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university, containing Boarhills, Grange, Kincaple,
and Strathkinness, was called Mucross before Ken-
neth's time 870, had a mitred priory found. 1120
by Bp. Robert, where Bruce held his first par-
liament 1309 ; was made the seat of the primacy
1471 by Pope Sixtus, and has remains of a castle
b. 1200 by Bp. Roger, in which the infamous Card.
Beaton saw Wishart burnt, and was murdered by
Lesly 1546 ; returns one member with E. and W.
Anstruther, Crail, Cupar, Kilrenny, and Pitten-
ween, no. of electors 217 (total 751); was first
chartered by Dav. I. 1140, and under the late
act is governed by a provost, dean of guild, 4
bailies, and 29 council, with a revenue of 12567.

the late provost being Major Andrews, who
has greatly contributed to the renovation of his
native town. Acres 11,000, well cultivated, with
moory sheepwalks; pop. 6017 + 39, of city 3959
+ 19, in a general trade and in the manufact. of
balls for golf, which is played on the links by the
sea-shore; houses 923, many ancient, in three
principal streets, with 3 colleges as below, 8
churches and chapels, 3 banks, saving bk., water-
works, and gram, school (close to Blackfriars, and)
now joined to Madras college found. 1833 by Dr.
Bell (a native, who left 60,0007. for it), where 800
pupils are taught classics, math., nat. philos.,
navigation, drawing, etc ; real prop. 29,0107. ; for
poor 13797. Livings, St. Andrew's Charge, 1st.
minister 4397., 2nd. 1627,, church, old, 162 ft, by
63, has mons. of Archbp. Sharpe the apostate
(who was murdered by Balfour ofBurley on Ma-
gus Muir), and others; St. Leonard's Charge
(acres of par. 820, pop. 554) val. 1527., ch. is
attached to the college, near the old ruined one.
The University, founded 1411 by Bp. Wardlaw, is
under a chancellor and rector, and comprises St.
Salvador's coll. (found. 1458 by Bp. Kennedy,

an unfinished quadrangle 230 ft. by 180, with
the founder's effigies in the chapel), St. Leonard's
coll. (1532, by Prior Hepburn), and St Mary's
or New coll. (1552, by Abp. Hamilton, finished
by Beaton, and lately restored) the first two
being united, and having a principal, professors
of latin, greek, math., logic, moral philos., nat.
philos., civil hist., descriptive anat., chemistry,



