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A new gazetteer, or, Topographical dictionary of the British Islands and narrow seas : comprising concise descriptions of about sixty thousand places, seats, natural features, and objects of note ... and an appendix ... (Volume 1) online

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Mary Vic. (Heref.) val. I., pair. Bp. of Glou-
cester and Bristol. C. Court, F. Thomas, Esq.

Coway Stakes (8) at Walton-on-Thames, N.
Surrey, mark where Caesar encamped, and crossed
the ford in pursuit of Cassibelaunus, who, to
hinder the passage of the enemy's troops or boats,
drove in sharp stakes, of which there are ves-
tiges. Report says that the river has been turned
here, so that a piece of land called Coway belongs
to Shepperton, in Middlesex.

COWBIT par. (G4) Klloe wap. & Lincoln. 3 m.
S. of Spalding-98, on R. Welland, contains Peak




hill. Acres 4590; pop. 664 + 11; poor r. 1547.
(Spald. U.) ; real prop. 43747. ; charities 857., of
which 557. to Andrew's school. St. Mary Our.
(Line.) val. 4607., patr. Feoffees; church, b.

morgan, contains the pars, of St. Athan rect.,
Cowbridge cur. (with Llanbethian), St. Donat's
Welsh vie,, Eglwys-Brewis r., Flemingston r.,
Gileston r., St. Hilary, Major Lantwit v., Llan-
blethian v., Llan-dough r., Llan-haran c., Llan-
hary, Llan-ilid r., Llan-maes r., Llan-mitrangle
r., Llan-sannor, Llysworney, St. Mary-Church r.,
Nash cur., Pen-doglon, Stembridge, Ystrad-owen ;
pop. 5995, houses 1255. See GRONEATH DEAN-

* P. M. COWBRIDGE par. in the above hand,
or Pont-y-fon in Welsh, 12 m. WSW. of Cardiff
(on S. Wales rail.), 173 from London, on K. Ddaw,
and Via Maritima ronian way, was walled round
1091 by Rob. St. Quintin, with three gates, one
of which is standing ; and is a sessions town and
contributory boro' to Cardiff, with the old limits,
governed under charter of Ch. II., by 2 bailiffs,
12 aid., 12 burgesses. Acres of boro' 33 ; pop. 1080 ;
houses 216, with town hall, mkt. place, bank,
and Sir L. Jenkins's gram, school (1007.), with
2 fellowships, 2 scholarships, 1 exhibition at Jesus
Coll. Oxon; poor r. 3617. (Bridgend and Cowb.
U.) ; real prop. 33017. ; charities 1407. Living, a
Cur. with Llanblethian ; church, ancient. Coins
and traces of a camp have been found. Llan-
tryddyd, Sir T. D. Aubrey, Bt. ; Llanblethian
Cast. Col. Tuberville ; Penlline, Homfray,
Esq. ; the ' C. harriers ' and Llanharran hounds
hunt here. Cowb. P. L. Union, see BRIDGEND.
Tu. Sat Fairs, 1st Tu. Feb. Tu. before 25 Mar.
4 May, 24 June, 29 Sept.

COWBRIDGE hmlt. ( ) 5 m. NNE. of Amble-
side, W. Westmrld. in Patterdale, on Brother
water of which there are fine views.

COWBROW hmlt. ( ) Lupton tnshp. S. West-
mrld. 4 m. NW. of Kirkby-Lonsdale-252.

COWBDSH hmlt. ( ) Sawley tnshp. W. R.
York. 4 m. SW. of Ripon-212.

COWCADDENS, a suburb of Glasgow, 2V. Lanark.

COWCOMBE hmlt. (34) Brinscombe par. Mid.
Gloucester. 2 m. NE. of Minchinhampton-98, on
Cheltenham rail.

Cowdale (81) 2 m. ESE. of Buxton, NW. Derby.

P. COWDEN par. (6) Sonierden hund. Sutton-
at-Hone lathe, SW. Kent, 9 m. SW. of Seven-
oaks-23, R. Medway, near Sussex border. Acres
3170, part in hops, with iron ; pop. 695 + 1 ; poor
r. 3337. (Seveno. U.) ; real prop. 28497. ; charities
17., and 5 almshouses. St. M. Magdalen Rect.
(Cant.) val. 3477., patr. Rev. T. Harvey, rector.
fair, 2 Aug. ^ Cowden ( ) 6 m. SE. of Bel-
lingham, S. Northmbrld.

