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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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for the Consolidated Mine), Camborne and Illogan,
Gwinear, etc., and from Huel Vor (i. e. great
work), and St. Just's in " western" dist. St. Austell
is also a mining district; and Launceston (for
Blackmore), Lostwithiel (for Frymore), Helston
(for Kerrier), but chiefly Truro (for Tywamhaile),
and Penzance (for Penwith), are obsolete stan-
nary courts, to which the metal was brought to
be stamped before the repeal of the duties 1837,
and which sent members to the Stannary parl.,
whose duties are now performed by a vice- warden
at Truro. A strip of carboniferous limestone with
slate and flagstone lines the Attery down to Laun-
ceston, and to the N. is a bed of millstone grit,
with culm, and coal plants. Lead is wrought at
Helston, slate at Liskeard and Denybole near
Tintagel hd., china stone at Stephen's, soap rock
or steatites (used in porcelain) near the Lizard
in the serpentine, along with asbestos ; good
building stone, and iron, cobalt, arsenic, zinc or
spelter, bismuth, mundick or pyrites, are found
in several places, indeed almost every kind of
mineral is to be had, and large collections are seen
at Menabilly and Scorrier Ho. The climate is
itiild and equal, and the soil though sterile on the
moorlands, is fruitful in the valleys and many
parts on the sea, where, being well manured with
sand, shells, weed, pilchards, it yields good crops
of naked barley or pillez (70 to 80 bush, per acre
sometimes), wheat, and potatoes of the last,
about Penzance, 300 to GOO bush, per acre have
been raised. Cattle and sheep are crossed with
Devon breeds, and mules are reared for walking
the hills. Farms are small, and let from 7 to 21
yrs., or on leases of three lives ; farm buildings
middling ; and agriculture, which is secondary
to mining, is backward but improving. From
July to September, the people on the coast
from Looe round to Padstow, turn fishermen
for pilchards, of which about 21,000 hogsheads
are produced chiefly for exportation ; red mullet,
turbot, mackerel, conger eel, oysters, etc., are
caught. A few woollens are made at Calling-
ton, etc., for home consumption. Besides the
rivers above, there are the Fal, Hel, Heyl or
Hayle all short and unimportant except for
the harbours at their mouths ; and a holy well
at St. Keyne. On the coast are found the cornish
chough and other wild-fowl, fine-coloured sands,
corals, and many aquatic and other plants as
fuci, conferva;, ulva? or laver, gentian, samphire,
wild flax, sweet briar (Land's End), and myrtle
while the whortleberry, heath, valerian, service,
etc., are found inland. Among the antiquities,
are druid remains, as the Hurlers, Cheesewring,
and a cromlech near St. Cleer which has a famous
holy well, Piran Round near St. Agnes, Men-
amber logan stone near Helston, Dance Maen and
other circles round St. Burian, Carnbrae near
Redruth, i.e. Tre-druith or druid's town though
many stones called druidical here and elsewhere,
seem to be purely natural ; Chun Castle and
Cast, an Dinas either british or the work of
the Danes who have left many barrows, etc. on
the hills ; castles at Launceston, Trematon, Lost-
withiel, Restormel all belonging to the old earls
of C., also Pengerswick, St. Michael's Mount,
Tintagel or K. Arthur's, who was a native ; old
churches at Probus (fine tower), Truro, St. Jieot's