with 150 students and 71 bursaries, the last
one, which is devoted to theology, having a prin-
cipal, professors of divinity, eccles. hist., oriental
languages, with 30 students, 9 bursaries. A
library of 51,300 books, and 63 MSS. supported
by a parl. grant, is common to both. Parts of
the S. walla and the gable ends are left of the
cathedral, which, as begun 1 159 by Bp. Arnold
and finished 1318 by Bp. Lambertin, was 350
ft. by 65 (or 180 through the transept), and
was almost totally destroyed in one day 1559 by
the people, after a sermon from Knox ; near it are
the walls of the austin priory, and the very old
tower (108 ft. high, 24 square) of St. Regulus, or
St. Rule's, church. Remains are seen of an old
gate, the fine chapel, etc. of Bp. Wishart's domi-
nican or black friary (1274), and the old castle
overlooking the sea, restored 1401 by Bp. Trail,
and ruined 1547. There were also Bp. Kennedy's
observantine friary (finished 1478), a collegiate
church, etc. Many foreign merchants in pros-
perous times came to the seuzie fair here, and as
many as 200 sail filled the tide harb. which is ex-
posed and rocky on the S. but safe for small craft ;
the bay outside is clean, with 9 to 12 fath. Two
fixed lights on the pier head, put up 1825, are
NW. and SE., in lat 56, 20' N., long, 2 47' W.,
30 ft. high, seen 6 m. ; another is on the cathe-
dral. The ravages of a great boar, in Boar's Chase,
about Boarhills vil. on Magus (Mucross?) Muir,
which belonged to the see, are alluded to in
the city arms. Patrick Hamilton and three others
were burnt here by the dominant party. J> AND.
(ST.) PRESBYTERY, synod of Fife, includes Aber-
crombie, St. Andrew's*, Anstruther Easter* and
Wester, Cameron, Carnbee, Crail*, Denino, Elie*,
Ferryport-on-Craig*, Forgan*, Kemback, Kilcon-
quhar, Kilrenny, Kingsbarns, Largo*, Leuchar's*,
Newburn, Pittenween. Free Church Presb. in-
cludes those marked *, and Strathkinnes. Epis-
copal Ch. Diocese, ' St. And. Dunkeld and Dun-
blane," includes Aberdour, Alyth, Meigle, Cupar-
Angus, St. Andrew's, Blair- Athol, Blair-Gowrie,
Cupar- Fife, Dunblane, Dunfermline, Dunkeld, and
Strath-tay, Forfar, Kirkaldy, Kirriemuir, Muthill
and Crieff, Perth. The see, found, about 700, and
made chief by Kenneth, after a succession of 33
prelates, was constituted archiepiscopal, and in-
cluded Aberdeen, Brechin, Caithness, Dunblane,
Dunkeld, Moray, Orkney, Ross, Argyll, Gallo-
way and the Isles, but upon the making of a
separate archbishopric of Glasgow, it kept only
the first eight, to which Edinburgh was added by
Charles I. Douglas was the first protestant abp.
and Ross, deprived 1688, the last; the bp. of
Aberdeen is now primus, fairs, 2nd Th. Apr.
linseed, etc. 1 Aug. 30 Nov. o. s. cattle and hiring.
ANDREW, ST., par. (36) Dinas-Powis hund. SE.
Glamorgan. 4 m. SW. of CardifF-160, has near
it the remains of Dinas-Powis castle, b. by
Gestyn ap Gwrgan, for his wife. Pop. 497 + 2 ;
poor r. 255Z. (Card. U.) ; real prop. 2580Z. Living,
a Beet. (Lan.) val. 398Z., patr. Ld. Chancellor;
church, with monuments of the Howells of Bon-
ville. d" ANDREW (ST.) MINOR par. (36)
Ogmore hund. 5. Glamorgan. 4 m. SSE. of
Bridgend-181, containing 1 house (Clementson,
seat of the Franklins) and 18 persons, is a sine-
cure Rect. val. 51. ; church, in ruins, igi" AN-
DREW, ST., par. 2 m. WSW. of St. Peter's Port,
Channel Islds. Pop. 1021 + 1. Living, a Rect.
(Wine.) val. 150Z., patr. Governor. ^AN-
DREW'S, ST., par. Mainland, Orkney Islds. 4 m. E
of Kirkwall-328, between Deer Sound and In-
ganess bay, is joined q. s. to Deerness. Size 5 m.
by 2, heath and bog; pop. 926, many fisher-

men ; real prop. 20147. ; for poor 40Z. Living
(Presb. Kirkw.) val. 120Z., patr. Earl of Zetland,

Andrew's (St.) Hall (66) near Old Bucken-
ham, S. Norfolk, Hon. Mrs. Herbert

ANDREW'S (ST.)-LHANBRYDE par. 2 m. E. of
Elgin-138, NE. Elgin, near Moray Frith, be-
tween Rs. Lossie and Spey. Size "4 m. by 3,
fertile hills ; pop. 1176 + 9, of vil. 174, in a woollen
factory, distillery, and iron- foundery ; real prop.
4160Z. ; for poor 283Z. Living (Presb. Elgin) val.
207Z., patr. Crown and Earl of Moray, sometime
held by Leslie, who wrote a " Survey of Moray."
Druidical remains are found.

ANDWELL ext. par. (12) Up. Nately par. NE.
Hants. 3 m. E. of Basingtoke-45.

