog,
building stone ; pop. 9022 + 75, of vil. 1964 + 59,
in the linen trade ; houses 368, with 2 chapels,
school, house of industry, flour mills, breweries,
2 distilleries, bleach green. Living, a Cur.
(Dn. C. D.) val. 1057., patr. Marquis of London-
derry ; church, later eng. on site of abbey. Druid-
ical and other remains are found. >& C. Pres-
bytery, contains Ballygowan, Ballynahinch, Com-
ber, Gilnahirk, Gransha, Killileagh, Killinchy.
Mht. D. . Fairs, 14 Jan. 5 Apr. 28 June, 19 Oct.

COMBERBACH tnshp. (80) Gt. Budworth par.
N. Chesh. 2 m. OTIW. of Northwich-174. Acres
320, including C. Water or lake ; pop. 303 + 1 ;
poor r. 477. (Northw. U.) ; real prop. 10527.

COMBERMERE tnshp. (73) Acton par. S. Chesh.
3m. NE. of Whitchurch-163, seat of Visct. Com-
bermere of C. Abbey, which stands on the site of
one found, before 1130 by Hugh Malbanc, and
afterwards granted to his ancestors the Cottons.
In the park is C. Water, a winding lake 1 m. long,
which gives the name and title, ijgp Comber-
mere (75) near Carrigtohill, E. Cork, Capt. F.
Smith, R. N.

CoMBERTONpar. (51)Wetherleyhund. S. Cam-
bridge. 5 m. WSW. of Cambridge-50, near Bourn
brook, was held by the service of the king's fal-
con keeper and baker. Acres 1804, part common ;
pop. 520 + 14 ; poor r. 2257. (Chesterton U.) ; real
prop. 25847. ; charities 257. St. Mary Vic. (Ely)
val. 1537., patr. Jesus Coll. ; church, has some old
arms blazoned in the windows. fiip COMBERTON
(53) 5 m. N. of Leominster-137, N. Hereford.,
belongs to Greenley of Titley. ig^ COMBERTON.
See COMMERTON, Worcester.

COMBERTON, GREAT, par. (44) Upper Pershore
hund. S. Worcest. 2 m. S. of Pershore-1 02, a
pretty spot near R. Avon, under Bredon hill.
Acres 960 ; pop. 215 ; poor r. 607. (Persh. U.) ;
real prop. 18537. ; charities 237. St. Michael Sect.
(Wore.) val. 2547., patr. Rev. C. H. Parker, rector.
(gF C., LITTLE, par. as above, 1 m. NE. Acres
770 ; pop. 229 + 1 ; poor r. 37/. ; real prop. 1428/. ;
charities 2/. St. Peter Beet. (Wore.) val. 258/.,
patr. Rev. W. Parker, rector.

Comberwell (19) IJm. N. of Bradford, W. Wilts.
was a seat of the Bayntons of Spye park.

COMBPYXE par. (22) Axminster hund. E. De-
von. 3m. S. of Axminster-147, belonged to the
Coppins. Acres 1070 ; pop. 1 43 ; poor r. 607. ( Ax-
minst. U.); real prop. 1057/. Living, a Rect.
(Exet.) val. 127/., patr. Knight, Esq. and two

CAMBRIDGE hmlt. (72) Rochester par. NW.
Stafford. 4 m. NNE. of Uttoxeter-135.

OOMBROOK chplry. (53) Kineton par. S. War-
wick. 2 m. WNW. of Kineton- 83, near the Fosse-
way. Acres 1270; pop. 282; poor r. 287. (Strnt-
ford-on-Avon U.) ; real prop. 12307. ; charities,



Verney's free school 257., with 2 scholarships at
Trinity Coll. Camb. St. Mary and Margaret Cur.
with Kineton. Compton Verney, seat of the

COMBS par. (50) Stow hund. Mid. Suffolk, 1 m.
S. of Stowmarket-76, on R. Orwell. Acres 3060 ;
pop. 1064 +11, some tanners ; poor r. 3507. (Stow
U.) ; real prop. 51607. ; charities, church lands 37,
St. Mary Rect. (Norw.) val. 8807., patr. Earl Ash-
burnham. giT COMBS, ST., vil. Longmay par.
JV. Aberdeen. 4 m. SE. of Frazerburgh-152.
Pop. 305.