(with many stained windows), Duloe (with slate
sculptures^, St. Germain's and Bodmin (both old
cathedrals) ; priory ruins at Rialton ; hermitage
at St. Roche. Around the Scilly islds., which
number 140 now, but only 10 in Strabo's time,
remains of buildings are seen in the water, and
the tract towards the main, it is said, was swal-
lowed up about 1099. On the Gilstone, Sir C.
Shovell and 4 ships were lost. At Camelford,
K. Arthur fell, 542, after killing his false nephew
Mordred ; and Sir R. Hopton beat the parl. forces
at Stratton 1643. At Mousehple, DollyPentraeth,
the last cornish-speaking native, died' 1788 ; and
a descendant of the Constantine emperors is buried
at Llandulph. St. David was a native of Alter-
non, the good knight Sir Tristram of Carlyon,
Earl of Chatham of Boconnoc, Davy of Penzance.
Borlase, who wrote the co. history, died at
Ludgvan, Polwhele at Manaccan. Some of the
seats are : Earl of Mt. Edgecumbe Cotehele (very
ancient) and Mt. Edgecumbe (which belongs to
Devon) Duke of Leeds Godolphin, D. of North-
umberld. Werrington, Earl St. Germain's Port
Elliot, Earl Falmouth Tregothnan, Baroness Basset
Tehidy, Lord Clinton Trefusis, Ld. Vivian Glynn,
Lemon Bt. Carclew, Palk Bt. Haldon, Molesworth
Bt. Pencarrow, Rashleigh Bt. Prideaux, Tre-
lawney Bt. Trelawney, Vyvyan Bt. Trelowarren
(very old), Price Bt. Trengwainton, Hawkins
Bt. Trewinnard, Call Bt. Whitford, Carew of
Anthony (where the author of the ' Survey ' was
born), Peter of Harlyn, Paynter of Boskenna,
Trevanion of Carhayes, Hoskin of Carynes, St.
Aubyn of Clowance, Trelawney of Coldrinnick,
Grylls of Helston, Trelawney of Harewood, Tre-
mayne ofHeligan, Agar of Llanhydrock, Rashleigh
of Menabilly, Buller of Morval, Sandys of St.
Minver, Pendarves of Pendarves, Rogers of Pen-
rose, Coryton of Pentilly, Hext of Restormel,
Carlyon of Tregehan, Tremenheere of Treneere,
Gregor of Trewarthenick, Hawkins of Trewithian,
Archer of Trelaske : where many of the names verify
the old rhyme " By Tre, Pol, and Pen, You may
know the Cornishmen." Treflry and Trerice are
very old mansions. Short canals are cut from
Bude Haven to Launceston, with a branch to
Holsworthy ; and from St. Cleer and Liskeard to
St. Looe ; and rails, for mining purposes run from
Blisland and Bodmin to Wadebridge, Roche to
St. Blazey, St. Austell to Pentewan, St. Ives bay
to Camborne, Redruth, and Perranarworthal, with
branches to Pontreath and Godolphin. Roads
from Bodmin are : 1. Along the moors to Alternon
11, Launceston 19, thence to Oakhampton 37.
2. To St. Breward 7, Camelford 11, Davidston 15,
Stratton 27. 3. Liskeard 13 (thence to Calling-
ton 21, Tavistock 31), Castle French 17, Saltash
25, Plymouth 30; or St. Germain's 21, Torpoint,
opposite Devonport, 27; or to Boconnoc 8, E.
Looe 16. 4. Lostwithiel 5 (Fowey 11), St.
Blazey 10, St. Austell 14 ; or by Hensbarrow to
Austell 10. thence to Grampound 15, Tregony 18,
St. Mawe s, opposite Falmo', 27. 5. Along the
moors to Fraddeh 11 (StColumb 14), St. Michael
14 (Truro 20, Penryn 28, Falmo' 30, Helston 35,
and the Lizard 45), Redruth 27, Camborne 31,
Hayle 37 (St. Ives 41), Marketiew 42, Pen-
zance 44, Sennen (close to Land's End) 52 ; or to
St. Just's 51. The proposed C. Bail, of 81 m. is
to go from Plymo' to Liskeard, Lostwithiel, St.
Austell, Truro, Redruth, Penzance with branches
to Padstow and Falmo' ; capital 2,266,6667., reed,
(to June 1849) 196,9537. West. C. Rail., to be
31 J m. long, has 17 m. from Redruth to Hayle
made (since 1834) ; cap. 792,9607., reed. 207,7727.,
expend. 204,7177. For excise district,

ii 3




>Ji C. ARCHDEACONRY, dioc. of Exeter, contains
the deaneries of East, West, Trigge Major and
Minor, Powdre, Pydre, Kerrier, Penwithe.