Anerley (6) 1 m. SSW. of Sydenham, NE.
Surrey, on Crovdon rail.

Angela, St. "(16) 4 m. X. of Enniskillen, Mid.
Fermanagh, on L. Erne.

Angelrow, 2 m. SE. of Greenlaw, 5. Berwick.

ANGELTOWN vil. (36) Newcastle Higher tnshp.
S. Glamorgan, near Bridgend-181. Pop. 48.

ANGERSLEIGH par. (21) Taunton hund. S. So-
merset. 4m. SSW. of Taunton-141, under Black
Down. Acres 340 ; pop. 42 ; poor r. 26Z. (Taunt.
U.); real prop. 781Z. St. Michael Meet. (Ba.
and W.) val. 111/., patr. Rev. H. T. Tucker,

ANGERTON, HIGH and Low, tnshps. ( ) Hart-
burn par. Mid. Northmbrld. 7 m. W. of Morpeth-
289, on R. Wansbeck. Pop. 75 and 64.

Angerton Moss ( ) 2 m. S. of Broughton, NIV.
Lancash. on R. Duddon.

ANGLE, or NANGLE, par. (38) Castlemartin
hund. S W. Pembroke. 8 m. W. of Pembroke-
264, at an angle or corner of the S. side of Milford
Haven, near the mouth, has lime quarries, and
good anchorage in A. Bay, near the old Block
House. Pop. 388; poor r. 270/. (Pembr. U.) ;
real prop. 2203Z. St. Mary Vic. (St. Dav.) val.
80Z. and a sinecure Rect. val. 157Z., patr. Bishop.
A. Hall, to Mirehouse of Brownslade, who has
the manor.

Angle Tarn ( ) 7 m. NNE. of Ambleside,
W. Westmrld. at the head of Goldrill Beck in Pat-
terdale, is one of the feeders of Ulleswater, about 5
acres large, with good trout

Angtesboro' (57) 8 m. E. of Kilfinnane, SE.
Limerick, Lord Massy.

ANGLESEA or ANGLESEY, an isld. and county,
NW. Wales, the Mon-a of Tacitus and the bri-
tish Ar-von or ' furthermost,' was a great seat
of the Druids, who, being attacked by Paulinus
in 61, were driven out by Agricola soon after,
was called Angles-ey or ' Englishmen's isld.' when
overrun by Egbert of Wessex, became part of
Gwynedd or N. Wales, and was subdued by Edw.
I. ; is traversed by the Holyhead rail., and bor-
dered by Menai Strait and Carnrvn. (SE.), Irish
Sea (N.), St. George's Chan. (W. and S.). Length
NW. and SE. 16 m. ; greatest breadth 19, av.
ditto 13 ; relative size 47-10,OOOths ; circuit
80 m., of rocky coast, along which are Aber-
menai ferry, Aberffraw, and Maltraeth bays, Red
Stones rocks (dangerous), Holyhead isld. and
bay with Stack light outside, Skerries rocks and
light off Carnel Pt, Amlwch cove near Pt. Elian
light, Puffin isld. and light, between Red Wharf
and Beaumaris bays. It contains 271 sq. m. or
173,440 acres ; 50*,891 + 257 persons, of whom
11,217 are in Amlwch, Holyhead, Beaumaris.
26,517 are females, 23,690 under 20 yrs. of
age, 48,031 county-born, 4100, or 8'1 per cent,
live by commerce, trade, etc., 7720 or 15*2 pe,r


cent, by agricult. (2348 being farmers and gra-
ziers), 234 by professions, 1094 are independent,
12,518 labourers and servants, etc. ; 11,487 houses,
besides 879 empty and building ; 6 cwmwds or hun-

dreds (in 3 cantrefs or districts), Llyfon (W.),
Maltraeth fS.), Menai (SE.), Talybolion (W.),
Twrcelyn (N.), Tyndaethwy (E.); 76 parishes;