Combwell (5) 5 m. WSW. of Cranbiwok, S.Kent,
had a small austin priory found, by Rob. de
Thurnham in Hen. II. or Ill.'s time, subject to
the Abp. of Canterbury.


4 m. NW. of Bridgwater, Mid. Somerset., a sub-
port to Bridgw., at a ferry on R. Parret, had a
chapel, and was the seat of a Rosecrusian chemist,
who died here 1581. Real prop. 9387.

Comby, near , Argyll, late seat of C. Camp-
bell, Esq.

COMELY BANK vil. Melrose par. N. Roxburgh.
near Melrose-35. Pop. 157.

Comenatrush Rivulet (47) about 8m. long, falls
into the Blackwater above Millstreet, W. Cork.

Comeragh (15) 4m. W. of Kilmacthomas, Mid.
Waterford, Col. Wray Palliser, under the C.
Mountns. (6, 7, 14-5) a range about 12 m. from
SW. to NE. rising 2478 ft. at Knocknafrian, the
highest point.

Comfort (6) 4 m. NW. of Maidstone, Mid.
Kent, at Birling, was an old seat of the Nevilles,
now a farm-house.

Comforts Place (6) 8 m. ESE. of Reigate, SE.

Comhampton ( ) 3 m. SE. of Stourport, N.

COMLEY tnshp. (61) Cardington par. Mid. Sa-
lop, 3 m. NE. of Church Stretton-158. Pop. 57.

ft. Comlongan Castle, 7 m. SE. of Dumfries, S.
Dumfries, belonging to Earl Mansfield through the
Murrays of Cockpool (in ruins), is a square of
60 ft. and 90 high, built many centuries ago.

Commerch River (36) runs into R. Irvon at
Llangammarch, N. Brecon.

Commerford, or Quemerford (84) near Calne,2V.

COMMERTON, or COMBERTON, hmlt. (54) Kid-
derminster foreign, N. Worcester. 1 m. SE. of

von, contains Aberdaron, we., Bardsey-Isle, Bod-
Ferin, Bryn-coes cur., Llan-degwning c., Llan-
engan rect., Llan-faelrhys c., Llan-gwnadle c.,
Myllteyrn r., Pen-llech, and Rhiw r. ; pop. 5090,
houses 1038. See LLEYN DEANERY.

Common Place (6) m. NE. of Croydon, NE-.


Guisbrough par. N. R. York. 6 m. SE. of Guis-
brough-245, so called after Bp. Colman, who had
a hermitage here. Acres 2630 ; pop. 79 ; poor r.
307. (Guisb. U.).

COMP hmlt. (6) Leybourne par. Mid. Kent, 5 m.
NW. of Maidstone-34. ^T COMP, GREAT (6)
Wrotham par. and 3 m. SE. of it, W. Kent, near
Mereworth wood, had a chapel.

Compass Hill, in Canna isld. W '. Inverness, con-
sists of basalt pillars, which reverse the compass
needle when brought close to it.

Compensation Pond, at Glencross, S. Edinbro 1 ,
made out of a burn, supplies the mills on R. Esk.

Comprigny (31) near Truro, W. Cornwall, W.
Mitchell, Esq.

n ii 2



COMPSTALI, vil. (81) Stockpprt par. NE.Chesh
5 m. E. of Stockport-176, a thriving place of mo-
dern date. Pop. , in the cotton works and coal

COMPTON HUNDRED (13) Mid. Berks, contains
the pars, of Aldworth vie., Catmore rect., Chilton,
Compton v., Farnborough ., and East and West
Ilsley rs.; acres 18,190, pop. 2604, houses 533.