COWDEN BEATH vil. Beath par. S. Fife. 4 m.
NE. of Dunfermline-16, on Edinb. and North, rail.
Pop. 127. ijip C., GREAT and LITTLE, tnshp. ( )
Aldbrough and Mappleton pars. E. R. York. 4 m.
SSE. of Hornsea-190, a meet for the Holderness
hounds, was a par. now mostly swallowed up by
the sea. Acres 1750 ; pop. 151 ; poor r. 387. (Skir-
laugh U.) ; real prop. 17277.

Cowden House, near Perth, SE. Perth., Miss

COWDENHEAD vil. Bathgate par. <S. Linlithgw.
2 m. NW. of Whitburn-20.

Cowdenknowes, Earlston and Melrose pars. Ber-
wick and Roxburgh. 3 m. NE. of Melrose-35, still
abounds with the " broom " celebrated in the old

Cmvditch (26) 6 m. SE. of Holsworthy, W,

21. Cowdray House (9) nearMidhurst, W. Sussex,
on R. Adur, seat of W. Poyntz, Esq., in the midst
of fine chesnuts, etc. close to the ruins of the fine
old seat of the Montagues, built in the tudor style
in Hen. VIII. 's time, visited \>y Eliz. 1591, and
burnt 1793 about the same time that its owner, the
last viscount, was drowned in the Rhine. It was
a quadrangle, and parts of it are in good condition.

COWES, EAST, hmlt. (11) Whippingham par.
I. of Wight, S. Hants, on R. Medina, opposite W.
Cowes, as below, is a coast gd. station. Pop. 880.
St. James Cur. (Win.) val. 1357., patr. Rector.
Osborne House, seat of Her Majesty The Queen.
E. C. Castle was built by Nash for himself, on the
site of Hen. VIII.'s fort ; Norris Castle belonged
to Lord G. Seymour. E. C. Park, of 150 acres, is
to contain 100 houses and a botanic garden.

P. COWES, WEST, town (11) North wood par.
I. of Wight, S. Hants. 4 m. N. of Newport-82,
at R. Medina's mouth, a polling and fashion-
able watering place, bonding port, and the head
quarters of the Royal Yacht squadron, has a
small castle built by Hen. VIII. on the Parade.
Pop. 4107, in a good provision trade, and White's
ship-building-yard, etc. ; houses 723, on a slant,
with 2 churches, 3 chapels, town hall and mkt.
house, bank, Yacht Club-house, assemblv rooms,
custom-house ; poor r. 1. (I. of Wight Incorp.).
Living, a Cur. (Win.) val. 2567., patr. Vic. of Caris-
brooke church, b. 1657 ; Holy Trinity Cur. 857.,
Mrs. Goodwin. W. C. House, Earl de Grey ; North-
wood House, late G. Ward, Esq. ; * Dedburn
Lodge, J. Ward, Esq. ; Egypt, Sir T. Tancred,
Bt. At the anchorage in C. Roads, in 8 to 11
fath., the Yacht Club meet in Aug. to hold
their regatta. Steam-boats run to Lymington,
Portsmouth, Ryde, Yarmo', and Southampton.
In 1846, 177 sail of 8357 tons (124 being under
50 t. each) belonged to the port, to which New-
port, Ryde, Yarmo' are sub-ports ; and the ton-
nage Inwards and Outwards, including repeated
voyages, was ' coastwise ' 1368 of 46,557, and
750 of 17,975 tons (besides 2 steamers Inw. of
115 t.), from and to 'colonies' 9 of 1411, and
8 of 1282 t., from and to 'foreign ports' 23 of
1628, and 11 of 632 t. (besides JO foreigners of
1525, and 11 of 877 1.) ; total customs 23487.

Cowey Green (48) 6 m. E. of Colchester, NE,
Essex, ijig" C. Lough (25) 2 m. N. of Portaferry,
E. Down.

Cowfield Gold (69) 2 m. NNE. of Holbeach,
SE. Lincoln.