6 market towns, Beaumaris the county town,
Holyhead, Llangefni (new County Court), Llan-
nerchymedd, Amlwch, Aberffraw (old seat of the
princes of Gwynedd), Newboro', the first three
being polling places ; returns two members to parl.,
viz. one for the county (elect. 2465), one for Beau-
maris, Holyhead, Amlwch, Llangefni (el. 354) ;
is governed by a lord lieut., high sheriff, de-
puty lieuts., and about 25 magistrates ; is in N.
Wales circuit, the Home military district, and
comprises 1 poor law union (as below) and part
of another (Bangor), and 6 deaneries, and 45
benefices, in the archdy. and dioc, of Bangor,
province of Canterbury. Real prop. (1815)
92,5897., ('43) 165,3237. of which 58347. on
mines; ditto rentals 68,495?. or 7s. per acre
(wheat being 77s.), and 129,0637. or 14s. lOd. per
acre (wheat 55s.) ; poor r. (see Union below) ;
county income ('48) 21127. of which 15717. from
co. rate (on a val. of 15,7007.) ; savings banks 1,
with 64,0127. from 2142 depositors ; charities 19077.
In '46-7, out of 76 pars. 35 had 44 church schools
maintained at 12257. with 2585 child, attending,
and 56 paid teachers (12 being monitors) whose
salaries were 10247. and who had 19 teachers'
houses ; out of these 13 were free schools, 6 sund.
sch. only (with 46 teachers and 374 child.),
and 21 in union with the National Soc. had 1561
child, and total grants of 6787. Committals
for crime in '48, 22 (or 21 av. of 5 yrs,) of
whom 15 were convicted, 2 were females, 9 could
not read or write. Births, deaths, etc. (See N.
WALES.) Climate mild, but foggy ; the surface,
once wooded, is a bare moor, with a waste
called " Talwrn mawr " running through it ; mica
schist is the prevailing rock, with granite, lime-
stone, gritstone, and a few beds of poor thin coal,
coloured marbles, serpentine, soapstone, fuller's
earth, potter's clay, magnesia, etc. are also found,
and copper and lead abound at Parys mountn. which
is worked in open day. Rivers are the Braint,
Cevin, Devon, Allo, Dulas, and other small streams.
Good oysters are caught at Penmon, puffins' eggs
at Puffin isld., shell and other fish along the
coast. Coarse woollens are made for home wear.
Land mostly pasture and unenclosed, but im-
proved by shell sand from Red Wharf bay and
other parts of the shore ; oats, barley, potatoes,
are the chief crops; about 6000 black cattle
or runts are exported yearlv, besides sheep,
which are the largest in N. Wales ; rotation of
crops, etc. is little attended to; farms are held
at will, farm-buildings and cottages are poor
and mean. Among antiquities are part of a
roman camp at Holyhead; druid stones (in-
cluding traces of nearly 30 cromlechs) at Plas
Newydd, Trer Dyrw near Llanidan, Llugwy, Pre-
saddad, etc. ; old priory and cross at Penmon, a
friary at Llanvaes, and one of Edw. I.'s castles at
Beaumaris. Seats, are Marq. of Anglesea Plas
Neurydd, Ld. Boston Llanidan, Bulkeley, Bt. Baron
7/i77, Meyrick of Bodorgan, Price of Cadnant,
Lewis of Henllys, Lloyd of Llwydiarth, Panton
of Plas Guyn, Jones of Tre-Iorworth, etc. From
Menai bridge, the great Holyhead road leads for
22 m. past New Inn to that port. A rail, from
Chester runs along the coast to Bangor, and being
carried over the Strait by the Britannia Bridge
(a cast-iron tunnel in two parts of 350 feet span),