CORNWALL par". (44) Chadlington bund. NW.
Oxford. 3 m. W. of Chipping Norton-73. Acres
820 ; pop. 97 ; poor r. 651. (C. Norton U.) ; real
prop. 13587. Living, a Red. (Oxon.) val. 140?.,
patr. Ld. Chancellor. C. House, late seat of the

Cornwalliss House ( ) 1 m. W. of Bristol, 8.
Gloucest. Lady King.

CORNWOOD par. (25) Ermington hund. 8. De-
von. 8 m. ENE. of Plymouth-216, on R. Yealm,
near S. Devon, rail., contains Ivybridge Cur.
Acres 10,680, hilly ; pop. 1080 + 3 ; poor r. 4227.
(Plympton U.) ; real prop. 63797. ; charities 68/.,
freeschool, etc. St. Michael Vic. (Exet.) val. 405?.,
patr. Bishop ; church, early eng. Blatchford, Sir
J. L. Rogers, Bt. Fairs, 1st Mon. May, 4th Mon.
Sept. cattle.

CORNWORTHY par. (33) Coleridge hund. S.
Devon. 4 m. SSE. of Totness-196, on R. Dart,
containing EAST C. hmlt. (pop. 51), Allaleigh,
and Tuckenham, had a few remains of an austin
nunnery found, by the ' lords of Totness.' Acres
2600, with good orchards ; pop. 554 ; poor r. 240/.
(Totn. U.) ; real prop. 32797. ; charities 46?., of
which for education 20?. St. Peter Vic. (Exet.)
val. 2107., patr. Rev. C. Barter.

Coronea (41) near Skibbereen, S W. Cork.

P. CORPACK vil. Kilmalie par. S. Inverness.

2 m. N. of Fort William-153.

Corpham Castle (6 1 ) 6 m. N. of Ludlow, S. Salop.

CORPOSTY par. (68) S. Erpingham hund. N.
Norfolk, 5 m. NW. of Aylsham-118, on R. Bure.
Acres 1350 ; pop. 449 ; poor r. 2027. (Aylsh. U.) ;
real prop. 14237. St. Peter Vic. (Norw.) val. 627.,
patr. Bishop.

Corr Lodge (118) 3 m. N. of Portumna, SE.
Galway, R. P. Dolphin, Esq.


Corra Linn, near Lanark, Mid. Lanark, a fine
fall of R. Clyde, 84 ft. down in three leaps, near
which is old Cora Castle, and Cora House, G.
Cranstoun, Lord Corehouse. igp C. Rivulet (21)
Upper Tulla bar. NE. Clare, runs 7 m. SW. to R.
Graney near Graney Lough.

Corrabach Lough (11) near Belturbet, N. Cavan.

Corrabella (88) 7 m. E. of Clogheen, S. Tip-

Corradoo Lodge (40) 1 m. SW. of Ballinafad,
SE. Sligo, K. D. Lloyd, Esq.

Corrddoon (13) near Ballynamull, NW. Water-

Corragh (63) near Summerhill, S. Meath.
^" CoiiRAGH hmlt. (24) Duffuin bar. E. Doivn.

3 m. N. of Killeleagh-100.

Corraghy Lough (23) Clonkee bar. E. Cavan.

Corrakeeldrum Lough (3) Tullyhaw bar. NW.

Corralara Lough (29) near Sherlock, E. Cavan.

Corralongford Lough (24) 4 m. NE. of Brooke-
long, E. Fermanagh, 1 m. long.

Corramore (38) 5 m. SE. of Drumod, S. Leitrim.

