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326 + 3 ; poor r. 1647. (Freebridge L.U.) ; real prop.
28807. ; charities, 19 acres fuel allotment St.
Andrew Rect. (Norw.) val. 4537., patr. J. Roper,
Esq. C. Hall, J m. N.

P. M. CONGLETON chplry. (81) Astbury par.
4'. Cheshire, 28m. E. of Chester, 162 from Lon-

j don (156 by N. Stafdsh. rail.), in a hollow of R.
Dane, near Macclesfield canal, is Cogletone of
' Domesdy.' and a polling place and municipal
boro', chartered 1625 by Jas. I., and by the late
act divided into 3 wards, governed by a mayor,
6 aid. 18 council, with the style of "mayor, aid.
and burgesses of boro' of C.," and revenue of 8717.
Acres 2500, besides a small part of Buglawton ;
pop. 9222, in the silk, cotton, and riband trade, etc. ;
houses 1832, many timbered, with 8 churches and
chapels, guildhall, mkt. house, and assembly room,
bank, savings bk. (56,6267. from 1523 depositors),
gas-works, gram, school (257.), many factories, in-
cluding Pattison's built 1752 of 5 stories, 240 ft.
long ; poor r. 18637. on 17,9227. ; real prop. 23,6777. ;
charities 2717. St Peter Cur. (Ches.) val. 1437.,

, patr. Mayor and Corp. ; church, built 1740. St.
James and St. Stephen Curs, each 1307., Crown
and Bishop. Gloves and tagged leather laces, or
Congleton points, were made here; Whitehurst
the engineer was a native ; President Bradshaw,
a resident and some time mayor. It was noted
for bear-baiting, cock-fights, and other sports;
and gives title of baron to the Parnells. A short
rail, runs to the lime quarries at Mole Cop.
Eaton Hall, G. C. Antrobus, Esq. ; Buglawton
Hall, S. Pearson, Esq. Congl. P. L. Union, con-
tains the pars, (with their tnshps.), etc. of Bid-
dulph in Staff., Alsager, Astbury, Brereton-
Congleton, Sandbach, Swettenham, with Elton,
Moston, Tetton, in Ches. ; acres 50,357, pop. 29,040,
cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 2519 (out-door 1436),
expend. 62947., prop, rated 112,6577. Sup. Re-
gistry comprises the same up to Swettenham ;
pop. 29,037 + 261. The New County Court district
corresponds with the Registry. Mkt. D. Sat
Fairs, Th. before Shrovetide, 12 May, 12 Julv,
22 Nov.

Congor House (10) nearBorrisokane, N.Tippery.
N. Biddulph, Esq.

P. CONGRESBURY par. (19) Winterstoke hund.
NE. Somerset. 6 m. N. of Axbridge-130, on R.Yeo,
near Brist. and Ex. rail, and once a mkt. town, is
said to have had a college found. 711 by St. Con-
gar, an eastern prince. Acres 4280, marshy near
the sea ; pop. 1380 + 6 ; poor r. 6997. (Axbr. U.) ;

i real prop. 11,9907.; charities 147. St. Andrew
Vic. (Ba, and W.) val. with St. Lawrence Wick

8007., patr. R. Hunt, Esq. ; church, has norman

; font The fine mkt cross stands on 5 tiers of
steps. The Dolemoors, or common land, were

i formerly distributed annually by lot, in single

! acres. Fair, 14 Sept.

Congreve (62) near Penkridge, Mid. Stafford.
was the birthplace of Bp. Kurd (1720-1808).

Conholt Park (12) 5 m. NE. of Ludgershall,
NW. Hants. E. P. Meadows, Esq., a meet for Mr.
A. Smith's hounds.

CONHOPE tnshp. (55) Avmestrv par. N. Here-
ford. 6 m. NW. of Leominster-137. Pop. 72.