ANK 47

bends to the S. of the coach road, and terminates
at Holyhead, whence to Dublin is 60 miles.
Ang. P. L. Union contains the pars. etc. in the
bunds, of Llyfon, Maltraeth, Talybalion, and Twr-
celin (except Bodewryd), with Llangefni, Llan-
gwyllog, Llanerchymedd, Llanbedrgoch, Llan-
fairmathafarneithaf, Llanddyfnan, Pentraeth, Rho-
dygeidio, Rhoscolyn, Tregayan ; acres , pop.
38,105, cases relieved (yr. 1846-7) 1785 (out-door
1481), expend. 13,8937., prop, rated 104,2587. Sup.
Registry comprises the same ; pop. 38,106 + 81 ;
births (1845), 1113 (544 being females, and 96
illegit.) deaths 732 marriages 219, of which
286 persons signed with marks ; many deaths
from cholera in 1849. With Beaumaris sub-dis-
trict (in fact all the isld.) it goes to Llangefni New
County Court.

ANGLESEY or ANGLESEA (11) Alverstoke par.
S. Hants. 2 m. SW. of Gosport-77, a pretty
watering-place, opposite Spithead and the I. of
Wight, found. 1826 by the Marquis of Anglesey,
with a terrace, crescent, baths, and reading-rooms,
etc. Living, a Cur. with Alverstoke.

Anglesey Abbey (51) 5 m. NE. of Cambridge,
5. Cambridge, now a farm, has some remains of a
religious house found, by Hen. I.

Angley or Hangley (6) 1 m. NNW. of Cran-
brook, S. Kent. Hon. Capt. James.

ANGLEZARKE tnshp. (89) Bolton-le-Moors par.
Mid. Lancash. 3 m. E. of Chorley-208. Acres
2570, with stone quarries traces of lead, witherite,
and carb. of barytes (a rare ore) ; pop. 164; poor
r. 477. (Chorl. U.) ; real prop. 10067.


ANGMERING par. (9) poling hund. Arundel
rape, 5. Sussex, 3 m. SE. of Arundel-55, on S.
Coast rail, was seat of the Palmers and Shelleys.
Acres 3640; pop. 1002 + 8; poor r. 3407. (E.
Preston U.) ; real prop. 64857. ; charities 37. St.
Peter Vic. and Rect. (Chic.) val. 2587., patr. H.
Reeks, Esq. Sir G. R. Pechell, Bt. R. N. ; church,
has a brass (1598).

ANGRAM hmlt. ( ) Muker chplry. 2V. R. York.
2 m. NW. of Muker-252, on R. Swale, near
Shunner Fell. ^T ANGRAM tnshp. ( ) Long
Marston par. York Ainsty, 4 m. NE. of Tadcaster
-192. Acres 470 ; pop. 78 + 1. ^ A. GRANGE
tnshp. ( ) Coxwold par. 2V. R. York. 4. m. N. of
Esingwold-212. Acres 380 ; pop. 24.

ANGUS, the ancient name of Forfar, gives title
of earl to the Duke of Hamilton, formerly to the
Douglases ; and has a native breed of ' doddies '
or polled cattle, in the woods, where they have
been found for ages. ! ANGUS AND IUEARNS
SYNOD contains the Presbyteries of Meigle, Forfar,
Dundee, Brechin, Arbroath, and Fordoun. Free
Church synod, the same.

ANHID par. (30-1) Coshma bar. S. Limerick,
1 m. S. of Croom-127, on R. Maigue. Acres
981, good land; pop. 493 + 2. Living, a Prebend
to St. Mary, Limerick, val. 337., patr. Crown;
no church.

ANICK and A. GRANGE tnshps. ( ) St. John
Lee par. S. Narthmbrld. 1 m. NE. of Hexham
-279 ; pop. 146 and 40.

Anker River (62-3} rises at Bulkington, NE.
Warwick, and runs NW. about 20 m. by Trent
Valley rail, and Coventry canal, past Nuneaton
Atherstone (near which it crosses Watling St.),
to R. Tame at Tamworth, under A. Viaduct on
the railway, 269 yds. long, on 19 arches.