P. COMPTON, or C. PARVA, par. in the above
bund. 2 m. ESE. of E. Ilsley-54, under C.
Down. Acres 4050 ; pop. 544 ; poor r. 342Z.
(Wantage U.).; real prop. 4380Z. Living, a Vic.
(Oxon.) val. 330Z., patr. J. T. Wasey, Esq. C.
Castle, 1 m. SW. ' Compton,' i. e. Combe-town,
a place in a hollow, fif COMPTON tnshp. (72)
Ashborne par. W. Derby, near Ashborne-139, is
joined to CLIFTON. giP" COMPTON tythg. (35)
Henbury par. SW. Gloucest. 4 m. NNW. of
Bristol-114. Acres 1620 ; pop. 144. ^ COMP-
TON tythg. (43) Newent par. NW. Gloucest. 2m.
NNE. of Newent-113. Pop. 504 + 6; real prop.
3992Z. ^- COMPTON par. (11) Lower Buddies-
gate hund. Mid. Hants. 2 m. SSW. of Winchester
-62, on R. Itchen and S. West rail. Acres 1800 ;
pop. 304 + 5; poor r. 139Z. (Winches. U.) ; real
prop. 2079Z. ; charities 9/. Living, a Beet. (Wine.)
val. 329/., patr. Bishop ; church, norman in part.
^- COMPTON lib. (62) Tettenhall par. SW.
Stafford. 2 m. W. of Wolverhampton-123, on
Stafford and Birm. canal. Pop. 641. ^ COMP-
TON hmlt. (61) Kinfare par. SW. Stafford. 5 m.
W. of Stourbridge-122. 3" COMPTON par. (8)
First Godalming hund. W. Surrey, 3 m. SW. of
Guildford-29, under Hog's Back hill Acres 1790,
part common ; pop. 522 + 7 ; poor. r. 285Z. (Guild.
U.) ; real prop. 2932Z., charities 13Z. St. Nicholas
Beet. (Wine.) val. 380/., patr. J. M. Molyneux,
Esq. ; church, part early eng. with a chapel over
the chancel. <5P COMPTON tythg. Compton-
Dundon par. as below. Pop. 355.

P. COMPTON par. (9, 11) Westbourne hund.
Chichester rape, W. Sussex, 8 m. N W. of Chiches-
ter-62, is the Cumtune of Alfred's will. Acres
1750 ; pop. 274 + 3 ; poor r. 72Z. (Westb. U.) ; real
prop. 1448Z. ; charities 12/. St. Mary Vic. (Chic.)
val. with Up. Marden 580Z., patr. M. R. Lang-
dale, Esq. ; church, has the oldest screen in Engld.,
transition norman, and of wood. {iP COMPTON
tythg. (14) Enford par. Mid. Wilts. 7 m. NNW.
of Amesbury-77. Pop. 73 ; real prop. 700Z.

COMPTON- ABBAS, or WEST, par. (17-8) Cerne
hund. W. Dorset. 8m. WNW. of Dorchester-120,
belonged to Milton Abbey. Acres 2170 ; pop.
91 + 2 ; poor r. 50Z. (Dorch. U.) ; real prop. 9927.
St. Michael Rect. (Sal.) val. 150/., patr. R. Wil-
liams, Esq. (ip C.-ABBAS par. (15) Sixpenny-
Handley hund. NE. Dorset. 3 m. S. of Shaftesbury
-101, containing Twyford, belonged to Shaftesbury
Abbey. Acres 1330 ; pop. 439 + 3 ; poor r. 228Z.
(Shaftesb. U.) ; real prop. 2322Z. Living a Rect.
(Sal.) val. 267Z,, patr. Sir E. C. Glyn, Bt. C. West,
m. W. <3P C. ABDALE par. (44) Bradley
hund. E. Gloucester. 3 m. WNW. of Northleach
-82, on R. Colne. Acres 2040, heathy at C. Scrubs;
pop. 260 + 8 ; poor r. 56/. (NorthL U.) ; real prop.
1818Z. St. Oswald Cur. (Gl. and Br.) val. 817.,
patr. Dean and Chap. Bristol. C. Grove, 1 m. W.
S3" C.-BASSET par. (34) Calne hund. N. Wilts.
2 m. E. of Calne-87, belonged to the Bassets, who
forfeited it to the Crown. Acres 1980 ; pop. 498 ;
poor r. 3037. (Calne U.) ; real prop. 4440/. ; chari-
ties 71. St. Swithin Rect. (Sal.) val. 4977., patr.
Bishop. C. House, G. W. Heneage, Esq., has
some good portraits, etc., and a fine view of 30 m.
3- C. Bay (10) 1 m. NW. by W. of Brixton, I. of


Wight, S.Hants., near C. Chine, and tinder AftoH
Down. gSP C. BEAUCHAMP par. (13,34) Shriven-
ham hund. W. Berks. 5 m. S. of Faringdon-68,
on Wilts, canal and the Port Way, near Gt. West-
rail., contains Knighton, and belonged to the
Beauchamps, who had 43 lordships in this co.
Acres 1890; pop. 157; poor r. 60Z. (Faring. U.),
real prop. 1691Z. ; charities, Langley's 41. St.
Swithin Rect. (Oxon.) val. 333Z,, patr. Earl Craven,
of Ashdown Park. The White Horse, the Blow-
ing stone, Uffington Castle, and other antiquities,
are here.