Coningbeg Rock, 3 m. SSW. of Saltee islds.
S. Wexford, in lat 52 4? N., long. G 39' W., has
a fixed light, building. About 2 m. S. of it is the
Saltee light ship; and Coningmore Rock is li in.

CONINGSBY par. (70, 83) Horncastle Soke, Mid.
Lincoln, close to Tattershall-128, on Rs. Bain and

| Witham and Horncastle canal, contains Haven-

j Bank and Langrick-Feny. Acres 5560; pop.
2020+25; poor r. 12757* (Horncas. U.); real

! prop. 76527. ; charities 827., of which 77. to Kil-
ham's and Boawer's schools. St. Michael Rect.

I (Line.) val. 6447., patr. Sir G. Heathcote, Bt. M.P.,
some time held by Eusden, poet laureate, and
Dyer, who wrote his^' Fleece' here.


CONINGTON par. (57) Papworth hund. W. Cam-
bridge. 3 m. S. of St. ives-62. Acres 1477 ; pop.
196; poorr. 1197. (St. IvesU.); real prop. 171 1/.;
charities, town lands 197. St. Mary Rect. (Ely)
val. 238/., patr. Bishop. C. House, J. M. Ileath-
cote, Esq. (Jap" CONINGTON par. (64) Norman-
Cross hund. N. Hunts. 7 in. W. of Ramsey-69,
near Ermine St. and C. Fen, belonged to Torquil
the Dane in Canute's time (of whose castle
there are traces), and came through Waltheof
the Conqueror's nephew, David I. earl of Hunt-
ingdon, the Braces, and Wesenhams, to Cotton
the antiquary. Acres 3000 ; pop. 224 + 2 ; poor
r. HO/. (Hunts. U.) ; real prop. 3806/. ; charities,
Orem's school 157. All Saints Rect. some time
held by Bp. Mawson (Ely) val. 508/,, patr. J.
Heathcote, Esq. of C. House ; church, has 2 cha-
pels, norman font, tombs of the Cottons, and a
tablet to Prince David. A farm stands on the
site of Cotton's house, near which he found the
skeleton of a fish (20 ft. long) 6 ft. below the sur-
face, and as much above the fen level.

P. 3. CONISBKOUGH par. (87) Strafford wan.
W. R. York. 5 m. SW. of Doncaster-162, near N.
Midld. rail., on a hill by R, Don, containing Clif-
ton, vras the Caer Conan of the Britons, Cyning-
burgh, or Conanburgh, or King's town of the
Saxons, and has remains of a norman castle built
on the site of an older one at the Conquest by
Will, de Warren, where Rich, de C. earl of Cam-
bridge (Ed. III.'s grandson) was born. Acres 4000 ;
pop. 1445 + 10 ; poor r. 4467. (Doncas. U.) ; real
prop. 7469/. ; charities 321., of which 87. to school.
St. Peter Vic. (Yk.) val. 206/., patr. Archbp. ;
church, norman and later styles, with tombs of
the Bosvilles and others, and a chantry. The
polygonal keep 78 ft. high is almost entire, and
there are remains of the walls. Roman coins
have been found.

P. CONISCLIFFE par. ( ) SE. Darlington ward.
S. Durham, 3 m. W. of Darlington-241, on R.
Tees, containing C., HIGH, tnshp. (pop. 244) and
Low C. and Carlbury, is a station on the roman
way to Binchester, where coins and altar have
been found. Acres 2950, with limestone; pop.
422 + 19 ; poor r. 707. (Darling. U.) ; real prop.
25327.; charities, Bowes' 127. St. Edwin Vic.
(Dur.) val. 2167., patr. Bishop ; church, on a hill,
commanding a fine prospect. Magce is placed
here by Horsley. 1^ C., Low, tnshp. as above,
2 m. SE. Acres 1250 ; pop. 134 ; real prop. 1477/.

Conishead Priory ( ) 2 m. SSE. of Ulverstone,
N. Lancash. seat of T. R. G. Braddyll, Esq., on
the site of a monastery found. (Hen. II.) by Ga-
briel de Pennington, is in pointed style, com-
manding fine views.