Ankerton (72) 2 m. NNE. of Eccleshall, W.

Anheruyke, Great and Little, (7) 2 m. WXW.
of Staines, SE. Bucks, on the Thames near Runy-
mede, had a benedictiue nunnery found. (Hen. II.)

48 ANK

by Gilbert de Montfichet, and belongs to
Harcourt, Esq. of A. House, of which family was
the late abp. of York. A famous yew here 33 J
ft. girth, is older than K. John's time.

AnketeWs Grove or Mount Anketell (3) 9 m. N.
of Monaghan, .ZV. Monagh. W. Anketell, Esq.

ANKTON, or ANCTON, hmlt. (9) Felpham par.
S W. Sussex, near Bognor-67.

ANLABY tnshp. (86) Kirk Ella and Hessle pars
E. R. York. 4 m. W. of Hull-174, near Selby rail.
Acres 2020 ; pop. 423 + 3 ; poor r. 224Z. (Sculcoates
U.) ; real prop. 3255Z. A. House, W. Vause, Esq.,
was seat of the Anlabys and Legards who had the

ANMEE par. (69) Freebridge Lynn hund. NW.
Norfolk, 5 m. NE. of Castle Rising- 100, near
Peddar way. Acres 1420; pop. 175 + 4; poor r.
41Z. (Docking U.) ; real prop. 1226Z. St. Mary
Rect. (Norw.) val. 222Z., patr. H. Coldham,
Esq. of A. Park.

Ann (St.) Head (100) 6 m. NE. of Castletown,
1. of Man, in St. Anne, or Kirk-Santon, par.

ANN, LITTLE, tythg. (121) Abbot's Ann par.
NW. Hants. 2 m. SW. of Andover-63, near the
canal. Acres 910 ; pop. 47.

ANNE (ST.) SHANDON par. (74) Cork bar. and
city, Mid. Cork, close to Cork-160. Acres 3143;
pop. 24,639 + 89. Living, a Rect. (Ck. C. R.) val.
653Z., patr. Duke of Leinster and H. Longfield,

Anna or Annagh (47) near Castlemaine, Mid.

Anna Hill (13) near Richhill, N. Armagh.

Annabella (33) near Mallow, N. Cork. R. H.
Purcell, Esq.

Annabks (46) 3 m. S. of Luton, NW. Herts.
Rev. W. Smyth.

Annabuoy or Owenbuoy i. e. the yellow river,
rises in Kinalea bar. S. Cork, and runs 16 m. E.
to Cork harb. at Carrigaline, near Drake's Pool,
where Drake took refuge from the Spanish fleet.

ANNACAKRIGA vil. (37) Lower Tulla bar. E.
Clare, 3 m. N. of Killaloe-110.

Annachor or Annagor (27) 1 m. S. of Drogheda,
E. Meath.

ANNACLONE par. (34-5, 41) Upper Iveagh bar.
W. Down. 4 m. SSE. of Banbridge-76, on R.
Bann, has Tanvally and other forts. Acres 6544,
well cultivated; pop. 3423. Living, a Rect.
(Dn.C.D.) value 311Z., patr. Bishop.

Annacloy River (21-2) rises near Hillsborough,
N. Down, and runs SE. about 20 m. to L. Strang-
ford below Killyleagh, where it is called Quoile

ANNACOTTY vil. (6) County and City of Lime-
rick, NE. Limerick, 4 m. E. of Limerick-119, on
R. Mulcairn.

Annadale (24) 3 m. E. of Drumshanbo, Mid.

ANNADUFF par. (31-2, etc.) Leitrim and Mohill
bars. iS. Leitrim, containing Drumsna-92, and
Drumod, on R. Shannon, was the site of an
abbey found. 766, near Derrycarne where a battle
was fought during the Revolution. Acres 10,970
fertile, with bog and water, lime and stone
quarries, and traces of iron ore; pop. 6162 + 29.
Living, a Rect. (K. E. A.) value 599Z., patr. Bishop.
Mount Campbell, late Adml. Sir J. Rowley, Bt.