P. COWFOLD par. (9) Windham hund. Bram-
ber rape, Mid. Sussex, 6 m. WSW. of Cuckfield
-38, is a polling place for New Shoreham boro'.
Acres 4640; pop. 943+14; poor r. 6147. (Cuckf.
U.) ; real prop. 34727. ; charities, Heald's 27.
Living, a Vic. (Chic.) val. 4527., patr. Bishop ;
church, has fine triple canopied brass, 6 ft. long, of
Prior Nelond of Lewes. C. House, .

COWGILL vil. ( ) near Sedbergh, W. R. York.
is a Cur. val. 7., patr. Trustees.

COWGROVE, or KINSON, hmlt. (15) Kingston
Lacy Manor, E. Dorset, near Wimborne Minster
-100. Real prop. 39297.

COWHILL vil. Hollywood par. S. Dumfries. 4 m.
NW. of Dumfries-73.

Cowhythe, 1 m. ESE. of Portsoy, NE. Banff.
a point of the gd. trig, survey, on the meridian
thro' Dunnose.

COWIOK (22) St. Thomas the Apostle par. SE.
Devon, near Exeter, had a benedictine cell to Bee
abbey found, by Will. Fitz-Baldwin in Hen. II.'s


COWICK, EAST and WEST, tnshp. (87) Snaitb
par. W. R. York, near Snaith-173, on R. Don,
contains Greenland and Newbridge. Acres 8970,
fertile ; pop. 882 ; poor r. 392/. (Goole U.) ; real
prop. 5415/. ; charities 21L C. Hall, Visct.

COWIK vil. 2 m. N. of Stonehaven, Mid. Kin-
cardine, on C. River (which rises near Glenbervie,
and runs 19 m. E. past C. Moss and C. Common to
the sea near Stonehaven), has traces of a castle
belonging to the thanes of Cowie or Mearns.

COWLAM par. ( ) Buckrose wap. E. R. York.
6 m. NNW. of Gt. Driffield-196. Acres 1930;
pop. 44; poor r. 17/. (l)riffield U.); real prop.
175/. Living, a Rcct. (Yk.) val. 300/., patr. Rev.
T. F. F. Bowes, rector; church, has an old font.

COWLEY limit. (45) Preston-Bisset par. NW.
Bucks. 4 m. SSW. of Buckingham-55. Pop. 31.
C. Lodge, i m. SE. 1ST Cowtey (82) 1 m. SW.
of Dronfield, NE. Derby, has a sulphur spring.

P. COWLEY (22) 2 in. N. of Exeter-164, SE.
Devon, on the Ex, near C. House, Adml. Praed.

P. COWLEY par. (44) Kapsgate hund. Mid.
Gloucest. 4 m. S. of Cheltenham-95. Acres 1GOO ;
pop. 317; poor r. 104/. (Chelten. U.); real prop.
'2 1 I'll. ; charities, Townshend's 4/. St. Mary Rect.
(Gl. and Br.) val. 322/., patr. Ld. Chancellor. C.
House, . ijgT COWLEY viL Fordown par. S.
Kincardine, near Fordoun-86.

P. COWLEY, or C. PEACHY, par. (7) Elthorne
hund. W.Middlesex, 1 m. S. of Uxbridge-15,
near Colne, Gt. W. rail, and Gd. Junct. canal, was
Covelie of ' Domesdy.' and held by the Pecches
of Westminster abbey. Acres 300, fertile ; pop.
392 + 8 ; poor r. 68/. (Uxb. U.) ; real prop. 2269/. ;
charities 19Z., of which Brown's for school 5/. St.
Lawrence Rect. (Lon.) val. 230Z., patr. J. Hilliard,
Esq. who has the manor ; church, with a tomb
to Booth the tragedian, who played 'Cato' in
Addison's tragedy, and lived at C. Grove, near
C. Street, the roinan way from St. Alban's to
Staines. igg" COWLEY par. (13) Bullingdon
hund. Mid. Oxford. 2 m. SE. of Oxford-54, near
the rail, had a hosp. found, by Hen. I. and given
to Oriel Coll, and contains the diocesan school.
Acres 940, marshy ; pop. 606 + 5 ; poor r. 344Z.
(Headington U.); real prop. 2360Z. ; charities I/.
St. James Cur. (Oxon.) val. G4/., patr. Christ Ch.
Coll. C. Temple, % m - NE. was a preceptory
of K. Templars, afterwards moved to Sandford.
(gT Cowley, or Cawley (19) 6m. NNE. of Wells,
NE. Somerset. gaT COWLEY limit. (73) Gnosall
par. W. Stafford. 6 m. SW. of Stafford-141, on
Birm. and Liverpool canal.