CONISHOLME par. (84) Louth-Eske hund. NE.
Lincoln. 7 m. NE. of Louth-143. Acres 1680 ;
pop. 146 ; poor f. 437. (Louth U.) ; real prop.
17517. St. Peter Rect. (Line.) val. 2507., patr.
Earl of Ripon ; church, has brass of J. Langholm
and fam. (1515).

CONISTON tnshp. ( ) Swine par. E. R. York.
5 m. NNW. of Hedon- 182, is a meet for Sir
C. Constable's hounds. Acres 600; pop. 110;
poor r. 247. (Skirlaugh U.) ; real prop. 8787.
<Sf CONISTON chplry. ( ) with Kilnsay, Burn-
sail par. W.R. York. 10 m. N. of Skipton-216, on
R. Wharfe. Acres 5380 ; pop. 172 + 1 ; poor r.
717. (Skipt. U.); real prop. 27707. ; charities 51.
St. Marj' Cur. with Burnsall.

P. CONISTON, COLD, tnshp. ( ) Gargrave par.
W. R. York. 6 m. WNW. of Skipton-216, on R.
Aire, contains Bell Busk. Acres 1710 ; pop. 242 ;
poor r. 407. (Skipt. U.) ; real prop. 16247. ; chari-
ties 31. with hospital land. Liting, a Cur. (Rip.)



val. I, patr. J. B. Garforth, Esq. $&~ C.,
CHURCH, chplry. ( ) Ulverstone par. 1J m.
SW. of the following, under the Old Man fell
(2576ft. high). Acres 7210; pop. 1148; real
prop. 42897., of which 22957. on mines ; charities
2/. Living, a Cur. (Ches.) val. 117/., patr. T. R.
G. Braddyll, Esq. C. Hall, the old seat of the

P. CONISTON, MONK, tnshp. ( ) with Skel-
with, Hawkshead par. N. Lancash. 2 m. W. of
Hawkshead-267, at the head of C. Water, as be-
low. Acres 5420, with slate and copper at C.
Fells ; pop. 470 + 8 ; real prop. 26547. ; charities 71.

Conistone, or Thurston, Water, which joins the
sea by R. Crake, is 6 m. by , and about 30 fath.
deep, abounding with fine char and trout, and
some fine scenery. Yewdale, Tilberthwaite, and
other hills near it.

ConKslmry (81) 2 m. S. of Bakewell, Mid. Derby.

Conkwell (19)2 m.NW. of Bradford, NW. Wilts.
on R. Avon.

Conlanstoivn (10) near Ballinacarrig, NW.

CONLEG vil. (6) Ardsbar. N. Down, near New-
townards-109. Pop. 294.

ConlyMd(Yl) in Lough Strangford, NE.Down.

Conmacne of the Irish, was Brenny in Long-
ford, the O'Farrells' country. Others were in
Dumore bar. and Ballynahinch bar. Galway, and
Kilmaine bar. Mayo; and C. Rein was the
O'Rourkes' country, or Leitrim.

Conmenoule Bay, 3 m. NNE. of Gt. Blasquet isld.

Conn Lough (38-9, 47-8) between the bars, of
Carra, Gallen, and Tirawly, N. Mayo, 8 m. long
and 4 wide, 1838 ft. above the sea.

CONNA vil. (46) Kinnatatoon bar. E. Cork, a
police station, 8 m. E. of Ratharmach-142, on R.
Bride, has the remains of Desmond's castle, burnt
1653. Pop. 434, some in the salmon and trout

Connackan, the highest point of St. Kilda, in
the Atlantic, is 1380 ft. high.

CONNAOULLEW hmlt. (22) Ballinahinch bar.
NW. Galway, 3m. NW. of Clifden- 178.

CONNADOSSANS hmlt. (24) Ballinahinch bar.
NW. Galway, 9m. NE. of Clifden-178.