P. COMPTON -BISHOP par. (19) Winterstokc
hund. .ZV. Somerset. 2 m. W. of Axbridge-130,
contains Cross, under the Mendip hills, and has
Axbridge Union p. house. Acres 2510 ; pop.
802 + 25 ; poor r. 372/. (Axbr. U.) ; real prop,
4655Z. ; charities, Crav's school 10Z. St. Andrew
Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 185Z., patr. Prebendary ;
church, norman in part, with stone pulpit and
font. ^ &. C. CASTLE (22) 4 m. S. of Newton-
Bushel, S. Devon, has the front, machicolated gate-
way, and part of chapel, of an old seat of the
Comptons, from whom it came to the Gilberts.
^ C.-CHAMBERLAYNE par. (15) S. Damerham
hund. S. Wilts. 4 m. WSW. of Wilton-84, on a
branch of R. Avon. Acres 2130 ; pop. 350 + 5 ;
poor r. 231Z. (Wilton U.) ; real prop. 1745Z. St.
Michael Vic. (Sal.) val. Z., patr. J. H. Penrud-
dock, Esq. of C. C. House, where is a portrait of
Col. P., who was executed bv Cromwell for trying
to restore Chas. II. C. Hut", 2 m. SE. <p" C.-
DANDO par. (19) Keynsham hund. NE. Somerset.
2 m. SSW. of Keynsham-110, on the Wansdyke,
and a branch of R. Avon, contains Tucking-Mills
and Woolard. Acres 1210 ; pop. 359 ; poor r.
174Z. (Keyns. U.) ; real prop. 3109Z. ; charities 75Z.,
of which church lands 75Z. St. Mary Vic. (Ba.
and W.) val. 180Z., patr. Bishop. ^ C.-DuN-
DON par. (18-9) Whitley hund. Mid. Somerset. 5 m.
NE. of Langport-128, near R. Carey, containing
Compton, Dundon (under Dund. beacon), and
Littleton, was a seat of the Beauchamps. Acres
2790; pop. 679 + 5; poor r. 196Z. (Langp. U.);
real prop. 3006Z. ; charities 5Z. St. Andrew Vic.
(Ba. and W.) val. 201Z., patr. Bishop. ^g" C.-
DURVILL tythg. (18) S. Petherton par. S.
Somerset, near S. Petherton- 130. Pop. 136Z. ; real
prop. 1427Z. ^ C., EAST and WEST, tvthg.
(19) Pilton par. E. Somerset. I m. SW. of Shep-
ton-Mallet-116. Real prop. 2994Z. ^p C.-
FENNY par. (53) Kington hund. SW. Warwick.
6 m. S. of Southam-82, on Oxford canal, under
C. Hill. Acres 2330 ; pop. 615 + 5 ; poor r. 182Z.
(South. U.) ; real prop. 4297Z. ; charities 9Z. St.
Peter Rect. (Wore.) val. 417Z., patr. Corpus Ch.
Coll. Oxon. Sir H. B. Dudley was a native.

P. COMPTON-GIFFORD tythg. (24) Charles-the-
Martyr par. SW. Devon, near Plymouth-216.
Acres 1510 ; pop. 271 + 5 ; poor r. 46Z. (Plympton
U.) ; real prop. 3750Z. Living, a Cur. with Charles-
the-Martvr, . ap C.-GREENFIELD par. (35)
Upper Henbury hund. S W. Gloucest. 6 m. N. of
Bristol-114, near R. Severn's mouth. Acres 640 ;
pop. 65 + 2 ; poor r. 50Z. (Clifton U.) ; real prop.
4008Z. Living, a Rect. (Gl. and Br.) val. 144Z., patr.
R. C. Lippincott, Esq. g^" C. House ( 1 1 ) 4 m. S.
of Stockbridge, W. Hants. ^p C., LITTLE, or
PARVA, par. (44) Upper Deerhurst hund. Gloucest.
locally in Oxford. 4 m. NW. of Chipping-Norton
-73, near the Fourshire stone. Acres 1670 ; pop.
301 ; poor r. 131Z. (C. Norton U.) ; real prop.
2314Z. ; charities 45Z,, of which Jordan's school 5Z.
and Juxon's for poor 5Z. St. Dennis Cur. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 661, patr. Christ Ch. Oxon. Bp. Juxon,
Chas. I.'s chaplain, lived here. ^" C.,