Corramulzie Fell, 4 m. W. of Braemar S W.
Aberdeen, on the Dee, near C. House, Hon. Sir
A. Duff, knt.

Corran (85) 4 m. N. of Innishannon, Mid. Cork.

CORRAN BARONY (38-40, etc.) S. Sligo, part of
the ancient Coranna, contains the pars, of Cloon-
oghil, Drumrat, Emlaghfad, Kilmorgan,Kilshalvy,
Toomour, and part of Kilturra ; acres 45,628, an.
val. 24,0317., pop. 18,4897., houses 3220.

Corran Mountain (34) 4m. SSE. of Castletown-
roche, N. Cork, 1345 ft. high. gg C. Point (2)
N. end of Carrig isld. N. Kerry.

CORRANDOO hmlt. (72) Tiaquiii bar. Mid. Gal-
way, 6 m. NE. of Athenny-120.

Corraneary Lough (23)" Clonkee bar. E. Cavan,
near C. Lodge.

Corrard (28) near Maguiresbridge, Mid. Fer-
managh, ^g" Corrard (33) Tirkennedy bar. S.
Fermanagh, on Lough Erne.

Corraslough and Corraslee Points (33) S. Fer-
managh, in Lough Erne.

Corrastoonmore (34) 6 m. SE. of Castlereagh,
S W. Roscomn. F. T. Byrne, Esq.

Corratumer Lough (33) 3 m. N. of Virginia, S.

Corraun Mountn. (65) 3 m. N. of Clew bay, W.
Mayo, 1781 ft. high, in the C. Achill, a desolate
peninsula opposite Achill, 6 m. by 5. JgjT C. Point
(16) 3 m. SW. of Binghamstow, NW. Mayo, on R.

Corravaddy (61) 2 m. S. of Letterkenny, Mid.

Correen (56) 5 m. SE. of BaUinasloe, S. Ros-

Cor rib Dale (54) near Oughterard, N. Galway,
R. Martin, Esq. near Corribview. ijip" C. Lough
(54-6, etc. 81,82) Moycullen, Clare, and Ross bars.
N. Galway (120-3), K"ilmainebar. S". Mayo, is about
26 m. long and 7 wide, 28 to 31 ft. above the sea,
at the head of C. River, which runs 4 m. SE. to
Galway bay, and has a canal making along its
course. The lake, at its head, is joined to L. Mask
by an underground stream through the Pigeon
Hole and other caves ; black and other marbles
are found on its shores, and many monumental
heaps remain ; on the E. side is Headfort, and on
the W., near Oughterard and Aughnanure (the
Flaherties' old cast.), are many druid circles.

CORRICK-BRIDGE vil. ( ) Erris bar. N. Mayo,
a police station, 18 m. E. of Belmullet, on R.

Corrick Lodge ( ) near Newtownstewart, 2V.
Tyrone, C. J. Gardiner, Esq.

CORRIDGE tnshp. ( ) Hartburn par. Mid. North-
mbrld. 7 m. W. of Morpeth-289. Pop. 29.

CORRIE vil. ( ) Kilbride par. S. Bute, in Arran,
4 m. N. of Brodick, near a ' corrie ' or gap in the
hill behind. Pop. 222, in a lime quarry.

CORRIE par. 5 m. NE. of Lockerby-67, Mid.
Dumfries, on C. Water, which runs 6 m. to R.
Milk at Balstack, is joined to HUTTON.

Carries River (16) E. Idrone bar. W. Cavan,
runs 10 m. S. to R. Barrow.

Corrievrekin, or Corryvreckan, i. e. Gulf of Bre-
chan, between Jura and Scarba islds. W. Argyll.
has a sort of whirlpool made by the meeting of
the tides (which run sometimes 12 to 14 m. an
hour) from the W. and N. round a rock near
Scarba, with 15 fath. upon it, and is dangerous
only for boats in bad weather. It is smooth about
half an hour at slack water ; at other times, when
caught, the best plan is to make all fast, and go
right thro' the breakers.