CONNAGE vil. Ruthven par. N. Banff. 4 m. SW.
of Cullen-169. ^T COURAGE vil. Petty par. N.
Inverness. 5m. N. of Inverness-161, on Moray
Frith. Pop. 97, fishermen.

Connal Ferry, 2 m. N. of Oban, N. Argyll, across
L. Etive's mouth, near Dunstaffnage Cast.

CONNAUGHT PROVINCE in W. Ireland, beyond
the Shannon, the least advanced of any, was a
kingdom of the O'Conors, made shire ground about
1590, and contains Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Ros-
common, Sligo, including Connemara, Joyce's
Country, Erris, Tyrawley, and other tracts,
with Loughs Arrow, Conn, Corrib, Garra, Mask,
etc. Length from L. Derg to Donegal bay 107 m.,
greatest breadth westward to Achill head 110,
av. ditto 86 ; relative size 211 l-10,000ths, or about
l-5th of Ireland. It contains 6863 sq. m., chiefly
mountain limestone E. of Ls. Corrib and Conn,
and schistose and granite W. ; 4,392,043 acres,
of which 2,220,960 are arable, 1,906,002 unculti-
vated, mountain, bog, etc., 212,864 water, 48,430
plantations, 3877 in towns and vils., the an.
val. being 1,334,4387. or 1,816,1127., averaging.
8s. Gd. per acre according to M'Culloch, and val.
of stock 3,369,0787. ; 255,694 families, of whom
223,356 are employed in agricult., 38,534 in ma-
nufact, trade, etc. ; 1,418,859 persons, of whom
711,017 are females; 243,192 houses, besides 0085
uninhabited ; constitutes a judge's circuit and ft
presbytery, and corresponds to the rom. cath.

H ii 4




archdiocese of Tuam. C. Presbytery, includes
Ballina, Ballymote, Killala, Sligo, Turlough,

lin, seat of Lord Plunket

CONNELL BARONY (17-8, etc.) Mid. Kildare,
contains the pars, of Greatconnell, Ladytown,
Morristownville, Oldconnell, Rathanan, and part
of Feighcullen, Kildare, and Kilmeagle; acres
347,867, an. val. 19,092/., pop. 9949, houses 1670.



CONNELL (LOWER) BARONY (19-21, etc.) N.
Limerick, part of the old Hy-Figinte, contains the
pars, of Askeaton, Cappagh, Clonagh, Clonshire,
Croagh, Doondonnell, Kilsconnell, Lismakeery,
Morgans, Rathheale, Tomdeely, and part of Kil-
bradran, and Nantinan ; acres 50,600, pop. 23,898,
houses 3892. C. (UPPER) BARONY (45-47, etc.)
S. Limerick, part of Hy-ConaU-gaura, contains
the pars, of Ballingarry, Cloncagh, Cloncrew,
ColmanswelJ, Dromcolliha, Kilfinny, Kilmeedy,
and parts of Adare, Bruree, Corcomohede, Croom,
Brehidtarsna, and Kilbolane ; acres 61,257, pop.
29,814, houses 4681.

Connemara, i. e. ' bays of the great sea,'
another name for BALLYNAHINCH bar. NW. Gal-
way, W. of L. Corrib, most of which belonged
to Martin, of Ballynahinch, who held 196,540
acres (upwards of 300 sq. mis.) under a mortgage
to the Law Life office, including the bars, of Ross
( Joyce's country, all mountain), and Moycullen
(lar or Jar Connaught, chiefly bog). This penin-
sula, lying between Gal way bay and the Killeries, is
20 m. by 24, with about 20 good harbours and inlets,
stored with fish, shell, sand, etc., has a mild
climate, a limestone bottom, plenty of reclaimable
bog, and hardly any part above 5 m. from lake or
sea. Good marble is quarried ; and among other
rare plants are, erica mediterranea (under Urris-
beg), menziesia polifolia (belonging to S. Europe,
and found here only in Ireld.), eriocaulon septan-
gulare (in lakes), etc,

Conner (33) 6m. WSW. of Redruth, SW.