hmlt. (72) Routon par. W. Stafford. 4 m. W. of

P. COMPTON, LONG, par. (44-5) Kington bund.
S. W a rwick. 5 m. SSE. of Shipston-on-Stour
-83, near LITTLE C. above, contains Weston, the
old seat of the Sheldons, and was once a mkt.
town. Acres 3530 ; pop. 829 ; poor r. 452/. (C.
Norton U.) ; real prop. 6467Z. ; charities 181. St.
Peter and Paul Vic. (Wore.) val. 19U, patr.
Eton Coll.; church, has a sancte-bell turret.
Rollwright druidical circle is here. gaPC. MAR-
TIN par. (19) Chewton hand. NE. Somerset. 8 m.
N. of Wells- 120, under Mendip hills, belonged to
Martin de Tours. Acres 2260 ; pop. 601 + 3 ; poor
r. 339/. (Clutton U.) ; real prop. 3232/. ; charities,
Webb's IQl. St. Michael Rect. (Ba. and W.) val.
with Nempnett 494/., patr. G. Baker, Esq. fiP C.

P. COMPTON, NETHER, par. (18) Sherborne
bund. N. Dorset. 2 m. WNW. of Sherborne-117.
Acres 1390 ; pop. 456 + 4 ; poor r. 291/. ( Sherb.
U.) ; real prop. 3120/. ; charities 9/., of which 41. to
school. St. Nicholas Rect. (Sal.) val. with Over
C. 3001., patr. J. Goodden, Esq. of Over C. House
below. <aP C., OVER, par. as above, 1 m. SW.
Acres 1520 ; pop. 151 +2 ; poor r. 75/. ; real prop.
194U St. Michael Rect. with Nether C. Over
C. House, J. Goodden, Esq. ^P C.-PAUNCE-
FOOT par. (18) Catsash hund. SE. Somerset. 4 m.
SW. of Wincanton-109, belonged to the Paunce-
foots of Gt. Brickhill. Acres 870 ; pop. 256 + 3 ;
poor r. 135/. fWincant. U.) ; real prop. 159 R St.
Mary Rect. (Ba. and W.) val. 140/., patr. Heirs of
J. H. Hunt, Esq., of C. Castle. gg" C. Place (5) 6 m.
S. of Hailsham, SE. Sussex, near Beachy head, Earl
Burlington. flgpC.PARVA. See COMPTON, Berks.
O~ C.-SCORPION, or SCORFEN, hmlt. (44) II-
mington par. 5. Warwick. 3m. WNW. of Shipston-
on-Stour-83, belonged to the Palmers, of whom
was the mother of Sir T. Overbury, who was born
or bred here. Real prop. 1273Z. igPC.-VAi.LENCE,
or EAST, par. (17) Frampton lib. SW. Dorset.
6 m. WNW. of Dorchester-120. Acres 2310 ; pop.
116 + 1; poor r. 89/. -(Dorches. U.); real prop.
1667Z. ; charities I/. St. Thomas a Becket Rect.
(Sal.) val. 300/., patr. R. Williams, Esq., M. P.,
who 1840 reb. the church in later eng. style, with
stained glass, etc., from designs by B. Ferrey.
^f C.- VERNEY ext. par. (53) Kington hund.
S. Warwick, a meet for the Warwick hounds, 1 m.
NW. of Kington-83, on the Fosseway, belonged
to the Murdacs, and now to the Verneys. Acres
1740 ; pop. 34 ; poor r. I. (Stratford-on-Avon
U.); real prop. 1891/. C. House, Lord Willoughby
de Broke (a Verney), was designed by Adams, on
the site of an older one, and has in the chapel (?)
3 brasses of the Verneys, etc. ^~ &. C.-WY-
NIATES, or IN THE HOLE, par. (45) Kington hund.
S. Warwick. 4 m. ENE. of Shipston-on-Stour-83,
gives name and title of earl to the Marquis of
Northampton, whose ancestors were here before
the Conquest. Acres 930 ; pop. 46 + 2 ; poor r. 38/.
(Shipston U.) ; real prop. 1552/. Living, a Rect.
with Tysoe ; church, reb. since 1646, when it was
destroyed by the parliament troops, who occupied
C. House, the fine old seat of the Comptons,
built in Hen. VIII.'s time out of the ruins of
Fulbrooke Castle, is partly timbered, with a
good perp. eng. bay window.