Cowling Castle. See COOLIXG, Kent.

P. COWLING, or COOLINGK, par. (51) Risbridge
hund. SW. SuffoUt, 7 m. NNW. of Clare-56, be-
longed to Long-Espce or Longsword, Hen.II.'s son
by Fair Rosamond. Acres 2820 ; pop. 882 + 4 ; poor
r."710/.(Risbr. U.) ; real prop. 4C 1 71. ; charitiesSO/.
St. Margaret Cur. (Norw.) val. 100/., patr. Trin.
Coll. Camb. Fairs, 31 July, 17 Oct. ^T COWL-
ING. See BuKKEi.L-cTM-CowLiNG, N. JR. York.
$3 COWLING tnshp. ( ) Kildwick par. W. R.
York. 5 m. SSW. of Skipton-216, contains C
HILL hmlt. (pop. 132) and Ickornshaw. Acres
6140; pop. 2458 + 21, in the cotton manufact. ;
poor r. 785/. (Skipt. U.) ; real prop. 4785/. ; cha-
rities, Smith's for school 17/. Living, a Cur.
(Rip.) val. 150/., patr. Crown and Bishop.

COWLISHALL vil. (88) Crompton tnshp. SE.
Lancashire, 2 m. N. of Oldham-191.

Cuwlow (81) 2 m. E. of Buxton, NW. Derly.

COWMS vil. ( ) Lepton tnshp. W. R. lork.
near lluddersficld-189.

COWNY tnshp. ((10) Llangadfan par. Mid.




Montgomery, C m. NNW. of Llanfair-178. Pop
62 ; real prop. 1039J.

COWPEN tnshp. ( ) Horton par. SE. North-
mbrld. 1 m. W. of Blythe-288, at R. Blythe's
mouth. Pop. 2464 + 38, colliers; poor r. 407/.
(Tvnemo' U.).

COWPEN-BEWLEY tnshp. ( ) Billingham par.
SE. Durham, 4 m. NE. of Stockton-242, on
Clarence rail. Acres 2590, marshy ; pop. 196 + 6 ;
poor r. 18/. (Stockt. U.).

Cmcper House ( ) 5 m. NE. of Kendal, Mid.

COWPITS vil. Inveresk par. NE. Edinbro', near
Musselburgh -6. Pop. 116.

COWSBY par. ( ) Birdforth wap. N. R. York.
6m. NNE. of Thirsk-217. Acres 1220; pop.
108 +2 ; poor r. 5 (Thirsk U.) ; real prop. 9'26/. ;
charities, almshouse 101. Living, a Rect. (York)
val. 14C/., patr. Mrs. E. H. Lloyd, of C. Hall.

COWSUON vil. (54) Upton-Snodsbury par. Mid.
Worcester. 5 m. N. of Pershore-102.

Cows-KiELD-LovERS, and C.-ESTUARY, tythgs.
(15) Whiteparish par. SE. Wilts. 8 m. ESE. of
Salisbury-81. (7, House, G. Lawrence, Esq.

Cowshot (8) 6 m. NNE. of Guildford, NW.

COWSLAND vil. Cranston par. E. Edinbro',
3m. N. of Dalkeith-7. Pop. 226.

Cowslip Lodge (21) near Donacarney, E. Meath.

Cowsy Point, between Scarnose and Burgh
Head, N. Elgin, has off it Halliman's Scars reef,
with 12 to 14 fath. round it.

Cowtham, or Coutfiam (70) 3 m. SSE. of Newark,
E. Notts.