CONNERIE vil. St Brelade par. I. of Jersey,
Channel Islds. Pop. 39.

CONNONAGH vil. (134) E. Carbery bar. S.
Cork, 3 m. NW. of Ross Carbery-196.

ifr CONNOR par. (37-8, 43-4) Low Antrim bar.
Mid. Antrim, 6 m. N. of Antrim-106, on R. Glen-
wherry, containing Kells, the seat of a diocese
sometimes called Dalriada, found, it is said as early
as the 6th cent, by St. Macnise, and now united
along with Down (to which it was joined 1442)
to Dromore. Acres 17,135, with bog; pop.
8272, decreasing, of vil. 265. Living, a Vic.
(Dn. C. D.) with 3 others, val. 248/.,patr. Bishop ;
church, b. 1815. The cathedral is at Lisburn, and
diocesan school at Ballymena. C. DIOCESE, pro-
vince of Armagh, extends 57 m. by 30^, or 740,623
acres over most part of Antrim, and parts of Lon-
dondy. and Down, and contains 72 pars, or 61
benefices, of which 10 are unions, 25 in patr. of
Bp., 6 in Crown. The chapter consists of a dean,
9 rural deans, and deacon, precentor, chancellor,
treasurer, 4 prebendaries. In the Mom. cath. di-
vision, it is united with Down. Fairs, 1 Feb.
2 May, 2 Aug. 28 Oct.

Connor Rocks (51) 2 m. N. of Gt. Blasquet
isld. W. Kerry.

Connsbrook (4) near Belfast, N. Down.

CONOCK tythg. (14) Churton par. Slid. Wilts.
4 m. SE. of Devizes-89, under the Ridge Way.
Pop. 160. C. House, E. Warriner, Esq.

CONONLEY tnshp. ( ) Kildwick par. W. R. {

York. 2 m. S. of Skipton-216, on Leeds and Liverp,
canal and Midld. rail. Acres 1510; pop. 1159;
poor r. 342Z. (Skipt. U.). C. Hall, Rev. J. Swire.

Conovium of the Romans, is Caer Khun, Carnrv.
near Conway, on R. Conway, the Conovius (or
Toiscbius) Fluv.

CONRY par. (24-5) Rathconrath bar. Mid.
Westmeath, 4 m. E. of Ballymore-72, under St.
Patrick's Bed, on Usbuagh hill. Acres 3697,
good, with bog and limestone ; pop. 908, decreas-
ing. Living, a Vic. with Churchtown. Charle-
ville, J. H. Kelly, Esq.

Consall Hall ( ) 4m. N. by W. of Cheadle, N.
Stafford. J. Leigh, Esq.

CONSIDE tnshp. ( ) with Knitsley, Lanchester
par. N. Durham, 8 m. N. of Walsingham-256,
near R. Derwent, and Stanhope and Tyne rail.
Acres 3440; pop. 195 + 5; poor r. 29Z. (Lanchest.
U.) ; real prop. 1694i C. Park, .

Consols Copper Mines (31) near Gwennap, W.
Cornwall, about 300 fath. deep, employing 1000

Constable HOI (4) 2 m. SW. of Hacketstown,
NE. Carlow, 759 ft. high, ^f Constable Sand,
between Gt. Orme's head and Chester bar. off
the coast of N. Denbigh, is 5 m. long, lying E.
and W. with 2 to 9 fath. on it.