Annagarriff Lough (5) near L. Neagh, N.
Armagh, and A. Wood.

Annagarry Hill (41) 5 m. N. of Dunglow, NW.
Donegal, 338 ft. high.

ANNAGASSAN vil. (16) Ardee bar. E. Louth,
8 m. S. of Dundalk-50, where Rs. Glyde and
Dee join Dundalk bay, in a pretty spot, has a
small harb. the property of A. Thompson, Esq.


of A. House, who owns the manor. Pop. 193,
some in the cornmills. Fairs, 17 March, 7 May,
22 July, 8 Nov.

ANNAGELLIFF par. (20-1, 25-6) Upper Loughtee
bar. Mid. Cavan, near Cavan-70. Acres 8260,
middling ; pop. 3808, decreasing. Living, a Vic.
with Urney.

ANNAGH par. (11-2, 15-6) Lower Loughtee and
Tulleygarvey bars. N. Cavan, 8 m. N. of Cavan
-70, on the R. Erne, near A. Lough, contains Bel-
turbet and Redhill. Acres 19,145, boggy; pop.
13,071 + 80. Living, a Rect. (K. E. A. ) val. 863/.,
patr. Lord Farnham ; E. ANNAGH Cur. val. 62Z.,
patr. Rector. A. House, . ggp ANNAGH vil.
(7) Orrery and Kilmore bar. NW. Cork, 5 m. SW.
of Charleville-146, on R. Awbeg, was formerly a
bog with a fort in the centre, but now reclaimed
and the linen manufact. established bv the Earl of
Egmont. i^ Annagh (123) near Gort, S. Gal-
way, R. Burke, Esq. gif Annagh (57) 7 m. S.
of Tuam, N. Galway, R. Bodkin, Esq. M. P.
(gT ANNAGH par. (29, 37-8) Corkaguiny and
Trughanacmy bars. W. Kerry, 6 m. WSW. of
Tralee-187, on the bay under Slievemish hills,
contains Blennerville. Acres 13,735, chiefly bog
and mountain ; pop. 3659 + 40. Living, a Rect.
with Ballinahaglish. gg ANNAGH par. (102-3)
Costello bar. SE. Mayo, containing Ballyhaunis
-128, near R. Moy, was a cell to Cong ab. Acres
20,315, chiefly bog ; pop. 79,041 + 155. Living, a
Rect. with Kiltullagh.

Annagh Bog (7, etc.) Ballymoe bar. N. Galway,
and Castlerea bar. Roscommon, near R. Suck,
contains 4404 acres. gg A. Bog (39) 3 m. SW.
of Castle island, Mid. Kerry, near R. Flesk, con-
tains 1069. gg A. Castle (9) 6 m. W. of Bor-
risokane, .ZV. Tippery. near Lough Derg, and A.
Lodge. ^ A. Isld. (43, 55) Erris bar. W. Mayo,
in Achill Sound, 3 m. E. of Achill isld. has a good
salmon and herring fishery. giT A. Isld. (39)
4 m. SW. of Ballina, -ZV. Mayo, in Lough Conn.
Ijaf A., or Annaghmore, Lough (2) near Clonas-
lee, N. Queen Co. ggg" A. Peninsula (9) in the
Mullet district, NW. Mayo, 5 m. W. of Belmullet.

ANNAGHDOWN par. (56-7, etc.) Clare bar. N.
Galway, 7 m. NNE. of Galway-133, on L. Corrib,
was the seat of an ancient bishopric (with St.
Brendan's nunnery and college), now united to
Tuam, and has remains of a premonstratensian
abbey. Acres 23,730, middling ; pop. 7108 + 100.
Living, a Vic. (Tu. K. A.) val. with Lackagh and
Killascobe 697/., patr. Bishop. A. House, .