P. COMRIE par. 20 m. W. of Perth, Mid. Perth.
53 from Edinbro', in a fine spot on Rs. Earn and
Uchil, near L. Earn, contains Dalginross and its
roman camp, St. Fillan's and holy well, and Ross.
Size 13m. by 9J, mountainous, rising 3180ft. at
Benvoirlich, and including four glens, with



slate, limestone, wood, etc. ; pop. 2471 (decreas-
ing), sheep farmers, yarn spinners, etc. and gaelic-
speaking, of vil. 803; real prop. 11,320/. ; for
poor 379/. Living (presb. Aughterarder) val.
2501, patr. Crown. C. House, Clarke, Esq. ;
Dunira, Sir D. Dundas, Bt. Several earthquakes
were felt here 1789 and afterwards ; and there are
druid. remains. Fairs, 3rd Wed. Mar. ; 2nd Wed.
May and July ; 8 Nov. 1st Wed. Dec. cattle, corn,

Cona Water, runs 8 m. W. to Invercoe, N. Ar-
gyll, through the wild pass of Glencoe, where
Ossian was born, and under Con flon or Fin-
gal's seat.

Conager (24) near Ballymore Eustace, Mid.

Conagh Isld. (50) Lower Bunratty bar. <!?. Clare.

Condi Muirthemne, or Hy Conal, of the Irish,
was most part of Louth.

ConaT s (St.) Abbey (86) near Kilconnell, E.

P. CONANBRIDGE vil. TJrquhart par. /S. Ross, and
Cromarty. 1 m. SSW. of Dingwall-182, a thriving
place, at the 5-arched bridge on C. River, which
rises in L. Chroisk, S. Ross, and runs 25 m. E.
through Strath C. over some falls to Cromarty
Frith, past C. House, Sir F. Mackenzie, Bt. of

Concamore (136) near Clonakilty bay, S. Cork.


Condate, of the Romans, is KINDERTON, Chesh.,
on Kind Street.

Conder Green ( ) 3 m. S. of Lancaster, N. Lan-
cash. on (7. River, which runs into R. Lune, at its

CONDERCUM, of the Notitia, is BENWELL,
Northmbrld. on Hadrian's Wall, where the Ala
Astorum were placed.

CONDERTON hmlt. (44) Overbury par. S. Wor-
cester. 5m. S. of Pershore-102. Pop. 131. C.
Lodge, W. Water, Esq.

CONDICOTE par. (44) Upper Kiftsgate and
Slaughter hunds. NE. Gloucest. 3m. NW. of
Stow-on -the- Wold-82. Acres 890 ; pop. 165 + 2 ;
poor r. 73/. (Stow U.) ; real prop. 845/. ; charities,
land for fuel. St. Nicholas Rect. (Gl. and Br.)
val. 1581., patr. Rev. W. Bishop and others.

Condie, near , SE. Perth, seat of L. Oli-

phant, Esq.

etc.) NE. Cork, part of the old Feramuighfene
or Fermoy, contains the pars, of Aghacross, Bri-
gown, Clondulane, Fermoy, Kilphelan, Kilworth,
Macroney, Marshalstown, Templemolaga, and
parts of Castelyons, Derryvillane, Dunmahon,
Tarahy, Glan worth, Kilcrumper, Kildorrery,
Kilgullane, Knockmourne, Leitrim, Lismore and
Mocollop, and Litter ; acres 78,481, pop. 43,213,
houses 6511.

Condonstown (53) near Watergrasshill, E. Cork.

CONDORAT vil. Cumbernauld par. SE. Dum-
barton. 3m. SW. of Cumbernauld-32. Pop. 709.

CONDOVER HUNDRED (60) Mid. Salop, con-
tains the divisions of Condover and Cound ; acres
42,840, hilly, with loam, sand, clay ; pop. 7349,
houses 1445. C. DIVISION of the above hund.
contains the pars, of Condover, Frodesley, Lee-
Botwood, Longnor, Church Pulverbatch, Smeth-
cott, Stapleton, Sutton, Woolstaston, and parts of
St. Chad, St. Julian, and Meole-Brace ; acres
25,410, pop. 4696, houses 967. (3- CONDOVER
par. in the above hund. 4 m. S. of Shrewsbury
-153, on a branch of R. Severn, contains Bayston,
Chatford, and Dorrington. Acres 10,540; pop.
1550 + 10 ; poor r. 38U (Atcham U.) ; real prop.
12.081/. ; charities 66/., of which Pryce's for edu-

HH 3




eation 11. St Andrew Vie. (Lich.) val. 2587.,
patr. E. W. S. Owen, Esq., of C. Hall, which was
built by Ch. Justice Owen about 1590, and has a
fine collection ; church has, with other tombs of
the family, one by Roubiliac. C. Grove, i m. SW.