Cow THORP par. ( ) Upper Claro wap. W. JR.
York. 3 m. NE. of Wetherby-194, on R. Nidd, has
a famous oak 60 ft. girth (nearly as much as the
base of the Eddystone lighthouse), which spread
over half an acre before 1718, when its largest
branch, being torn off in a storm, contained 5 tons
of timber; another branch is 45 ft. long. Acres
1280 ; pop. 115 ; poor r. 2\l. ; real prop. 1386Z. St.
Michael -Reef. (Yk.) val. 130/., patr. R. F. Wilson,
Esq. ; church, has double canopied brass of Judge
Roucliffe and wife holding a church (1494). In
1749 a stag's head was found, measuring 6 ft. in
the spread of the horns.

P. COWTON, EAST, par. ( ) East Gilling
wap. N. R. York. 6 m. NNE. of N. Allerton
-225, a station on Gt N. of Engld. rail. Acres
3150; pop. 454 + 8; poor r. 136/. (N. Allerton
U.) ; real prop. 3703/. ; charities, Dakyn's free
school 27/. St. Mary Vic. (Rip.) val. 202/.,
patr. Kirby Ravensworth Hospt. giT C., NORTH,
tnsbp. ( ) Gilling par. as above, 2 m. W.
Acres 1030 ; pop. 273 + 1 ; poor r. 98/. (Rich-
mond U.) ; real prop. 1793/. |j-g C., SOUTH,
chplry. as above, 1 m. S. contains Pepper Hall,
seat of the Ardens, near Standard Hill, where the
battle of the Standard was fought 1138. Acres
1530 ; pop. 152 ; poor r. 89/. (N. Allerton U.) ;
real prop. 2249Z. ; charities 1L St. Mary Cur.
(Rip.) val. 53/., patr. Vicar.

Cox Hill House (8) 5 m. SW. of Chertsey, NW.

COXALL, or COXWAIX, tnshp. (55) Bucknell
par. NW. Hereford. 7 in. NE. of Presteign-151,
on R. Tcme, near C. Knoll, where Caractacus
made his last stand against Ostorius, who occu-
pied Bravinium or Brandon, is joined to BITCKTON.

COXHEAD FORD hmlt. (61) Clee, St. Margaret
par. S. Salop, 7 m. NNE. of Ludlow-143.

Coxhcath (6) 3 m. S. of Maidstone, Mid. Kent t
where 15,000 soldiers were encamped 1778.
P. COXHOE tnshp. ( ) Kelloe par. E. Dur-


498 COX

ham, 5 m. SSE. of Durham-258, on Hartlepool
rail. Acres 870; pop. (1831) 158, (1841) 3904,
colliers, lime-burners, etc. ; poor r. 2837. (Durh.
U.); real prop. 71377., of which 21627. on mines.
C. House, A. Wilkinson, Esq.

Coxbench (71) near Derby, Mid. Derby. Pop.

Coxden, near , Dorset, birth-place of Sir S.
D'Ewes, the antiquary (1G02-50).

Coxey Lodge (45) near Ratoath, SE. Meath.

COXFORD, or COKESFOUD, hmlt. (69) E. Rud-
ham par. N. Norfolk, 5 m. W. by S. of Fakenham
-109, has the walls of a priory found, at Rudham
by Will. Chene, and removed thence.

COXLET tythg. (19) Wells city, Mid. Somerset.
2 m. SW. of Wells-120. Pop. 272. Living, a
Cur. (Ba. and W.) val. 7., patr. Vic. of Wells.

Coxky Green House ( ) near Rickmansworth,
W. Herts.

COXLODGE tnshp. ( ) Gosforth par. SE.
Northmbrld. 2 m. N. of Newcastle-on-Tyne-275,
near the race-course and water-works. Pop. 924,
colliers ; poor r. 153/. (Castleward U.).

Coxtown (99) near Ballintra, /S. Donegal, A.
Hamilton, Esq.

Coxwall. See COXALL, Hereford, above

COXWELL, GREAT, par. (34) Faringdon hund.
NW. Berks. 1 m. SW. of Faringdon-68, near
Badbury Hill danish camp, has a grange or barn
which belonged to Beaulieu abbey, 148 ft. by 40,
in good condition. Acres 1440, woody, with
limestone; pop. 351 + 2; poor r. 1357. (Faring.
U.) ; real prop. 26707. ; charities, Collier's school
41. with a share in those for Coleshill. St.
Giles Vic. (Oxon.) val. 2111., patr. Bp. of Salis-
bury; church, has 2 brasses (1560). ^g" C.,
LITTLE, tnshp. Faringdon par. as above, 1 m. SE.
has a double ditched roman camp, with a good
view, and Coles' pits, 273 in number. Pop; 315
+ 1 ; poor r. 1547. St. Mary Cur. with Faringdon.
Real prop. 16037.