P. CONSTANTINE par. (31) Kerrier hund. SW.
Cornwall, 5 m. SW. of Falmouth-269, a meet
for the Four Barrow hounds, and petty sess.
town, on R. Hel, of which there are fine views.
Acres 8470 (or 6883), granite, porphyry, etc. ; pop.
2042 + 4, in the copper and tin mines, and oyster
fisheries ; poor r. 5797. (Falmo. U.) ; real prop.
8488Z. St. Constantino Vic. (Exet.) val. 450A,
patr. Dean and Chap. ; church, once collegiate ( ?),
has tombs of the Gerveyses of Bonathlock, now
belonging to Gryll of Helston. The Tolmen,
an egg-shaped granite rock of 33 ft., weighing
750 tons, is here. Merther, Sir R. Vyvyan, Bt ;
Carwytbenack, W. Hill, Esq.

Constantine Isld. (30) 4 m. W. of Padstow, Mid.
Cornwall, in C. Bay, near Trevose head.

CONTIN par. S. Ross. 6 m. WSW. of Dingwall
-182, on Rs. Conan, Rasay, Grudie, includes Lochs
Achilty, Lichart, Bran, Fannich, Chrosk, Kinellan,
with plenty of fish. Size 20 m. by ( ?), moun-
tainous, with good corn land, limestone, shell
marl ; pop. 1770, gaelic-speaking, decreasing ;
real prop. 6444Z. ; for poor 2717. Living (presb.
Dingw.) val. 265/., patr. Crown ; church, on an
isld. in the Conan. At Kinellan farm is a fine
echo. Coul, Sir G. S. Mackenzie, Bt., chief heri-
tor. C. Castle, . Fairs, 13 Jan. o. s. 23 May,
23 Aug. or Wed. after.

Convanmore (34) 2 m. SE. of Castletownroche,
NE. Cork, on R. Blackwater,Earl of Listowel. C.,
Upper, 1 m. N.

CONVETH par. is joined to KILTARLITY, Inver-
ness ; and another to LAURENCEKIRK, Kincardine.

CONVIL, or CYNAVYL-IN-ELVET, par. chplry.
(41) Elvet hund. W. Carmarthen. 5 m. NW. of
Carmarthen-218, on R. Gwili, through which
Hen. VII., when Earl of Richmond, is said to
have marched. Pop. 1651 + 9 ; poor r. 394/. (Car-
mar. U.) ; real prop. 5026Z. ; charities 23/., chiefly
to school. St. Michael Cur. with Abernant. Above
the Line bank, which is 18ft. high and 1 m.
long, are remains of a large cromlech, commanding
a fine view.

P. CONVOY par. (60-1, 68-9) Raphoe bar. Mid.
Donegal, 21 m. NE. of Donegal-143, on R. Dale,
was part of Raphoe, up to 1825. Acres 20,082,
with bog and mountain ; pop. 5479 + 9, vil.
365 + 1. Living, a Cur. (Dy. R.) val. 84/., patr.
Dean of Raphoe. Fairs, 1 Feb. 17 May, 21 June,


1 Aug. 26 Oct. 3 Nov. 2 Dec. C. House, R. G.
Montgomery, Esq.

CONWAL par. (51-3, etc.) Raphoe and Kilma-
crenan bars. Mid. Donegal, containing Letter-
kenny-146, had an abbey found, in 6th cent.
Acres 45,270, with bog and waste ; pop. 12,666,
decreasing. Living, a Rect. (Dy. R.) val. 894/.,
patr. Trin. Coll. Ballymacool, J. R. Boyd, Esq.