Corrig (23) near Kingstown, S. Dublin.

CORRINGHASI par. (1) Barnstable hund. S.
Essex, 7 m. S. by E. of Billericay-23, near R.
Thames, was held by the Bands by the gift of a
buck and doe yearly to the Bp. of London. Acres
2590 ; pop. 255 + 2 ; poor r. 1107. (Orset U.) ; real
prop. 40007. ; charities 67. St. Mary Rect. (Roch.)
val. 8667., patr. Rev. J. Stephenson, rector ; church,
with norman tower and 2 brasses of a priest, etc.
(1340). C. Hall, H. Long, Esq.

CORRINGHAM WAPENTAKE (83, 86) parts of

Lindsey, NW. Lincoln, contains the pars, (and
benefices) of Blyton vie., Corringham v., Gains-
boro' v., Grayingham rect., Heapham r., Kirton-
in-Lindsey v., Laughton ., Lea r., Northope r.,


Pilham r., Scotter r., Scotton r., Southope, Spring-
thorpc r., and parts of Manton and Willoughton.
Acres 46,250 ; pop. 14,187 ; houses 3052. * C.
DKANERY, arehdy. of Stow, dioc. of Lincoln,
contains the benefices marked in the bund, as
above, with Belton curs., Epworth rect., Haxey r.,
Owston r., Somerby r., Wroot r. $3" CORRIXG-
HAM par. in the above wap. 4 m. NE. of Gains-
boro'-148, contains LITTLE C. tnshp. (pop. 189),
Aisby, Dunstall, Somerby (seat of the Beckets),
and Yawthorpe. Acres 6270 ; pop. 564 + 1 ; poor
r. 248/. (Gainsboro' U.) ; real prop. 52797. ; cha-
rities 157. St. Lawrence Vic. (Line.) val. 2007,,
patr. Bishop ; church, norman in part, belonged
to the Templars, and has stalls, and brass of a
Clifford and fam.

Corringshingo (35) near Kingscourt, E. Cavan.

COURIS tnshp. (59) Tallvllyn par. 5. Merioneth.
5 m. SSVV. of Dolgelly-208. "Pop. 433 ; real prop.

Corriskin Loch in Skye isld. If. Inverness.


P. M. CORROFIN vU. (19) Inchiguin bar. N.
Clare, 8 m. NW. of Ennis, 135 from Dublin, a petty
sessions and chief police station, and proposed
head of a poor-law union, between Loughs
Inchiguin and Tadane. Pop. 909 + 1, in the
corn and yarn trade ; houses 147, with Kilnehoy
church, chapel, mkt. house. Mkt. 1). Wed. Fairs,
day before Ascension Day, 22 Nov.

Corrofin (57) 5 m. S. of Tuam, N. Galway.

CORROGE par. (59, 67) Clanwilliam bar. W.
Tipperary, near Tipperary-112. Acres 888 ; pop.
520. Living, a Vic. with Lattin.

Corrooscly (38) 5 m. SE. of Drumod, S. Leitrim.

Corrstown (11) near Killsalaghan, N.Dublin.

Corruragh (98) near Ballinhassig, S. Cork.

CORRT vil. Morvern par. .2V. Argyll, near C.
Loch, 15 m. N. of Oban-124. |^P Carry, near ,
Inverness. A. K. Mackinnon, Esq.

Carry Lodge (18) 3 m. E. of Dramkeeran, Mid.
Leitrim, on Lough Allen, F. N. Cullen, Esq.
fliT C. Lough (11) Boyle bar. N.Roscomn. and
border of Leitrim, on the Shannon, is about 3 m.

Corryarrack Mountn. 7 m. SE. of Fort Augus-
tus, Mid. Inverness, on the military road near
Badenoch, where Gen. Wade refused battle to
Charles Stuart, 1745.