P. COXWOLD par. ( ) Birdforth wap. N~. R.
York. 4 m. N. of Easingwold-212, contains Bird-

creasing, of tnshp. 325; poor r. 1617. (Easingw.
U. ) ; real prop. 21427. ; charities 147/., of which
751. to Ld. Fauconberg's hosp. etc., 377. to Sir J.
Harte's school. St. Michael Cur. (Yk.) val. 351/.,
patr. Trin. Coll.Camb. sometime held by Sterne,
who wrote his ' Tristram Shandy ' at Stillington ;
church, very ancient (?). Fair, 25 Aug.

COYCHURCH, or LLANGRALLO, par. (36) New-
castle hund. SE. Glamorgan. 2 m. E. of Bridgend
-181, on R. Ogmore, contains C. HIGHER and
LOWER hmlts. (pop. 359 and 308), Pencoed, and
Peterstone Cur. Pop. 1254 + 18, in the coal and lime
works ; poor r. 1977. (Bridg. U.) ; real prop. 48307. ;
charities 367., of which 327. to Davies's school,
etc. St. Grallo Rec t. (Llan.) val. with Peterstone-
super-Montem 4467., patr. Earl of Dunraven;
church, has an old cross, like that at Lantwit.

COYDIOG tnshp. (79) Llangwyfan par. JV.
Denbigh. 4 m. E. of Denbigh-201. Pop. 50.

COYGACH par. is joined to LOCHBROOM, Ross.

Coyl Water, in Mid, Ayr. rises near the source
of R. Burnock, which it joins after running 10 m.
XW. below Coylton, as under.

Coylestown (17) in Mulroy bay, 2V. Donegal.

P. COYLTON par. Kyle district, Mid. Ayr. 5 m.
E. of Ayr-74, between Rs. Doon and Ayr, on C.
River, so called from coi'77, a wood, includes Craig-
hall, Gadgirthholm, Joppa, Knockshoygle-holm,
with Martorham and 2 other lakes. Size 7 m.
by 2, flat, with coal, lime, marl ; pop. 1484 + 10 ;
real prop. 81567. ; for poor 2957. Living (presb.

cur., Byland abbey, and 6 other tnshps.
14,590, of tnshp. 1250; pop. 1076, de-


Ayr) val. 2547., patr. Crown. At Coilsfield or
Coylesfield, 5 m. N. they say the famous old king
Coel or Cole was killed by "Fergus the Scot.

Coytreherne, or Coetrechen (36) Bettws par. if.
Glamorgan. M. P. Traherne, Esq. thro' the Powells.

COYTY, or COIT, par. (36) Newcastle hund.
SE. Glamorgan. 1 m. NE. of Bridgend-181, on
R. Ogmore, containing C. HIGHER and LOWER,
or C. Anglia and Wallia, has large remains of
Sir P. Tuberville's castle, which comes through
the Berkrolles, Gamages, Sydneys, to the Wynd-
hams. Pop. 1930 + 29, miners; poor r. 6337.
(Bridg. U.); real prop. 12,5107.; charities 17.
Living, a Red. (Llan.) val. with Nolton '41C/.,
patr. Earl of Dunraven, who has the manor or lord-
ship ; church, good, and lately restored byRev.Jno.
Harding, rector. D. Hopkin, a bard, was a native.
lap C., HIGHER, hmlt. in the above par. con-
tains Hendre. Pop. 459 ; poor r. 1637. ijaf C.,
LOWER, hmlt. as above, contains Bridgend,
Nolton, and Oldcastle, and Bridgend Union p.
house. Pop. 1471 ; poor r. 4707.

Craane ( ) near Gorey, NE. Wexford, R. Y.
Anderson, Esq.

Crab Isld. ( ) Corcomroe bar. W. Clare, be-
tween Hagshead and Blackhead.