* P. M. &. CONWAY, or CONWY, par. (78) Isaf
bund. NE. Carnarvon. 18 m. ENE. of Carnarvon,
224 from London (by Ches. and Holyhd. rail.), near
the roman Conovium, and R. Conway's mouth,
is a very old-fashioned place, petty sess. town
and contributory boro' to Carnarvon, first chartered
by Edw. I., and governed by a mayor (who is con-
stable of the castle), 2 bailiffs, recorder, etc. ; had
a cistertian priory found. 1185, by Llewelyn-ap-
Jorworth, and afterwards moved to Maynan, but
is most celebrated for its noble castle, b. by Edw.
1283, occupied by Rich. II. 1389, when he ab-
dicated, garrisoned for Ch. I. by Abp. Williams,
taken by Mytton 1646, and dismantled by the
Earl of Conwy. Pop. of boro' (which includes
parts of Gyffin and Dwy-gy-fylchi) 1828, of
par. 1358 + 11, in the ship-building and coasting
trade, through the port, which is a member of
Beaumaris, some in the pearl muscle fisheries ;
houses 294, mostly half timbered and ancient, and
entirely within the old walls, with 4 chapels, bank,
school, the Plas Mawr b. 1585 (an old seat of the
Wynnes), the suspension bridge b. by Telford 1822
-6, 327 ft. long, 18 ft. above high water, and sup-
ported by 8 chains over 2 piers, and Stephenson's
tubular br., the earliest of the kind, b. 1847-8 (the
first tube placed 6 Mar.-17 Apr.), 24ft. above tide,
each tube being 412 ft. by 14, 22 high at the
ends (increasing to 25^), 1300 tons wt., and co-
vered with galvanized iron ; poor r. 436/. on 2718/. ;
real prop. 47051. ; charities 527. St. Mary Vic.
(Ban.) val. 12U, patr. Sir D. Erskine, Bt, whose
seat is here ; church, has a carved black font,
screen, stained glass, and tomb of Nic. Hookes,
who was the 41st child of his father, and had 27
children. The walls, with their 24 round towers
and 4 gates, form a triangle, about 1 m. in circuit
and 12 to 15 ft. thick ; at one corner on a high
rock is the castle, b. 1284, by Hen. de Elreton,
which served as the model of others in Wales, and
is divided into two wards, once defended by 8
circular embattled towers of 40 ft., with smaller
machicolated turrets at the top, commanding
very fine views ; 4 of these (the king's, queen's,
tur darn or broken tower, and another) remain,
part of the entrance, the great early eng. hall 130
ft. by 32, and 20 high, another 29 by 22, Q.
Eleanor's oratory, terraces, etc. It belongs to the
Marq. of Hertford, who takes hence the title of
baron. Abp. Williams was a native (1582-1650).
An embankment of 2013 ft. crosses the sands from
Telford's br. ; and a steamer runs to Liverpool.
Conway P. L. Union, contains the pars. etc. of
Caerhun, Conway, Dolgarrog, Dwygyfylchi, Eg-
Iwys-rhos, Eirias, Gyffin, Llanbedr, Llangwsten-
nin, Llangelynin, Llandudno, Llysfaen, in Cam.,
and Llandrillo,Llanelian,Llansain'tffraed, in Denb. ;
acres > pop. 10,706, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7)
1186 (all out-door), expend. 4104/., prop, rated
33.83oi Sup. Registry comprises the same, except
Llandrillo in Denb., and Dolgarrog, Eirias, in
Cam. ; pop. 10,706 + 100. The New County Court
district corresponds with the Registry. Mkt. D.
Frid. Fairs, 26 Mar. 30 Apr. 20 June, 10 Aug.
16 Sept. 20 Oct.

Conway River (75-8) rises near Llyn-Conwy,
SE. Carnarvon, and runs 24 m. N. to the sea,
passing Llanrwst, Trefriw (to which it is navi-



gable), and Conway, below which it forms a dry
bar harbour, the tide rising only 12 ft. at the quay,
where the river is about J m. across. Beyond the
sands outside, which are 3 m. over, and on which
pearl muscles are caught, is Gt. Orme's head.

Cayo hund. NE. Carmarthen. 1 m. NW\ of Llan-
dovery-191, containing Cwmcothy, Cwmtwrch
Lower, and Maestroyddin, was a roman station on
the Sarn Helen, where a great battle was fought.
Pop. 2108 + 13 ; poor r. 606/. (Llandov. V.) ; real
prop. 8098Z. ; charities 11. St. Cynwyl Vic. (St.
Dav.) with Llansawel, val. 224/., patr. Crown ;
church, large and ancient. Remains of roman
bricks, and of an aqueduct leading to the mines
which were worked, tumuli, two inscriptions,
torques or necklaces, a medallion Diana, and 3000
brass coins of Galienus, Carausius, etc., have been
found : and it has sulphur and iron mineral waters.
Dolcothy, J. Johnes, Esq. Fairs, 30 May, 21 Aug.
6 Oct.