Annaghmore (24, 32) 2 m. N. of Clonaslee,
border of -Kind's and Queen's Cos. Major B. Fox,
near A. Lough, iggp Annaghmore (26) 2 ni. W.
of Coolaney, N. Sligo, C. K. O'Hara, Esq.

Annaghmore Lough (27) 2 m. N. of Crossma-
glen, iS. Armagh.

Annaghs (41) 1 m. SW. of New Ross, SE. Kil-
kenny, on R. Barrow.

Annagh-uan Isld. (78) Moycullen bar. W. Gal-
way, E. side of the head of Kilkerran bay.

P. ANNAHILT par. (15, 21-2) Kinelarty and
Lower Iveagh bars. Mid. Down. 4 m. SE. of Hills-
borough-89, has several old forts. Acres 6777,
good, with bog and slate quarries ; pop. 3551, de-
creasing, spinners and weavers ; charities, Shar-
land's almshouses for 20 (105Z.). Living, a Rect.
(Dn. C. O.) val. 413Z., patr. bishop. Larchfield,
W. Mussenden, Esq.

Annakissy (25) near Doneraile, N. Cork, G.
Nagle, Esq.

Annalee (17) near Cootehill, NE. Cavan.

Annalee River (23) rises in E. Cavan, and runs
W. 28 m. to L. Oughter, near Butler's Bridge.

ANNALONG hmlt. (56) Mourne bar. S. Down.


5 m. NNE. of Kilkeel-C9, on A. Creek, which
is the only barb, on the coast.

P. ANNALORE vil. (12) Dartree bar. Jr. Mo-
nay/tan, 2 m. W. of Clones-76, on the Ulster canal.

ANNALY or Conmacne, noAV LONGFORD, Ire-
land, was a territory of the O'Ferralls, and gave
the extinct title of baron to the Gores.

P. ANNAMOE viL (18) N. Ballinacor bar. Mid.
Wicklow, 9 m. NW. of Wicklow-31, on A.
Rivulet (which runs from Lough Dan to R.
Ovoca), in a pretty spot, near Glendalough, has
remains of the O'Tooles' castle, and Derrylossary
parsonage, where Sterne was saved from the mill-
stream when a boy.

Annamoy (8) near Blackwatertown, NW. Ar-

ANNAMULT ext. par. (28) Shillelogher bar.
Md. Kilkenny, 3 m. XW. of Thomastown-75,
on R. Nore. Pop. 458. Living, a Jtect. with Kells.
A. House, Perry, Esq.

* P. M. ANNAN par. 14 m. ESE. of Dumfries,
S. Dumf. 79 from Edinbro', a stat. on Glasg. and
Carl, rail., a sub-port to Dumfries, and a royal and
parl. burgh, at the bridge on the Annan (as
below), and the ferry to Bowness, containing
Brydekirk q. s. par. was first chartered by Rob.
Bruce, and burnt by the English 1298 ; contri-
butes to return one member for Dumfries, no. of
electors 172 ; and under the late act is governed by
a provost, 3 bailies, 29 councillors, etc., with a
revenue of 714/. Acres 16,000, fertile, with moss
and moorland, stone, granite, and lime quarries ;
pop. 5471 + 44, of town 4409, in the coasting
trade, shipbuilders, gingham- weavers, and salmon-
fishers ; houses 1004, with 2 churches, 3 chapels,
town-house, market-place, 2 banks, cotton-mill,
rope-houses, 3 schools ; real prop. 16,602/. ; for
poor 997/. Living (A. Presb.) val. 279/., patr.
Johnstone of Annandale ; church, has a good spire.
New church, val. /., patr. Managers, etc. Dr.
Blacklock, the blind poet, and the late Edw. Ir-
ving were natives. A steamer goes to Whiteha-
ven and Liverpool. * A. PRERYTERY, synod of
Dumfries, contains Annan, Cumbertrees, Dornock,
Graitney, Hoddam, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Mid-

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