CRABHALL, Cheshire.

CrabhiU (6) 4 m, ESE. of Reigate, SE. Surrey.

Crab's Cross (54) 5 m. NW. of Alcester, W.

CRABTREE vil. (82) Brightside-Bierlow tnshp.
W. R. York. 3 m. NE. of Sheffield-162.

P. CUABTREE ( ) near Plymouth-216, SW.
Devon. gap" Crabtree (7) near Hammersmith,
S. Middlesex, on the Thames.

Craburn (11) 2 m. SSW. of Fareham, S. Hants.

CRABWAIX. See CRABHALL, Cheshire. C. Hall,
S. Farmer, Esq.

CRACHYTY hmlt. (41) Llanfynydd par. Mid.
Carmarthen. 5 m. NW. of Llandeilo-Fawr-202.
Pop. 127.

CRACKENTHOKPE, i. e. Crow town, tnshp. ( )
Appleby par. NE. Westmrld. 2 m. NW. of Ap-
pleby-270, on R. Eden and Maiden way, has a
roman camp 900 ft. by 450, with traces of others.
Pop. 104 ; real prop. 15817. Urns, etc. have been
found hereabouts, and there are remains of St.
Giles's chapel. C. Hall, belonging to Earl of
Lonsdale, was the seat of the Machels back to the
saxon times.

Cracking Hill (6) 4 m. SW. of Dartford, NW.

Crackley Sank (61) 2 m. N. of Shiffnal, E.

CRACKMARSH, or CRAKEMARSH, constablewick
(72) Uttoxeter par. E. Stafford. 2 m. N. of
Uttoxeter-135, on R. Dove, belonged to Earl
Algar before the Conquest, and later to the
Ferrers, Verdon, Berghersh, and other fams.
Real prop. 24847. C. Hall, near the above, Sir
T. C. Shephard, through the Cottons.

CRACKPOT hmlt. ( ) Grinton tnshp. N. R.
York. 2 m. NE. of Muker-252.

CRACOE tnshp. ( ) Bnrnsall par. W. R. York.
5 m. N. of Skipton-216. Acres 1310 ; pop. 153 ;
poor r. 317. (Skipt. U.) ; real prop. 17747.

Cracombe House (54) 4 m. NW. of Evesham,
SE. Worcest. H. Strickland, Esq.

Cradle Mountn. See Pen Coder, Brecon.

P. CRADLEY chplry. (62) Hales Owen par.
N. Worcester. 2 m. ENE. of Stourbridge-122, a
pretty spot, on R. Stour, near Dudley canal. Pop.
2686 + 66, in the hardware trade ; poor r. 4637.
(Stourb. U.) ; real prop. 71357. Living, a Cur.
(Wore.) val. 1167., patr. Trustees.


P. CRADI.EY, EAST and WEST, par. (55) Rad-
low huiul. NE. Hereford. 7 in. SE. of Bromyard
-125. Acres 6460, part in hops; pop. 1504 ; poor
r. 6317. (Bromy. U.) ; real prop. 81507. ; charities
741., of which 207. to Turner's school. St. Jauies
Rcct. (Heref.) val. 9577., patr. Bishop.

Cradoc's Church ( ) a hermitage under the hills
near Ystrad-gynlaiSjS W. Brecon, made by Cattwc,
son of a prince of Gunleus, who gave name to this

Cradockstown (19) near Naas, Mid. Kildare.

Craeccelade, or, of the Saxons, is

CKAFTON hmlt. (46) Wing par. Mid. Bucks.
4 m. NW. of Ivingoe-33. Pop. 83.

Crag (40) near Castleisland, E. Kerry.

Crag Green (97) 4 m. SE. of Brough, NE.

Cragbeg (12) near St. Patrick's well, N.Limerick.

Cragbrien (41) near Clare, Mid. Clare, W. A.
Brew, Esq.

CRAGO vil. (34) Upper Tulla bar. E. Clare,
near Tulla-127. igp Cragg (31) near Newport,
W. Tippery. l^ Cragg (10) near Shanagolden,
N. Limerick, B. White, Esq. ^ Cragg (98) 3 m.
WNW. of Kendal, W. Westmrld.