Corrygoram Mountn. 11 m. E. of Fort Augustus,
Mid. Inverness.

Corryhabbie Mountn. in S. Banff. 2558 ft. high.

Corryvreckan. See Corrievrekin, Argyll.

CORSCOBIBE hmlt. (26) Sampford Courtney
par. Mid. Devon. 5 m. NE. of Okehampton-195,
seat of H. Wright, Esq. Pop. 37.

P. CORSCOMBE par. (18) Beaminster bund.
NW. Dorset. 3m. NE. of Beaminster- 137, has a
good view. Acres 4170 ; pop. 810 + 10 ; poor r.
4627. (Beaming. U.) ; real prop. 51867. St. Michael
Rect. (Sal.) val. 5147., patr. R, Nicholson, Esq.
C. House, seat of the Disneys, who have the
manor, is a farm.

CORSE par. (43) Lower Westminster bund.
N W. Gloucest. 4 m. E. of Newent-113, in a fine
spot. Acres 2190, including C. LAWN below.
Pop. 482 + 1 ; poor r. 2741. (Newent U.) ; real prop.
44267. ; charities 257. St. Margaret Vic. (Gl. and
Br.) val. 4437., patr. Ixl Chancellor. C. Court, for-
merly seat of Speaker Dowdeswell.

Corse Castle, at Leochel, S.Aberdeen, in ruins,
was built 1581 by Will, brother of Bp. Forbes,
but the devil, they say, quarrelling with him, car-
ried off part of the wall. Near it is the Laird's
hiding-place, and Malcolm's cairn at the lop,
where Macbeth was killed.



P. CORSE LAWX, near Corse, Clone, as above,
contains about 1350 acres, formerly woodland,
now enclosed.

CORSEXSIDE par. ( ) XE. Tindale ward. Mid.
Northmbrld. 5 m. NE. of BelIingham-294, on R.
Reed and Watling St, contains Linhead and E.
and W. Woodburn. Acres 9710 ; pop. 1108 + 58,
in the iron, stone, and lime works; poor r. 164/.
(Belling. U.); real prop. 53817, Living, a Vic.
(Dur.) val. 2187., patr. the Tweddells ; church, be-
longed to Halystane priory ( ?).

CorsewclL, or CorsilL, Point (4) 12 m. N. of Port
Patrick, NW. Wigton. near L. Ryan (lat. 55
0' N., long. 5 9* \V .), has a revolving light, put
up 1816, bright and red every 2 min., 112 ft. high,
and visible 16 miles. C. 'House, 3. C. Moore,

P. CORSHAM, or C. REGIS, par. (34) Chippen-
ham hund. NW. Wilts. 3m. SW. of Chippenham
-93, near Gt. West. rail, containing C. SIDE hmlt.
Pickwick, and Easton, and once a market town,
was a royal manor, held by Earl Tosti at ' Domes-
dy.' (as Cosseham), afterwds. by the Earls of
Cornwall, and had two alien priories, one ( Wil. I.)
a cell to Caen abbey, another to Marmoustier.
Acres 6710, dry and stony ; pop. 3842 + 89, for-
merly clothiers, now quarriers, etc. ; houses 644,
of stone, with mkt. house, 2 chapels ; poor r. 17487.
on 16,2787. (Chippen. U.); real prop. 16.862/. ;
charities 2987., of which feoffee lands 1427. and
607. to Lady Hungerford's free school and almsh.,
of which Hasted, the historian of Kent, was some-
time master. St. Bartholomew Vic. (Gl. and Br.)
val. 1287., patr. Lord Methuen of C. House, who
has the manor; church, with norman traces, a
screen and some old tombs. Sir R. Blackmore,
poet and physician, was a native (1650-1729).
C. House, b. 1582, on the site of the old one, and
reb. in the tudor style by Brown and Nash, the
gardens being laid out by Repton, is a noble pile,
containing the collection of flemish and other
schools made by Sir P. Methuen while am-
bassador abroad, among which are N. Poussin's
' Eudamidas,' Titian's ' Cortez,' a Turk by Rem-
brandt, Rubens's ' Family piece,' his ' David and
Abigail ' and ' Hunting piece,' Tintoretto's ' Last
Supper,' Vandyke's portraits of Countess of Bed-
ford, himself, and Duke of Richmond, Both's
' Baptism of the Eunuch,' Lely's ' Family piece,'
Claude's ' Morning and Evening,' Elzheimer's
' Shipwreck of St. Paul,' etc. ; there is also a cor-
nice of 160 heads, all different. The vicar here
had episcopal authority, and the bailiff the powers
of sheriff. Fairs, 7 Mar. 4 Sept.