Conyburrows (5) 3 m. N. of Lewes, Mid. Sussex.

Conyngham House ( ) near Knaresboro', W. R.
York, on R. Nidd, seat of Countess Conyngham,
formerly of the Coghills. Near are Conyngarth
saxon, and Gateshill danish, camps.

Coodham, near , Ayr. J. 0. Fairlie, Esq.

Cooga (23) 6 m. N. of Ennis, Mid. Clare.

Coogue ( ) near Ballyhaunis, E. Mayo, J. Dil-
lon, Esq.

COOKBURY par. (26) Bk. Torrington hund. W.
Devon. 4 m. NE. of Holsworthy-214. Acres 2340 ;
pop. 301 + 1 ; poor r. 871. (Holsw. U.) ; real prop.
1142/. ; charities 11. Living, a Cur. with Milton-

COOKHAM HUNDRED (7) E. Berks, contains
Maidenhead, and the pars, of Binfield, Cookham,
and Sunninghill : acres 14,330. pop. 6980, houses

P. COOKHAM par. in the above hund. contain-
ing Cookham Dean Cur. and Maidenhead-26, on
the Thames, near Gt. West, rail., was once a
mkt. town. Acres 6710; pop. 3676 + 34, some
paper-makers ; poor r. 1063/. ; real prop. '23,199Z. ;
charities 40/., with school and Smith's almsh.
Holy Trinity Vic. (Oxon.) val. 480/., patr. J.
Rogers, Esq. ; church, has 5 brasses from 1458,
tombs of Hooke the historian, and the Wash-
ingtons. Cook. P. L. Union, contains the
pars. etc. of Bray, Bisham, Cookham, Hurley,
Shottesbrook, Waltham (White and St. Law-
rence); acres 30,430, pop. 11,060, cases relieved
(yr. 1846-7) 1769 (out-door 833), expend. 4154/.,
prop, rated 58,870Z. Sup. Registry comprises the
same; pop. 11,058+54. It belongs to Windsor
New County Court district, except Bisham and
Hurley, which go to High Wycombe. 1&* C.
DEAU vil. as above, 2 m. W., has a good view of
the river. Living, a Cur. (Oxon.) val. 75/., patr.
Vicar. C. Dean Heath, 1 m. NW.

COOKLEY par. (49) Blything hund. NE. Suffolk,
3m. WSW. of Halesworth-100. Acres mO;
pop. 324 + 4 ; poor r. 202J. (Blyth. U.) ; real prop.
259 U. St. Michael Rect. with Huntingfield;
church, has brass of W. Brown and fam. (1587).
C. Whitehouse, 2 m. E.

P. COOKLEY hmlt. (54-5) Wolverley par. N.
Worcester. 2 m. NNE. of Kidderminster-126, is a
Cur. (Wore.) val. 60/., patr. W. Hancock, Esq.

Cookleygreen (13) 2 m. S. of Wellington, SE.

Cookmount (9) near Monaghan, N. Monaghan.


COOKRIDGE hmlt, ( ) Addle-cum-Eccup tnshp.
W. R. York. 4 m. SE. of Otley-205, seat of R.
Wormald, Esq.



Cook's Cairn, 15m. SW. of Huntley, Mid. Banff.
near Glenlivet, f&- C. Green (48) 10 m. SW.' of
Harwich, NE. Essex. ^- C. Kitchen Mine (31)
near Redruth, W. Cornwall ^ C. Mill Green
(1) 4 m. W. of Chelmsford, W. Essex.

Cooksey Lodge (54) 3 m. SW. of Bromsgrove,
2V. Worcest. near C. Green.

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