CRAGGAN vil. Arroquhar par. NW. Dumbartn.
7m. NW. of Luss-71.

par. Mid. Perth, near Aberfeldy-67. Pop. 23
and 20.

Craggie Loch, 2 m. S. of Tongue, N. Sutherld.
has plenty of trout, pike, and char.

Craggy Mountn. nearKildonan-239,^. Sutherld.

Cragh Isld. (38) Tirawley bar. N. Mayo, in
Lough Conn.

Cragheagh (33) near Ennis, Mid. Clare.

Craghy 'Lough (49) near Dunglow, W. Donegal,
about 2 m. long.

Cragnamurragh Mountn. (3G) Lower Tulla bar.
E. Clare, 1729 ft. high.

CRAICHIE vil. Dunnichen par. S. Forfar. 3 m.
SE. of Forfar-58. Pop. 70.

Craig, near , NW. Aberdeen. J. Gordon, Esq.

CRAIG par. E. Forfar. 2 m. S. of Montrose-75,
at the S. Esk's mouth, includes Ferryden, Rossie
(seat of the Rosses), Usan, Inch Broyock, and
traces of Duninald castle, which belonged to the
Scots. Size 6 m. by 2, hilly in part, with lime-
stone, and good fisheries; pop. 1945 + 39, some
fishermen; real prop. 96727., of which 11737. on
fisheries and quarries; for poor 4357. Living
(presb. Brechin) val. 2577., patr. St. Mary Coll.
St. Andrew. The beacon stands in a fort 50 ft.
square, with walls 16 thick. Abp. Leighton was
born at Usan ( ?). ' Craig,' a rock.

Craig an Gower, C. an Ban, etc. are near
Balmoral, SW. Aberdeen. igg" & Dhu, near
Pitmain, E. Inverness, a meeting place for the
M'Pherson's. ^ C. Dwrg (75) 4 m. E. of Har-
lech, N. Merioneth. 2100 ft. high, g^" C. Goch
(75) in the Snowdon range, S W. Camrvn. 8 m.
N. by W. of Tremadoc, 2345 ft, high. g C.
Ilywell. See CRICKHOWEL, Brecon, gap" C. Loch
( ) 4m. NE. of Haltwhistle, SW. Northmbrld.
$3f C. OF MADERTY, Maderty par. S. Perth.
6 m. E. of Crieff-47, a burgh of barony. Pop. 161.
giT C.-y-Dinas ( ) a conspicuous limestone rock,
S. Brecon, near Pendervn, where R. Hepste joins
R.Mellte. 1&"C.-y -Coe(59) one of the three peaks
of Cader Idris, Merioneth. gST C.-y-Deryn, or
bird rock' (59) 6 m. NE. of Towyn, SW. Me-
rioneth, on R. l)ysynn : , has part of a fort, and
swarms with cormorants, hawks, etc. gaf" C.-y-
Din-ts (59) near Corsygedal, W. Merum. has a
good british fort on it, and was a fairies' haunt.



^T C.-y-Don ( ) near , Anglesey, T. P. Wil-
liams, Esq., M.P., whose harriers hunt round here.
A gun fired here regulates the clocks on Holvhd.
rail. ^ C.-y-Lyn (36) 5 m. W. by N. of A'ber-
dare, N. Glamrgn. near the vale of Neath's head,
is the highest point in the co. ft.

Craigalive Mountn. in iS W. Elgin.

Craigann Mountn. Balquhidder par. 5. Perth.

4 m. S. of Lockcarnhead-66, near Strathire.

Craigavad (1) near Hollywood, N. Down.

Craigbarnet, near Campsie, S. Stirling. A. G.
Stirling, Esq., on Finglen burn.

Craigbenyon Mountn. Callender par. S. Perth.
3m. NE. of Callender-52.

Craigbrain Rock (12) 1 m. SE. of Ballyferis
point, NE. Down, in the Irish channel.

Craigclunie Rock, near Castleton of Braemar,
S. Aberdeen, with part of a tower on it, was the
retreat of Farquharson of Clunie (now Inver-
cauld), after the battle of Culloden.

Craigcroolt, 3 m. W. of Edinburgh, N. Edinb.
under Corstorphine Hill, seat of the late Lord

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