Condura House (30) near Truro, W. Cornwall,
W. Bazeley, Esq.

Condurrow Copper Mine ( ) near Camborne,
W. Cornwall.

Cone Isld. and C. Isld. South (3) in Broad-
haven harbour, N. Mayo.

Conesby (86) 8 m. E. of Crowle, N. Lincoln.

Coney Beds, i. e. rabbit burrows ( ) a roman
bell-shaped camp on Hay Fell, near Kendal, S.
Westtnrld. 128 ft. wide at one end, 224 diam. at the
other which is circular, 208 at the sides, with two
entrenchments inside ; it commands a fine view
of 3 or 4 counties, even to Beaumaris in Wales.
^ C. Green (47) 6 m. NE. of Dunmow, N. Es-
sex. giT C. Isld. (2) in Lough Neagh, N. Ar-
magh, lisp C. Isld., or Innisdadrom ( 50) at R.
Fergus's mouth, S. Clare. tgT Coney Isld. ( )
N. side of' Long isld. S. Cork, going to Crook-
haven. |f^- C. Isld. (46) 4 m. S. of Inch isld.
E. Donegal, in Lough Swilly. ^ C. Isld. (7, 8,
13) or Inishmulcloghy, N. Sligo, in Sligo bay,
near Oyster isld. belongs to J. Meredith, Esq.
^ C. Isld. (39) in Upper Lough Erne, S. Fer-

CONEYBOROUGH vil. (12) Coolestown bar. NE.
Kildare, near Edenderry-37. Pop. 162.

CONEYSTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Barton-le-Strect,
par. N. R. York. 4m. W. of New Malton-217.
Acres 1150; pop. 170; real prop. 10117.

CONEYTHORPE tnshp. ( ) Goldsborough par.
W. R. York. 3 m. ENE. of Knaresboro'-202. Acres
800 ; pop. 118 + 2 ; poor r.97.(Gt.Ouseburn Incorp.),

Coneywarren House ( ) near Omagh, Mid. Ty-
rone, T. Houston, Esq.

CONFEY par. (6) N. Salt bar. N. Kildare, 4 m.
NE. of Celbridge-14, on Royal canal, has the
keep, etc. of an old castle noticed by Camden.
Acres 1129; pop. 135, decreasing. Living, a
Rect. with Leixlip.

P. a.. CONG par. (26-7, etc.) Ross bar. N. Gal-
Kay, and (120-1, 123) Kilmaine bar. S. Mayo,
6 m. SW. of Ballinrobe, 154 from Dublin, a petty
sessions town, between Loughs Mask and Corrib,
under the Joyce Country hills, belonged to the
Connaught kings, and has the gate, norman win-
dow, etc. of the monastery found. 664 by St. Fe-
chan, where the last irish king, Roderic O'Connor,
died. Acres 37,728, with building stone; pop.
8835 + 46, of vil. 364. Living, a Rect. (Tu. K. A.)
val. 414/., patr. Bishop. Strandhill, T. Elwood,
Esq. Caves, druid. remains, etc. and a cross are
to be seen. Another fine cross of 1 1th cent, is at
the Dublin I. Academy.

Congash, near , Inverness. J. Grant, Esq.

Cangavata of the Romans, is STANWICKS, Cum-
brld. on the Wall, near Carlisle.

CONGERSTOX par. (63) Sparkenhoe wap. W.
Leicest. 3m. NW. of Mkt Bosworth-106, on R.
Anker and Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal. Acres
1020 ; pop. 267+ 9 ; poor r. 407. (Mkt. Bosw. U.) ;
real prop. 10997. ; charities 137. St. Mary Rect.
(Pet.) val. 2187., patr. Earl Howe of Gopsall.

CONGHAM par. (69) Freebridge Lynn bund.
NW. Norfolk, 6 m. ENE. of Lynn-96, the birth-
place of Spelman (1564-1641). Acres 3260 ; pop.

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