Corsica Hall (5) 8 m. SSE. of Lewes, S. Sussex,
on the coast, Lord Seaford.

Corsincon Mountn. 4 m. NE. of New Cnmnock,
SE. Ayr. " The Xith shall run to Corsincon,"
which is some miles from it.

P. CORSLEY par. (19) Warminster hund. W.
Wilts. 3 m. WNW. of Warminster-96. Acres
2580 ; pop. 1621 ; poor r. 9221. (Warminst. U.) ;
real prop. 5224/. ; charities 97, St. Margaret Sect.
(Sal.) val. 215/., patr. Marquis of Bath.

Corslieve Mountn. (36) 11 m. N. of Newport,
N. Mayo, 1785 ft. high.

P. CORSOCK vil. Parton par. Mid. Kirkudlit.
S m. ESE. of New Galloway-98, on R, Ure, near
C. Loch, and C. House, E. F'letcher, Esq. Pop. 38.

CORSTON par. (19) Wellow hund. NE. Somer-
set. 3m. W. of Bath-104, near R, Avon, and Gt.
West, rail Acres 1210, with stone quarries ; pop.
604 + 17 ; poor r. 1131. (Keynsham U.) ; real
prop. 29997. ; charities, Harrington's 157. All
Saints Vic. (Ba. and W.) val. 150/., patr. Bishop.
O CORSTON chplry. (34) St. Paul Malinesbury

1 1 4




par. NW. Wilts. 2 m. SSW. of Malmesbury-94.
Pop. 273 + 6. All Saints Cur. with Malmesbury.

Corston House (38) 4 m. WSW. of Pembroke,
S. Pembroke. A. Leech, Esq.

Corstopitum of the Romans, is CORBRIDGE,
Northmbrld. on Watling St. near the Wall.

P. CoRSTORPHrNE par. N. Edinbro', 3 m. W. of
Edinbro', on N. Brit, rail., in a healthy spot, in-
cluding Gogar and part of Dean, was once noted
for its mineral spa and cream. Size 4 m. by 2J,
formerly marshy, but now well cultivated,
with sandstone "and whinstone, rising 474 ft. at
C. Hill, which has many seats on it ; pop. 1551
+ 9, of vil. 372 ; real prop. 10,709/. ; for poor
382/. Living (presb. Edinb.) val. 242Z., patr.
Sir W. H. Dick, Bt. of Prestonfield ; church, cru-
ciform, was built 1429, and made collegiate by the
Foresters, whose arms and effigies are here, and
had a lantern to light travellers over the marsh,
which was supported by a piece of ground called
" Lamp acre," still belonging to the schoolmaster.
Belmont, ; Beechmont, .

Corstoun, near Strathmigle, W. Fife, belongs to
Balfour of Balbirnie,

Corsyytdol (75) 5 m. N. of Barmouth, N. Me-
rioneth, seat of Hon. E. Mostyn, through the
Vaughans, has a gate b. 1630 by In. Jones, some
old furniture and portraits, landscape by Wilson,
and stands in the midst of fine woods.

CORTACHY par. N. Forfar. 9 m. N. of Forfar
-58, including Clava, and Lochs Brandy, Churl,
etc., lies under the Grampians, between Rs. South
Esk and Prosen. Size 12 m. by 4, hilly and poor,
with whinstone ; pop. 867, decreasing; real
prop. 3887Z. ; for poor 109Z. Living (presb. Forf.)
val. 173/., patr. Earl of Airlie, of C. Castle; Clova
Ho., Hon. W. Ogilvy.


CORTON par. (67) Mutford hund. NE. Suffolk,
3 m. N. of Lowestoff-114, a coast gd. station, on
a cliff by the coast, has been partly swallowed by
the sea. Acres 1430; pop. 442+3; poor r. 111/.
(Mutford U.) ; real prop. 2226Z. ; charities 181.
St. Bartholomew Vic. (Norw.) val. 119Z., patr. Ld.
Chancellor ; only the church tower and chancel,
in which service is performed, are left. There are
remains of another at the ' Gate' and Newton
Cross, near this, marks the site of a par. now
swept away. Mammoth bones and vegetable re-
lics, have been turned out. ijaf GORTON, or
CORTINGTON, tnshp. (15) Boyton par. . Wilts.
1 m. S. of Heytesbury-90, belongs to the Lam-
berts. Pop. 305. i^ GORTON tythg. (34) Hill-
marton par. N. Wilts. 4 m. NE. of Calne-87.
Church, destroyed.

CORTON-DENHAM (18) Horethorne hund. SE.
Somerset. 6 m. SW. of Wincanton-109. Acres
1140 ; pop. 480; poor r. 309Z. (Wincant. U.);
real prop. 26147. ; charities 3Z. St. Andrew Rect.
(Ba. and W.) val. 320/., patr. Lord Portman.
Coins, from Valerian to Probus, were found, 1723.

CORTOWN vil. (36) Ewenny par. SE. Glamor-
gan. 3 m. SSE. of Bridgend-181.

CORTWOOD hmlt. (88) Brampton-Bierlow par.
W. R. York. 5 m. N. of Rotherham-159.

Coruisk Loch, S. side of Skye, W. Inverness, in
a solitary spot, whence a stream falls down to L.

Corve River ( ) rises under Wenlock Edge, S.
Salop, and runs 12 m. S. through Corvedale to the
Teme at Ludlow.

Corveagh Hill (98) 5 m. S. of Westport, S.
Mayo, 772 ft. high.

Corvesgeate, of the Saxons, is CORFE CASTLE,

Corvllle (9, 13) 3m. SW. of Ballyconnell, NW.
Cavan, G. Finlay, Esq. (gT Corville (12) near
Roscrea, NW. Tippery. Hon. F. A. Prittie.

P. M. CORWEN, " white choir," par. (74) Eder-
nion hund. NE. Merioneth. 10 m. NE. of Bain,
194 from London, a petty sessions town, on R.
Dee, under Berwyn mountn., contains Mwstwr,
Dol-ac-Aberalwen, and 10 other tnshps., with
Sychnant, where some trees mark the site of the
famous Owen Glyndwr's house. Size 11 m. by 3 ;
pop. 2129 + 7, of town 830; houses 170, with
chapel, bridewell, Eyton's clergy, widows' hosp.
(108/.), almshouse, and Union p. house ; poor r.
709Z. on 6600Z. ; real prop. 2944Z. ; charities 164/.
St. Julian Sinecure Rect. (St. As.) val. 373/., and
a Vic. 390Z., patr. Bishop ; church, cruciform,
and part norman, has mons. of Sulien, a vicar
(perhaps St. Julian, afterwards Abp. of David's),
and a cross called O. Glyndwr's sword. A high
point on the hills, called Glyndwr's seat, com-
mands a fine view of his lands in the Vale of
Llangollen; and at Caer Drewyn camp, Owen
Gwynedd defeated Hen. II. Rhug, Col. Vaughan,
who has Glyndwr's dagger, etc. and whose

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